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NEW (Nov. 5, 2010): Latest AsterPro, probably the best astrology software in the world. Still in DOS, it will run thru DosBox in all Windows, Linux, Apple. Planetary calculations last to AD 2300; however, the Research Module will generate AsterPro's superb reports say for 10000 AD (forever!) by inputing planetary positions in deg/min.--like from Ephemeris next line. Use this module also to investigate patterns such as all people in the data base who have Mercury in 3rd House and Gemini (ie, good/smart orators, thinkers), and form a smaller data base of them for further analysis. This is the only way of studying something as elusive as astrology, why I wrote AsterPro. See sample output at: AsterPro Home Free

EphemerisGeocentric apparent planetary positions @ current UTC, or anytime/anywhere 1600 - 2100
Sirman's NEW (Sep.15, 2011): 400+page diary, included also as 'On This Day' (by year) in AsterPro software Diary
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13_Anne after Baba,       12_Sirman's Footprints III,       11_Footprints II,       10_Footprints I,       9_Belinda,      
8_Sister Gigi,    7_Sister Femsi,    6_USA-2,    5_Turkey-2,    4_Tuzla,    3_USA-1,    2_Family,    1_(1918-1941)
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Family Trees: Celayir'ler, Arhavi Celayir'leri, Arabian Branch, Nermeen,Afaf,Haya Branches, Arab Sub-Branch Aile Dallari:
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sir-trav.html Travel Hub by Map Travel
screen.html Mother/Father, Time-Series Passages Family
family.htm Family Birthdays & Charts12 Charts
usa98.htm Mother's Pictorial ArchivesArchives
femsi.htm Sister Femsi Celâyir's ArchivePages
gigi.htm Sister Gigi Celâyir's ArchivePages
usa983rd.html 1st Generation of Celâyirs born in USA: Belinda, Debra, Glen, Cavit Family
usa984th.html 2nd Generation of Celâyirs born in USA: Jeremy, Sydney, Ryan Family
clan.htm Celâyir Clans: Clan1 2 2a 3 4 4a 4b 5,6,7.Family
attour.htm Attours, Mother's Father's FamilyFamily
florida.htm Cousin Rawan Attour's Album Family
rawan.htm History of the Attours of Jordan, SyriaFamily
index.htm Family Archives HomeFamily
celayir.html History of Celâyirs, Ottomans to USAFamily
family.html Historical Archives. Pages available
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anne.htm Mother's Archive (2 Pages)203 Photos
baba.htm Father's Archive (2 Pages)153 Photos
family.htm Our Beginnings, 1934-1949 80 Photos
family1.htm Samsun Years, 1949-1958 83
usa1.htm USA, Years 1958-1971 86
usa1a.htm USA, Years 1971-1981 85
tuzla.htm Tuzla Years 1970-1980..76 Photos
tuzla1.htm Tuzla Years 1980-1992..83 Photos
turkey.htm Trips in Turkey, 1965-1980..67 Photos
turkey1.htm Trips in Turkey, 1980-199259 Photos
usa2.htm USA, Years 1978-198693 Photos
usa2a.htm USA, Years 1986-199880 Photos
withanne.htm Together with Anne, Correspondence146 Photos
sirman.html Sirman's Home PageFamily
withbea.htm Belinda & I Together, Correspondence100 Photos
zbook2.html Sirman's Book, Vol.2 of 3: in Turkey212 Pages
zbook3.html Sirman's Vol.3 of 3: Love, Impurities100 Pages
zappdx.html Sirman's Book, Appendices73 Pages
Bolerium Sirman's Book$200
zd-laz.html Appendix D: The Lâz people, Language26 Pages
zhistory.html Sirman, Chronology of Our Celâyirs8 Pages
zturkish.html Sirman, Linguistics of Turkish2 Pages
zjaenke.html Discontentment, to Our American Dream10 Pages
zalbums.html Sirman, Photos in the Book32 Pages
zgiresun.html Appendix C, Mother's Childhood Home2 Pages
zrecipe.html Appendix B, Mother's Favorite Recipes9 Pages
za-astro.html Appendix A, Review: Statistical Astrology6 Pages
No.America 19,604 miles of North America by car37 Pages
zresume2.html Sirman A. Celâyir, Resume (Text)10 Pages
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