#:            Diary for AsterPro Transit Research (From 1939)
#:               Sirman A. Celayir: Transits v. Major Events
#:         (Transits by Sign and House: Natal, Solar, Location...)
#:                      (About 387 pages, to Dec. 11, 2015)
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#: 1. I prepared this diary also as a way of studying Transits when I was
#      doing my research about the validity of astrology via my own
#      software AsterPro  in the years 1986 to 1993.  This is THE MOST
#      COMPREHENSIVE Transit Study done to date--likely
#:     ever will be done.  Things I learned through it have been programmed
#      into my software.
#      I used to run this file also as PERSONAL in the old DOS program
#      OTD (On This Day); it extracts all text on that day for all the years
#      included here, so that the user can recall events of that same
#      day/date in all past years; it's a living diary, so to speak.  OTD is
#      included in AsterPro, which can be run from AsterPro Shell via F9,
#      when AsterPro is installed in DOSBOX in Windows, Linux or Apple.
#      Press F9 and wait about 20 seconds for that day's report on screen.
#: a) The Transits is the only predictive technique I use, because it makes
#:    sense, the others DO NOT.  Progressions assume Day = Year, which is
#:    not only absurd, it also does NOT work when planets are retrograde.
#:    In turn, Solar Return is only a snapshot of Transits at a given
#:    moment.  Instead of using it to project the year, which would be
#:    STATIC, I use Transits.  The latter is DYNAMIC and utilizes REAL
#:    planets, NOT imaginary (progressed) ones.
#: b) Astrology would gain immensely just by removing much of the nonsense
#:    from astrology.  (Tell this to ACS/NCGR, AFA, Astrolabe, Matrix, etc.
#:    Nonsense may sell books/software, but it will KILL astrology.)
#: 2. I use a CYCLES WITHIN CYCLES idea to interpreting Transits, whereby
#:    Pluto, the slowest planet, decides the EVOLUTIONARY cycle.  Then,
#:    Neptune, Uranus, the Node, Saturn, and Jupiter, in that order and
#:    each working under the trend set by the cycles of the planets above
#:    it determine the MODE of the lesser Subcycles, e.g., Jupiter working
#:    under Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Node, and Saturn cycles.
#: a) The MOOD of the day-to-day events fall under the domain of the faster
#:    planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and the aspects
#:    they form to other planets.
#: b) For a given period, the planets determine the CYCLE OF OPPORTUNITIES.
#:    That is, they convey when to write job letters for a job switch, when
#:    to be especially careful in traffic, etc.  The long-term planets may
#:    not manifest visibly on a given day.  For example, a testing "Saturn
#:    square Sun" may be buried by wonderful aspects by Venus, Moon, etc.
#: 3. In line with this, I began my astrology research almost to the day
#:    when Jupiter entered Scorpio on 11/27/1981, doing transits by hand
#:    from an ephemeris. I continued more diligently when I got my computer
#:    on 8/24/1982, Jupiter still in Scorpio.  By the time Saturn entered
#:    Scorpio on 11/29/1982, I was busy programming astrology for my
#:    research, and when Pluto entered Scorpio on 11/5/1983, I was in deep
#:    research.  My work continued to Apr. 1994, just before Pluto entered
#:    Sagittarius.  Then, I began on my book "AMERICAN KARMA," which is
#:    included with AsterPro, and available on CSi.  Note the following:
#: a) By the end of 1980, I had retired from S. Arabia and did not need to
#:    work.  In other words, my CIRCUMSTANCES allowed this involvement.
#:    "Circumstances" is a very important EXTERNAL variable in astrology.
#:    For example, "love on the horizon" is a meaningless prediction for a
#:    man stranded alone on an island.  He may just feel very good that
#:    day, or he may feel extra miserable for not having a companion.
#: b) How does Cycles Within Cycles work?  For example, when Pluto entered
#:    Scorpio, gradually forming a trine my Mercury, I was diligently BUT
#:    NOT passionately doing research.  Suppose in the middle of this fine
#:    cycle Saturn became square my Venus and it led to breakup with a
#:    girlfriend.  I noticed that though I lamented the breakup, it gave me
#:    the PASSION to understand relationships and this breakup even better.
#:    Some of my best work in astrology happened under these testing cycles
#:    BUT ALL under the umbrella of Pluto in Scorpio: my astrology research
#: 4. Nevertheless, the limitations of Transits must be understood:
#: a) When analyzing Transits for a cycle, say for July 1996, an incident
#:    from the April 1996 cycle CAN overwhelm whatever promises July has.
#:    For example, if this person had a car accident in April and one of
#:    his legs was amputated, "a wonderful" cycle in July has almost no
#:    meaning.  He may merely feel less depressed during this "wonderful"
#:    cycle.
#: b) Also imagine the case of a little girl playing on the front yard when
#:    she was hit by a drunk driver.  Was this event a bad aspect in her
#:    chart, or was her chart overwhelmed by a very bad aspect in the
#:    driver's chart?
#:    These types of interacting charts dominate day-to-day, especially in
#:    relationships and marriages.  That is, if your close companion is
#:    going through hell, this WILL affect YOU regardless of YOUR chart.
#:    (So the idea is finding a relatively stable companion, so that this 
#:    person's bad cycles do not always overwhelm you, as I found out 1985
#:    to 1992.  Often this is more luck than it is science or astrology.)
#: c) Also note that while astrology can interpret "Uranus conjunct Venus,"
#:    we do NOT know ALL ramifications of that aspect.  And on a given day
#:    things may be even more complicated.  For example, what does it mean
#:    to have "Pluto trine Sun," but "Saturn square Moon" and "Jupiter
#:    opposing Saturn," or "Sun conjunct Venus," but "Mars square Moon"?
#:    Is this a "good" cycle, "bad" cycle, both, or what?  The latter
#:    implies much passion, but what kind?  The "circumstances" may dictate
#:    the outcome of such mixed influences, especially in the same houses.
#:    So astrologers--psychics--should refrain from imagining themselves
#:    as God or advertizing as if they know all the secrets of karma. . .
#:    This includes Sydney Omarr, Patrick Walker, etc.
#: 5. Having pointed out these guidelines, this study will amaze you.
#  a) The analysis starts on 6/14/1939 when Pluto entered Leo...
#:    Note that since my Natal Ascendant is 29 Sag 42, almost Capricorn,
#:    as soon as a planet changes signs, it should mark the start of a new
#:    era for me, especially with evolutionary Pluto, and Uranus, Saturn.
#:    This was so.
#: b) I use EQUAL Houses for Transits, because the changes in my case
#:    happen when a planet is at 29 deg 42 min of a sign, NOT (say) at the
#:    Placidus cusps, and the type of activity corresponds to Affairs
#:    ruled by the Equal House.  That is, if a planet is in my 2nd Money
#:    House, but still in 1st Placidus House, and if the change involves
#:    money related matters, I MUST conclude that Equal Houses make sense.
#: c) However, I use 3 Houses. The Transiting Houses (where shown) are to
#:    be interpreted as follows:
#:    H(S 8/E 9/L10) => Solar 8th, Natal (Equal) House 9th, Location 10th.
#:    That is, something I initiate may be more evident in a Solar house;
#:    things that find me on the receiving end may be in my Natal and/or
#:    Location houses.
#:    6/14/39; 10/20/56,8/19/57,6/10/58; 10/5/71,7/30/72; 11/5/83,5/19/84;
#:    11/10/95.  Then read the cycles for Uranus and Saturn; then the
#:    detail if you wish. . .
#: 6. The format of this document accommodates OTD, "On This Day," a
#:    software that automatically prepares a report of the events on the
#:    days that correspond to the computer date, e.g., 1/1/1982, 1/1/1984,
#:    1/1/1993, etc.  To do this: 1) you must have OTD (included with
#:    AsterPro), 2) save this as a text file, 3) rename the file as
#:    PERSONAL, and 4) have it in the same subdirectory as OTD.
#:    I included a KEYWORD heading with each date, like 
#:    "Waynesburg Home/WVU/Sprite/Boat/Sally->NANCI," to remind me that ON
#:    THIS DATE we lived in Waynesburg, I was at WVU, drove a Sprite car,
#:    owned a motorboat, and that I had just moved on from Sally to a new
#:    girlfriend Nanci.  So whatever happened on this day, the keyword
#:    heading provides the larger context to it.  The headings have
#:    increased the volume of text, but I thought they were worth it.
#: Here we go. . .
5/29/1453 :Ottoman History.  The Empire, first formed in 1290 Ad. under
          :Sultan Mehmed II (1451-1481), conquered Constantinople from
          :Eastern Roman Empire and ended the Roman Empire.  The
          :Ottomans reached the peak in 1566 then declined. See 10/29/23.
6/5/1783  :Th-1st balloon flight.
6/27/1859 :Mo-Birthday of "Happy Birthday To You."
7/1/1862  :Tu-The Bureau of Internal Revenue established.
7/2/1865  :Sa-The Salvation Army founded in London by William Booth.
7/27/1866 :Fr-Telegraph Cable laid across the Atlantic Ocean.
7/1/1867  :Mo-CANADA becomes a nation.
3/12/1881 :Sa-Birthday of modern Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal (Atat�rk).
9/15/1901 :Su-Birthday: Florence E. Sutphin, the American teacher (from
          :Neshanic, NJ) in Samsun, who helped us to migrate to the USA.
7/11/1913 :Fr-Birthday: Father, Dr. Cavit Celayir, was born in Arhavi,
          :Turkey. (The date is uncertain.)
3/1/1918  :Fr-Birthday: Mother, Zekiye Sirman, was born in Aleppo, Syria at
          :about 4:30 am.  She was named after her "Cici Anne" ("Cute
          :Mother," referring to Grandmother Safiye's cousin and close
          :friend) Hamide's daughter.
8/30/1923 :Th-TURKEY: Liberation.  After the loss in WWI in 1918, Turkey
          :began the Liberation War against the occupying forces.
          :On this day, under the leadership of Kemal Atat�rk and seconds-
          :in-command, Ismet In”n� and Marshall Fevzi €akmak, Turkey
          :defeated the occupying forces and gained its independence.
          :This day is celebrated as ZAFER Bayramþ (Victory Day) in Turkey.
10/29/1923:Mo-Birthday: Modern TURKEY.  Turkey is declared a republic,
          :officially ending the Ottoman Empire.  This day is celebrated as
          :CUMHURIYET BAYRAMI (Republic Day) in Turkey.
12/18/1930:Th-Mother received her Grade School diploma from Ismet Pasha
          :grade school in Giresun, Turkey.
6/9/1934  :Sa-Donald Duck's Birthday.
9/3/1934  :Mo-Mother, at age 16, became engaged to Dr. Irfan, whom she had
          :met in the village of Arucura.
          :The engagement was canceled by her father Dr. Hashim when he
          :found that Dr. Irfan might have tuberculosis.  This episode left
          :a dent in Mother then.
6/11/1935 :Tu-Mother received her diploma from Merzifon, the American
          :Girls' (Middle) School in Merzifon.
5/10/1936 :Su-Birthday: Nancy Shellhammer, Ken's wife and my friend.
6/11/1938 :Sa-Mother received her high school diploma from šsk�dar
          :American Girls' Lyceum in Istanbul.
          :........PLUTO enters LEO - permanent until 10/20/1956
          :Note that this Pluto cycle leads to WWII on 9/1/1939 and spans
          :also the Korean War that ended on 7/27/1953.
          :In our case, this Pluto cycle to 1956, then to 6/10/58, marked
          :our lives in Turkey.  On the New Year's 55/56, we met Florence
          :E. Sutphin, the American exchange teacher in Turkey who helped
          :us to migrate to the USA on 2/19/1958.  See 10/20/56 next!
          :I am not providing a House analysis for myself yet, because I
          :am still a baby/child, under Parental umbrella at this stage.
          :......SATURN in Transition into Taurus until 9/22/1939.
          :........It turns retro on 8/14/39, direct on 12/28/39.
          :SATURN enters TAURUS permanently on 3/20/40, until 5/8/42.
          :TAURUS is my Solar 11th House (measuring from 0 Cancer)
          :.............Natal  5th House (using Equal Houses)
          :I am not yet born!  Note that Saturn is SQUARE to Pluto in Leo;
          :WWII begins on 9/1/1939.                         5/8/1942 Next!
7/13/1939 :Th-Birthday: Kenneth Lee Shellhammer, my friend.
8/14/1939 :Mo-SATURN, in Taurus since 7/6/39, turns retro today. It enters
          :Aries on 9/22/39, turns direct on 12/28/39, and enters Taurus
          :permanently on 3/2/40.  WWII begins on 9/1/39.
9/1/1939  :Fr-World War II started.
          :Moon   Sun  Merc.  Ven. Mars   Jup. Sat. Uran. Nept.  Plu. Node
          :0ARI23 8VIR 20LEO  6VIR 24CAP  7ARI 1TAU 22TAU 22VIR  2LEO 2SCO
          :Note that Pluto, Saturn (R), and the Node are in T-Square.
9/22/1939 :Fr-SATURN, in Taurus since 7/6/39 and retro since 8/14/39,
          :enters Aries today. It will turn direct on 12/28/39 and enter
          :Taurus permanently on 3/2/40.  WWII began on 9/1/39.
          :....N.NODE enters LIBRA, permanently until 4/27/1941.
          :Note that the Node is in OPPOSITION to Saturn Retro in Aries;
          :WWII rages on since 9/1/1939.
3/2/1940  :Sa-SATURN, in Taurus the 1st time on 7/6/39, retro since 8/14/39
          :and in Aries since 9/22/39, direct since 12/29/39, enters Taurus
          :permanently today.  WWII began on 9/1/39.
5/6/1940  :Mo-Mother: Istanbul -> EDIRNE.  Mother and her mother Safiye
          :left Istanbul for Edirne, to visit Grandfather who was serving
          :there as a military doctor.
          :With WWII raging in Europe since 9/1/39, Turkey was preparing
          :for a possible invasion by Germany.
          :JUPITER enters Taurus, permanently until 5/26/1941.
          :TAURUS is my Solar 11th House (measuring from 0 Cancer)
          :.............Natal  5th House (using Equal Houses)
          :I am not yet born!   WWII rages on since 9/1/1939.
6/11/1940 :In Jun: Father graduated from medical school in Istanbul.
          :His diploma is dated 7/1/1941.
4/22/1941 :Tu-Mother:Istanbul -> Vezirk”pr� (to 10/22)/Father doing 2 years
          :of service in Gallipoli--the site of the attack by the British
          :and Anzac forces during WWI.  People in Istanbul were in fear of
          :an invasion by Germany.
          :On this day, Mother (age 23), grandmother Safiye, and Hat‡e and
          :Nazire, the two orphaned refuge girls (after World War I)
          :grandparents raised, left Istanbul on their way to Vezirk”pr�,
          :a town South of Samsun.
          :....N.NODE enters VIRGO, permanently until 11/15/1942.
          :WWII rages on since 9/1/1939.
          :JUPITER enters Gemini, permanently until 6/10/1942.
          :My Solar 12th House (measuring from 0 Cancer)
          :...Natal  6th House (using Equal Houses)
          :I am not yet born!  WWII rages on since 9/1/1939.
          :.......URANUS in Transition into Gemini until 10/5/1941.
          :........It turns retro on 9/5/41; direct on 2/3/42.
          :URANUS enters GEMINI permanently on 5/15/42, until 8/30/1948.
          :GEMINI is my Solar 12th House (from 0 Cancer) of Karma.
          :.............Natal  6th House of Health, etc.
          :For me, I was born on 7/15/42.              See 8/30/1948 next!
10/5/1941 :Fr-URANUS, in Gemini since 8/7/41 and retro since 9/5/41,
          :enters Taurus today. It will turn direct on 2/3/42 and enter
          :Gemini permanently on 5/15/42. WWII/Parents married on 10/19/41.
10/19/1941:Su-PARENTS' MARRIAGE: Father(28)/Mother(23) in Vezirk”pr�.
          :Father came on leave from Gelibolu (Gallipoli) where he was
          :stationed as a military doctor.
          :Moon  Sun   Merc. Ven. Mars  Jup.  Sat.  Uran. Nept. Plu. Node
          :3LIB  25LIB 11SCO 9SAG 14ARI 21GEM 27TAU 30TAU 28VIR 5LEO 21VIR
          :Note the approaching New Moon in Libra, Saturn/Uranus conjunct
          :trine to Neptune, approaching Venus/Mars trine, Jup/NN square.
10/22/1941:We-Mother: Vezirk”pr� -> Istanbul/Father in Gallipoli.
          :3 days after Father & Mother were married in Vezirk”pr�, Mother,
          :accompanied by her mother Safiye, Hat‡e, and Nazire, left
          :Vezirk”pr� and arrived in Istanbul.
          :They moved into the new apartment complex, Sirman Apartment,
          :Grandfather had purchased in the Lƒleli section of Aksaray in
          :Istanbul for 30,000 TL, after selling a property in Kiztashi,
          :Istanbul for 8,000 TL.
          :(At this time, Dollar = about 1 TL; in Oct. 1995, 54,000 TL.)
11/15/1941:In Nov: Gallipoli, Honeymoon at FISHERMAN'S House. Mother &
          :Hat‡e sailed from Istanbul to Gelibolu, to visit Father who was
          :stationed there as a military doctor.  The visit lasted two
          :months. They rented a room from a fisherman.
          :When Mother was boarding the ship at the pier in Istanbul, her
          :father, who was visiting from duty in Edirne, came to see her
          :off.  Mother cried a great deal on this occasion, as if she
          :sensed the end of an era.  It was so.  Although se did not know
          :Cici Anne, grandfather's new woman, was also at the pier,
          :standing away a few steps to veil her presence. . .
2/3/1942  :??-URANUS, in Gemini since 8/7/41, retro since 9/5/41 and in
          :Taurus since 10/5/41, turns direct today. It will enter Gemini
          :permanently on 5/15/42.  WWII/Parents married on 10/19/41.
2/15/1942 :In Feb: On SHIP, Gallipoli -> Istanbul/Father to ERZURUM.
          :Father smuggled Mother--Hat‡e stayed behind--as the only woman
          :passenger on a military ship sailing from Gelibolu to Istanbul.
          :Father continued on a military train bound for the city of
          :Erzurum, serving as a military doctor on the trip.
          :They returned to Gelibolu in April, after 40 days.
          :SATURN enters GEMINI permanently on 5/8/42, until 6/20/44.
          :GEMINI is my Solar 12th House (measuring from 0 Cancer)
          :.............Natal  6th House (using Equal Houses)
          :                                                6/20/1944 Next!
5/15/1942 :Fr-URANUS, in Gemini the 1st time on 8/7/41, retro since 9/5/41
          :and in Taurus since 10/5/41, direct since 2/3/42, enters Gemini
          :permanently today.  WWII/Mother is 7 months pregnant with me.
6/4/1942  :Th-Battle of MIDWAY: 27 US ships versus 86 from Japan.  The
          :battle began at 10:25am.  Mother is 8 months pregnant with me,
          :having returned from Gallipoli to Istanbul about 2 months ago.
          :JUPITER enters Cancer, permanently until 6/30/1943.
          :My Solar 1st House (measuring from 0 Cancer)
          :...Natal 7th House (using Equal Houses)
          :I will be born on 7/15/42!  WWII rages on since 9/1/1939.
7/15/1942 :We-SIRMAN A. CELAYIR born at 6pm in Istanbul: Z:+2 28E58,41N01
          :Planets        Locat.Cusps  House   Placidus Cusps  House
          :SU:22Can31   W  1:29Sag42 F   7       1:29Sag42       7   3-W 7
          :MO:16Leo37 -|F  2:29Cap42     8       2: 8Aqu21       8   4-F 8 
          :ME: 4Can12* |W  3:29Aqu42     7       3:19Pis51       7   3-A 6
          :VE:20Gem57 -|A  4:29Pis42     6       4:23Ari36       6   2-E 9
          :MR:19Leo33 -|F  5:29Ari42     8       5:19Tau00       8 Elements
          :JU: 8Can00*  W  6:29Tau42     7       6: 9Gem50       7
          :ST: 8Gem21|  A  7:29Gem42     6       7:29Gem42       5  <-
          :UR: 3Gem18|  A  8:29Can42     6       8: 8Leo21       5  <-
          :NP:27Vir28   E  9:29Leo42     9       9:19Vir51       9
          :PL: 4Leo59   F 10:29Vir42     8      10:23Lib36       7  <-
          :NN: 6Vir29   E 11:29Lib42     9      11:19Sco00       8  <-
          :ISTANBUL       12:29Sco42            12: 9Sag50    
8/7/1942  :Fr-Battle of Guadalcanal began against the Japanese.
          :Mother and I were in Istanbul at this time--I was born there on
          :7/15/42; Father is still in Gallipoli.
10/3/1942 :ÛÛNEPTUNEÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛ Transition ÛÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛLIBÛ 
          :.......NEPTUNE enters LIBRA, transition until 4/17/1943.
          :..........It turns retro on 1/4/43; direct on 6/11/43.
          :I am not sure how I should analyze the influence of the
          :nebulous Neptune.  I included it just in case.  8/2/1943 next!
          :....N.NODE enters VIRGO, permanently until 11/15/1942.
          :WWII rages on since 9/1/1939.
1/4/1943  :Neptune turns Retro in Libra.  I was born 6 months ago.
4/10/1943 :Sa-Grandmother DIED from stroke while she was praying at
          :home in Lƒleli. Mother, Hat‡e, and Nazire were present.
          :I interpret this date as a turning point in Mother' life, when
          :the wonderful past she had known up to now was over, replaced
          :by years of struggle she and Father experienced after their
          :marriage from 10/19/41 to 5/29/49, perhaps to 1952.
4/22/1943 :Th-Mother: Istanbul -> šNYE.  After burying her mother, Mother,
          :Hat‡e and Nazire joined Father in šNYE, a town on the Black Sea,
          :where Father was serving as a doctor with the Department of
          :Health; his first appointment.
          :His sister Naciye and her family were living with him when
          :Mother arrived.
5/28/1943 :Fr-Gary Mazza, Femsi's husband born in Niagara Falls.
          :Parents and I (10 months old) are living in šnye.
6/11/1943 :Fr-NEPTUNE retro in LIBRA since 1/4/43, turns direct.
          :......JUPITER enters Leo, permanently until 6/30/1943.
          :LEO is my Solar 2nd House (measuring from 0 Cancer)
          :.............Natal 8th House (using Equal Houses)
          :I will be born on 7/15/42!  WWII rages on since 9/1/1939.
7/19/1943 :Mo-Parents: šnye -> ERZURUM.  Unknown to Parents, Grandfather
          :(Mother's father, Dr. Hashim) in Diyarbakir had pulled a few
          :strings and had Father assigned from šnye to Erzurum, a city
          :inland and close to the Russian border.
          :Supposedly Mother would be away from Father's quarrelsome sister
          :Naciye and her family who were staying with them.
          :On this date, Father, Mother, Hat‡e, Nazire, and Aunt Naciye's
          :oldest daughter Necmiye left šnye on a ship to Trabzon.
          :From there they continued on land to Erzurum.
          :........NEPTUNE enters LIBRA, permanent to 12/24/1955.
          :Libra is my Solar 4th House of Home and Domestic Adjustment
          :...........Natal 10th Equal House of Career, Direction, Fame
          :I am not sure how I should analyze the influence of the
          :nebulous Neptune.  I included it just in case. Perhaps in line
          :with Neptune's elusive identity, one should NOT try to allocate
          :tangible events to it.  Rather, depending on the aspects Neptune
          :forms to Natal and other transiting planets, one experiences
          :Neptune as illusion, deception, inspiration, illumination, and
          :other intangible experiences which become catalyst to learning,
          :inner growth, mind set, and spiritual awakening.  For almost all
          :of these 60 years covered here, Neptune is SEXTILE to Transiting
          :Pluto.  Perhaps it provides a spiritual direction to Pluto's
          :evolution.                                     12/24/1955 next!
          :Parents, Hat‡e, Nazire, Aunt Naciye's daughter Necmiye, and I
          :(13 months old) are living in Erzurum.
1/15/1944 :Erzurum, in Jan: Father caught TYPHUS and was in coma for 27
          :days. This was the most hopeless period in Mother's life. . .
6/4/1944  :Su-Birthday: sister Femsi was born in Arhavi, Turkey 7:00 am.
          :SAMSUN: After Father suffered typhus in Erzurum in Jan. 1944 he
          :and Mother did not have money to stay in Erzurum and in March
          :came to Samsun to stay with Uncle Bahri.
          :FATSA: later in March they embarked a ship for Arhavi and on the
          :way stopped in Fatsa. There Aunt Naciye's husband talked them
          :into staying with them, which was too uncomfortable for Mother.
          :ARHAVI: Again, they were on a ship bound for Arhavi.  They
          :stayed at Mother's uncle Riza's house to get ready for Femsi's
          :birth. Father opened an office briefly but his medical leave was
          :over and he had to return to Erzurum. . .
          :Hamide Hanim, uncle Riza and his wife Saadet, their daughter
          :and Mother's childhood friend Harbiye were present. A midwife
          :by the name Raife helped Mother with the birth.
          :SATURN enters CANCER permanently on 6/20/44, until 8/2/46.
          :CANCER is my Solar 1st House (measuring from 0 Cancer)
          :.............Natal 7th House (using Equal Houses)
          :I am still a baby.                               8/2/1946 Next!
7/19/1944 :We-Parents: Erzurum -> BAFRA.  Father had asked his brother,
          :uncle Bahri, who is 19 years older and also a doctor, to help
          :him to get appointed to a town on the Black Sea.
          :After months of delay, the appointment came through. Father
          :came from Erzurum to Arhavi, where he had left Mother since
          :April when she gave birth to Femsi.
          :On this day, they boarded a ship bound for Samsun.  They stayed
          :at a hotel for a few days and then continued to Bafra.
7/26/1944 :We-Parents: Erzurum -> Arhavi -> Samsun -> BAFRA.
          :I am 2, Femsi is 50 days old.  The journey began on 7/19; today
          :we arrived in Bafra on a bus from Samsun.
8/25/1944 :Fr-Janet Wilson, my first girlfriend in USA from Sep. 1962 to
          :about 1965, was born in Wheeling, WV at 21:40 EST.
          :We were in Bafra at this time--since 7/26/44; Femsi is 2 months.
12/16/1944:Sa-5:30am Battle of the Bulge, the bloodiest in Europe in WWII,
          :began. On Jan. 29, 1945, the final American offensive began
          :under Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley.
          :We were in Bafra at this time--since 7/26/44.
5/8/1945  :Tu-V/E DAY: World War II effectively ended in Europe.
          :On 5/4/45, German admiral D”nitz agreed to
          :surrender terms in N.Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.
          :Nazi units on the Soviet front retreated toward the British & US
          :lines.  In the South, Germany surrendered Salzburg & Innsbruck.
          :US forces push toward the Czech city of Pilsen.
          :In Okinawa, US forces repel a day-long Japanese attack.
          :We were in Bafra at this time--since 7/26/44.
8/6/1945  :Mo-1st atomic bomb in HIROSHIMA, 8/9/45 in NAGASAKI.
          :We were in Bafra at this time--since 7/26/44.
8/8/1945  :We-Judith Wychulis, my 1st wife from 9/24/1966 to 7/14/1971, was
          :born in Altoona, PA at 15:00 EST.
          :We were in Bafra at this time--since 7/26/44.
9/21/1945 :Fr-Zehra, Mother's step sister was born.
          :We were in Bafra at this time--since 7/26/44.
1/15/1946 :In January, RESERVE DUTY.  While we were in Bafra (since
          :7/26/43), for reasons not clear, Father was called for reserve
          :duty in Samsun--he had already served in Gallipoli for 2 ears.
2/14/1946 :Th-The 1st computer, an ENIAC, was tested today.
          :We were in Bafra at this time--since 7/26/44--Father on reserve
          :duty in Samsun--since 1/15/46.
4/15/1946 :In April, Bafra -> SAMSUN (1).  Mother, Nazire, Femsi, and I
          :joined Father in Samsun--he is on reserve duty since 1/15/46--in
          :April and lived in a house in ‡iftlik (orchard) for 6 months.
          :Our rent was 50TL per month.
          :SATURN enters LEO permanently on 8/2/46, until 9/19/48.
          :LEO is my Solar 2nd House (measuring from 0 Cancer)
          :..........Natal 8th House (using Equal Houses)
          :I am 4 years old.                               9/19/1948 Next!
9/15/1946 :In September, Samsun -> BAFRA (2).  Father's 2nd military duty
          :in Samsun is over.  (He had arrived from Bafra in January; we
          :had joined him there in April, for 6 months.)
          :We left our rental home in ‡iftlik and returned to Bafra for our
          :2nd tenure there.
11/13/1946:We-Michael Monezis (G�lhis' husband) was born in Weirton, WV
          :at 11:04am EST.  We were in Bafra at this time--since 9/15/46.
3/2/1947  :Su-Birthday: sister G�lhis was born in Bafra, Turkey at 9:00 am.
          :Parents sent Femsi and me outside, to wait for the stork.
          :At age 5, I was allowed to name my sister G�lhis (now Gigi). . .
4/22/1947 :Tu-Bafra -> Samsun -> Ankara/Istanbul.  Today Parents, Nazire,
          :Femsi, I, and Gigi (50 days old) left BAFRA in a taxi, on our
          :way to Samsun.
          :After staying with uncle BAHRI in SAMSUN, we embarked on a ship
          :to Istanbul, to stay with uncle SABRI.
          :We stayed with them 2-3 months, while Father left for Ankara to
          :do his residency and found us a rental home.
3/2/1948  :Tu-My 2nd wife Gayle Stephanie Parker born in Scranton, PA at
          :23:15 EST.  We were in Ankara at this time--since about 9/15/47.
          :......URANUS in Transition into Cancer until 11/12/1948.
          :.........It turns retro on 10/4/48, direct on 3/5/49.
          :URANUS enters CANCER permanently on 6/10/49, until 8/24/1955.
          :CANCER is my Solar 1st House (from 0 Cancer) of Expansion
          :.............Natal 7th House of Relationships, Alliances
          :Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected events, turmoil,
          :itchy feet, movement, uproot, etc.  Appropriately, on 5/28/49,
          :2 weeks before Uranus moved permanently to my Sun Sign, we left
          :Ankara to move to Samsun, the largest city on the Black Sea, and
          :formed bonds to many of our relatives and close friends (7th
          :House). We stayed there until our migration to the States.  This
          :was the first time since Parents married on 10/19/41 that we had
          :a permanent address. Some of our most wonderful memories date to
          :Samsun Years (1st House).                       8/24/1955 next!
          :We were in Ankara at this time--since about 9/15/47.
          :.......SATURN in Transition into Virgo until 4/3/1949.
          :........It turns retro on 12/17/48, direct on 5/1/49.
          :SATURN enters VIRGO permanently on 5/29/49, until 11/20/50.
          :VIRGO is my Solar 3rd House of Mental Development    
          :............Natal 9th House of Long Distance Travel
          :For me, perhaps by cosmic coincidence, I am 6 years old and:
          :1) Solar 3rd/Natal 9th Houses: I began the 1st grade in Istanbul
          :the fall of 1948.  3 weeks later Mother and us joined Father in
          :Ankara and I continued school there, a long distance move as
          :indicated by 9th Natal House.  Then:
          :2) On 5/28/1949, we left Ankara and settled down in Samsun on
          :on the Black Sea (9th House). In the fall of 1949, I began the
          :2nd grade at Subashi Grade School in Samsun (where I stayed
          :until I finished the 5th grade in 1953).       11/20/1950 Next!
          :We were in Ankara at this time--since about 9/15/47.
10/4/1948 :??-URANUS, in Cancer since 8/30/48, turns retro today. It enters
          :Gemini on 11/12/48, turns direct on 3/5/49, and enters Cancer
          :permanently on 6/10/49.  We are living in Ankara, Father doing
          :his residency.
12/17/1948:??-SATURN, in Virgo since 9/19/48, turns retro today. It enters
          :Leo on 4/3/49, turns direct on 5/1/49, and enters Virgo
          :permanently on 5/29/49--the day we moved to Samsun. . .
          :We are living in Ankara, Father doing his residency.
5/4/1949  :We-Ankara.  Father completed his residency at the Numune
          :Hospital and became a radiologist.
5/28/1949 :Sa-Ankara -> SAMSUN/SATURN moves permanently to VIRGO, 9th House
          :We left Ankara to move to Samsun on the Black Sea where we lived
          :happily until we migrated to USA in 1958.
          :(See Uranus on 6/10/49 too.)
          :Nothing in our lives had gone smoothly so far. This was no
          :exception. While in school, I had brought home every conceivable
          :childhood sickness, infecting my sisters too.  Now I had
          :whooping cough and measles.
          :G�lhis was apparently so afraid of my cough spells that when I
          :began, she would crawl away from me to Mother, saying in baby
          :language "”ks� geliyor, ”ks� geliyor" (cough is coming, cough is
          :coming, where she could pronounce only the first part of ”ks�r�k
          :--cough--in Turkish).
          :Femsi had recently recovered from measles, but G�lhis was just
          :breaking out when we embarked on this 500 (plus) km trip from
          :Ankara to Samsun. Parents could not take public transportation,
          :on account of G�lhis' illness. So we took a taxi all the way...
6/10/1949 :Fr-URANUS enters Cancer permanently; it had 1st on 8/30/48.
          :As might be expected from a sign change by Uranus, on 5/29/49,
          :we arrived from Ankara and settled down in Samsun, a city on the
          :Black Sea.  This became our 1st permanent address since Parents
          :married on 10/19/41.  We lived there happily until we migrated
          :to USA in 1958.
          :.......SATURN in Transition into Libra until 3/7/1951.
          :........It turns retro on 1/12/51, direct on 5/29/51.
          :SATURN enters LIBRA permanently on 8/13/51, until 10/22/53.
          :LIBRA is my Solar  4th House of Domestic Adjustment
          :............Natal 10th House of Direction, Growth
          :For me, perhaps by cosmic coincidence, I am 8 years old and 
          :continuing grade school in Samsun.  So there is apparently no
          :change from the previous Saturn Cycle.  HOWEVER, there were
          :changes in our circumstances.  Parents had started from scratch.
          :The first two years in Samsun were difficult due to debts
          :Father incurred starting an office, setting up a home for us,
          :etc.  Saturn in Libra marks this period in our lives, and the
          :end of financial difficulties.
          :Thus, our home life (4th House) improved and also our direction
          :and achievements (10th House.)                 10/22/1953 Next!
          :We were in Samsun at this time; I was in 3rd grade.
6/12/1951 :Tu-BARBARA Sejnoski Born in Princeton, NJ at 6am.  (We were in
          :Samsun at this time; I finished 3rd grade.)  She became my
          :student, later my girlfriend, at Salem College after 1972.
3/6/1952  :Th-Semra's sister Memdush (Pisces) born.  (We were in Samsun at
          :this time; I was in 4th grade.)  Crossed paths with her
          :in 1976 in Tuzla, Istanbul.
          :JUPITER enters GEMINI
          :My Solar 12th House of Limitations.
          :...Natal  6th (Equal & Placidus) of Responsibilities, etc...
          :I am graduating from Grade School in Samsun, going to Istanbul.
7/27/1953 :Mo-The Korean War ended today.  I started jr. high in Istanbul,
          :as boarding student on my Introductory Year--before 6th grade--
          :at Sankt George Austrian lyceum.  Parents are in Samsun.
          :SATURN enters SCORPIO permanently on 10/22/53, until 1/12/56.
          :SCORPIO is my Solar  5th House of Romance & Fun
          :..............Natal 11th House of Circle of Friends, Hopes
          :For us, this was the beginning of a jet-set lifestyle.  In the
          :fall of 1953, I left Samsun (for the school year) and enrolled
          :in Sankt George, an Austrian (Jesuit) boarding school, also to
          :begin the first leg to my independence.  By then, we were also
          :part of the highest social echelon in Samsun, living a wonderful
          :life.  HOWEVER, there was a restlessness about us.  Parents
          :wanted to move to another country for a while, perhaps England,
          :though my sister Femsi and I were studying all classes in
          :German.  Then on the New Year's 1955/56, we met Florence, the
          :American exchange teacher in Samsun...          1/12/1956 Next!
          :We were in Samsun at this time; I began school in Istanbul.
4/17/1954 :Sa-SEMRA born in Austin, TX at 12:34.  (We were in Samsun at
          :this time; I am in school in Istanbul.)  Saw her 1st time in
          :Tuzla, Istanbul in 1973, when there with Gayle, initiated
          :romance in 1976.
5/16/1954 :Su-The Supreme Court passed the Brown versus Board of Education
          :decision, one of the landmark decisions in US history.  (We were
          :in Samsun at this time; I am in school in Istanbul.)
          :JUPITER enters CANCER, to 6/13/55.
          :My Solar 1st House of Expansion. . .
          :My Natal 7th (Equal & Placidus) of Alliences, etc.         
          :I am finishing the intro year at Sankt George in Istanbul.
          :JUPITER enters LEO.
          :My Solar 2nd House (from 0 Cancer) of Money, etc.
          :My Natal 8th House of Sex, Forced Changes, etc.
          :I am finishing 6th grade at Sankt George in Istanbul.
          :.........URANUS in Transition into Leo until 1/27/1956.
          :.........It turns retro on 11/9/55, direct on 4/5/56.
          :URANUS enters LEO permanently on 6/10/56, until 11/1/61.
          :LEO is my Solar 2nd House (from 0 Cancer) of Money, etc.
          :..........Natal 8th House of Sex, Forced Changes, etc.
          :Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected events, turmoil,
          :itchy feet, movement, uproot, etc.  I have 3 planets in Leo:
          :Pluto and Moon conjunct Mars, a sign of sexual potency.  Other
          :than the fact that I began sex about this age while I was going
          :to Sankt George Lyceum in Istanbul (since the fall of 1953), I
          :am still under external structure and too young too attribute
          :profound events to Uranus.                      11/1/1961 next!
          :We were in Samsun at this time; I am about to begin 7th grade in
11/9/1955 :Uranus turns retro in Leo/Cancer until 4/5/56.  We were in
          :Samsun at this time; I am in 7th grade in Istanbul.
          :JUPITER enters VIRGO, final on 7/7/56.
          :My Solar 3rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Mental Evolution
          :My Natal 9th House of Distant affairs, higher education.
          :Parents in Samsun, I am in 7th grade in Istanbul.
12/24/1955:ÛÛNEPTUNEÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛTransition-1ÛÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛSCOÛ
          :......NEPTUNE enters SCORPIO, transition until 3/11/1956.
          :..........It turns retro on 2/1/56; direct on 7/9/56.
          :See the note on Neptune on 8/2/1943.           10/19/1956 next!
          :We were in Samsun at this time; I am in 7th grade in Istanbul.
12/31/1955:Sa-Samsun. Met Florence E. Sutphin, an exchange teacher from USA
          :at the New Year's party.  She became a catalyst for us to
          :MIGRATE to USA.  Her BD:9/15/1901 at 0:15 in Neshanic, NJ. . .
          :I am on vacation from 7th grade in Istanbul.
          :....SATURN in Transition into Sagittarius until 5/14/1956.
          :........It turns retro on 3/13/56, direct on 7/30/56.
          :SATURN enters SAGITTARIUS permanently on 10/10/56, to 1/5/59.
          :SAGITTARIUS is my Solar  6th House of Responsibilities, Health
          :..................Natal 12th House of Karma, Limitations, etc.
          :Note that Uranus and Neptune are Square, as also Saturn/Jupiter.
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :Sagit., it is in opposition to my 3 planets in Gemini
          :(Uranus,Saturn,Venus), BUT Trine my 3 planets in Leo (Pluto,
          :Moon/Mars Conjunction.)  Hardship but also Benefits indicated.
          :For me, 1956 began very promising in Samsun and Istanbul.  My
          :social life was wonderful and I had many friends.  Then we were
          :ready to migrate to USA.  This cycle underlines our moods...
          :1) Perhaps in anticipation of our move, on about 1/15/1958, I
          :was thrown out of the school I had attended for 5 years due to
          :2) Father arrived in USA on 2/19/58, we on 4/22/58.  We were in
          :a shock about the drastic difference in what we had expected and
          :found.  Then father quit his job, because he did not like the
          :hospital where he worked.  It looked like we had to return to
          :Turkey.  He found another hospital at lesser pay.  We could not
          :get our money out of Turkey.  Meanwhile Father had to prepare
          :for medical exams; my sisters and I could not perform due to
          :difficulties with English.
          :3) So on 10/4/1958, Mother took us to Germany to let us finish
          :high school there, while Father prepared for his exam in USA.
          :We loved Germany, but I was on probation for 6 months.  This
          :is how we ended this Saturn cycle.               1/5/1959 Next!
          :We were in Samsun at this time; I am in 7th grade in Istanbul.
4/5/1956  :Uranus turns direct in Cancer, in Leo on 6/10/56.
          :We were in Samsun at this time; I am in 7th grade in Istanbul.
          :JUPITER enters VIRGO
          :My Solar 3rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Mental Evolution
          :My Natal 9th House of Distant affairs, higher education.
          :I finished 7th grade at Sankt George in Istanbul.
10/19/1956:ÛÛNEPTUNEÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛTransition-2ÛÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛSCOÛ
          :......NEPTUNE enters SCORPIO, transition until 6/16/1957.
          :..........It turns retro on 2/3/57; direct on 7/7/57.
          :See the note on Neptune on 8/2/1943.             8/6/1957 next!
          :We were in Samsun at this time; I began 8th grade in Istanbul.
10/20/1956:ÛPLUTO Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛTransition-1ÛÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛVIRÛ
          :......PLUTO enters VIRGO, 1st Transition until 1/15/57.
          :........It turns retro on 12/1/56; direct on 5/10/57.
          :Note that Pluto is initially SQUARE to Saturn and the Node,
          :indicating COMPLICATIONS entering the new Pluto era. Indeed it
          :was for us. Florence left Turkey in the summer of 1956 and began
          :to look for a position for Father. Our migration to USA seemed
          :impossible for about a year, until she found a hospital in
          :Lakewood, NJ by about 8/57...
          :Equal versus Placidus Houses.  I decided to use Equal Houses for
          :Transits, due to events from 10/21/1956 to 6/11/1958, when
          :we met Florence and migrated 1st to USA then to Germany then to
          :USA. Pluto was in 9th Equal and 8th Placidus houses.  While the
          :events may be viewed as 8th House (Forced Changes), they were
          :MORE clearly 9th House (Foreign Lands, Migration) events.
          :                   See 8/19/1957 next!
          :We were in Samsun at this time; I am in 8th grade in Istanbul.
7/15/1957 :Mo-A wonderful summer camp at Matasyon: ™nder, Kaya, Oya, Se‡kin
          :Semra, Meral--Semin and twin Orhon were babies . . .
          :Parties all summer; practiced Latin dances; in love with GšZIN.
          :NN:16SCO23 H(SO: 5/NA:10) S 90 NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(SO:02/NA:08)
          :NN:16SCO23 H(SO: 5/NA:10) S 90 TRANSIT VE:16LEO30 H(SO: 2/NA: 8)
          :PL:28LEO55 H(SO: 2/NA: 8) 
          :NP:29LIB49 H(SO: 4/NA:10) 
          :UR: 6LEO19 H(SO: 2/NA: 7) 
          :ST: 8SAG17 H(SO: 6/NA:11) S180 NATAL   ST:08GEM21 H(SO:12/NA:05)
          :JU:26VIR15 H(SO: 3/NA: 9) A  1 NATAL   NP:27VIR28 H(SO:03/NA:09)
          :MR:14LEO44 H(SO: 2/NA: 8) ==>  NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(SO:02/NA:08)
          :VE:16LEO30 H(SO: 2/NA: 8) P  3 NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(SO:02/NA:08)
          :ME: 4LEO17 H(SO: 2/NA: 7) 
          :SU:22CAN14 H(SO: 1/NA: 7) A  0 NATAL   SU:22CAN31 H(SO:01/NA:07)
          :Happy Birthday, Dear SIRMAN--SOLAR RETURN, 7HR 15MI GMT!
          :MO:26AQU16 H(SO: 8/NA: 2) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION:11.89 DEG/24hr
          :OVERALL RATING: +18/-15= 3: POSITIVE
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S
          :H 1! -6  8  0 10  0  1  0  1 11  3  2 -4 10 10 10  0  0  0  5  5
          :H 2!  0  0  6  7  2 11  0  2  0 10 10 10  0  3  7 -5 11 -5  6  3
          :H 3!  0  5 -3  0  0  0  0  0  0  3  0  0 -6 -6 -6 -6 -9 -6 -3 -3
          :H 4! -6  0  0  5  5  0  0  0  0  0  0 -4  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :H 5!  0 -3 -3 -3 -3 -2 -9 -2 -2 -3 -3 -3 -3 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4  0  0
          :H 6! -5 -5 -5 -4 -4 -4 -5 -4 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -4 -5 -5 -4
          :H 7! -6  8  6 17  0 11  0  3 11  3  2 -4  0 14 10 -6  2  0  5  6
          :H 8!  0  5  0  0  2  1  0  0  0 10 10 10 10 -1  7 -1  9 -5  6  2
          :H 9!  0  0 -3  5  5  0  0  0  0  3  0  0 -6 -6 -6 -4 -9 -6 -3 -3
          :H10! -6 -3 -3 -3 -3 -2 -9 -2 -2 -3 -3 -7 -3 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4  0  0
          :H11! -5 -5 -5 -4 -4 -4 -5 -4 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -4 -5 -5 -4
          :H12!  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :TOT!-11  5 -5  9 -1 -1-14 -5  3  0 -1 -7 -4 -1  3-16 -6-19  0 -3
          :We were in Samsun at this time; I finished 8th grade in Istanbul
          :.......NEPTUNE enters SCORPIO, permanent to 1/4/1970.
          :Scorpio is my Solar  5th House of Creativity, Romance...
          :..............Natal 11th Equal House of Circle of Friends...
          :See the note on Neptune on 8/2/1943.             1/4/1970 next!
          :We were in Samsun at this time; I am about to start lyceum in
8/19/1957 :ÛPLUTO Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛTransition-2ÛÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛVIRÛ
          :.....PLUTO enters VIRGO, 2nd Transition until 4/11/1958.
          :........It turns retro on 12/4/57; direct on 5/11/58.
          :Note that the Pluto is SQUARE to Saturn/the Node on 10/20/56,
          :during the 1st transition, passed, for us removing the obstacles
          :to our migration.  Father stepped on US soil on 2/19/1958, we
          :followed and joined him in Lakewood, NJ on 4/22/1958.  AMAZING
          :HOW 4/11/58 Pluto versus 4/22/58 us fit.      See 6/10/58 next!
          :Mo-SELHAN born in Ankara at 10:30am.  (We were in Samsun at this
          :time; I am about to start lyceum in Istanbul.)  Crossed paths
          :with her in Ankara on 11/24-25 (Thanksgiving) 1977.
12/15/1957:Su-Istanbul: Left Sankt George Austrian Lyceum, and 5-years of
          :memories, friends about this time, before our migration to USA.
          :SIRMAN        Page 16: 12/15/1957 SUN (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN: 8SCO17 H(SO: 5/NA:10) A120 NATAL   JU:08CAN 0 H(SO:01/NA:07)
          :PL: 2VIR18 H(SO: 3/NA: 8) 
          :NP: 4SCO 2 H(SO: 5/NA:10) A120 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(SO:01/NA:07)
          :NP: 4SCO 2 H(SO: 5/NA:10) A 89 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(SO:02/NA:07)
          :UR:11LEO19 H(SO: 2/NA: 8) 
          :ST:17SAG28 H(SO: 6/NA:12) 
          :JU:26LIB 7 H(SO: 4/NA:10) 
          :MR:24SCO27 H(SO: 5/NA:11) 
          :VE: 6AQU31 H(SO: 8/NA: 1) 
          :ME:11CAP21 H(SO: 7/NA: 1) 
          :SU:22SAG45 H(SO: 6/NA:12) 
          :MO: 2LIB43 H(SO: 4/NA: 9) A119 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(SO:12/NA:05)
          :MO: 2LIB43 H(SO: 4/NA: 9) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 14.08 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: +17/- 4= 13: +CHALLENGING
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F
          :H 1!  0  4  4  5  1 -3  1  1 16  8  6 -4 -4  0  0  1 -2 -3 -3 -3
          :H 2!  0  0  3  3  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  4  0  0  0  0  0  2  0 -4
          :H 3!-10 -6 -2 -5  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  5  0  0  0 -3 -3 -3 -3
          :H 4!  0  0  0  5 -6  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 10  5  0  3  3  0
          :H 5!  4 -7 -7 -7  4 -7 -7 -7  3 -1  5  5  3  3  3  2  2  2  2  3
          :H 6! -3  2  5  5  2  2  2 12  6  2 10  8 -1  0  0  0  0  3 -7-10
          :H 7!  0  4  4  5  1 -3  1  1  6  2  0  0  0  0  0  0 -3 -3 -3 -3
          :H 8! -6 -6 -3 -2  0  0  0  0 10  6  6  0  1  0  0  1  1  2  0 -4
          :H 9! -4  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 10  5  0  0  0  0
          :H10!  4 -7 -3 -7  4 -7 -7  1  1 -3 -3 -3  1  1  1  0  0  4  4  1
          :H11! -5  0  0  5 -6  0  0 -8  2  2  8  8  2  2  2  2  2  1  1  2
          :H12!  2  2  5  5  2  2  2 12  6  2 10  8 -1  0  0  0  0  3 -7-10
          :TOT! -9 -7  0  2  0 -8 -4  6 28 13 25 17  3  3 13  9  1  4 -8-12
2/19/1958 :We-Father stepped on USA soil, heading for Paul Kimball Hospital
          :in Lakewood,NJ.  We left Samsun and are living with Grandfather
          :in Istanbul.
4/4/1958  :Fr-Migration: Mother, my 2 sisters and I left Istanbul on ship
          :Truva, bound for Italy; then, USA--Father in America since 2/19.
          :NN: 2SCO27 H(SO: 5/NA:10) 
          :PL: 0VIR 7 H(SO: 3/NA: 8) S118 TRANSIT ME: 0TAU27 H(SO:11/NA: 4)
          :NP: 3SCO57 H(SO: 5/NA:10) S120 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(SO:01/NA:07)
          :UR: 7LEO35 H(SO: 2/NA: 7) 
          :ST:25SAG42 H(SO: 6/NA:12) 
          :JU:28LIB27 H(SO: 4/NA:10) A119 TRANSIT VE:27AQU27 H(SO: 8/NA: 2)
          :MR:12AQU59 H(SO: 8/NA: 2) A121 TRANSIT MO:11LIB30 H(SO: 4/NA: 9)
          :VE:27AQU27 H(SO: 8/NA: 2) 
          :ME: 0TAU27 H(SO:11/NA: 4) 
          :SU:13ARI43 H(SO:10/NA: 3) : FULL MO @ 3Hr 45Min GMT:NO ECLIPSE
          :MO:11LIB30 H(SO: 4/NA: 9) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 15.19 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: + 6/- 0= 6: +CHALLENGING
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S
          :H 1!  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -4  0 10  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :H 2!  2  3  0  3  3  0 -1  2 -9  5  4 -5  5 12 12  4  4  4  6  7
          :H 3!  2  2  1  1  0 10  7 -3  5  9  1 -9 -9  0 -3  7 -1 -3 -3  0
          :H 4! -6  0  1  4  3  0  2 -2 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3  0 -2 -8 -6 -3  1 -5
          :H 5!  2  2  2  2  2  2  4  3  3  3  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :H 6!  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  1  1  0  0  0  0
          :H 7!  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -4  0  0  0  0  0  2  2  2  2  2
          :H 8!  2  3  1  4  3  0 -3  0 -4  2 -4  6  6 10 10  2  2  2  4  5
          :H 9!  0  0  0  0  0  0 -1  2 -5  3  8 -1 -1  2  2 10  0  0  0  0
          :H10! -2  4  2  5  5 12 12  3 11 15  1 -9 -9  0 -2 -8 -7 -3  1 -5
          :H11!  0  0  1  1  0  0  4 -2 -3 -3  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :H12!  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  1  1  0  0  0  0
          :TOT!  1  5  3  6  5 12 13  1 -2 12  5 -4 -4 12 10  9  3  1  3 -1
4/22/1958 :Tu-On this we arrived in New York and stepped on US soil for the
          :1st time. We left Turkey on board the passenger ship Truva
          :on 4/4/1958/Th, Istanbul to Napoli.  On 4/13/1958/SU, we boarded
          :USS Constitution bound for New York.  (I remember 2 girls on
          :the ship Elizabeth ? and Rosa Bartalomeo.)  4/22/1958/Tu: we
          :arrived in USA; Father and Florence met us in New York...
          :Living at 211 River Ave. Lakewood, NJ, attending the
          :Sophomore class at Lakewood high school. (The only person whose
          :name and appearance I remember now is DIANA - re: Paul Anka.)
          :Planets     Location Cusps  House   Placidus Cusps  House
          :SU:22Can31      1: 6Lib55    10       1: 6Lib55      10
          :MO:16Leo37      2: 6Sco55    11       2: 3Sco55      11
          :ME: 4Can12      3: 6Sag55     9       3: 4Sag20       9
          :VE:20Gem57      4: 6Cap55     9       4: 7Cap57       9
          :MR:19Leo33      5: 6Aqu55    11       5:11Aqu18      11
          :JU: 8Can00      6: 6Pis55    10       6:11Pis21      10
          :ST: 8Gem21      7: 6Ari55     9       7: 6Ari55       9     
          :UR: 3Gem18      8: 6Tau55     8       8: 3Tau35       8
          :NP:27Vir28      9: 6Gem55    12       9: 4Gem20      12
          :PL: 4Leo59     10: 6Can55    10      10: 7Can57      10    
          :NN: 6Vir29     11: 6Leo55    11      11:11Leo18      11    
          :LAKEWOOD, NJ   12: 6Vir55            12:11Vir21 Equal=Placidus
          :........PLUTO enters VIRGO, permanent until 10/5/1971.
          :VIRGO is my Solar  3rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Experiences.
          :............Natal  9th House of Higher Education, Move to USA
          :......Location-NJ 11th House of perhaps "Dream come True."
          :For me, this Pluto cycle coincides EXACTLY with Natal 9th House
          :of Higher Education:  1) I left the boarding school in Istanbul
          :at junior high level in the fall of 1957.  2) From 5/1/58 to the
          :summer, I attended Lakewood (NJ) High School.  3) In Oct. 1958,
          :I enrolled in Max Planck Gymnasium in Trier Germany until
          :Dec. 8, 1961.  4) On 2/15/62, I enrolled at WVU and 4 degrees
          :later, I left in the fall of 1971 to teach at Salem College.
          :The match is truly amazing: look at the dates/houses involved.
          :All other (by other planets) cycles until 10/5/1971 are under
          :this 9th House umbrella.                      See 10/5/71 next!
          :We are in Lakewood, NJ.
10/4/1958 :Sa-Mother, Femsi, G�lhis, and I left USA for Germany.
          :SIRMAN        Page 5: 10/4/1958 SAT (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN:22LIB46 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A 90 NATAL   SU:22CAN31 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :PL: 3VIR16 H(S 3/P 8/L11) A 60 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :PL: 3VIR16 H(S 3/P 8/L11) A 90 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(S12/P05/L08)
          :PL: 3VIR16 H(S 3/P 8/L11) S 61 TRANSIT NP: 3SCO37 H(S 5/P10/L 1)
          :PL: 3VIR16 H(S 3/P 8/L11) A 91 TRANSIT MR: 2GEM14 H(S12/P 5/L 8)
          :NP: 3SCO37 H(S 5/P10/L 1) A119 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :UR:15LEO17 H(S 2/P 8/L11) 
          :ST:20SAG25 H(S 6/P12/L 3) A179 NATAL   VE:20GEM57 H(S12/P06/L09)
          :JU: 5SCO12 H(S 5/P10/L 1) S 90 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L10)
          :JU: 5SCO12 H(S 5/P10/L 1) A 59 NATAL   NN:06VIR29 H(S03/P08/L11)
          :MR: 2GEM14 H(S12/P 5/L 8) 
          :VE: 0LIB23 H(S 4/P 9/L12) 
          :ME: 9LIB 5 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) 
          :SU:10LIB16 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) 
          :MO:16GEM39 H(S12/P 6/L 9) S 60 NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(S02/P08/L11)
          :MO:16GEM39 H(S12/P 6/L 9) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 12.31 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: +14/-21= -7: OBSTACLES
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M
          :H 1!  0-10 -7 -1  9 -1  1  7  7 15 16  8 11  9  2  0  6  0 13 12
          :H 2!  0  0  0  0  0  0  2  4  3  0  0  0 10 10 20 10 10 10 10  0
          :H 3! -2 -6-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-11-10 -9 -9 -8 -8 -9 -9-11 -5 -4
          :H 4! -8-11 -9 -3 12  4  1 10 -3 13  4 -3 11  8  2  0  6  2  7 11
          :H 5! 13  4  5  0  3  0  0  0-10-10 14 13 12 13 22 12 12 13 18  1
          :H 6! -4 -4 -4  1 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -3 -3 -4 -4 -3 -3 -7 -4 -4  0  1
          :H 7!  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -3  0  0
          :H 8! -2 -5 -5-10 -7-10 -8 -7-17-20 -2 -3 -3 -3 -3  0 -3 -2 -3 -5
          :H 9! -2 -5 -9  2 12  4  1 10 -3 13  1 -3 11  8  2  0  6  2  7 11
          :H10! 11  1  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2 12 11 10 11 10 10 10 11 16  1
          :H11! -4 -3 -8 -8 -8 -8 -6 -4 -5 -8 -4 -5 -5 -5  5 -5 -5 -4 -5 -5
          :H12!  7  0 -1 -1  2  1 -4 -1-24-15 -4 -2 -2 -1 -1 -2 -2 -2  2  1
          :TOT!  2-10-13 -7 -4 -5 -8  2-22 -6  6  1 14 12 15  0  9  3 18  7
          :SATURN enters CAPRICORN permanently on 1/5/59, to 1/3/62.
          :CAPRICORN is my Solar 7th House of Relationships, Intimacy
          :................Natal 1st House of Expansion & Growth
          :.....Location (Trier) 1st/2nd Houses of Expansion/Money
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :Capricorn, it is in opposition to my 3 planets in Cancer:
          :(Mercury, Jupiter, Sun).  Hardship and Obstacles are indicated.
          :For me, 1959 began very promising at school in Trier, Germany 
          :and I had many casual friends.  Although our finances were
          :limited, we were doing OK.  Then:
          :1) 1st House: Growth.  Father passed his medical examination in
          :USA and on 9/4/1960, Mother and my sisters left Germany to join
          :Father in Weston, WV. After Mother left, I knew that regardless
          :how I performed in school in Germany, soon I would return to USA
          :and start from scratch.  It made much more sense to enjoy this
          :unique period than waste it by studying, which is also growth.
          :2) 7th House.  I began dating and making lots of close friends.
          :Indeed, soon I was circulating among the best social circles of
          :young people in Trier. In the summer of 1961, our class traveled
          :to Berlin; then I took the train to Istanbul, the last I would
          :see Istanbul and Turkey until 1973 . . .
          :3) Then it all ended.  On 12/8/61, I left Germany on a ship and
          :arrived in USA on 12/13/61, to start WVU in Feb. 1962.  (Check
          :these dates against Saturn in this cycle.)       1/3/1962 Next!
          :We are in Zewen, Germany; Father is in Lakewood, NJ.
2/18/1959 :We-Zewen/Max Planck/Trier/Germany\Probation/GšZIN.
          :The last letter from G�zin, my 2nd infatuation--the 1st was
          :FILIZ from grade school, with whom Femsi has a photo--from
          :Samsun from the summer of 1956 or 1957 arrived today.  Lost like
          :tears in rain . . .  (She was a Gemini, about 6/15/1942.)
3/18/1959 :We-Zewen/Max Planck/Trier/Germany\Probation.  I passed my
          :probation for placement at Untersecunda at Max Planck Gymnasium.
          :(Mother reminded me of this 33 years later, 4pm on 3/18/1992.)
9/15/1959 :Tu-Living at 9 Martin Strasse in Zewen: Friends Eugen, Mex,
          :and INGRID Zimmer. Started Max-Planck Gymnasium at UnterSecunda
          :level. Herrn Grow is the director. Friends: Magi, Michalke,
          :Helmut... Got my first moped, a 50cc Italian Florette. USHI,
          :my 1st German girl, UTE...
          :Planets        Locat.Cusps  House   Placidus Cusps  House
          :SU:22Can31      1: 4Sag16     8       1: 4Sag16       8
          :MO:16Leo37      2: 4Cap16     9       2: 8Cap30       8 <-
          :ME: 4Can12      3: 4Aqu16     7       3:21Aqu13       7
          :VE:20Gem57      4: 4Pis16     7       4:29Pis28       7
          :MR:19Leo33      5: 4Ari16     9       5:27Ari15       8 <-
          :JU: 8Can00      6: 4Tau16     8       6:17Tau44       7 <-
          :ST: 8Gem21      7: 4Gem16     7       7: 4Gem16       7     
          :UR: 3Gem18      8: 4Can16     6       8: 8Can30       6
          :NP:27Vir28      9: 4Leo16    10       9:21Leo13       9 <-
          :PL: 4Leo59     10: 4Vir16     9      10:29Vir28       8 <- 
          :NN: 6Vir29     11: 4Lib16    10      11:27Lib15       9 <- 
          :TRIER,GERMANY  12: 4Sco16            12:17Sco44
9/4/1960  :Su-Mother, Femsi, G�lhis left to join Father, in Weston, WV.
          :I left Zewen and wonderful memories and moved to Forsthause
          :Kobenbach with my friend and school mate Laux and his family.
          :His sister, much older, is nice.
          :NN:15VIR39 H(S 3/P 8/L10) 
          :PL: 6VIR 5 H(S 3/P 8/L10) P 12 NATAL   NN:06VIR29 H(S03/P08/L10)
          :NP: 6SCO58 H(S 5/P10/L12) A119 NATAL   JU:08CAN 0 H(S01/P07/L08)
          :UR:22LEO41 H(S 2/P 8/L 9) 
          :ST:11CAP56 H(S 7/P 1/L 2) A120 TRANSIT SU:11VIR27 H(S 3/P 8/L10)
          :JU:24SAG 6 H(S 6/P12/L 1) 
          :MR:20GEM33 H(S12/P 6/L 7) A  1 NATAL   VE:20GEM57 H(S12/P06/L07)
          :VE: 1LIB28 H(S 4/P 9/L10) 
          :ME:15VIR13 H(S 3/P 8/L10) 
          :SU:11VIR27 H(S 3/P 8/L10) 
          :MO:21AQU37 H(S 8/P 2/L 3) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 14.51 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: +13/- 0= 13: +CHALLENGING
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T
          :H 1! -4 -2  3  1  0  0  0 -1 -5 -1 -1 -6  0  0  0  2 -4 -4 -4  0
          :H 2! -4 -2  1  1 -1  2  2  2  0  0  0 -6  0  0  0  0  1  4 -4  0
          :H 3! -4  1  3  1  0 -3  1  1 -4  3  3  0 -3  2  7  2 -2 -2 -1  5
          :H 4!  0  0  0  0  6 -1  5  0 -6  0  0 -6  0  2 -5  4 -6  5  9  5
          :H 5!  3  2  2  2  2  2  6  2  2  2  6  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2
          :H 6!  4  4 14 10  2  2  4 -4 -4  0  4  2 10 -8 -8 -8-12 -2  2  2
          :H 7!  0  2 15 11  2  2  4 -3  1  1  1 -4 10 -8 -8 -6 -8  2 -2  2
          :H 8!-10  1  3  1  0  2  2  2  0  0  0  0  0  0  2  4  3  6 -1  2
          :H 9!  6  0  0  0  6  1  4  3-10  3  3 -6 -3  4  0  4 -9  5  6  8
          :H10! -1  3  3  3  9  4  3  3 -2  5  5  2 -1  6  9  4  0  0  4  7
          :H11!  0  0  0  0  0  0  5  0 -6  0  4 -6  0  0 -5  4 -6  5  9  5
          :H12!  7  6 16 12  4  4  6 -2 -2  2  2  4 12 -6 -6 -6-10  0  4  4
          :TOT! -1  4 19 13 10  3 12  4 -7  6 10 -2  9 -2 -4  2-13 11 12 14
9/21/1960 :We-Father passed the ECFMG exam for foreign medical doctors
          :(Certificate # 4708). Confirmation dated this day arrived.
10/15/1960:Sa-I moved in with Studienrat Schmidt at Deimelberg 39 in Trier.
          :Hanging around with Helmut and the gang, member of "Modern
          :Youth Club", Kolibri Bar, der Keller... Dated Ushi Neuerburg,
          :Ingrid, Amy (age 32), Gisella, Gretchen, Carmen, Rita Maubach,
          :Rita Heisel, Maxi, another Rita, Schwanzchen . . .
2/14/1961 :Sa-Rolf Shellhammer (born to Nancy and her 1st husband) at 2:15
          :Crossed paths with Ken, Nancy and Rolf in Morgantown, WV in
          :1968/69 when Ken purchased my 125cc Honda motorcycle.  Friends!
          :I am attending Unterprima (11th grade) in gymnasium in Trier,
4/17/1961 :Mo-John Kennedy's and CIA's "Bay of Pigs" fiasco in Cuba.
          :I am attending unterprima (11th grade) in gymnasium in Trier,
5/4/1961  :Th-From this date until I left Germany, Rita & I were very
          :close. She wrote 6 cards, tel calls, and even visited me.
6/18/1961 :Su-Berlin trip with unterprima class to 6/25/61.
7/15/1961 :July: to Istanbul by train for ten days. Last time I saw ZEHRA!
          :RITA Maubach-Rendenbach took me to train station in Trier. It
          :was memorable and romantic . . .
8/16/1961 :We-Sharon Schwinabart (crossed my path on 11/11/1985 and became
          :my like-married girlfriend) was born in Cumberland, MD at 3:13.
          :I am about to begin Oberprima (12th grade) in gymnasium in
          :Trier, Germany.
          :........URANUS in Transition into Virgo until 1/10/1962.
          :.........It turns retro on 12/6/61, direct on 5/5/62.
          :URANUS enters VIRGO permanently on 8/9/62, until 9/28/68.
          :VIRGO is my Solar 3rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Mind, etc.
          :............Natal 9th House of Move, Foreign Land, Higher Educ.
          :...Location (WVU) 11th/12th Friends, etc. versus the Past...
          :Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected events, turmoil,
          :itchy feet, movement, uproot, etc.  For me:
          :1) Natal 9th House.  On 12/8/61, I left gymnasium in Trier,
          :Germany and sailed (on the ship Bremen) to USA, to join Parents
          :in Weston, WV on 12/13/1961, also to start my education at WVU
          :in Feb. 1962.  All of these events and dates fit beautifully
          :with Uranus and the 9th House.
          :2) Equal vs. Placidus.  Note that Uranus is in 9th House is by
          :the Equal House system, in 8th House by Placidus system.  Since
          :these events fit the 9th House EXACTLY and less the Evolution of
          :the 8th, this and other indications persuaded me to use EQUAL
          :Houses for Transits.  And by the time Uranus was final in Virgo
          :on 8/9/1962, I had already completed one semester at WVU,
          :struggling with my "probation" (a transition!)
          :3) However, right after Uranus entered Virgo permanently on
          :8/9/1962, say by the 1st week of Sep., I met my 1st girlfriend
          :in America, JANET Wilson, a VIRGO.  (She was from 47 Duquesne
          :Ave., Wheeling, WV, Tel:304-CH2-2599.)  This was an all-out
          :sexual relationship that lasted until the end of 1964.  So the
          :8th House of sex is seemingly also supported, BUT UNDER SATURN.
          :(See Saturn on 1/3/1962.)  Here the events attributable to the
          :9th Equal House were much more consequential.   9/28/1968 next!
          :I am in oberprima (12th grade) in gymnasium in Trier, Germany,
          :but quit at about this time to return to USA.
12/6/1961 :We-Uranus turns retro in Virgo, in Leo on 1/10/62, direct 5/5/62
          :On 12/8/61, I left Germany to join my family in Weston, WV (USA)
12/8/1961 :Fr-Left Germany for USA from Hamburg on (ship) Bremen; returning
          :to USA after 3 years--since 10/4/1958.
          :SIRMAN   Page 9: 12/8/1961 FRI (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN:21LEO17 H(S 2/P 8/L 9) A 60 NATAL   VE:20GEM57 H(S12/P06/L07)
          :PL:10VIR 8 H(S 3/P 8/L10) 
          :NP:12SCO17 H(S 5/P10/L12) 
          :UR: 0VIR33 H(S 3/P 8/L 9) 
          :ST:27CAP 6 H(S 7/P 1/L 2) A120 NATAL   NP:27VIR28 H(S03/P09/L10)
          :JU: 5AQU28 H(S 8/P 1/L 3) 
          :MR:17SAG32 H(S 6/P12/L 1) 
          :VE: 3SAG35 H(S 6/P11/L12) S179 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(S12/P05/L06)
          :ME:11SAG 3 H(S 6/P12/L 1) 
          :SU:15SAG40 H(S 6/P12/L 1) A119 NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(S02/P08/L09)
          :SU:15SAG40 H(S 6/P12/L 1) P  5 TRANSIT MO:15SAG44 H(S 6/P12/L 1)
          :MO:15SAG44 H(S 6/P12/L 1) A119 NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(S02/P08/L09)
          :MO:15SAG44 H(S 6/P12/L 1) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 13.97 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: +27/- 3= 24: OPPORTUNE
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W
          :H 1!  1  3  9 12  9 12  8 26 38 21 37 16  9 11 22 14  4  4 -6 -6
          :H 2!  4  6  5  5  5  5  5  5  5  5  6  7  7  6  5  1  1  1  1  1
          :H 3! -4 -4  3  1 -2 -2 -6  0  3  3  0  0 -6  0  2  2 -4  2  2  2
          :H 4!  0  0  0 -6  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  2  0  0
          :H 5!  0  3  2  0  1 -8  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -6  0  0 -6
          :H 6! -7 -2  1  7  7 10  3 19 31 14 33 12  5  7 16 12  2  4 -8-14
          :H 7!  4  5  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  0  0  0  0  0
          :H 8! -4 -3  4  2 -1 -1 -5  1  4  4  2  3 -3  2  3  3  3  3  3  3
          :H 9! -4  1  1 -5  1  1  1  1  1  1  2  3  3  2  1  1  1  1  1  1
          :H10!  0 -4  0  0  1 -8 -4  0  0  0  0  0 -6  0  0  0 -6  0  0  0
          :H11! -9 -1  1 -1 -3  0 -7 -3 13  0  0 -4  0  0  0  0  0  2  0  0
          :H12! -2  5  3  2 11  2  7 19 18 14 33 16  5  7 16 12  2  2 -8-14
          :TOT! -3  6  8  4 11  5  6 24 36 16 35 14  7  9 15 10 -1  7 -5-11
12/13/1961:We-As on 4/22/58, arrived (from Germany) in USA to join Parents.
          :This is an important stage in my life.  I left the many friends:
          :Eugen Ripplinger, Helmut von Herzsommer, Otto Schr”der, Robi,
          :etc., including girlfriends Rita Maubach, Ingrid Zimmer, Ute,
          :Inge, Ushi Neuerburg, Gisella, Greta, Maxi, Rita Heisel... I
          :would never see them again. 
          :My friends arranged a farewell party for me at the Keller
          :(cellar), a club to which we belonged.  I got drunk and missed
          :the first train to Hamburg.  My former girlfriend Gisella's
          :boyfriend was on the same train too, as if I were passing the
          :baton for all girlfriends. 
          :Began living at 601 Locust Ave. in Weston, WV. Flirting with
          :my sister Femsi's girl friends: Millie, Mary Agnes, Anita
          :and later more seriously with BARBARA Lewis, at our 2nd home in
          :Weston.  We moved to our 3rd home and stayed there to 5/30/1963.
          :Planets        Locat.Cusps  House   Placidus Cusps  House
          :SU:22Can31      1: 2Lib20    10       1: 2Lib20      10 
          :MO:16Leo37      2: 2Sco20    11       2:28Lib45      11
          :ME: 4Can12      3: 2Sag20    10       3:29Sco17      10
          :VE:20Gem57      4: 2Cap20     9       4: 2Cap41       9
          :MR:19Leo33      5: 2Aqu20    11       5: 6Aqu00      11
          :JU: 8Can00      6: 2Pis20    10       6: 6Pis18      10
          :ST: 8Gem21      7: 2Ari20     9       7: 2Ari20       9     
          :UR: 3Gem18      8: 2Tau20     9       8:28Ari45       9
          :NP:27Vir28      9: 2Gem20    12       9:29Tau17      12
          :PL: 4Leo59     10: 2Can20    11      10: 2Can41      10 <- 
          :NN: 6Vir29     11: 2Leo20    12      11: 6Leo00      12    
          :MORGANTOWN,WV  12: 2Vir20            12: 6Vir18
          :SATURN enters AQUARIUS permanently on 1/3/62, to 3/24/1964.
          :AQUARIUS is my Solar 8th House of Changes, Sex
          :...............Natal 2nd House of Money
          :......Location (WVU) 3rd/4th Houses of Mind,Language,Relocation
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :Aquarius, it is in opposition to my 3 planets in Leo: (Pluto,
          :Moon/Mars Conjunction), BUT Trine to my 3 planets in Gemini:
          :Uranus, Saturn, and Venus.  Obstacles (like acclimation) but
          :also heavenly help are indicated.
          :For me, this cycle marks my arrival from Germany (Location 4th 
          :House Relocation).
          :1) Location 3rd House:  I felt terribly bored and confined in
          :Weston, and passed my time watching TV, learning English.  After
          :2/15/1962, I began at WVU and enrolled in engineering, instead
          :of German, because I did not want to cheat (German) and sciences
          :required less language.  My initial acclimation to USA, a major
          :effort at this time, falls under 3rd House affairs.
          :2) Solar 8th House:  I was constantly under probation for
          :cutting classes.  The reason?  I decided to let America come to
          :me by osmosis, not arduously by studying.  (This part of my
          :evolution is in the realm of the 8th House.  Then, I met my 1st
          :American girlfriend, Janet Wilson, for the duration of this
          :Saturn cycle.
          :Sex (8th Solar House) was a Magnificent Obsession between us,
          :though she lived in Wheeling, WV and attended West Liberty
          :College.  I took my Father's car, later my own Austin Healey
          :convertible, and practically stayed at home with Janet even
          :during the week, after her parents left for work . . .
          :3) Natal 2nd House.  The distance between us was costly.  I had
          :$160 telephone bills on some months, not to mention the car
          :expenses.  Money was constantly a concern.      3/24/1964 Next!
          :I arrived from Germany on 12/13/61, with Parents in Weston, WV.
1/10/1962 :Uranus retro to Leo, direct on 5/5/62; in Virgo 8/9/62.
          :I arrived from Germany on 12/13/61, with Parents in Weston, WV.
2/4/1962  :Su-WestonWV/2ndHome/WVU\RITA Heisel.  This is the date on which
          :I wrote a letter/card? to this friend/love from Trier, Germany
          :(from 1960/61).  She was my friend Helmut's girlfriend in 1961--
          :got drunk at the Riverboat trip, where I was with Carmen Ebner.
          :We also went camping together with other friends.  Rita was the
          :1st girl I made love to in Trier.  She wanted my powder-blue
          :knit T-shirt; so she gave me a small binocular from her family's
          :shop on Brot Str.  I still have it.  (Also see 9/14/1977.)
          :ADDRESS: Saar Str. 83, Trier.
2/15/1962 :Th-I started WVU. Began dormitory life, roommate Ralph Bassett.
          :I am a pledge at Sigma Nu. Deliriously involved with LYNN
          :Welsh and her friend Jeanne Ohler... Then dated a beautiful
          :mulatto girl from Cuba and was blackballed from the fraternity
          :at the end of the semester. . .
5/5/1962  :Weston/WVU.  Uranus turns direct in Leo, in Virgo on 8/9/62.
          :I am in the dormitory at WVU since 2/15/62.
5/25/1962 :Fr-Weston/WVU.  Father received confirmation that his tenure
          :would be continued for another year, his last, at Weston State
          :Hospital in Weston, WV, for the period 7/1/62 to 6/30/63.
          :I am on my 1st semester at WVU.
7/3/1962  :Tu-Weston/WVU/Anita.MAgnes.Millie.  Algeria gains independence
          :after 132 years of French rule.
          :We are in our 2nd home in Weston, WV; I finished my 1st semester
          :at WVU, dating Femsi's friends. . .
8/4/1962  :Sa-Weston/WVU/Anita.M.Agnes.Millie/Barbara.  MARILYN MONROE died
          :(killed/suicide) between 10:30pm-3:30am.
          :We are in our 2nd home in Weston, WV; I finished my 1st semester
          :at WVU; began dating Barbara Lewis.
8/9/1962  :Mo-Weston/WVU/Anita.M.Agnes.Millie/Barbara.  Uranus enters
          :permanently to Virgo; 1st on 11/1/61.
          :We are in our 2nd home in Weston, WV; I am about to start my 2nd
          :semester at WVU, Femsi starting too. . .
8/19/1962 :Su-Moved with Elsie Feather at 321 Richwood Ave in Morgantown;
          :JOHN Graybill (Cancer) is my house mate.  Initially dated
          :six of my sister's friends from Weston attending beautician
          :school in Morgantown. (I gave a party to which I invited six
          :of them, MARGARET included, and me, alone!) Met a new friend
          :of my sister: ROSEMARY Zubus from Buckhannon, WV: Short affair!
9/7/1962  :Fr-First day of Fall Registration. Met JANET Wilson with Femsi
          :at Women's Dorm.  She is from 47 Duquesne Ave. Wheeling, VA
          :(Tel:304-CH2-2599). Began dating, but she is girlfriend of our
          :quarterback Bob Burnison.
10/16/1962:Tu-Weston/WVU/John/Janet/Allen.Becky.  Khrushchev placed nuclear
          :missiles in Cuba, John Kennedy challenged it.  The world is on
          :the brink of a nuclear war for 15 days. . .
          :I am on my 2nd semester (soph.) at WVU; met Janet a month ago.
          :Her friend Becky (attending West Liberty in Wheeling) is
          :the girlfriend of our other quarterback, Allen McCune.
          :I met Allen the 1st time through my roommate John Graybill, when
          :he invited me home to Wheeling.  Allen was in bed at the home of
          :Bob Donlevy where we had breakfast.
          :This was the beginning of a long friendship between us.
1/10/1963 :Th-Weston/WVU/John/Janet/Allen... Father passed PA Board Exam
          :and can now practice medicine in PA.
          :This led to his job in Waynesburg, PA that started on 7/1/63.
          :I am finishing my 2nd semester at WVU.
6/13/1963 :Th-Weston/WVU/John/Janet.Allen.Becky\OTTO.  At our 3rd home in
          :Weston, WV--moving to Waynesburg, PA on 6/16.
          :This is the date on which my friend Otto Schr”der from Trier,
          :Germany (from 1960 or so) wrote me his last letter, or
          :I received it, or I wrote to him my last letter.
6/16/1963 :Su-We moved from Weston, WV to Waynesburg, PA. 
          :Father became doctor at Waynesburg, PA clinic.  We live in a
          :rental home, until Feb. 1964 when Father purchased--in Nov. 63--
          :our home.
          :I finished my 3rd semester at WVU, and at about this time Father
          :purchased Femsi a Chev. Corvair, me an Austin Healey Sprite, and
          :I met my 1st social friends Tony Carter and Jack.
          :MOTHER       Page 17: 6/16/1963 SUN (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN:21CAN54 H(S 5/P 6/L10) 
          :PL: 9VIR43 H(S 7/P 7/L11) S166 NATAL   SU:09PIS42 H(S01/P01/L05)
          :NP:13SCO17 H(S 9/P 9/L 1) A 89 NATAL   VE:12AQU47 H(S12/P01/L04)
          :UR: 1VIR46 H(S 7/P 7/L11) A 91 TRANSIT ME: 1GEM 7 H(S 4/P 4/L 8)
          :ST:22AQU59 H(S12/P 1/L 5) 
          :JU:14ARI60 H(S 2/P 2/L 6) S174 NATAL   MO:14LIB35 H(S08/P08/L12)
          :MR: 6VIR34 H(S 7/P 7/L11) ==>  NATAL   SU:09PIS42 H(S01/P01/L05)
          :VE: 3GEM51 H(S 4/P 4/L 8) A 61 NATAL   NP:04LEO50 H(S06/P06/L10)
          :ME: 1GEM 7 H(S 4/P 4/L 8) 
          :SU:24GEM 9 H(S 4/P 5/L 9) A120 NATAL   UR:24AQU36 H(S12/P01/L05)
          :MO: 8ARI59 H(S 2/P 2/L 6) S120 NATAL   ST:08LEO57 H(S06/P07/L10)
          :MO: 8ARI59 H(S 2/P 2/L 6) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 14.39 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: +14/-24= -10: OBSTACLES
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T
          :H 1!-16-14 -4-14-16-22-16-10-10-10-10  0 -9 -9 -9-10-10-10-10-10
          :H 2! 10 10 16 16  0 -6  4  0  0  0 -8 -8 -8 -8 -8 -4 10  0  0  0
          :H 3!-12 -8 -8 -8-12-38-28 -7-16  0 10  7  8  2  0  0  0-16  0  0
          :H 4!-20  0 22 22 20 20  0  0  0  0 10 17  2 -3 23  6  4 12 -3-31
          :H 5! -6 -4 -4 -4 -6-11 -6  0  0  0  0  0  1  2 12 10  0  0 -1-11
          :H 6!  1  1  4  8  0  1  0  0  0  0 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -2  0  0  0  0
          :H 7!-20-12-12-32-28-28-20-10-10-10-12-12-18-18-12-20-19-36-28-44
          :H 8!-16 12 27  7  4 -9-14 -6 -8  0 10  7  5 -1  6 -2  2  6 -1-10
          :H 9!-20-20-20-20-20-26-20-20-20-20-20-20-20-19 -9-10-20-20-21-31
          :H10!  0  0  0  0  0 -5  8  5  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :H11!-12 -8 -8-16-14-14-10  0 -5 -5 -6 -6 -9 -9 -6-10-12-14-14-22
          :H12! -6  4 -4 -4 -6-12 -6  0  0  0  0 10  1  1  1  0  0  0  0  0
          :TOT!-29 -9  4-10-16-35-30-20-23-15-10 -3-14-20 -3-10-15-22-22-45
8/20/1963 :Tu-WaynesburgPA/WVU/John/Janet.Allen.Becky/Sprite/Tony\EUGEN.
          :This is the date on which my 1st and closest friend Eugen
          :Riplinger from Zewen, Germany (from Oct 1958) wrote me his last
          :letter, or I received it, or I wrote to him.
8/28/1963 :We-WaynesburgPA/WVU/John/Janet.Allen.Becky/Sprite/Tony.  MARTIN
          :LUTHER KING gave his "I have a Dream" speech at Lincoln Memorial
          :I am on my 4th semester at WVU.
11/15/1963:Fr-Sometime this month purchased our Waynesburg home:
          :295 Bonar Ave. Waynesburg, PA 15370 Tel:412-627-6587.
          :I am about to start my 4th semester at WVU, dating Janet,
          :driving my Sprite.
11/22/1963:Fr-WaynesburgPA/WVU/John/Janet.Allen.Becky/Sprite/Tony.  JOHN F.
          :KENNEDY was assassinated in Dallas at 12:30pm.
          :I had just woken up in Elsie Feather's bedroom, hearing the news
          :on the radio.  It dawned on me gradually what was being said.  I
          :called Mother in Waynesburg.  She was crying. . .
2/15/1964 :Sa-Sometime this month moved to our Waynesburg, PA home.
          :I began my 5th semester at WVU, dating Janet, driving my Sprite,
          :friends with John, Allen & Becky, and Tony. . .
          :........SATURN in Transition into Pisces until 9/17/1964.
          :..........It turns retro on 6/15/64, direct on 11/2/64.
          :SATURN enters PISCES permanently on 12/16/64, to 3/3/1967.
          :PISCES is my Solar 9th House of Higher Education, Values
          :.............Natal 3rd House of Experiences, Mental Activity
          :......Location (WVU) 4th/5th Houses of Home/Luck,Romance,Kids
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :Pisces, it is in Square to my 3 planets in Gemini: (Uranus,
          :Saturn, Venus), BUT Trine to my 3 planets in Cancer: Mercury,
          :Jupiter, Sun.  Obstacles (like acclimation) continue, as also
          :experiences, but also major and beneficial changes.
          :also heavenly help are indicated.
          :For me, this cycle indeed marks major changes:
          :1) Location 4th House: Having passed PA Medical Board exams, on
          :6/16/63, Father finally found a job in Waynesburg, PA that
          :qualified us as comfortable middle-class, after about 5 years in
          :USA.  On 11/15/63, we purchased one of the nicest properties in
          :Waynesburg.  We moved there on 2/15/64.  It became our American
          :address until 10/21/1981.
          :2) Solar 9th/Natal 3rd House: My education continued, still
          :precariously.  After Janet my escapades continued (3rd House); I
          :dated like an epidemic.  Diminishing returns began to set in by
          :about mid-1965.  Now I was waiting for a signal.  In Nov. 1965,
          :I was renting a room at a fraternity house.  A friend, Dominic
          :Potena wanted us to drive to Lock Haven State (in PA), that his
          :girlfriend would me fix me with someone.  She did, with Judith,
          :who became my 1st wife -- NOT under Saturn.
          :3) Location 5th House.  Romance bloomed and Judy and I married 
          :on 9/24/66; our daughter Belinda was born in Morgantown on
          :2/20/1967, 2 weeks before this cycle ended.      3/3/1967 Next!
          :We are in Waynesburg; I began my 5th semester at WVU, dating
          :Janet, driving my Sprite, friends with Allen & Becky, John, Tony
4/19/1964 :Su-Waynesburg Home/WVU/Janet.Allen.Becky/Sprite/Tony\HELMUT.
          :This is the date on which my closest friend and classmate Helmut
          :von Herzsommer from Trier, Germany (from Oct 1958) wrote me his
          :last letter, or I received it, or I wrote to him. . .
7/15/1964 :We-Waynesburg Home/WVU/Sprite/Tony/Marsolino.  For about a month
          :I worked as flag boy for Marsolino Construction Company.
8/4/1964  :Tu-Waynesburg Home/WVU/Sprite/Tony/Boat/Janet->SALLY\VIETNAM
          :An invented Gulf of Tonkin incidence by the USA, following the
          :real attack by the Vietnamese on a Navy ship two days earlier,
          :started the Vietnam War. On 11/9/95, Sec. McNamara met Vietnam
          :strategist Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap and asked him if anything really
          :happened on 8/4/64.  Gen. Giap said "absolutely nothing."
          :At about this time Father purchased a motor boat for us.  Tony
          :and I are spending time with the 3 daughters of the dentist
          :across the street from us, taking them for boat rides.  I am
          :flirting with BARBARA. . .
          :Things are shaky with Janet; I am seriously dating SALLY WYATT
          :(Pisces) from Bridgeport, WV, but things fizzled out by the end
          :of the summer (Tel: 304-842-4271).
          :I am about to start my 6th semester at WVU.
1/15/1965 :Fr-Waynesburg Home/WVU/Sprite/Boat/Sally->NANCI\VITAL ERA.
          :Things are precarious with Janet--ended by about the spring of
          :1965.  I moved out from my apt. at Richwood Ave. and began
          :dating NANCI WHITE, still with Allen and Becky, until the summer
          :when Allen graduated. . .  Start of a wonderful, tumultuous era:
          :1. Moved into Sigma Phi Epsilon (?) house. A profound
          :experience of this time is the realization of how nice it
          :is to have people around at all times, the camaraderie... Was
          :nice while it lasted, but essentially I am a one-to-one person!
          :Many dates during this time: SHANE, LINDA Batten...
          :2. Thru Tony, I met Sherry and Paulette from Lexington, KY.
          :Met Sherry (one of the best), the nurse, later Barbara, the
          :nurse, and her roommate, the nurse.  For a month made love to
          :both of them together...
          :On the 1st day of registration went to Women's dorm to meet
          :someone new and met SUE Campbell from Bethel Park, PA.  It was a
          :nice but short affair...
2/24/1965 :We-MICHELE Hughes born in La Jolla - her parents my tenants.
          :(I was on my 7th semester at WVU, living at Sigma Phi Epsilon.)
          :Crossed paths with from 4/1/1982 to July 13, 1985.
          :JUPITER enters GEMINI, again on 11/17/65.
          :My Solar 12th House (from 0 Cancer) of Limitations
          :My Natal  6th House of Responsibilities, Plans, Schedules
          :After 3 years at WVU, I want to get back on the right track.
4/24/1965 :Sa-Waynesburg Home/WVU/Sprite/Boat/Nanci/SigmaPhi.Eps\INGE.
          :This is the date on which my girlfriend Inge Ebner--now Inge
          :K”hler--from Trier, Germany (from 1961) wrote me her last
          :letter, or I received it, or I wrote to her.  She had the finest
          :legs . . .ADDRESS: Trierer Str. 79, Ehrang, Trier.
7/15/1965 :Th-Waynesburg Home/WVU/Sprite/Boat/Nanci->SANKA->LINDA/Dominic.
          :A date with Nanci's sister SANKA ended the relationship with
          :Nanci.  I started dating Sanka, also in Lewisburg, WV.
          :Dominic Potena is the only friend I have at this time.
          :A Saturday morning saw LINDA Ebersburger and her friend CYNTHIA
          :(from Latrobe, PA) making a turn at the parking lot.  Stopped
          :them, asked for a date on the spot, found a date for Cynthia,
          :and off to a relationship with Linda, on and off for a year...
9/15/1965 :We-Waynesburg Home/WVU/Sprite/Boat/JONES.Ave/Dominic.
          :I left the fraternity at the end of the summer and moved to
          :Jones Ave. basement apt.
          :DOMINIC Potena is the only friend I have at this time.
          :I met him (GEM)--whom I called "Italiano" and "Bandido"-- at the
          :fraternity.  Later he became the catalyst through whom I met my
          :two wives: Judy and Gayle...
          :His address:   1118 Wood St. Bristol,PA 19007 Tel:215-788-5960.
          :Address in 1976: 17 Lincoln Ave. Bristol,PA 19007 215-785-9687.
          :JUPITER enters CANCER, again on 5/6/66.
          :My Solar  1st House (from 0 Cancer) of Expansion.
          :   Natal  7th (Equal & Placidus) of Marriage, Partnerships.
          :Location  9/10th of Higher Ed./Direction, Achievement at WVU
          :Waynesburg Home/WVU/Sprite/Boat/JONES.Ave/Dominic.
10/29/1965:Fr-Waynesburg Home/WVU/Sprite/Boat/JONES.Ave/Dominic\JUDY.
          :On a weekend at about this time, Dominic asked me for a double
          :date at Lock Haven State, mine a blind date, Judy.
          :Now on my 9th semester at WVU, this gorgeous girl became my wife
          :ten months later.
          :Judy Wychulis (20, Leo) with Scorpio rising (and, as with Gayle,
          :my 2nd wife, sharing 3 planets in my 8th house, and vice versa)
          :looks like a twin-sister of Bo Derek (who is a Scorpio).
          :Her Home: 419 Hemlock St. Altoona, Pa 16602.
          :JUPITER enters GEMINI again, to 5/5/66.
          :My Solar 12th House (from 0 Cancer) of Limitations
          :My Natal  6th House of Responsibilities, Plans, Schedules
          :Location  9th of Higher Ed./Direction, Achievement at WVU
          :Parents in Waynesburg, I am at WVU, at Jones Ave.  Met Judy...
1/10/1966 :Su-Waynesburg/WVU/Sprite/Boat/JONES.Ave/Dominic/Judy\INGRID.
          :This is the date on which I wrote or received a last letter
          :to/from Ingrid Zimmer--now Sch”nhofen--my 2nd friend (love too)
          :from Zewen, Germany (from Oct 1958).
          :ADDRESS: Karl Marx Str. 94, Trier.
          :I began my 9th semester at WVU, living at Jones Ave, dating Judy
2/15/1966 :Tu-1st letter from Judy.  I met her late in 1965 and Dominic,
          :Sam, and another friend often drove Father's Chrysler Windsor to
          :Lock Haven.  Today I received the 1st letter from Judy.
          :After meeting Judy, I quit diddling around with Engineering and
          :enrolled in Mathematics.
          :JUPITER at 21Gem15 is CONJUNCT my Natal VENUS in 6th House.  On
          :5/6/1966, it enters my 7th house of MARRIAGE: on 9/24/1966.
          :JUPITER enters CANCER again, it will again on 1/16/67.
          :My Solar  1st House (from 0 Cancer) of Expansion.
          :   Natal  7th (Equal & Placidus) of Marriage, Partnerships.
          :Location 10th of Direction, Achievement at WVU
          :Late in 1965, I met Judy.  We got married on 9/24/1966.
7/5/1966  :Mo-Waynesburg/WVU/Sprite/Boat/JONES.Ave/Judy/Math/HRRI.
          :I started to work as a programmer/coder for Human Resources
          :Research Institute: my first real job--discounting Marsolino
          :Construction Co. in the summer of 1964.
          :Some after the summer Femsi and Gary got Father's boat.
8/6/1966  :Sa-Sister Femsi married Garry Mazza in Niagara Falls, NY.
          :Addr:4627 Patricia Dr. Niagara Falls, NY 14305 716-285-8948.
          :Addr-1976:2105 Juron Dr.Niagara Falls,NY 14304 Same Tel.
          :šlker, our family friend from Samsun days came from Turkey.
          :My Sprite quit when G�lhis and I were on our way to Femsi's
          :wedding.  We left it at a service place, borrowed a car from
          :a Turkish family, and continued. . .
          :I began my 10th semester at WVU, in math., working for HRRI.
9/24/1966 :Sa-Judy and I got married at a church in Oakland, Maryland.
          :We raced back for football. About a dozen friends came with us.
          :FRAN, Steve's girlfriend, who had the aura of Natalie Wood,
          :later enticed me to a one-night affair.
          :I am on my 10th semester at WVU, Carol PIKE, a friend in my math
          :class and the best programmer there was--next to Addison Fisher
          :chief systems programmer at the Computer Center--helped me out
          :with my programming classes.
          :JUPITER enters LEO.
          :My Solar  2nd House (from 0 Cancer) of Money, etc.
          :My Natal  8th House of Sex, Forced Changes, etc.
          :Location 11th of Hopes & Wishes, Dreams Realized. . .
          :Judy and I were married 3 days ago; I am in math at WVU.
1/15/1967 :Su-Waynesburg/WVU/Judy/Clinton Ave/Math/HRRI.  Judy and I moved
          :from Jones Ave. to 604 1/2 Clinton Ave.  We are awaiting the
          :birth of our baby...  I began my 11th semester at WVU.
          :JUPITER enters CANCER, to 5/23/67.
          :My Solar 1st House (from 0 Cancer) of Expansion.
          :My Natal 7th (Equal & Placidus) of Marriage, Partnerships...
          :Location 10th of Direction, Achievement at WVU
          :NOTE:Jupiter entered Cancer 3 times from 11/17/65 to 1/17/67.
          :Judy and I married on 9/24/66, Belinda born 2/20/67.
          :I am doing well in Math (degree) especially under Dr. Randolph,
          :my 11th semester at WVU. . .
2/20/1967 :Mo-Daughter Belinda Femsi Celayir born at WVU Hospital 5:30am.
          :My friend Tony Carter waited with me . . .
          :I am on my 11th semester at WVU, in Math.
          :SATURN enters ARIES permanently on 3/3/67, to 4/29/1969.
          :ARIES is my Solar 10th House of Direction, Achievement
          :............Natal  4th House of Domestic Adjustment
          :...Location (WVU) 5th/6th Houses of Romance,Kids/Responsibility
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :ARIES, it is in Square to my 3 planets in Cancer: Mercury,
          :Jupiter, and Sun, BUT Sextile to my 3 planets in Gemini: Uranus,
          :Saturn, Venus, AND Trine to my 3 planets in Leo: Pluto,Moon/Mars
          :conjunction.  This should be a substantive cycle for me with
          :some challenges, in view of the very important 10th House.
          :For me, this cycle was one of the most significant.
          :1) Location 5th/6th Houses: Judy & I began with a fine marriage
          :and Belinda added a lot to our romance.  This part belonged to
          :the realm of the 5th House.  Marriage and a child also fueled a
          :sense of responsibility in me.  I became studious, began to work
          :as a coder/programmer in the summer of 1966, and eliminated my
          :wild escapades.  I became domesticated, so to speak (4th House.)
          :2) Solar 10th: During this Saturn cycle I earned 3 degrees:
          :A.B. in Math by June 1967, B.S. in Engineering by the summer of
          :1968, M.S. in Petroleum Engineering by the summer of 1969, when
          :this cycle ended.  I was also a good programmer by then.
          :3) Also 10th.  In line with Saturn in Aries Square my 3 planets
          :and Sun in Cancer, there were also serious challenges which
          :paved the way to bigger things.  The draft board declared me
          :delinquent and wanted to draft me to Vietnam.  I fought it by
          :legal means and in the process became an American citizen on
          :3/7/1969 and got out of Vietnam by the summer of 1969.  These
          :events concur with Saturn very well.            4/29/1969 Next!
          :Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Tony/Math/HRRI.
          :JUPITER enters LEO.
          :My Solar  2nd House (from 0 Cancer) of Money, etc.
          :My Natal  8th House of Sex, Forced Changes, etc.
          :Location 11th of Hopes & Wishes, Dreams Realized at WVU.
          :Belinda was born on 2/20/67; I am completing my BA in Math, WVU.
8/12/1967 :Sa-Received BA in Mathematics, then enrolled in Petroleum Engr.
          :Waynesburg/WVU/Judy/Clinton Ave/Belinda/Tony/HRRI/Petr.Engr.
          :Got a 2nd assistantship with the School of Mines, dropped HRRI.
          :Sometime this summer Tony brought my former girlfriend NANCI to
          :spend the night with us.  This was the end of our friendship,
          :though I saw him again in Fairmont a few years later.
          :JUPITER enters VIRGO, again on 6/15/1968.
          :My Solar  3rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Mental Evolution
          :My Natal  9th House of Distant affairs, higher education.
          :Location 11/12th of Hopes & Wishes/Limitations at WVU
          :I am on my Master's in Petroleum Engr. at WVU, doing well
1/7/1968  :Su-Niece Debra Mazza born in Niagara Falls, NY at 5:15.
          :Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Petr.Engr.
1/16/1968 :Tu-Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Petr.Engr.  Trip to
          :Haliburton in Duncan,OK: to 1/19.
          :I drove a white wagon by WVU with some class mates.
          :Decided I do not want to work as a Petroleum Engineer in the
          :boons. This experience became a catalyst later to enroll in
          :Economics...  I am on my 13th semester at WVU.
          :JUPITER enters LEO.
          :My Solar  2nd House (from 0 Cancer) of Money, etc.
          :My Natal  8th House of Sex, Forced Changes, etc.
          :Location 11th of Hopes & Wishes, Dreams Realized at WVU.
          :I am on my Master's in Petroleum Engr. at WVU, doing well
4/4/1968  :Th-Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Petr.Engr.
          :Dr. Martin Luther KING shot in Memphis at 6:01pm.
6/1/1968  :Sa-Mother and G�lhis arrived in Turkey, 1st time in 10 years.
          :They left on 5/26 and spent a few days in Europe...
          :I am becoming promiscuous and disloyal to Judy. Jupiter in
          :Leo contributing (?) to excessive weight to Judy (Leo), she
          :is behaving ponderously and is lazy.
6/5/1968  :We-Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Petr.Engr.  ROBERT
          :KENNEDY shot at about 5pm; died at 1:44am on 6/6.
          :I am completing my 13th semester at WVU.
          :JUPITER enters VIRGO, 3/30/69.
          :My Solar  3rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Mental Evolution
          :My Natal  9th House of Distant affairs, higher education.
          :Location 11/12th of Hopes & Wishes/Limitations at WVU
          :I am completing my MS in Petroleum Engr. at WVU, doing well.
7/15/1968 :Mo-Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Petr.Engr./VW/Bridge.
          :I am 26.
          :Sometime around this time, Judy and I purchased our VW
          :station wagon.
          :In June and Oct. 1968, and Feb 1969, SATURN in ARIES in 4th
          :House is SQUARE my SUN. I met JANET Hall, Diana, JoeAnn,
          :and Cynthia the Greek...  I am unhappy; marriage is now a
          :handicap. I am playing bridge at the lair, cheating on Judy. . .
          :........URANUS in Transition into Libra until 5/20/1969.
          :.........It turns retro on 1/9/69, direct on 6/7/69.
          :URANUS enters LIBRA permanently on 6/24/69, until 11/21/74.
          :LIBRA is my Solar  4th House (from 0 Cancer) of Domestic Adj.
          :............Natal 10th House of Direction, Career, Mark...
          :...Location (WVU) 12th/1st the Past versus the New, Expansion...
          :For me, this Uranian Transit implies foremost a promiscuous
          :path leading to my 1st marriage to Judith Wychulis from Altoona,
          :PA on 9/24/1966. (She got pregnant, thus forced the situation,
          :a very Uranian event in the 4th Solar House of Domestic Adj.)
          :The marriage itself was probably prompted by an aspect by   
          :Uranus, or by Saturn, NOT due to the sign change by Uranus.
          :However, the marriage put me on the right track from which I had
          :deviated.  So by the time Uranus entered Libra, I had completed
          :a Bachelor's and a Master's.  I continued because I did like the
          :job prospects.  When Uranus entered Libra permanently, I had my
          :2nd Bachelor's, and in the fall of 1969, I enrolled in Ph.D. in
          :Economics.  These moves fit with the Natal 10th House of Career
          :and Direction moves, and perhaps also a shift from the Past to
          :a new path by 12 to 1st of Location Houses.    11/21/1974 next!
          :Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Petr.Engr./VW/Bridge
          :I am on my 14th semester at WVU.
10/15/1968:Tu-Received my Selective Service Registration card.  Start of
          :of major problems; may go to Vietnam.
          :Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Petr.Engr./VW/Vietnam
          :I am on my 14th semester at WVU.
          :JUPITER enters LIBRA, to 3/30/69, again on 7/15/59.
          :My Solar  4rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Domestic Adj.
          :My Natal 10th House of Direction, Ambition, Achievement
          :Location 12/1st of Restrictions/Freedom at WVU.
          :I am working on my BS (after MS) in Engr.; socially active. . .
1/9/1969  :Uranus turns retro in Libra; in Virgo on 5/20/69; direct 6/7/69.
          :Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Petr.Engr./VW/Vietnam
          :I am about to begin my 15th semester at WVU.
2/19/1969 :We-Became member of Pi Epsilon Tau, Petr. Engr. Honorary.
          :Friends: Rudolph Araktingi, Mihir Sinha, Kenneth Hobbs.
          :I am on my 15th semester at WVU. . .
3/7/1969  :Fr-Became US Citizen!
          :Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Petr.Engr./VW/Vietnam.
          :Since 10/15/68, the draft board declared me "Delinquent" and
          :is after me for the Vietnam War. After months of appeals, exams
          :by the Army, a law firm in Pittsburgh got me out.
          :Today I received my Naturalization Document, on my 15th semester
          :at WVU.
          :About this time, Judy totaled our VW; I purchased a 300cc HONDA
          :motorcycle, also driving Father's old Cadillac convertible.
          :JUPITER enters VIRGO, to 7/15/69.
          :My Solar  3rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Mental Evolution
          :My Natal  9th House of Distant affairs, higher education.
          :Location 11/12th of Hopes & Wishes/Limitations at WVU
          :I am working on my BS (after MS) in Engr.; socially active. . .
          :Induced by draft to Vietnam, I became a US citizen on 3/7/69.
          :SATURN enters TAURUS permanently on 4/29/69, to 6/18/1971.
          :TAURUS is my Solar 11th House of Hopes & Wishes, Friends
          :.............Natal  5th House of Romantic Adventures
          :...Location (WVU) 6th/7th Houses of Responsibility/Marriage
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :TAURUS, it is in Square to my 3 planets in Leo: Pluto, Moon/Mars
          :Conjunction, BUT Sextile to my 3 planets in Cancer: Mercury,
          :Jupiter, Sun.  This should be a cycle of conflicts and progress.
          :For me, this cycle was flighty.
          :1) Location 6th/7th Houses: My marriage to Judy began to
          :deteriorate, in part because I began to sense that like other
          :people I had made a life-long commitment before I was aware of
          :identity.  I resolved to end my marriage as soon as Judy got her
          :degree and could support herself which was still 2 more years.
          :So I behaved irresponsibly (6th House) and began dating all
          :sorts of women, jeopardizing my marriage further.
          :Meanwhile Job interviews led to locations and positions that did
          :not appeal to me.  So by the summer of 1969, I enrolled in Ph.D.
          :in economics, perhaps as much to avoid work, for I sensed that
          :America was too structured, that I would not like the arena...
          :2) Natal 5th House of Romance.  Then on 2/20/1970, I met Gayle;
          :on 1/15/71, I moved out of the apartment Judy and I shared; on
          :3/15/71, I moved in with Gayle; on 6/15/71 Gayle had an
          :abortion; on 7/14/71 Judy & I divorced; on 8/5/71 Gayle and I
          :married.  Talk about a mess...
          :3) Solar 11th: The conditions and responsibilities at home
          :drove me to other outlets.  I started to play bridge and to
          :spend time at the student union.  I made lots of friends, also
          :met lots of women.  I began an affair with a gorgeous married
          :black woman.  I circulated a lot with black friends in those
          :days and liked them and their ways a lot.  As in 1965, all this
          :activity was a symptom of my lack of purpose and I had reached
          :diminishing returns by the time I met Gayle.    6/18/1971 Next!
          :Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Petr.Engr./Honda/Vietnam
          :I am on my 15th semester at WVU. . .
5/18/1969 :Su-Received MS in Petroleum Engineering, with friends Rudolph
          :Araktingi (Lebanese) and Mihir Sinha (from India).
          :I am completing my 15th semester at WVU. . .
5/20/1969 :Tu-Waynesburg/WVU/Clinton Ave/Judy.Belinda/Econ?/Honda/Vietnam
          :Uranus retro to Virgo; direct on 6/7/69; in Libra on 6/24/69.
          :I am on my 15th semester at WVU. . .
6/15/1969 :Su-Enrolled in Economics for Ph.D. Met REINER Jaenke from
          :Alamogordo, NM and became close friends . . .
          :About this time, Judy and I moved to a trailer park.
6/24/1969 :Sa-Waynesburg/WVU/Trailer/Judy.Belinda/Econ/Honda/Reiner/Vietnam
          :Uranus' final entry to Libra.
          :I quit my assistantship at the School of Mines--since 1967--
          :and began working for the Regional Econ. Institute this summer.
          :JUPITER enters LIBRA, to 3/30/69.
          :My Solar  4rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Domestic Adj.
          :My Natal 10th House of Direction, Ambition, Achievement
          :Location 12/1st of Restrictions/Freedom at WVU.
          :I am 27, finished my 3rd degree, working, and in Ph.D. in Econ.
7/20/1969 :Su-Waynesburg/WVU/Trailer/Judy.Belinda/Econ/Honda/Vietnam/Reiner.
          :NEIL ARMSTRONG, et al. set foot on the MOON.
7/24/1969 :Th-Waynesburg/WVU/Trailer/Judy.Belinda/Econ/Honda/Reiner/KEN
          :Received my Selective Service 3-A classification. VIETNAM
          :looked very certain, but a legal firm got me out: 1) Married
          :with child, 2) graduate student...
          :About this time I sold my Honda to a Ken Shellhammer--he and
          :his wife Nanci nd son Rolf became life friends--and purchased
          :a Chev. Camaro to celebrate the draft outcome.
          :JUPITER enters SCORPIO, to 4/30/70.
          :My Solar  5rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Romance, Adultery
          :My Natal 11th House of Hopes & Wishes, Friends
          :Location  1/2nd of Freedom/Income at WVU.
          :I am 27, finished my 3rd degree, working, and in Ph.D. in Econ.
12/20/1969:Sa-Received belated BS in Petroleum Engr. Dr. Abdul Kotb, my
          :Egyptian advisor and professor objected, but I got it anyway.
1/4/1970  :ÛÛNEPTUNEÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛ Transition ÛÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛSAGÛ
          :...NEPTUNE enters SAGITTARIUS, transition until 11/6/1970.
          :.........It turns retro on 3/3/70; direct on 8/10/70.
          :Possible Influence.  In Feb. 1970, my friend Dominic, whose
          :girlfriend had fixed me with my 1st wife, now introduced me at
          :the Mountainlair to a girl he had met during registration:
          :GAYLE, a Pisces (ruled by Neptune) who later became my 2nd wife.
          :Gayle was outwardly a vivacious, in retrospect a hustler type of
          :Pisces.  Our first experience began with a deception by her.
          :Nevertheless, we were like soul mates when we married on 8/5/71.
          :I had already decided to get a divorce from Judy, my 1st wife,
          :who was of better caliber.  After the initial infatuation wore
          :off, I really did not want to get married to Gayle, but odd
          :(nebulous) circumstances forced it.  After our divorce on
          :10/14/73, Gayle remained one of the most important evolutionary
          :catalysts in my life, still after her second divorce in 1986.  I
          :discarded her from my life on Valentine's Day in 1996, after a
          :petty deception.  Aside from introducing me to ASTROLOGY, I
          :realized through Gayle that the conventional lifestyle in
          :America had no appeal for me. I might say that I became Bohemian
          :and Universal through Gayle, or it was in the cards all along
          :and Gayle was my last experiment with the traditional path.
          :                      11/6/1970 next!
2/20/1970 :Fr-Waynesburg/WVU/Trailer/Judy.Belinda/Econ/Camaro/GAYLE
          :Dominic Potena who had introduced me to Judy, my 1st wife,
          :introduced me GAYLE Parker (later, my 2nd wife) at the new 
          :Mountainlair on registration day . . .
4/1/1970  :We-Waynesburg/WVU/Trailer/Judy.Belinda/Econ/Camaro/Kadir/Gayle
          :Met Gayle again at the Lair.  Gayle, Kadir, and I decided
          :to drive to Ft. Lauderdale.  Gayle, a Pisces with Scorpio
          :rising, is like a twin-sister of Ali McGraw. Vivacious and
          :Bohemian, she is a contrast to Judy, who is "fixed" and
          :ponderous... Did not see Gayle, again for several months...
          :Addr:Earl,Helen,Gayle Parker 10 Outlook Rd.Fairmont,WV 26554
          :JUPITER enters LIBRA, to 8/15/70.
          :My Solar  4rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Domestic Adj.
          :My Natal 10th House of Direction, Ambition, Achievement
          :Location 12/1st of Restrictions/Freedom at WVU.
          :I am 27, working, and in Ph.D. in Econ.  And I met Gayle.
6/15/1970 :Mo-Waynesburg/Trailer/Judy.Belinda/Econ/Camaro/Reiner/NewMexico
          :About this time, Reiner invited me to NM, the 1st time I saw the
          :West.  Tried hunting.  The 1st rabbit I shot became the last.
          :Things are precarious with Judy. . .
7/15/1970 :We-Waynesburg/Trailer/Judy.Belinda/Econ/Camaro/Braxton/Sherry
          :I am 28.  Friends with JIM Braxton (later FB with Buffalo Bills)
          :Bob Lisi, JANET Hall, Diana, JoeAnn, Cynthia the Greek. . .
          :I completed my 17th semester at WVU, age 28.
          :Began an impetuous affair with SHERRY, a deliberate & 
          :attractive Afro-American, mostly at my friend REINER Jaenke's
          :apartment... Many affairs before and after.
          :JUPITER enters SCORPIO to 1/15/71, again on 6/5/71.
          :My Solar  5rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Romance, Adultery
          :My Natal 11th House of Hopes & Wishes, Friends
          :Location  1/2nd of Freedom/Income at WVU.
          :I am 27, finished my 3rd degree, working, and in Ph.D. in Econ.
          :......NEPTUNE enters SAGITTARIUS, permanent to 1/18/1984.
          :Sagittarius is my Solar  6th House of Projects, Health, Detail
          :..................Natal 12th Equal House of Karma, Limitations
          :See the note on Neptune on 1/4/1970.            1/18/1984 next!
          :Charles de Gaulle of France died.
          :I am on my 18th semester at WVU.  About this time, I began
          :to work for Dr. Myrnick, programming Input/Output.
1/15/1971 :Fr-Waynesburg/WVU/Camaro/Econ/Myrnick/Reiner/ArnoldHall:Kadir.
          :JUPITER enters SAGITTARIUS, to 6/5/71, again on 9/11/71.
          :My Solar  6th House (from 0 Cancer) of Responsibilities. . .
          :My Natal 12th House of Restrictions, Enemies. . .
          :Location  2/3rd of Money/Mental Evolution at WVU
          :I am 27, finished my 3rd degree, working, and in Ph.D. in Econ.
          :Judy completed her degree, and as promised to myself and her, I
          :separated from her, moved in with Kadir in Arnold Hall.
          :Sometime around this time I saw Gayle at the Lair, in a
          :contemplative mood.  This time our paths have crossed.  The
          :same night we checked in to Morgantown Motel, but too much on
          :my mind vis-a-vis Judy and Belinda.  What do I do with them?
          :I could not perform until the morning hours... Planned a
          :trip to Canada next week.
2/5/1971  :Fr-Waynesburg/WVU/Camaro/Econ/Myrnick/ArnoldHall:Kadir
          :Nephew Glen Mazza born in Niagara Falls, NY at 14:15
          :I am on my 19th semester at WVU.
2/20/1971 :Sa-"Honeymoon" trip with Gayle to Canada, driving my 
          :Camero. First night a romantic treat at Sheraton in Niagara
          :Falls, then to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.  Both of us
          :fell in love with Canada and Canadians.  But now the reality!
          :I am on my 19th semester at WVU.
3/15/1971 :Fr-Waynesburg/WVU/Camaro/Econ/Myrnick/Judy->Gayle
          :Sneaked out from Arnold Hall Studio I had shared with Kadir
          :and moved in with Gayle in her Apt. at Wilson Ave... This marks
          :the start of a most potent sexual period of several months...
          :JUPITER enters SCORPIO to 9/11/71.
          :My Solar  5rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Romance, Adultery
          :My Natal 11th House of Hopes & Wishes, Friends
          :Location  1/2nd of Freedom/Income at WVU.
          :I am 28, married to Judy, living with Gayle, dead-ended at WVU.
6/15/1971 :Tu-Waynesburg/WVU/Camaro/Econ/Myrnick/Reiner/Judy->Gayle
          :Gayle's 1st abortion in Bronx. She bled while I was out!
          :Poor girl, what a nightmare...
          :.......SATURN in Transition into Gemini until 1/10/1972
          :..........It turns retro on 9/19/71, direct on 2/1/72.
          :SATURN enters GEMINI permanently on 2/21/72, to 8/2/1973.
          :GEMINI is my Solar 12th House of the Past,Confinement,Karma
          :.............Natal  6th House of Responsibilities,Projects
          :Location (DC) 8th/9th Houses of Changes, Evolution/ForeignLand
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :GEMINI, it is in Conjunct to my 3 planets in Gemini: Uranus,
          :Saturn, Venus.  Saturn conjunctions, especially to the Sun,Moon,
          :Venus, and possibly Mars (frustration), may be some of the
          :toughest times in life, for the affairs Saturn touches by House
          :are rearranged and restructured.  Things may be better after the
          :fact, but not while events are unfolding.
          :For me, this cycle was testing.  It began 3 days after Gayle had
          :her abortion in Bronx on 6/15/71, less than a month before my
          :1st divorce on 7/14/1971.  Gayle & I got married on 8/5/1971,
          :primarily because of the abortion: I felt I owed it to her...
          :1) Natal 6th House Responsibilities/Job. Aside from neglecting
          :Judy and Belinda, by the summer of 1971, I was tired of school.
          :I had also neglected my economics classes and my assistantship.
          :So rather than spending more time at WVU (after 9 years), I was
          :thinking of terminating the Ph.D. with a Master's and move on.   
          :I had already finished the course work, to my amazement passing
          :all of them.  I saw an ad for a teaching position at Salem
          :College in WV and applied for it when Saturn entered Gemini.  I 
          :passed also the interview and by the fall of 1969, Gayle and I
          :moved to Fairmont, WV, near Gayle's family.  My job was 47 miles
          :(one-way), but Gayle could complete her Master's in English in
          :Fairmont.  So I began my first job (6th House).
          :2) Location 8th House of Sex/Forced Evolution.  Soon after we
          :moved to Fairmont, Gayle's hustler personality and Jewish 
          :upbringing and my intellectual, adventurous, and dreamer
          :qualities began to clash.  I was unhappy and felt cheated, for
          :Gayle also spoke of a relationship in high school in Scranton
          :from 5 years ago.  She was being disloyal to me metaphysically.
          :By irony, it was she who pointed out to me the name of one of
          :my students at Salem: Barbara Sejnoski from Princeton, NJ, an
          :attractive mischievous blond.  They had competed for Gayle's
          :boyfriend Larry, a motorcycle guy, before me.  I began an all-
          :out affair with Barbara in Salem, while I had an all-out affair
          :with Gayle in Fairmont.  The affair continued until I had a
          :near fatal crash on the way to Salem on 2/22/1972, totaling
          :my uninsured Camero.  Although I had extended my contract for
          :another year, I broke it by the end of the school year in 1972.
          :3) Natal 6th House of Jobs, Solar 12th of Karma. Gayle & I moved
          :to Washington, DC. We were too innocent for the arena there. Our
          :jobs was 90 minutes one-way which took the romance out of the
          :week.  My job required writing proposals for Government
          :contracts.  I could not imagine anything worse for a person born
          :in a foreign country.  Often I spent evenings and weekends at
          :work.  It was almost as if karma was at work, paying us back for
          :what we had done to Judy (Solar 12th house).
          :4) Location 9th for Foreign Lands: By the summer of 1973, Gayle
          :and I knew that we would not succeed. I decided to have one last
          :honeymoon before our divorce.  On 7/13/73, 2 days before my 31st
          :birthday, the contract under which I was supported ran out and I
          :was released. On 7/17/73, Gayle/I left for Istanbul (9th House)
          :15 years after we came to USA, 13 years since my last visit.
          :We returned on 8/8/1973, 6 days after this Saturn Cycle ended.
          :5) Timing.  Of course, the dates and timing of some of these
          :events may have decided by the cycles of other planets, but they
          :happened under the Saturn umbrella, which happened under the
          :cycles by Uranus and ultimately Pluto.           8/2/1973 Next!
7/14/1971 :We-Divorce from Judy final today.  We were married on
          :9/24/66.  I am 29 tomorrow.
8/5/1971  :Th-Married Gayle at the same church (in Oakland, MD) as I had
          :with Judy in 1966. Her aunt, Irene Cavrich, and a girl friend
          :were the only witnesses.
          :Gayle's mischievous cousin Patty and friend Bibi are flirting
          :with me, I think out of envy for us and the "together" aura we
          :About to leave WVU after 19 semesters and many summer sessions.
8/14/1971 :Sa-Gayle and I settled down in Fairmont, WV.
8/19/1971 :Th-Waynesburg/Fairmont.Salem/Gayle.Judy/Camaro/Naim.
          :Began my 1st full-time job at Salem College for $9,500/9mo.
          :Meanwhile, something Neptunal is happening to Gayle.  She seems
          :to withdraw to a world of her own, I am locked out.
          :Her mother and six aunts (the Cinderella Sisters) are organizing
          :our daily life.  At the same time, Gayle's father is acting as
          :if he is jealous of the fact that I have Gayle...
          :Something wrong here.  I did not leave Judy for this... This
          :seems a problematic family, who want to involve themselves in
          :our life in order to have substance in their lives...
          :I feel cheated, and guilty about Judy and Belinda...
          :Forming friendship with my Palestinian student NAIM.
9/11/1971 :Sa-Waynesburg/Fairmont.Salem/Gayle.Judy/Camaro/Naim.
          :JUPITER enters SAGITTARIUS, to 2/6/72, again on 7/24/72.
          :My Solar  6th House (from 0 Cancer) of Responsibilities. . .
          :My Natal 12th House of Restrictions, Enemies. . .
          :Location  2/3rd of Money/Mental Evolution at WVU
          :I am 29, departed with an MA in Econ from WVU, working at Salem
10/4/1971 :Mo-Waynesburg/Fairmont.Salem/Gayle.Barbara.Judy/Camaro/Naim.
          :At about this time, while correcting exam papers, Gayle noticed
          :the name of one of my students: BARBARA Sejnoski.  Apparently
          :she and Barbara once fought for the attention of Gayle's
          :former boyfriend.
          :Indeed, Barbara is an attractive Gemini.  This marked the
          :beginning of a potent affair over the next three months, one
          :that lasted on and off (mostly off) for several years...
          :Her Addr:194 Terhune Rd. Princeton, NJ 08540 609-921-8196.
10/5/1971 :ÛPLUTO Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛ Transition ÛÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛLIBÛ
          :........PLUTO enters LIBRA, transition until 4/17/72.
          :.........It turns retro on 1/5/72; direct on 6/4/72.
          :Note that during this transition period, I taught at Salem 
          :College, but continued to take classes at WVU.  Finally, I 
          :I decided to quit my Ph.D. with Master's.  In the summer of
          :1972, I also quit Salem College, though I had extended my
          :contract, and with my 2nd wife Gayle moved to Washington, DC
          :to start my career, an amazing congruity.  See 7/30/1972 next!
1/22/1972 :Sa-Waynesburg/Fairmont.Salem/Gayle.Barbara.Judy/Camaro/Naim.
          :The Supreme Court legalized abortion re: ROE v WADE case..
2/6/1972  :Su-Waynesburg/Fairmont.Salem/Gayle.Barbara.Judy/Camaro/Naim.
          :JUPITER enters CAPRICORN to 7/24/72.
          :My Solar  7th House (from 0 Cancer) of Marriage
          :My Natal  1st House of Expansion
          :Location  3/4th of Experiences/Domestic Adjustment
          :I am 29, married to Gayle, having an affair with Barbara, Salem
2/22/1972 :Tu-Car accident: Camero totaled. Tony stopped by, the last time.
          :I purchased a Honda 450 motorcycle and moved to Salem for a
          :month or two, continuing the affair with Barbara.
6/6/1972  :Tu-Last day at Salem College.  Waynesburg/Fairmont/Gayle/Honda
          :I broke my contract extension at Salem.
          :This is a miserable time for my marriage with Gayle. We want to
          :move to DC area, perhaps also to rescue our marriage.
          :Things have cooled down with Barbara...
6/14/1972 :We-Waynesburg/Fairmont/Gayle.Judy/Honda.450->Fiat.128
          :Exchanged my Honda 450 motorcycle for a navy blue Fiat 128.
          :I am also seeing Barbara at Salem and Judy in Morgantown. . .
7/24/1972 :Mo-Waynesburg/Fairmont/Gayle.Judy/Honda.450->Fiat.128
          :JUPITER enters SAGITTARIUS, to 9/25/72.
          :My Solar  6th House (from 0 Cancer) of Responsibilities. . .
          :My Natal 12th House of Restrictions, Enemies. . .
          :Location  2/3rd of Money/Mental Evolution at Salem/DC.
          :I am 30, married to Gayle, moving from Fairmont & Salem to DC.
          :.......PLUTO enters LIBRA, permanent until 11/5/1983.
          :Libra is my Solar  4th House of Domestic Adj., Move, etc.
          :............Natal 10th House of Career, Fame, Govt.
          :For me, this Pluto cycle maps EXACTLY my career and relocation:
          :Fairmont, WV to Washington (3 addresses there) until 1/14/1976,
          :to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia until 10/6/1980, to San Francisco and
          :Stanford Research Institute in June 1981, to La Jolla and then
          :Marina del Ray, CA to teach at various colleges including UCLA,
          :back to La Jolla to teach at more schools.  I sold my home and
          :left California on 7/15/1985 (had to wait for the sale) to start
          :my astrology business/software/research, writing books, etc. on
          :the East Coast, ending my "structured" career. See 11/5/83 next!
8/12/1972 :Su-Received MA in Economics - with the help of Dr. Mann.
          :Waynesburg/Gayle.Judy/Fiat.128.  Quit Fairmont for Waynesburg,
          :before Gayle and I moved to DC.
8/21/1972 :Mo-Gayle and I moved in Arlington Towers in Arlington, VA.
          :Planets        Locat.Cusps  House   Placidus Cusps  House
          :SU:22Can31      1: 4Lib43    10       1: 2Lib20      10 
          :MO:16Leo37      2: 4Sco43    11       2: 1Sco25      11
          :ME: 4Can12      3: 4Sag43     9       3: 2Sag03       9
          :VE:20Gem57      4: 4Cap43     9       4: 5Cap22       9
          :MR:19Leo33      5: 4Aqu43    11       5: 8Aqu31      11
          :JU: 8Can00      6: 4Pis43    10       6: 8Pis44      10
          :ST: 8Gem21      7: 4Ari43     9       7: 4Ari43       9     
          :UR: 3Gem18      8: 4Tau43     8       8: 1Tau25       9 <-
          :NP:27Vir28      9: 4Gem43    12       9: 2Gem03      12
          :PL: 4Leo59     10: 4Can43    11      10: 5Can22      10 <- 
          :NN: 6Vir29     11: 4Leo43    12      11: 8Leo31      11 <- 
          :WASHINGTON,DC  12: 4Vir43            12: 8Vir44
9/5/1972  :Tu-DC.Arlington/Gayle/Waynesburg/Fiat.128.
          :At 4:32am at Munich Summer Olympics Arab terrorists led by ISA
          :took hostage 17(?) Israeli athletes; all but 3 terrorists were
          :killed later.
          :The 3 were released a few months later when a Lufthansa plane
          :was hijacked.
9/18/1972 :Mo-My 1st day at GEOMET in Rockville MD; boss Leon Pocinki...
          :Writing proposals for RFP's, contracts by the Fed. Govt. 'We are
          :uniquely qualified...' What a BS. . .
          :My Barber: CLOUDE, 1802 Wisconsin Ave. NW Tel:338-0400.
9/25/1972 :Su-DC.Arlington/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128.
          :JUPITER enters CAPRICORN to 2/23/73.
          :My Solar  7th House (from 0 Cancer) of Marriage
          :My Natal  1st House of Expansion
          :Location  3/4th of Experiences/Domestic Adjustment
          :I am 30, married to Gayle, in DC, started to work for Geomet.
11/11/1972:Sa-Sister G�lhis and Michael Monezis married at home in
          :Waynesburg, PA. Addr:Oglebay Inst/Park Wheeling,WV 304-242-2559.
1/17/1973 :We-DC.Arlington/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128.
          :Gayle had vaginitis exam at N. VA Doctors Hospital...
1/29/1973 :Mo-DC.Arlington/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128\Jobs
          :Began preparing Coding Instructions for Fran to 2/4/73. Also
          :working on Population study for NHI, a Productivity study...
          :Around this time I am also looking for other jobs that are
          :closer and more suitable.
          :Also sending application to Scranton Pa School Board, either for
          :Gayle, or both of us...
1/30/1973 :Tu-DC.Arlington/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128.
          :Charles M. Schwerzler & I submitted our report to Geomet:
          :"Evaluation of Hospital Productivity Trends." HEW OS-72-6.
2/3/1973  :Sa-DC.Arlington/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128.
          :Saw Phil Parker, Gayle's lawyer cousin who works at the FTC.
          :2/4/Su: Evening at the Chinese Empress Restaurant on Vermont St.
          :in DC, one of the best at this time.  (It closed down in 1987 or
          :so, after Sharon and I went there a few times. . .)
2/12/1973 :Mo-Gayle,I moved to Chateau Apt's in Silver Spring MD: $220/mo.
          :Addr:9737 Mt.Pisgah Rd.#1103, SS,MD 20903 Tel:301-434-6407
2/14/1973 :We-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128\Jobs
          :Valentine's Day: 1st time I sent the World Bank (Rand, AEA,
          :others too) job applications. . .
2/23/1973 :Su-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128\Jobs
          :JUPITER enters AQUARIUS - final. No Transition - to 3/8/74.
          :My Solar  8th House (from 0 Cancer) of Sex, Changes, Endings
          :My Natal  2nd (Equal) Ho of Finances, Possessions...
          :   Natal  1st (Placidus) of Self-Projection, Expansion
          :Location  4th (Equal) Ho of Domestic Affairs, Inner Fears.
          :          5th (Placidus) of Children, Romance, Creativity
          :I am 30. married to Gayle, living in Silver Spring; work:Geomet
3/2/1973  :Fr-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128.
          :At Geomet: started Sean Davis Cost Study, prepared comments for
          :the Pollution study, and did Fran's Statistical Analysis...
3/17/1973 :Sa-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128.
          :St.Patrick's Day: purchased clothes and shoes for Gayle at
          :Papagallos on Wisconsin Ave, DC.
          :(We did this frequently, and spent lots of time in Georgetown
          :in those days. . .)
3/22/1973 :Th-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128.
          :In the eve Gayle and I went to Hayloft Dinner Theater.
3/24/1973 :Sa-I applied for passports at 1425 K-St. office.
4/6/1973  :Fr-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128.
          :With Gayle: purchased plants for SS Apt, eve at Empress...
          :stayed at home on weekend cooked our favorite soup...
4/12/1973 :Th-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128/Naim.
          :Sent Naim $25 for Year Book of Salem College.
          :Passports (to Turkey) from 3/24/73 arrived.
          :Gayle and I discussing divorce, but not ready yet. . .
4/15/1973 :Su-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128
          :Palm Sunday: Gayle and I went to the Crabhouse, talked about
          :separation... Eve at the movies: 'The Harder They Come'
4/20/1973 :Fr-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128/Salem
          :Gayle and I drove to Salem: no one there!
          :Then came to Waynesburg to attend Passover rituals with Pincus.
4/28/1973 :Sa-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128\Jobs
          :Invited Curt & Pam (?) for dinner.  On Sunday Gayle and I saw
          :Ringling Bros. B&B Circus.  Still writing job letters...
5/4/1973  :Fr-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128\Brass.Bed
          :Since 1/29/73, working on Fran's study.
          :This weekend, Gayle and I drove to the country, purchased an old
          :3/4-size brass bed for $254.
          :(I kept it until about 1986, and donated to S.Army from storage
          :in 1000 Oaks, CA.)
5/8/1973  :Tu-Gayle at Georgetown Hospital for 2nd abortion.
5/12/1973 :Sa-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128
          :Began a Linear Programming study.
5/13/1973 :Su-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128\Salem
          :Gayle and I drove to Graduation Day at Salem, had a nice photo
          :taken by a former student.
          :It has been a year since I left Salem. . .
5/14/1973 :Mo-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128
          :Gayle and I ordered from Mattress Discounter a special 3/4-size
          :box and mattress for brass bed of 5/5/73--paid: $210.
5/19/1973 :Sa-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128\Jobs
          :Gayle and I Put mini tomato, pepper plants in pots;
          :I worked on my 20-gal angel fish aquarium, shined the brass bed
          :--ah, so Cancer!
          :5/20/Su: drove to Leesburg, where Gayle is teaching, to a picnic
          :and school play.  Still writing job letters...
5/25/1973 :Fr-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128
          :The Nursing Home study proposal out. I had enough of these...
5/28/1973 :Mo-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128\Phil
          :Memorial Day. Gayle and I visited her cousin Phil Parkers a 2nd
          :time.  Phil's attractive girlfriend there too, and Gayle's
          :cousin Natalie and husband.  Both of us feeling heavy.
          :To ease the mood I danced with Gayle; Natalie thought we
          :would be together forever. . .
5/29/1973 :Tu-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128
          :Collected data on military hospitals for a study...
6/8/1973  :Fr-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Geomet/Waynesburg/Fiat.128\Scott.Thayer
          :Started the EPA Pollution Control proposal, this time under
          :Scott Thayer.  I gave it my best. . .
          :And after I quit Geomet and began at VS&W, Scott called and
          :asked me to come back.  My proposal had won: not Geomet again...
6/11/1973 :Mo-DC.SilverSpring/Geomet/Gayle.Waynesburg/Fiat.128\Schwinn.Bike
          :Gayle is now living in Waynesburg, completing her Master at
          :WVU.  This is her first day.
          :Sometime around this time I purchased my crimson Schwinn bike--
          :which I sold in about 1981 in Columbus, OH for $125...
          :GIGI must be at the Trailer Court in Morgantown at this time:
          :Tel. 304-599-0222.
          :I have JUDY at 721 Louise Ave. Morgantown, WV 26505,
          :Tel. 304-292-3585.
6/23/1973 :Sa-DC.SilverSpring/Geomet/Gayle.Waynesburg.WVU/Fiat.128
          :Gayle came from WVU for a visit.  We had been together from
          :the beginning and miss each other now, but divorce looks certain
          :Went to see 'The Drifter' with Clint Eastwood...
6/30/1973 :Sa-DC.SilverSpring/Geomet/Gayle.Waynesburg.WVU/Fiat.128
          :Gayle in from WVU.  Had a nice time together. . .
7/2/1973  :Mo-DC.SilverSpring/Geomet/Gayle.Waynesburg.WVU/Fiat.128\EPA
          :Submitted Geomet proposal to the EPA: "Development of a
          :Preliminary Design for a Model which can be Used to Develop
          :Least-Cost Air Pollution Control Strategies." RFP:WeA73-R425.
7/7/1973  :Sa-DC.SilverSpring/Geomet/Gayle.Waynesburg.WVU/Fiat.128\Ken.Sue
          :Gayle did not come this weekend.  I am preparing for trip to
          :Turkey (Gayle too), my 1st in 12 years.
          :Ken, Nanci, Rolf, his friend Sue (13) from Colorado came for a
          :visit.  Sue and I flirted.  I saw her again in Morgantown a week
          :or so later for more intimacy. . .
7/13/1973 :Fr-Today is my last day at Geomet--thank you!  Farewell lunch. 
          :I got paid to 8/17/73--see negative 6th House (Job) and 10th
          :House (Career, Direction) points below to the 14th, positive
          :after that: I DID NOT LIKE THIS JOB. . .
          :On 7/17, Gayle & I left for Turkey, for me the 1st time after 12
          :years--see positive 9th House (Foreign Travel) points after 15th
          :NN: 7CAP 2 H(S 7/P 1/L 4) A121 NATAL   NN:06VIR29 H(S03/P08/L12)
          :PL: 1LIB56 H(S 4/P 9/L12) S 63 TRANSIT ME: 1LEO50 H(S 2/P 7/L10)
          :NP: 4SAG58 H(S 6/P11/L 3) S120 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :UR:19LIB 3 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A 59 NATAL   MR:19LEO33 H(S02/P08/L11)
          :ST:27GEM39 H(S12/P 6/L 9) S 90 NATAL   NP:27VIR28 H(S03/P09/L12)
          :JU: 9AQU23 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) A119 NATAL   ST:08GEM21 H(S12/P05/L09)
          :MR:13ARI55 H(S10/P 3/L 7) ==>  NATAL   SU:22CAN31 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :VE:15LEO21 H(S 2/P 8/L11) ==>  NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(S02/P08/L11)
          :ME: 1LEO50 H(S 2/P 7/L10) 
          :SU:20CAN28 H(S 1/P 7/L10) 
          :MO:23SAG14 H(S 6/P12/L 3) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 11.81 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: + 6/-10= -4: NEGATIVE 
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :!     S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F
          :H 1!  2  3  3  4  4  4  4  4  4 -4 -4  4  4 16 17  7  1  4  6  6
          :H 2!  5 12 17  5  5  6  6 -6  6  6  3 -2 -2  6  1 11  5  1  1  1
          :H 3! -6 -5 -5 -3 -1  2  2 -2  6  6  3 -5 -5 -5  8  8  8 11 -2 -2
          :H 4!  3  6  3  4  4  4  4  4  4  0  0  4  4  6  7  7  4  4  4  4
          :H 5!  0  0  0  0  1  1  1 -3  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1
          :H 6! -3 -3 -3 -2 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3  1  1  1  1  1  1
          :H 7! -3  6 11  1  3  4  7 -2  6  2 -1 -5 -5  7 18  8  8 11  0  0
          :H 8!  0  0  0  0  1  1  1 -6  5  6  6  1  1  9  4 14  5  1  1  1
          :H 9!  0  2 -1 -1 -1  2 -1 -1 -1 -5 -5 -1 -1 -1  6  6  3  3  3  3
          :H10! -2  6 11  0  2  2  5 -3  6  1 -2 -6 -6  4 17  7  7 10 -1 -1
          :H11!  1  1  1  2  1  2  2 -2  6  6  6  1  1  9  4 14  5  1  1  1
          :H12! -3 -1 -4 -4 -4 -1 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :TOT! -2  7  8  1  3  7  7 -3  9  5  0 -4 -4 16 26 26 17 17  6  9
7/17/1973 :Tu-Pan Am to Turkey, Gayle too. My 1st since 1961, to 8/8/1973.
          :Pincuses are with us too and Florence is arriving later . . .
7/18/1973 :We-DC/Gayle/Istanbul/TURKEY after 12 YEARS.  Mother, Necla, and
          :Ibrahim bey met us at Ye(sh)ilk”y airport at 7:30pm.
          :(I was so excited that I gave our stewardess $20.)
          :Visited Harbiye, Feriha, G�lden in Fatih. Took ship to 
          :Haydarpasha, then Kadik”y. Drove to Tuzla.
          :I was introduced to my neighbor SEMRA next door - who became
          :relatively important in the Summer of 1976 and after that.
          :Tuzla from USA: 011-901-395-1061; Tanju: 011-901-524-3501.
          :Uncle Sabri: 011-913-333-0157.
7/19/1973 :Th-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-2: GOLD.  Visited the Closed Bazaar,
          :uncles Sabri and Cemil.  Purchased the gold medallions I still
          :Then to Sankt George. Found my old Resident Director Herr
          :Projenski (1953-1958) at the hospital, his leg amputated--he
          :died shortly after my visit. . .
          :Then Gayle & I came to Beyoglu and Taksim, Gayle's feet hurting.
7/20/1973 :Fr-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-3. Gayle & I purchased pottery in
          :Beyoglu.  In the eve, we walked in Tuzla; Gayle had her first
          :grilled k”fte.
          :7/21/Sa: Istanbul, Day-4: Visited Necla in Suadiye, saw G�lden,
          :Necmiye, aunt Naciye.  Then to Baglarbashi: uncle Sabri, wife
          :M�nevver, cousins Zeki wife Y�ksel, Kerami wife šmit, Keriman
          :husband Osman, and Ilhami.  Then to €amlica: aunt Ayshe.
          :The whole clan was there on Sunday...
7/23/1973 :Mo-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-6. Took Gayle & Pincuses to Hilton;
          :purchased the 2 (pottery) vases which we converted to table
          :lamps.  (We used them until the house sold on 5/27/93.)
7/24/1973 :Tu-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-7. Gayle & I went to the club/beach.
          :I remember SEMRA (19) passing in front of me in revealing yellow
          :bikini and a large white straw hat: very delectable.
          :In the eve, Gayle and I fished in the bay.
7/25/1973 :We-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-8.  Took Gayle and Pincuses to
          :Istanbul, to the American Embassy.
          :Then we boarded a ship to the Grand Island; there we rented a
          :carriage.  I became trilingual, helping a German tourist couple
          :with their driver.
          :I am having tooth problem.
7/26/1973 :Th-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-9. Gayle & I came to Istanbul to visit
          :Mother's dentist friend Zwart.  Her daughter Ani returned with
          :us. Gayle cried in Taksim, thinking that I would stay in Turkey.
          :Dental work again 7/31.
          :Address:Zadikyan,Kurtulush Cad,Shahin Apt.25/2 Ferik”y,Istanbul.
7/27/1973 :Fr-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-10.  Purchased gold for Pincuses at
          :the Closed Bazaar.  They left for Israel on 7/30.
8/1/1973  :We-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-11:  about 20 young men and women
          :from Tuzla Naval Officer's Club came to visit Gayle & me.
          :.......SATURN in Transition into Cancer until 1/7/1974.
          :..........It turns retro on 10/17/73, direct on 2/28/74.
          :SATURN enters CANCER permanently on 4/18/74, to 9/17/1975.
          :CANCER is my Solar 1st House of the Expansion, Growth
          :.............Natal 7th House of Intimate Relations, Alliances
          :Location (DC) 9th/10th Houses of Foreign/Objectives, Direction
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :CANCER, it transits my 3 planets in Cancer: Mercury, Jupiter,    
          :the most important, my Sun.  Saturn transit of one's Sun may be
          :the toughest time in life, for Saturn then scrambles one's
          :entire being, rearranging and restructuring all affairs that
          :need to improve.  Things may be better after the fact, but not
          :while events are unfolding...
          :For me, this cycle was surely the most difficult in my life
          :until then.  It began the day Gayle and I returned from Turkey
          :and continued until I initiated the opportunity in Saudi Arabia.
          :I had a mid-life crisis of sorts along the way, before my dreams
          :came true.
          :1) Natal 7th House Marriage, Intimate Relations.  Gayle and I
          :decided to separate on 7/14/73, about 2 weeks before this Saturn
          :cycle began, though our divorce was finalized on 4/16/74, 2 days
          :before Saturn entered Cancer permanently.  On 1/26/74, I began
          :dating like an epidemic again and met fantastic females on my
          :way: Fanny Hymon, Elizabeth Tighe, most important among them...
          :2) Location 10th House of Values, Career, Direction.  I
          :surmise that although the mid-life crisis began on 12/1/1974,
          :after my divorce from Gayle, it had more to do with my job.  I
          :had trained 9 years to become a consultant in Washington; now I
          :did not like it.  Indeed, I did not like the American lifestyle
          :and did not perceive alternatives.
          :3) Solar 1st House of Expansion/Location 9th House of Higher
          :Mind, Astrology.  In my misery, turned to astrology, for my
          :instincts told me  this was karma at work, that things seemed
          :preordained.  Indeed, this effort coincided with the Approaching
          :Conjunction of Saturn to my Mercury, exactly as predicted by
          :astrology. I have studied astrology since then.  Gayle believed
          :in it; I had been a skeptic.  So she had served another purpose
          :in my life, a cosmic coincidence that made an astrologer of me.
          :4) Solar 1st House of Expansion/Local 9th House of Foreign Lands
          :Dissatisfied with the work life in America, I began dreaming of
          :foreign lands.  A TV program about S. Arabia on WETA persuaded   
          :to write applications.  Having induced me to do this, Saturn
          :concluded its transit in Cancer.                9/17/1975 Next!
          :Th-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-12.  The pottery vases from 7/23, now
          :converted to table lamps, arrived home.
          :Took Ani back, finalized my dental work.
          :At 9pm we came to Necla to attend G�lden & Fikret's engagement
          :party.  Gayle and I danced a lot.
8/3/1973  :Fr-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-13.  G�lden & Fikret became engaged in
          :Kadik”y.  We invited them to dinner at Bosporus, then watched
          :sunset from Moda, then to Rejat Club.  Slept at Necla's.
8/4/1973  :Sa-Dc/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-14.  Mother's American School friends
          :visiting us.  Became infatuated with ESIN Sheker (Dagli), the
          :daughter of Mother's friend.
          :10pm, visited family friends Ali & šlker Kabalak, the last time
          :I saw Ali bey alive.
8/5/1973  :Su-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-15.  Saw šlke and T�lin, childhood
          :friends from Samsun, at the club/beach, 1st time since 1958.
          :Later cousins Ismail, Kaya, Kemal, Fikret, G�lden, Nafi,
          :Nesrin(?), and friends came over for dinner.  Left for Necla's
          :place: chatted to 5am . . .
8/6/1973  :Mo-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day-16.  Relaxed at home. Talked to Nafi.
          :Gayle ate her 1st "pirzola" for lunch.  Fantastic!
8/7/1973  :Tu-DC/Gayle/Istanbul, Day 17 (last).  Gayle & I visited the
          :Topkapi museum, Hagia Sofia, Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque.
8/8/1973  :We-Turkey, Day 18->USA. 3am, Gayle & I left for the airport,
          :arrived in DC the same day!
8/9/1973  :Th-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Fiat.128.  Made appointment with a
          :marriage counselor at Georgetown Univ.
          :Preparing job strategies...
8/20/1973 :Mo-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Fiat.128\Jobs.  Checking 'Wrest' for
          :job listings...
          :8/21/Tu: went to Govt offices for jobs...
8/23/1973 :Th-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Fiat.128\Jobs
          :Made 1pm appointment with Alvin Rowe of Van Scoyoc & Wiskup.
8/25/1973 :Sa-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Fiat.128\Jobs\Dominic.
          :Visited Dominic in Bristol, but his father is not friendly.
          :Read William Lederer's "A NATION OF SHEEP" while there. . .
          :I have been calling and staying in touch with Dominic most for
          :most of this year. . .
8/28/1973 :Tu-DC.SilverSpring/Gayle/Fiat.128\Jobs.  1:30pm had my 2nd
          :interview with Alvin Rowe of VS&W; accepted $16,000/annum.
          :Had an interview 4pm with a Mr. Stauffer at 1828 L-St NW--I do
          :not recall if I went or canceled.
9/3/1973  :Mo-Began at Van Scoyoc & Wiskup,1015 18th St,# 400 #296-6855 678
          :in DC 20036. (Exec.VP: Alvin J. Rowe interviewed me on 8/28/73.)
          :His Address: 5844 Bermuda Crt. McLean, VA 22101
          :President: Alexander E. Wiskup, 822 25th St. NW, DC 20037
          :My 1st case: Texas Eastern Transmission Co. Rate Case.
          :JUPITER Retro at 3AQU30 in 2/4, TRINE my Ntl URANUS.See2/24/73.
          :SIRMAN        Page 4: 9/3/1973 MON (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN: 4CAP16 H(S 7/P 1/L 3) A179 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :NN: 4CAP16 H(S 7/P 1/L 3) A 91 TRANSIT PL: 3LIB22 H(S 4/P 9/L12)
          :PL: 3LIB22 H(S 4/P 9/L12) A 89 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :PL: 3LIB22 H(S 4/P 9/L12) S119 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(S12/P05/L08)
          :PL: 3LIB22 H(S 4/P 9/L12) A 91 TRANSIT ST: 3CAN 1 H(S 1/P 7/L 9)
          :PL: 3LIB22 H(S 4/P 9/L12) S119 TRANSIT JU: 3AQU20 H(S 8/P 1/L 4)
          :NP: 4SAG45 H(S 6/P11/L 3) A119 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :UR:20LIB50 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A120 NATAL   VE:20GEM57 H(S12/P06/L09)
          :ST: 3CAN 1 H(S 1/P 7/L 9) A  1 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :JU: 3AQU20 H(S 8/P 1/L 4) A120 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(S12/P05/L08)
          :MR: 7TAU15 H(S11/P 4/L 8) A 61 NATAL   JU:08CAN 0 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :VE:17LIB46 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) 
          :ME:10VIR30 H(S 3/P 8/L12) P  2 TRANSIT SU:10VIR21 H(S 3/P 8/L12)
          :SU:10VIR21 H(S 3/P 8/L12) 
          :MO:22SCO13 H(S 5/P11/L 2) A120 NATAL   SU:22CAN31 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :MO:22SCO13 H(S 5/P11/L 2) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 12.09 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: +39/-20= 19: OPPORTUNE
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T
          :H 1!  5  5  1  6 19  6-11 -8 -8-10-10-10 -9-19-29-12-17-25-19-19
          :H 2!  0  0 10 10  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -7 11 10
          :H 3!  5 -7 11  1 11  1  1 -2  6  1  1  4 -1 -3  0  3  2  2  2  5
          :H 4! 22 16 12 17 30 17 -1  4  4 -3 -3 -3 -7-17-10-24-17-23-17-17
          :H 5!  0  0 10  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -6 10 -7-13 11 10
          :H 6!  2  2  2 12 12  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  3  2  2  2  2
          :H 7!-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-11-18-18-14-10-11-11-11
          :H 8! 18  0 18  8  8  8  7  7  7  0  0  0  0  0 -3 -6 -8 -6  0  0
          :H 9! -3 -3 -7 -2 11 -2-19-17 -9-14-14-11-21-26-13-32-27-34-28-25
          :H10!  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -7-12 10  1 -7 11 10
          :H11! 13  7 17 17  7  7  7  7  7  2  2  2  2  2  2 -3 -6  2  2  2
          :H12! -2-14  4 -6  4 -6 -7 -8  0 -5 -5 -2-12 -7  6-10 -9-15 -9 -6
          :TOT! 14  0 19 19 27  9 -8 -6  2-10-10 -7-16-28-20-24-30-42-12-10
9/6/1973  :Th-DC.SilverSpring/VS&W/Gayle/Fiat.128\Karate.
          :Began Taek-Won Do Black Belt under Master Kim in SS,MD.
9/10/1973 :Mo-DC.SilverSpring/VS&W/Gayle/Fiat.128\Univ.MD
          :Began an Accounting class at Univ. MD Engr. Bldg. Rm 3176.
          :Dropped it on 10/26/73.  My job involves accounting, but with 4
          :degrees + computer sciences, to hell with accounting!
9/15/1973 :Sa-DC.SilverSpring/VS&W/Gayle/Fiat.128\Georgetown
          :Bought Gayle a red dress at Papagallo; to Astor in the eve.
9/17/1973 :Mo-DC.SilverSpring/VS&W/Gayle/Fiat.128\1st.Pay
          :1st pay: net $504.31/2wks at VS&W, my 1st as a consultant.
9/19/1973 :We-DC.SilverSpring/VS&W/Gayle/Fiat.128\Auto.Class
          :Thoughts about starting a saving plan for Gayle & me, and for
          :college for Belinda, but our situation is precarious...
          :Began (and quit a week later) an Automotive class - quit it on
          :10/10. I got enough to do. . .
10/3/1973 :We-DC.SilverSpring/VS&W/Gayle/Fiat.128\Atlanta
          :1st business trip at VS&W, 1st to Atlanta, GA, with Jim
          :Marquart. Stayed at the Marriott on Peach Tree(?) Rm. 1052A
          :at $30/night. Lunch at Hugo's: Veal-Duckling pate, Fresh
          :lobster bisque, pheasant with white vine, coffee, bacardi
          :cocktail. Analyzed 'Pooling' data during the day.
          :10/4/Th: Pooling during the day. Went to the Underground in the
          :eve. Ate at a Greek restaurant. Nice belly dance...
          :10/5/Fr: Went to the Cyclorama to see the tale of the Civil War
          :Delta 724 arrived at Dullas at 4:55pm. $19 cab to home.
10/6/1973 :Sa-DC.SilverSpring/VS&W/Gayle/Fiat.128\Bibi
          :Gayle's friend Bibi visiting us. Went to Annapolis. Drove her
          :home to Clarksburg, WV the next day... Things bad with Gayle.
10/9/1973 :Tu-DC.SilverSpring/VS&W/Gayle/Fiat.128\Separation?
          :Working on Georgia Power case. Very bad with Gayle; almost
          :separated today. Came to work at 10:30am.
          :10/10/We: VP Agnew resigned facing charges!
          :Gayle and I with Jim Marquart and wife to Harpers Ferry.
          :Both of us were dejected, separation next Day!
10/14/1973:Su-8am after reading the Post, I suggested separation to GAYLE.
          :She moved to:2700 Briggs Chaney Rd., SS, MD 20904 #301-384-1491.
          :(The separation was not difficult until December.)
          :NOTE: SATURN in 7th Approaching Conjunction to my Mercury!
          :See how the total points drop from +15 on 10/14 to -21 on 10/15,
          :indicating significant changes in all aspects of life, as the
          :drop in house points in 1st, 4th, 7th, and 9th indicate.
          :Gayle believed in astrology; I was a skeptic.  But the
          :predictions from this conjunction got me hooked on astrology.
          :SIRMAN        Page 15: 10/14/1973 SUN (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN: 2CAP 6 H(S 7/P 1/L 3) 
          :PL: 4LIB55 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A 60 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :PL: 4LIB55 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A 90 TRANSIT ST: 4CAN44 H(S 1/P 7/L10)
          :PL: 4LIB55 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) S 62 TRANSIT VE: 5SAG16 H(S 6/P11/L 3)
          :NP: 5SAG33 H(S 6/P11/L 3) A 89 NATAL   NN:06VIR29 H(S03/P08/L12)
          :NP: 5SAG33 H(S 6/P11/L 3) P  4 TRANSIT VE: 5SAG16 H(S 6/P11/L 3)
          :UR:23LIB15 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) 
          :ST: 4CAN44 H(S 1/P 7/L10) A 59 TRANSIT MR: 5TAU14 H(S11/P 4/L 8)
          :JU: 2AQU40 H(S 8/P 1/L 4) A121 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(S12/P05/L08)
          :MR: 5TAU14 H(S11/P 4/L 8) A 59 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :MR: 5TAU14 H(S11/P 4/L 8) A 90 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :VE: 5SAG16 H(S 6/P11/L 3) S120 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :VE: 5SAG16 H(S 6/P11/L 3) A 89 NATAL   NN:06VIR29 H(S03/P08/L12)
          :ME:14SCO32 H(S 5/P10/L 2) 
          :SU:20LIB30 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A120 NATAL   VE:20GEM57 H(S12/P06/L09)
          :MO:15TAU 1 H(S11/P 4/L 8) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 14.3 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: +32/-17= 15: +CHALLENGING
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S
          :H 1!-23-13-15-21 -5-11-15-15-11  5  3  4 15 11 -6-12 -5 -5-17-19
          :H 2!  0  8  8  0  0  2  3  7 19 -3  3 -3 13  0 -6 -6  0 -8 -8  0
          :H 3!  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1 -1 -2  9 -1 15 -4 -1 -5 -1 -1 -1
          :H 4!-18 -8-10-11 -9-12 -4 -7  1 -1 -3 -3 10  6-11-17 -5 -5 -9 -9
          :H 5!  0  8  8 -4 10  5  3  7 10  0  0  0  0  0 -6 -6  0 -8 -8  0
          :H 6!  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1 10 -4  1 -4 12 15 -4 -1 -5 -1 -1 -1
          :H 7!-11-11-11 -9-11-10-11-11-11 -3 -3  7 -3 -3 -3-11 -6 -6-18-20
          :H 8!  7  7  7  4  8  5  5  2  5 -5 -2 -6 -4 -4 -4  4 -1 -1 -1 -1
          :H 9!-36-26-28-28-28-27-20-20 -6 -2 -1  3 14 10 -7-13 -1 -1 -3 -3
          :H10!  0  0  0 -4 10  3  1  7 10  0 -4  7 -3 -3 -9 -9 -3-11-13-15
          :H11!  4 12 12  5  5  4  4 -1  2-10 -7-14  4  7-12 -9 -8 -4-14 -6
          :H12! -9 -9 -9 -9 -9 -9 -1 -1  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :TOT!-25 -7 -9-18 -6-14 -8 -4 13 -5 -5  3 19 15-21-21 -5 -9-21-15
          :VS&W Trip #2: To Cleveland on East Ohio Gas Co case with Jim
          :Marquart.  Flew to Waynesburg from there.
          :Dropped Accounting of 9/10/73.  Feel lonely and depressed in the
          :apt--Saturn conjunct my ME in 7th.
          :10/27/Sa: Began looking for apt's in DC.
          :First serious interest in ASTROLOGY: purchased Ephemeris, etc.
          :at the "Yes" Bookstore in Georgetown.
11/3/1973 :Sa-DC.SilverSpr./VS&W/Fiat/Gayle>End:10/14/73.ASTROLOGY>10/26/73
          :This is the date of last entry in my 1973 diary, whatever this
          :signifies!  This is the immediate post-Turkey, post-Gayle
          :period.  Probably I am heavily charting transits. . .
          :The cause of rising depression is not Gayle but the profound
          :realization that I do not like the robotic work life in USA.
          :This realization culminated in misery by about 12/1/1973, for
          :months--to mid-1974 or so--eventually leading to Saudi Arabia.
12/1/1973 :Sa-Start of a VERY difficult time in my life, to 1/26/1974.
          :Saturn is in my Sign since 8/13/73, now conj. my Mercury.
12/5/1973 :We-DC.SilverSpr./VS&W/Fiat/Gayle>End:10/14/73.ASTROLOGY>10/26/73
          :Ismet In”n� died, the 2nd most important name in modern
          :Turkish history (re: WWI) after Kemal Atat�rk.
          :Staying at the Chateau Apt: missing Gayle; tough to 1/26/74...
1/26/1974 :Sa-DC.SilverSp./VS&W/Fiat/Gayle>End:10/14.ASTROLOGY>10/26/73\Sam
          :Met SAM Black (29, Capricorn) at Fran O'Brien on L-St in DC
          :1/27/S: Took her to Annapolis, feeling much better...
          :Her ADDRESS: 1401 N-St NW #514 20005 Tel:202-234-5983.
2/4/1974  :Mo-DC.SilverSp./VS&W/Fiat/Gayle>End:10/14.ASTROLOGY>10/26/73\Sam
          :Working on Texas Gas Case:RP 74-25, feeling heavy!
2/9/1974  :Sa-DC.SilverS./VS&W/Fiat/Gayle>End:10/14.ASTROLOGY>10/26/73\John
          :Moon in TAU:  My friend and coworker John Hennigan and I 
          :attended a concert by ANDRES SEGOVIA at the Kennedy Center.
2/10/1974 :Su-DC.SilverS./VS&W/Fiat/Gayle>End:10/14.ASTROLOGY>10/26/73\Sam
          :MO in GEM:  Sam came; we talked and cooked together in the eve.
2/12/1974 :Tu-Moved to New Hampshire Towers at 
          :1310 New Hampshire Ave, Apt 504, DC 20036.  My friend John
          :Hennigan helped me to move from Silver Spring.  I left this apt
          :on 5/26/75.  Difficult times continue since 12/1/1973...
          :SIRMAN        Page 13: 2/12/1974 TUE (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN:25SAG42 H(S 6/P12/L 3) 
          :PL: 6LIB30 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A 61 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :NP: 9SAG24 H(S 6/P11/L 3) 
          :UR:27LIB43 H(S 4/P10/L 1) A120 TRANSIT ST:28GEM 1 H(S12/P 6/L 9)
          :ST:28GEM 1 H(S12/P 6/L 9) A 89 NATAL   NP:27VIR28 H(S03/P09/L12)
          :JU:24AQU10 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) A  1 TRANSIT SU:22AQU53 H(S 8/P 2/L 5)
          :MR:21TAU41 H(S11/P 5/L 8) A 61 NATAL   SU:22CAN31 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :VE:25CAP50 H(S 7/P 1/L 4) 
          :ME:10PIS35 H(S 9/P 2/L 6) 
          :SU:22AQU53 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) 
          :MO:29LIB29 H(S 4/P10/L 1) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 12.9 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: + 9/- 6= 3: POSITIVE 
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W
          :H 1!-10 -8 -8  2  2  0  0  1  1  1  6  1  1  1  1  4  4 -9 -5 -5
          :H 2!  3  1  0  0  2 12 -5 -7 -3  0  0  8  8  1  1  1 -2 -6-12-12
          :H 3! -1  0  0  0  0  0  0 -3 -4 -4  0  0  0  1  1 10 -3 -3 -9 -9
          :H 4!-18-16 -6 -6 -6 -8  0  1  1 11  6  1  1  1  1  4  4 -9 -5 -5
          :H 5!  3  6  0  0  2  7-16-21 -5  0  4 12 12  5  3  0  0 -4 -6 -4
          :H 6! -6 -5 -1 -6 -6 -6 -7 -4-12-14 -6 -6 -6 -5 -5  5 -8 -9-21-21
          :H 7! -3 -3 -3  7  2  5  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -5 -1 -1
          :H 8! -5 -2  2  2 -8-11-16-24 -5  0  4 12 12  5  3  0  0 -4 -6 -4
          :H 9! -9 -5 -1  4 -4  4 -7 -3 -7  1  0 -5 -5 -5 -5 -4 -7 -8-14-14
          :H10! -3 -5 -5 -5  0  5  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  3  3 -5 -5 -5
          :H11! -8 -8  2  2 -8 -8-12-15 -8 -8  4  4  4  4  2 -1 -1 -1 -9 -7
          :H12! -6  0 -1 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6  4 -6 -6 -6 -5 -5  5 -5 -6 -6 -6
          :TOT!-19-11 -2  3-10 -2-19-23 -8  5  4  3  3  0 -2  8 -5-14-18-16
2/14/1974 :Th-DC>2/12\VS&W/Fiat/Gayle>End:10/14.ASTROLOGY>10/26/73\Sam
          :Valentine's Day: Cards to Anne, Gigi, Femsi, Gayle, Pincus,
          :Sam.  Concentration at work on and off all week.  Card fr.Sam
2/16/1974 :Sa-DC>2/12\VS&W/Fiat/Belinda\John,Sam.  Moon in LEO.  Purchased
          :for Belinda's Birthday a smoky quartz pendant.
2/17/1974 :Su-DC>2/12\VS&W/Fiat/John,Sam.  Moon in VIR.  Sam and I went to
          :Robertson's Crab House; feeling +
2/23/1974 :Sa-DC>2/12\VS&W/Fiat/Morgantown:Ken\John,Sam.  Drove to
          :Morgantown to see Ken, Nanci, Rolf.  (Tel:304-599-0875).
          :ADDRESS: 1301 Van Voorhis Rd., Apt-A, Morgantown, WV 26505 
          :-------- SUSAN Reid, J-1231 Van Voorhis Rd. Morgantown,WV 26505.
          :The week ahead, became Smithsonian member.
          :My long distance bills are a worry. . .
2/24/1974 :Su-DC>2/12\VS&W/Fiat/Morgantown:Ken>2/23\John,Sam/Gayle.Lawyer
          :Moon in SAG.  Saw movie, "The Sting"; had steak at Fran Obrien's
          :2/25/Mo: Moon in SAG.  Call from GAYLE in the eve: she wants
          :2/26/Tu:  Moon in SAG.  GAYLE called 8am, said she hates me.
          :Poisoned the day...
          :2/28/Th: Moon in CAP.  Sent GAYLE $50 Birthday present.
          :Met with lawyer Lawrence Moore to divorce GAYLE.
3/1/1974  :Fr-DC>2/12\VS&W/Fiat/Morgantown:Ken.Judy>2/23\John,Sam
          :Moon in AQU.  Sent birthday flowers to Anne, Gigi. Left for WVU;
          :went to the Country Club with Bob/Linda Britt, Ken, Nanci. Nice.
          :3/2/Sa: Moon in AQU.  In Morgantown, stayed with Judy: nice...
3/3/1974  :Su-DC>2/12\VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg.Pincus/Morgantown:Ken.Judy>2/23
          :Moon in PIS.  Packed Gayle's stuff in Waynesburg. Visited Pincus
          :with high-heel shoes.  Betsy, Gugliano there too. Stayed to 11pm
          :Addr:Pincus, 290 Sherman Ave. Waynesburg, PA 15370 412-627-5008.
3/4/1974  :Mo-DC>2/12\VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg.Pincus/Morgantown:Ken.Judy\Gayle
          :OK call from GAYLE; sent her flowers... Things OK since 2/24/74.
          :3/6/We: Moon in ARI.  Mailed one more box of Gayle's stuff, as
          :if to get her out of my system. . .
3/8/1974  :Fr-DC>2/12\VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg.Pincus/Morgantown:Ken.Judy\Gayle
          :JUPITER enters PISCES - final. No Transition - to 3/18/75
          :My Solar  9th House (from 0 Cancer) of Distant Lands
          :My Natal  3rd (Equal) Ho of Experiences, Mental Trips...
          :   Natal  2nd (Placidus) of Money, Income
          :Location  5th (Equal) Ho of Children, Romance
          :          6th (Placidus) of Work
          :I am 31, divorced from Gayle, living in DC, working for VS&W.
          :Moon in ARI.  To Morristown, NJ on Jersey Central case.
3/12/1974 :Tu-DC>2/12/74\VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Gayle.Stu
          :Moon in CAN.  Low concentration.  Asked STU DOGGER to follow
          :Gayle, but we lost her: Stu: 572-7156.
          :Two unpleasant calls from Gayle.
3/15/1974 :Fr-DC>2/12/74\VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Gigi
          :Moon in LEO.  Gigi and Michael in DC.  Took them to the Astor
          :for a $125 meal and entertainment:  Nice!
          :3/16/Sa:  Moon in VIR.  Drove to Annapolis, Dockside; in the
          :eve we attended a concert by Carlos MONTAYA.
3/20/1974 :We-DC>2/12/74\VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Gayle.Lawyer
          :Moon in LIB.  Paid $200 to lawyer for SEPARATION paper fr. Gayle
3/22/1974 :Fr-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt/MOON in SCO (Gayle's Asc.)/GAYLE Final.
          :Met Gayle in my gray striped suit that we had made in Silver
          :Spring.  I was waiting for her in front of my bldg. and saw her
          :walking to me in front of the adjacent bldg.  We had to notarize
          :some papers at an Conn. Ave. office.
          :On the way back she said: "you did not come out of this so
          :badly; you have all those plates," referring to some green
          :stoneware dinner plates we had purchased at Dockside in
          :This may have been the most stupid remark I have heard in such a
          :situation . . .
          :Gayle then drove me to my bldg.  I reminded her of the "sting"
          :she had pulled on me driving to Florida about 3 years ago and
          :stepped out.  (Also see 4/16/74 and 6/6/74.)
          :Later, I gave Gayle $400 to finalize our divorce in S. Domingo.
          :3/23/Sa: With Judy at: Rt.10, Box 111 Morgantown, WV 26505.
          :Her Tel: 292-3585.
          :SIRMAN        Page 23: 3/22/1974 FRI (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN:23SAG41 H(S 6/P12/L 3) 
          :PL: 5LIB35 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A 61 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :NP: 9SAG35 H(S 6/P11/L 3) A179 NATAL   ST:08GEM21 H(S12/P05/L09)
          :NP: 9SAG35 H(S 6/P11/L 3) A 89 TRANSIT MO: 8PIS58 H(S 9/P 2/L 6)
          :UR:26LIB47 H(S 4/P10/L 1) 
          :ST:28GEM14 H(S12/P 6/L 9) 
          :JU: 3PIS 7 H(S 9/P 2/L 5) A121 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :JU: 3PIS 7 H(S 9/P 2/L 5) A 90 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(S12/P05/L08)
          :JU: 3PIS 7 H(S 9/P 2/L 5) S  0 TRANSIT ME: 3PIS18 H(S 9/P 2/L 5)
          :MR:12GEM46 H(S12/P 6/L 9) 
          :VE:15AQU19 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) 
          :ME: 3PIS18 H(S 9/P 2/L 5) A121 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :ME: 3PIS18 H(S 9/P 2/L 5) A 90 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(S12/P05/L08)
          :SU: 0ARI59 H(S10/P 3/L 6) 
          :MO: 8PIS58 H(S 9/P 2/L 6) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 12.53 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: +27/-17= 10: +CHALLENGING
          :DAY!  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
          :   !  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S
          :H 1! 18 16 16  9  5 15  8 10  8  1  1  1  1  1 11  1  1  1  1  1
          :H 2! -2 -2 -2 -3 -3 -3  3 13  1  0  2  0 -6 -6 -6  2  4 14 13  4
          :H 3! -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3  7 10 -4  6-14 -6-12 -7 -3 -3 -3 12  0
          :H 4! 16 16 16  9  4  7  3  3  1  1  1  1  1  1 11  1  1  1  1  1
          :H 5! -5  0  8 10  8 10 10 25 13 -4 -6 -1 -6 -6 -6  2  4 14 13  4
          :H 6! -3 -3 -3 -4 -4 -4 -2  8 11 -7  7-14 -7-14 -9 -1 -1 -1 14  2
          :H 7!  2  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :H 8! 10 15 23  2 -2  5  8 10  8  4  2  0  0  0 10  0  0  0 -1  0
          :H 9! -2 -2 -2 13 10  8  1 14 17 -7 -7  0 -6-16-11  5  7 17 27  7
          :H10!  2  0  0  0  0  0  2 12  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  5  3
          :H11!  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -6 -2 -6 -6 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3
          :H12! -6 -1  7  9  6  1  3  6  6 -8  2 -9 -1 -2 -2  2  2  2  2  2
          :TOT!  4  7 15  7  0  2  3 28 19-11  1-11 -9-15  0 -2  0 10 28  7
          :SCORE:  -3/  6=  3. SUMMARY OF THESE  31 DAYS: POSITIVE
3/30/1974 :Sa-DC/VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Jim.Marquart
          :Moon in AQU.  A beautiful day, party at Jim Marquart (Aqu?).
          :ADDRESS: 420 Tudor Dr. Crownsville, MD 21032 301-828-7987.
4/10/1974 :We-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt/MOON in LEO/CYNTHIA.
          :Cynthia Deitz (Libra) from WVU Computer Dept. came to DC.  We
          :walked to M St., went to a go-go place, made love that night:
          :one of the best...                             Tel:304-296-0558.
4/12/1974 :Fr-DC/VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Cynthia>4/10.  Moon in VIR.
          :Made the last payment to Fiat 128.  Feeling better. . .
          :Saturn is heavy, BUT it is also helping me to tie loose ends...
4/16/1974 :Tu-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt/MOONinLIB/GAYLE:Divorce
          :DIVORCE from GAYLE--learned about it on 4/21; the papers arrived
          :on 6/6/74. So we were together from about 8/5/1971 to 10/14/73.
          :4/24/We: sent a letter to Gayle . . .
          :SIRMAN        Page 17: 4/16/1974 TUE (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN:22SAG22 H(S 6/P12/L 3) 
          :PL: 4LIB55 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A 91 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :PL: 4LIB55 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) S 60 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :NP: 9SAG18 H(S 6/P11/L 3) A179 NATAL   ST:08GEM21 H(S12/P05/L09)
          :NP: 9SAG18 H(S 6/P11/L 3) A 89 TRANSIT JU: 8PIS28 H(S 9/P 2/L 6)
          :NP: 9SAG18 H(S 6/P11/L 3) S 90 TRANSIT VE: 9PIS38 H(S 9/P 2/L 6)
          :UR:25LIB45 H(S 4/P10/L 1) A179 TRANSIT SU:25ARI38 H(S10/P 4/L 7)
          :ST:29GEM45 H(S12/P 7/L 9) 
          :JU: 8PIS28 H(S 9/P 2/L 6) S 90 NATAL   ST:08GEM21 H(S12/P05/L09)
          :MR:27GEM25 H(S12/P 6/L 9) A 90 NATAL   NP:27VIR28 H(S03/P09/L12)
          :VE: 9PIS38 H(S 9/P 2/L 6) 
          :ME: 7ARI13 H(S10/P 3/L 7) A 91 NATAL   JU:08CAN 0 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :ME: 7ARI13 H(S10/P 3/L 7) A 61 NATAL   ST:08GEM21 H(S12/P05/L09)
          :SU:25ARI38 H(S10/P 4/L 7) 
          :MO:10AQU36 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION IS 11.97 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: + 2/-48= -46: CONFLICTS
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S
          :H 1!  2 -6 -6 -9 -9 -9 -4 -9 -9 -9 -7 -7 -5 -7-12-12 -9 -7 -7-11
          :H 2!  0  4  3  1  1  1 10  4 -8  6 12  3  9  8-14-16-10 -4 -4 -4
          :H 3! -1 -3 -3 -3-13 11 15 -4  5  5 -3 -7 -7-11-13-20 -5 -7 -7 -7
          :H 4!  2 -6 -6 -9 -9-10 -4 -9 -9 -9 -7 -7 -5 -7-15-15 -7 -5 -5 -5
          :H 5!  0  3  3  1  1  1  0  0-12  2  8  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :H 6!  2  1  1  0 -3 -2 17  1  3 -1 -3  5 11 -9-35-37-14 -9 -9-11
          :H 7!  1  1  0  0  0 10 10  0  8 12  4 -5 -3  0 -3-10  3  2  2 -4
          :H 8!  0  3  3  1  1  1  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :H 9!  6 -5 -5 -6-12 -8 17 -4 -9 -5 -1 -2  4 -7-31-33-17 -9 -9-17
          :H10!  1  3  3  0  0 10 10  0  2 12  6 -3  1 -2 -6-13  3  2  2  2
          :H11! -2 -2 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -7 -7-13-13 -6 -7 -7 -7
          :H12!  4  4  4  3  4 -5  1  0  2  2  0  5  5 -6 -8 -8  2  2  2 -2
          :TOT!  4 -4 -5 -9-11  3 24 -7-10  4  4-10  2-17-37-46-19-12-12-16
          :SCORE: -11/  1= -9. SUMMARY OF THESE  30 DAYS: OBSTACLES
4/24/1974 :We-DC/VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Cynthia>4/10.  Moon in CAP.
          :Sent $100 to Gayle after news of divorce on 4/21.
          :My Fiat 128 has 56,231 miles on it!
4/28/1974 :Su-DC/VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Cynthia>4/10/Aquarium.
          :Moon in PIS.  Brought back my Aquariums from Waynesburg.
5/4/1974  :Sa-DC/VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Cynthia>4/10.
          :Saw Cynthia Deitz in Morgantown for about an hour.
5/8/1974  :We-DC/VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Cynthia>4/10\Jan
          :Took JAN (Lib) at the office to lunch.
5/11/1974 :Sa-DC/VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Cynthia>4/10\Jan>5/8
          :In Waynesburg. very nice with Gigi, Michael, and his parents.
          :Eve at Ken's, but not so nice: disconnect from them and Judy?
5/15/1974 :We-DC/VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Cynthia>4/10\Jan>5/8
          :Sometime this week I was in Pittsburgh with Cynthia Deitz.
5/22/1974 :We-DC/VS&W/Fiat/Waynesburg/Morgantown\Cynthia/Jan\Astrology
          :After the ice-breaking effort with astrology after 10/26/73, to
          :about 1/26/74, sometime this week I began collecting ASTROLOGY
6/1/1974  :Sa-DC/VS&W/Waynesburg/Astrology>5/22\Morgantown\Cynthia/Jan
          :Finalized Washington Gas Light case.
          :Reaching a resolution: no more long-distance tel. calls!
          :Sometime this time Gayle moved to Scranton.
          :ADDRESS: 414 Monroe Ave, Scranton, PA 18510 Tel:717-346-9737.
          :6/3/Mo: Went to Richmond on Wash. Gas Light case. . .
6/5/1974  :We-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt/Sold Fiat for $1200 to John W. Ensor from
          :Baltimore at 1:30pm.  Had purchased it in Morgantown on 6/14/72,
          :exchanging my Honda CB450 for it, while Gayle and I were in
          :SIRMAN        Page 6: 6/5/1974 WED (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN:19SAG43 H(S 6/P12/L 3) A120 NATAL   MR:19LEO33 H(S02/P08/L11)
          :PL: 4LIB 5 H(S 4/P 9/L12) S 90 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :PL: 4LIB 5 H(S 4/P 9/L12) A119 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(S12/P05/L08)
          :NP: 8SAG 5 H(S 6/P11/L 3) S180 NATAL   ST:08GEM21 H(S12/P05/L09)
          :UR:23LIB58 H(S 4/P10/L 1) A 91 NATAL   SU:22CAN31 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :ST: 5CAN 3 H(S 1/P 7/L10) A 61 NATAL   NN:06VIR29 H(S03/P08/L12)
          :ST: 5CAN 3 H(S 1/P 7/L10) S 60 TRANSIT VE: 5TAU26 H(S11/P 4/L 8)
          :JU:16PIS12 H(S 9/P 2/L 6) A 91 TRANSIT MO:14SAG51 H(S 6/P12/L 3)
          :MR:27CAN32 H(S 1/P 7/L10) S 60 NATAL   NP:27VIR28 H(S03/P09/L12)
          :VE: 5TAU26 H(S11/P 4/L 8) A121 NATAL   NN:06VIR29 H(S03/P08/L12)
          :ME: 7CAN29 H(S 1/P 7/L10) 
          :SU:13GEM58 H(S12/P 6/L 9) 
          :MO:14SAG51 H(S 6/P12/L 3) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 12.23 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: + 9/-23= -14: OBSTACLES
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T
          :H 1! -4 -2 -8 -7 -7 -7 -7 -5  5 -7 -7 -7 -9 -6 -6 -9 -9-13-16-17
          :H 2!  0 10 -8  0  0 -4 -4 -4  0  0  0 -5  3  6  9  3 -8  0  0  1
          :H 3! -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -9 -1 -1 -4 -5 -5 -4 -7 -2  9 -3 -3 -3 -6 -5
          :H 4!-10-14-14-21-15-11-13-16 -6-16-16-16-18-15 -7-21-16-16-16-16
          :H 5!  0 10 -8  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -8  4  4  0
          :H 6! -1 -1 -1 -1 -1-17 -4 -4 -4 -2 -2 -4 -7  4  5 -3 -3-13-13 -2
          :H 7! -4 -2  6  0  3  3  3  5  5  3  3  6  4  4 17  4 -7 -3 -6 -6
          :H 8!  0  0  0  0  3  7  5  2 12  2  2  2  0  0  3 -8 -8  4  4  0
          :H 9!-14-18 -8 -8 -8-16-11-11 -8 -5 -5 -8-11 -2  3 -3 -6-16-16 -6
          :H10!  0 12 -8 -7 -7 -7 -7 -5 -5 -7 -7 -4 -6 -4 10 -6 -9-13-16-17
          :H11! -3 -3 -7 -6  0  4  2 -1 -4 -4 -4 -4 -6 -3  0-11-19  1  1 -1
          :H12! -8-12 -6 -6 -6-18 -5 -5 -6 -4 -4  2 -6 -3  2 -3 -6-16-16 -6
          :TOT!-11  3-21-20-14-21-10-13 -7-16-16-16-21-13  6-23-34-28-31-25
          :SCORE: -18/  0=-18. SUMMARY OF THESE  30 DAYS: OBSTACLES
6/6/1974  :Th-DC/VS&W/Astrology>5/22\Waynesburg/Morgantown\Cynthia/Jan
          :10:10 am Divorce papers from Gayle arrived; I knew on 4/21.
          :6/7/Fr: Visited Wash.Gas Light.  Went to Indian restaurant on
          :Conn. Ave.
6/8/1974  :Sa-DC/VS&W/Astrology>5/22\Waynesburg/Morgantown\Cynthia/Jan
          :Purchased more ASTROLOGY related books at YES Bookstore.
          :Mars moving to LEO. . .
          :6/12/We: Completed my first Natal Chart.
6/14/1974 :Fr-DC/VS&W/Astrology>5/22\Waynesburg/Morgantown\Cynthia/Jan
          :JAN came over at 11:30, made love to 3:00 pm, but last time.
          :6/15/Sa: Met Veronica at Dupont Park, Mary Ann Cappuccio in front
          :of the Apt, but no future with either.
          :Purchased plants for Apt.
          :6/17/Mo: At WVU with Cynthia (4th time). Nice.
6/23/1974 :Su-DC/VS&W/Astrology>5/22/74\Waynesburg/Morgantown\Russia
          :6pm, Parents left for Russia from Philadelphia.
          :Talked to Cynthia Deitz, but she is building walls...
          :6/27/Th:  Drove to Richmond on a case: W.Gas.Light case?
6/29/1974 :Sa-DC/VS&W.  FANNIE, our very efficient black secretary at work,
          :came over.  Nice love!                    Tel:270-0469/832-8388.
7/8/1974  :Mo-DC/VS&W.  Finished W.Gas.Light testimony and exhibits today.
          :7/12/Fr: Went to Jaloom restaurant with John Hennigan.
          :His Tel: 493-5683.
          :7/13/Sa: At the office with Jim Marquart.  Went to Astor to eat.
7/15/1974 :Mo-DC/VS&W/Detroit:1.  I am 32 today.
          :Wiskup and I to Detroit on Detroit Edison rate case.  He was
          :brilliant at work.
7/29/1974 :Mo-DC/VS&W.  Making lists, plans...  Not feeling good!
          :Nothing in Diary to 9/12/74.
8/9/1974  :Fr-DC/VS&W\NIXON.  As a result of break-in at Democratic Party
          :Headquarters at Watergate, President Nixon, my opposite sign
          :and my Ascendant (29 Sag 42) resigned. I am feeling heavy too!
9/8/1974  :Su-DC/VS&W\NIXON.  President Ford pardoned Nixon--who had
          :resigned on 8/9/74.
9/12/1974 :Th-DC/VS&W\Nice.Weekend.  Took off from work to Waynesburg;
          :drove to Bridgeport, WV: saw PAVLE Yankovich (my colleague at
          :Salem from 8/19/71 to 1972) and SALLY Wyatt (whom I had dated in
          :the summer of 1964)
          :Then took JUDY to Ken's until 5am Sat. morning.  Very Nice!
9/15/1974 :Su-DC/VS&W\Nice.Weekend.  My colleague FRED Selover and wife
          :invited me to sail in the Chesapeake...
          :9/17/Tu: cut work today, making more resolutions...
9/22/1974 :Su-DC/VS&W.  Stayed in the apt., alone but balanced, reading
          :books, daydreaming in a romantic mood. . .
9/24/1974 :Tu-DC/VS&W\PAPILLON.  Began reading PAPILLON. The fact that this
          :vital guy spent 6 years in solitary confinement placed my inner
          :difficulties in a new perspective.  I was grateful enough to
          :promise myself that I would visit Devil's Isl. someday.  (I did,
          :in 1979.)
9/26/1974 :Th-DC/VS&W\Detroit:2.  2nd trip to Detroit on Detroit Edison
          :case--the 1st with Wiskup on 7/15.
10/5/1974 :Sa-DC/VS&W\Gayle.  Sent Gayle a plant and flowers... I had last
          :heard from her on 4/24, when she informed me about our divorce
          :and had mailed her $100 on 6/6/74. . .
10/12/1974:Sa-DC/VS&W\Sailboats.  With John Hennigan to Annapolis to see
          :the sailboat show. 
10/19/1974:Sa-DC/VS&W\Judy.  Judy and Belinda in DC, at the Howard Johnson
          :across from Watergate.  We made love in the room; nice. . .
10/25/1974:Fr-DC/VS&W\Rate.of.Return.  Drove to Waynesburg, also to discuss
          :with Parents my idea of owning a sailboat, perhaps living in it.
          :Gigi was there as also Judy's parents.
          :Finalized my RATE OF RETURN study--that I had been working on
          :since early 1974.  (I made it into a book but could not get it
          :published.  However, I presented 2 papers on this at economic
          :conference in San Diego and DC in 1975.
10/29/1974:Tu-DC/VS&W\John.  With John Hennigan: to Burger Chef and King
          :Arthur to see our favorite go-go dancer.
          :10/30/We: With John to REDDING GALO JAIL, to listen to Stewart
11/1/1974 :Fr-DC/VS&W\Rate.of.Return.  Writing my Rate of Return Paper/Book
          :Mind functioning good since last week, but SATURN ->RETRO in CAN
11/12/1974:Tu-DC/VS&W\John/CDP.  With John Hennigan at Astor, then King
          :Arthur, then Redding Galo.  Nice!
          :11/13/We: New Moon in LIB.  I felt sensitive until 11/15, when I
          :applied for CDP (Certified Data processor) exam.
          :DPMA: Inst.for Certif.of Comp. Prof. Box195 Park Ridge, IL 60068.
11/16/1974:Sa-DC/VS&W\Rate.of.Return.  Preparing for RATE of RETURN
          :presentation at the office.
          :11/19/Tu:  RATE of RETURN presentation at the office: so so. . .
          :My mood not good to about 12/1/74...
          :.......URANUS in Transition into Scorpio until 5/1/1975.
          :.........It turns retro on 2/7/75, direct on 7/7/75.
          :URANUS enters SCORPIO permanently on 9/8/75, until 2/17/81.
          :SCORPIO is my Solar  5th House (0 Cancer) of Luck, Romance
          :..............Natal 11th House of Circle, Hopes & Wishes...
          :.....Location (WVU)  1st/2nd of Expansion/Money
          :For me, this Uranian Transit implies foremost a mid-life crisis
          :that followed my separation from my 2nd wife Gayle on 10/14/73,
          :encouraged by Saturn in 7th House of Marriage and my Sun-sign
          :Cancer.  The real problem was not so much the divorce but the
          :robotic professional life of a consultant in Washington, DC.
          :Early in 1975, after watching a program on WETA about S. Arabia,
          :I wrote to several addresses.  An interview did not materialize.
          :I sent a follow-up in June or so and on 1/14/1976, I had a
          :"Dream Come True" offer in my hands, in line with 5th House Luck
          :and 11th House Hopes & Wishes.  And as expected from Uranus,   
          :regardless of the houses involved, it was going to uproot me to
          :Riyadh.  Since Uranus also retrograded to Libra and my 10th
          :House of Career and Direction, it involved a career-related
          :relocation, and the 2nd Location House Money.  And I had the
          :chance to travel to most parts of the world...  2/18/1981 next!
          :I am living and working in DC (VS&W).  The latter half of 1974
          :has been reasonably good, though Saturn is retro in Cancer.
12/5/1974 :Th-DC/VS&W.  Mary Beth Tighe joined the staff and my life.
          :Our 1st date was on 12/17/1974, we lasted to 12/5/1975. . . 
12/6/1974 :Fr-DC/VS&W\Rate.of.Return.  Sent copy of RR paper to Ken and to
          :Southern Econ Conference.
          :12/7/Sa:  JUDY in DC: nice but not sexy. I feel guilty with her
          :vis-a-vis our divorce in 1971.
12/13/1974:Fr-DC/VS&W\Full Moon/Eclipse.  Feel imbalanced; stayed at home.
          :12/15/Su: Stayed at home.  Have been feeling heavy since Nov.
          :Saturn is in my Sun-sign since 8/2/73.
          :Applied to UNION Graduate School--do not recall the context.
          :106 Woodrow St. Yellow Springs, OH 45387 Tel:513-767-7231.
12/17/1974:Tu-DC/VS&W\Elizabeth.  MARY BETH TIGHE (TAU, 23, Elizabeth to
          :me) who joined the firm on 12/5, came over the 1st time and
          :joined my life.
12/20/1974:Fr-DC/VS&W\Elizabeth>12/17/74.  Spiegel & McDiarmid, owners of
          :the law firm who work with our firm gave a party at the
          :WATERGATE, 5-9pm.
12/27/1974:Fr-DC/VS&W\Elizabeth>12/17/74.  Mary Beth came over again--
          :1st on 12/17/74.
12/31/1974:Th-New Years Party with Mary Beth and her Georgetown(?) class.
1/1/1975  :We-DC/VS&W/John/Elizabeth>12/17/74\SATURN.HEAVY.  John Hennigan,
          :Mary Beth, and I went to a Greek place... 
          :LOOKING BACK, the heaviness began in mid-1973, especially after
          :the separation from Gayle on 10/14/1973.  As much as I missed
          :her, my real problem is really the path of my life.  The
          :separation, which I initiated, merely underlined this.  I want a
          :different work environment, life-style, freedom, wider horizons.
1/3/1975  :Fr-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74\SATURN.HEAVY.   Working on Nepco
          :Rate of Return case; prepared cross-examination questions with
          :McDiarmid.  The client liked them. . .
          :1/4/Sa: Wiskup called me at home at 12:30 noon to talk about
          :the Appalachian Power case.  We talked to 2:30pm.
          :Then Mary Beth and I came home.
1/7/1975  :Tu-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74\SATURN.HEAVY.  Sometime around
          :this time, I began to feel I am taken advantage of at VS&W.
          :Decided on a request for salary increase--submitted on 1/19.
1/9/1975  :Th-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74\SATURN.HEAVY.  Sent my last check
          :for $1,298.66 to pay off my Student Loan: another freedom. . .
          :Meanwhile, my restlessness is increasing.  Mary Beth is becoming
          :my steady companion, though I am not in a romantic state of mind
          :perhaps due to Saturn in my Sun-sign. . .
1/14/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74\SATURN.HEAVY.  Started work on the
          :Tennessee Gas Pipeline "Curtailment" case.
1/17/1975 :Fr-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74\SATURN.HEAVY\Astrology/Karen.
          :KAREN Sweeney (Pisces), new at work, drew my attention.
          :Doing lots of Astrology charts and transits.
1/19/1975 :Su-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74\SATURN.HEAVY.  Finalized my salary
          :request of $25,000 to VS&W.  The idea came to me 1st on 1/7/75.
          :1/20/Mo: Went to the Cozy Corner restaurant across the street
          :from my apt.  First snow in DC.
          :1/21/Tu: 1st day of X-examinations on NEPCO case.
1/22/1975 :We-DC/VS&W/KEN\Claps.  Ken is in DC for a short visit, stayed
          :at my place.
          :In the eve, I noticed had 'claps', likely from Sam Black.
          :I called her.
1/23/1975 :Th-DC/VS&W.  Drove to Waynesburg to pick Belinda; came to DC.
          :Did not go to work on Fri.  We walked in Georgetown, went to the
          :Astor in the eve to see belly dance.
          :1/24/Sa: I took her to the National Geographic.
          :Mary Beth was with us since Saturday night, a nice catalyst...
          :By Monday, I sensed that there is Judy-induced anger in Belinda
          :against me.  (It lasted until 1/3/89.)
1/29/1975 :We-DC/VS&W/TURKS-GREEKS\PREGNANT.  Mary Beth is pregnant.
          :Called Dr. Davidlarian about it; abortion on 2/14.
          :Turks and Greeks are arm-wrestling about Cyprus.
          :President Ford's budget calls for a $70 billion deficit for 1976
          :2/2/Su: Rod Laver v. Jimmy Connor tennis match; Connor won.
2/3/1975  :Mo-DC/VS&W/SALARY/MARY BETH.  My salary increase request of 1/19
          :denied by VS&W.  I know they are playing games. . .
          :2/4/Tu: ELIZABETH (Mary Beth) prevented me from resigning.
2/8/1975  :Sa-DC/VS&W/GRIMM's TALES.  Sent 'Grimm's Tales' to Belinda for
          :her 8th birthday on 2/20. Uranus turned retro in Scorpio, will
          :be in Libra on 5/1/75, direct on 7/7/75.
2/14/1975 :Fr-DC/VS&W/ELIZABETH.  Mary Beth's abortion. I did not go, and
          :felt guilty...  Like John Hennigan she is clever, secretive,
          :ambitious, a product of the DC environment, while I do not
          :really fit...
2/20/1975 :Th-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74\SATURN.HEAVY.  Belinda 8 years old
          :On 2/8 I had sent her Grimm's Tales.
          :January and February things were in commotion: paranoia, anger,
          :nervousness...  Things began to improve on 2/22, when
          :Saturn in Cancer passed conj. my Mercury, now conj. my Jupiter.
2/22/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/Waynesburg/Weston/BECKY\KAREN McCUNE.  Took Mother's
          :new car (Olds) to KAREN McCune in Weston, WV.  (She is my friend
          :(from 1962) Allen McCune's wife; Allen died in a car crash a few
          :months back.)  We had sex but so so. . .
          :(Got caught speeding on the way there, but did not pay.)
          :Address: Karen, Tisha (daughter) 243 Main Ave. #2
          :Weston, WV 26452.  Tel: 304-269-1953.
          :Around this time I also contacted BECKY B. McCune, Allen's 1st
          :wife and my friend from VU in 1962 when I was with Janet then
          :Nanci White.
          :Address: 87 Northdale Pl. Lawrenceville, GA 30245 404-963-9904.
2/27/1975 :Th-DC/VS&W.  Al Rowe and I went to the FPC to discuss gas well
          :Southern Econ Conference date in San Diego set.
          :3/1/Sa: Mother is 58 years old...
3/3/1975  :Mo-DC/VS&W.  Al Rowe/I to FPC on Tennessee Gas Pipeline case.
          :Privately I am spending too much time on the phone w. Karen
          :McCune and Mary Beth.
3/6/1975  :Th-DC/VS&W/Uncle.BAHRI.  Uncle Bahri is 82. Sent him a card,
          :and to Mother, Gayle, Gigi, Karen, and a 'hi' note to
          :Sam(antha) Black from 1/26/74.
3/9/1975  :Su-DC/VS&W/Karen.  Karen Sweeney (Pisces) from our office came
          :over.  Made love. Nice...
          :Venus in Aries is trine my Moon/Mars until 3/12 or so.
3/11/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/KAREN.  Karen McCune (Pisces) is 28. Spent two hours
          :on the phone with her.  Then Mary Beth came over. Made love;
          :fantastic . . .
3/12/1975 :We-DC/VS&W/Knoxville/Waynesburg/Barbara.  To Knoxville, TN on
          :Tennessee Gas Pipeline case: RP75-28.
          :Arrived at 2am in Waynesburg on 3/15.  Mother said on 3/14/F
          :Barbara Sejnoski called and left message--after 3 years or so.
          :Tel: 304-782-5518.
3/15/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/Waynesburg.Morgantown/Barbara.  Returned Barbara
          :Sejnoski's call from yesterday; elated!
          :She will be in DC 4/1-6. 
          :Gigi came.  Afternoon visited Judy (and felt guilty: she is
          :still in love; then, to Ken's for a so so visit--he is Cancer.
3/16/1975 :Su-DC/VS&W/Morgantown/KEN/Onassis/C.FULLER/B.SEJNOSKI.
          :Aristotle Onassis died today.
          :Came to Kens, met CAROL Fuller (VIR).
          :Address: 2070 Garden Springs Dr.136 Lex.,KY 40504 #606-277-8990
          :(I had first seen her a few years back in my econ class in 1969.
          :Later in 1981, we had a wonderful day in San Francisco, made
          :love, and a few months later she died prematurely on something.)
          :Barbara Sejnoski came over to pick me up. Spent the night with
          :her. She said "you are turning the tables on me" in bed at night
          :AS OF 2/22, especially as of 3/6, MY LIFE IS UP, ACTIVE, SENSUAL
          :SIRMAN        Page 17: 3/16/1975 SUN (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN: 4SAG40 H(S 6/P11/L 2) A179 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(S12/P05/L08)
          :NN: 4SAG40 H(S 6/P11/L 2) S120 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :PL: 8LIB15 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A 90 NATAL   JU:08CAN 0 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :PL: 8LIB15 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) S119 NATAL   ST:08GEM21 H(S12/P05/L09)
          :NP:11SAG47 H(S 6/P12/L 3) 
          :UR: 1SCO51 H(S 5/P10/L 1) 
          :ST:11CAN57 H(S 1/P 7/L10) 
          :JU:29PIS21 H(S 9/P 3/L 6) 
          :MR: 9AQU38 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) ==>  NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(S02/P08/L11)
          :VE:25ARI15 H(S10/P 4/L 7) <--  This had done nice things . . .
          :ME:29AQU20 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) A 59 TRANSIT MO:28ARI 2 H(S10/P 4/L 7)
          :SU:24PIS46 H(S 9/P 3/L 6) 
          :MO:28ARI 2 H(S10/P 4/L 7) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 12.28 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: + 3/- 6= -3: NEGATIVE 
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T
          :H 1!  8 -1 -1-10-22-10  2 -1 -3 -7 -4 -4 -2  4 -4 -4 -2 -2 -4 -4
          :H 2!  0 -2-11 -4 -3  0 -4  6 10 -3 -3  0  0  0  0  1  3 -6  0  0
          :H 3! -8-10 -5 -3  7 -1 -1  7  8  0 11  2 18 12 11  0  0 -5 -5  0
          :H 4!  8 -2 -2 -4-10 -4  2 -1 -3 -4 -4 -4 -4 -1 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4
          :H 5!  0  1 -8  0 -9 -6 -4  6 10 -6  0  0  2  5  0  0  4  1 -2  0
          :H 6! -1 -6 -8 -3 11 -1 -1 -1  0  0 -2 -2 21 15  1  1  1 -5 -6  5
          :H 7! -5 -4  3-10-10  0  0  5  8  0 10  4 -3 -3 10  0  0  0  0  0
          :H 8!  0  0  0  0 -9  0  2 12 11 -6  0  0  2  5  0  0  0  5  0  0
          :H 9!  6 -7 -9 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6 -7 -7 16  9 -4 -4 -2-15-11  1
          :H10! -7 -5  1-10-16 -6  0  8  8  0 10  4 -3  1 10  0  2  2  0  0
          :H11! -1  1 -7 -3  1  1  1  1  2  2  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  5 -1  0
          :H12!  0 -4 -4  2 12  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -3  5
          :TOT!  0-10-14-13 -8 -5 -3 12 14-11  4 -2 16 13  7 -3 -1-10-11  1
          :SCORE:  -5/  3= -2. SUMMARY OF THESE  31 DAYS: NEGATIVE 
          :DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74\SATURN. . .
3/17/1975 :Mo-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth\Morgantown.Barbara.
          :St.Patrick Day; Went to WVU arboretum with Barbara Sejnoski.
          :A very nice stay.
          :On the way back, met LA RUE (?)--from the 1960s--at the airport.
3/18/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/SATURN/Elizabeth>12/17/74\Morgantown.Barbara.
          :JUPITER enters ARIES - final. No Transition - to 3/26/76
          :My Solar 10th House (from 0 Cancer) of Career
          :My Natal  4th (Equal) Ho of Domestic Adj., Inner Fears
          :   Natal  3rd (Placidus) of Trips, Affairs, Experiences
          :Location  6th (Equal) Ho of Work, Personal Projects: Astrology
          :          7th (Placidus) of Allegiances, Marriage
          :I am 32, divorced from Gayle, living in DC, working for VS&W.
3/20/1975 :Th-DC/VS&W.  With Elizabeth: to Trade Winds then to Astor.
          :3/21/Fr: Karen McCune was supposed be in DC; did not come...
          :3/22/Sa: One year since I saw Gayle last time. Spring-cleaned
          :the apt. for Mother's visit on 3/28, Barbara Sejnoski on 4/1-6.
          :Nice w. Elizabeth today!
3/28/1975 :Fr-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74\SATURN/Mother.in.DC
          :Good Friday: Mother visiting me in DC; also met Elizabeth.
4/1/1975  :Tu-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt/B.SEJNOSKI.  Barbara Sejnoski with me to
          :4/6.  Went to National Geographic, Dumbarton Oaks, Mrs. Smiths
          :in Georgetown, Kennedy Center in the eve . . .
          :4/6/Su: she left; we did not get along; the END with her--I
          :heard from her again in Calif. in 1983/84.
          :Chiang Kai-shek died today...
          :SIRMAN        Page 7: 4/6/1975 SUN (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN: 3SAG34 H(S 6/P11/L 2) A180 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(S12/P05/L08)
          :NN: 3SAG34 H(S 6/P11/L 2) A119 TRANSIT ME: 2ARI41 H(S10/P 3/L 6)
          :PL: 7LIB40 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) S 90 NATAL   JU:08CAN 0 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :NP:11SAG39 H(S 6/P12/L 3) 
          :UR: 1SCO 5 H(S 5/P10/L 1) 
          :ST:12CAN25 H(S 1/P 7/L10) 
          :JU: 4ARI25 H(S10/P 3/L 6) S 90 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :JU: 4ARI25 H(S10/P 3/L 6) A121 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :MR:25AQU35 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) 
          :VE:20TAU34 H(S11/P 5/L 8) 
          :ME: 2ARI41 H(S10/P 3/L 6) A 91 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L09)
          :ME: 2ARI41 H(S10/P 3/L 6) A 61 NATAL   UR:03GEM18 H(S12/P05/L08)
          :SU:15ARI34 H(S10/P 3/L 7) A121 NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(S02/P08/L11)
          :MO:13AQU 4 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 11.86 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: +21/-20= 1: POSITIVE 
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S
          :H 1!  0-10 -8 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6  0 -4  2  2  0  0  0 -2 -2  1  0
          :H 2!  4  3  3  3  2  3  2 11  2  2  2  4  4  0-14 -6  4 -4  2 -1
          :H 3! -3 -7 -9 -3 -4  5 18  4  5 18  0 -6  4  8 -1-12 -7 -7 -4 -2
          :H 4!  0 -9 -7-14 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6  0  0  0  5  0  0  0 -2  8  1 10
          :H 5!  2  2  2  2 -6  2  6  2  2  2  6 10  6 -5-21 -7 15  1  3  5
          :H 6! -2 -3 -4 -2 -4 -4  8  9  0  1  0  0  0 -1 -1  4  0 -4  2 -1
          :H 7!  1 -7 -6  0  0 10 10  4  5 17 -4 -6  4  8 -1-12 -7  3 -4  5
          :H 8!  2 -1 -1 -6 -6  2  6  2  2  2  6  4  5 -6 -8 -2 11  0  0  0
          :H 9!  0 -6-10 -6 -6 -6 -6  3 -6  0  0  4  4  1-13  0  2 -5  6 10
          :H10! -4-12 -9 -3 -4  5 18  4  5 17 -4 -4  6  8 -1-12 -7  3 -4  0
          :H11!  2 -2 -2 -7 -8  1  4  0  0  0  4  4  5 -9 -1 -1  0  0  0  2
          :H12!  1  1  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  1  0  0  0  2 -8  3 11  1  3  8
          :TOT! -1-15-14-15-16  1 14  9  1 19  6  2 13  3-18-10 12 -1 -2  4
          :SCORE:  -4/  4=  0. SUMMARY OF THESE  30 DAYS: DORMANT
          :DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74\SATURN. . .
4/8/1975  :Tu-DC/VS&W/TheLETTER.  Idea came first about writing a drastic
          :letter to VS&W.  They are taking advantage of us and the clients
          :charging time for us when we are really not doing anything about
          :a particular case!
          :The seeds for this were probably planted on 1/7/75, when I
          :decided to ask a salary increase, did so on 1/19, and was
          :turned down on 2/3.  Saturn in Cancer is paving the way. . .
4/12/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/ARMENIA.  The US Congress voted something about
          :'Man's Inhumanity to Men' day about Turks and Armenians. Wrote
          :a letter to the Post calling the Congressmen "boy scouts."
4/14/1975 :Mo-DC/VS&W/NY\DAVID CORDELL.  To New York to meet this job
          :finders.  Walked miles to the interview; a beautiful day!
          :Interviewed Texaco; Edie Consultants canceled my interview.
          :4/16/We: in Knoxville, TN on (last) RP75-28 Curtailment case.
4/19/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/1ST BOOK.  Started my manuscript on Public Utilities.
          :Elizabeth helping!
4/22/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/VITAMINS.  Started taking Vitamin-E, and others!
4/24/1975 :Th-Began selling my belongings in the Apt on N.Hamp. GYPSY soon!
          :Feeling strong vibes about a major change in my life, I decided
          :to get ready for it by selling my stuff and being mobile, though
          :nothing was on sight yet. . .
4/27/1975 :Su-Not making LISTS any longer, but still unsure of future.
          :I am making lots of money and bonuses, but Consulting is for
          :the birds.  Even weekends consumed.
4/29/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W.  Vietnam War Ended at 12:10pm...
          :5/1/Th:Uranus is retro to Libra, direct 7/7/75, in Sco 9/8/75.
5/3/1975  :Sa-DC/VS&W/ELIZABETH.  With Elizabeth Tighe and her parents, to
          :Ocean City to their cottage.
5/4/1975  :Su-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt/WETA: S.ARABIA. Saw one-hour documentary
          :on Saudi Arabia on WETA, the Educ. Channel; gave me the impetus
          :to apply to S.A...  On 5/6/75 I wrote to the embassy; wrote my
          :1st job letter on 6/12.
          :(Since the VIETNAM WAR ended on 4/29/75; I too feel a major
          :change in the works for me . . .)
5/8/1975  :Th-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt/APT.  My apt almost empty, all sold. Gave
          :wok to Elizabeth;  Continuing to work on my RR-Manuscript...
5/13/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt.  Made love to Karen Sweeney 2nd (and
          :last) time...
5/17/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt.  Talked to Mike Pincus about a final
          :format for my manuscript.
          :Still selling my stuff at the apt...
5/18/1975 :Su-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt.  Barbara (SCO 40), an architects wife
          :called about my bamboo rocking chair, came over.  Hit it nicely.
          :Went to Cozy Corner, returned and made love; she did not
          :purchase the chair . . .
5/19/1975 :Mo-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt.  Elizabeth visited, made love... Apt
          :almost empty...
          :Sometime after I vacated my apt, Elizabeth moved from her
          :her apt to almost next door to me: 1565 Colonial Terrace,
          :Apt 203, Arlington, VA 22209, Tel:525-3927.
5/22/1975 :Th-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt/JULES.  Met Jules Marquart (28 CAP),
          :sister of Jim Marquart, in the office.  Came to the apt and made
          :love on my brass bed.
          :Almost all belongings now sold: $560. Telephone disconnected.
          :SIRMAN        Page 23: 5/22/1975 THU (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN: 1SAG 7 H(S 6/P11/L 2) A119 TRANSIT MR: 0ARI29 H(S10/P 3/L 6)
          :NN: 1SAG 7 H(S 6/P11/L 2) A179 TRANSIT SU: 0GEM18 H(S12/P 5/L 8)
          :PL: 6LIB40 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) 
          :NP:10SAG42 H(S 6/P12/L 3) 
          :UR:29LIB13 H(S 4/P10/L 1) 
          :ST:15CAN53 H(S 1/P 7/L10) A 91 TRANSIT JU:14ARI46 H(S10/P 3/L 7)
          :JU:14ARI46 H(S10/P 3/L 7) A 89 TRANSIT VE:13CAN32 H(S 1/P 7/L10)
          :MR: 0ARI29 H(S10/P 3/L 6) A 60 TRANSIT SU: 0GEM18 H(S12/P 5/L 8)
          :VE:13CAN32 H(S 1/P 7/L10) ==>  NATAL   SU:22CAN31 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :ME:21GEM18 H(S12/P 6/L 9) P  3 NATAL   VE:20GEM57 H(S12/P06/L09)
          :SU: 0GEM18 H(S12/P 5/L 8) 
          :MO:17LIB52 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 14.25 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: +15/- 8= 7: +CHALLENGING
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T
          :H 1! -4  4  0  1  1  0  0  1  3  2  2  2  2  2-11 -4  6  2 -1 -1
          :H 2!  0  2  2 10  4  2  2  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  4  0  0
          :H 3!  2  2  2  2  2  2  0 -8-10  8  8  5  5  2  2  2 -2 -2 -1 -1
          :H 4! -4  4  0  1  1  0 -6 -5  3-13 -6  0  0  0 -6 -6  0  0  0  0
          :H 5!  0  0  4  8  2  0  1 -2  0  0-10  0  5  5  0  2  2  6  6  2
          :H 6!  6 11  3  3  3  3 -6 -8 -5  8  8  5  5  2  7  7 -2  2  6  6
          :H 7!  1  5  1  2  2  1  0  0 -2 -1  2  5  5  2 -5  2  6  2 -4 -4
          :H 8!  0  0  4  9  1  0 -5 -6  0-10-16  0  5  5  0  2  2 10  6  2
          :H 9!  1 10  2  2  4  2 -6 -9 -5 10 10  7  7  4  1  1 -2  2  6  6
          :H10!  1  1  1  2  2  1  0  0  1  0  0  3  3  0 -5  2  6  2 -4 -4
          :H11!  0  0  4  1  1  0 -6 -6  0-13-16  0  5  5  0  2  2 10  6  2
          :H12!  6  9  1  1  1  1 -7 -2  3  0  0  3  3  0  5  5  0  4  4  4
          :TOT!  2 15  7 12  6  3-11-16 -7 -3 -6  7 12  9  2  9  4 12  9  5
          :SCORE:  -2/  6=  4. SUMMARY OF THESE  31 DAYS: POSITIVE 
          :DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74.Jules>5/22/75\SATURN. . .
5/24/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt.  Gigi and Mike came to DC to help me move
          :the rest of my stuff to Waynesburg.  We took Rt. 50. Very nice.
          :but odd with the mattress and brass bed on Mike's car. Arrived
          :at 11:30am.
          :Judy came over to help. She lost weight; looked dynamite. . .
5/26/1975 :Su-DC/VS&W/NH Ave.Apt.  Left the apt at 1310 NH Ave #504 20036.
          :The urge began on 4/24--by a strange coincidence, Vietnam
          :ended on 4/29, also a major change!--especially after watching
          :the program about S.Arabia on 5/4.
          :Began a gypsy existence, living in the office, in the car, later
          :at a run-down apt (Harkett Hall) where Jules visited me.
          :I am also seeing our efficient black secretary FANNIE Hymon,
          :and Elizabeth, and . . .
5/31/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74.Jules>5/22/75\SATURN.
          :Elizabeth and I to Lisa's for a reunion party, but vacant. . .
          :Since moving out of apt. feeling free
6/2/1975  :Mo-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74.Jules>5/22/75\SATURN.
          :Mailed my RR manuscript mailed to Doubleday in DC.
6/5/1975  :Th-DC/VS&W/ROWE.  Gave Lena my WV address as 47/2 Maryland Ave,
          :Middleway, WV.  (This saves me $96/mo from DC tax, plus $240
          :from rent!)
          :Began house-sitting Rowe's house in McLean, VA while he is on
6/10/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/PENSION.  After examining our pension at the firm,
          :idea came for a COMPLAINT letter about VS&W.
6/12/1975 :Th-DC/VS&W/S.ARABIA:1ST. Making job contacts: had interview
          :yesterday with Dean Kaitz of Georgetown Univ; letters elsewhere.
          :Wrote today my 1st job letter to S. Arabia: The Saudi Fund.  (I
          :had contacted the embassy on 5/6, after the program on WETA on
          :5/4; I had a contract on my hands on 12/19/76.)
          :SIRMAN        Page 13: 6/12/1975 THU (DAY OF EVENT)
          :NN: 0SAG 1 H(S 6/P11/L 2) 
          :PL: 6LIB29 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A 61 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :NP:10SAG 8 H(S 6/P12/L 3) 
          :UR:28LIB37 H(S 4/P10/L 1) 
          :ST:18CAN15 H(S 1/P 7/L10) 
          :JU:18ARI43 H(S10/P 3/L 7) A121 NATAL   MR:19LEO33 H(S02/P08/L11)
          :JU:18ARI43 H(S10/P 3/L 7) S 60 TRANSIT ME:18GEM33 H(S12/P 6/L 9)
          :JU:18ARI43 H(S10/P 3/L 7) S 90 TRANSIT MO:18CAN57 H(S 1/P 7/L10)
          :MR:16ARI 7 H(S10/P 3/L 7) A120 NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(S02/P08/L11)
          :VE: 5LEO38 H(S 2/P 7/L11) ==>  NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(S02/P08/L11)
          :ME:18GEM33 H(S12/P 6/L 9) 
          :SU:20GEM26 H(S12/P 6/L 9) A  1 NATAL   VE:20GEM57 H(S12/P06/L09)
          :MO:18CAN57 H(S 1/P 7/L10) : MOON'S ANGULAR MOTION: 14.16 DEG/24H
          :OVERALL RATING: +30/- 3= 27: OPPORTUNE
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F
          :H 1! -7 -2  0-10-12 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2  1  1 -2 -3 -3 -3  1 -4 -1 -1
          :H 2!  0  0  0  0  0  0  2  0  5  5 -4  0  6  1  2  1  0  0  0  0
          :H 3! -1  5 -4  3 -6 -6 -6 -3  7  8 21 18 17  7 11 11 25 17  9 -6
          :H 4! -4  1  1 -4 -4  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  2  1  1  1  1 -4 -1 -1
          :H 5!  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 -6  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :H 6! -3 -3  1 -2  0  0  6  8  3  8  5  6  1  1  1  1 -3-13-10  0
          :H 7! -1  5 -6 -1-14 -9 -8 -6  9 10 17 21 19  4  6  6 28 20 12 -3
          :H 8!  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  2  1  0  0  0  0
          :H 9! -7 -2  1 -2  1  1  6  9 -2  9  6  7  3  2  1  1 -2-17-14 -4
          :H10! -1  5 -6 -6-19 -9 -8 -6  9 10 17 21 18  3  6  6 28 20 15  0
          :H11!  0  0  0  0  0  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  1  1  2  1  0  0  0  0
          :H12! -3 -3  1 -2  0  0  5  8 -3  8  5  6  1  1  1  1 -3-13-10  0
          :TOT! -5  6 -2  0 -5  0  6  5  9 20 25 27 27 12 18 17 26  3 -2 -7
          :SCORE:  -1/  9=  8. SUMMARY OF THESE  30 DAYS: +CHALLENGING
          :DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74.Jules>5/22/75\SATURN. . .
6/20/1975 :Fr-DC/VS&W/S.DIEGO >6/20-7/1. 1st Trip to San Diego for the
          :Western Economic Conference (WEC).
          :Took father's green Fiat 124. 4:30pm, Rt.95 S. Knoxville: 498m;
          :4/21 arrived at a MS town at the Gulf, slept a bit.
          :Then in New Orleans at 7:20pm: 1140m; saw Bourbon St., etc.
6/22/1995 :Su-DC/VS&W/S.DIEGO & WEC >6/20-71:El PASO, TX at 8pm 2400m.
          :A flash flood then a beautiful sunset led the way--still have
          :the photos.  Stopped in Juarez, did not like it as much as with
          :Reiner in 1970.  Hot as hell in Yuma.  Climbing the hill after
          :El Centro, I jumped into a water barrel. Arrived in SD 6/23/Mo
          :at 5pm: 3,100 miles from DC, a wonderful trip.
          :Stayed at Sheraton Harbor.  I love this freedom . . .
6/24/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/S.DIEGO & WEC>6/20-7/1. 1st impression of San Diego:
          :a lovely city, but conservative.  Purchased a jean outfit in
          :Fashion Valley.
          :6/26/Th: 8pm harbor cruise, met JULIE who became a companion.
          :6/27/Fr: 4:30pm Tijuana tour.
6/28/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/S.DIEGO & WEC>6/20-7/1.  8:30am presented my paper
          :in the Alvarado Suite: "A Pilot Study of Comparable Risk
          :Enterprises in Rate of Return Determination for Public
          :Utilities." Left SD on 6/29/Su; 7/1/Tu: 4:30am arrived in
          :I decided that someday I would live in S.Diego--which I did
          :June to Sep. 1981, then 2/28/82 to 7/15/85.
7/2/1975  :We-DC/VS&W.  Post San Diego: $3000 salary increase.
          :7/3/Th: mailed a Conrad Aiken poem to Gayle.
          :Typed the company's Pension Plan for 7/31.
7/6/1975  :Su-DC/VS&W/URANUS in LIB.  Came to Waynesburg to talk to Pincus
          :about our past, then REGRETted it!
          :7/7/Mo: Uranus turns direct in Libra, in Scorpio on 9/8/75
7/10/1975 :Th-DC/VS&W/ASTROLOGY.  Prepared my Relocated DC chart.
          :7/12/Sa: Taglialatella party.  Met Lynn (Pisces).
7/15/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/AFA\I AM 33.  Became AFA member.
          :John Hennigan, Fannie, Elizabeth and I went to Astor; then to
          :Elizabeth to play "truth . . ."
7/17/1975 :Th-DC/VS&W/WAYNESBURG & JULES>7/17-20.  Picked up Jules from
          :airport at 9pm.  Left for Waynesburg to 7/20.
          :Met Pincus.  Jules called me chauvinist;  I did not react well,
          :though probably she was right.
          :July was difficult; Saturn is still in Cancer. . .
7/24/1975 :Th-DC/VS&W/AEC.  Mailed my application for Mid Atlantic
          :Conference in DC. for the same RR paper I presented at WEC in
          :San Diego on 6/28/75.  Working on RP75-35 case.
7/25/1995 :Fr-DC/VS&W/JUDY.  Did my 1972/73 taxes by Income Avg'ing.
          :Paid $31 for speeding in Frostburg, MD.
          :Purchased a polaroid camera.
          :7/26/Sa: came to Waynesburg.  The telephone bill too high.
          :Met Judy: Nice!
7/29/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/LANSING & JULES.  Wiskup announced my trip to Lansing
          :MI on a case--Jules thereafter.  A nice surprise. . .
          :Left for Jules on 8/1, spent a wonderful weekend together to 8/3
8/4/1975  :Mo-DC/VS&W/2nd letter to Saudi Arabia. (The 1st on 6/12.)
          :Mailed my 1st complaint letter to VS&W about our pension plan.
          :We are solving $250 million rate cases for others, getting
          :screwed on our pension plan: no wonder I've had bad vibes here
8/8/1975  :Fr-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74.Jules>5/22/75\SATURN. . .
          :Made my 1st Savings Deposit, $3500, at Riggs bank.
8/11/1975 :Mo-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth>12/17/74.Jules>5/22/75\SATURN. . .
          :10:30pm missed Gayle intensely.  Gigi said "she doesn't
          :deserve it. . ."
8/15/1975 :Fr-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN\Waynesburg:Naim.Barb.Cathy.
          :In Waynesburg (parents in Turkey): met Naim, his girl Barbara,
          :her sister CATHY (Leo).  Fun!  Made love to Cathy all night!
          :Addr:Naim AlHerimi 756 Mulberry Av. Clarksburg, WV Tel: 622-7508
8/16/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN\Clarksburg:Naim.
          :Left with Naim for Clarksburg.  On the way back felt nostalgic
          :for Gayle in Fairmont.  Her aunt Irene was not home.  As well!
8/17/1975 :Su-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN\Morgantown:Judy.
          :Stopped at Judy.  Jules called later in DC; she is coming. . .
8/18/1975 :Mo-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN.  Began Northern Utilities
          :case RP75-45.  Talked to Wiskup about Reservoir Engineering.
8/19/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth.Jules.Fannie/SATURN.  
          :Took Fannie to the Black Rooster. Told John Hennigan about our
          :pension at work.
8/20/1975 :We-DC/VS&W/Elizabeth.Jules.Fannie/SATURN.  Got Fannie a green
          :bikini for Rowe's party.  She looked delectable: cut work, made
          :love to her all afternoon.  I like black women . . .
8/22/1975 :Fr-DC/VS&W/JULES>8/22-31.  Picked up Jules at Pitt airport; we
          :came to Waynesburg.
          :8/24/Su: With Jules, drove to Buckhannan, WV for Naim's wedding
          :to Barbara.  Nice!  (Due to the wedding did not go to Rowe's
          :pool party today.)
8/25/1975 :Mo-DC/VS&W/JULES>8/22-31.  After Naim's wedding on 8/24, Jules
          :and I returned to DC, took a night walk, ended up in Salaam, the
          :Turk/Arab-owned belly dance restaurant on K-St.  It was OK.
          :8/26/Tu: Jules/I to Annapolis, then visited her brother (and my
          :coworker) Jim and his wife JoAnne.
          :8/27/We: Took Jules to the Lady Bird Park, then to Dockside in
          :8/28/Th: Took Jules and her sister for lunch to Georgetown.
8/30/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/JULES>8/22-31\Morgantown.  With Jules, drove to a
          :Pool Party at Ken's.  Alas, I misbehaved by "flirting," that is,
          :by being continental to another female.  Forgot that native
          :Americans see this as flirtation.  Jules was hurt. . .
          :Later we took Belinda to South Hills mall in Pitt.
          :8/31/Su: Wonderful 10 days with Jules ended.
          :Meanwhile, Al Rowe is getting nervous about my investigation of
          :our pension plan.
9/3/1975  :We-DC/VS&W/Jules>5/22/75\SATURN/FCC.
          :FCC Interview.  Curtis Bushnell, a co-worker retired from FCC
          :had recommended me.  Today I had an interview for a GS-13
          :Step-6 position.  However, I would prefer Saudi Arabia. . .
9/5/1975  :Fr-DC/VS&W/Jules>5/22/75\SATURN.Sun:S.Arabia/Van?
          :Received a response from Saudi Arabia notifying me that I will
          :be contacted by Dr. Jalal, but I did not hear from him, even
          :after I left a message.   Feeling down!
          :My sense of confinement has increased. I want to buy a van and
          :live in it. . .
9/7/1975  :Su-DC/VS&W/John.Jules>5/22/75\SATURN.  With John, went to
          :Godfather; met Kathy (CAN), a go-go dancer.
          :9/8/Mo: URANUS enters Scorpio until 2/17/81; 1st on 11/21/74.
          :9/9/Tu: To Minneapolis on Northern States Power case, to 9/12/75
9/13/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/Jules/SATURN\AEC.Paper:2/Karen\Ali.Bey.
          :Atlantic Economic Conference in DC.  Presented my paper "The
          :Concept of Rate of Return/Compatibility Criteria" at Shoreham
          :Americana Hotel at 2:15pm.
          :Karen McCune called at 1:30am from Charleston, WV, but I decided
          :to "leave" her be. . .
          :Parents arrived from Turkey.  Ali bey, our family friend since
          :Samsun days (5/29/1949 to 1958) died.
          :.........SATURN in Transition into Leo until 1/14/1976.
          :.........It turns retro on 11/15/75, direct on 3/28/76.
          :SATURN enters LEO permanently on 6/5/76, to 11/17/1977.
          :LEO is my Solar 2nd House of the Expansion, Growth
          :..........Natal 8th House of Sex, Evolution, Changes
          :Washington 9th/10th Houses of Foreign/Objectives, Direction
          :Riyadh     7th/ 8th Houses of Alliances/Joint Finances, Sex
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :LEO, it transits my 3 planets in Leo: Pluto, Moon/Mars Conjunct.
          :BUT it is also SEXTILE to my 3 planets in Gemini: Uranus/Saturn
          :Conjunction and Venus.  As with everything else Saturn touches,
          :it should rearrange and restructure affairs associated with the
          :above houses.  It did.
          :For me, having lived through Saturn in my Sun-sign, this period
          :began by assertiveness and burning bridges in Washington to my
          :first 20 months in Saudi Arabia.  The former is not a surprise,
          :for Saturn was Square to transiting Uranus just in Scorpio.
          :Then, Saturn would be conjunct my Pluto while Sextile to Natal
          :Uranus/Saturn.  There had to be some good things in this.
          :There were and the dates are amazingly congruent to Saturn.
          :1) Washington 10th House of Career.  As consultants we reviewed
          :the finances of almost all public utilities. Then, the idea came
          :to me that I should also review our in-house pension plan. I did
          :and saw that our pension was vested in 5 to 10 years.  In other
          :words, in this very volatile field where people lasted only a
          :few years we had practically no pension.  I was also disturbed
          :by other, especially billing, practices of the firm.
          :2) Riyadh 9th/10th House of Career 2, Direction. The Saudi offer
          :reached my hands exactly on 1/14/76, on the last day of first 
          :Saturn transition in Leo.  I left for Riyadh on 2/25/76. Between
          :these two dates, I mailed to every major client of the firm in
          :Washington, about 250 in toto, and my coworkers a letter about
          :the company's practices.  (Indeed I was told by one colleague
          :that the firm folded up a year after I left.)
          :3) Solar 2nd House of Money.  The offer from Riyadh effectively
          :tripled my income, doubled my benefits, and doubled my annual
          :leave.  And over the next 5 years I traveled to almost all parts
          :of the world, courtesy of the Saudis.  I doubled my income every
          :year in Saudi Arabia.  When I returned to USA 5 years later (8
          :years after leaving WVU), I was financially independent, owned
          :two homes, was a partner in 2 property partnerships, and had no
          :debts.  Thank you Saturn, Saudi Arabia...
          :4) Riyadh, 8th House of Sex, Intimacy.  Intimacy was one area
          :that suffered in Riyadh.  On the other hand, because I traveled
          :often and for extended periods (e.g., 58 days in 13 countries in
          :Africa), there were other, some out-of-the-blue, opportunities.
          :                       11/17/1977 Next!
          :has been in my Sun-sign (and Mercury, Jupiter) since Aug. 73.
9/19/1975 :Fr-DC/VS&W/Fannie.Elizabeth.Jules.John/SATURN.on.my.Pl/Mo\Mr.
          :John and to King Arthur's. I met Nora (LEO), a go-go dancer.
          :What a dancer.  Set date for Sunday. . .
9/23/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/Fannie.Elizabeth.Jules.Judy/SATURN.on.my.Pl/Mo\Mr.
          :Drove to Waynesburg.  Stopped at Judy first, made love; came
          :home; had an argument with father.
          :Left for Minneapolis on Northern Power case--and to Jules in
          :Detroit(3: 1st on 7/15) after that.
9/26/1975 :Fr-DC/VS&W/Fannie.Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN.on.Pl/Mo\Mr/Detroit:4
          :In Detroit, visiting Jules for the weekend after NP case.
          :Spent time in Kensington Park. I think I am falling for her!
          :Addr: 23503 W. 7 Mile Rd. #21, Detroit, MI 48219 #313-533-1751.
10/1/1975 :We-DC/VS&W/Fannie.Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN.on.my.Pl/Mo\Mr./ALI
          :Manilla, Rnd: 14. M. Ali won against Joe Frazier: champ 2nd time
          :10/3/Fr: Drove to Waynesburg.  Bought Belinda a coat.
          :First time I heard father talk of retirement.
10/7/1975 :Tu-DC/VS&W/Fannie.Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN.on.my.Pl/Mo\Mr/Detroit5
          :Began working on United RP71-41 Depreciation case; X-Exam on
          :10/9.  Next to Detroit to see Jules.
          :10/9/Th: Completed a report on "NSP System of Computer Models"
          :under Docket # E9148, Northern States Power.
10/11/1975:Sa-DC/VS&W/MORGANTOWN\DETROIT-6.  Instead of going to Jules last
          :night, came to Morgantown to see Belinda, but the Pisces jinx
          :Then to Pitt; took Northwest to Detroit. Met Colleen (ARI) on
          :the plane.  Date for next Friday.
          :In Detroit met two friends of Jules: Mary Ellen (AQU) and Gail
          :(SCO). Purchased beads in Ann Arbor, Chapman's "SAILING" too.
          :Around this time Jules had given me a powder blue shirt she
          :had hand-stitched, and Love poems of Pablo Neruda.
          :10/12/Su: Jules gave me the best oral sex ever in the morn.
          :Visited the van show in Kobolt Hall in Detroit.
          :10/13/Mo: 1am in DC, a beautiful day later: Columbus Day today.
          :Rudolph Araktingi, my class mate from Engr. days, called
          :from Salt Lake City.
          :Addr: 4775 Pintail Crt. Salt Lake, UT 84117   801-268-4225
          :Obtained my GS-15 rating from CSC.
          :10/15/We: Asked Rowe to write me recommendation letter to WVU to
          :complete my Ph.D. in Econ--course work was final in 1972.
          :Typed VS&W a salary request of $30,000--as on 1/7--also one to
          :CSC, for a GS-13/Step-6 position at $27,000.
          :10/18/Sa: Completed about 200 business addresses on envelope for
          :the Complaint letter, if salary request denied--the idea on 4/8.
          :Saw movie:'Hard Times' with Charles Bronson and James Coburn.
          :In Detroit to see Jules.  We had a fight the next morn.
          :Hitched a ride with two black guys to the airport.  Almost got
          :robbed, but I was 'pissed off' enough to fight King Kong. . .
          :They sensed it and brought me to the airport for $5.
          :Came to Waynesburg; had a fight with father on 10/25;
          :left home and came to Judy in Morgantown.
          :Things are turbulent since July--Saturn on my Pluto. . .
          :NEPCO R-9 case X-examinations of a Roseman to 10/29.
          :I was excellent. . .
          :10/29/We:  Civil War begins in Beirut, Anvar Sadat is in USA.
          :NY City is in financial trouble.
          :Finalized the Complaint letter about the company--see 10/18--
          :and dated it 1/16/1976.
          :10/31/Fr: Worked on NSP computer-related testimony.
11/1/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/Fannie.Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN.on.my.Pl/Mo\Mr/MOTHER
          :Flew to Pitt.  Mother had a memorable drive (1.5.hours) alone
          :from home to pick me up in her Olds at the airport.
          :Came back to DC in father's green Fiat.124.
11/2/1975 :Su-DC/VS&W/Fannie.Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN.on.my.Pl/Mo\Mr
          :President Ford fired R. Shlesinger from DOD, W.Colby from CIA;
          :Kissinger is no longer chief of NSA.
11/5/1975 :We-DC/VS&W/Fannie.Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN.on.my.Pl/Mo\Mr
          :With Bill Black, McHugh, Ralph Miller at Watergate on Nepco R-9
          :case, to 11/7.
          :Still working on salary request and complaint letter--see 10/30.
11/8/1975 :Sa-DC/VS&W/Fannie.Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN.on.my.Pl/Mo\Mr
          :Drove to Waynesburg; back on 11/9: beautiful indian summer. . .
          :11/11/Tu: Working on Nepco R-9 case.
          :Stayed at John Hennigan's place for 2 days: Tel: 212-659-7624.
          :Addr (1976): 1101 N.H. Ave #805, DC 20037 Tel:202-275-7916. 
          :Justice W.Douglas retired from the Supreme Court.
          :NY City may be saved from bankruptcy--see 10/29.
          :Call from Femsi: a rare event . . .
11/14/1975:Fr-DC/VS&W/MORGANTOWN\WAYNESBURG.  Flew to Morgantown; Nanci
          :Shellhammer drove me to Waynesburg.
          :Femsi there too with kids from Niagara. Her childhood friend
          :šmit from grade school in Turkey.
          :11/15/Sa: in the eve, took Gigi, Mike, Belinda for hoagies at
          :the Twin Oaks in Bridgeport, WV; met Naim and Barbara there.
          :Upon return call from Dominic...
          :Felt nostalgic but wonderful...             Tel:304-242-2559.
          :Gigi Addr:140 Rader's Trailer Crt. Wheeling,WV 26003
          :Jules called.  She feels bad about our fight in Detroit on 10/22
          :I want to comfort her. . .
          :11/20/Th: General Franco of Spain died.
          :I feel (am!) uprooted since July, especially since I quit my apt
          :on 5/26, expecting a major change in my life. . .
          :At the office, still working on Nepco R-9 case. Then, I
          :initiated a salary discussion with Wiskup and Rowe.
          :I received a call from MARY (VIR), John Hennigan's sister in
          :Cincinnati, OH.  I do not remember why, but later in Saudi
          :Arabia in 1980, she became my pen pal, then in May 1981,
          :once-night lover: a very fine woman. . .
          :11/26/We: Completed United Rp71-41 Depreciation case.
          :Flew to Sarasota to see Florence, and to organize my thoughts.
          :11/28/Fr: eve at the Golden Apple Dinner Theater with Florence,
          :son Chub, and his wife.  Saw the 'Sunshine Boys'.
          :11/29/Sa: spent alone at Lido(?) Beach.
          :Race car driver Graham Hill died in a plane crash...
          :10/30/Su: drove to Tampa airport, returned thru St. Arbans and
          :Key Bird. Nice.
          :12/1/Tu: pruned 4 of Florence's palm trees; afternoon took a
          :boat ride on Dixie...  Returned on 12/2/We:
          :Addr: 4710 Winged Foot Dr., Sarasota, FL 33580 #813-355-1139.
12/5/1975 :Fr-DC/VS&W/Fannie.Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN.on.my.Pl/Mo\Mr/TheSLAP!
          :Mary Beth, John, and I went out to celebrate Mary Beth's 1st
          :anniversary with VS&W.  We went to the "Iron Gate," then to
          :"Crooked Shoe."
          :I have frustrated her for a year.  Finally she broke down: threw
          :her martini glass at me, and then slapped me.
          :I held her and gave her to John.  I understand passion and
          :frustration.  How can I be angry with her?
          :But this event also marked the beginning of a very unstable
          :cycle for me.
          :Saturn in Leo is on my Pluto.  In 1971/72, in Gemini, it was on
          :top of my Venus, which ended Barbara and Salem, then thru Cancer
          :it transited my 7th House and ME, JU, SUN, also ending my
          :marriage to Gayle; now it is in Leo, transiting my PL, MO/MR...
12/7/1975 :Su-DC/VS&W/Fannie.Elizabeth.Jules/SATURN.on.my.Pl/Mo\Mr
          :Took my 1st Student-Astrology test, by AFA.
12/12/1975:Fr-DC/VS&W/UNSTABLE.  Very unstable period. I feel I have used
          :women since 1972 (SATURN CONJUNCT MY VENUS 1st, THEN in CANCER)
          :to comfort me, without really paying attention to their
          :feelings.  Curiously, my temperamental and volatile personality
          :in that period appealed to their maternal instincts, rather than
          :turning them off . . .
          :Sent a 3rd or 4th letter to Saudi Arabia and changed my life.
          :Saturn at 5 Leo, in my 8th House, is on my Pluto.
          :Submitted the Pension case against my employer to ACLU.
          :McDiarmid party at Watergate.  I won Suite-17 to stay free.
          :Carmine Taglialatella stayed with me.
          :After the slap on 12/5, felt awkward with Mary Beth at the party
          :Picked up Jules at the airport and went directly to my room
          :at the Harkett Hall.
          :12/21/Su: drove to Leesburg with her, but these are unhappy days
          :12/22/Mo: began working on Sierra Pacific case...
          :12/23/Tu: went to office party at the 'Iron Gate'. Was angry at
          :Jules for inviting John & Fannie to our table, especially when
          :they did not come...
          :Talked about the pension plan with Wiskup and Rowe; then, I
          :left for Waynesburg.
          :12/25: Christmas: there was NURSHAT, a student from Turkey
          :attending college in USA.  While organizing my stuff in the
          :basement, she (Cancer) came down, became flirtatious, standing
          :in front of the lamp in a see-thru gown, nothing underneath,
          :and as if totally unaware...
          :She asked for it, never mind my severe cold since the 19th at
          :Watergate. . .
          :Jules on my mind until I returned to DC on 12/28.
12/29/1975:Mo-DC/VS&W.  Began my IRA savings.  Moving belongings from DC to
          :PA, in anticipation of a major change - which I do not know yet!
          :Received a letter from SALLY Wyatt in Bridgeport, WV, the last?
          :Addr: 102 Philadelphia Av., Bridgeport, WV 26330   304-842-4271.
          :12/30/Tu: Nurshat (1st on 12/25) visiting us at home, and
          :flirting with me. . .
12/30/1975:Tu-DC/Waynesburg.                          DC Agencies thru 1975
          :Action Line:                                        202-484-4080
          :American Civil Liberties Union                      202-638-6263
          :Consumer Assistance, Pat Faley                      301-340-1010
          :Domestic Council Committee                          202-382-6782
          :Gray Panthers, Ms. Wendy Wilson                     202-296-8000
          :Jane Pickhart, 1111 20th St. NW #509, DC 20036      202-254-6510
          :Law Offices of Washington                           202-638-2600
          :Lawyers Referral                                    202-223-1484
          :Legal Aid Society                                   202-727-1785
          :Neighborhood Legal Services                         202-387-2500
          :Public Interest Research Group                      202-833-9700
          :Ralph Nader, P.O. Box 19542 (and POBox 19367), DC 20036 (20005)
          :Research Group, Marvin Center, GWU                  202-676-7388
          :In Waynesburg, with Parents, Femsi, Gigi, Mike, Nurshat.
          :We went to the Carlton hotel in Pittsburgh to attend the New
          :Year's party with other Turks.
          :1/1/76/Th: on the way back, on I was alone with Nurshat in my
          :car, Parents, et al. in another car. . .
          :While Nurshat and I were making love at home, the others had car
          :car problems at 2am.  A successful artist, a Cancer, stopped 
          :and helped them.
1/2/1976  :Fr-DC/VS&W.  In Waynesburg: drove Gigi and Nurshat to Washington
          :PA, to ACE Hardware, to trade in my shotgun and Winchester 22
          :for a 22-Magnum Derringer, sold my shotgun, gun cabinet,
          :2 knives, ax for $40.  (I had purchased them in 1970 in NMex.)
1/3/1976  :Sa-DC/VS&W.  Nurshat/I left Waynesburg for DC.  I left her in
          :Foxhall in DC.
          :This is also the date of the offer Dr. Mahsoon Jalal wrote in
          :S.Arabia.  I received it on 1/14. . .
          :Astrology of a Windfall.
          :MO:28CAP38 SU:11CAP44 ME: 0AQU12 VE:1SAG47 MR:16GEM52 JU:15ARI41
          :ST:0LEO54r UR: 6SCO27 NP:12SAG36 PL:11LIB40 NN:19SCO09
          :1. The Node is square my Mars in Leo; Uranus has just passed
          :square my Pluto at 5 Leo.  These planets may account more for my
          :untenable situation in DC than the Saudi offer.
          :2. Saturn (retro) has just entered Leo, my 8th Natal house of
          :drastic changes, act of karma, joint finances.
          :3. Jupiter, in my 4th Natal House of domestic adjustments, has
          :just began to form trine to my Moon at 16 Leo 31, to which the
          :retro Mars is sextile.
          :4. Venus has just entered my 1st Natal House of expansion. It is
          :sextile to Mercury; it will soon form an opposition to my Uranus
          :at 3 Gemini 18.
          :5. Although I could not have predicted an offer from S. Arabia
          :categorically from these patterns, once the offer came, it
          :seems that the planets would support it, if such a thing was in
          :the works.
1/5/1976  :Mo-DC/VS&W.  Sending job letters.  Relationships at the office
          :are at a low, except with Fred Selover, Jim Wallace, Chabra...
          :1/7/W: Rowe came to my office and told me to keep track of my
          :"cotton-picking" LD tel. calls...  Letters from Ulker Kabalak
          :in Turkey and Nurshat.
1/9/1976  :Fr-DC/VS&W.  Preparing my strategy about the Complaint letter
          :about VS&W.
          :Left for Waynesburg at 25-deg weather.   Mother was visiting
          :Femsi in Niagara, but Gigi, Mike, Judy, Belinda were at home...
          :Zhou Enlai, the Chinese Premier, died today.
1/13/1976 :Tu-DC/VS&W.  AGATHA Cristie died today.
          :33rd Italian Govt. went down.
          :I feel totally disconnected at work.
1/14/1976 :We-DC/VS&W/SAUDI FUND.  12 noon father called from Waynesburg:
          :an offer from Saudi Development Fund.
          :Also $1,405.48 refund from 1975 tax.
          :Withdrew from CDP exam. FREEDOM AT LAST . . .
1/15/1976 :Th-DC/VS&W.  At 3pm Carmine Taglialatella came to my office. He
          :had quit last Friday. He said something profound:
          :"Make all the friends you can on the way up, for you never know
          :who is going to help when you are going down..."  He does not
          :know that I am a revolutionary . . .
1/16/1976 :Fr-DC/VS&W/SAUDI CONTRACT.  Rowe brought me my contract from
          :Saudi Arabia--as per letter on 1/14--and gave me check for
          :$5,200 bonus for overtime.
          :Saudi Salary: SR 8,700 ($2,148.75/mo) + Transport: $85.95/mo +
          :Housing: $596.87/mo + paid Leave $1500/yr ($=.29 SR).
          :(These increased every year until $250,000 salary on last year.)
          :At 12:30pm, I came to Rowe's office and resigned.
          :He said VS&W had decided to give me a substantial salary
          :increase.  Would I be interested to know the amount?   He is
          :playing games.  I said NO.  He was taken aback.
          :Completed work on Rp75-19, Texas Transmission case, and began
          :cleaning my office...
          :Picked up NURSHAT at the World Bank and drove to Exit-30
          :Ramada Inn at the Beltway.  Made love, but too much on my mind
          :to be amorous... I dropped her at Foxhill, DC the next day and
          :left for Waynesburg at 1pm.  On the way thought of using my
          :Complaint letter (and 200+ addresses) as blackmail to force
          :VS&W to correct the pension system, work scheduling...
1/19/1976 :Mo-DC/VS&W: Last Day. 12:30 noon, decided that I did not wish to
          :complete the "15-day" notice.  I QUIT VS&W, moved out of my
          :monthly lease at the Harkett Hall; left DC for Waynesburg.
          :Took pictures of JUDY/BELINDA on the brass bed in the basement.
1/20/1976 :Tu-PA/SAUDI BREAK\MOTHER's EYES.  Left for DC, VS&W yesterday.
          :Have flue.  Reading "TAIPAN" by James Clavell. 
          :Complaint letter about VS&W is on my mind.
          :An odd INFLAMATION in Mother's eyes!  (Lasted 20 years or so.)
1/23/1976 :Fr-Waynesburg/S.Arabia.  Sent a telegram to S.Arabia for
          :availability on 2/9/1976.
          :1/25/Su: a telegram from Saudi Arabia arrived. 'I should not
          :hurry, for the visa will take some time.
1/27/1976 :Tu-Waynesburg/Saudi Break>1/16.\VS&W Letters. My last check from
          :VS&W arrived. $179 (of $2,200).  Rowe, the crook.
          :Called the office and requested the correct amount, knowing well
          :I would not receive it.
          :This gave the final impetus to the Complaint letter about VS&W,
          :to all of our clients too . . .
1/28/1976 :We-Waynesburg/Saudi Break>1/16.\VS&W Letters.  at 4:30pm mailed
          :2 copies of the Complaint letter to Wiskup and Rowe.  Gave
          :Judy's #, in case they want to talk on 1/30/Fr.
          :1/29/Th: in Morgantown: got my teeth cleaned. Went to WVU
          :library to find more addresses for the Complaint letter--the
          :idea came to me 1st on 4/8/75. . .
1/30/1976 :Fr-Waynesburg/S.Arabia\JUDY's TRAILER.  Waited in Judy's trailer
          :for a call from Wiskup and/or Rowe about the Complaint letter to
          :them on 1/28/76.  No calls...  BELINDA was there too.
2/2/1976  :Mo-Waynesburg/Saudi Break>1/16\The LETTER.  Mailed 23 Complaint
          :letters to all present and former employees of VS&W: project
          :2/4/We: 10am appointment at WVU Dental School to remove 4 molars
          :Anxiously awaiting my visa from Saudi Arabia...
2/11/1976 :We-Waynesburg/Saudi Break/The LETTER.  Mailed 44 VS&W Complaint
          :letters to the FPC and clients, 55 to state commissions...
          :9:30pm call from airline, informing me that my flight to
          :Saudi Arabia is confirmed.  YAHU!
2/17/1976 :Tu-Waynesburg/Saudi Break/in DC with MOTHER.  Mother, I drove to
          :DC.  Opened a savings account at Citizen (later Interstate
          :S & L) next door to VS&W.
          :Helga M.Flory, Interstate, 1777 K-St NW, DC 20036   202-637-7350
          :Purchased attache case and luggage at W.F. Bell downtown.
2/18/1976 :We-Waynesburg/S.Arabia.  11:45am call from Sally Wyatt's mother.
          :I was away; Father was not clear about who made the call.
          :I assumed it was from Rose, the secretary at VS&W, and felt
          :alarmed, that it could be about the Complaint letters I had
          :mailed.  So I had the necessary shots at WVU medical center and
          :started to pack for S.Arabia, thinking of leaving early.
          :At 3pm, I learned who made call...
          :NOTE:  Meanwhile an odd infection has been affecting Mother's
          :eye's since 1/20.  I have always wondered if it was a
          :nervous symptom caused by the Complaint Letters I wrote about
          :VS&W, which she did not endorse... But it could be also a
          :coincidence or the unusual challenge of working towards a
          :degree in Political History at this time: more likely the
          :latter... It has been a permanent affliction...
2/23/1976 :Mo-Waynesburg/S.Arabia.  Left Waynesburg for Pitt airport, for
          :flight to NY. The suitcases were too heavy, had to come back.
          :Mike and Gigi helped me to pack extra stuff in boxes, to be
          :mailed to Saudi Arabia. I am anxious to depart; could not sleep.
2/24/1976 :Tu-USA -> NY -> London -> Saudi Arabia. Day 1 of 4.
          :Left Waynesburg for Pitt airport at 5:50am. Shipped 8 boxes to
          :S.Arabia at 7:30am.  At 8:22am departed for New York.
          :Checked into the International Hotel at Kennedy airport: Rm.608
          :Lost in dreams, watched Perry Mason; at 1am the 'Young Guns of
          :Meanwhile, Patty HEARST trial is concluding...
2/25/1976 :We-USA->S.Arabia, Day 2 of 4:  Woke up 6:30am; 8:30am stored my
          :suitcases with British Airways. Took a city bus to NY, 38th
          :and 1st Ave.  Came to 866 UN Plaza to pick up my passport with
          :the visa.  Had 6 photos made and picked up my International
          :Driver's License.  Mailed birthday cards to Mother and Gigi.
          :10:26pm NY -> BA flight #510 (B-747) for London: 3440 n.miles.
2/26/1976 :Th-USA -> S.Arabia, Day 3 of 4.  On my way to Riyadh, touched
          :down in London at 9:28am.
          :Dow Jones is at a 3-year high at 993.55, after lows in 1974/75.
          :The increase is taking place while Saturn is retro in Leo/Cancer,
          :as also my situation.  The trip continued to Rome; then Saudi
          :Airline to Jiddah, to Riyadh.  Sent Gayle a card from London.
2/27/1976 :Fr-In Riyadh at 2:30am.  I am on a 680-day contract that will
          :end on Jan 6, 1978 . . . Lost my suitcase; no hotel rooms.
          :At 5:30am checked into SAHARI Hotel with a Turkish worker.
          :Slept to 5pm. Walked the entire Shara Mat'har (Airport Blvd)
          :to get a feel for Saudi Arabia.
          :(Thursday/Friday are weekend here, Saturday is like Monday.)
2/28/1976 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund. 1st Day.  The Saudi Fund, P.O. Box 5711,
          :Riyadh, S.Arabia: Tel:36600,38218,38268 Telex: 20145 SUNDAQ SJ.
          :Dr. Jalal was not there. Osama Fagih greeted me first amiably.
          :Met people: ADEL Gugu from Egypt and FRANZ Zenz from Austria,
          :his wife NICOLE from USA are first friends.Started to look
          :for a villa.  Stayed at Zahret Al-SHARQ hotel for the next 2
          :nights--a lifetime in that hotel over the next 5 years.
          :Planets        Locat.Cusps  House   Placidus Cusps  House
          :SU:22Can31      1:27Cap23     6       1:27Cap23       6
          :MO:16Leo37      2:27Aqu23     7       2: 4Pis43       7
          :ME: 4Can12      3:27Pis23     6       3:11Ari10       6
          :VE:20Gem57      4:27Ari23     5       4:12Tau02       5
          :MR:19Leo33      5:27Tau23     7       5: 7Gem52       7
          :JU: 8Can00      6:27Gem23     6       6: 1Can47       6
          :ST: 8Gem21      7:27Can23     5       7:27Can47       5
          :UR: 3Gem18      8:27Leo23     5       8: 4Vir43       4  <-
          :NP:27Vir28      9:27Vir23     9       9:11Lib10       8  <-
          :PL: 4Leo59     10:27Lib23     7      10:12Sco02       7
          :NN: 6Vir29     11:27Sco23     8      11: 7Sag52       8
          :RIYADH         12:27Sag23            12: 1Cap47    
          :2/29/Su: at 2:30am called Mother on the phone: 1st to USA.
3/1/1976  :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  My 1st assignment: Harbor Development,
          :Ports of Busan and Mukho in S.Korea. My lost suitcase arrived.
          :My 1st friend, ADEL Gugu (from Egypt) & I picked it up at the
3/2/1976  :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/My VILLA.  Found a villa for 30,000SR, but
          :must wait a day before I can move in on 3/4/Th.  The landlord is
          :building a wall, separating his family quarters from the (my)
          :rental floor upstairs.  Stayed with Adel.
3/4/1976  :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/NEIGHBORHOOD: 5 Days/674 left.  Moved into
          :my Villa today; took a walk around the neighborhood.  Walked to
          :Saudiye Hotel for breakfast, miles around the Al-Fahriye suburb.
          :3/5/Fr: went out at 2:30pm to get stamps. Ended up walking many
          :miles to the souq (bazaar) at Batha.
          :Mailed Mother card #1, letter #3.
3/7/1976  :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  The 8 boxes I had shipped from Pitt on
          :2/24 arrived.  Cleaned the apt.  These types of starts in
          :life are rejuvenating. So many new variables, one does not have
          :the motivation to remember the past; the sub-conscience does...
3/8/1976  :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Purchased tea cup, a kitchen heater,
          :shower curtains...
          :Had a dream at night which made wonder if Mother was having
          :difficulty as a result of my VS&W Complaint Letters. I learned
          :later that the IRS sent two agents to Waynesburg to find out
          :more details, also scaring Mother . . .
3/9/1976  :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Began writing a proposal to SFD about how
          :the engineering evaluation of major projects in-house should be
          :performed.  (See 6/15/1976 too!)
3/11/1976 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/LEYLA.  Sending mail to home in USA almost
          :daily; 3rd call today.  Mother told me that I my application to
          :the FCC in DC had been approved at GS-14 level.  Well, it was
          :not in the cards . . .
          :In the eve, went to Batha to look at Jeeps, decided on Suzuki...
          :At 10pm, Mohammed, my landlord invited me for dinner. His 4
          :kids, Khaled, LEYLA, Magit... were there, the wife hidden.
3/13/1976 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Two pieces of mail from USA, the 1st, on
          :my desk today.  Sharing office with Saleh Al-Zamel, a graduate
          :of USC and a member of an important family.  Construction, dust,
          :and flies everywhere.  The rain season began, turned out to be
          :the wettest in memory...
3/18/1976 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Raining heavily. Stayed in the apt, read
          :"UHURU" in German this weekend, thinking of Gayle.
          :3/20/Sa:  An upbeat day. Began a report about electrification in
3/21/1976 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Rain and rain. Someone decided to dig the
          :streets for storm drains right before the rains.  All streets
          :and ditches are now under a foot under water: an obstacle
          :course.  Today, on my way home, I fell waist-deep into a ditch.
3/26/1976 :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.
          :JUPITER enters TAURUS.
          :My Solar 11th House (from 0 Cancer) of Hopes & Wishes: S.Arabia
          :My Natal  5th (Equal) Ho of Luck, Speculative Success: my job
          :   Natal  4th (Placidus) of Domestic Adj.: from DC and USA
          :Location  4th (Equal) Ho of               "
          :          3rd (Placidus) of Communications, Mental Growth
          :I am 33, single, living in Saudi Arabia, working for SFD.
3/27/1976 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/1st SALARY: 30 Days/ 650 left.  Received my
          :first SFD salary: SR8,700+.  Franz/Nicole invited me to dinner.
          :There is acute spiritual loneliness at this place...
          :Working on NAMGANG area (Korea) report.
3/29/1976 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SUZUKI: 31 days/648 left.  Borrowed SR4,000
          :from Adel for down payment on a Suzuki Jeep.
          :3/30/Tu: at 5:19pm got my Suzuki Jeep - and over the next years
          :saw how dependable the Japanese built their vehicles, compared
          :to all the problems with US vehicles at home...
4/1/1976  :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/1st EXCURSION.  Adel and I drove to the
          :oasis at Al Kharj. I expected some sort of resort, found a large
          :deep water hole in the ground, like a huge well. I like the wide
          :open and beautiful desert country...
          :4/2/Fr: Received 2 letters from Gigi, 2 Mother, 1 Jules.
          :British Field Marshal Montgomery died. Working on 3rd Highway
          :Project in Korea...
4/9/1976  :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  With Franz Zenz: to the desert on the way
          :to Al-Kharj. Socialized with a Saudi family having a picnic there
          :a common thing in those days, as also "picnics" along the
          :blvd's in Riyadh to early morning hours . . .
4/12/1976 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Sent a job outlet to Mike & Gigi: Min. of
          :Petroleum aerial photo.
          :4/14/We: Howard HUGHES died at 70.
4/15/1976 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Second lunch invitation to Assam. He is
          :the typical Egyptian in the movies. . .
          :Then Adel, Assam and I left in my jeep for the desert; got stuck
          :in soft sand.  Assam was hysterical.
          :We made it out with difficulty, placing clothes under the
          :deflated tires...
          :Some recovery from world-wide recession. On-going civil war in
          :Lebanon... Meanwhile I am composing a "restart" letter to Gayle.
4/24/1976 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund. Dr. Jalal approved my trip to the WEC
          :(economic conference) in USA.  I am making the conference as a
          :reason to be away from this place, like a furlough . . .
          :Otherwise, it is lonely here, long time between leaves...
          :Working on KPONG Hydroelectric Project in GHANA.
4/25/1976 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Received letter from mother. She told
          :Pincuses about my whereabouts. I was mad at first, but it did
          :not last, probably PARANOIA, a common thing here . . .
          :4/29/Th: mailed $500 as final loan payment to Parents.
5/3/1976  :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: 66 days/613 left.  Mailed the letter I
          :wrote over the last 10 days to my 2nd ex-wife GAYLE, inviting
          :her to meet me at the economic conference in San Francisco.
          :Gayle wrote back on 5/13 (in my hands on 5/26); she is getting
          :married...  Years later, I knew GOD rescued me . . .
          :Feel my salary should be higher; some idiots getting the same.
5/9/1976  :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: 73 days/607 left.  Mother's Day call to
          :USA.  We (family) are wondering if Femsi wants a divorce...
          :Since March I have been reading several novels by Sigrid UNDSET
          :"Olav Audunssohn" series . . .
5/19/1976 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: 82days/597 left. Mailed Parents some ideas
          :about Father's retirement on 7/11/1978.
          :Unpleasant talk with Ali (Syrian) and Jemil bey. They are 
          :convinced that the nationality and culture one is born with are
          :the roots with which to die. Tribal BS...
5/26/1976 :We-Riyadh. Gayle's response to my 5/3 invitation arrived. She is
          :getting married to Douglas Mannhoff on June 27, the day I had
          :invited her to the conference in San Francisco.
          :Saturn in CANCER (my Sun) is finally over, on 6/6/76 enters LEO.
          :I got my ticket to the conference yesterday . . .
5/31/1976 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: 94 days/585 left.  My Residency Visa in
          :S.Arabia is finalized.
          :Received a letter from SALLY Wyatt: her father passed away.  We
          :had dated about 12 years ago, brief but potent: nice memories.
          :(Letters mean a lot in S.Arabia, like communication with the
          :outside world for one condemned to solitary confinement...)
6/2/1976  :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Finished the KONKOURE report in GUINEA.
          :6/3/Th: at 7:30 am left for Buraydah and crossed NAFUD, one of
          :the 3 major deserts in S. Arabia: 947km. Returned at 10pm.
          :6/4/Fr: dinner at Zahret Al-Sharq hotel, attended by delegations
          :from all Arabic funds.
6/10/1976 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Trip to Dammam thru DAHNE (major desert).
          :Got stuck in soft sand while taking pictures; had to deflate the
          :tires, sprayed 2 bottles of water to harden the sand, placed
          :everything in the Jeep and my clothes under the tires to get out
6/11/1976 :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Took landlord Mohammed and his 2 kids to
          :the valley in Al-Heir, about 70km.
          :6/12/Sa: now in S.Arabia about 106 days/573 left.  Sending many
          :cards and letters to Mother who is bored in Waynesburg, PA,
          :writing almost daily . . .
6/15/1976 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: 110 days/570 left.  Organized my plan of
          :"OPERATION GRAND SLAM," a way of increasing my salary and
          :prestige at the Fund.  I worked on this long-term plan for more
          :than a year, taking on many extra projects, doing meticulous
          :work with my assignments . . .  (I may have this in mind already
          :on 3/9/1976: see that date!)
          :6/17/Th: finished a book by Frank YEARBY.
6/21/1976 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: WEA Conference in SAN FRANCISCO w.Belinda,
          :also crossing paths with SEMRA in Istanbul: 115 days/564 left.
          :6:45pm Riyadh -> Bahrain: waited all night at the airport for
          :the 11:10am BA flight to London on 6/22.
          :6/23/W: arrived in Pitt at 11:10pm.  Got a Father's Day present
          :from Belinda: Janis Joplin's Bobby McGhee album, a favorite.
6/24/1976 :Th-Riyadh/WEC in San Francisco/BELINDA. Mother left for Istanbul
          :at 1:10pm from Pitt;
          :Belinda and I are leaving Pitt 8:05am -> San Francisco 11:20am.
          :Checked in Hyatt Regency; took a city tour.
6/25/1976 :Fr-Riyadh/WEC in San Francisco/BELINDA. 
          :10:30am, presented my paper "A Proposed Thesis of Rate of Return
          :for Public Utilities" under Session Industrial Organization.
          :At 1pm rode the street car to Chinatown.
          :6/26/S: visited the Fisherman's Wharf; took photos of BELINDA.
          :6/27/S: 8:30am, chaired session "Public Utilities, Peak Load
6/27/1976 :Su-Riyadh->SF.WEC->Istanbul. Return from WEC in San Francisco.
          :At 11:50am, Belinda left for Pitt;
          :at 4pm I left for LA 6:10pm; then Chicago -> London.
          :6/28/M: 3:10pm: I took the TA flight to Istanbul.
          :6/29/T: Father & Gigi arrived in istanbul.
6/30/1976 :We-Riyadh->SF.WEC->Istanbul/SEMRA.  Met SEMRA at the club 4-5pm,
          :1st time as a single person--saw her 1st in 1973 when I was
          :married...  She, a delectable Aries, 13 years younger, became a
          :long-term infatuation . . .
          :7/1/Th: 8pm took the KLM flight to CAIRO.
          :7/2/Fr: back in Riyadh.
          :7/3/Sa: wrote my 1st letter to Semra.
7/4/1976  :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/D.BANK: 129 days/551 left.
          :USA is 200 years old.
          :Began reading James Clavell's SHOGUN.  Liked it so much that I
          :called sick until 7/9/F morn to read the book.
          :(Later, I sent the book to Semra.)
          :7/6/Tu: mailed DM 35,000 to Deutsche Bank, my 1st--closed my
          :account there in March 1981--and 15th letter to Mother in Turkey
7/11/1976 :Su-Riyadh.  Adel,Assam/wife,Beth/I to Franz for dinner. May be
          :the nicest eve in S.Arabia since my arrival.  Later we drove to
          :the desert to observe the Full Moon.
7/14/1976 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Find/GRAND SLAM: 139 Days/541 left.  Initiated
          :salary review by forwarding to Jalal copy of resume, copies of
          :diplomas, GS-15 rating, plus a study I did for the Fund on
          :Optimum Loan-Investment Combination.
          :This resulted in a meeting with Jalal on 7/17.  Feel upbeat.
          :(Also see 3/9/76, 6/15/76, and 7/20/76.)
          :7/7/W -> 7/26: Saturn is Conjunct my Natal PLUTO.
7/20/1976 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund. In a romantic mood, listened to Janice
          :Jan's tape all night...
          :7/26/Mo:  Purchased DM bonds for 4487.55.
          :Jupiter starts Trine Natal Neptune to 8/9/76.
7/31/1976 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/ANNUAL REPORT: 156 Days/524 left.  Asked
          :Jalal for (and was granted) to compose our ANNUAL REPORT in a
          :new format.  It turned out very nice, pleasing Jalal and the
          :8/1/Su: mail from Mother, Judy, John Hennigan, and Nanci
          :Shellhammer. Nice.  Mailed my letter #28 to Turkey.
8/4/1976  :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  A short romantically upbeat cycle:
          :Received a letter from Semra which she wrote on 7/12 to mine on
          :7/3.  I wrote back immediately and, in a good mood, continued to
          :read Shogun: until 8/6.  (Tr:MOON Trine N:SUN.)
8/6/1976  :WP-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SARA.  I was in front of my villa, when a
          :beautiful young woman named SARA came out from next door to talk
          :to me: very unusual.
          :She may have been one of the most beautiful girls I have seen.
          :Both of us were very animated, but there was no way I could
          :pursue her, except perhaps thru marriage.  I gave her my
          :English-Arabic dictionary of phrases.
          :Have mixed emotions about Semra in Istanbul . . .
8/16/1976 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/MOUSE.  Had found a small mouse in the apt.
          :some days ago; while playing with it, I killed the little thing,
          :felt badly afterwards.
          :Sent date of arrival to hair transplant clinic in London.
8/17/1976 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/MECCA. Ali asked me to Mecca for UMRA.  We
          :left at 1:30 am to Jiddah on 8/18.
          :8/19/T: In Jiddah.
          :8/20/F: UMRA in Mecca.  I was NOT impressed with the religious
          :rituals in Mecca, thinking "the world is still in Stone Age."
          :On the way back we had car problems.  Found someone who towed
          :us for 335km.
8/21/1976 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Arrived from Mecca trip this morning.
          :YUSUF, one of the more decent Saudis and my informal boss,
          :announced the trip to Ghana on Kpong Hydroelectric Project.
          :8/24/T: My request to stop over and stay in Istanbul a few days
          :after trip to Ghana was granted.
          :Astrology of Trips: 8/22/76.
          :MO:14CAN43 SU:29LEO01 ME:25VIR54 VE:16VIR47 MR:28VIR34 JU:29TAU52
          :ST: 9LEO32 UR: 3SCO46 NP:11SAG12 PL:10LIB00 NN: 6SCO52
          :1. Uranus in my Natal 5th House of Romance and Luck is just
          :forming trine to my Mercury at 4 Cancer 12.  This may account
          :for the suddenness in which this trip was announced.  Indeed,
          :the cycle began perhaps on 8/6 when I met Sara the Beautiful
          :and took the trip to Mecca on 8/17-21.
          :2. Saturn has just passed a sextile my Saturn in Gemini; Jupiter
          :is just entering my Natal 6th (projects), conjunct the cusp. AND
          :it is trine to Mars on the cusp of my Natal 9th (journeys)/10th
          :(career) AND conjunct my Neptune at 27 Virgo 28.
          :3. Venus is also in my Natal 9th of journeys (30 degrees to my
          :Moon); and Mercury (also in 9th) is approaching conjunction to
          :my Neptune at 27 Virgo 28, whereas the Sun is just entering the
          :9th House and trine my ascendant at 29 Sag 42.
          :4. In view of so many 9th-House activities, a long trip to
          :foreign lands was in the works . . .
8/23/1976 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.
          :JUPITER enters GEMINI.
          :My Solar 12th House (from 0 Cancer) of Restrictions, the Past
          :My Natal  6th (Equal) Ho of Work, Responsibilities
          :Riyadh    5th (Equal) Ho of Luck, Speculation, Romance
          :I am 34, single, living in Saudi Arabia, working for SFD.
8/25/1976 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Letters from Mother, Gigi, and a
          :much-awaited one from Semra.  (She wrote it on the 4th and
          :mailed it on the 12th.)  ========> T:UR 120 N:ME until 9/23/76.
          :8/27/:  feeling apprehensive about staying 2 weeks alone in
          :Istanbul.  I could have spent it better somewhere else.  This
          :was an ominous feeling, confirmed later on 9/20-26/1976.
9/2/1976  :Th-Riyadh: 188 Days/491 left/AFRICA, 1st TRIP: 9/2-27/ISTANBUL.
          :This trip was announced on 8/21/76:  Riyadh, Jiddah, Damascus,
          :Istanbul (stayed 5 days);
          :then Geneva, to Accra; returned by London (stayed 4 days), and
          :Istanbul (10 days)...
          :My travel agents are Hari and Bala (Indian?) at AL-ATTAR agency.
          :Cycle: T:UR 120 N:ME cycle of 8/27 -> 9/23
          :I lost my luggage in Jiddah, then lost/found (and after an
          :ordeal) my passport. Not a good start: T:MR 90 N:ME, MO in SAG.
9/3/1976  :Fr-Riyadh/To AFRICA: Accra, Ghana: 9/2-27/In ISTANBUL, Day 2.
          :Arrived in Istanbul; met Semra's sister MEMDUSH (PISCES to me).
          :While interacting with her, I felt for the first time that I
          :Also felt that the people at the club were congenial, bored,
          :superficial, lazy... jet-set; more romantic dreamers than
          :romantic.  I am no longer part of this environment, culture.
9/4/1976  :Sa-Riyadh/To AFRICA: Accra, Ghana: 9/2-27/In ISTANBUL, Day 3.
          :Spent the with Semra, her sister Memdush (Pisces), Serap,
          :and other friends, thinking "God, the Turks (Europeans?) can be
          :Groupies."  This is nice but I need my space too... The next day
          :same, but I had to withdraw a bit.  I know they are making the
          :effort to include me, but I feel on stage.  They grew up
          :together; I want to be one-to-one with Semra... T:MR 90 N:ME/JU.
9/6/1976  :Mo-Riyadh/To AFRICA: Accra, Ghana: 9/2-27/In ISTANBUL, Day 5.
          :10am left for Zurich, Geneva. Met Yusuf there; stayed at Hotel
          :33 (SF 55/night); went downtown for shopping: very expensive.
          :Since my luggage was lost in Jiddah, I need some things . . .
9/7/1976  :Tu-Riyadh/To AFRICA: Accra, Ghana: 9/2-27/GENEVA -> ACCRA.
          :2:19pm left Geneva with Yusuf for Accra; arrived there at 7:30pm
          :Checked into Continental Hotel. Mosquitos kept me up all night.
          :Thought of Semra... She is a US-born Turk, I am a Turkish-born
          :American.  And she is my next-door neighbor.  Is this KARMA, a
          :coincidence, or am I getting too lonely in S. Arabia?
9/8/1976  :We-Riyadh/To AFRICA, 9/2-27: in ACCRA, Ghana: Day 2.
          :1st day of negotiations on the KPONG DAM.  Took a tour of
          :downtown Accra.  The Ghanians seem politer and less turbulent
          :than the blacks in USA.
          :9/9/Th-MAO Tse Tung died this morning.
          :Met many Govt officials.  Attended the party by the Commissioner
          :of Foreign Affairs 7-12n: met the Ambassador of the
9/10/1976 :Fr-Riyadh/To AFRICA, 9/2-27: in ACCRA, Ghana: Day 4.
          :Came to see the AKASOMBO dam on Volta river, similar in design
          :to the Kpong Dam.
          :Visited the project site, Akasombo power house and dam...
          :Stayed at the Akasombo Hotel.
          :In the eve, I was introduced to COMFORT, an 18-year black beauty,
          :and an older girl. Made love to both to 5am: T:MO 120 N:PL.
9/11/1976 :Sa-Riyadh/To AFRICA, 9/2-27: in ACCRA, Ghana: Day 5.
          :Took a yacht cruise on Volta river and returned to Accra. In the
          :eve went out with a young PR official (who also watches over me)
          :to the STARLIGHT club. The group OSIDISM was playing Nigerian
          :Highlife, fantastic beat.                 T:MO 120 N:MO
          :Saw a gorgeous 6-ft black girl I had noticed earlier dancing
          :expertly to the beat.  The PR guy noticed that I was captivated.
          :He talked to her and introduced us: JANET, real name YAA OFRIWA,
          :a 7/15/1953 Cancer. (c/o Sammy Davis Tannor,P.O.Box 4839, Accra)
          :My training with Latin dances came handy.  Danced with her to
          :2am, made love to her to 7am. She said "tomorrow will be another
          :day, but tonight I am in love with you..." Same here, dear Yaa.
9/12/1976 :Su-Riyadh/To AFRICA, 9/2-27: in ACCRA, Ghana: Day 6/7.
          :Project negotiations 9am-3pm. I was alert and effective.
          :At 4pm, met YAA Ofriwa from yesterday at the Apollo Theater, a
          :popular club in Accra.
          :9/13/Mo: Last day in Accra. Negotiations all day.  Left for
          :London at 9:10p.
9/14/1976 :Tu-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27:in LONDON/HAIR Transplant-1
          :Return trip from Accra: took a tour of the Picadelli, downtown;
          :did some shopping at the Harrods.
          :(Also bought two briefs with lion, etc. at the crotch and wore a
          :pair as swimming trunk at the club. Pisces was enamored enough
          :to touch me there, as if by mistake . . .)
          :9/16/Th: had hair transplant at the POUNTNEY Clinic advertized
          :in TIME, a rip off: that clinic would be outlawed in USA . . .
9/17/1976 :Fr-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27/in ISTANBUL, Day 1/GLADYS KNIGHT
          :Left London at 9:30am, arrived in Istanbul at 3:15pm.  Met Semra
          :at the beach.
          :Later Semra, Pisces, and Serap came to listen to my tapes.
          :We lit the fireplace and listened to Gladys Knight and the Pips,
          :Latin music, Diana Ross, etc. 10pm to 10am.
          :Very nice, but felt as if I was being set up for marriage . . .
          :Meanwhile, my head is bandaged because of the transplant in
          :London on 9/16; I look like a Sudanese . . .
9/18/1976 :Sa-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27/in ISTANBUL, Day 2/SEMRA,PISCES...
          :After spending all night with Semra, Pisces, Serap, I felt
          :confined again: too much a "groupie" environment.  Would like to
          :be alone with Semra . . .  (T:ME 90 N:ME).
          :And, the hair transplant wound (in London on 9/16) is pulsating.
          :Cousin Ilhami came over to unwrap it: I was a bloody mess.
          :To take time off in the eve, I drove alone to the Saray Rest. in
          :Kadik”y; also purchased three bunches of flowers for the girls.
          :Began the Kpong report from this trip to Ghana.
9/19/1976 :Su-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27/in ISTANBUL, Day 3/SEMRA,PISCES...
          :To Necla in Suadiye. In the eve, invited to dinner at Semra's
          :Put on my gray (Watergate) pants, blue Pierre Cardin blazer, etc
          :and gave the flowers I had purchased yesterday to the girls.
          :Semra said "you are incredible."
          :I thought "Dear girl, if you think I am incredible now, in this
          :'on-stage' environment, you'd really love me if we were alone...
          :Again Pisces, Serap, and the whole family were there as
          :chaperons . . . Yaa (in Accra) where are you?      T:VE 90 N:SU
          :I decided to terminate this cozy scene.  Romance like this
          :becomes a tease to a guy who is on his way to Saudi Arabia...
9/20/1976 :Mo-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27/in ISTANBUL, Day 4/SEMRA,PISCES...
          :There was a party-like gathering at home.  This time people gave
          :me and Semra a little space, but there is still no one-to-one
          :opportunity and I am getting pissed.  So I decided to rebel
          :against this setup romance by asking Serap for a date in the
          :city on 9/23/Th. 
          :Finally, in the evening Semra and I went alone to Deniz rest.,
          :but my mood was polluted by then . . .
9/21/1976 :Tu-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27/in ISTANBUL, Day 5/AUNT NAZIRE.
          :At 10:30am, I was supposed to take Semra and Pisces to Istanbul,
          :meet them again later, perhaps to visit Semra's cousin at Sedef
          :Island for more audience . . .
          :I said to hell with this and took off on my own to Pashabah‡e to
          :see Aunt Nazire. It was the KADIR night and having space for a
          :change helped.
9/22/1976 :We-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27/in ISTANBUL, Day 6/SHILE RESORT.
          :1st Day: T:ME -> RETRO!
          :Took the old road to Shile and checked into Degirmen Hotel.  Met
          :2 German girls: Margit and Beate at the beach; walked together;
          :chatted, ate lunch, suntan, dinner...  No chaperons this time.
          :Both stayed with me that night: nice and refreshing after the
          :straight-jacket romance at home.
9/23/1976 :Th-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27/in ISTANBUL, Day 7/HOME.
          :Returned to Pashabah‡e, then home, just in case my date with
          :Serap would come thru.  Pisces, yelled from outside that Serap
          :would not come.  Good!  After the free interaction with the 2
          :German girls yesterday, I would not have known what to do with
          :her.  At least my point was made, though I was sorry that I had
          :to hurt Semra's ego to get my point across about setups . . .
9/24/1976 :Fr-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27/in ISTANBUL, Day 8/HOME.
          :(T:UR 120 N:ME ends, since 8/27; T:MO -> LIB, T:ME 0 N:NP)
          :There was a chunk of wood at the fireplace that Semra (and
          :Mother) liked.  I attached on it an apology note Semra, hoping
          :(indeed telepathically urging her) to come and see it.
          :She did not come then.  I left for Suadiye; had a car accident
          :In the eve, Ibrahim bey began bad-mouthing the US policy;
          :had an argument with him that doomed our relationship . . .
          :Astrology of Phony Romance, Accidents: 9/24/76
          :MO:3LIB27  SU:1LIB04 ME:27VIR09 VE:27LIB20 MR:20LIB03  JU:1GEM11
          :ST:13LEO18 UR:5SCO16 NP:11SAG28 PL:11LIB11 NN: 5SCO07
          :1. Mars in Libra has just passed sextile my Mars in Leo, just
          :forming square my Sun in Cancer.  Mercury is right on top of my
          :Neptune in Virgo:
          :my mind was so saturated with Semra and the gang that I paid no
          :attention to the traffic.
          :2. Note also that a few days ago when I felt (right/wrong) in a
          :romantic setup with Semra, the Sun was also on top of my Neptune
          :Together with Mercury, this can bring about potent imagination,
          :hallucination, deception, illusion, etc.  The fact that my mind
          :was elsewhere caused the accident.
          :3. On top of Semra, my relationship to Serap and Ibrahim bey
          :also terminated at this time.
9/25/1976 :Sa-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27/in ISTANBUL, Day 8/SEMRA Endings.
          :(T:ME 0 N:NP Cont.) "Sheker" (Sugar) Festivities today.
          :Left Necla; arrived in Mercan Yuvasi at 12:30pm.  Semra came at
          :2pm, as I had hoped yesterday--so that I could apologize.
          :She was courageous and proud, acting as if she did not care that
          :I asked Serap for date.  Semra did not even guess how much I
          :liked her, but while played the game by Turkish rules, I could
          :not.  It was the environment that doomed it, not me, not her...
9/26/1976 :Su-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27/in ISTANBUL, Day 9/SEMRA Endings.
          :(T:SU 90 N:ME and T:MR 90 N:SU.)  The romance with Semra dead;
          :this will haunt me . . .
          :At 5:15pm left home and drove to Suadiye to be with Necla.  Due
          :to the experiences of the last 8 days, I liked our home and
          :Mercan Yuvasi, the environment there, less and less as years
          :passed, though I liked visiting Parents once a year until 1992.
9/27/1976 :Mo-Riyadh/From ACCRA, 9/2-27/in ISTANBUL, Day 10/In Riyadh.
          :3pm, left Istanbul for Riyadh.
          :This stay in Turkey (and this trip) marked an important
          :turning point in my life: 1) "You can not come home again," and
          :2) how much I liked Africa...
          :Sent DM 7,150 to Germany, $1410.95 to Interstate Bank in DC.
10/1/1976 :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: Day 217/462 left.  Returned from trip to
          :Accra: 9/2-27.  Mohammed ALI retired from boxing today . . .
          :This CYCLE: Mars at 16Lib44 (10th House): 60 N:Mo+Mr; 90 N:Su
          :10/2/Sa: mailed Semra my copy of Shogun, a Computer book, and a
          :letter about her education.
          :Addr: Semra Muratoglu, €obanyildizi Sok. 9/6 €ankaya, Ankara.
10/3/1976 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Letter from Mother.  The luggage lost on
          :9/2/76 to Africa arrived in Pittsburgh; it arrived, as packed,
          :on 10/4/76.
          :Asked Nicole to prepare her section of the SFD Annual Report,
          :while I completed the Kpong report.
10/6/1976 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/LARRY & TONY.  Larry DaSilva and Tony
          :Hamaguchi (1st reference to them) and I, along with two Turks,
          :went to dinner at the Intercontinental
10/9/1976 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: 226 days/454 left/ARABIC.  Orientation Day
          :at Univ. of Riyadh Language School. Started to learn Arabic.  I
          :have a severe cold.
          :10/11/Mo: Ali and I went to Larry and Tony for dinner. Rick and
          :Sandy (from Weirton, WV) came later. They are social animals
          :with Lockheed.
          :10/12/Tu: Got up at 5am. The cold of last week almost over.
          :In a romantic mood, I listened to Gladys Knight, daydreaming.
10/14/1976:Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: 231 days/449 left/PREDICTED SATURN MISSION
          :Dr. Jalal returned from Manilla yesterday.
          :I had noticed in my Transit chart significant events:
          :Ascendant in Riyadh: 27 Capricorn 43; Natal: 29 Sag 42.
          :MO:23GEM44 SU:20LIB46 ME: 4LIB48 VE:21SCO48  MR:3SCO30 JU:0GEM14
          :ST:15LEO05 UR:6SCO26  NP:11SAG54 PL:11LIB58  NN:4SCO04
          :1. Thus: Saturn (Location 7th of associations, a team) conjunct
          :my Moon cycle begins.  The Node (10th of career/business) is
          :trine my Mercury.
          :2. Jupiter is retro in Gemini/Taurus, 5th House (Luck/Windfall)
          :3. Mercury (News, Announcement) in 9th House (of foreign lands)
          :has squared Natal Mercury, but now sextile Natal Pluto.
          :4. Venus in 10th (career/business) is trine Natal Sun, as also
          :Mars (10th) is now trine Natal Mercury, will square Natal Pluto.
          :5. Moon enters CAN and 6th (House of jobs/projects); the Sun
          :is in 9th (journey) is now trine Natal Venus, will square Sun.
          :Thus, I decided in the morning, these patterns portended news
          :of a significant business (6th/10th) trip abroad (9th House).
          :A 54-day trip to Africa was announced by SALEH (Travel Director)
          :at 7:35pm.  While I welcomed the news, I wished that it would be
          :under a more zestful cycle than Saturn conjunct my Moon, which I
          :code-named the SATURN MISSION.
10/15/1976:Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Larry and Tony canceled an excursion to
          :the desert.  I finished the 2nd draft of the Annual Report and
          :Economic Profiles for Jordan and Morocco.
          :10/17/Su: Sent application to WEC conference
          :10/18/Mo: Due to the 54-day trip to Africa announced on 10/14,
          :I dropped my Arabic class and prepared the trip itinerary.
          :10/20/W: My passport finalized.
10/16/1976:Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.
          :JUPITER enters TAURUS - final.
          :My Solar 11th House (from 0 Cancer) of Hopes & Wishes: S.Arabia
          :My Natal  5th (Equal) Ho of Luck, Speculative Success: my job
          :   Natal  4th (Placidus) of Domestic Adj.: from DC and USA
          :Riyadh    4th (Equal) Ho of               "
          :          3rd (Placidus) of Communications, Mental Growth
          :I am 33, single, living in Saudi Arabia, working for SFD.
10/22/1976:Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  5:00 pm meeting with the Kuwait Fund
          :about mission in Africa announced on 10/14.
          :Sherif, the Egyptian lawyer from World Bank, tried to pull
          :stripes on me. He asked "have you gone over this?"  I replied
          :"Yes, can't you see my foot prints on the pages."
          :Sent DM 10,100 to Germany.
10/26/1976:Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: 243 days/437 left/SATURN MISSION TO AFRICA
          :The 56-day SATURN MISSION to Africa began 8am today to PARIS.
          :Jemil bey (Saudi), Sherif (World Bank, DC), Urs Sieber (Asian
          :Development Bank, Manilla), and I.  (I am reminding myself that
          :Saturn is conjunct my Moon during the entire trip.)
          :10/27/We: Paris to LUXEMBOURG for meeting with the EDB, the
          :European Development Bank.
          :10/28/Th: EDB Meeting in Luxembourg.
          :10/29/Fr: Luxembourg to Paris.
10/30/1976:Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: 247 days/433 left/SATURN MISSION TO AFRICA
          :Paris to DAKAR, Senegal. Arrived at 3:30am; waited at the
          :airport to 9:30am for our plane to BANJUL, Gambia:$=2.45 Dalasis
          :Upon arrival, checked into Bungalow A-10 of FAJARA Hotel, one of
          :the nicest.  Ate foot-long lobsters at breakfast for $2.
          :Finalized several projects until 11/5.
          :PEOPLE: Ms. Abda Mousa, c/o Hotel Fajara, P.O. Box 489, Banjul
11/6/1976 :Sa-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 12 of 56/PRAIA
          :Banjul to Dakar. Checked into Hotel ALMADIES. Nice, unique
          :architecture but sanitary environment: (9,000 AF; $=245 AF)
          :(Telex: 234 Alma SG).
11/7/1976 :Su-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 13 of 56/PRAIA
          :Dakar -> PRAIA, Cape Verde Isl. (10 islands). Praia is
          :on the island of St.Trago.  Stayed at Casa Pousada at $20/night
          :(we paid since Cape Verde is a poor country). The bank pays
          :31.31 Escudes per Dollar.
          :Address: Hotel Pousada, Praia-Mar, P.O.Box 75, Tel: 427.
          :Working on several projects, including coffee plantation and
          :traditional fisheries.
          :Met SUNUHI AND GšLER, Turkish husband & wife on a project for
          :the UNDP.  I recommended to them Mercan Yuvasi in Tuzla; they
          :moved there later, and became neighbors.
          :They gave me a very humorous book on daily Turkish life by
          :author NECATI CUMALI.
11/9/1976 :Tu-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 15 of 56/PRAIA
          :Took a walk to the town and passed a training school; 3 girls
          :followed me, all HELENA.  Spent the next 6 days with them at
          :the beach and 'played'.  I really liked one of them, Helena
          :Medina de Vasconcelos, a Capricorn.  (Have several photos.)
          :One of the waiters at the hotel was the local Karate champ.
          :He asked me for a demo match.  The officials persuaded us
          :against it.  I would have liked it...
          :ADDRESS: Helena Medina de Vasconcelos (Jan 13,58), P.O. Box 4
          :-------- Helena Amado (4/14/62), Rua Dr. Loreno No.35, Praia,
          :Republica de Cabo Verde
11/12/1976:Fr-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 18 of 56/PRAIA
          :In PRAIA.  Met Dean Curren, of the US Embassy in Guinea, and
          :Michael Frenchman, a whiz building windmills on the islands for
          :the UNDP.  Purchased from him a book on windmills and other
          :power generating ideas.
          :11/14/Su:  The flight Praia -> Dakar was canceled today. I had a
          :wonderful time in Praia, due to the 3 Helenas, and because I
          :like simple unspoiled people.
11/15/1976:Mo-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 21 of 56/BAMAKO
          :At the airport saw Ms. Wells, the US Embassador to Cape Verde
          :and Guinea Bissau.  It was her first day on her job.
          :Upon arrival in Dakar, checked into Hotel Meridian.
          :11/16/Tu: Dakar -> BAMAKO, Mali.  Almost missed the plane; the
          :US Embassy helped nicely.
          :Met and flirted with Ms. Rokia Malet, Technicienne Superienne au
          :Tourisme, BP 191, tel: 246-73
11/18/1976:Th-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 24 of 56/TIMBUKTU
          :Bamako -> TIMBUKTU, Mali.
          :The local people put on a show for us, including a camel race.
          :In the eve 8 persons carried on a wooden tray a whole roasted
          :camel, standing upright (legs cut at the knees). What a sight!
          :Next day to Bamako. Participated in the ground breaking
          :ceremonies for the SELINGUE dam, which we are financing.
11/20/1976:Sa-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 26 of 56/ACCRA
          :Bamako -> Dakar -> ACCRA, Ghana. $=1.15 CEDIs/4.50 black market.
          :This time we are staying at the Meridian in TEMA, a town near
          :Accra.  Met a young woman named Rita the first night, but
          :nothing like Yaa from the previous trip. 
11/23/1976:Tu-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 29 of 56/ACCRA
          :In Accra, a nice day today.  The Saudi Embassador, FUAD Al-Alfi,
          :a worldly Saudi, took us to Stop-Over restaurant for a treat.
          :Then I met a Ghanian sailor named CUSSES who took me to the
          :night spots till morn hours.  Paid him for appreciation.  He
          :introduced me to a delectable female.
11/24/1976:We-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 30 of 56/YAA 
          :In Accra.  Went to the Apollo Club to find YAA whom I had met on
          :9/11/1976 in Accra.
          :Found her brother and sent him to find her.
          :11/25/Th:  I met her at the Apollo at 1:15pm. This time she was
          :dressed in a traditional African dress. Made a date at the
          :Ambassador Hotel at 8pm.  What a dynamite woman...
11/26/1976:Fr-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 32 of 56/YAA
          :Sherif, the team chief, is being rude.  I'd love to show that
          :shrimp a war dance, but I am having $300/day, plus salary, plus
          :all-expenses-paid trip in Africa.  Let him imagine he is a man.
          :Met a woman named ABA in the lobby and made love for $20/night.
          :11/27/Sa:  Yaa sent two guys to take me to her.  Nice. The last
          :time I saw her . . .
11/28/1976:Su-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 34 of 56/DUALA
          :Accra -> DUALA, Cameroon over the next 5 days. $=247 C.Franks.
          :Hotel des Cocotiers (Telex: 5329 KN): 5,500 CF/night
          :12/1/We: Duala -> YAOUNDE, Cameroon.
          :Hotel Sheraton (Telex: 8263 KN, Tel: 22-42-24)
12/2/1976 :Th-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 38 of 56/YAOUNDE
          :Yaounde -> DUALA  -> Victoria.  Checked in at the
          :Atlantic Beach Hotel. (Tel:33-32-32, Telex: 5241 SOCOPAO).
          :I took a walk alone to MILE-6 Beach thru plantations.  It was
          :lovely at the beach to see all sorts of young people going
          :around naked and uninhibited, having more fun than our young
          :people in US.  I did too, liking this simplicity . . .
12/3/1976 :Fr-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 39 of 56/TUNIS
          :Duala, Cameroon -> GENEVA.  ($=2.48SF)
          :12/4/Sa: Talked to Parents 2:09-2:25am.
          :(Purchased the beautiful umbrella I have used until 1992.)
          :12/5/Su: Geneva -> TUNIS, over next 4 days.
12/9/1976 :Th-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 45 of 56/MALTA
          :Tunis -> MALTA until eve of 11th.
          :At 8:30pm we were received by the Prime Minister in his office,
          :the same room in which Napoleon had slept on his way to the
          :Egypt mission.
          :Worked on Marsaxxlokk Bay Harbor project.
          :Met PAULINE at the ministry and took her out. Nice, but these
          :dates make life even more difficult in Riyadh.
          :ADDRESS: Pauline Borg, c/o Ministry of Commonwealth and Foreign
          :-------- Affairs, Palazzo Parisio, Merchants St.,Valetta, Malta
12/11/1976:Sa-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 47 of 56/MALTA
          :In Valetta, Malta.  The professional part of the trip
          :is over.  I had my head shaved to see how the transplant wounds
          :from 9/16/76 have healed.  The cap helps . . .
          :ADDRESSES: Hotel Preluna or Europa, Ta Kalina Restaurant,
          :Fortizza in Sliema, Hunter's Tower Rest. in Marsoxlokk (fish),
          :Lopsi View Rest. in Ghar Lopsi (Rabbit A'la Maltaise & wine
          :Lachrima Vitis), Hotel Corinthia.
12/12/1976:Su-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 48 of 56/ROME
          :The team has separated. I am off to Rome.
          :12/13/Mo: Had my portable SANYO tape player fixed.  Took a tour.
          :12/14/Tu: Had problems with American Express card at the API
          :hotel.  Went to AMEX office and met a girl who looked like
          :a twin sister of Semra.  Asked her for a date on the spot; she
          :accepted.  Had a nice time together.
12/15/1976:We-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 51 of 56/ROME
          :Checked into Hotel Accademia at the Fountain of Trevi
          :ADDRESS: Piazza Accademia di S.Luna, 75/00187 Rome.
          :Tel: 6786705/6792266.
          :Met a gorgeous female at a delicatessen, a student: spent the
          :rest of the day with her . . .
12/16/1976:Th-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 52 of 56/NAPOLI
          :Rome -> Napoli, the city I'd loved first on my way to USA on
          :4/13/1958, but too crowded now and too many high-rise buildings.
          :Continued to POMPEII, SORRENTO... This must be one of the most
          :beautiful areas in the whole world.  Stayed at Hotel Europa.
          :(I would take this trip again with BELINDA on 8/7/80.)
          :12/18/Sa: Returned to Rome.
12/20/1976:Mo-Saudi Fund/Saturn Mission 10/26-12/20: Day 56 of 56/RIYADH
          :298 Days in Riyadh/382 left.
          :The 56-day Saturn Mission is over, and so is Saturn conjunct my
          :Moon.  But because of this trip, Sherif, the Egyptian team chief
          :from World Bank, would block my job application to World Bank in
          :1981.  We did not get along . . .
12/22/1976:We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Letter from Ismail in Turkey. Car fixed
          :(after my accident on 9/24/76).  Sent him $80, Germany DM 8,300.
          :12/27/Mo: Mailed a complaint letter to Pountney Clinic in London
          :for hair transplant on 9/16.
12/31/1976:Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Franz, Nicole, Franz's sister Regina, and
          :I celebrated the New Year in the desert: one of the nicest.
          :Day 309 in Riyadh; 371 left . . .
1/8/1977  :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Had a ponderous 15 days (to 1/15).  The
          :trips are OK, but day-to-day this place is a spiritual vacuum,
          :especially when Saturn in Leo was conjunct my Moon, now Final.
1/18/1977 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Saw my 1st movie in Saudi Arabia: "Taxi
          :Driver" with Robert de NIRO at Zahret Al-Sharq with Adel.
          :JUP -> DIRECT (R since 9/21/76) 60 N:SU, T:PL Lib (9) -> Retro
1/19/1977 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  I have been using my International
          :Driver's License.  Today, I finally obtained my Saudi Driver's
          :Saw "Return of Dragon" (B.Lee) with Adel at Zahret Al-Sharq.
          :1/22/Sa: French President Giscard D'Estaing is visiting Riyadh.
1/27/1977 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/EXERCISE: 336 Days/344 left.
          :Had a pleasant eve with Adel & Mohammed, my landlord. Mohammed
          :said he will extend my lease for another year.
1/29/1977 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/EXERCISE: 338 Days/342 left. 
          :Began training with WEIGHTS: about 3hrs/day.  At about
          :this time, city officials began to spray Riyadh from the air
          :and on the streets to get rid of flies.
          :Astrology of Physical Energy/Exercise.
          :MO:4TAU36  SU:6AQU56 ME:12CAP08 VE:23PIS55 MR:19CAP38 JU:21TAU24
          :ST:13LEO57 UR:11SCO37 NP:15SAG27 PL:14LIB09 NN:28LIB30
          :1. Saturn is about to be conjunct my Moon again, as the 2nd half
          :of 1976.  In other words, to overcome the depressing influence
          :of this aspect, I might have felt an inducement to divert the
          :energy to a positive end: exercise is such an end.
          :2. Jupiter is sextile (exact) to my Sun is making me resourceful
          :to respond to the energy in (1).
          :3. Mars in disciplined Capricorn is about to form an opposition
          :to my Sun, providing the determination for exercise.  It will be
          :in my 1st house soon, a potent/aggressive/physical cycle.
          :4. Could I have predicted these patterns would invariably lead
          :to an exercise regimen?  No, but I responded to the energy also
          :at work: (see 2/2/77).
2/2/1977  :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund. Submitted my in-house the Country Profiles
          :proposal to Jalal.  These people, Jalal certainly, have treated
          :me nicely.  Working on the profile for Morocco.
          :Neptune in Sag (11th) is trine to my Moon to 5/3/1977.
2/4/1977  :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Met a Herr Adolf Hahn (Tel:0611 718-839),
          :a banker from Germany, while on a short desert excursion with
          :Adel.  Gave him a tour.  He gave us each a large black leather
          :case for business cards (I still have).
2/6/1977  :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/FRANK: 346 Days/334 left.  I was invited to
          :the official lunch with the delegation with Mali.
          :At 3:45pm Mohammed, my landlord, agreed to let Frank (France)
          :to move in the apartment as my roommate, each paying SR 20,000;
          :I am saving SR 10,000.  On 2/7/Mo: Frank moved in.
2/9/1977  :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Sent Belinda $100 for her 10th birthday;
          :have been writing to her almost daily, sending foreign coins...
          :Card arrived from Pauline in Malta. Went to see movie with Adel:
          :"From Russia with Love."  Heavy exercise schedule continues...
2/13/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Ghana delegation arrived yesterday, to
          :sign the loan for the Kpong project.  I was invited, for it was
          :my project--and I had traveled twice to Ghana in 1976.  At lunch
          :at the Intercontinental, I invited the entire delegation for an
          :excursion to the desert. They did not share my enthusiasm, but
          :came anyway.  ME Aqu (1st) 120 my UR and MR Aqu (1st) 120 my UR.
2/14/1977 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Larry, Frank, I went to a movie at
          :Al-Sharq: "Scorpio" with Alain Delon.
          :2/15/Tu: received a card from the rich Thai woman I had met and
          :spent the night with in Rome in 1976.  JU 21Tau 60 my Su.
2/26/1977 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/ARABIC: 376 Days/314 left.  Working on the
          :Profile for Bahrain.  Registered for Arabic classes.
          :Heavy exercise schedule continues.  This is generally one of the
          :best cycles for me so far . . .
2/27/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/MILE RUN: 377 Days/313 left.  Adel and I
          :were invited for dinner at Assam. He and his family project the
          :aura of the Mid-East; made me nostalgic about my childhood in
          :Samsun, Turkey.
          :2/28/Mo: Ran my 1st mile with Sam in excellent time today.
3/2/1977  :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/ZULFI.  Working on Profile for Benin. Larry
          :and I attended a party at Lockheed.
          :3/3/Th: Left for an overnight excursion to the dunes at ZULFI:
          :Franz, Nicole, Larry, Regina, Tony, Andre, Fran, and I.
          :3/5/Sa: 7pm the cold season began.  Having slight problems
          :with Adel, Larry, Franz...  Mars in Aqu (1st) 180 my Mars.
3/7/1977  :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund: 375 Days/305 left.  Working on MONTANE
          :Plains project, Yemen. Jalal asked for me before 8:30pm; I was
          :at the Intercontinental with Franz, Nicole, Andre, and his
          :wife Fran.
3/8/1977  :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/PARIS: 376 Days/304 left.
          :At 9:15am Jalal called again to announce a Consultative
          :Conference in Paris about Egypt's economic problems.  This is
          :a bonus of sorts for doing my work diligently, or induced by the
          :Country Profiles I have initiated myself . . .
          :In turn, I handed in the profiles I completed so far.
          :Mars in Aqu (1st) 120 my Venus; Merc.in Pis (2nd) 120 my Jupiter
3/13/1977 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/FINE CYCLE.  Working on Profiles for
          :Algeria, Bolivia, Burma.
          :Had completed the Malta Project report on 3/12, WADI RIMA
          :Development in Yemen today.
          :Still maintaining a heavy exercise schedule, things are fine.
          :Astrology of a fine cycle.
          :MO:29SAG02 SU:22PIS18 ME:19PIS16 VE:24ARI22 MR:24AQU27
          :JU:26TAU07 ST:10LEO42 UR:11SCO29 NP:16SAG08 PL:13LIB23 NN26LIB07
          :1. Neptune in Natal 11th of Hopes and Wishes and Friends is in
          :exact trine to my Natal Moon, setting a very nice umbrella.
          :2. Jupiter in Natal 4th of inner peace is about to form a trine
          :to my Neptune, indication a favorable expansion of sorts.
          :3. The Sun is in Natal 2nd of additional income (trip to Paris
          :announced on 3/8), in exact trine to my Sun.
          :4. Mercury (news/announcements/mental work) in my 2nd House is
          :about to form a square to my Venus in Gemini, but soon after
          :that a trine to my Sun.
          :5. This should be an imaginative, productive, nice cycle . . .
3/14/1977 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SARA.  I was assigned the SUEZ CANAL
          :EXPANSION project. And I am also preparing my own
          :W.Econ.Conference paper: very productive . . .
          :Since 3/12, my mind is preoccupied with SARA next door, whom I
          :met the 1st time on 8/6/1976.  She is in veils now, considered
          :a woman.  I know her family would accept, if I propose . . .
3/16/1977 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/ASTROLOGY.  Start of a slightly ominous
          :period (to about 3/30), though things have been very nice for
          :about 2 months (partly due to Neptune trine my Moon).
          :Now my conference paper is giving me problems; and I made a bad
          :bond purchase in Germany; and I have a severe cold; my body
          :refused to exercise, but I ran 1+1/4mile.
          :Also doing lots of charts these days comparing the EQUAL v.
          :PLACIDUS houses. 
          :3/17/Th: Decided on EQUAL HOUSES 1st time.
          :3/17/Th: Mercury in Pis (2nd) 180 my Neptune NP
          :3/19/Sa: Venus in Ari (4th) -> RETRO until 4/28/1977.
3/22/1977 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Working on my 50th Country Profile:
          :Liberia.  Adel and I saw the movie "Soldier Boy."
          :Jalal turned down my WEC trip.  I am pissed off... So I am
          :making plans for my annual leave in USA--it was due on 1/27/77;
          :I delayed it to summer.
3/24/1977 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Working on Profiles for: Argentina,
          :Malagasy, Malawi (54th country).
          :Adel, Franz, Frank, Andre, and I left to look for the Petrified
          :Forest area in the desert. Could not locate it, but was fun.
3/26/1977 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/OPEC: 394 Days/286 left.
          :The Rain Season began today
          :3/27/Su: Since Jalal refused my conference trip, I canceled it.
          :Today Jalal called me in for a new assignment: "Impact of
          :1973/74 OPEC Oil Price Increase on the Developing World."
          :This is an elite assignment - of which I am getting almost all
          :in the office. 
3/30/1977 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/RUBBL KHALI, Day 1: 398 Days/282 left.
          :Working on the economic profile of Mexico.
          :This eve Franz, Andre, and I began our Rubbl Khali desert trip,
          :the largest and unmapped desert in the world.
          :This night we parked someplace on our way, spending the night
          :slapping mosquitos off us...  Mercury in Ari (3rd) 90 my Sun.
3/31/1977 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/RUBBL KHALI, Day 2.  Got lost in the
          :desert, mountains of crimson dunes all over.
          :Met Bedouins in the middle of nowhere on the dunes, one young
          :woman with veiled face but a see-through blouse of black
          :material that showed her breasts fully: amazing!
          :Almost desperate, we came across railroad tracks to the city of
          :DAMMAM.  Rode right on the tracks and had 4 flat tires.
          :Continued this way for about 100 miles to the city of HOFUF.
          :The crossing of Dahne (desert) was beautiful.  We spent the
          :night near HOFUF, got tires fixed, continued to DAMMAM.
          :4/1/Fr: Spent our 3rd night at Half Moon Bay Beach in Dammam.
4/3/1977  :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.
          :JUPITER enters GEMINI.
          :My Solar 12th House (from 0 Cancer) of Limitations
          :My Natal  6th (Equal) Ho of Health, Projects, Jobs, Responsib.
          :   Natal  5 (Placidus) of Children, Romance, Creativity
          :Riyadh    5            of Children, Romance, Creativity
          :Riyadh    4 (Placidus) of Domestic Adj.
          :I am 34, single, living in Saudi Arabia, working for SFD.
          :Mo-Working on 65th Profile: Oman.  Got a letter from JULES.
          :Venus (Retro) in Ari (3rd) 120 my Moon.
4/8/1977  :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Working on 71st Profile: Rwanda.
          :Yitzhak RABIN of Israel resigned.
          :Andre and decided to drive I to the town of Leyla.
          :4/9/Sa: having a few problems with my roommate Frank:Moon in CAP
4/10/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/OPEC: 403 Days/277 left.
          :Working on Profile 73: Sierra Leone.
          :Yesterday, I had submitted Jalal my report (from 3/7/77) on
          :Egypt's Economic Prospects at the World Bank conference in Paris
          :Today, I also handed in the 2nd part of my report (from 3/26/77)
          :on the OPEC Price Increase.
          :Jalal liked it so much that he announced I go to the OPEC
          :headquarters in Vienna after the conference in Paris.
          :Jupiter in Gem (5th) conj. my Uranus: windfall Trip to OPEC.
          :Moon entered my Sun-sign: Cancer; Saturn turned direct in Leo.
          :Since about the end of Jan.1977, I have been having a very fine,
          :productive cycle on all fronts: see planets on 3/13/77 AND the
          :fact that Jupiter entered Gemini on 4/4/77.
          :Spent the Easter night having turkey with Franz and Nicole.
4/20/1977 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Working on 89th Profile: Togo; I am
          :extremely busy on several reports and projects.
          :Jalal called me in and asked me to prepare an economic and
          :political situation report on Africa, in part utilizing
          :references from two trips to Africa in 1976: this is for the
          :Ministry of Foreign Affairs...
          :Since 4/16, I have reduced my exercise schedule a bit.
4/26/1977 :Tu-Riyadh/saudi Fund.  Working on 94th Profile: Windward Isl.
          :Preliminary work on Egypt's economy finished, began the position
          :paper today.
          :4/27/We: Adel and I saw movie "You Only Live Twice" at Al-Sharq.
          :4/28/Th: USSR rejected US Salt-II proposal.
          :Venus turned direct in Ari (my 3rd House).
4/30/1977 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.  Working on Profile #98: Zambia.
          :King Khaled is returning from an operation in London; 5/1-2 are
          :declared a holiday.
          :Began to read Alvin Toffler's "THE FUTURE SHOCK."
5/1/1977  :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/BURN CLUTCH.  Holiday (today and tomorrow).    
          :Franz, Adel, I drove to the desert; burned the clutch of my Jeep
          :on top of a sand dune, 3 hrs from Riyadh.
          :Came back to Riyadh to get Franz's Jeep, drove back to the dune
          :to get my Jeep back to Riyadh.  (Franz fixed it on 5/5/Th.)
          :Mars in Ari and my 3rd house of accidents is square my Mercury.
5/3/1977  :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/REPORT on EGYPT.  At 12:15 submitted the
          :Consultative Report about Egypt; at 6:15 pm submitted our (SFD)
          :official Position Paper on Egypt.
          :5/4/We: Jalal called a conference on Egypt, incl. Sherif from
          :Egypt and World Bank.  By this time I knew Egypt better than
          :Sherif and World Bank: paper accepted entirely and Jalal paid
          :Sherif back for ego trip during the trip to Africa in Nov.1976.
5/6/1977  :Fr-Saudi Fund (435 Days/245 left): EGYPT/OPEC Trip:5/6-23=17d
          :It has been 134 days since my return from the 56-day Saturn
          :mission in Africa, all used very productively.
          :With Larry, Riyadh -> CAIRO.
5/7/1977  :Sa-Saudi Fund (436 Days/244 left): EGYPT/OPEC Trip:5/6-23=17d
          :Larry & I checked into Sheraton at 3am.  In the morn, we
          :found Dr. Fagih Shendy of the Min. of Econ. Cooperation.
          :I was direct (not diplomatic) and may have stepped on some
          :people, but they were dragging their feet during the talks.
          :In the eve, Larry & I came to the "Sound & Light" show at the
          :Pyramids, then to Sheraton to enjoy Egypt's best belly dancer.
          :Mercury in Pis (retro in 4th) square my Pluto.
5/8/1977  :Su-Saudi Fund/EGYPT/OPEC Trip:5/6-23=17d/CAIRO
          :In Cairo: in the morn, Larry/I came to Old Town to see old Egypt
          :At 2pm negotiations continued. I got into a arm-wrestling match
          :with the Under Secretary of Planning.  He was wrong; Shendy
          :from the Min.of Econ. Coop. had to agree with me.
          :In the eve, we went to the Tower near Sheraton, then at 10pm to
          :Sahara City (club) in the Giza desert, one of the nicest
          :old-fashioned fun places...
5/9/1977  :Mo-Saudi Fund/EGYPT/OPEC Trip:5/6-23=17d/PARIS
          :Cairo: Air France -> to PARIS.  Larry & I checked into Concord
          :La Fayette.
          :5/10/Tu: Checked out of the impersonal (1st class) La Fayette
          :and moved into my old and quaint Mayflower Hotel.
          :ADDRESS:Hotel Mayflower,112 FF 3,Rue Chateaubriand 75008 Paris,
          :Tel: 225.57.46/47/48.
          :Gave 3 flowers to the receptionist girl (a Leo) and talked her
          :into sleeping with me to 3:30am. I like life; Mother's Day today
5/11/1977 :We-Saudi Fund/EGYPT/OPEC Trip:5/6-23=17d/PARIS/WORLD BANK
          :In Paris, meeting at the World Bank: all industrial countries
          :are represented;  We (Jalal, I, Larry) did very well.
          :Joan CRAWFORD died.
          :President Carter completed London Econ. Summit.
          :5/12/Th: Meeting over, enjoy Paris, but I am exhausted . . .
          :5/13/Fr: Purchased Robert Heinlein's "A STRANGER IN A STRANGE
          :LAND," began reading it.
          :9:30pm, talked to Andre's wife Fran whom I will visit on 5/14.
5/14/1977 :Sa-Saudi Fund/EGYPT/OPEC Trip:5/6-23=17d/MARSEILLE/FRAN€OISE
          :Paris -> Porte Invalide -> Orly Airport -> MARSEILLE.
          :FRAN (Tel: 90-38-08-50) picked me up at the airport.  Had a
          :wonderful time together, sightseeing, chatting, light flirt.
          :Fran wanted to sleep with me. I was terribly tempted, but
          :hugged her and slept alone. She has been lonely too . . .
          :5/15/Su: Marseille -> VIENNA. Checked into Hotel Astoria, Rm.12
          :on K„ntner Strasse.
5/16/1977 :Mo-Saudi Fund/EGYPT/OPEC Trip:5/6-23=17d/VIENNA/OPEC
          :In Vienna: Introduced myself at the OPEC and OPEC Fund
          :offices. They are cautious about sharing confidential info with
          :me, even with Jalal's introduction.  They want to give me more
          :diluted data; I insisted on the data I wanted.  Had friction
          :with M. Hassanin, a Saudi--see below.
          :                                                 People at OPEC
          :Dr. Ali M. Jaidah, General Secretary, OPEC; Dr. I. Shihata,
          :Director General, OPEC Special Fund.; Mr. Mehdi Garandaghipour,
          :Asst. Dir. General, OPEC Special Fund; Dr. M. Hassanin, Chief
          :Econ. Dept., OPEC; Mr. Louis Lugo, Chief Statistic Unit, OPEC;
          :Sakhr A. Tariki, T.T. Barghuti OPEC (Tel:265511); MAYALISA
          :Tiusanen, The Opec Special Fund, 93 Obere Donau Str., Vienna.
          :Jorgen Fenger, OECD (Tel: 524-90-16), 2 Rue Andre Pascal, 75775
          :Paris Cedex 16; J�rgen M. Bartsch, Head Non-DAC Countries. 
5/17/1977 :Tu-Saudi Fund/EGYPT/OPEC Trip:5/6-23=17d/VIENNA/OPEC
          :In Vienna: Today the OPEC strategy is to overwhelm me
          :with data.  They are showing me lots of it, but I can screen
          :too.  (Worked on this until 5/23.)
          :Mars and Venus in Ari (3rd) trine my Moon;
          :Uranus, retro in 9th Sco is trine to my Jupiter.
5/21/1977 :Sa-Saudi Fund/EGYPT/OPEC Trip:5/6-23=17d/VIENNA/TOUR
          :In Vienna: Free today.  Went to S.Bahnhof (train station) for
          :train to Baden to MYERLING: visited Kloster den Heiligen Kreuz,
          :Kahlberg, Grinzig, Seagrotte...
          :Met a sexy girl from Finland, returned to Vienna, made love the
          :whole weekend.
          :5/23/Mo:  Vienna -> Rome -> Riyadh
          :Exit problems in Austria: got duped by a taxi; could not
          :collect 527 Shilling exit "Steuer" (fee).
5/24/1977 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (452 Days/228 left)/OPEC.Study
          :Returned from OPEC trip yesterday; began organizing the data.
          :PART-I: derived the "Landed Prices."
          :Still reading "THE FUTURE SHOCK."
          :Began making plans for my belated Annual Leave.
          :Restarted exercise, Arabic.  Adel is not coming to Turkey...
5/28/1977 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (456 Days/224 left)/OPEC.Study\NICOLE.
          :Interesting.  Finally we are all receiving mail from
          :March: (MERCURY was RETRO from 4/21-5/15.)
          :Began PART-II of OPEC Study: deriving "Landed Quantities."
          :Visited Nicole at King Faisal hospital: she is having a baby...
5/29/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/OPEC STUDY.  Working on PART-III:
          :developing Price/Quantity Indices.
          :5/30/Mo: PART-IV: deriving the Impact of OPEC on Developing
          :With Tony: saw a Kim Novak movie.  (She has been a favorite of
          :mine since "Picnic" with William Holden, "Of Human Bondage" with
          :Lawrence Harvey.
          :5/31/Tu: PART-V: derived the Impact of Industrial countries on
          :Developing countries.
          :In the eve took a cactus to RIOPELLEs.  Have bad vibes from
          :them, and about two-faced Larry.
          :MOON -> SCO, Mercury (4/5th) square my Moon.
6/3/1977  :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/WORLD TOUR.  While talking to Tony at 7pm,
          :the idea came that rather than paying SR 7,650 to USA directly,
          :I should go around the world.
          :6/4/Sa: began preparing the itinerary around the world.
          :6/6/Mo: Submitted to Jalal the finished OPEC Study, the S.Arabia
          :specific addendum by 6/9. I am ready for Around the World tour.
6/10/1977 :Fr-Saudi Fund (470 Days/210 left)/WORLD:6/10-7/12/BOMBAY/MA DEVA
          :AROUND the WORLD in 30 days trip begins.
          :Day 1: left Riyadh 11am, arrived in BOMBAY (time 1.5hr later)
          :Holiday Inn 6:30pm.  Monsoon season just began.
          :Met MA DEVA PRASHNA on the terrace while eating dinner. She is
          :a (SAG) French girl with an assumed name, coming from Guru
          :colony in POONA, a city 70km north of Bombay.
          :Black hair to her waist, long red and stylish gown, no shoes.
          :She looked like the "Barefoot Contessa" a la Ava Gardner.
          :ADDRESS: c/o Hourdehaigt,16 Rue de Viroflay,92 Chaville, France
          :-------- Had all-out passion next 2 days.  Next day to downtown,
          :drank sugar cane juice, had fun at the Taj Mahal Hotel.
          :The Sun in Gemini (5th house of romance) conjunct my Venus.
6/12/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/JOVITA
          :Day 3: Bombay -> Delhi -> BANGKOK.
          :Long wait at Bombay airport: Air India delayed.
          :The long night flight turned out to be a blessing.  While people
          :slept, I came to the hostess quarters, chatted with a JOVITA
          :(Gemini), the Hindu hostess, for 2 hours.  One thing led to
          :another; the other two hostesses took the passenger seats in the
          :back, while we became intimate, necking/touching till daylight.
          :ADDRESS: Jovita Fernandez, 30 Laxmi Nivas/Vakola, Nasjid Rd.,
          :-------- Mangalore, Santa Cruz East, Bombay 400065
6/13/1977 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/BANGKOK
          :Day 4: In Bangkok. Went to the Rose Gardens for nice cultural
          :shows; then to Orchid Gardens; rode an elephant, put a python
          :around my shoulders and walked around a bit, but the girls did
          :not find it romantic . . .
          :Came back to my hotel and room, called the message parlor down-
          :stairs for the prettiest girl.  She came: sexy.  Negotiated for
          :a triple-session, made love to her for two, then $20 bath...
          :Transiting Mars and Venus are conjunct in Aries, my 5th House...
6/14/1977 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/HONG KONG
          :Day 5: Bangkok -> HONG KONG (1hr diff).
          :Checked into Imperial Hotel.  Acquainted myself with the KAWLOON
          :peninsula. Found an over-the-counter dining place near Hong Kong
          :Hotel, the best...
          :6/15/We: Day 6, In Hong Kong: took ferry to Hong Kong Island,
          :climbed to the Victoria Peak for the view, walked for miles
          :in the Wan‡hai and the Central District.
          :Then continued several miles to ABERDEEN to see the boat people.
          :In the eve, returned to the hotel, changed, and went to a
          :"Hostess" place.  The Brazilian girl asked a steep price.  No!
6/15/1977 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/SUZY WONG
          :Day 6: an American I met in the eve recommended a Eurasian girl
          :(name forgotten) at a Go-Go place near the hotel.
          :Went there and found my Suzie WONG: beautiful!  Had to have her.
          :Between dances she finally agreed.  She had the next day free,
          :and for the price of that night she agreed to be with me all
          :day.  Waited until 3am for her, then took her to my hotel.
          :The guy at the reception desk said the hotel has girls too,
          :outsiders cannot come in.  BS, but gave him $20 to shut his
          :mouth and to look to another direction.  He did.
6/16/1977 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/MACAO
          :Day 7, in Hong Kong:  more walks and shopping; got a Seiko
          :watch, tapes, etc. in Kawloon.
          :Spent the morn with my Suzy Wong from last night.  She had to
          :leave.  Took a ferry to Macao, walked around a lot, saw the
          :famous casino, and returned to the ferry.
6/17/1977 :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/TOKYO
          :Day 8: Hong Kong -> TOKYO (1hr diff).
          :Checked into Ginza Tokyu Hotel, Rm.330. 
          :Walked around Ginza whole day to get a feel of Japan.
          :6/18/Sa-Day 9, in Tokyo.
          :Tour to Tokyo Tower (4th tallest in the world), Imperial
          :Gardens and home of Shogun - most famous: Iyiyasu Tokugawa,
          :the last Shogun in 1868 who may be the real-life Toranaga
          :in James Clavell's book 'Shogun'. Visited Asakusa Kannon
          :temple; then, more of Ginza shopping district.
6/19/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/TOKYO->LA
          :Day 10, in Tokyo: took a tour to Tokyo Pearl Gallery to enjoy
          :Tasaki pearls, visited the National Diet Bldg, Parliament,
          :Congress, Akasuka Palace, Meiji Shinto shrine, the Olympic
          :gymnasium, a private 300-year old home, and the Tokyo Shopping
          :Center, enjoying a tea ceremony there.
          :I purchased my black silk kimono there for 7,650 Yens.
          :Left Tokyo at 5pm for LA and will be in LA at 10:45am the
          :SAME day: a 40-hr day (16hr time diff): flight 8hr 35min.
          :Read James Clavell's "KING RAT" on the way.
6/20/1977 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/ANAHEIM.WEC
          :Day 11, in ANAHEIM, Western Econ. Conference.
          :I was selected as Chairman of session "Interest and Investment"
          :from 2:30-4:30pm in Rm.106.
          :6/21/Tu: Presented my paper "A Linear Model of a Process" for
          :session "Economic Forecasting."
          :Ken and Nanci picked me up after my session. Feeling wonderful.
          :Drove to San Diego.  Gave Ken $500 to help out.
          :Purchased snorkel, et al for diving in Istanbul.
6/22/1977 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/KY.JULES
          :Day 13, in USA:  Left San Diego 7:10am for LA and 9:15am to
          :LOUISVILLE, KY, to see JULES (the last time). Checked into the
          :Executive West Hotel. Jules came and I knew she would always be
          :a special woman in my life...
          :6/23/Th: Day 14:  Louisville -> Pittsburgh.
          :At the airport Jules lost control and began crying, clinging to
          :me... I could have married her then: a most memorable departure.
          :Everyone at the gate looked as if they were watching THE "Love
6/24/1977 :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/WAYNESBURG
          :Day 15, in Waynesburg.  Reorganized my belongings in the little
          :walk-in closet downstairs and the attic into 3 boxes, threw out
          :all else.  Also updated my ScrapBook.
          :Gave Judy $500 to help out; Belinda is intentionally
          :instigating friction. I have stayed in touch with her almost
          :daily; I am not about to spoil my trip.
          :Drove Mother, Gigi, Belinda to South Hills.  Belinda insisted
          :on having mashed potatoes with her desert. I have had enough of
          :this.  I said no, and Belinda began to bitch. So I did not
          :purchase her the gift I had promised.  Mother & Gigi were
          :saddened.  Cycle: Mars in Tau (4th) is square Saturn in 8th;
          :6/26/Sa: Venus in Tau (4th) square my Mars: Ups/Downs at home!
6/27/1977 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/FEMSI.NIAGARA
          :Day 18: Pittsburgh -> BUFFALO to see Femsi.
          :Left at 6:50pm. Garry picked me up. Don't like that guy.
          :Very nice being with Femsi, but Garry subtly caused friction.
          :Mars in Tau (4th) square my Moon.
6/28/1977 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/FEMSI.NIAGARA
          :Day 19, in NIAGARA.  Femsi & I drove to the park on
          :the Canadian side - I love that country. Played like two kids,
          :but I was saddened with her life with Garry.
          :She is brighter than him, but is innocent. She has a nurturing
          :inner core, stoically enduring because of the kids...
          :Because of my mood, I decided not to visit Nicole in NY; called
          :her, and at 6pm, left USA for FRANKFURT.
6/29/1977 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/FRANKFURT
          :Day 20, in FRANKFURT (6hr time diff).
          :Checked in Hotel Kaiserhof on Kaiserstr. 62 (DM 48/night)
          :Tel: 23-51-55/57.
          :Collecting my thoughts from my visit to USA: Belinda & Judy are
          :becoming excess baggage; Gigi's husband Mike is nice but so busy
          :as salesman that Gigi is in spiritual isolation; Mother is
          :terribly bored in Waynesburg, and Femsi's situation with her
          :ignorant husband . . .
          :Not easy to observe these and enjoy my vacation . . .  And:
          :(Saturn at 15 Leo (7/8) is forming conjunction to my Moon.).
          :6/30/Th:  Went to the Old Sachsen Hausen in the eve; was nice.
7/1/1977  :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/ISTANBUL.
          :Day 22: 12n, on THY 898 Frankfurt -> ISTANBUL (2hr time diff.)
          :Arrived in a Saturnine mood (T:St 0 N:MO) at Tarabya Hotel on
          :the Bosporus. Raining heavily. Took photos of old wooden
          :Turkish homes on the hills. Feel alone and nostalgic...
          :7/3/Su: took a boat across the Bosporus to visit aunt Nazire
          :who brought me up as much as Mother in my baby years...
7/4/1977  :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/TUZLA.
          :Day 25: Checked out of Tarabya hotel and arrived at home in
          :Tuzla.  Talked to Mother. Pisces came over with some friends.
          :Felt better.  Cousin Keriman came in the evening...
7/7/1977  :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/TUZLA.
          :Day 28:  In TUZLA. Decided to snorkel at the reef in front. This
          :opened up a new vista.
          :7/8/Fr: Pisces and I decided to swim across the bay, about a
          :mile: very nice.  She wanted to make love on the sand.  I began
          :touching her intimately, but then changed my mind.  I am too
          :alone in Saudi Arabia to feel hooked to a married woman I will
          :see again.  Venus conjunct my Uranus; Saturn conjunct my Moon
          :So what do you expect from a Cancer with MOON under assault by
          :Saturn?  Still, she helped and I will probably regret...
7/11/1977 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/AROUND THE WORLD: 6/10-7/12/TUZLA/Last Day
          :Day 32, 5pm left Istanbul for Jiddah.
          :7/12/Tu: 12:15am flight to Riyadh.  The Saudi Airline music I
          :love was on...
7/13/1977 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (503 Days/177 left).  Having returned from
          :my 32-day "World" trip yesterday, sent Pisces in Tuzla a letter
          :and 3 poems by Pablo NERUDA - from the book Jules had given me
          :in 1975...  (Sent Pisces cards from all over Africa in 1976.)
          :Now plans for the RAMADAN trip . . .
7/24/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (514 Days/166 left)/PIPE DREAMS
          :Since I returned from World trip on 7/12, I suffering the normal
          :consequences of Extreme Freedom to Confinement. So the mind
          :"PIPE dream": at 12:15am decided to invite Pisces to Intercont.
          :Hotel in Istanbul on 9/9 on Ramadan vacation.
          :Meanwhile I am also thinking of Jules, and Adel too may be
          :coming to Turkey..
          :Totally absorbed in personal plans these days.  Then again, I
          :had worked like a robot before the World trip on 6/10/77.
7/26/1977 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (516 Days/164 left)/SATURN 7/26-8/14
          :Saturn in Leo conjunct my Moon (since 10/14/76) is finally over,
          :but Saturn conjunct my Mars is starting until 8/14/77 . . .
          :Meanwhile my mind is also ROAMING about jobs in Manilla
          :(through friend Urs Sieber).
8/2/1977  :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (523 Days/157 left)
          :Reading Graham Greene's "THE HONORARY CONSUL."
          :Since 7/31/Su, Venus in Gem (5/6) square my Neptune, hinting at
          :illusions, pipe dreams, restlessness of the mind.
8/3/1977  :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (524 Days/156 left).  Talked to Sieber
          :about helping me to move to Asian Development Bank. . .
          :Exercising, but not in top form (Saturn is conjunct my Mars).
          :6/1-7/28/77 was a sexually potent cycle; less now.
8/14/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (535 Days/145 left)/SATURN/Mars OVER.
          :Read 10 books in the last two weeks, incl. "SERPICO," Raphael
          :Sabbatini's "CAPTAIN BLOOD," etc.
          :Asked Mother to Hawaii, to accompany me to the Western Econ.
          :Conference on 6/20/78.
          :Saturn conjunct my Mars over today; Jupiter -> Cancer soon...
8/18/1977 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (539 Days/141 left)/PISCES LETTER.  Sent
          :Gigi (visiting in Turkey) the letter for PISCES - which I
          :regretted severely on 8/21.
          :(The period 8/18-24 was very unfocused . . .)
          :I have been reading, writing, and making lots of plans
          :since 7/12.
8/20/1977 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund.
          :JUPITER enters CANCER.
          :My Solar  1st House (from 0 Cancer) of Expansion
          :My Natal  7th (Equal) Ho of Alliances, Marriage, etc.
          :   Natal  5 (Placidus) of Children, Romance, Creativity
          :Riyadh    6            of Responsibilities, Work
          :          5 (Placidus) of Children, Romance, Creativity
          :I am 35, single, living in Saudi Arabia, working for SFD.
          :8/24/We: Finished reading the "ODESSA FILE."
          :Idea came to visit TRIER again.
8/27/1977 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (548 Days/132 left)/ELVIS DEAD.  Working on
          :2 reports on Malaysia. Saleh asked me to prepare recommendations
          :as to how we should review eligible projects.
          :ELVIS Presley died.
9/28/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (549 Days/131 left).  9:15pm informed Jalal
          :that I want to renew contract, switching to Research Dept.
          :8/29/Mo: Began reading Ruth Freeman Solomon's 'CANDLESTICKS AND
8/30/1977 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (551 Days/129 left)/BELINDA MENINGITIS.
          :Sent a get-well card to Belinda in Turkey.  She had meningitis.
          :Father recognized the symptoms immediately and rescued her life.
          :Card from JULES; wrote her 5 pages on Gail Sheehy's PASSAGES.
          :9/1/We: Mars enters Cancer and Houses (6/7).
9/3/1977  :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (555 Days/125 left)/SIEBER LEFT.  After a
          :long delay finally 2 letters from Mother.
          :9/4/Su: Going-Away Party for Sieber--1st reference on 10/26/76.
          :He is returning to the Asian Development Bank.
9/4/1977  :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (556 Days/124 left)/SIEBER LEAVING TODAY
          :Finished Bangladesh Limestone project.
          :Letters from Gigi and Sally.  Things beginning to become active
          :again (since 7/12 about when Mars entered Gemini, since 9/1
          :entered Cancer.
          :9/6/Tu: This is Ramadan and I got caught smoking the 2nd time.
9/8/1977  :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/RAMADAN TRIP 9/8-19/PISCES.
          :Riyadh to Jiddah to Istanbul; checked into Sheraton.
          :Just in case went to Intercontinental.  I had written to Semra's
          :married sister Pisces (from Riyadh on 8/18) to meet me there.
          :9/9/Fr: Pisces was not there. Came home to Tuzla.  Did odds-and-
          :ends.  Went to šsk�dar to see uncle Sabri; returned to Sheraton.
9/12/1977 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/RAMADAN TRIP 9/8-19/AMSTERDAM.
          :Istanbul -> AMSTERDAM. Stayed at the Sonata Hotel in Old Town.
          :Walked to Rembrandt Platz; found the Redlight district; got
          :myself a woman; dined her and took her to my hotel.
          :Stayed with her 9/13/Tu.
9/14/1977 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/RAMADAN TRIP 9/8-19/TRIER.  In Amsterdam:
          :Rented a car and drove to Utrect, Rotterdam, Breda, Antwerben to
          :Brussels: 150km. Then Namut, Bastogne to Luxembourg, 125 km.
          :Finally arrived in beloved TRIER - 30km and checked into the
          :Europeisches Hof at Porta Nigra.
          :Walked all over, tracing my daily path to the gymnasium when I
          :was a student there.  Saw my friend UPRI from CALCHERA, our
          :hangout. He looked at me but could not place me. I did not say
          :anything and left. . .
          :Also saw Rita Heisel's brother in their shop.  He told me Rita
          :now lived in Connecticut.  (See 2/4/1962 too.)
          :This was my hometown once, for 3+ years, 12/4/1958 to 12/8/1961.
9/15/1977 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/RAMADAN TRIP 9/8-19.
          :Drove Trier -> Luxembourg.  Like an idiot missed my plane to
          :Frankfurt, while talking to two American students. Finally made
          :it to Frankfurt.
          :9/16/Fr:  Frankfurt -> Istanbul.  Came home.
          :9/17/Sa: SEMRA came over. We talked amiably. It had been a year.
          :Not very happy this trip; today Mercury (9th) square my Saturn.
9/18/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/RAMADAN TRIP 9/8-19/RUSSELL.SHEILA
          :Istanbul -> Beirut -> Dhahran -> Riyadh.
          :Met Russell and Sheila (Iranian father, British mother) on
          :the flight. Russell works for the US/Saudi Joint Economic
          :Conference.  They became friends later.
9/25/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (577 Days/103 left)/HAWAII 1978
          :Decided to translate the OPEC study into a paper for the
          :Econ.Conference in Hawaii. Sent $100 for hotel reservation,
          :filled out conference forms.
          :These days Parents are busy deciding on father's retirement on
          :7/11/78. I am sending cards/coins to Belinda almost every day.
10/2/1977 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (584 Days/96 left)/BLOOD O+
          :Got my blood type at Obeid Hospital in Riyadh: O+.
          :In 1982, in La Jolla, I learned that Belinda's type is AB . . .
10/8/1977 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (590 Days/90 left)/RESEARCH DEPT.X RAY
          :My 1st day official with the Research Department; began to
          :compose the SFD Annual Report 1976/77; finished it on 10/26.
          :Response from IRS: my 1976 filing accepted. Good!
          :Letters from Mother.  Our Siemens X-RAY machine in Samsun, is
          :sold, 19+ years after we left Turkey.
10/12/1977:We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (594 Days/86 left)/OPEC STUDY
          :Completed data and tables of Saudi assistance to Developing
          :countries. And I am continuing my Arabic classes, on and off.
          :10/14/Fr: Read Norman Mailer's "ARMIES OF THE NIGHT." This
          :period is not as confused as after my World trip, but I do not
          :feel very stable either.
10/16/1977:Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (598 Days/82 left)/NAURU
          :Wrote job letters to NAURU, Iran, Libya...
          :Mercury (9/10th) conjunct Transiting Pluto.
          :10/17/Mo: My 1st introduction to Riyadh Computer Center run by a
          :very capable American team. This came thru a Jim Shoesmith from
          :UK. Mercury (9/10) conjunct Transiting Sun.
10/21/1977:Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (603 Days/77 left)/TURK
          :Spent most of the day with a Turk (Alp Karli) working at Bendix
          :watched 2 soap-opera movies.  Meanwhile Larry is helping me
          :with reservations at Othon Palace in Rio.
          :10/22/Sa: Mars to Leo (7/8th) until 1/27/78, then retro to Can.
          :10/23: First rains began today...
10/26/1977:We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (608 Days/72 left)/Al-JUBAIL
          :Finally I finished the SFD 1976/77 Annual Report--have been
          :working with it since 10/8.  Submitted it to Yusuf Biyari.
          :Meanwhile, I was told that he had been looking for me for
          :something about Al-JUBAIL petrochemical complex.
10/29/1977:Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (611 Days/69 left)/PROMOTION.SEED
          :Stayed up all night to prepare report on this, incl. cash flow.
          :SABIC MONTHS LATER. . .
          :Sun in Scorpio (10/11th Houses) trine my Mercury;
          :Mercury in Scorpio (10/11) trine my Jupiter;
          :Jupiter in Cancer (my Sun-sign and 6/7th) turns retro to 2/21/78
11/2/1977 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (615 Days/65 left)/CAMPING.FANNIE,JUDY ON
          :1st time idea came to camp out in the desert. Thinking of
          :purchasing a long-wheelbase Toyota.
          :Telex from Rio responding to mine on 10/21: not confirmed.
          :Wrote Yusuf a letter about a programmable calculator.
          :Since 10/16: Feel connected to Judy (LEO) where Mars is in Leo,
          :Sun, Mercury in Scorpio.  And letter from Fannie, a Taurus,
          :from DC--where Taurus is square to Leo, opposite Scorpio.
11/3/1977 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (616 Days/64 left)/GAYLE
          :Woke up 4am from a dream involving fantastic sex with Gayle,
          :a wet dream alright...
          :Moon at 27 Cancer 27 EXACT sextile to my Neptune, AND at 4am,
          :Moon is approaching conjunct to Mars at 3 Leo in Natal 8th of
          :Sex, Location 7th (of wife or ex-love).
          :Dreams, see: 11/3/77,6/14/89,10/23/89,3/3/93,4/7/95,3/16/96.
          :11/5/Sa: Working on World Debt tables on the OPEC Study.
11/8/1977 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (621 Days/59 left)/BOOK-SATURN: 1ST
          :Stayed at home and began reading THE WORLD ALMANAC, about past
          :entertainers, etc.  American movies had molded my fantasies
          :when I was a child in Turkey . . .
          :These days, I feel the urge to begin a book which I may title
          :SATURN. My parents have had such a rich life, very much like
          :Dr Zhivago.  I want to set the Turkish environment of pre-WWI
          :and connect it to day.  (I actually began this book on 4/12/94
          :and finished it on 1/20/96: see 12/17/81,1/20/96,3/13/96.)
          :Sent parents $1000 gift.
11/12/1977:Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (625 Days/55 left)/ANDRE.  My friend
          :Andre (from France) left Saudi Arabia, roommate Frank's Jeep
          :disappeared.  I feel aggressive, 1st time seriously thinking of
          :retiring in Calif. or Hawaii.
          :Mars in Leo conjunct my Pluto (last day).
11/16/1977:We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SATURN IN VIRGO/HAJJ TRIP:11/16-27.EGYPT
          :Day 1: Riyadh -> Cairo; taxi -> ALEXANDRIA.
          :The taxi ride was memorable; the guy drove almost as fast as I.
          :Stopped at an old road-side tea house and smoked hashish from a
          :long pipe, listening to Mid-East music, the environment as in
          :old movies.  Checked into the CECIL hotel downtown-rather
          :than the better PALESTINE in the resort. PL Lib (9/10) 60 my MO.
11/17/1977:Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SATURN IN VIRGO/HAJJ TRIP:11/16-27.EGYPT
          :Day 2: In ALEXANDRIA.  Met a young Australian girl in the
          :lobby, asked her to join me for a taxi tour of the city.  She is
          :only 19 and a gutsy-adventurous type, on her own here; made love
          :all night.  Venus in Sco (10/11th) trine my Jupiter.
          :Tomorrow, Saturn enters Virgo permanently . . .
          :........SATURN in Transition into Virgo until 1/5/1978.
          :.........It turns retro on 12/12/77, direct on 4/26/78.
          :SATURN enters VIRGO permanently on 7/26/78, to 9/21/1980.
          :VIRGO is my Solar 3rd House of Experiences, Thoughts, Plans
          :............Natal 9th House of Travel, Higher Mind, Values
          :Riyadh 8th/ 9th Houses of Alliances/Joint Finances, Sex
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :VIRGO, it is SEXTILE to my 3 planets in Cancer: Mercury,Jupiter,
          :Sun, BUT Square to my 3 planets in Gemini: Uranus, Saturn, and
          :Venus, the Square to Venus being the most consequential.  (Note
          :that I have also Pluto square my Sun soon, signalling "endings
          :and beginning," effectively ending my career in Saudi Arabia.
          :For me, this cycle was outwardly a continuation of the previous
          :cycle.  I added to my assets and traveled a lot.  Intimacy was
          :still restricted and boredom began to set in.  I felt like
          :moving on.  If I was not going to feel secure with what I had, I
          :would be always insecure, or possibly become a captive of greed,
          :which, either way, meant enslavement...
          :Saturn moved out of Virgo on 9/21/80; I moved out of S. Arabia
          :10/6/1980.  As I had indicated earlier, Pluto in Libra Square
          :my Sun was the real culprit, but Saturn in Virgo Square my
          :Venus in Gemini surely did not help.  Saudi Arabia was the best
          :thing that happened to me.                      9/21/1980 Next!
          :Yesterday, I began my HAJJ Trip, 11/16-27.
11/18/1977:Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SATURN >VIR 11/17/HAJJ TRIP:11/16-27.ATHENS
          :Day 3, ALEXANDRIA train -> Cairo -> ATHENS.
          :Took the train to Cairo. enriching: as if I were still and
          :timeless, Egypt passing by . . .
          :Then flight to Athens. Checked into ATHENS' GATE (had sent telex
          :from Riyadh).  (Tel:92-38-781, Tx: 21.9660 GATE GR.)
          :Met a German guy in the lobby.  Together took a walk to PLAKA
          :area below the Acropolis. On the way back stopped at a dingy
          :bar with about dozen customers Gorgeous girls. The German was
          :already tipsy at arrival, became drunk after an hour; began
          :negotiating with a lovely girl at our table - mine waiting for
          :me to get drunk.  She named him an outrageous sum.  I told her
          :to forget it.  If I left now, the German guy would be rolled.
          :Since I was looking out for him, his girl said something in
          :Greek and the bouncer came at me.
          :I didn't know what he had in mind, but I hit him hard on the
          :chin with an out-of-nowhere Karate punch; he went down.  Then,
          :the owner came over.  I took the German back to hotel, and came
          :back for his girl; she was a beauty.  Sat with her, chatted in
          :broken English, negotiated a reasonable price for the whole
          :night.  Made love to her to 8am, took her to breakfast, then
          :sent her away.  I slept to 1pm.
11/20/1977:Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SATURN >VIR 11/17/HAJJ TRIP:11/16-27.ATHENS
          :Day 5, in ATHENS.  This was an odd day.  Forgot to collect $8
          :from the newsstand.  Then my camera walked away from the
          :reception desk right from under my eyes - I did not find it . . .
          :Mercury in Sag (11/12th) square my Neptune => Absent-minded...
11/21/1977:Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SATURN >VIR 11/17/HAJJ TRIP:11/16-27.ATHENS
          :Day 6, in ATHENS.  Took another tour of the city and Piraeus.
          :Elections today in Greece: KARAMANLIS won.
          :SADAT arrived in ISRAEL.
          :I had more enjoyable things on mind: went to the same (of 11/18)
          :bar, picked up the girl from that night, made love 11pm-7am.
          :Venus conjunct transiting Uranus.
11/22/1977:Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SATURN>VIR 11/17/HAJJ TRIP:11/16-27.TURKEY
          :Day 8, ATHENS -> Istanbul. Checked into the corner suite (235)
          :of Hilton.  Istanbul Hilton is not only the nicest Hilton in the
          :World, it is one of the few very nicest period.  Had D™NER, the
          :best meat dish of Turkey.  Called uncle Sabri, cousin Ilhami...
          :but stayed alone in contemplation:  I need my time for Inventory
          :Taking periodically . . .
          :Mercury conjunct trans. Neptune; Venus square my Moon.
11/23/1977:We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SATURN>VIR 11/17/HAJJ TRIP:11/16-27/SELHAN
          :Day 10, Istanbul -> ANKARA.  Met a girl, Oya Kibar, on the plane
          :and set up a date for later that day. Checked into Tunali hotel
          :downtown. Oya did not show up.
          :ADDRESS: Oya Kibar,Yildirim Ajansi, Istiklƒl Cad.
          :-------- Sekban Apt. #73/75 Kat-2, Beyoglu, Istanbul
          :Met cousin Aysel 3pm and stayed with them until midnight. Uncle
          :BAHRI is also there -- the last I saw him alive.  Aysel's
          :daughter, SELHAN, became infatuated with me.  Had a Roman
          :Holiday with her for two days, on one occasion intimately:
          :SHEEP LOOK SEXY AFTER A WHILE. Sorry, Aysel..."
          :Venus in Sco square my Mars, square Selhan's Sun in Leo.
          :11/25/Th: walked a lot, coming out of KAZAN Club saw SEMRA...
11/26/1977:Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SATURN>VIR 11/17/HAJJ TRIP:11/16-27.TURKEY
          :Day 12, Ankara -> Istanbul.  Checked into €INAR Hotel at the
          :airport. Called several family friends, but essentially I am
          :getting ready mentally for S.Arabia...
          :11/27/Su: Day 13, last day of trip:
          :Istanbul -> Beirut -> Dhahran -> Riyadh.
          :This was one of the nicest trips ever;
          :Venus in Scorpio trine my Sun.
11/28/1977:Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (641 Days/39 left)/LARRY.FRANZ AGAIN
          :Larry told me Franz is back from USA, representing a US
          :Company as VP -- his contract had expired earlier in 1977.
          :I am settling down. Arabic classes, cards to Mother, Selhan...
11/29/1977:Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (642 Days/38 left)/DESIDERATA.
          :Larry gave me DESIDERATA. I had first seen it, I think
          :in DC.  In return, I gave Larry copy of SIGMA NU Pledge -- he is
          :a Sigma Nu; I was a pledge there at WVU in 1962 . . .
11/30/1977:We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (643 Days/37 left)/SFD REPORT 1977/78
          :Very productive at work right away: Mercury enters Capricorn.
          :Working on the 1977/78 Annual Report, hydroelectric plant in
          :Brazil, my own conference paper, World Debt tables, and more
          :country profiles...
12/3/1977 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (646 Days/34 left)/FRANZ
          :Reestablishing base with Franz, who with Adel, and to lesser
          :extent, Larry, are my closest companions.  Today took a drive
          :with Franz to Al-Heir.  Met a Saudi family having a picnic in
          :the desert - the man had four young and beautiful daughters;
          :spent an hour or two with them.  Was nice.
          :Later went to the movies and saw 'Brennigan' with J.Wayne. I
          :have noticed that unlike after the World trip, and a bit after
          :the Ramadan trip, this time I am much more stable.  Less urge to
          :read novels, to write, to make lists and plans.
          :Sep. was a so so month, Oct. not-so-good, Nov. OK, Dec. fine...
12/7/1977 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (646 Days/34 left)/RUSSELL.SHEILA/RITA ROY
          :Sent a card to Rita ROY in England - met her some place while
          :traveling, but I forgot where.  Actually stayed in touch with
          :her for sometime on trips...
          :Russell-Sheila left a note for dinner on 12/9/Fr.
          :Sun in Sag trine my Moon.
12/11/1977:Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (650 Days/30 left)/YEAR 1398/ARABIC OUT
          :Muslim Year 1398 (Muharram 1) begins today.  Finally initiated
          :purchase of my 2nd Jeep to camp in the desert
          :Sun in Sag trine my Mars.
          :12/13/Tu: saw movie 'The Two Minute Warning'.
          :12/14/We: finalized a long letter to Gayle.
          :12/18/Th: did Selhan's chart, and a letter home about Father's
          :12/19/Fr: dropped my Arabic class. Venus trine my Mars.
12/20/1977:Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (659 Days/21 left)/ROMANTIC
          :Mailed $100 to Belinda. Reading "TINKER TAILOR AND SOLDIER"
          :by John LeCare.
          :12/22/Th: saw movie "Hard Times" with Charles Bronson.
          :12/23/Fr: saw movie 'Meine Liebling' with Romy Schneider - who
          :with Natalie Wood, Rossana Podesta, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner,
          :Jennifer Jones, Debra Paget, Ingrid Bergman, Susan Hayworth,
          :Elizabeth Tailor, Jane Russell, Kim Novak, France Nuyen,
          :Dorothy Dandridge, Anna Magnani, Simone Signoret, (now) Kim
          :Basinger, and my motorcycle and Jeep, a few others has been my
          :fantasy love since youth...
          :12/26/Mo saw movie "The Summertime Killer" with Karl Malden;
          :Fantastic motorcycling...
12/27/1977:Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (666 Days/14 left)/EXERCISE/Sudan
          :At 1pm TAHIR, a Sudanese co-worker, announced a trip to Sudan.
          :I think what is happening is that since the Saudis are
          :restricted as to the salary ceiling, Jalal is bestowing the
          :trips in appreciation - I collect full salary + $350/day on
          :these, plus all expenses, plus connecting flights to my personal
          :trips...  In 1976/77, I made more this way than thru regular
          :salary.  Moon in Cancer is conjunct my Sun at 1pm => Sudan.
          :Venus in Sag (11/12th) square my Neptune, in Cap on 12/1
          :Sun in Capricorn (12/1st) is opposite my Mercury.
12/30/1977:Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (669 days/11 left)         People thru 1977
          :Fannie T.Haymon,7903Kreeger Dr.#208,Adelphi,MD20783 301-431-1192
          :Femsi, 2105 Juron Dr. Niagara Falls, NY 14304 B/H?->716-297-8948
          :G�lhis Monezis,140 Rader's Trailer Ct., Waddels Run Rd.
          :                           Morgantown, WV 26003     304-242-2559
          :Ismail €avusoglu,Sigorta Ev,AfsarSok.38/4,Suadiye,Istanbul580659
          :John Hennigan,1101 NH Ave. #805, DC 20037           202-653-7624
          :Jules M. Marquart, 1501 Cowling Ave. Apt.2, Louisville, KY 40205
          :                       Busn: 502-589-4450     Home: 502-456-1995
          :Mercan Yuvasi:K”fte:274,Bakkal:29,Oto:307/52,Emine:167,Gas:188
          :Nicole Therese Zenz, 146 Meadow St.,Garden City, NY 11530
          :                                  Tel: 516-741-7835 516-747-7199
          :Rick/Sandy Riopelle (with Lockheed, from Weirton, WV):     62722
          :šlker, G�zel Yali: 25. Bangkok:Mr.Vinit Suraphongchai 252-6178/9
12/31/1977:Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (670 Days/10 left)/EXERCISE
          :JUPITER enters GEMINI - final.
          :My Solar 12th House (from 0 Cancer) of Limitations
          :My Natal  6th (Equal) Ho of Health, Projects, Jobs, Responsib.
          :   Natal  5 (Placidus) of Children, Romance, Creativity
          :Riyadh    5            of Children, Romance, Creativity
          :Riyadh    4 (Placidus) of Domestic Adj.
          :I am 35, single, living in Saudi Arabia, working for SFD.
          :Stayed at home.
          :1977 was a + year, incl. many trips, income, 
          :and professionally, except when Saturn was conjunct my Moon/Mars
          :                                      People in Riyadh thru 1977
          :Foreign Language Institute, Dr. Mahmoud: 29941
          :Canoo Travel Agent, Many: 24780                Mohammed: 20633
          :Jeff Brown: 63288, Ext. 258                        Tent: 69123
          :Zahret Al-Sharq: 28216/26086/23978
1/1/1978  :Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise/$61,679:09           ASTROLOGY Cycles
          :T:PL 16.5-19.5 Lib (N:10,L:9)   60 N:MO,MR  N=Natal 10th House
          :T:NP 16.5-18.5 Sag (N:12,L:11) 120 N:MO,MR  L=Location=Riyadh
          :T:UR 15.2-19.6 Sco (N:11,L:10)  90 N:MO,MR  L=Riyadh 10th House
          :T:ST    0-13.9 Vir (N: 9,L: 8)  90 N:UR,ST
          :T:JU Gem/Can (N:7/8,L:6/7) 0 N:UR,ST,VE  0 N:ME,JU,SU
          :Su-Started the year with a letter to Gayle; she was the 1st
          :thing on my mind. Also called Parents, Judy, Belinda there too.
          :Working on the OPEC Study for conference in Hawaii, preparing
          :for the GYPSY life, camping in the desert, Exercising, doing
          :loose ends, and making resolutions for spiritual improvements.
1/3/1978  :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (673/676? Days/707 left)/NEW CONTRACT.
          :President CARTER is in Riyadh.  Took photos.
          :Began work on highway project in SUDAN (re: 12/27/77).
          :Nov. and Dec. 79 and have been good, but I am dissatisfied with
          :my salary. . .
1/4/1978  :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise. 
          : Completed 1 week of Warm-Up EXERCISES (which I must have
          :started on 12/27/77).  Since this was a very disciplined
          :regimen that continued for several months, the astrologic
          :impetus may be interesting.
          :Astrology: Exercise, start on 12/27/77.
          :MO:21CAN  SU:5CAP ME:23SAG VE:29SAG MR:10LEOr  JU:1CANr
          :ST:0VIRr UR:15SCO NP:17SAG PL:17LIB NN:11LIB
          :1. Mars retro in Natal 8th/Location 7th is about to form
          :conjunction to Natal Pluto at 5 Leo, which is also the sign
          :of my Moon/Mars conjunction.  This is the energy--see 3/9/78.
          :2. Jupiter (in my Sun-sign) and Saturn, both retro, are in exact
          :sextile, which may bring about discipline.
          :3. Pluto in Libra is sextile to both my Moon and Mars; Neptune
          :trine to the same.  In other words, Pluto fuels the energy of
          :Mars, Neptune provides the desire.
          :4. Since Virgo is on the cusp of my 9th House of Foreign Lands,
          :the trip to SUDAN, which was also announced on 12/27, may have
          :been triggered by Saturn just in Virgo, sextile by Jupiter.
1/5/1978  :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise.  Supposed to have left for Sudan,
          :but did not due to passport delays.  1/6/Fr: With Adel: drove to
          :Al-Kharj then Al-Heir; spent the eve at his place; cooked
          :something nice.  Exercised: 15 sets of 10 pushups.
          :In the eve, began packing for the GYPSY life in the desert.
1/6/1978  :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund (680 Days/0 left)/2-YEAR CONTRACT OVER.
          :I finished my 2-year contract today by Moslem calendar; I had
          :started on 2/27/1976, 680 days ago; now I am on a new 2-Year
          :contract.  I am delaying my annual leave to the summer
          :During these 680 days, I spent 167 days (24.52%) AWAY from S.
          :Arabia, 54 days (7.93%) on personal trips, 113 days (16.59%) on
          :business.  Starting the 2nd contract with $61,679:09 liq. assets
          :Meanwhile, I began to send to Belinda coins from foreign
          :countries, to Mother country profiles, along with post cards,
          :and letters to everyone.  Writing and receiving mail is an
          :important pastime . . .
1/8/1978  :Su-Saudi Fund: Riyadh to SUDAN, 1/8-12: Road Project.  With 2
          :Sudanese co-workers: Riyadh, to Jiddah, to KHARTOUM; in Hilton:
          :my (Presidential Suite) overlooks the confluence of the White
          :Nile and the Blue Nile.  Lost my suitcase on the way.
          :(T:UR (11/10) 90 N:MO); found it on 1/10/Tu.
          :My annual leave was due yesterday. (Muslim years are about 10
          :days shorter. Started on 2/27/76 less 10 days= 2/7/78, less
          :30-day leave = 1/7/78).
1/12/1978 :Th-Saudi Fund: SUDAN to Riyadh, 1/8-12: Road Project.  With 2
          :Sudanese co-workers: Last Day.  A bush pilot took us to South
          :Sudan, to Fao and Mia areas, where the road will pass thru.
          :Unlike the urban Sudanese, these folks are Animist. Except for
          :Beirut, Cairo, etc. orthodox Muslim countries are boring
          :socially for a bachelor . . .
          :Returned to Khartoum; then Jiddah, Riyadh.
          :Delayed my annual leave 146 days to 6/7/1878.
          :1/13/F: Left a suitcase with Adel; I will live in the desert.
1/14/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise/Research.  Moving my office from
          :3rd to 1st floor.  I am now assigned to the Research Dept. under
          :Yusuf Biari.
          :Also started heavy exercises, and getting ready for the
          :GYPSY life in February.
          :T:VE Cap (1/12) 180 N:SU:  a couple days with minor annoyances
          :followed: T:ME Cap 180 N:ME.  My new salary (?) is a concern!
1/15/1978 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise/Research.  Did personal stuff,
          :including separating photos of President Carter in Riyadh (1/3),
          :with cousin Selhan in Ankara (Thanksgiving 1977), doing my
          :exercise schedule, the conference in Hawaii (with Mother), trip
          :to Athens, etc.  I may have a personality clash with Yusuf Biari
          :my new supervisor.
1/19/1978 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise/Research.  The SUZUKI due 30,000
          :km check for the planned GYPSY life.  Considering a larger
          :Toyoto Jeep or a tent, but the latter may be too cumbersome.
          :And I have an urge to "houseclean" my life; reconcile the past.
1/21/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/SUZUKI\COINS.  Skipped exercises; do
          :not feel energetic.  At night broke the gas pedal on Suzuki; my
          :roommate Frank and I fixed it.
          :Purchased SR 60 worth of foreign coins from Frank to send to
          :Belinda, pasted on post cards. (They arrived.)
          :Daydreaming about my retirement, when I will leave here.
          :Some delay in mail.
1/22/1978 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Research.  Was stuck with my OPEC study for
          :the conference in Hawaii, but resolved the matter today.
          :Feel and project some instability about goals, etc.
1/23/1978 :Mo-Saudi Fund: Riyadh to Jiddah/Passport.  Left for Jiddah to
          :renew my Passport: new photo the best ever of me (which I used
          :as late as 1996), and the 1972 Motorcycle photo from Salem...
1/25/1978 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise/Research.  Woke up very positive
          :and grateful for my circumstances.
          :1/27/Fr: Still readying the Suzuki for the GYPSY life in Feb.,
          :and packing my things.
1/27/1978 :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise/Research\Salary/Cards.
          :Idea came today about how I should approach Jalal about a salary
          :increase: multiple expertise which I am providing to SFD.
          :1/28/Sa: Sent letters from Gigi, Elizabeth Tighe, Mother.
          :(Mother said Dominic called on New Year's.)
1/29/1978 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise/Research.  3 things on my mind: 1)
          :my new salary, though I am still not secure enough financially
          :to make an issue of it if what I want is rejected; 2) getting
          :ready for the gypsy life in Feb., primarily to save the
          :housing allowance; 3) too much junk with me: I want to get rid
          :of some things, send/take others to Istanbul.
          :1/31/Tu: letter from cousin Selhan in Ankara.
2/3/1978  :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise/Research.  Packing for the GYPSY
          :life; the Jeep is ready.  Since Sudan trip a bit apprehensive.
          :Significant changes taking place: Research Dept, Gypsy life,
          :New Contract...  Sometimes I feel lonely, writing to Selhan,
          :etc, thinking of Gayle...
          :MAIL: As of 2/6/78, keeping correspondence with Rita Roy in UK
          :Selhan in Ankara, and family: mailed Mother #12th country
          :report, Belinda #14 set of foreign coins.
2/7/1978  :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Research/Salary.  At 9:18am Ibrahim,
          :Personnel Mngr, called me for my new contract: 6% increase. He
          :slyly suggested the Fund is constrained to preset increases, but
          :that if I am unhappy I should apply to SABIC.  For some reason,
          :they want ME to apply.  Jalal, a Board member of SABIC, said he
          :will recommend me.  In other words:
          :My income which has doubled thru trips, is about to redouble -
          :and more, as I found out later.  What the heck.  I did more for
          :the Fund than any 3 persons combined.
          :However, the switch did not materialize until late this year...
2/8/1978  :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Research/Salary.  I wanted to appeal the
          :salary increase of 6% of yesterday, but my roommate FRANK talked
          :me out of it, saying do NOT put things in writing.
          :The guy is politically brilliant, but I am a rebel. . .
          :MO:9AQU SU:18AQU  ME:4AQU VE:22AQU MR:26CANr JU:26GEMr ST:28LEOr
          :UR:16SCO NP:18SAG PL:17LIB  NN:9LIB
          :This is a mixed long-term influence: promises but not yet!
          :1.  Pluto is sextile to my Moon/Mars; Neptune is trine to my
          :Mars; Uranus is square my Moon; Saturn (retro) is also ready to
          :change sign, but not yet.
          :2. Financial Jupiter (retro) is square my Neptune. BUT note that
          :when direct, it will move to Cancer, bringing me the lucrative
          :SABIC job later this year.
          :3. Sun approaching trine my Venus at 21 Gem, but opposite my
          :Moon/Mars in Leo; Mercury is trine my Uranus at 3 Gem, but
          :opposite my Pluto in Leo.  Mixed.
          :4. Venus (retro) is trine my Venus, approaching opposition to
          :my Mars; Mars (retro) is coming back to my Sun at 22Can31,
          :separating sextile to my Neptune at 27Vir28.
2/11/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise/Gypsy. 1ST NIGHT IN THE DESERT,
          :UNTIL I LEFT S.ARABIA on 10/6/80, 967 DAYS LATER. About 5pm, I
          :parked across the rigs, east on Dammam Rd.  Forgot to set the
          :time on my new alarm clock.  Alarm was set for 6am; instead
          :woke up at 1:30am.  It is cold outside, a few Bedouin trucks
          :around me.  Fixed my 1st coffee.
          :Astrology: 2/12/78.
          :MO:19ARI SU:23AQU ME:12AQU VE:28AQU MR:24CAN JU:26GEM ST:27LEO
          :UR:16SCO NP:18SAG PL:17LIB NN:8LIB
          :This is a long term change.  So it should be analyzed thru
          :long term planets.
          :1. Pluto in Natal 10th/Location 9th is sextile to Natal Moon
          :and Mars; Neptune is also supportive: trine to Mars in Leo.
          :Uranus in Natal 11th/Location 10th is in exact square to
          :Natal Moon.  It probably induced me to implement this change.
          :2. Financial Jupiter (retro) is square my Neptune. BUT note that
          :when direct, it will move to Cancer, bringing me the lucrative
          :SABIC job later this year.  It is sextile to Saturn, good for
          :self-discipline.  And I am pocketing about $20,000/year
          :housing allowance.
2/13/1978 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/77/Gypsy >2/11/78.  Since
          :my OPEC Study has confidential data, decided to publish my
          :paper jointly with Ken and sent it to him today for review.
          :Having some adversity in the office. R:ME Aqu 180N:MO.
          :And I am disturbed about my salary...
          :Prepared 6 packages for Gayle's birthday.  The nagging gas pedal
          :problem (since 1/21) on my Suzuki is fixed.
2/18/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/ARABIC
          :Registered for Arabic classes to day.  2/19/Su: woke up
          :feeling great and thinking of Gayle: Venus is in Pis since 2/14,
          :now trine my ME, Moon in Cancer.  The RAIN Season BEGAN . . .
2/20/1978 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78.  In the
          :morn, Jalal called me about the SFD's Annual Report. Told him I
          :will do it, because I started it.  BUT asked him not to give me
          :extra work, for otherwise with my 5 degrees, they'll use me like
          :5 people. And I am productive.
          :BUT no extra work also means lots of idle time which is not good
          :The mind makes up for it with personal inventory taking, plans,
          :lists.  These are common to everyone I know.
          :Gayle strongly on my mind; exercising diligently; preparing for
          :the conference in Hawaii.
2/21/1978 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78.  Preparing
          :stuff for Gayle which will be done by 3/4.  Took photos of my
          :camp site on the Dammam Road, behind a hill, surrounded by small
          :rocks that look like natural camping quarters.  Boy it is a
          :desolate spot though, especially at night . . .
2/25/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78.  The period
          :since 19th positive. Mail had been delayed the last 1.5 months;
          :today received 10 pieces.
          :News that G�lhis is pregnant, baby due later this year. . .
2/26/1978 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78.  This place
          :is so lonely I am inventing romantic partners, foremost my 2nd
          :wife Gayle who has remarried.  Other candidates?  Jules,
          :Elizabeth, Semra; cousin Selhan maybe the most suitable . . .
          :T:MR conj. N:SU and T:SU,ME Pis (4/3) trine N:JU square N:ST.
2/28/1978 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78.  Feb. was a
          :mixed month.  The salary situation made me rebellious: if I can
          :and do work like 3 people, I should be paid at least 1.5 times
          :of other expatriates.
          :Began burning some of my old/outdated clothing from Gayle time;
          :also have been packing to take things home . . .
          :The loneliness and isolation of this place is also disturbing.
          :Have been exercising diligently; thinking of my leave . . .
          :My diary has references to a book I want to write; I had them
          :also in DC, 1973 or so, perhaps even earlier.  (It culminated
          :on 1/20/96 in Miami Beach.)
3/1/1978  :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/ARABIC\Gayle
          :Liquid assets of $64,736.73.  Arabic classes began today.
          :3/4/Sa: Gayle is 30. Sent her a letter concluding:
          :"do not intend to be disrespectful of your present circumstances
          :but on an earlier occasion we did not part in a manner that was
          :becoming, nor representative, of either one of us. Thank you for
          :all the little things. Still believe you are on your last
          :Also thinking of a College Fund for Belinda . . .
          :3/5/Su: Strong + vibes about Gayle at the camp site at 9pm, that
          :she has received the old photos of hers I had kept.
3/6/1978  :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study.
          :Working frantically on my OPEC Study for the Hawaii conference.
          :Still feel this place is very lonely.
          :MAIL: As of 3/1/78, wrote Mother #19th country profile + post
          :cards, Belinda #22 set of coins, Gayle #5 note since Feb. plus
          :$500 check today, Jules the BIRDS joke, Selhan a card, Ken too.
3/9/1978  :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study.
          :Spent the day with Adel.  Purchased a folding shoulder bag for
          :myself, some tapes, and a gold necklace for Belinda.
          :35,000km on the Jeep. One month as gypsy. I am in best physical
          :shape.  My body fat content is a phenomenal 4%, correct weight.
          :Astrology of Physical Shape.
          :MO:17PIS SU:18PIS ME:27PIS VE:29PIS MR:22CAN JU:27GEM ST:26LEO
          :UR:16SCO NP:18SAG PL:16LIB  NN:7LIB
          :1. On 9/2/77, Mars entered Cancer, my Natal 7th/Sun-Sign. I felt
          :an inducement for a vigorous exercise schedule when Mars entered
          :Leo, my Natal 8th (where I have my Pluto (5 Leo), Moon (16 Leo)
          :and Mars (19 Leo)), on 10/26/77, THE EXACT DATE.
          :2. On 12/13/77, Mars turned retro at 11 Leo and reentered Cancer
          :on 1/26/78.  It turned direct at 22 Cancer, exactly on my Sun,
          :on 3/3/78, again entering Leo on 4/10/78, completing its journey
          :in Leo on 6/14/78.
          :3. Indeed, I quit exercising on 6/8/78, when I left for the
          :conference in Hawaii.  After I returned, my passion for
          :vigorous exercising had passed.
3/13/1978 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy since 2/11/78/Arabic.
          :Passing thru a relatively stable cycle since 2/27, finalizing my
          :leave for the summer.
          :Have more or less starved myself in March; today decided to
          :increase my intake: protein pills, beans, canned fish.  Still
          :exercising vigorously; want to peak out by the end of May?
          :Meanwhile I have been taking Arabic lessons, but do not feel
3/15/1978 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study.
          :Since I sent package to Gayle on 3/4, do not feel romantic, nor
          :sexual.  OPEC paper with Ken is complete; mailed him the last
          :part today. Exercising diligently; do not feel too hot about
          :continuing my Arabic--too many interruptions due to the trips.
3/17/1978 :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study/Sick.
          :After a shower at Adel's yesterday, I got a bad cold - as
          :exactly a year ago.  Then a cylinder of the Jeep went kaput,
          :fixed the next day.
3/19/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study/Sick.
          :Woke up after 7.5 hours feeling good, but my cold continues: no
          :Strong winds from N., a desert sand storm - I experienced nasty
          :ones later on other occasions.
          :3/23/Th: Read Doctorow's "RAGTIME."
          :3/27/M: Alexander Conrad's "THE SINEWS OF LOVE."
3/25/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study.
          :Thought of not returning from my leave this summer; this place
          :is lonely.  I can send all the unnecessary stuff for SR 8/kg.
          :3/26/Su: Found out that my co-worker Fahmi resigned today;
          :respected him.  I want to leave too, BUT...
3/31/1978 :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study.
          :After the disappointing salary increase in Feb., I lost all
          :interest here and want to leave, sometimes even before my
          :contract ends.  Missing USA, a woman, perhaps marriage, but
          :part of me knows this is loneliness talking . . .
          :MAIL: As of 4/1/78, wrote Mother #30th country profile + post
          :cards, Belinda #32 set of coins, Ken #6 correspondence, and
          :my gypsy photos to Jules and Selhan.
4/2/1978  :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC/Freedom
          :Still burning old clothing, since 2/28.  I wonder if this has
          :become a ritual by which I am discarding the past from my system
          :OR a symbol that I want to simplify my life.
          :Meanwhile, I am being a bit critical about S.Arabia and the Fund
          :also to the Saudis like Abu-Leban, Othman, and Moshed.
4/7/1978  :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78.
          :My battery died at the weekend camp site; a Bedouin helped.
          :These simple Arabs are actually much nicer than the officials
          :and well-to-do city people . . .
4/8/1978  :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC/Freedom
          :Working on a 2nd OPEC study for Jalal. (The 1st version with Ken
          :is already done for the conference in Hawaii.)  And still
          :collecting my belongings to be shipped to Istanbul. In other
          :words, I am getting lighter, just in case the SABIC job does not
          :materialize and I decide to break the contract by not returning
          :from one of my trips.  However:
          :about quitting S.Arabia, one hindrance is that I am still too
          :young to bum around for the rest of my life, if I quit here.
          :Otherwise, in spite of the loneliness, etc. here, my job is much
          :more meaningful here than (life) in USA. . .
4/12/1978 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC/Freedom
          :JUPITER enters CANCER.
          :My Solar  1st House (from 0 Cancer) of Expansion
          :My Natal  7th (Equal) Ho of Alliances, Marriage, etc.
          :   Natal  5 (Placidus) of Children, Romance, Creativity
          :Riyadh    6            of Responsibilities, Work
          :          5 (Placidus) of Children, Romance, Creativity
          :I am 35, single, living in Saudi Arabia, working for SFD.
4/14/1978 :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC/Freedom
          :Since the beginning of this year the urge to leave S.Arabia
          :is very acute.  After meeting Hugh Marse on Mathar St. for a
          :drink at his plush place, I decided our arrangement at the Fund
          :is Mickey Mouse by comparison--though I travel a lot.
          :Still packing stuff to Turkey and continuing the ritual of
          :burning old clothing at camp site.  This have been a paranoid
          :cycle. My mind is flighty; I do not feel like writing to people;
          :physically I feel so so.  Have been reading lots of books last 3
          :weeks . . .
          :Astrology: Desire for Freedom.
          :MO:6CAN  SU:24ARI ME:20ARI VE:14TAU  MR:1LEO  JU:0CAN ST:24LEO
          :UR:15SCO NP:18SAG PL:15LIB NN:5LIB
          :1. Note that while Pluto is approaching a sextile to my Moon,
          :Neptune, the planet of illusions/inspiration/flightiness is
          :trine to my Moon/Mars in Leo.  This is not a bad cycle, except
          :if one is severely restricted, as I am in S.Arabia, especially
          :since Uranus is square my Moon.  This is the source of the
          :"flighty" energy I have felt for several months now.
          :2. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, has entered my Sun-sign on
          :4/12, two days ago.  This is why the urge to leave has
          :intensified, exacerbated by the decisive Mars that has just
          :entered Leo, about to form conjunction to my Pluto.
          :3. The fact that the Sun and Mercury are in decisive Aries add
          :to the confusion, as also Venus about the form a square to my
          :Moon.  And the Moon is in my Sun-sign, which makes these 2 days
          :a peak influence.
          :4. Don't forget that under these long-term influences, since
          :2/11/78 I have been living in the desert like a gypsy/Bedouin.
4/16/1978 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC/Freedom
          :Donated some technical books to the Ministry of Planning.
          :4/17/M:  Invited my friend/co-worker Larry to lunch at the new
          :hotel.  A big sand storm that night.
          :4/19/W: Butterworths invited Larry and me for dinner.
          :4/21/F: A Bedouin came out of nowhere while I was taking a bath
          :in the desert.
4/22/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78\OPEC/Mars
          :I decided to peak out with my exercise schedule.  So the urge to
          :exercise is waning.  Since I attributed this regimen to Mars--
          :see 3/9/78--Mars at 4 Leo 13 is on top of my Pluto this day.
          :(Actually the urge to peak out may be due to the intensity of
          :the energy.)
4/23/1978 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC/Freedom
          :Called Ken in San Diego.  He has received the OPEC Study and
          :likes it.
          :The months of March and some of April were unproductive.
          :Elizabeth did not respond to my letter from Sudan in Feb. and
          :Selhan is offended that I cannot write her 9-page letters that
          :she wrote to me.
4/28/1978 :Fr-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC/Freedom
          :Party at Larry's place.  These guys are idiots.  They came here
          :to save. Instead they are wasting money on purchased happiness.
          :At $100+ for a bottle of whiskey on the black market, things
          :can get out of hand.  I save my income, for ultimately I want to
          :be free of financial insecurity and enslavement.
          :Then a dinner party at Samirs', my 1st invitation to a Saudi
          :colleague's home, since I am unmarried.  Larry and Butterworths
          :also came.  The pilaf puree Samir's wife fixed was exquisite.
4/30/1978 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC/Freedom
          :Feeling unstable again since Friday, primarily because of
          :Semra and Pisces in Istanbul.  Had an irritating talk with Samir
          :again.  Jelal is back from a month-long leave.  Things may be
          :moving again vis-a-vis SABIC.
          :MAIL: As of 5/1/78, wrote Mother #39th country profile + photos,
          :cards, Belinda #45 set of coins, etc. Ken, G�lhis, Femsi the
          :BIRDS joke, Anne & sisters Mother's Day cards, Jules too.
5/1/1978  :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Exercise >12/27/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC/Freedom
          :Purchased a metal suitcase in Batha to ship my books to Turkey.
          :I will take unessential suits, etc on my leave, leaving here
          :only the most essential stuff.
          :Since 1/29/1978, I am unproductive at the office; really nothing
          :to do. Still thinking of leaving, places I can go to...
          :Meanwhile this is my 794th day in Riyadh, 594 remaining, 37 days
          :to my leave...  Do not feel like exercising anymore . . .
5/2/1978  :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study/Freedom/Scuba.
          :While I was talking to Larry about the situation in Istanbul
          :about Semra and her sister Pisces, Samir came in for something.
          :I told him "here take it; I am talking something private with
          :Larry."  He got offended.  This happened at about 12:30pm.
          :I joined a SCUBA Club thru Larry; there was a initiation party
          :tonight.  Felt good.
5/3/1978  :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study/Get.Mobile
          :At midnight, shipped several suitcases thru Beirut to Turkey. I
          :will pick them up at customs when I reach Istanbul, hopefully.
          :Have been reading Nicholas Monsarat's "THE KAPILLAN OF MALTA"
          :the last 10 days.
5/4/1978  :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study/Freedom/Camp.Site
          :Selected the high rock/dune spot off Dammam road as my
          :NEW CAMP SITE.
          :It is a beautiful spot, but about 1/2-hr from the city, and very
          :isolated.  If I were killed here, it would be ages before
          :someone found my remains.
          :I have noticed that since I began camping, my senses are much
          :more acute.  It is also an ideal way of defeating the FEAR in
          :one's imagination. Of course, my derringer which I smuggled in,
          :the Buck knife, and mace tube are comforting; and I am in damn
          :good shape.
          :5/5/F: Started to read "THE CHANCELLOR MANUSCRIPT."
5/6/1978  :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study/Freedom/Scuba.
          :At 10am Jalal called. Told him I want out, unless he can put
          :me in a more productive environment.  4:30 pm, while sitting at
          :Al-Sharq, I heard Neil Sadaka's "O Carol," a favorite since my
          :student days in Germany.  Felt terribly nostalgic, eventually
          :daydreaming about Jules, Gayle...
5/7/1978  :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study/Scuba/SABIC.
          :At 10am submitted to Osman my request to be transferred to
          :SABIC.  At 7:30pm Jalal called me in and set the appointment
          :with SABIC thru SABIC manager Al-Zamel - who became the
          :Minister of Industry and Natural Resources after 1980.
          :Astrology: SABIC, my new Job: 5/7/78.
          :MO:14TAU SU:16TAU ME:20ARI VE:12GEM MR:11LEO  JU:4CAN08 ST:24LEO
          :UR:14SCO NP:18SAG PL:15LIB NN: 4LIB
          :1. Although the switch to SABIC did not happen until later this
          :year, it was triggered today, a GIFT of Jupiter conjunct my
          :Mercury at 4 Cancer 12. AFTER MONTHS, POSITIVE PERIOD BEGINS!
          :2. Note also the trigger mechanism of the NEW MOON in Taurus,
          :Square my Moon in Leo, hinting at some conflicts to be resolved.
          :3. Mercury is Sextile my Venus in Gemini and trine to my Mars in
          :Leo, but then square to my Sun in Cancer: thus, more conflicts,
          :and promises.
          :4. Neptune is approaching trine to my Mars in Leo, promising
          :a positive developments and state of mind.
5/8/1978  :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC Study/Scuba/SABIC.
          :At 9:30am Al-Zamel had not come to office yet. The interview
          :took place from 5:30 to 6:30pm.  I was cross-examined about my
          :technical background.  They were clever about the questioning,
          :but I did not think them able to assess my background.  I had
          :a so so feeling about the place. One reason: as with the SFD,
          :work begins at 7am to noon. A long siesta to 5pm, reserved
          :for lunch, prayer, and slumber, then again 5pm to 8pm.  I
          :thought the Westernized hours of the MINISTRY OF PLANNING,
          :managed by Chase Manhattan, were more suitable...
          :5/9/Tu: Mother's Day. At 9:30am  I took a sample of my work to
5/10/1978 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/OPEC End/Scuba/SABIC.
          :At 9am began an interview with Abdulrahman Ulfat at the
          :Ministry of Planning.
          :The interview vent well, but I had a suspicion that it was
          :understood that I was destined for SABIC.
          :At 10:15am submitted the 2nd version of OPEC study to Jalal.
5/13/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC\Jules?
          :Applied for my Exit/Entry visa today for my trip on 6/8.
          :Sent a card to JULES, asking for a date.
5/14/1978 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/Scuba End/Adel?
          :3rd Scuba class today; then the class was canceled at 2:15pm.
          :(The lady instructor is having domestic problems, with her
          :husband versus the male instructor she is having an affair with,
          :I heard.)
          :And my friendship with ADEL is sinking, perhaps because he is
          :envious--a potent Arab passion--of my opportunity with SABIC.
5/16/1978 :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii Trip on 6/8.
          :11:30am my passport was ready for trip to HAWAII with Mother
          :starting on June 7.
          :Meanwhile, feeling very generous and positive these days, for:
          :Jup in Can (6/7) conj. Natal Jup.
          :I want to arrange an Around-the-World trip for parents . . .
          :Reading Francoise SAGAN's "THE LOST PROFILE."
5/18/1978 :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii Trip on 6/8.
          :MORO of Italy was killed today (by the Mafia?)
          :Sent JUDY a (Master's) graduation card and $1,000.
          :5/20/Sa: US Congress approved F-15 sale to S.Arabia.
          :I have 19 days left for the Hawaii trip . . .
5/21/1978 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/Hawaii Trip on 6/8\Jules.
          :2 letters from Mother, an unexpected one from JULES. Her
          :schedule does not fit mine; she is going to Sweden.
          :I have 18 days to Hawaii trip; still burning old clothing...
          :Finished reading Alex Hailey's 'THE ROOTS'.
5/22/1978 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii Trip on 6/8.
          :Wrote response to Jules letter from yesterday.
          :QUIT smoking (for 2 days).
          :Started to read "50 GREAT AMERICAN SHORT STORIES."
          :12:30pm Ibrahim A. Salamah of SABIC called for a trial report.
5/27/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii Trip of 6/8.
          :Began working on my 1st assignment for SABIC: The industrial
          :city of YANBU: my 1st day at SABIC:Jup in Cancer conj. Natal Jup
          :The job was initiated on 5/7 when Jupiter was conj. my Mercury.
          :2 letters from Mother, 1 from Judy, 1 from Ilhami.
5/29/1978 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii Trip of 6/8.
          :Memorial Day: submitted the Yanbu project assignment (of 5/22)
          :for SABIC to typing.  The Van Scoyoc experience from DC helped.
          :Not bad for a 2-day effort!
          :5/30/Tu: 12n met Al-Zamel, the Director of SABIC. Good interview.
          :Had handed in the Yanbu project report at 11am.
          :At 1:15pm, my appointment with Abdulrahman Ulfat at the Ministry
          :of Planning BOMBED.  So Jalal wanted only SABIC all along . . .
5/31/1978 :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Larry:END
          :LARRY DaSilva, a friend of sorts for two years, is leaving
          :Riyadh today.  I helped him to write a job letter to the Inter-
          :American Bank in Washington, DC.  It may come thru for him.
          :Dinner at Russell/Sheila McGuirks, also Bruce/Susan.
          :May (since 5/7) has been a good month spiritually and socially,
          :thanks to Jupiter in Cancer, my Sun-sign, and conj. my ME & JU.
6/1/1978  :Th-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC.Report-2
          :Gerald and I purchased some gold.
          :6/2/F: Still burning old clothing in the desert: freedom ritual.
          :working on second SABIC report, something called AUTOTAB which I
          :submitted on 6/3/Sa.
          :MAIL: As of 6/1/78, wrote Mother #49th country profile + photos,
          :cards, Belinda #57 set of coins, etc.  Also to Ilhami (#3),
          :Jules (asking for date on 5/13), Judy (graduation on 5/18),
          :Femsi, G�lhis, Debra (Mecca card). Also to Sherrie, Barb
          :Sejnoski (camel card), to my bank, etc.
6/3/1978  :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC\Sherif:END
          :Sherif the Shrimp, the World Bank representative at the Fund who
          :was on an ego trip with me in Africa in 1976, has left the Fund
          :today and to World Bank in DC.
          :5 days left on Hawaii trip.
6/4/1978  :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/Hawaii Trip of 6/8/SABIC
          :10am, Salamah of SABIC talked about my contract, but talks left
          :to 6/7/W.  He seems impressed with my reports, especially the
          :2nd, Autotab of 6/3.
6/5/1978  :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/Hawaii Trip,6/8/SABIC-3+4
          :SABIC gave me 2 more assignments today, reports 3 and 4:
          :1) Finished the 1st one pretty fast, about the adaptability of a
          :computer program to Autotab, my 2nd report.
          :2) Feasibility of an Aluminum complex in S. Arabia.  I did it
          :reluctantly the next day.
6/6/1978  :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/Hawaii Trip of 6/8\Signals
          :Day began irritable: had arranged to stay with Tony (Larry's
          :roommate), but he seemed reluctant later.
          :The timing of my Suzuki got screwed up, fixed the next day.
          :The ticket for the Hawaii trip is ready.
6/7/1978  :We-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy >2/11/78/Hawaii Trip of 6/8/SABIC.
          :Contract talks with SABIC: I did NOT accept the SR 12,000/mo
          :offer (which I had requested from Jalal). I'll wait till I
          :return from my trip on 7/10. . .
6/8/1978  :Th-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii 6/8-7/10/Istanbul/Ilhami.
          :Riyadh, Jiddah, to ISTANBUL.  Checked in at €inar Hotel at the
          :airport.  The Turkish Prime Minister B�lent ECEVIT was staying
          :at the hotel too..
          :Met Cousin ILHAMI and his wife the next morn.  Because of the
          :confinement in Riyadh, I complained about loneliness, etc. and
          :turned off Ilhami's wife.  Though we saw each other again until
          :1992, our childhood friendship ended today.
6/9/1978  :Fr-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii 6/8-7/10/Tuzla.
          :Took a taxi to the U‡ash Air Cargo to pick up the suitcases I
          :had shipped from Riyadh on 5/2.  (I had done this to reduce my
          :burden, in case the SFD and SABIC negotiations did not end
          :satisfactorily and I decided to leave S.Arabia.
6/10/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii 6/8-7/10/Istanbul->London.
          :Came to Tuzla to unload the suitcases at home.
          :Saw Pisces at 9am. I don't have positive vibes about her.
          :Left Istanbul for London; stayed at Skyway Hotel at Heathrow
6/11/1978 :Su-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii 6/8-7/10/London->DC:Fannie
          :Came to the airport at 3:30 am for Stand-by ticket to
          :Washington: London 11:15am in DC at 14:00.
          :Checked into Hilton on Conn. Ave., a very nice suite.
          :Talked to FANNIE; she could not come.  I guess the past is past.
          :The gold ring I had purchased for Fannie's daughter MISSY will
          :go to Belinda.
          :Went to ERICs, the Go-Go place across the street, wearing black
          :Paris pants and Ghana shirt.  I was the only customer. Sat next
          :to the stage. Two girls, one white one black, on day shift put
          :on a sexual show, and sat next to me.  I offered each $50 and
          :asked them both to come to my room at 9pm for the night.  Both
          :spent the night with me.
6/12/1978 :Mo-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii 6/8-7/10/DC:Jules -> PA.
          :Talked to JULES 2:15am in the morning,; nice but not romantic.
          :Rented an AVIS car and drove to Waynesburg. Stopped at Judy's
          :on my way.
6/14/1978 :We-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii 6/8-7/10\At Home in PA.
          :Mother, Gigi, Belinda, I drove to S. Hills shopping center.
          :Saw Pincuses.
          :6/15/Th: all day with BELINDA. Saw her play baseball; went to
          :circus; Morgantown shopping mall; in the eve took her to
          :Blue Horizon drive-in . . . FUN!
6/17/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/Hawaii 6/8-7/10/PA -> San Diego.
          :Left Waynesburg at 2:20pm to Pitt; in S.DIEGO at 5:30pm.
          :6/18/Su: Father's Day: Rolf and I hunted crabs and sea urchins
          :at La Jolla beach.  6/19/M: Met a Patty at the Tavern Inn.
          :Very nice stay in S.Diego; thinking of SABIC contract on 7/10.
6/19/1978 :Mo-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/HAWAII 6/8-7/10/Honolulu
          :Left San Diego at 4:30pm to LA; arrived in Honolulu at 9:30pm.
          :Checked into Sheraton at Waikiki Beach where the WE Conference
          :will start.  Mother arrives tomorrow.
6/20/1978 :Tu-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/HAWAII 6/8-7/10/Honolulu/Mother
          :Mother arrived.  (I had asked her 1st on 8/14/77.)
          :6/21/We: I surfed in the morn.  Then Mother and I took the Punch
          :Bowl tour of Oahu.  6/22/Th: We attended the show at the 
          :Polynesian Village.
6/23/1978 :Fr-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/HAWAII 6/8-7/10/Mother:SEMRA?
          :Trip to Kona thru Volcano National Park.  Checked into King
          :Kamelameha Hotel.  Talked to Mother about SEMRA, but really
          :this is the loneliness in S.Arabia talking.
6/24/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/HAWAII 6/8-7/10/Mother/OPEC Study
          :Presented my paper "The Direct Financial Impact of 1974
          :OPEC Oil Price Increase on Developing Countries in 1974" in
          :session "Resources and Energy."
          :6/25/S: Chaired the session "Intern. Finance." Mother and I took
          :a glass-bottom boat cruise.
6/26/1978 :Mo-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/HAWAII 6/8-7/10/Hawaii->San Diego
          :Kona -> Honolulu -> LA -> San Diego; with Ken, Nanci, Rolf.
          :Mother returned to PA on a separate flight.
          :Slept till noon.
          :6/27/Tu: Patti at Tavern Inn did not respond as promisingly as
          :she had on 6/19, but KERRI did.  Very nice...
6/28/1978 :We-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/HAWAII 6/8-7/10\SD->Columbus
          :San Diego -> COLUMBUS, OH.
          :On the way, I thought while I missed the freedom in the States,
          :I did not want to come back to work 9 to 5. I wanted to come
          :back but do my thing.  (I did, after I returned in 1980!)
6/29/1978 :Th-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/HAWAII 6/8-7/10\Columbus->PA.
          :Drove with G�lhis Columbus to Waynesburg, to stay until
          :7/3/M.  Femsi arrived later and left at 11am on 7/2.  Again, I
          :had misgivings about Judy and Belinda, being a "sugar daddy."
7/3/1978  :Mo-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/HAWAII 6/8-7/10/USA -> London.
          :Waynesburg to DC to LONDON.  I liked my 23 days in USA; I miss
          :the States, but NOT its structured work life. Europe may be more
          :suitable.  Semra is still on my mind.  And I am thinking of
          :improving myself, to self-actualize, etc.
          :7/4/Tu, Independence Day in London.
7/5/1978  :We-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/HAWAII 6/8-7/10/London ->Istanbul
          :Met Semra at the beach.  Idea to invite her to the next Atlantic
          :Econ.Conference on a joint paper.
          :7/7/Fr: Organized photo albums for 1976/77; played frisbee at
          :the beach, but as usual I have negative vibes at this place -
          :rather, I am no longer as much a Turk as they are, though they
          :expect me to be just like them.  I thrive one-to-one, they excel
          :in groups. . .
          :7/8/Sa-Talked to Semra again about a joint paper, but also
          :badmouthed her sister.  Well . . .
          :6pm: left for €inar Hotel at the airport.
7/9/1978  :Su-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/HAWAII 6/8-7/10/Istanbul->Riyadh.
          :Istanbul-> Beirut-> Dhahran-> RIYADH; the 33-day trip is over.
          :Arrived in Riyadh at 1am on 7/10.  The battery on my Suzuki was
          :dead. Slept in it in the open garage.
7/10/1978 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract:?  Having
          :returned from Hawaii trip (6/8-7/10), began work at SFD; SABIC
          :is still not finalized.
          :Talked to Salamah about my contract; did paperwork at the Fund;
          :Blended smoothly to my gypsy life; cleaned my Suzuki thoroughly.
7/11/1978 :Tu-865 Days in Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract?
          :Father retired (age 65) from medical practice, 38 years after
          :graduation, 20 years and a few months after arriving in USA...
7/15/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract/AGE 36.
          :Read Wilbur Smith's "A SPARROW FALLS" all day: an excellent
          :author.  Next day began reading "WHEN THE LION FEEDS," next day
          :began Colleen McCullough's "THORN BIRDS."  I felt the book is
          :borrowed from "THE CARDINAL" somehow, but who would remember...
7/16/1978 :Su-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract:?
          :2pm, talked to Jalal: he wants me to move to the Follow-Up
          :Section.  This opens up several possibilities, but what about
          :SABIC?  It looks open ended . . .
7/22/1978 :Sa-876 Days in Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract.
          :Arranged thru Arcen Agency my Scandinavian trip for Ramadan for
          :SR 3382.
          :7/23/Su: Sent Semra a proposal for a joint paper, which she
          :smartly declined.  (My idea was to create a one-to-one situation
          :with her, instead of meeting her always in groups . . .)
7/24/1978 :Mo-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract:?
          :Finished reading Wilbur Smith's "SHOUT AT THE DEVIL."
          :7/26/W: Finished reading "THE EAGLE HAS LANDED."
          :Feeling stable since my 33-day trip of 7/10, but SABIC job is
          :up in the air . . .
7/29/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract/NAFI.
          :Got 2 letters from Semra, 3 from Mother, and Nafi's and Sabiha's
          :engagement announcement arrived.  Reading "SHAME AND GLORY,"
          :about Southern trash in USA.
8/1/1978  :Tu-Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract:?
          :Began reading James Michener's "CENTENNIAL."  I made a mental
          :note I would visit Centennial, WY someday.  (I did in July 1985,
          :moving from Calif to NY.)
          :Had some difficulty finding a camp site tonight.
          :MAIL: As of 8/1/78, wrote Mother #50th country profile + photos,
          :cards; now 6 letters.  Sent 7 packages to SEMRA in July, also to
          :respond to her 7/21 letter.  Also writing to Rita Roy, Belinda,
          :Judy.  Nothing to my sisters this month.
8/7/1978  :Mo-892 Days in Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract.
          :The stability since 7/10 is waning.  The waiting with SABIC is
          :getting to me, as also the fact that due to some reductions my
          :pay at the Fund is cut by SR 519/mo.  I want to quit, acutely.
          :Extended 1977 tax filing to 10/15.
          :8/8/Tu: Judy is 33.
          :8/9/W: Finished reading "Centennial"; I had started on 8/1.
          :8/10/Th: Began taking 2nd bottle of amino acids...
8/12/1978 :Sa-897 Days in Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract.
          :At 9:20am, while parking the jeep in front of the Fund, I
          :touched a Saudi's car. He made a major case of it.
          :Morshed Zugaibi came to my assistance and resolved the matter.
          :Had car and TRAFFIC problems over the next 3 days...
8/13/1978 :Su-899 Days in Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract?
          :Sent an application to the Asian Development Bank in Manilla.
          :Really want to leave this place.
          :Astrology: Car/Traffic Problems, Delays, Obstacles, et al.
          :MO:21SCO SU:19LEO  ME:1VIR  VE:4LIB  MR:5LIB JU:25CAN  ST:2VIR
          :UR:13SCO31 NP:16SAG PL:15LIB NN:29VIR.
          :1. Traffic.  The Sun in Natal 8th is on top of my Mars; the Moon
          :just passed square my Mars; Mercury forming square to my Uranus;
          :Mars is square my Mercury.  No wonder the traffic problems and
          :metal instability . . .
          :2. Things up in the air.  While Neptune is trine my Moon in Leo,
          :Saturn is forming a square to my Uranus at 3 Gemini 18, and
          :Uranus approaching a square to my Moon in Leo.  No wonder the
          :SABIC job did not come thru until Oct. 78.
8/20/1978 :Su-905 Days in Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Contract.
          :Read a TIME article about ROBERT DENARD the French mercenary.
          :(He took over the Comoro Islands.)  Liked with the guy and
          :identified with him.
          :8/21/M: Wanted to burn Belinda's photos this morn, but did not.
          :8/22/Tu: Began reading James Clavel's "TAIPAN." What a writer!
          :I do not write anyone these days: sign of stability?
8/23/1978 :We-908 Days in Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Call.
          :11:40am call from SABIC: they have agreed to all my conditions.
          :Then I asked Khaled for my full severance pay from the Fund; I
          :should have waited until Jalal returned; stupid.
          :8/26/Sa: this is a bad day for all relationships: Salamah
          :of SABIC, Gerald Shenagher, my buddy; Jules in USA, Rita Roy in
          :England, Semra in Turkey, Khaled at the Fund.
          :Meanwhile, I have 3 days left to my "Ramadan" trip to N.Europe.
8/28/1978 :Mo-913 Days in Riyadh/Saudi Fund/Gypsy > 2/11/78/SABIC Call.
          :As of 8/28/78, wrote Mother #13th letter and card.
          :Have been sending SEMRA many packages since the beginning of
          :July: last month 7, this month 11th.
          :A little less to Belinda, 1 or 2 to Judy, some to my sisters,
          :and to Deutsche Bank, etc.
8/29/1978 :Tu-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/RamadanTrip.SCANDINAVIA:8/29-9/10
          :My Ramadan trip begins: Riyadh, Frankfurt; in OSLO to 9/1.
          :On the flight, met a nice American woman living in Oslo; my
          :suitcase was damaged upon arrival, I could not pursue her.
          :Staying at the Gyldenlove Hotel; $=4.3775 Krone.
          :Took a walk to the center of the town.  Met a gorgeous girl
          :(long black hair) in the dining room/cafe of the Grand Hotel.
          :Saw 2 movies.
8/31/1978 :Th-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/RamadanTrip.SCANDINAVIA:8/29-9/10
          :Oslo -> Stockholm; stayed at the City Hotel.  N.Europe is still
          :in the 1950s: a bit dull, or I am in that kind of mood. . .
          :Saw movie "Capricorn 1" with Elliott Gould.
9/1/1978  :Fr-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/RamadanTrip,8/29-9/10: HELSINKI.
          :Checked in Hotel Socis; mailed JULES my last letter confirming
          :the end of our past.  Perhaps an ego trip too.  Walked around
          :town; a bit drab.
9/2/1978  :Sa-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/RamadanTrip,8/29-9/10:COPENHAGEN
          :Helsinki -> COPENHAGEN; checked in Seura Huone Hotel.
          :Found Kopenhagen drab too.
          :9/3/Su: Kopenhagen -> AMSTERDAM.  Checked in Sonesta Hotel in
          :the Old Town.  This place is much nicer.
9/5/1978  :Tu-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/RamadanTrip,8/29-9/10: ISTANBUL.
          :JUPITER enters LEO.
          :My Solar  2nd House (from 0 Cancer) of Money, etc.
          :My Natal  8th House of Sex, Forced Changes, etc.
          :   Natal  7 (Placidus) of Marriage, Alliances
          :Riyadh    7            of Marriage, Alliances
          :          6 (Placidus) of Work, Jobs, Responsibilities
          :I am 36, single, living in Saudi Arabia, working for SFD.
          :Left Amsterdam and arrived in Tuzla, but vibes no good.
          :Read Frederick Forsyte's(?) "THE DOGS OF WAR."
          :Am I spending too much money with little return?
9/6/1978  :We-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/RamadanTrip,8/29-9/10:TUZLA
          :Yashar bey, the Club director in Tuzla wanted TL 1,680
          :for membership or something.  I refused, and got pissed off...
9/7/1978  :We-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/RamadanTrip,8/29-9/10:HILTON
          :Got bored at home and moved to the HILTON; loved it.
          :Read a book by FRANK YERBY; threw away a few sex magazines I got
          :from Amsterdam from my window and saw a security guard lovingly
          :pick them up.
9/8/1978  :Fr-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/RamadanTrip,8/29-9/10: HILTON
          :Read Ira Levin's "THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL" and found it overrated.
          :9/9/Sa: Rented an AVIS car and visited Uncle Sabri, then cousin
          :Keriman.  Had a nice time.
          :It has been raining the last 3 days; I have a mild cold.
          :Started to read Saul Bellow's "HERZOG."  Very nice.
9/10/1978 :We-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC/RamadanTrip of 8/29 to 9/10 Over.
          :Istanbul -> Beirut -> Dhahran -> Riyadh via MEA Airlines.
          :One of hostesses was a beautiful Lebanese girl.  Sometimes I do
          :miss a companion like that. . .
          :Talked to Jalal.  The Fund will prepare my release letter and
          :pay full severance.  A very good day.
9/12/1978 :Tu-928 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/Saudi Fund->SABIC/Nicole.
          :The Fund is releasing me to SABIC as of yesterday.
          :Had a problem starting the Suzuki this morn.
          :Wrote a brief ad to find a companion in S. Arabia.  Showed it to
          :Jalal.  He said it is ineffective; then gave me the name and
          :Tel # of a Saudi friend.  Boy, these are unstable times...
          :Saw Franz and NICOLE; like her very much.
9/13/1978 :We-929 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/Saudi Fund->SABIC/TUZLA
          :Wrote a letter to YASHAR bey about our membership fee--see 9/6--
          :at the club, even when parents are not there; copy to Parents.
          :Then asked Jalal to write me a REFERENCE for my WVU file;
          :he signed it at 8pm.
9/15/1978 :Fr-931 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/Saudi Fund->SABIC.
          :Mohammed ALI became Champ the 3rd time.
          :Began reading "THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT."
          :9/16/Sa: Feeling in the pits.
          :Astrology of Instability & Dullness.
          :MO:27AQU28 SU:21VIR48 ME: 8VIR30 VE: 6SCO41 MR:26LIB45 JU:1LEO47
          :ST: 6VIR17 UR:13SCO36 NP:15SAG38 PL:15LIB38 NN:26VIR57
          :1. Saturn in Virgo passed square my Uranus, now forming square
          :my Saturn in Gemini.  I feel it: dull/frustrating all around,
          :exacerbated by Mercury passing conjunction to Saturn, square
          :Uranus (problems with the Jeep) and now square my Saturn . . .
          :2. The very romantic mood/illusion since 9/10, was probably due
          :to Venus in Scorpio (since 9/7) square my Pluto.
9/17/1978 :Su-933 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/Saudi Fund->SABIC.
          :Got a copy of my release letter (of 9/12) from the Fund.
          :9/18/M:CAMP DAVID Summit concluded today: very good.
          :9/19/Tu: Meeting Franz today.
9/20/1978 :We-936 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/Saudi Fund->SABIC.
          :I am in the process of making plans for my future, much of it
          :unrealistic: I want to stay until the end of 1980 (which I did)
          :and save for financial independence, plus a boat (about $40,000)    
          :and Belinda's schooling (about $12,000).
          :And I am thinking of living in Hawaii.  (I achieved the
          :financial goals by the end of 1980, but no interest in a boat
          :then, and Belinda was not interested in school. . .)
9/21/1978 :Th-937 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/Saudi Fund->SABIC.
          :Worked our the 12 billiard BALL problem in the lobby of Zahret
          :Al-Sharq Hotel, in about 45 min.
          :Wrote a long letter to SEMRA; times are still unstable . . .
9/22/1978 :Fr-938 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/Saudi Fund->SABIC.
          :Ali Jawhari told me that he, Nougoumi, and Rahbani are not
          :paying taxes to USA, though they are Americans.  I sent a
          :letter to IRS on 9/24. . . (Told Nicole about it on 9/24.)
9/24/1978 :Su-940 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/Saudi Fund->SABIC.
          :Talked to Parents.  Since Father's retirement on 7/11, they
          :cannot decide where to retire.  (This problem persisted
          :until 9/14/95, when parents finally moved in with me in Miami
          :12:15pm, SABIC came to get my passport for my transfer there.
9/25/1978 :Mo-941 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/Saudi Fund->SABIC: ACTIVE.
          :8am meeting with SABIC.  The monthly transport is not SR 700;
          :it is SR 900.  Things are moving, but also many loose ends.
          :My professional life is fine, but the spiritual and intimate
          :needs are totally neglected here.  This is the cause of the
          :instability.  I guess SUFFERING IS AN INGREDIENT OF GROWTH...
10/2/1978 :Mo-948 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SFD->SABIC >9/25/78\WIRE
          :Drove over a tire wire in the desert; thought I lost my Suzuki.
          :Instead, I worked underneath it for about an hour, broke loose
          :the wires, and paid the Yamani mechanic SR 40 to fix the rest.
          :I worry that my Suzuki will not last . . .
          :Meanwhile, the substantial increase in my salary vis-a-vis SABIC
          :makes it mandatory that I purchase investment properties.
10/5/1978 :Th-951 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SFD->SABIC >9/25/78.
          :Began reading "GONE WITH THE WIND."
          :10/6/F: Stayed with FRANZ last night; Butterworth there too;
          :washed clothes and watched a "Doc Savage" movie.
          :MAIL: As of 9/30/78, sending Mother something on the mail almost
          :every day, knowing the period since 2/25/76 has been very hard
          :for her, especially loneliness.  Less mail to SEMRA, 1 to Ilhami
          :9 to Belinda, and to Interstate, Deutsche Bank.
10/7/1978 :Sa-953 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SFD->SABIC >9/25/78.
          :The 1977 taxes are a worry: $5,713.95; I should have purchased
          :properties; mailed it on 10/8/Su.
          :Since SABIC came thru on 9/25, things look bright, except
          :loneliness.  Meanwhile, I am also getting 1 month Transition
          :Leave from the Fund to SABIC.
10/10/1978:Tu-957 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SFD->SABIC >9/25/78/Cavit.
          :Nephew CAVIT-Michael Monezis born in Wheeling, WV at 13:40.
          :I received the news thru a telegram on 10/14/Sa that SABIC
          :brought to my office at SFD.
          :10/11/W: Got a new battery for Suzuki; seems to be working good.
          :Got a letter from Mother.
          :10/12/Th:Got the brakes fixed; dinner at Butterworths.
          :10/13/F: Began reading James Faulkner's "ANOTHER COUNTRY."
10/16/1978:Mo-962 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SFD->SABIC >9/25/78:Terms!
          :10am my residency sponsorship is officially transferred from the
          :Saudi Fund to SABIC.  And my exit visa to USA is OK.  I signed
          :the contract on the spot.
          :Astrology 10/16/78: Things looking up.
          :MO:19ARI01 SU:22LIB17 ME: 2SCO49 VE:22SCO43 MR:17SCO55 JU:6LEO29
          :ST: 9VIR53 UR:15SCO13 NP:16SAG11 PL:16LIB50 NN:25VIR18
          :1. Pluto is sextile, Neptune trine my Moon at 16 Leo 31--though
          :Uranus is about to be square to the same; Saturn has passed
          :square my Saturn at 8 Gemini 28; Jupiter passed the conjunction
          :to Pluto 5 Leo.
          :2. Mars is square my Moon/Mars conjunction in Leo.  This may
          :explain my short-term health problems; the Sun is square my Sun.
          :3. This leaves Venus and Mercury. Venus is trine my Sun in
          :Cancer; Mercury is about to form a trine to my Mercury in Cancer
          :4. So the long-term developments are under positive Pluto and
          :Neptune, the short-term ones (contract) under Venus and Mercury.
          :overall it is a positive cycle, though ominous vibes too.
10/18/1978:We-964 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SFD->SABIC >9/25/78:Terms!
          :The Saudi Fund authorized my ticket to San Diego as is
          :I were returning to USA.
          :Began reading Dr. ATKIN's Diet book; began taking 8gm of
          :Vitamin-C and ended up with diarrhea.
10/19/1978:Th-965 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SFD->SABIC >9/25/78:Terms!
          :Attended Franz's birthday party.
          :10/20/F: To Jalal's party, though I was sick; slept 8 hours.
          :Gig Young (the actor) killed his wife and himself today.
10/21/1978:Sa-967 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SFD->SABIC >9/25/78:Move!
          :SABIC contract finalized today.
          :Idea to educate Belinda in Riyadh.
          :10/22/Su: Curiously, Jalal, my boss at SFD and also a Cancer,
          :is also leaving SFD, for a position in DC.  A fine boss!
          :My URINE TEST: Nitrate: not good, ph: 5.5, protein: too much,
          :glucose: neg., cetones: OK, Urobilinogen: normal, Bilurubin: not
          :good, Blood: normal.
10/24/1978:Tu-970 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SFD->SABIC >9/25/78:Move!
          :Feeling good, especially since last night.  Reading Brooke
          :Hayward's "HAYWIRE."  This may be better than Lillian Hellman's
          :10/26/Th: Played backgammon with Ed and Bill.  I am worried
          :about my life in the desert; want to get a larger Jeep.
          :I am getting a cold and diarrhea again, as last 10 days or so.
10/27/1978:Fr-973 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SFD->SABIC >9/25/78:Move!
          :Collected sand and dark pebble samples from the spot near the
          :last gas station going east.  (As of 6/15/96, I have the sand.)
          :My camp site #1 was raided today; my fossils are gone.
          :continuing my burning (old clothes) ritual; not feeling well.
          :10/29/Su: mailed a card to Brooke Hayward (of Haywire).
10/30/1978:Mo-976 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SFD LAST DAY: 1pm.
          :Small pox shot 9am; left the Fund at 1pm, my pay more than I
          :expected.  Travel money by 11:15am; 12 noon, my investment
          :checks ready; lunch with Franz at 5:30pm; picked up ticket
          :to Istanbul by 7pm.
          :ready to leave on my trip tomorrow.
          :MAIL: As of 10/31/78, sending Mother something on the mail almost
          :every day.  This month more to Belinda, packages 10 to 16, 1 to
          :Rita Roy--on 10/10 wrote to her that I cannot come to see her--
          :10/3 to Pres. Carter, Pincus, Judith, Brooke Hayward...
10/31/1978:Tu-976 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30
          :Franz's daughter Kimberly and I watched "MERRILL's MARAUDERS"
          :on video.  Still have a cold.  Met Rahman and Fatima on the
          :plane.  Made it to Istanbul.
          :11/1/We: Istanbul -> NY, arrived at 11pm.
          :11/2/Th: NY       -> Pitt -> Waynesburg--lost luggage.
          :11/3/Fr: In Waynesburg.  Spent the day at WVU Dental Clinic;
          :came for Belinda at 6pm.
          :Talked to Pincus; Gayle came up.  I am still connected . . .
          :GARY transferred to HAWAII; Femsi & family moved there later,
          :until 6/15/1979.
11/4/1978 :Sa-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.In.USA
          :7am Waynesburg -> Columbus, G�lhis; met CAVIT for the 1st time
          :(he was born on 10/10/78).  Purchased Belinda clothes.
          :11/5/Su: Columbus -> Waynesburg--lost luggage from 11/2?
11/6/1978 :Mo-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.In.DC
          :To WVU to complete my teeth; left my stuff with Judy;
          :Morgantown -> WASHINGTON, to see my bank, purchase HOME.
          :Staying at Franz and Nicole's home in VA; rented a red CAMARO
          :from AVIS.
          :11/7/Tu: Saw ALVIN ROWE, my boss at VS & W until 1/14/76, in
          :front of the Interstate Bank; he saw me too, in my white Safari.
          :IRAN in turmoil . . .
11/8/1978 :We-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.In DC/JOHN.
          :Met with Mark Anderson who had helped Franz/Nicole to find their
          :home.  Sa a beautiful house at a Park, one near a lake in VA.
          :In the eve: met with my buddies from DC days at the Empress:
          :John Hennigan, John's new wife Villa; Elizabeth came later.
          :I do not belong to there.  When we dropped off Elizabeth, she
          :hesitated for a moment, as if she wanted to ask me in . . .
11/9/1978 :Th-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.In DC:HOME.
          :At 8:15 am, after seeing the house at Lake Bankroft, I decided
          :to purchase the one in Arlington (purchase final on 11/12/78).
          :My 1st home: 122 Fenwick Ave, Falls Church, VA 22204.
          :(It was sold for $115,000, at some profit, on 12/30/80.)
          :Made BELINDA (11) a life-member of the National GEOGRAPHIC.
11/10/1978:Fr-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.DC/PATRICE.
          :Patrice Flesh, Nicole's Cancer sister, arrived 9:15pm.  Took her
          :to Trader Vicks at the Hilton.
          :11/11/Sa: With Patrice.  Drove to St. Michaels over the Bay
          :Bridge; ate fantastic food at the Crab Claw; canceled date with
          :Hennigan; came home.  I told Patrice:  "if you promise to stick
          :to your side, you can share the bed . . ."  That did it.
          :Made love, the 1st time to someone (not on an overnight deal) in
          :1.5 years--the last with Jules in the summer of 1977.
          :Astrology: Patrice 11/11.
          :MO: 1ARI02 SU:18SCO15 ME:10SAG04 VE:13SCO15 MR:6SAG28  JU:8LEO42
          :ST:12VIR14 UR:16SCO49 NP:16SAG58 PL:17LIB49 NN:23VIR56
          :Pluto sextile and Neptune trine to my Moon/Mars in Leo set a
          :wonderful umbrella over all other aspects, though Uranus is
          :square the Moon, Sun square Mars.  The fact that Sun, Venus,
          :and Uranus are in sexual Scorpio, whatever the aspect, must
          :mean sexual opportunities.
11/12/1978:Su-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.DC/PARENTS.
          :Patrice left at 2:30pm; dropped the red Camaro at Avis at 3pm;
          :Parents came to see my new home around 5pm.
          :In the eve, I had problem with a bitchy black girl at McDonalds.
          :11/13/Mo: 11:30am, finished the home-related red tape:
          :Left DC at 5:10pm -> left NY at 7:30pm to MADRID: 12 days in USA
          :IRAN is in turmoil (since 11/7); the SHAH may fall.
          :Frugal so far: spent $1,020.84 in 14 days = $72:63/day.
11/14/1978:Tu-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.DC/MADRID.
          :In Madrid ($=70 Pesetas).  Stayed at the Arosa Hotel.  Walked
          :all around downtown.  Had a fantastic night - and Flamenco
          :dance - at the Torres Bermejas Club.  Feeling even better than
          :I did in USA, but during these positive cycles I would like to
          :have someone steady with whom I can share things . . .
          :11/15/We: Went to the PRADO Museum, among other places.
11/16/1978:Th-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.DC/G.CANARY
          :Woke up in the middle of the night. The next morn to Las Palmas,
          :Grand Canaries--1 hour time difference.  Plane delayed 1 hour.
          :Las Palmas is interesting but for a short stay one needs a ready
          :11/17/Fr: Las Palmas -> Madrid; checked in Hotel Memphis,Rm.601.
          :Margaret MEAD died today.
11/18/1978:Sa-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.DC/MADRID.
          :Purchased 2 ties, a vest at the Galeria.  Mayte is a very good
          :restaurant, but for Paella: Valentia; for Flamenco: Arco de
          :Cuchilleros; Intern. Show: Florida Park.
          :Took the "Artistic" tour in the morn, including the PRADO museum
          :the "Panoramic" tour in the afternoon.
          :At night, I felt bad about buying the house in Arlington.
          :Called Mother about it 3 times, spending $160 . . .
11/19/1978:Su-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.DC/SPAIN
          :Checked in Hotel Las Palomas in TORREMOLINOS, Rm. 306.
          :11/20/Mo: Went to restaurant ANTONIO for paella: splendid.
          :Checked into apt. prices, walked around.
          :11/21/Tu: took a ride to West Torremolinos for the view.
          :In the eve there was a party at the hotel.  Hooked up with an
          :expensive and model-like beautiful French call girl.
          :Egypt/Israel are having problems after Camp David talks:9/18/78
11/22/1978:We-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.DC/RIVIERA.
          :Arrived in BARCELONA; checked in hotel Rm.603--#306 on 11/21.
          :Barcelona reminded me of Istanbul from my student days.
          :11/23/Th: Thanksgiving and my 1000th Day on contract in Riyadh.
          :Barcelona -> NICE.
          :11/24/Fr: Met Gertrude Voigt, a 17-year American on the bus to
          :CANNES: passionate after return.
          :11/25/Sa: Took a tour of MONACO.
11/26/1978:Su-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.DC/SANDRA.
          :Checked in Central Hotel in ZURICH; met SANDRA Mascioni, the
          :bartender, at the bar.  She actually came up to my room,
          :knocked on my door, and stayed with me.  Very nice.  The casual
          :she organizes the house/kitchen, her street-wise manners, her
          :bartender/child face, the way she readily gave herself, saying
          :"Si si si," as I pumped her . . . She is sensitive; does not
          :want children; her weak heart.  She is nice.
          :11/27/Mo: Spent the day with Sandra; spent the night at her apt.
          :Saw my 1st snow since ages.
11/28/1978:Tu-Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/End-Of-SFD-Trip:10/31-11/30.DC/ISTANBUL
          :Called Sandra (after I left her apt.) to say goodbye--she did
          :not know I was leaving . . .
          :Arrived in Istanbul; checked into Hilton
          :11/29/We: took a taxi to home in Tuzla.  At 9pm, came to the
          :DENIZLI restaurant on a pier in Tuzla.  The weather was stormy
          :and I was the only guest.  The view of the sea around us, and
          :the sea gulls, was fantastic: a memorable eve.
11/30/1978:Th-1007 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC >9/25/78.
          :Arrived in Riyadh.  Now that my trip to USA and Riviera is over,
          :so is my cold.
          :Expenses: $2,045 airfare the Saudis paid, plus $1,655.76 I spent
          :Stayed at Adel's place tonight;
          :12/1/Fr: Arabian New Year; stayed at Franz's place tonight
          :Starting SABIC tomorrow; saved 46 days from the SFD contract.
12/2/1978 :Sa-1009 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy >2/11/78/SABIC >12/2/78 Official.
          :Began employment at SABIC - nice departure from SFD thanks to
          :Jalal.  1st at SABIC; settled down.
          :12/4/Mo: My 1st SABIC assignment: SAUDEX=Sabic-Exxon Ldpe.
          :Did my finances and taxes with/out the house in Arlington.
          :At 1pm, Nikki and I agreed that I will rent a room from them
          :for SR 6,000 for 6 months.
12/3/1978 :Su-Riyadh:1010d/Sabic:>12/2/1978  People, etc. in Riyadh to 1978
          :SaudiFund:POBox5711,Riyadh,# 36600,38218,38268 Tx20145 SUNDAQ SJ
          :SABIC, P.O.Box 5101,Riyadh.Tel:69700,69828 Telex:201177 SABIC SJ
          :US Embassy: 64394/5           US Embassy (Jiddah)  54310/52188
          :Saudia: 33333 Suzuki: 20633   Hotel Harigi (Movie):39913.Ext:208
          :Kanoo (Bala,Hari): 27690/91   Arabic Language Institute: 29941
          :Franz:41643 Russell/Sheila:24000,25132 Adel:36600/56 Frank:55156
          :Salamah:60156   Hugh Mars:63188  MichealGillibron(MOPlanng)23800
          :Bill Rodderham (Scuba):64341/66989  British Consulate    21650
12/5/1978 :Tu-1012 Days in Riyadh/Gypsy 2/11-12/5/78/SABIC >12/2/78/NICOLE
          :At 4pm, moved in with Franz/NICOLE Zenz: He is a VP for a
          :US Company now.  My GYPSY life over after 297 days.
          :12/6/We: Riots in IRAN continuing for a month or so.
          :12/7/Th: Computed the probable investment value of my property
          :in Arlington.  If I can sell it for $108,000 after 1981, which
          :is about 6.26% appreciation, I will have made 8.06% return.
          :Felt better for the 1st time--I AM NOT MADE TO OWN A PROPERTY;
          :Listened to my radio tonight: heard Turkish songs from 1950s.
12/8/1978 :Fr-1015 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Golda MEIR died today.
          :Bought a new Casio calculator.
          :12/9/Sa: 1st-day of SAUDEX meeting, to 12/13: a bit Mickey Mouse
          :12/12/Tu: Visited with Nicole.
          :12/13/We: At noon got my HP-97 calculator from SABIC.
          :12/14/Th: Disappointed with the calculator; working on cash flow
          :on Saudex.
12/16/1978:Sa-1023 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :1am, began reading James Michener's "CHESAPEAKE" and "THE
          :INVESTIGATION."  Got up 8:15am with diarrhea.
          :Using my calculator for finance and tax calculations, to 12/21.
12/17/1978:Su-1024 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Spent most of my off hours helping with Adel's resume.
          :Nikki was supposed to have left for USA; she did not.
          :USA-China agreed to exchange diplomatic relations.
          :12/18/Mo: Finished my Finance Program; loaded onto magnetic card
          :12/19/Tu: Began my tax program; I am neglecting SABIC business.
12/21/1978:Th-1028 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Got my 1st SABIC paycheck yesterday; took Nicole out to dinner
          :at the new hotel.
          :12/22/Fr: Planned a total immersion in Saudex Project next week.
          :12/24/Su: 1st time since I returned from vacation on 11/30, I
          :am bored with Riyadh again.  Reading CHESAPEAKE until 2:30am.
12/25/1978:Mo-1032 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Christmas Turkey (Rooster) with Franz/Nicole.
          :Started the analysis of the Saudex computer program; in essence
          :I joined SABIC on 12/2; began real work today . . .
          :12/26/Tu: Submitted the Saudex report to Abdulrahman.
12/27/1978:We-1034 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Working on Saudex operating expenses; making a clarification
          :list.  Also working on my Finances, Tax, House programs.
          :12/29/Fr: had the Suzuki checked for 55,000km.
12/30/1978:Sa-1037 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Card from G�lhis: my house check for $2,100 arrived
          :at Interstate.  Now I can make the payments and pay Paul Watson,
          :the property manager.
          :In the afternoon, Salamah came in to ask me how I was coming
          :along with my report.  Better get back to work.
          :12/31/Su: My cold is finally passing, since mid-Nov or so.
          :MAIL: As of 12/31/78 this month, sent Mother 6 packages, Belinda
          :3, Florence, 4 to Sandra (Swiss), Patrice, John Hennigan, G�lhis
          :Paul & Mark Anderson (agents in DC), $460 to Mother on 12/9/78,
          :Helga Flory (Interstate), Deutsche Bank...
12/31/1978:Su-Riyadh:1038days/SABIC>12/2/78                People thru 1978
          :Franz: Neukirchner Str. 18, Puchberg am Schneeberg,
          :       Nieder”sterreich A2734                   AROA 26 36 23854
          :G�lhis: 3115 Mistletoe St. Columbus, OH 43219       614-471-7147
          :Haya Attour-Abdulhadi, Jebel Al-Hussein, Asma St., Amman, Jordan
          :John Hennigan/Villa (Capr): 979-0776          Elizabeth:525-3927
          :Keriman:584120      G�lden:567276/B:455506
          :Larry da Silva:505 N.LakeshoreDr.Apt.604,Ch,IL60611 312-329-0809
          :Rita Roy (Pisces):171 Howlands,WelwinGardenCity,Herts A17 HRL UK
          :Selhan Savcigil: Kennedy Cad. 37 A-3, K.dere,Ankara     18 39 22
          :Vahdi/™zg�l Arioba:Istasyon Cad.,Ridvanpasa Sok. 4/11
          :                                       G”ztepe,Istanbul 55 14 19
          :Zwart:406450 Bercuhi Hamamciyan:460748 Dr.Haydar Altinok:554535
1/1/1979  :Mo-1039 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Began the year with $98,564.61 in liquid assets.
          :Slept at Adel's place last night.
          :Had a discussion with PIE, a coworker, about the Saudex project.
          :I let him dominate the discussion, but his approach was wrong.
          :If he is one of the best here, I should be able to rise above
          :all the other advisors, and show this to SABIC. . .
          :The 1st step, since 12/27: I have been working very hard, and
          :putting daily overtime(s).
          :1/3/We: my 2nd project came today: SCT METHANOL.
1/5/1979  :Fr-1043 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Finished reading Chesapeake: excellent.
          :Took Franz to the desert; had lunch with Adel and Assam at an
          :outside cafe.  Got 2 chairs for my room.
          :Then I slept; then read Pablo Neruda's poems until midnight.
          :By staying with Franz and Nicole, I might be losing them as
          :friends.  (I did.)
          :Their servant from Eritrea who sleeps in the servant quarters in
          :a different building is making too much noise, I think to annoy
          :me, or he sees my situation like his . . .
1/6/1979  :Sa-1044 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Wrapping up the Saudex report.  Electric power was shut
          :tonight when Franz and Nicole were celebrating their 6th
          :anniversary.  I stayed with them to 2am.
1/7/1979  :Su-1045 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :1st meeting on the SCT Methanol.  It was embarrassingly naive;
          :I told so to Salamah who talked to me.
1/8/1979  :Mo-1046 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Established contact with the World Bank project analysis group.
          :1/9/Tu: Working on Saudex project cash flow program.  In one
          :month, I have learned more company financial statements here
          :than anywhere.
1/14/1979 :Su-1052 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Did not come to work until 2:30pm.  Got an alarm clock, went to
          :the barber.  Still working on the Saudex accounting sheets, but
          :having problems reconciling them to the computer program.
          :I do not have good vibes about the people here . . .
1/15/1979 :Mo-1053 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Visited Nicole during the lunch hour.
          :I think I finally reconciled Saudex accounting sheets to the
          :computer program.
          :1/17/W: Franz may have a deal also to sell prefab buildings in
          :Saudi Arabia.
1/19/1979 :Fr-1057 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Franz and Nicole left for Dammam for 4 days.
          :The SHAH of Iran escaped IRAN; turmoil has been going on for
1/20/1979 :Sa-1058 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Since Franz is away, I watched 2 videos: "Arsenic and Old
          :Lace" and "Little Caesar."  Sexually OK; mind sharp.
          :Finished the Saudex report today, since 12/2.
          :Thinking of educating Belinda in S. Arabia . . .
1/23/1979 :Tu-1061 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Things from my past still cause me a moan occasionally:
          :6/8/78: unstable complaints to Ilhami & his wife at €inar hotel,
          :1976-78: affair with Semra.
          :1976: Semra, the car accident, blabbering to Ibrahim bey . . .
          :1976: weakness with Sherif and Ali.
          :1971: visiting Halem's parents with Gayle.
          :1968-70: instability shown to Bob Lisi, Dianne . . .
          :1969 or so party of the neighbor at the trailer court, where she
          :"bumped" me, the bitch.
          :1959: in Zewen, the way I pursued Ushi.
1/24/1979 :We-1062 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78.
          :Talked to Ed Parker about Belinda; mailed letters to
          :Mother, Hennigan, Sandra.  Came to Assam's home for 6-egg
          :omelette; then to Adel to watch a police drama on TV.
1/25/1979 :Th-1063 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Social
          :After Ron Sylsby asked for the World Bank paper on project
          :evaluation, I decided to beat him to it, by preparing the best
          :report and in 2 months surpassing all my co-workers; Ron is the
          :tops there.  I decided to finish the report by 1/27, thus
          :concluding Step-1 of my SABIC plans, to initiate Step-2: Belinda
          :in S. Arabia and higher salary . . . also on 1/27/Sa.
1/27/1979 :Sa-1065 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78\Social
          :Submitted another status report on Saudex. Salamah came
          :in to see how I was doing.  They are impressed!
          :Initiated BELINDA in S.ARABIA project.
          :Rockefeller died at age 70.
1/28/1979 :Su-1066 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78\Social
          :Working with TI-59 calculator: cumbersome; decided to stick to
          :the HP.  Reading Leon Uris' "TRINITY."  Did not go to work this
          :eve; came to Adel to sleep and eat tahini with honey . . .
          :1/29/M: January was a sexually potent month; feel strong
          :physically, mind alert.
1/30/1979 :Tu-1066 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78\Social
          :Began reviewing the SCT Methanol project.
          :MAIL: As of 1/31/79 this year, sent Mother 8 packages. Also to
          :Sandra (Swiss), Judy, G�lhis, Patrice, cousin Tanju and Parents'
          :friends Ariobas in Istanbul, John Hennigan (over), Paul Watson &
          :Mark Anderson, my property agents in VA, Deutsche Bank, etc.
2/1/1979  :Th-1070 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Social.
          :Spent the night at Adel's place last night.  Sent my IRA check
          :for 1979 to USA; came to the office to do Jan. finances, 78
          :taxes.  Washed the Suzuki; looks nice.
          :At 3pm, Ali almost squeezed me, with his car, between the wall
          :and the door of Franz's truck: close call.  Watched Airport 75.
2/2/1979  :Fr-1071 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Social.
          :Socially a + day:  with Franz/Nicole from breakfast to noon; to
          :Sharq hotel to talk to Gerald and the gang; to John Norwood at
          :2pm: met his daughters Lili and Diane; back to Sharq to play
          :bridge; at 6:30 Adel took me to dinner; 10:15pm back home.
          :Franz came back at 11pm with tapes: selected 32 as present.
          :With regards to BELINDA'S SCHOOLING, J. Norwood told me that
          :the Saudis also pay school after the 9th grade.  Would be nice
          :to have Belinda finish the junior high here, then go to a
          :finishing school in Europe . . .
2/3/1979  :Sa-1072 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Social.
          :Slept at 11:30pm last night; up at 4:45am; with clutter on my
          :mind, including negative thoughts about Pincus.
          :Ibrahim decided not to pay me overtime.  I had accumulated lots
          :of overtime, but he is right--I had also worked on personal
          :This is my 13th day on which I smoked on 5 to 6 cigarettes/day.
          :Left work at 11:30am, came home to socialize with Nicole; slept;
          :continued reading Trinity.
          :Astrology: Cluttered Mind, etc.
          :MO: 1TAU06 SU:13AQU33 ME: 9AQU04 VE:27SAG23 MR:10AQU25 JU:2LEO48
          :ST:12VIR33 UR:20SCO47 NP:19SAG52 PL:19LIB11 NN:19VIR29
          :1. Note that Mercury just passed trine my Uranus and then Saturn
          :in Gemini.  In other words, the very flowing trine scattered my
          :mind, not depressed, but scattered, cluttered.  The fact that
          :Mercury is in air sign Aquarius added to feelings of air-headed.
2/4/1979  :Su-1073 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Social.
          :Like yesterday, my mind is cluttered, not sharp.  And I feel
          :like socializing.  Cut work in the morn; had breakfast & lunch
          :with Franz and Nicole.  She told me she is pregnant again.
          :Helped Franz with boxes of sunflower seeds, etc.
          :Went to work in the eve,
2/5/1979  :Mo-1074 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Social.
          :My mind is still cluttered and I do not feel good.
          :2/6/Tu: The mentally cluttered cycle since 2/3 is apparently
          :passing.  Finished reading Uris' TRINITY.
2/8/1979  :Th-1077 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Social.
          :Adel left for Egypt; Nicole to Austria, Franz's family.
          :2/9/Fr: Franz checked my brakes; visited Russell/Sheila McGuirk.
          :They told me to register Belinda in school in Riyadh as early as
          :possible.  Gave them a small globe as a present.
2/10/1979 :Sa-1079 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Social.
          :Cut work today to attend to Belinda's school red tape:
          :the question about religion is significant . . .
          :Franz fixed my brakes; I did all sorts of correspondence.
          :Again got pissed off at SABIC after I heard how much joint
          :venture partners got paid.
2/11/1979 :Su-1080 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Belinda.
          :Wrote another letter to Belinda about her schooling; amended my
          :1977 taxes: may get $6,500 back.
          :At 7:30pm, I was told that I am scheduled for a trip to ARAMCO
          :and Al-JUBAIL on the 20th and 21st.  Actually, I have not done
          :anything for SABIC since 1/27, but feel smart again.
          :2/12/Mo: sent Belinda another (5-page) letter inviting her over
          :for education.
          :I have cold again, an on-off continuous problem for a year or so
2/13/1979 :Tu-1082 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Belinda.
          :Found out that the Intern. School is for Christian parents only,
          :but there is another school.  First, a letter to Salamah for
          :permission to bring Belinda here.  I did that today.
          :Meanwhile, received a letter from Mother: Belinda has received
          :my 1st letter.
          :2/14/We: No response yet from SABIC about Belinda.
2/15/1979 :Th-1084 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Belinda.
          :Sent application to the Atlantic Econ. Conference.
          :Got caught parking wrongly in front of the Al-Harigi hotel.  The
          :police got my license, but gave it back.  (First sign that
          :Riyadh is getting structured, like the States . . .)
          :2/17/Sa: Finished the Monthly Finances program: nice.
          :since 1/27, I have been restless . . .
2/18/1979 :Su-1087 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78\Suzuki.
          :Friday 2/16, at about 10:30am, coming from the Marriot
          :Hotel, the Suzuki began to act up.  I found out today that the
          :oil line was plugged, the engine may be damaged . . .
          :Astrology: Nagging Accidents 2/15.
          :MO:27VIR11 SU:25AQU42 ME: 0PIS15 VE:10CAP45 MR:19AQU52 JU:1LEO20
          :ST:11VIR42 UR:20SCO58 NP:20SAG08 PL:19LIB03 NN:18VIR51
          :1. Mars, the suspect, is exactly opposite my Mars in Leo;
          :Mercury, the other suspect, is about to form a square to Uranus.
          :These 2 are sufficient for these little problems.
2/19/1979 :Mo-1088 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Belinda.
          :About Belinda's education in S.Arabia, SABIC is willing, IF
          :Belinda starts school by Sep. this year.  Then she is covered
          :until the summer of 1980, when my contact runs out.  OK!
          :I confirmed this from SAAD, the personnel manager, as also
          :reimbursement for my pension.
          :But by 2/21/W, I suspected that after all this work, Belinda
          :would not come . . .
2/20/1979 :Tu-1089 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/ARAMCO.
          :Left for Al-JUBAIL and ARAMCO to 2/21.  After seeing Aramco, I
          :dreamed about leaving SABIC and joining Aramco, but . . .
          :2/23/Fr: Worked on my sailboat design.
          :2/24/Sa: Talked to Salamah; got indication a higher salary may
          :be feasible for me.
2/25/1979 :Su-1094 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/ADEL Over?
          :Came to Adel in the morn to get my hanger.  Tried to talk to him
          :about Belinda's schooling.  He got up to wash dishes.  I said
          :to take care; he said "bye bye."  Typical Mid-Eastern, my friend
          :from Egypt: I suspect that he is jealous about my situation...
          :Meanwhile, I was ready to give up on Belinda, but Gerald took
          :her side;  I will be more patient . . .
2/26/1979 :Mo-1095 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Methanol.
          :Feeling very positive, good, bright today.
          :Suggested to Sylsby a joint report about the Methanol case.
          :2 cards from Mary Hennigan, 1 from Femsi (who may be facing a
2/27/1979 :Tu-1096 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/Methanol.
          :Japanese Methanol project negotiations begin today and tomorrow.
          :MAIL: As of 2/28/79 this year, sent Mother 21 packages, incl.
          :reports, newspapers, etc.  Also 3 job letters to World Bank,
          :many cards to Sandra (Swiss), Judy/Belinda, Patrice, G�lhis,
          :John Hennigan (over), Paul Watson & Mark Anderson, my property
          :agents in VA, Deutsche Bank, Interstate, IRS, etc.  On 2/17,
          :confirmed to Sandra the trip to Vienna.
3/1/1979  :Th-1098 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/GRIER.
          :JUPITER enters CANCER - final.
          :My Solar  1st House (from 0 Cancer) of Expansion
          :My Natal  7th (Equal) Ho of Alliances, Marriage, etc.
          :   Natal  5 (Placidus) of Children, Romance, Creativity
          :Riyadh    6            of Responsibilities, Work
          :          5 (Placidus) of Children, Romance, Creativity
          :I am 36, single, living in Saudi Arabia, working for SABIC.
3/2/1979  :Fr-1099 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/GRIER.
          :Wrote the methanol report and another letter to Belinda about
          :her schooling.  Met Larry and Charline and played bridge.
          :3/3/Sa: Sent Belinda the letter about a BOARDING SCHOOL in the
          :States.  Received news that my house in Arlington is rented.
          :Good, this will improve my cash flow...
          :3/5/Mo: 10am call from Belinda: she will come to S.Arabia, to
          :visit.  Wrote her another long letter about boarding school.
3/7/1979  :We-1104 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/METHANOL.
          :Japanese Methanol discussions over; I submitted 2 reports.
          :The Atlantic Econ. Conference data is here; initiated my trip.
          :3/8/Th: Last meeting with the Japanese on Methanol.
          :Came to see Adel in the eve.  Then worked on my financial goals
          :to 3am.
3/9/1979  :Fr-1106 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/LARRY.
          :Came to visit Sheila: nice.  I am thinking of dropping
          :our neighbor Larry & Charlene whom I met on 3/2.  They are
          :talking like Southern White Trash about the Saudis. . .
          :3/10/Sa: SABIC Ok'd my trip to VIENNA for the Atlantic Econ.
          :Conference in May.
          :Woke up at 3am thinking of the rudeness of Larry & Charlene.
3/11/1979 :Su-1108 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/INCOME.
          :After SABIC approved Belinda's expenses, my income in 1979, on a
          :full year basis, is $104,500, given the projected expenses and
          :taxable deductions.
          :3/14/We: Feeling sleepy and tired these days . . .
          :3/17/Sa: Strong rumor that Femsi/Gary may be divorcing . . .
3/20/1979 :Tu-1117 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/POSITIVE.
          :Concluding the Saudex case with a final report on the World Bank
          :report on the case.
          :Sun in Pisces was somewhat restless, insecure, sickly (I have
          :cold), and docile; I feel much better today--but just today!
          :Reading "WOMEN's ROOM,"  in part about the 1960s, the Flower
          :Generation . . . I liked it.
3/23/1979 :Fr-1120 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/SAILBOAT.
          :This week, stayed at home and worked on my sailboat,
          :wrote a letter to Femsi about her pending divorce--I heard
          :about the 1st time on 2/26/79.  I also offered her financial
          :support until she got on her own feet.  (Indeed, the DIVORCE
          :happened in 1991.)
          :Finished reading "Women's Room"; began reading Carl Sagan's
          :"COSMIC CONNECTIONS," in which he badmouths astrology.
3/24/1979 :Sa-1121 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/SAILBOAT.
          :9:30am accident in front of SABIC: 2 cars, one banged into my
          :Suzuki.  I thought it was gone, but the Jeep seems OK.
          :Celebrated with a chicken dinner.
          :Mailed letter to: Femsi (#2) about her divorce (#34 toto),
          :Fairways Marine and Colvic Craft about "Fisher," etc. sailboats.
          :Sent a card to Sandra, addressing "Meine H�bsche Schweizerin."
          :3/25/Su: had a minor altercation with Adel--which began on 2/25.
3/26/1979 :Mo-1123 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/PEACE.
          :Received a letter from Judy requesting money for medical bills.
          :I wrote a 1/2-page response, asking firmly about the things I
          :had requested from her.
          :Still listening to Turkish songs over the radio (since 12/5/78).
          :Egypt/Israel Peace Treaty effective today.
3/29/1979 :Th-1126 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/EXPERT.
          :Writing my end of the report on the methanol project with Ronald
          :I. Sylsby.  We submitted it on 3/31/Sa.  My report, "The SABIC/
          :Japanese Methanol Project, an Alternative View" was much
          :superior to his, when he is the "Senior Expert."  This marks the
          :day when my star began to shine at SABIC, until I left.
          :In other words, in exactly 4 months, despite many personal
          :concerns and projects, I am now regarded as THE Senior Expert.
          :Astrology of Recognition 3/31/79.
          :MO:17TAU36 SU: 9ARI41 ME:28PIS07 VE:2PIS13 MR:24PIS30 JU:29CAN03
          :ST: 8VIR23 UR:20SCO29 NP:20SAG29 PL:18LIB05 NN:16VIR31
          :1. This kind of "Earned" recognition is not due to Jupiter; it is
          :more in the realm of Saturn.  Saturn is square my Saturn in
          :Gemini, but sextile to my Jupiter in Cancer.  This is mixed.
          :2. Looking further, the Sun has just passed a sextile to my
          :Saturn, a trine to my Pluto (3 days ago); Venus is just forming
          :a square to my Uranus at 3 Gemini 18, but also a trine to my
          :Mercury in Cancer--the latter when SABIC will review my report.
          :3. Mars has just a trine my Sun in Cancer.
4/1/1979  :Su-1129 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/MALTA<-GB.
          :Preparing for the Atlantic Econ.Conference in Salzburg, also
          :arranging another date with Sandra in Zurich from 11/26/78.
          :MALTA became independent from Great Britain.
          :MAIL: As of 4/1/79 this year, sent Mother 34 packages, incl.
          :a 2nd letter about Femsi's divorce, at least 4 job letters,
          :many cards to Sandra (Swiss), G�lhis, Judy/Belinda, on sailboats
          :Ken (on property), Ed Parker (about Belinda's schooling), Paul
          :Watson & Mark Anderson, my property agents in VA, Deutsche Bank,
          :Interstate, IRS, etc.
4/5/1979  :Th-1133 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/MOBIL.
          :Figured out the Internal Rate of Return program on my HP-97
          :calculator; 4/6/Fr: Franz returned from a trip at 2am.
          :4/7/Sa: The MOBIL people are here to 4/11 on the SABIC-MOBIL
          :joint venture, my 3rd project.
4/10/1979 :Tu-1139 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78
          :Since 4/4, while Mobil people are here, I have been very busy
          :with personal projects, incl. Belinda's school, 1978 taxes,
          :paper for the Conference in Salzburg, etc., until 4/16.
          :4/15/Su: Finished reading "THE IMMIGRANTS."
4/17/1979 :Tu-1145 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/WORLD BANK
          :Application from World Bank arrived; mailed it on 4/21/Sa.
          :4/19/Th: Thank God that Ed Parker is in Riyadh (since 4/11).
          :We went to a Chinese restaurant to day.
4/20/1979 :Fr-1148 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/FRANZ
          :JUPITER enters LEO - final.
          :My Solar  2nd House (from 0 Cancer) of Money, etc.
          :My Natal  8th House of Sex, Forced Changes, etc.
          :   Natal  7 (Placidus) of Marriage, Alliances
          :Riyadh    7            of Marriage, Alliances
          :          6 (Placidus) of Work, Jobs, Responsibilities
          :I am 36, single, living in Saudi Arabia, working for SABIC.
          :Accompanied Franz and Ali to Al-Kharj to sell some of his junk.
          :Not a bad trip.
4/21/1979 :Sa-1149 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/My WILL.
          :Mailed the World Bank application from 4/17.
          :The Celanese people are here on SABIC-CELANESE joint venture, my
          :4th project.
          :Completed my WILL for Ed Parker to mail from Chicago.  He is
          :here since 4/11, wonderful to have someone around . . .
4/29/1979 :Su-1157 Days in Riyadh/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's>12/5/78/FRANZ!
          :Long weekend: had accompanied Franz and his servant Ali(?) to
          :Dammam to sell some of his stuff.  We returned today.
          :I had resisted going with him, but he persisted. On the way, the
          :ashes from my cigarette ignited a few small pieces of his stuff
          :in the back of the truck.  Although Franz did not show it, and I
          :did not realize it, this was the end of our friendship.
          :And I have $5,000 invested with him, supposedly for 100% profit.
          :Indeed, I am in an ominous cycle, a harbinger of adversities:
          :Astrology of Obstacles, Adversities: 4/29/79.
          :MO:8GEM58 SU: 8TAU06 ME:12ARI05  VE:7ARI02 MR:16ARI58  JU:0LEO46
          :ST:7VIR11 UR:19SCO27 NP:20SAG09 PL:17LIB17 NN:14VIR59
          :1. Pluto is positive, sextile to my Moon/Mars conjunction in
          :Leo.  But Neptune has passed the trine to my Mars and is now
          :opposite my Venus in Gemini, a sign of deception.  Indeed it
          :was.  I moved out Franz's place on 5/2 under unpleasant
          :circumstances and on 5/9, Sandra in Zurich double-crossed me...
          :2. Uranus is square my Mars in Leo; Saturn is square my Saturn
          :in Gemini; Jupiter has just entered Leo, about to be conjunct
          :my Pluto at 5 Leo.
          :3. Mars is helpful for another week or so, trine my Moon/Mars
          :in Leo, then sextile my Venus in Gemini, but then square my Sun
          :in Cancer.  Venus is also supportive for a couple of days, now
          :sextile my Saturn in Gemini, as also the Sun, now sextile to my
          :Jupiter in Cancer.
5/2/1979  :We-Riyadh:1160 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/Franz's:148 Days/GYPSY-2
          :Moved out of Franz's apt after 148 days (since 12/5/78), no
          :longer friends.
          :MAIL: As of 5/1/79 this year, sent Mother 52 packages, incl.
          :reports, post cards, etc., several cards to Sandra (Swiss),
          :Femsi & G�lhis (assets), Patrice (1 card), Judy/Belinda, schools
          :for Belinda (Bement, MacDuffie, St.John Baptist, Stony Brook,
          :etc.) On 4/14, sent Ken Power of Attorney. property), 4/16: IRS
          :1978 and Intern. Herald Tribune for schools/camps for Belinda;
          :4/21: asked WVU placement to send file to World Bank, 4/25:
          :Anne, Femsi, G�lhis (my will), etc. 5/1: 5th Job letter.
5/5/1979  :Sa-Riyadh:1163 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/Gypsy >5/2/79/GRIER.
          :Letter from Judy: she selected the Grier School for Belinda;
          :SABIC will pay for it.  Also initiated Belinda's 1st visit to
          :Riyadh.  Signed the related papers on 5/7/Mo.
          :Still thinking of a sailboat for myself: N.E. 30, about $75,000.
5/8/1979  :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC/Gypsy >5/2/79/AEConf in SALZBURG:5/8-5/31,SANDRA
          :Conference in Salzburg, Vienna. Left Riyadh at 11:15am, in
          :Istanbul at 3:50pm.
          :5/9/W-Met SANDRA Mascioni in ZURICH.  (I had met her the 1st
          :time on 11/26/78, and had been writing to her since then.)
          :But unlike the last time, this time things are NOT promising!
          :I do not want to take her with me, but . . .
5/10/1979 :Th-Riyadh/SABIC/Gypsy >5/2/79/AEConf in SALZBURG:5/8-5/31,SANDRA
          :Zurich -> Salzburg: After spending a night with
          :Sandra, during which she snored loudly, I moved to a different
          :hotel in the morn of 5/11/Fr.
          :She had a wisdom for me: "I'll be a baby for the man who can
          :dominate me."  No wonder some men abuse women . . .
          :Europe: 5/8-17; USA:17-29; Istanbul: 29-31.
5/12/1979 :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC/Gypsy >5/2/79/AEConf in SALZBURG:5/8-5/31.
          :Attended Mozart Concert at the Salzburg Schloss.
          :Stayed in Salzburg until 5/15.  Sandra continued to stay at the
          :1st hotel.  I had paid her RT ticket from Zurich.  She wanted
          :to pay me for it, but I refused: win some, lose some . . .
          :I saw her last time today, walking around.  Invited her to a
          :restaurant on Getreide Strasse, ate together, and separated very
          :cozily.  She had helped me with my illusions in Riyadh . . .
          :Europe: 5/8-17; USA:17-29; Istanbul: 29-31.
5/15/1979 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC/Gypsy >5/2/79/AEC in SALZBURG:5/8-5/31,VIENNA.
          :5/15-17: In Vienna; visited Mauthausen Concentration Camp.
          :There, I saw my former boss and professor Dr. Miernick at WVU
          :from 1970.  He had been unpleasant to me.  So I ignored him,
          :while he peeked at me in one of the buildings in which he & his
          :wife and I were alone.
          :Europe: 5/8-17; USA:17-29; Istanbul: 29-31.
5/17/1979 :Th-Riyadh/SABIC/Gypsy >5/2/79/AEC in SALZBURG:5/8-5/31,S.DIEGO.
          :Vienna -> London -> LA -> San Diego at 3am on 5/18/Fr.
          :5/18-21: in San Diego to purchase properties in Escondido,
          :Beryl and Oliver Streets in partnership with Ken and Ibash.
          :Europe: 5/8-17; USA:17-29; Istanbul: 29-31.
5/21/1979 :Th-Riyadh/SABIC/Gypsy >5/2/79/AEC in SALZBURG:5/8-5/31,PATRICE.
          :San Diego -> Boston to see Nicole's sister PATRICE whom I met
          :the 1st time in VA on 11/10/78.  Checked in Regina Hotel; had
          :a wonderful time with Patrice walking around Cambridge.
          :Though nice, she is not my type . . . 
          :5/21-23: In Boston, purchased Chapman's "PILOTING" book at a
          :bookstore at Harward Sq. in Cambridge.
          :Europe: 5/8-17; USA:17-29; Istanbul: 29-31.
5/23/1979 :We-Riyadh/SABIC/Gypsy >5/2/79/AEC in SALZBURG:5/8-5/31,NICOLE.
          :(Europe: 5/8-17; USA:17-29; Istanbul: 29-31.)
          :5/23-24: In DC to see my house and agent; last talk with FANNIE.
          :Spent the night with NICOLE: memorable . . .
          :5/24-25: DC -> Pitt -> Altoona to see the GRIER School in Tyrone
          :that Judy selected for Belinda on 3/26 (letter).
          :5/25-27: In Waynesburg.  Handling my finances, personal affairs.
5/27/1979 :Su-Riyadh/SABIC/Gypsy >5/2/79/AEC in SALZBURG:5/8-5/31,PARTNERS.
          :(Europe: 5/8-17; USA:17-29; Istanbul: 29-31.)
          :5/27/Su: Waynesburg -> San Diego, 2nd time this trip to give
          :Power of Attorney, Financial Statement to Ken; to sign
          :Partnership Agreement the next day.
5/28/1979 :Mo-Riyadh/SABIC/Gypsy >5/2/79/AEC in SALZBURG:5/8-5/31,PARTNERS.
          :Formed a Real Estate Partnership with Ken/Ibrahim Poroy
          :today. 2 properties: 1828-1830 Diamond St & 859-861 Beryl St.
          :By July 29, 1979, while in S. Arabia, I was intensely worried
          :about it.  The ominous vibes became concrete when I received
          :a letter dated 9/23/80 from Edith J. White, a lawyer. Ibrahim
          :wants out and suing me & Ken. After I left S. Arabia, I spent
          :a month in San Diego preparing us for the court: a summons
          :dated 10/27/80 had been served to us.  By then, Ibrahim was
          :being advised by a Rick Connolly, a fast talker.  On 2/9/1981,
          :the partnership was dissolved, causing some loss to all of us.
          :Astrology of Bad Judgement (See 4/29/79).
          :On 5/28/79, I entered a Partnership Agreement with Ken and Ibash
          :and lived to regret it, especially early in 1981.
          :As with the investment with Franz, romance with Sandra, Grier
          :School for Belinda, and now this, all of these deals were
5/29/1979 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC/Gypsy >5/2/79/AEC in SALZBURG:5/8-5/31,ISTANBUL.
          :San Diego -> NY -> Istanbul.
          :5/31/Th: Back in Riyadh.  I spent $25,765.64-919.46, including
          :my investments.  The interesting thing about trip is in that I
          :have recorded no personal notes in the diary; all of it is about
          :finances, etc.  Must have been in a very unromantic state, or in
          :a very greedy, state of mind . . .
6/1/1979  :Fr-Riyadh:1190 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/Gypsy >5/2-6/2/79\Belinda
          :1st day after Salzburg conference/vacation.  Working on my next
          :personal project: Belinda's trip to Riyadh and having SABIC to
          :pay for it.
6/3/1979  :Su-Riyadh:1192 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/Gypsy >5/2-6/2/79/ADEL.
          :4:45am, moved in with Adel.
          :Wrote a letter to Nicole, asking her to make sure that Franz
          :would give me back my investment with him; she had talked me
          :into this . . .
6/4/1979  :Mo-Riyadh:1193 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/Gypsy >5/2-6/2/79/SOUR...
          :Things are sour with Adel and Franz cheated me out of SR 1,000.
          :6/6/We: Working on Mother's Armenian friend Zwart's daughter
          :ANI, to help her to go to USA for school.
          :Also wrote a letter to Nicole, that I would share with her
          :what she could save from her husband Franz cheating me . . .
6/8/1979  :Fr-Riyadh:1197 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79/Adel.Franz
          :Accompanied Franz and his servant Ali to the desert, to ride
          :his dirt bike over the dunes.
          :Things are better with Adel, but I am uncomfortable . . .
6/9/1979  :Sa-Riyadh:1198 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79/BELINDA.
          :Since I arrived from trip to Salzburg (5/8-31), I feel
          :no interest in SABIC work; all relationships seem testing . . .
          :6/10/Su: telegram arrived: Belinda is accepted at Grier; SABIC
          :will pay for it.  This concludes the 1st phase of this project
          :That I had initiated on 1/27/79.
6/11/1979 :Mo-Riyadh:1197 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79/BAD CYCLE.
          :The partnership with Ken & Ibash in San Diego from 5/28 is
          :already disturbing me.
          :Writing all sorts of letters, to: AE.Conf., Nicole, Grier,
          :Judith, Anne (in Turkey since 6/5).
6/13/1979 :We-Riyadh:1199 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79/BAD CYCLE.
          :John WAYNE died today.
          :I still have not done for SABIC since I arrived from my trip
          :on 5/31.
          :6/14/Th: Though this weekend in S.Arabia, came to the office to
          :work on Sidereal Time Tables for Astrology; feeling good.
6/15/1979 :Fr-Riyadh:1204 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79/FEMSI <-HAWAII.
          :Femsi & family moved from Hawaii; Gary was transferred there on
6/16/1979 :Sa-Riyadh:1205 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79/BAD CYCLE.
          :Feeling bad and paranoid again.  Undecided if I should
          :continue staying with Adel.  Told him I took money from Franz's
          :place to make up for the amount he cheated me.
          :Completed my Sidereal Time program.
          :General ARCHIEMPONG of Ghana was executed today after a coup in
          :Ghana.  I had shaken hands with him in 1976 . . .
6/18/1979 :Mo-Riyadh:1207 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79\Bad.Cycle
          :Idea came that I should move into SABIC apartments, but then I
          :cannot save the housing allowance, SR 30,000/yr . . . Initiated
          :the works the next day.
6/19/1979 :Tu-Riyadh:1208 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79\Bad.Cycle
          :Picked up/stole my SW (Sony) RADIO from Franz's today.
          :The crook wanted to keep it too, after cheating me.
          :Received a nice letter from Mother in Istanbul.
          :SALT II Treaty signed; Petroleum prices are like in 1973/74;
          :Prime Minister BšLENT ECEVIT of Turkey, who had ordered the
          :invasion of Cyprus, is now in political trouble.
6/20/1979 :We-Riyadh:1209 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79/CYCLES...
          :Reading Chapman's sailing book.
          :6/21/Th: The 1st day I decided to do my work for SABIC, since I
          :came back from my trip on 5/31.
          :Wrote Nicole my 3rd letter; the friendship with her gone too.
6/22/1979 :Fr-Riyadh:1211 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79/CYCLES...
          :I decided that MAY was a ups/downs month, June unhappy,
          :but perhaps some improvement since 6/18, the Sun -> Cancer . . .
          :Actually since JUPITER left Cancer and entered Leo on 4/20/79,
          :things have not been happy, though other planets may account
          :for this.
          :Astrology: Obstacles (on 6/22)
          :MO:0GEM21 SU: 0CAN00  ME:22CAN29 VE:12GEM28 MR:27TAU05 JU:9LEO00
          :ST:8VIR39 UR:17SCO25  NP:18SAG49 PL:16LIB26 NN:12VIR07
          :1. Pluto sextile my Moon and Neptune trine my Mars are helpful.
          :However, Uranus is hovering at a place where it is square to my
          :Moon and Mars in Leo, AND Saturn is square my Saturn in Gemini.
          :So Jupiter in Leo is not to blame for these times of volatile
          :friendships, attachments, affairs: Uranus and Saturn are.
6/25/1979 :Mo-Riyadh:1214 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79/NO HOUSING...
          :Sabic Housing is proceeding well and Belinda's permit is ready.
          :6/26/Tu:  After another argument with SAAD, the personal
          :manager and a relation to Ibrahim Salamah, my boss, I decided to
          :give up on the idea of SABIC housing.  Instead, I will fix the
          :Jeep or get a new one . . .
6/28/1979 :Th-Riyadh:1215 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79 NO GOOD.
          :Started to get the Jeep fixed.  Meanwhile my stay with
          :Adel has not been happy.  As with Franz, by staying with him,
          :we have sacrificed our friendship.  Then again, he too is a
          :CANCER, and probably feeling much of the same I am . . .
6/29/1979 :Fr-Riyadh:1218 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79/OPEC PRICES UP-2
          :OPEC increased prices from $14.50 to $23 per barrel; in response
          :there is a conference of Consumer Nations taking place in Tokyo.
          :Reading John Fowler's "DANIEL MARTIN." The summer mood is on me.
6/30/1979 :Sa-Riyadh:1219 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3/79.
          :Talked to RON SYLSBY, if he knew of any rental rooms.
          :He immediately offered me his villa for a month in August when
          :he would be away on his leave.  THANK YOU, RON: this casual
          :friend/colleague is a better friend than my "close" friends.
          :MAIL: Started new mail count since 6/2.  As of 6/30, mailed 6
          :packages to Mother, 6 to G�lhis (incl. lots of accounts and
          :checks for which she is in charge for me).  To Judy/Belinda
          :(about Belinda's school, trip to S. Arabia), 3 notes to Nicole
          :(last one on 6/21, mentioning the SR 1,000 her husband cheated,
          :which I gave for her kids), 1 to Ani, Ken. 6/30: #2 job to TAMS.
7/2/1979  :Mo-Riyadh:1221 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3-7/2/79=30 days.
          :Friendships with Adel and Franz over, after 1221 days.
          :Moved out of Adel's place today at 12:30pm,, to restart my GYPSY
          :life . . .  Letter from Sister.
7/4/1979  :We-Riyadh:1223 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/ADEL >6/3-7/2/79=30 days.
          :Feeling much better since I moved out of Adel's place,
          :also better than living with Franz.
          :Reading "Daniel Martin"; sending occasional job letters;
          :working on the Celanese project.
7/7/1979  :Sa-Riyadh:1226 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >7/2/79/WORLD BANK:NO
          :Got letters from Patrice, Anne, and Ariobas, Parents' friends
          :in Istanbul.
          :Have had diarrhea last 10 days: probably the mega-vitamins,
          :especially C I have been taking on and off for a year . . .
          :7/8/Su: The World Bank turned me down today, probably due to
          :the experience with Sherif, WB representative at SFD, in 1976.
7/9/1979  :Mo-Riyadh:1228 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >7/2/79/BAD VIBES.
          :Wasted an hour trying to dial USA from Abu Mohsin agency.
          :Wrote a long letter to Mother.  Belinda trip to Riyadh done.
          :Do not feel well.
7/11/1979 :We-Riyadh:1230 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >7/2/79/BAD VIBES.
          :The partnership with Ken is really disturbing me.
          :Talked to him on 7/12; then wrote a long letter too.
          :Arthur FIDDLER died; finished the 1st Celanese report.
          :Reading HEGEL, IBSEN, etc.
7/13/1979 :Fr-Riyadh:1232 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >7/2/79/BAD VIBES.
          :Talked to Gerald to mollify my unrest.  Several girls flirted
          :with me at the Marriot until 8:30pm.
          :The big dust storm is over; the desert looks nice.  Glad to be
          :on my own again: living with Franz and Adel was like in prison!
          :7/14/Sa: Submitted the Celanese report.
          :Belinda's trip to Riyadh looks all OK.
7/15/1979 :Su-Riyadh:1234 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >7/2/79/13,510 DAYS AGO
          :Getting very bad vibes about my partnership in San Diego.
          :My mind is divided between SABIC salary request during the day;
          :bad partnership vibes at night; AND I want to leave . . .
          :7/16/Mo: Got letters from Mother and Ani.
7/17/1979 :Tu-Riyadh:1236 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >7/2/79/13,510 DAYS AGO
          :Preparing my salary request to SABIC: SR 14,000/mo
          :equivalent to $81,000 net.
          :Letters from Sister, Judy; wrote last instructions to Belinda.
          :Astrology of Crawling out of my Skin (7/15/79)
          :MO:3ARI00 SU:21CAN56 ME:14LEO07 VE:10CAN33 MR:13GEM19 JU:13LEO40
          :ST:10VIR35 UR:16SCO59 NP:18SAG16 PL:16LIB31 NN:10VIR54
          :1. Pluto, Neptune are OK, but for almost the entire 1979, I have
          :been under Uranus square my Moon in Leo.
7/18/1979 :We-Riyadh:1237 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >7/2/79/ALLOWANCE.
          :Trouble with Belinda's school fee from SABIC.
          :7/19/Th: Prepared letters to SABIC about Belinda.
          :7/21/Sa: Submitted Belinda-related letter to Sadiqi and within
          :one hour it was Ok'd.
          :My front teeth are inflamed; taking 3.5-year-old antibiotics.
          :As tough as things have been, I have resolved everything that
          :has been disturbing me, BUT for the partnership in San Diego...
7/25/1979 :We-Riyadh:1244 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >7/2/79/ADEL LAST!
          :1st day of Month of Ramadan and guess what: received a letter
          :from Adel requesting SR 500.
          :7/26/Th: Wrote a firm letter--mailed it reluctantly on 8/5.  (He
          :had been my dearest and closest friend in Riyadh.)
          :AND I have very bad vibes from Ken in San Diego.
          :(I did not make the connection then BUT all 3 of us have the
          :Sun in Cancer . . .)
7/28/1979 :Sa-Riyadh:1247 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >7/2/79/KEN VIBES.
          :I am getting very bad vibes about the Partnership, Ken & Ibash.
          :I want info where our money is going.
          :NOTE: The ominous vibes became concrete when I received
          :a letter dated 9/23/80 from Edith J. White, a lawyer. Ibrahim
          :wants out and suing me & Ken. After I left S. Arabia, I spent
          :a month in San Diego preparing us for the court: a summons
          :dated 10/27/80 had been served to us.  By then, Ibrahim was
          :being advised by a Rick Connolly, a fast talker.  On 2/9/1981,
          :the partnership was dissolved, causing loss to all of us.
7/29/1979 :Su-Riyadh:1248 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >7/2/79/KEN VIBES.
          :Prompted by bad vibes that were very acute yesterday, spent the
          :whole day preparing letters to San Diego.  Then I called Sister
          :from office and over 15 minutes dictated a telegram to Ken.
          :Called G�lhis 16 min; 16 * 12 = SR 192 for Ken's telegram.
          :7/30/Mo: Ken called at 9am; I felt somewhat guilty, but insisted
          :on written explanations, records, etc. on the partnership.
7/31/1979 :Tu-Riyadh:1250 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY:7/2-30/79=29day/A HOME.
          :Spent my 1st night at Ron's place last night: nice.
          :All my friendships are on fragile footing, except Ron . . .
          :My liquid assets have reached $131,465.
8/1/1979  :We-Riyadh:1251 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY:7/2-30/79=29day/CURIOUS
          :The finger on which I wore the wedding ring with Gayle
          :got caught in a door handle (of a car) and the ring broke off.
          :I had put it in a Lark cigarette box in the jeep, to get it
          :fixed, but that box was stolen from the Jeep.  Nothing else
          :was taken.  MESSAGE, 5 years after divorce: GOODBYE GAYLE . . .
8/4/1979  :Sa-Riyadh:1254 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30/79; 1978 TAX.
          :Project Belinda (in Riyadh) begins today: Pan Am 110 to Istanbul
          :Received $380:46 refund from 1978 taxes from IRS.  That is, for
          :the whole year I paid: 1015-380:46 = $634.54: unbelievable!
8/5/1979  :Su-Riyadh:1255 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.BELINDA
          :Wrote letters to Nicole (#4), Ken, Interstate, Sister, Mother.
          :Mailed Adel's letter to respond to his of 7/25: OVER!
          :Belinda arrived in Istanbul at 4->5pm.  On 8/7/Tu Parents were
          :in Trabzon, on 8/8/We in Arhavi.  I was told later that Metin's
          :daughter SUNA was real nice to Belinda.  On 8/14/Tu, Belinda
          :arrived in Riyadh.
8/7/1979  :Tu-Riyadh:1257 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30/79; 1978 TAX.
          :Finishing all sorts loose ends before Belinda's arrival on 8/14.
          :MAIL: Started new mail count since 6/2.  As of 8/4, mailed 17
          :packages to Mother, 15 to G�lhis (incl. lots of accounts and
          :checks for which she is in charge for me).  5 to Judy/Belinda
          :(about Belinda's school, trip to S. Arabia), Patrice, 3 to Ken.
8/8/1979  :We-Riyadh:1258 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30/79\Belinda
          :Still busy with all sorts of odds and ends before Belinda is
          :in Riyadh on 8/14.  The partnership is still on my mind.
          :MAIL: Started new mail count since 6/2.  As of 8/9/Th (Belinda
          :in Riyadh on 8/14), I wrote Mother 14, G�lhis 16 packages.  Also
          :1 to Nicole, perhaps the last.  No more mail; Belinda will be
          :here on 8/14.
8/10/1979 :Fr-Riyadh:1260 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30/79.VANDALIZED
          :Stayed at (Ron's) home and read a book all day.
          :8/11/Sa: Someone vandalized my jeep last night.
          :8/12/Su: A letter from Ken.  Thank God I am mollified when
          :Belinda arrives on 8/14.  Sent him $5,000, God help me . . .
8/14/1979 :Tu-Riyadh:1264 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30/79;BELINDA HERE.
          :Belinda arrived in Riyadh 1st time, via Dhahran: touchdown at
          :11:15pm. Staying at Ron Silsby's home.
8/15/1979 :We-Riyadh:1265 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30/79;BELINDA HERE.
          :Slept at 5am.  Drove Belinda to Al Draiah and the Wadi.
          :Then I tested her math and hurt her feelings, ME THE BIG IDIOT,
          :when she was in perfect mood upon arrival.  Had dinner at the
8/16/1979 :Th-Riyadh:1266 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30/79;BELINDA HERE.
          :Drive Belinda to my Main Camp Site and stayed there
          :about 2.5 hours.  Then, I tested her vocabulary and math; went
          :to a Chinese restaurant in the eve and shopped.
          :Meanwhile, I am reaching all sorts of resolutions about her.
8/17/1979 :Fr-Riyadh:1267 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30/79;BELINDA HERE.
          :Took Belinda to Al-Heir and the Wadi; took photos.  Ate at the
          :M”venpick restaurant.
8/18/1979 :Sa-Riyadh:1268 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30/79;BELINDA HERE.
          :My passport is ready for the trip; worked on the
          :Manpower study (my 5th Assignment).  Came home at 10:30am; took
          :Belinda to the north of the sand dunes, also camels, etc.  She
          :Liked it.  I let her drive for about 10km; got stuck in sand.
          :Had dinner at the Chinese restaurant.  Tomorrow I will take her
          :to Al-Sharq Hotel; I don't want her alone at home.  We played
8/19/1979 :Su-Riyadh:1269 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30/79;BELINDA HERE.
          :Got another $1,020.91 check from IRS, cancelling all of the
          :tax I paid in 1978, nearly $400 from 1977.
          :US Ambassador to UN, ANDREW YOUNG, resigned for having had
          :unauthorized talks with a PLO official.
          :President CARTER suggested decontrol of oil prices in USA.
          :Israel is bombing Lebanon.
          :The Suzuki stopped; looked serious, but was easily fixed: lucky!
8/20/1979 :Mo-Riyadh:1270 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30-8/21/79 =23 days.
          :Submitted my Manpower Study and introduced BELINDA to SALAMAH;
          :she thanked him for her education at Grier.
8/21/1979 :Tu-Riyadh:1271 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's >7/30-8/21/79 =23 days.
          :RIYADH (since 8/14) -> ISTANBUL (to 8/30)
          :The flight was listed at 11:05am, it took off at 9:20am.
          :BELINDA and I made it by pure luck, by coming to the airport "a
          :little" early.  We barely made it to the plane; the plane
          :waiting for us on the runway.  However, by getting on the plane
          :this way, we saved fees for considerable excess baggage.
8/23/1979 :Th-Riyadh:1273 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/Belinda, in Istanbul 8/21-30.
          :A stormy day: took BELINDA to Istanbul, Hilton, Karak”y, Sankt
          :George, Galata tower, just like Gayle, also a Pisces, 6 years
          :8/26/Su: saw Semra; read the long letter she wrote but not sent
          :to me.
8/27/1979 :Mo-Riyadh:1277 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/Belinda, in Istanbul 8/21-30.
          :While driving to Istanbul with Semra and Mother, a woman ran in
          :front of me.  I hit her, but after hard break.  She was mildly
          :hurt; I took her with us to the hospital.
          :When we came home, Father acted up again, in his God-like
          :demeanor, saying nonsense like how even before I left he had
          :expected an accident . . .
          :Astrology of a "Lucky" Accident (see 8/28/79 too).
          :MO:19LIB48 SU: 3VIR09 ME:17LEO28 VE: 3VIR33 MR:12CAN03 JU:23LEO01
          :ST:15VIR26 UR:17SCO21 NP:17SAG44 PL:17LIB25 NN:8VIR37
          :1. Uranus is square both my Moon and my Mars in Leo, which does
          :mark this cycle as erratic, nervous, unstable, accident-prone.
          :2. The Sun is in exact square to my Uranus in Gemini.  The fact
          :that Venus is conjunct the Sun may have helped me and the woman.
8/28/1979 :Tu-Riyadh:1278 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/Belinda, in Istanbul 8/21-30.
          :Finished loading my stuff from S.Arabia into the empty closets
          :in the attic.
          :Received from IRS $3009 for 1977.  In other words, with all the
          :refunds, I paid only $1,252, instead of the original $7,129:46.
          :Had a big fight with Parents for interfering with Belinda.
          :Cousin Zeki's daughter Sezen, Belinda's friend, witnessed it.
          :I spent the night at the HILTON.
8/29/1979 :We-Riyadh:1279 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/Belinda, in Istanbul 8/21-30.
          :Visited cousins G�lden and Ayhan.
          :8/30/Th: Belinda left for USA.  Except for the fight at home--
          :for Parents interfering between Belinda and me--Belinda's trip
          :was successful, given the volatile cycle I am under, not to
          :mention the pressure of 1280 days in S.Arabia.
          :Istanbul -> Jiddah -> Riyadh.
          :Thinking of resigning, perhaps to get a higher salary.
9/1/1979  :Sa-Riyadh:1282 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79;GYPSY AGAIN.
          :Mailed letter and book report (THE PEARL) to Belinda; feeling
          :bad about Mother, angry at Father about the fight in Istanbul on
          :SABIC announced that I am leaving for a meeting in Europe for
          :5 days or so on 10/21.
9/2/1979  :Su-Riyadh:1283 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.SALARY.
          :Submitted to SABIC my request for remuneration package at noon;
          :seems all OK by 3:15pm.  I am pursuing the matter . . .
          :Sent Parents photos from Ron's house, including 2 with fossils.
          :9/4/Tu: sent letters to Ken, G�lhis, Anne; finished extra things
          :about SABIC.
          :9/5/We: salary discussions with Salamah today; I was so so.
9/6/1979  :Th-Riyadh:1287 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.SALARY Cont.
          :Ed Parker is in town; played bridge, talked.
          :Cut the back of the passenger seat in the Suzuki to make room
          :for my legs (to sleep).  Finished reading "THE HONORABLE
          :SCHOOLBOY."  Sent more photos to Istanbul.
          :9/7/Fr: Played bridge with Ed and Gerald; then Ed and I went to
          :the M”venpick restaurant; left at 7:30pm for a bath in desert.
9/8/1979  :Sa-Riyadh:1289 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.SALARY Cont.
          :Reviewing Chem Systems Computer Report (Project-5). Submitted
          :my report about it the next day.
          :Feeling hyper/vital since I returned from trip on 8/30; sex is
          :so so; sociable; health OK, secure & stable.
          :9/10/Mo: Has been 28 days since my letter to Ken; no response!
9/12/1979 :We-Riyadh:1293 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.REFERENCES.
          :Talked to Ed Parker about the VS&V affair in DC, my employer.
          :He said take out the pages 6 and 7 of my resume.
          :Asked for references from Salamah, Jalal, and Ron for my file.
          :Ron his wife Jill and I went to the Marriot for dinner: nice.
          :Sleeping very nicely, since I rearranged Jeep's insides on 9/6.
9/13/1979 :Th-Riyadh:1294 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.WVU Update
          :Called Ken 10:09 to 10:32am and apologized about my firm
          :demands; our talk mollified me. Mailed Jalal's reference to WVU
          :Played bridge with Gerald, Ed, and Razik in the afternoon.
          :The police turned on the spotlight on me in the desert at 3am.
9/14/1979 :Fr-Riyadh:1295 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.ManPower-2...
          :Visited Russell & Sheila for about 3.5 hours: nice.
          :Feel stable and sharp.
          :Mailed Salamah and Ron's references to my file at WVU; also
          :mailed "DESIDERATA" to Belinda.
          :Working on Part 2 of the Manpower Study; submitted on 9/18/Tu.
9/18/1979 :Tu-Riyadh:1299 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.OPEC STUDY-2
          :Arranging my trip in the fall.
          :9/20/Th: Started my paper for the AEC conference: my OPEC PAPER.
          :9/21/Fr: Finished review of OPEC commitments to 3rd World.
          :I finished the substance of the works by 9/27; appendices left.
9/28/1979 :Fr-Riyadh:1309 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.RON-BIRDS...
          :Accompanied Ron & Jill to bird watching.  She is writing a book:
          :"BIRDS of SAUDI ARABIA."  Drove to Wadi Hanifah today.  Nice,
          :but I got stuck briefly; then the spare tire fell off.
          :The real problems started at 6:30pm: I got stuck in the sand
          :4 or 5 times for about 4 hours.  The brakes are completely gone;
          :spent the night in front of the CASINO, the open-air restaurant
          :Adel and I used to frequent in the early days . . .
          :Astrology of "Accidents." (9/28-29)
          :MO:3CAP00  SU: 5LIB16 ME:17LIB18 VE:14LIB33 MR:2LEO27 JU:29LEO55
          :ST:19VIR33 UR:18SCO38 NP:17SAG58 PL:18LIB36 NN:6VIR53
          :1. Uranus has just started to square my Mars at 19 Leo 31;
          :Saturn has just started to square my Venus at 20 Gemini 57.
          :Jupiter is entering Leo today.  These CANNOT account for a
          :short-term accident-prone cycle alone, but the umbrella is set.
          :2. Mars and Mercury seem to be OK for now, but the Sun and Moon
          :are square, and while the Moon opposes my 3 planets in Cancer,
          :the Sun has just passed the square to my Mercury at 4 Cancer 12,
          :heading for a square to my Jupiter at 8 Cancer 1.
9/29/1979 :Sa-Riyadh:1310 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.GOAL MET.
          :JUPITER enters VIRGO - final until 10/27/1980.
          :My Solar  3rd House (from 0 Cancer) of Mental State of Mind
          :My Natal  9th House of Distant affairs, higher education.
          :Riyadh    8         of Sex, Forced Changes, etc.
          : Later    9th House of Distant affairs, higher education.
          :I am 37, single, living in Saudi Arabia, working for SABIC.
          :After yesterday's brief accident-prone cycle, I washed my hair
          :at a gas station and cleaned the Jeep.  The brakes and the spare
          :tire have to be fixed next.  (My home, after all!)
9/30/1979 :Su-Riyadh:1311 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.GOAL MET.
          :On 1/1/1975 (in USA), I had dreamed to earn $100,000
          :"Drop-Dead" liquid assets, corresponding to about $137,135 as of
          :9/30/79.  Indeed, I have $143,758.
          :Submitted my OPEC Study to SABIC for review.
          :Sep. 79 was a stable, purposeful, and healthy month . . .
10/1/1979 :Mo-Riyadh:1312 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79.GOAL MET.
          :MAIL: Started new mail count since 8/31. As of 9/30, sent Mother
          :7 packages, G�lhis 4, Judy 3, Belinda 5, Ken 1.  On 9/4: got my
          :ECONOMIST diary; 9/12: wrote to Arthur D. Little, sent Jalal's
          :reference to WVU; 9/15/Sa: SABIC & RON references to WVU, sent
          :Belinda copy of Desiderata.
10/2/1979 :Tu-Riyadh:1313 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79/"MY RIGHTS"
          :After eating cheese cake last night, had diarrhea all night.
          :Also worked on my OPEC Study; SABIC Contract is outstanding...
          :Wrote a nasty long letter to JUDY today, for always asking money
          :also responding to "MY RIGHTS" with Belinda that she dictated to
          :me, mentioning Belinda's origins.  BELINDA got hold of this
          :letter later . . .
10/3/1979 :We-Riyadh:1314 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79/CONTRACT
          :SABIC seems willing to approve my request entirely:
          :SR 15,000/mo + benefits + conference + Belinda School/Trip +
          :Calls to USA + pension.  CONGRATULATIONS SIRMAN.
10/4/1979 :Th-Riyadh:1315 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79/PRINCE FAHD?
          :Thinking of sending a copy of my paper to the Crown Prince Fahd;
          :Ibrahim both amused and overwhelmed.
          :10/5/Sa: My ticket for the Fall Trip, Riyadh -> Istanbul ->
          :Zurich -> Istanbul -> Riyadh, is authorized too.  Fine!
10/9/1979 :Tu-Riyadh:1320 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79/PRINCE FAHD?
          :A small crisis: Saad told me of 5% cut in salary for
          :my pension.  Indeed, the Saudis love these types of games with
          :the expatriates who work for them directly.  I resolved the
          :matter by noon: I will pay my IRA.
10/10/1979:We-Riyadh:1321 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79/BONUS PAY
          :Got a check for SR 37,800.
          :10/11/Th: Reading "DRY GUILLOTINE," similar to PAPILLON.
          :The gas line clogged, my breaks on the Jeep are gone.  Got them
          :fixed on 10/13 for SR 360.
          :Oct. 79 is as stable and purposeful as Sep. 79; have $157,221.32
10/11/1979:Th-Riyadh:1322 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79\MAIL
          :MAIL: Started new mail count since 8/31. Leaving for my Latin
          :trip on 10/16; so finished mail by 10/14. Mail to G�lhis, Ken,
          :Patrice, Deutsche Bank DM 13,800 more, Belinda 2.  10/13/Sa:
          :to WVU checking on my last 3 references from 9/12 & 9/15.
10/13/1979:Sa-Riyadh:1324 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >8/30/79
          :Slept at the Al-Sharq parking lot last night: not very
          :comfortable.  Got the front end of Suzuki fixed for SR 360.
          :Interesting realization:
          :The month of Oct. has generally coincided with a long trip:
          :1976: The 58-day trip to Europe and Africa.
          :1978: The Saudi Fund/SABIC Transition Trip.
          :1979: The coming (on 10/18) 46-day Trip.
          :1980: Leave Saudi Arabia on 10/6 (which I do not know yet).
          :All is ready.  Since I will attend a conference with the DOW
          :CHEMICAL people in Zurich, my ticket is also paid by SABIC.
10/16/1979:Tu-Riyadh:1327 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN TRIP: 10/16-11/29
          :Slept at Al-Sharq hotel on the night of the 15th; left Riyadh at
          :5:40am, arrived in ISTANBUL at 10:55am.  Picked up the keys from
          :Uncle Sabri and came home.  Began packing my big suitcase with
          :all my clothes.  Heard Semra's voice next door at 8:30pm, but I
          :am not in a romantic mood.
10/17/1979:We-Riyadh:1328 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29.MUNICH
          :Left Istanbul at 8:20am; in MUNICH at 8:40am (1 hour).
          :Checked in Hotel Platz at Marienplatz.
          :10/18/Th: took a tour of Schloss Neuschwanstein.
          :10/19/Fr: took a city tour; went to the movies: "Apocalypse
          :Now," a Bruce Lee film, and "The Moonraker."
10/20/1979:Sa-Riyadh:1331 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29.ZURICH/DOW.
          :Left Munich at 10:15am; in ZURICH at 11:15am.
          :10/21/Su: Abdullah and I took a city tour, walked a lot, rode
          :the tram, saw a French movie.
          :10/22/Mo: Dow Chemical Meeting until 10/24.
          :Last day of SABIC contract; the rest is my trip.
10/25/1979:Th-Riyadh:1336 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29.USA
          :Left Zurich at 12:20pm; in NY at 3:15pm; in Columbus at 8pm.
          :10/26/Fr: Columbus 5:15pm -> Pitt -> Altoona 7:30pm.
          :Belinda and I stayed at the Sheraton.  Plated BLACKJACK.
          :Realized that Belinda does not feel close to me: thanks Judy!
          :So I just support her . . .
10/27/1979:Sa-Riyadh:1338 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29.USA
          :Altoona 4:15pm -> Pitt -> Morgantown 6:45pm, to 10/29.
          :10/29/Mo: Very nice day: had my teeth cleaned and then had my
          :Rabies, Typhoid and Cholera shots at WVU.
          :Then: Morgantown -> Pitt -> Columbus.
          :STOCK MARKET CRASH exactly 50 years ago . . .
10/30/1979:Tu-Riyadh:1341 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29.COLUMBUS
          :In Columbus: G�lhis' paintings were approved at the Gallery 200;
          :I must have brought her luck.  Mailed 2 copies of my OPEC Study
          :to the Library of Congress.  Then: Columbus -> SAN DIEGO.
10/31/1979:We-Riyadh:1342 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29.SAN DIEGO
          :Met Ken's friend MIG; she is also our accountant on
          :partnership matters.
          :11/1/Th: Ibash wants to maintain his balance in the partnership;
          :he does not wish to contribute to the expenses.  How neat!
11/2/1979 :Fr-Riyadh:1344 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29.SAN DIEGO
          :I understand all the bad vibes in Riyadh now: the
          :partnership accounts are in a mess . . .
          :11/3/Sa: Stayed up all night last night straightening accounts.
          :By the next day, I had a formula for true partnership shares.
11/5/1979 :Mo-Riyadh:1347dys/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29.SD:10/30-11/8
          :Belinda announced that she wants to quit the Grier School.
          :11/6/Tu: Went to the San Diego ZOO with Rolf.
          :11/7/We: Now that I have resolved partnership matters, I am
          :having a wonderful time in SAN DIEGO.
          :Mrs. CARTER is off to Thailand & Cambodia on refugee issues;
          :Ted KENNEDY declared his candidacy; IRAN is holding American
          :Embassy people hostage; Russian leader KOSYGIN is dead...
11/8/1979 :Th-Riyadh:1350 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29.OH/FLORIDA
          :San Diego 7am -> LA -> Indianapolis -> Columbus 4:14pm.
          :11/9/Fr: Columbus 9:35am -> Tampa -> SARASOTA 4pm: FLORENCE.
          :Helped Florence with a bad investment; talked about all: nice.
          :11/10: Sarasota 2:50pm -> MIAMI 4pm.  Stayed at the Intern.
          :Hotel at the airport; purchased a CRAIG electronic translator.
          :The LATIN Trip begins tomorrow.
11/11/1979:Su-Riyadh:1353 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29/P.O.SPAIN
          :Miami 4:30pm -> (1 hr delay) -> Port of SPAIN 8:45pm.
          :Lost my ticket last night at the duty-free shop.  Found it after
          :some panic.  The Craig Electronic Translator I bought yesterday
          :came with the wrong battery and adopter.
11/12/1979:Mo-Riyadh:1354 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29/CAYENNE
          :Trinidad -> Georgetown GUYANA -> Paramaribo SURINAM
          :-> Cayenne FRENCH GUINEA (Rochambeau Airport) 9:10pm, to 11/15.
          :The day began with a confusion about my itinerary; supposedly
          :my flight did not exist; it did.
          :Checked in Hotel Montabo the best in Cayenne, but it was full.
          :The driver brought me to a hotel by a Chinese name. Got Shelltox
          :and sprayed my room; went out.
          :Joined 3 black guys (American, Haitian, Guyanan) to a place
          :called Lokfa Ketta Hotel, a whorehouse.
11/13/1979:Tu-Riyadh:1355 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29/CAYENNE
          :In Cayenne 11/12-15.  Went to the hotel/whorehouse Lokfa again;
          :met a beautiful girl from Santo DOMINGO, arranged for her to
          :come to my room.  Outside the bar, had a KNIFE FIGHT with one of
          :2 guys who liked her too; police whistle interrupted it. . .
11/14/1979:We-Riyadh:1356 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29/CAYENNE
          :Took a trip to the jungle, the river, the falls...
          :A Haitian by the name of IVES came with me.  We took a bath in
          :the falls, stark naked.  (Have a photo of it.)  Had a skirmish
          :with the guide.
          :IVES St. Hubert P.au.P,Haiti,W.I.2-3797(Cric Crac Cine)Carrefour
11/15/1979:Th-Riyadh:1357 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29/CAYENNE
          :Early morn: to DEVIL'S ISLAND.  (I had read PAPILLON on
          :9/24/1974 and had promised to myself that I would visit . . .)
          :Took a walk to PLACE DE PALMISTES and stayed there until the
          :eve.  At 5pm, had a skirmish with another large black guy.
          :9:30pm, Cayenne -> PARAMARIBO (Zandary Airport)
11/16/1979:Fr-Riyadh:1358 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29/PARAMARIBO
          :Arrived last night and checked in the Continental Hotel, a dump.
          :Today checked out from there and checked in Krasnapolsky Hotel.
          :Did not like Surinam; too much slum, odd people, though Victoria
          :Gardens is fine for getting women.  $=1.77 Sf (Surinam Guilders)
          :11/17/Sa: left on a tour of Amerindian Village.  Met 2 Dutch
          :girls.  They attacked USA; I defended it.
11/18/1979:Su-Riyadh:1360 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29/GUYANA
          :Paramaribo 7:20am -> Georgetown 8:40am (1/2Hr:Timehri Airport)
          :$=2.52 G$.  Checked in the Pegasus Hotel, like a US Country
          :Club.  Indeed American Embassy personnel were at the pool.
11/19/1979:Mo-Riyadh:1361 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29/GUYANA
          :Took a walk from Pegasus along the main Blvd.  Lovely
          :wood Victorian Houses, painted in beautiful pastel colors,
          :most of them embassies.  A tree top captivated me and I took a
          :beautiful photo of it.                        Tomorrow Trinidad.
11/20/1979:Tu-Riyadh:1362 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN:10/16-11/29/TRINIDAD
          :Georgetown -> -1hr -> Trinidad.
          :11/21/We: Trinidad -> Tobago -> Trinidad (30 min)
          :I am not in an adventurous mood, I decided.  Cayenne was nice.
          :Tomorrow Miami.
11/22/1979:Th-Riyadh:1364 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN TRIP:10/16-11/29/MIAMI
          :In Miami, Thanksgiving.  Met a French artist at the dining room
          :of the Airport Hotel; we had a turkey.  Then I watched "Colombo"
          :on TV.
          :Called the International Hotel in NY, then Kenneth, then
          :Patrice.  Asked Nicole to give $280 to her sister for me.
          :As for Ken, he lost his job and is disturbed.  I decide to keep
          :my share to 20% in the partnership.            Tomorrow Orlando.
11/23/1979:Fr-Riyadh:1365 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN TRIP:10/16-11/29/USA
          :In Orlando.  Went to the Sea World: nice.
          :11/24/Sa: Went to Disneyland: nice.
          :Orlando 4:15pm -> 5:35 Atlanta 6:59 -> Columbus 8:20pm.
          :Belinda in Columbus.  G�lhis, Mike, Belinda and me went to the
          :Polynesian restaurant.                              Tomorrow NY.
11/26/1979:Mo-Riyadh:1368 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN TRIP:10/16-11/29/USA
          :Belinda returned to school.
          :Columbus 1:15pm  -> Pitt -> NY 10:30pm.
          :Met a Pat at the hotel; took her to my room; was wild . . .
11/27/1979:Tu-Riyadh:1369 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN TRIP:10/16-11/29/USA
          :Walked a large portion of Manhattan.  Took the sub to
          :Mt. Sinai hospital, for vaccinations.  Then to 428 W72nd St., 
          :the Guggenheim Clinic for Hepatitis shots (every 6 months),
          :Rabies (#2), Typhoid, Polio (5 years), and Tetanus (10 years).
          :9pm left for Zurich.
11/28/1979:We-Riyadh:1370 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/LATIN TRIP:10/16-11/29/TURKEY
          :The Pope arrives in Ankara; tomorrow in Istanbul.
          :11/29/Th: Istanbul -> Tabuk -> Jiddah -> Riyadh.
          :this 46-day trip is over; the next on 2/7/80, Conference in the
          :Bahamas.  1st night in the Suzuki.
11/30/1979:Fr-Riyadh:1372 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >11/28/79.
          :After I returned from the 46-day Latin trip, I spent one night
          :in the desert, slept at Osman Hotel Friday night. Felt tense all
          :day today, like a prisoner returning after a furlough . . .
12/1/1979 :Sa-Riyadh:1373 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >11/28/79.NEW CONTRACT
          :Starting my 1st day under the new contract year for SABIC.
          :I have $148,707.94 liquid assets, $11,583.87 above goal.
          :In 1978/79, my income, in salary alone, was $73,207.82, about
          :1/3rd of the total remuneration.
          :Wrote 2 letters, one to Ken , one to Ibash on partnership stuff;
          :began reading H. Kissinger's "THE WHITE HOUSE YEARS."
12/2/1979 :Su-Riyadh:1374 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >11/28/79.
          :Wrote AEC Conference-related mail to Belinda, G�lhis, the hotel
          :in Orlando, etc., for 67 days later . . .
12/5/1979 :We-Riyadh:1377 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >11/28/79.
          :Updated personal papers and data.  Ed Parker is in town
          :since yesterday.  IRAN holding American hostages since about
          :11/1/79, when there was also an uprising in MECCA.  These are
          :a bit unstable times . . .
12/7/1979 :Fr-Riyadh:1379 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >11/28/79.SUZUKI-2
          :Seriously considering buying a new JEEP, now that the winter is
          :there.  This is my home after all and I want a sedan this time,
          :one that is warmer than my wide-open Suzuki which now runs like
          :a cement mixer.
12/10/1979:Mo-Riyadh:1382 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >11/28/79.SUZUKI-2
          :At 12noon, I purchased my SUZUKI-2 Jeep for SR 12,300;
          :picked up my Jeep at 6:30pm on 12/12/We.  So in 1979, I spent
          :86 nights in my old SUZY . . .
12/13/1979:Th-Riyadh:1385 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY >11/28/79.1st DAY SUZY2
          :Preparing a CLASS for Financial Analysis for SABIC interns from
          :Ed Parker and I are spending lots of time together since he
          :arrived in Riyadh on 12/1: nice.
          :Spent my 1st night in Suzuki-2, the 13/14th night: nice, warm.
12/15/1979:Sa-Riyadh:1387 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY>11/28/79/CLASS to 12/31
          :Police woke me up at 3am at my camp site, 2nd night in SUZY-2.
          :Submitted my report on SABIC's computer program for project
          :Began my SEMINAR on Financial Analysis to SABIC Interns,
          :graduates of the Univ.of Petroleum, until 12/31.
          :Today's lecture = 2 hours 16 min: very good.
12/16/1979:Su-Riyadh:1388 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY>11/28/79/My CLASS>12/15
          :Got 25 HP-41 calculators for the SABIC Interns in my class.
          :Covered the windshield of my Suzuki-2 with tinted Polaroid film.
          :Slept at Al-Sharq Hotel last night; in a couple of days RON has
          :offered me his home again: nice.
          :4 Americans were killed in Turkey today.
          :The 1st VERY COLD night in the desert: winter has started . . .
12/19/1979:We-Riyadh:1391 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/GYPSY>11/28-12/20/CLASS>12/15
          :My friends Ed Parker and Gerald Shenagher are leaving today,
          :RON tomorrow.  (I will have his house.)  Worried about the
          :police waking me up in the desert at 3am on 12/15, I have been
          :sleeping at the Al-Sharq parking lot.  Like it and safer too...
12/21/1979:Fr-Riyadh:1393 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's>12/21/79/My CLASS>12/15
          :Ron & Jill have left; this will be my 1st night at his place.
          :Last night, the police woke me up TWICE at my camping site in
          :front of the Marriot.  Decided to look for a cheap room . . .
12/22/1979:Sa-Riyadh:1394 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's>12/21/79/My CLASS>12/15
          :Washed SUZY-1 1st time in 4 years; looks nice.  Now I
          :will furnish it.  (I have been keeping it in Al-Sharq parking
          :lot while I use SUZY-2.)
          :Completed 1 week of SABIC seminar: excellent.
12/23/1979:Su-Riyadh:1395 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's>12/21/79/My CLASS>12/15
          :Mailed the beautiful "A Tree in Guyana" photo I had taken on
          :11/18 in Georgetown with "Merry Christmas and a Happy 1980" to
          :Mother, G�lhis, Belinda, Gayle, Pincus, Ken, Mig.
12/24/1979:Mo-Riyadh:1396 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's>12/21/79/My CLASS>12/15
          :NATO approved the placement of US missiles on its
          :property in Europe; the hostage situation in IRAN is the same
          :since 11/1; Carter's rating has improved; Ted Kennedy is down.
          :Saw a rental room for SR 10,000: a dump; the Jeep is better...
12/25/1979:Tu-Riyadh:1397 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's>12/21/79/My CLASS>12/15
          :Spent the Thanksgiving with Russell & Sheila.  She asked me for
          :a book on Financial Analysis, which gave me the impetus to
          :review my seminar notes for such a book in mind . . .
12/28/1979:Fr-Riyadh:1400 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's>12/21/79/My CLASS>12/15
          :AMIN of Afghanistan was executed today; the RUSSIANS moved into
          :that country: Russia's Vietnam begins . . .
12/29/1979:Sa-Riyadh:1401days/SABIC>12/2/78                People thru 1979
          :Femsi: 239 Kaopua Loop, Town, Hawaii 96789   (1979)
          :John Hennigan:2600 S.16th St.#691,Arlington,VA 22204703-979-0776
          :Mig Carlson: 1828 Diamond St., SD, CA 92109         714-272-3318
          :Patrice Flesh:Box198 RFD3,Trapelo Rd.LincolnMA01773 617-259-8592
          :Patrice Flesh:73 Felch Rd.,Natick,Mass.01760 (1979) 617-655-1408
          :Sandra Mascioni: Neugasse 56, 8005 Zurich            01 42 36 32 
          :Sandra Mascioni:Kiddy Corner,Au Passage 7500 St.Moritz 082-32513
12/30/1979:Su-Riyadh:1402 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's>12/21/79/SEMINAR ENDS.
          :8 to 11am, gave the final exam on my seminar; 3pm turned the
          :grades; 3:30pm the seminar finished, giving myself A+.
          :I distributed copies of the final exam in-house to let the
          :management appreciate the substance of the seminar.  Indeed they
          :were so much that Salamah agreed to grant certificate of seminar
12/31/1979:Mo-Riyadh:1403 Days/SABIC >12/2/78/RON's>12/21/79-1/1/80.
          :Since June 1, 1979, this year has been purposeful, rewarding,
          :adventurous and stable.
          :Completed 10 nights at Ron's place.
          :Liquid Assets: $163,787, up $65,222.39 from 12/31/1978.
          :Astrology of a fine Year.
          :MO:9GEM50  SU:8CAP42 ME:26SAG26 VE:10AQU10 MR:13VIR48 JU:10VIR13
          :ST:26VIR59 UR:24SCO00 NP:20SAG53 PL:21LIB36 NN:1VIR57
          :1. Pluto has just passed trine to my Venus at 20 Gemini 57,
          :BUT it is now forming square my Sun at 22 Cancer 31.  So while
          :the latter half of 1979 was very nice, sometime in 1980 I will
          :face an "Endings and Beginnings" turn of cycles.  I did!
          :2. Neptune was also supportive passing trine my Mars at 10Leo31.
          :HOWEVER, it too will turn against me by forming an opposition
          :to my Venus in Gemini.
          :3. Uranus has just passes trine my Sun, while Saturn is about
          :to form conjunction to my Neptune at 27 Virgo 28, finely
          :blending effort to imagination, but under the umbrella of
          :adverse Pluto and Neptune.
          :4. As for prosperity, Jupiter has just passed sextile my Mercury
          :and Jupiter in Cancer.  Since it will be in Cancer for a while,
          :eventually forming sextile my Sun in Cancer, it will counter
          :some of the oncoming adversity by Pluto & Neptune . . .
1/1/1980  :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC/SEMINAR GRADES\RON's.  On 12/30, I had
          :finished my SEMINAR on Financial Analysis to SABIC interns.
          :I issued NEW seminar grades today, revising the ones from 12/30.
          :On 3/29/1979, my report to SABIC had made me to the top
          :analytical expert in-house; this seminar was so successful that
          :it became the icing on the cake.  However, on 12/30, I was
          :too conservative with the grading; had not curved them.
          :I feel restless since last night's Full Moon.
          :1/2/We: completed 11 nights at Ron Silsby's place; starting to
          :sleep in my new SUZUKI Jeep.
1/3/1980  :Th-Riyadh/SABIC\HP-41C.  Purchased a HP-41C hand
          :calculator/computer, at 52% markup.
          :1/4/Fr: Buried in HP-41C, like the "packing" feature that
          :reduces program size.
1/5/1980  :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC\HP-C41.  Began programming my SABIC seminar.
          :SABIC dining room opened today 1st time.  The food is equivalent
          :to about a 40SR meal outside...
          :1/6/Su-Signed seminar certificates for SABIC interns; extended
          :my residency in Riyadh for 2 more years.
1/9/1980  :We-Riyadh/SABIC.  Indira Ghandi is back in power in India; the
          :Soviets are still in Afghanistan, US hostages in Iran; since
          :1/2, ominous news about Turkey's situation.
          :1/10/Th: SABIC decided to panel the walls of my office, perhaps
          :in appreciation of the excellent seminar.
1/11/1980 :Fr-Riyadh/SABIC.   Finished 8-card "My Assets" and a 1.5-card
          :"Arabic" programs on the HP-41C, now the biorhythm program.
          :1/12/Sa-attended the 1st day of World Bank seminar; I think I
          :captured the attention.  Gerald (Jerry) is back from his 3-week
          :leave in Ireland.
1/13/1980 :Su-Riyadh/SABIC. Belinda is back to Grier School after Christmas
          :Applied for economic conference exit.  1/14/M: NICK, the fucked
          :up intern from USC almost got it from me for his remark that
          :English is not my native language, what would I know... Attended
          :the World Bank party at the Palace Hotel at 8pm.
1/15/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC.  SABIC approved HP-41C purchase at 10am, my
          :conference leave at noon.
          :1/19/Sa-Slept at the Sharq Hotel last night.  Got paid SR4,209
          :for the HP-41C calculator. 1/21/M: Still working on my Financial
          :Analysis program; will need Ron's help with Price Derivations...
1/25/1980 :Fr-Riyadh/SABIC.  The Turkish Lira was devalued to $=70TL today.
          :1/26/Sa: Played nice foursome bridge with Gerald, Osama, Rene.
          :I have been lucky with cards for about a week.
1/27/1980 :Su-Riyadh/SABIC.  Feeling pretty good and smart, like last year.
          :My SALARY was increased to SR19,000/mo in Sep. but I am again
          :dissatisfied; I deserve more and considering possibilities with
          :Redec, China, Singapore.
          :1/28/M: Ken called at 10:30am; had a nice chat, feeling good...
          :2/1/Sa: Almost finalized the 1979 taxes: about $2,500, but 1980
          :looks worse...  May have to buy another property, in Sarasota or
          :with Ken.
2/7/1980  :Th-Riyadh to the Bahamas, 2/7-21: Atlantic Economic Conference.
          :6:10 am, Riyadh to Jiddah; 8:45am to Istanbul; 12:48pm arrived
          :in Istanbul. 2/8/F: 11am, PanAm 110 to Rome; arrived there at
          :2:40pm (less 2 hours).  1:15pm, left Rome for NY; in NY 4:15pm
          :(6 hour diff.)  5:45pm, left New York to Columbus, OH.  2/9/Sa:
          :Talked to MARY Hennigan for the 1st time and liked her tone. 
          :Wanted to fly to Cincinnati, but no flights then and not enough
          :time.  So I sent her a telegram and a dozen red roses.  2/10/Su:    
          :8:15am, left Columbus for Tampa, then Miami (1st time in 1979),
          :then to Freeport, Bahamas.
2/11/1980 :Mo-Riyadh to the Bahamas, 2/7-21: Atlantic Economic Conference.
          :In FREEPORT.  Although the conference and my paper went well, I
          :felt out of my element socially.  Met my econ instructor/friend
          :Susan Reid.  Chaired session Protectionism.  (Nobel Laureate
          :James E. Mead attended too.)  2/14/Th: presented my paper "The
          :Impact of 1974 OPEC Oil Price Increase on Developing Countries
          :in 1975."  8:10pm, left for Miami, then Orlando to meet Belinda.
          :She is arriving at 9:05pm.
2/15/1980 :Fr-Riyadh to the Bahamas, 2/7-21: Atlantic Economic Conference.
          :ORLANDO/Belinda.  Took Belinda to Disneyland, played BLACKJACK,
          :etc.  2/16/Sa: Took Belinda to the Circus World. had a joint
          :photo taken, as old "WANTED" posters in the West.
          :Talked to Ken about a PROPERTY in La Jolla--for which I suffered
          :much later.
2/17/1980 :Su-Riyadh to the Bahamas, 2/7-21: Atlantic Economic Conference.
          :ORLANDO to Riyadh. On my way to Columbus, I mailed my study to
          :the CIA from Miami Airport, and got myself in trouble a few
          :months later in Riyadh, with Chris Smith, the CIA agent there.
          :In Columbus, Gigi took the photo of me with Cavit in his crib...
2/19/1980 :Tu-Returning from the conference in the Bahamas.
          :Flight from Columbus to Pittsburgh to New York to Istanbul.
          :2/20/W: Belinda is 13 years old; US decided to boycott
          :the Olympic Games in Moscow.  2/21/Th: Istanbul to Riyadh, via
          :Beirut and Jiddah.  Yugoslavia's TITO is very ill.
2/22/1980 :Fr-Riyadh/SABIC/NORA\OLYMPICS.  Ed Parker is in town as also
          :Gerald's wife NORA; met her today.
          :2/24/Su: Winter Olympics over: Eric Heiden won 5 gold medals in
          :speed skating; US Ice HOCKEY team beat the Russians.  Listened
          :to these results on the Voice of America, on my way from the
          :desert at 6am.  2/24 marks the end of my 4th Year in Riyadh...
2/26/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC\NORA.  Not feeling well, showing this socially.
          :2/27/W: Met Gerald's wife Nora alone in the lobby at Al Sharq
          :Hotel; had a wonderful chat on one-to-one basis, much better
          :than yesterday...
          :Feb. was not a good month: sexually not potent, socially
          :"handicapped . . ."
3/1/1980  :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC\MARY. Received a nice poem from Mary Hennigan re
          :the date we missed and the roses I had sent to her on 2/10. Her
          :note improved my mood immensely, as she did until I left Riyadh.
          :3/2/Su: A letter from Mother asking me to come home on the next
          :leave.  Began sending MARY Hennigan a flood of cards until 4/10.
3/3/1980  :Mo-Riyadh/SABIC/LA JOLLA. Wrote a nice letter to Ken about
          :buying me a property in La Jolla--though not the one he did:
          :this is how I ended up living there from 4/1/82 to 7/13/85.
3/8/1980  :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC/BELINDA?.  Belinda begins her spring holiday at
          :the Grier School.  I was planning to take her with me around the
          :world, or Australia, but then discarded the idea.  She will be
          :better off with the family...
3/12/1980 :We-Riyadh/SABIC\BEARD.  Took Suzuki-2 for 1600km checkup;
          :started to grow a BEARD, to see how it looks on me--terrible.
3/13/1980 :Th-Riyadh/SABIC\NORA.  Took Gerald and Nora--I met her on 2/21--
          :to the big dunes and took photos.
          :In the eve, I took a book to Sheila and helped Russell with
          :taxes vs. investment property.
3/14/1980 :Fr-Riyadh/SABIC\MALARIA?  Again I am under the spell of the
          :mysterious ILLNESS that came to me once a year in Riyadh. I felt
          :very weak and suspected what was coming.  Stayed at the Sharq
          :Hotel tonight.
          :3/15/Sa: feel very weak; 3/16/Su: took sick leave from work
          :until 3/20/Th, when Nora left at 2am for Ireland.
3/21/1980 :Fr-Riyadh/SABIC.  My illness from 3/14 is over; feel better.
          :Nora left this morn.  I am a little dismayed with Belinda
          :for not sending even a card.
3/22/1980 :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC/DOW>3/22-24.  Dow Chemical project presentation.
          :3/22/Su: took the Dow Chemical people for a ride on the dunes,
          :returned thru one of the worst sand storms on the way back.
          :3/25/Tu: again I am tired of Riyadh, would like Jiddah . . .
3/27/1980 :Th-Riyadh/SABIC/NERUDA.  Began sending poems by Pablo Neruda to
          :all around. (Girlfriend Jules Marquart had introduced me to his
          :works in Ann Arbor late in 1975.)  Feeling energetic but bored.
          :3/29/Sa: Started with programming on my HP-41C again...
          :4/1/Tu: Exxon is here on the SAUDEX joint venture, for a
          :presentation on the LDPE technology.
4/2/1980  :We-Riyadh/SABIC/RON.  Ron Sylsby is unexpectedly leaving for
          :Abha; I have his home for 4 days. Nice.
          :Completed the flood of accumulated mail. My Cholera shot is due.
          :4/3/Th: The Dollar is appreciating: now $=1.9760 DM.  4/7/M:
          :For the whole year, I have had an obsession about sending cards
          :to Mary Hennigan; mailed the last one (?) today.
4/8/1980  :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC\IRAN/OLYMPICS.  Working on SABIC Financial
          :Program, Price Projections.
          :President Carter broke ties with IRAN, decided firmly to boycott
          :the Olympic games in Moscow.
4/10/1980 :Th-Riyadh/SABIC\W.SMITH.  Reading WILBUR SMITH's Sean Courtney
          :books, 3 of them.  Fine!
          :For 10 days, my mind was elsewhere; now it is back.
          :4/11/F: Thinking of traveling with Belinda in Europe.
4/12/1980 :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC\Belinda.Trip.  Financial Program, still working
          :on Price Projections; finished ethylene prices.
          :Initiated BELINDA's trip to Riyadh, from there to Cairo, etc and
          :Europe...  I must have sent a card, etc. every 2 days for her 1st
          :year at the Grier School . . .
4/14/1980 :Mo-Riyadh/SABIC\ADEL. Found out that ADEL, my 1st real friend in
          :S.Arabia, is now representing his old firm in Las Palmas in
          :Grand Canaries.  Talking about luck; too bad that we separated
          :no longer friends, both of our faults.
4/15/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC\CIA>4/15-5/26. 2:20pm, received a card from
          :CHRIS SMITH, the CIA representative in Riyadh. This
          :marks the beginning of a trying period for me, until I found a
          :way of getting rid of him.  In the end, I lost my job on
          :account of his stupidity, or it was time to leave anyway...
          :(I had predicated this by sending to the CIA copy of my research
          :paper in the Bahamas from Miami on 2/17/80.)
          :Astrology 4/16/80.
          :MO: 8TAU03 SU:26ARI10 ME: 1ARI56 VE:11GEM31 MR:26LEO25 JU:0VIR25
          :ST:21VIR18 UR:24SCO41 NP:22SAG33 PL:20LIB14 NN:26LEO17
          :1. Pluto (retro) has just passed a square to my Sun: endings!
          :2. Saturn retro is in a T-square to my Venus, to Neptune.
          :3. Jupiter has just entered my 9th Natal House of long journeys.
          :4. Uranus and Node are about the form a square
4/16/1980 :We-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\SADAT. Jean Paul SARTRE, French
          :philosopher who wrote about being and nothingness, who declined
          :the Nobel Price in 1957, died today.
          :Tito of Yugoslavia is still very ill.
          :SADAT and BEGIN are in USA to iron out Palestinian autonomy
          :before the 5/26 deadline--the date the pressure by CIA ended...
4/17/1980 :Th-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\ZIMBABWE. Rhodesia became Zimbabwe
          :at 12mn 17/18th.
          :Ken called: I am now officially a property owner in La Jolla,CA.
          :I had 1st thought about this on 1/25, initiated it on 2/15.
4/18/1980 :Fr-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\RUSSELL.  Spent the morn with
          :Russell & Sheila, then drove alone to the desert, around
          :Al-Heir, in the eve again to Russells' for dinner.
          :Read "Death of a Princess."
4/19/1980 :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\BELINDA.  Called Belinda at Grier.
          :Nice.  Sent letters to Cairo, Athens, Rome for the trip with her
          :in the summer.
          :4/20/Su: At work, I am in high gear.
          :4/22/Tu: Belinda's visa for the summer is ready.
4/22/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\NewCAMP.  Decided on a new CAMP
          :SITE in the desert, under a small tree: more convenient, nicer.
          :My health is good/very good, mind is potent, sexually OK, though
          :not potent.
4/24/1980 :Th-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\IranRESCUE.  Heard on BBC at
          :6:30pm: Americans attempted a rescue in IRAN, but failed, also
          :losing 2 planes & 8 marines when they collided.
4/28/1980 :Mo-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\KISSINGER.  After the failed
          :rescue attempt in Iran 4/24, CYRUS VANCE resigned as Secretary
          :of State today.
          :I am reading Kissinger's "The White House Years."
4/29/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\RON. Alfred HICKOCK died at age 80
          :Queen JULIANA of the Netherlands abdicated.
          :I am still working on the PRICE program (since 1/21 or so).
          :4/30/W: RON offered me his home for 2 days, tonight and next...
5/2/1980  :Fr-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\ICA.  I like my connection to the
          :ICA, the Intern. Communications Agency, watching movies there
          :with Americans: today "Norma Rae" and the "Flying Nun."
5/4/1980  :Su-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\P.NERUDA.  Mailed the 5th and last
          :Pablo Neruda poem to everyone--as I have doing since about 3/2.
          :Still working on the Price and my Assets programs, but getting
          :tired of them.
5/5/1980  :Mo-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\SABIC DOCs/PingPONG/TITO.  After
          :lunch, I have been playing too much ping pong in the game room;
          :it does not look professional . . .
          :There are other negative vibes: Mohammed MADI asked me to ask
          :Salamah before I took something from the office.
          :TITO of Yugoslavia died today.
5/6/1980  :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA.  Urge to apply for jobs in USA, starting
          :with SRI. (I got Leslie Carmichael's address from Ron Sylsby; he
          :became my boss on 6/29/81...)  5/7/W: The urge to make something
          :of myself in USA is very strong...  Wrote a 4-page outline to
          :Belinda discussing our trip in the summer.
5/10/1980 :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA.  Concentration is down. I am daydreaming of
          :something major in the works.  5/11/Su: Have been getting up at
          :1am, to drive to Zahret Al Sharq hotel lobby, to sit at the
          :round table at the entrance (in front of the counter), to drink
          :NESCAFE and to read the WHITE HOUSE YEARS, also contemplating my
          :own book (which I finished on 1/20/96 in Miami Beach)...
5/13/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\CIA MEETINGs. 3pm meeting with the
          :CIA representative.
          :5/18/Su: Submitted my resume to Chris, but I am cautious about
          :supplying the data Chris Smith wants; I do not want to sell out
          :the Saudis . . .
          :Got myself 3 SAFARI outfits at the Intercontinental...
5/21/1980 :We-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA.  Finished a study with dummy variables for
          :the CIA's Chris Smith.  The bastard is pressuring me; I don't
          :want to sell out the Saudis...
5/23/1980 :Fr-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\KEN/HARES\FRANZ. Took Ken & Hares,
          :the 2 USC interns and my friends, to my new camp site, to spend
          :the night there.
          :Meanwhile, I had invested 8,000 SR with Franz in a business
          :venture.  Saw our common friend Mohammed today.  He said that
          :Franz had cheated me of about 8,000 SR from profits, though he
          :had given me back my original 8,000 SR.
          :5/24/Sa: placed an official request today for the trip with
          :Belinda; it was granted.
5/25/1980 :Su-Riyadh/SABIC/CIA>4/15-5/26\MEETINGs.  Meeting with Chris of
          :CIA tonight.  Instead of giving the bastard false info, to get
          :rid of him, I wrote an "unstable" letter as to what I expected
          :from the CIA when I joined them in USA.  The idea was to convey
          :to Chris Smith that he had an unstable person on his hands who
          :could jeopardize his position: i.e., stop contacting me.
          :5/26/Mo: Chris Smith did not show up for our meeting: GOOD!
5/27/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC\RON.  Ed Parker is in town; good.
          :5/28/W: Ron Sylsby and his wife, my close British friends, are
          :leaving Riyadh for good.
          :I had also joined them in the desert and various wadis (canyons,
          :etc. ) while his wife wrote the book about "The Birds of Saudi
          :Arabia," while Ron took photos.
          :5/30/Fr: Played bridge for 12 hours; also working on formula
          :prices on the SHELL joint venture.
6/3/1980  :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC.  Mailed 2 job letters, one to Australia, the
          :other to East-West Center.  6/4/W: SAMIR put me in charge of the
          :SPDC project.  This is unbelievable honor, for no expatriate is
          :in charge of projects.  Working on SHELL formula prices.  My
          :RABIES shot is due.  6/7/Sa: Meeting with SHELL on Formula
          :Prices.  Very very busy these days.
6/8/1980  :Su-Riyadh/SABIC.  SABIC Product Prices done, now Revenues.
          :Ed Parker may be quitting his job in USA and joining the Ports
          :Authority here.
          :Meanwhile, because I am in charge of one project and the
          :analysis of SPDC project and several others, I am tied down,
          :while PIE and SADIQ, who are working on less important matters,
          :are traveling; I am not.
6/9/1980  :Mo-Riyadh/SABIC.  Big BOO BOO: while sitting at lunch with Ken,
          :Hares, and Jack, I told them a shocking lie about how I poured
          :gasoline on a mouse and threw it to a neighbor's terrace, where
          :the Saudis usually sleep at night.  Some Saudis heard this and
          :did not like it.
6/10/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC\SaudiCITIZEN?.  Ed Parker is leaving today; Jack
          :invited me for dinner.
          :Then at lunch something amazing happened: JARBU asked me why I
          :did not become a SAUDI CITIZEN.  He is not a casual Saudi; this
          :is an unofficial invitation...
6/11/1980 :We-Riyadh/SABIC.  Sometimes I feel a strong urge to leave S.
          :Arabia, like today.
          :6/12/Th: Finished the Revenue Program, now the Cost Program.
          :Spent the night with Hares & Ken at my camp site.
6/14/1980 :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC.  Meeting with the World Bank on Project
          :Evaluation Guidelines.  I feel somewhat irritable. . .
          :6/15/Su: Although I want to leave S. Arabia, I want to stay too.
          :Had a talk about this with Salamah.
          :6/16/M: Called Ken: he will mail me photos of my new property in
          :La Jolla.
6/17/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC.  Went to the Intercontinental with Ken, Hares,
          :and a Mike Hamilton.  We met 4 American girls there.  Nice.  I
          :slept at Ken's place at night.
6/18/1980 :We-Riyadh/SABIC.   Belinda called: she wants to go back to Grier
          :On impulse, while preparing job letters, also decided to prepare
          :a LETTER OF RESIGNATION to SABIC, perhaps to get a salary
          :increase. . .
6/19/1980 :Th-Riyadh/SABIC/DOCs=X Files.  Then I got into an argument with
          :our doorman/guard about copying so many documents.
          :MY HOROSCOPE SAID: You are in an optimistic frame of mind.  But
          :you could alienate others if you get too cocky. Avoid indiscrete
          :attachments and clandestine involvements (re: CIA)"  WOW!
          :6/21/Sa: Riyadh/SABIC.  Feel heavy. 8:45am, I was summoned by
          :Ibrahim: I was good, but be careful...
6/23/1980 :Mo-Riyadh/SABIC/JAPAN. Trip to JAPAN, 7/3-10, announced today.
          :I am to instruct Mitsubishi staff about our project evaluation
          :methodology.  Meanwhile, I am copying all documents that I may
          :use later in USA, my so-called X-FILES.
6/24/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC/TEL\IDRIS. The TELEPHONE EPISODE. Called Judy 26
          :min. early in the morn, before anyone was at work.  The
          :doorman/guard said I talked for 45 minutes. Stupid me, I argued.
6/25/1980 :We-Riyadh/SABIC/IDRIS.  After yesterday's quarrel with the
          :doorman, at 2:30pm, IDRIS called and tried to embarrass me in
          :public about my telephone calls.
          :At night, dinner at the Marriot with Ken, Hares, and Jacob
6/26/1980 :Th-Riyadh/SABIC/SAMIR.  I feel disconcerted about IDRIS
          :yesterday and am thinking of ways of rescuing my ego.  6/28/Sa:
          :At the end of the day, Ibrahim was waiting for me at the steps.
          :He asked me if I wanted to talk about something, meaning Idris
          :incident, perhaps as an oblique apology.
          :SAMIR was impressed with me, the way I computed gas wellhead
          :charge immediately in my head.  (I was too.)
6/29/1980 :Su-Riyadh/SABIC/SR 22,000.  I wonder, do mega-vitamins increase
          :one's IQ, or just using one's head?
          :6/30/M: Told Abdallah that I want SR 22,000/mo to stay.
7/2/1980  :We-SABIC,Dhahran,Singapore; Tokyo to 7/11. Feel guilty about
          :the X-FILES, copies of SABIC projects, with me.  Thinking I may
          :need them in USA, I want to mail it to Ken from Japan...
7/3/1980  :Th-SABIC,Dhahran,Singapore;Tokyo to 7/11. Glad to be on the wing
          :again.  At 9pm (SA time), I was getting drunk on Singapore
          :Airlines, celebrating the trip, thinking about my loneliness...
7/4/1980  :Fr-SABIC/in Singapore to 7/6; Tokyo to 7/11.  Walked all over to
          :enjoy the city. 7/6/Su: to Tokyo. Watched Bjorn Borg win his 5th
          :Wimbledon against John McEnroe; Chris Everet lost. Walked around
          :my hotel (Dai-Ichi) in GINZA.
7/7/1980  :Mo-SABIC/Singapore to Tokyo 7/3-11.  First meeting with the
          :Mitsubishi people.  I was good.  Then I mailed the X-FILES
          :package, copies of SABIC projects, to Ken.  Was apprehensive
          :about it. In the evening, Fukagawa and friends took me to an
          :all-Japanese night; I may have committed a few boo boos.
7/8/1980  :Tu-SABIC/Singapore to Tokyo 7/3-11.   Official meeting with
          :Mitsubishi.  Watched Sumo wrestling and again walked around in
          :Ginza in the eve.  7/9/W: Official meeting #2: again I was very
          :good.  In the evening, Mr. Thago and others were our host.  I
          :may have behaved a bit inconsiderately with the Saudi co-worker.
7/10/1980 :Th-SABIC/Tokyo, Return: 7/3-11. Flight Tokyo to Taipei, HongKong
          :Singapore.  Spent the night there.  7/11/Fr: Singapore, to
          :Dhahran, to Riyadh.  I loved this trip, but it also activated my
          :gypsy genes.  Now I cannot decide to stay/leave in S. Arabia.
7/15/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC/My 13880th birthday.  I had a $711 trouble with
          :Kanoo Travel agency about making hotel reservations by telex--re
          :my trip with Belinda coming soon.  Received SR 6,000 from SABIC
          :for my trip to Tokyo 7/3-11. May have been conservative,cheating
          :myself of SR 750 to 1,500.
7/16/1980 :We-Riyadh/SABIC/BELINDA.  Belinda is leaving USA for Istanbul
          :7/17/Th: After my trip to Tokyo on 7/2-11, I have a strong urge
          :to find a job in Japan.
          :Meanwhile I am still making lots of copies of SABIC documents,
          :just in case I can use them in USA, if I return...
7/19/1980 :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC/REAGAN.  1st day of Moscow Olympics.
          :The Republican Convention in Detroit nominated REAGAN.
          :I am preoccupied with Japan; want a job there.
7/20/1980 :Su-Riyadh/SABIC/OsmanHOTEL. Very hot last couple of days,
          :decided to check in the OSMAN Hotel until 7/24/Th.
          :Meanwhile, I am working on my 3rd letter to SABIC, deciding my
          :salary, though I have mixed feelings about SABIC, S.Arabia.
7/21/1980 :Mo-Riyadh/SABIC/JAPAN.  SABIC wants to keep me, but it is too
          :lonely here for a single guy.  I want Japan, but cannot decide
          :how I should contact SHUDO, the big Mitsubishi wheel I met in
          :Tokyo on 7/3-11.
          :Met the Japanese delegation on the SPDC project; I am in charge.
          :7/23/W: Feeling paranoid: talked on the phone to Ken about the
          :package I had sent to him from Japan on 7/7/80.
7/24/1980 :Th-Riyadh/Belinda, to 8/10. Missed the 10:55am flight to Jiddah;
          :made the 2:15 to 4pm flight. Then came a telegram from Istanbul:
          :Belinda missed the plane.  I waited for her at the Sheraton,
          :having labor pains.  PETER SELLERS died.
7/25/1980 :Fr-Riyadh/Belinda, to 8/10.  Was told that Belinda's plane is
          :going to Riyadh, not coming to Jiddah.  Called my co-worker Jack
          :and asked him to pick up Belinda, while I found a way back to
          :Riyadh. She arrived there at 6:20pm; I got there later and got
          :Rm. 623 at the PALACE Hotel.
          :7/26/Sa: The SHAH of IRAN died today.
7/27/1980 :Su-Riyadh/Belinda: 7/25-8/10.  Belinda/I checked in the new
          :hotel.  While I worked, Belinda stayed at Zahret Al Sharq hotel
          :lobby.  Ken & Hares were excellent friends/hosts.  We stayed
          :there until 7/30; Belinda & I played BLACKJACK at nights.
7/30/1980 :We-Belinda:Riyadh,Cairo: 7/25-8/10.  Arrived in Cairo smoothly;
          :checked in Mena House, Rm.170.  Belinda was excellent with the
          :horse and camel; fantastic photos in GIZA desert with the
          :Pyramids in the background.
          :That night, a dance company from USA entertained us at the pool.
7/31/1980 :Th-Belinda:Riyadh,Cairo: 7/25-8/10.   Attended the Sound & Light
          :show at the Pyramids, then SAHARA CITY for old-Egyptian
          :8/1/F-night: saw a famous Egyptian belly dancer at the Sharaton.
8/2/1980  :Sa-Belinda:Riyadh,Cairo,Athens: 7/25-8/10.  7:20am, left Cairo
          :for Athens; checked in Athen's Gate Hotel.
          :8/3/Su: climbed the 2 hills during the day.  Met Andy/Laurie:
          :together we went to a Greek restaurant in Plaka; then, Belinda
          :and the kids went to a disco, came back drunk.
8/4/1980  :Mo-Belinda:Riyadh,Athens: 7/25-8/10.  Took a bus ride to Delphi
          :with Andy and the group; spent the eve at a Greek restaurant.
          :8/5/Tu:boat ride to Aegina, Hydra, and Poros.  Stayed at the
          :hotel in the eve.
8/6/1980  :We-Belinda:Riyadh,Cairo,Athens,Italy: 7/25-8/10.  Checked in at
          :Hotel Accademia near the Fountain of Tivoli, Spanish Steps; took
          :a walk around them.  8/7/Th: to Pompei, Napoli, Sorrento. Stayed
          :at Europa Palace, swam. Met JANIS HARMON (Pisces) in the morn.
          :Slapped Belinda for flirting with waiter; buggy ride in the eve.
8/8/1980  :Fr-Belinda:Riyadh,Cairo,Athens,Italy: 7/25-8/10.  On our return
          :trip to Rome, stopped in Napoli for a trip to CAPRI, walking all
          :over the "other side" of the island.  Also visited the Blue
          :Grotto. In the eve, back in Rome, at Hotel Nationale. Took Janis
          :and Belinda to a restaurant.
8/9/1980  :Sa-Belinda:Riyadh,Cairo,Athens,Rome: 7/25-8/10.  Our last full
          :day in Rome: took a tour of the city.
          :Called G�lhis: the metal box I had mailed from Riyadh on 7/29
          :has arrived.
          :Belinda's flight to USA is very early the next morn.  So we
          :stayed at the airport: she slept on a bed of bags.
          :8/10/Su: Belinda to USA; I to Istanbul.
          :Spent $3,044 in 18 days, $169/day.
8/10/1980 :Su-Riyadh:in Istanbul/Parents, after Belinda Trip: 7/25-8/10,
          :I came to Istanbul until 8/15.
          :8/12/Tu: 4:30 to 10am, went to fishing with Father; really nice.
          :Semra's parents invited us for dinner in the eve.
          :8/13/W: to Semra's again in the eve.
8/14/1980 :Th-Riyadh:in Istanbul/Parents\SEMRA->USA.  SEMRA & her family
          :have decided to move to USA.
          :We spent 20 min. together in the afternoon; there seems to be a
          :wall between us.
          :8/15/F: Returned to Riyadh.
8/16/1980 :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC.  Returned from the trip with Belinda 7/25-9/10;
          :from Istanbul 8/10-15.  Feel dare-devil: either the Saudis will
          :pay me lots more, or I want to leave: diminishing returns are
          :setting in.  I want to be in USA, preferably in a job in Japan.
          :Submitted a contract proposal to SABIC today for SR 22,000/mo;
          :it was rejected.
8/17/1980 :Su-Riyadh/SABIC.  Began to update my REFERENCE FILE at WVU,
          :which I mailed on 8/18/M.
          :8/19/Tu: mailed job letters to Japan.
          :8/20/W: job letter to PAPUA, 2nd.  Decided, as a last goodwill
          :gesture, to accept SR 20,000/mo from SABIC, plus the SR 15,000
          :8/21/Th: Ed Parker in town for 2 weeks; helped him with a new
          :job with Ports Authority.
8/27/1980 :We-Riyadh/SABIC/to BURAYDAH, with Ed, Ken, Hares; almost got
          :into a fight with Hares for talking anti-American, I the blind
          :fool . . .  Watched the "River on River Kwai" after we returned.
8/30/1980 :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices.  The new SABIC bldg. is ready; I
          :have selected a very nice spot for myself, with a view too.
          :Moved permanently on 9/4.  Ed Parker invited me for dinner to
          :the Marriot and also talked me into allowing Belinda to cont.
          :horseback riding.
9/1/1980  :Mo-Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices.  I am working hard on my Financial
          :Analysis program on HP-41C (which became my La Jolla (name)
          :program on Apple-II after 4/1/82).
          :9/3/W: Sorted out photos from the trip with Belinda 7/25-8/10.
9/4/1980  :Th-Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices.  Finished moving to my new SABIC
          :9/5/Fr: sticking to my guns about my request with SABIC: SR
          :20,000/mo + SR 15,000 bonus, as minimum. OR it is time to leave.
9/8/1980  :Mo-Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices.  1st indication that SABIC will NOT
          :accept my terms, not because I am unreasonable, but because I am
          :demanding it, something the Saudis abhor to give into.
          :World Bank's Brian Smith is in town to prepare the computer
          :program for my SPDC project.
9/10/1980 :We-Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices/SUZY-I.  Stayed at Ken's place,
          :until 9/12.
          :9/11/Th: Sold my 1st SUZUKI Jeep for SR 1,200, my best friend
          :since March 1976, after 68,670 km and 1625 days . . .
9/13/1980 :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices/TURKEY.  Coup in Turkey; General
          :Kenan EVREN is on top.
          :9/17/W: it appears that SABIC has accepted my departure date on
          :10/7.  Sent 2 more job letters: 1 to a petrochemical firm in
          :England, 1 to Abu Dhabi.
          :9/18/Th: Posted an ad for my 2nd SUZUKI.
9/19/1980 :Fr-Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices.  Everything is progressing smoothly
          :I feel suppressed elation, but for the X-FILES, copies of SABIC
          :papers, I have in my possession.  This is causing me lots of
          :inner discomfort.  7:45am came to see RUSSELL/Sheila to see if
          :he can help me to transfer those files.  He said he will help,
          :but I have to wait until 9/24/W.
9/20/1980 :Sa-Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices.  I am also thinking about jobs
          :in Turkey, though not sure.
          :Al-Zamel is back from his leave; my Oct. 7 departure date seems
          :firm.  Meanwhile, the Japanese are here on the SPDC project.
9/21/1980 :Su-Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices/Hotel.OSMAN.  Decided to check in
          :OSMAN Hotel until 9/24/W, when I will take my box of X-FILES,
          :copies of SABIC papers. (I am very uncomfortable with it...)
          :This hotel has served as my sanctuary, when I was ill too . . .
          :IRAQ/IRAN WAR begins, and I am done in Saudi Arabia, leaving
          :on 10/6. . .
          :SATURN enters LIBRA permanently on 9/21/80, to 11/29/1982.
          :LIBRA is my Solar  4th House of Domestic Adj., Private Fears
          :............Natal 10th House of Direction in Life
          :USA East 12th/1st Houses of Blending Past/Present, Acclimation
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :LIBRA, it is SQUARE to my 3 planets in Cancer: Mercury, Jupiter,
          :Sun, BUT TRINE to my 3 planets in Gemini: Uranus, Saturn, and
          :Venus, AND SEXTILE to my 3 planets in Leo: Pluto, Moon/Mars.
          :For me, this cycle marked literally a new incarnation.  Getting
          :reacclimated to the USA, deciding what I would do with my
          :freedom and independence.  I let karma and circumstances point
          :the path.  The Solar 4th House was obviously involved in this,
          :especially in view of the fact that I lived at various addresses
          :after I returned.  AND the 10th House was obviously also in my   
          :struggles to find a path.
          :Note that Pluto AND Saturn were both Square to my Sun from mid-
          :1980 on and off to about mid-1982; they were both directing me
          :to new UNCHARTED paths.  Indeed by June 1981, I had sent 215
          :job letters, without anything materializing.  My daughter ran
          :away from her mother and was found 10 days later.  I invited
          :her to La Jolla.  She arrived on 6/28/82.  By the end of this
          :Saturn cycle things were not working between us. She returned
          :to her mother shortly thereafter.  It was as if the planets were
          :telling me: "enough of jobs, the conventional lifestyle; find a
          :new direction . . ."                           11/29/1982 Next!
          :Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices/Last 2 Weeks. 
9/23/1980 :Tu-Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices/Last 2 Weeks. While spending my last
          :days in Saudi Arabia, received a letter dated 9/23/80 from Edith
          :J.White, a lawyer: problems with the real estate partnership.
          :Ibrahim wants out, suing Ken/me. After I left S. Arabia, I spent
          :a month in San Diego preparing for the case: a summons
          :dated 10/27/80 had been served to us.  By then, Ibrahim was
          :being advised by a Rick Connolly, a fast talker.  On 2/9/81,
          :the partnership was dissolved, causing loss to all of us.
9/24/1980 :We-Riyadh/SABIC:New Offices/RUSSELL.  Came to Russell, but the
          :boxes of X-FILES I wanted to mail to USA were declined, because
          :it was sealed.  So I must take them myself.  Felt like hell
          :and decided to stay at Zahret Al-Sharq Hotel.
9/25/1980 :Th-Riyadh/SABIC/Al-Sharq/Last 2 Weeks. Staying at Al-Sharq Hotel
          :since yesterday. Unloaded all my stuff, prepared 2 envelopes for
          :Femsi and G�lhis with my X-FILES, copies of SABIC papers.
          :Sold SUZUKI-2 for SR 7,000 at 9:30am--with 11,489:50 km on it.
          :Had purchased it for SR 12,000.
          :Read the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS; I had seen the movie in Zurich in 78.
          :9/28/Su:Last day with the Japanese delegation on the SPDC case.
          :In the eve, to the Lebanese restaurant with Ken & Hares.
9/29/1980 :Mo-Riyadh/SABIC/Al-Sharq/Last Week.  2 letters from Belinda;
          :she got caught smoking at Grier School.
          :10/2/Th: Boxing: ALI lost to HOLMES.
          :10/4/Sa: Gerald took me to the Chinese rest.
          :10/5/Su: Ken, Hares, and Jack/wife invited me to the Lebanese
          :restaurant.  SABIC will pay all I am due, leaving tomorrow
          :after 1,683 days in Saudi Arabia; I am 13,963 days old.
10/5/1980 :We-Riyadh:1682d/Sabic:>12/2/1978      People in Riyadh thru 1980
          :SABIC, P.O.Box 5101,Riyadh.Tel:69700,69828 Telex:201177 SABIC SJ
          :US Liaison: 477-2534/2466     US Embassy (Jiddah)  54310/52188
          :Saudia: 33333   Suzuki: 20633      SFD: 36600   Frank:36600/73
          :Kanoo: 27132    WB-Michael Pearson:34522-3      Adel: 36600/56
          :Franz:464-1643  Russell/Sheila:966-1-477-4770-| Jerry:38800/315
          :Ron:   69029    Hugh Mars:64238/66456   24000-| Tony: 477-8887
          :Sadiq:966-1-478-4337  Jack:    966-1-478-4609   ICA:  402-3251
10/6/1980 :Mo-Last Day Riyadh/SABIC.  Leaving Riyadh after 1683 days, 12% of
          :my life (of 13,963 days).  Finished my work at SABIC at 10am,
          :then wanted to leave immediately instead of as scheduled at
          :12:30am on 10/7. Came to the airport and took the 12:30pm flight
          :to Dhahran, worrying about being arrested for carrying SABIC
          :papers with me (which I thought I could use in USA: I did not!).
          :The 9pm Turkish Airline flight was canceled; so I took the 12mn
          :Egypt Air to Cairo then 6:40am KLM flight to Istanbul. MADE IT.
          :MO:21VIR SU:14LIB ME:9SCO  VE:2VIR MR:26SCO JU:26VIR ST:2LIB
          :UR:23SCO NP:20SAG PL:21LIB NN:17LEO
          :1. Pluto, in my Natal 10th House, is Square my Sun at 22 Cancer,
          :hinting at endings/beginnings "career-wise."
          :2. Mercury, in Natal 11th of Hopes & Wishes, is Trine my Jupiter
          :at 8 Cancer, which does imply smooth sailing, except the fact
          :that Venus, in Natal 3rd of trips, is Square to my Uranus at 3
          :Gemini: hinting at some hardship getting out . . .
          :but partially compensated for by Jupiter, also in my 3rd,
          :Conjunct my Neptune at 27 Virgo, Saturn in 10th Trine my Uranus,
          :and Uranus, in 5th House Luck, Trine to my Sun.
          :3. Curious that Pluto has dominated in the end and I left . . .
10/7/1980 :Tu-Day 1:End of S. Arabia/Istanbul. Parents picked me up; I feel
          :really elated to be out of S.Arabia, though I will be always
          :grateful to that country.  Visited Uncle Sabri & family, then
          :Parent's cousin Orhan; met his older daughter ZERRIN, perhaps
          :the most attractive Celayir woman, in her early 20s.
10/8/1980 :We-Day 2: End of S. Arabia/Istanbul.  Came to the Anniversary
          :Party of Merzifon graduates: the junior high level American
          :missionary school in Merzifon, Turkey Mother attended from
          :1930 to 1935.  This turned out to be the last such party all
          :attended.  When we left, the girls all waved to us from the
          :balcony.  It left an imprint: for a moment I felt as if they
          :were still young and mischievous girls of the early 1930s.
10/9/1980 :Th-Day 3: End of S. Arabia/Istanbul. At noon came to our
          :cousin G�lden, stayed there to 9:30pm; then, we visited her
          :brother Tanju and mother Harbiye, also Mother's closest
          :childhood friend and cousin.  I am leaving to America next day.
10/10/1980:Fr-America: 2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia.  Left Istanbul at 8:15am;
          :left Rome at 12:30pm for NY; arrived in USA at 4:30pm. Belinda's
          :school at Grier has Parents' Day tomorrow, but I cannot make it.
          :Stayed at the International Hotel to await tomorrow's flight to
          :Columbus and G�lhis; arrived in Columbus on 10/11/Sa.  Stayed
          :with G�lhis until 10/16/Th; Parents arrived in Waynesburg on
10/15/1980:We-America: 2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia.   Organized my accounts
          :at the storage in Columbus.
          :Starting the year with $187,281 liquid assets, 176 lbs. Want to
          :disinvest myself of unnecessary belongings, etc., urged by a
          :metaphysical quest for simplicity and freedom.  I achieved
          :this in part by July 1981, again on 7/15/85, then end of 1996.
10/16/1980:Th-America: 2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia.  Parents arrived on 10/15;
          :I came from Columbus.  10/17/F: Drove to the Grier School to
          :visit Belinda.  Took her and her friend Alisa to a beauty place;
          :spent $240 on them, though Belinda made me feel like Sugar Daddy
          :10/18/Sa: Belinda was rude; I left at 7:50am for Waynesburg.
          :And I had an altercation with Judy (I believe on the phone).
          :10/20/M: Had my teeth cleaned at WVU.
10/22/1980:We-America: 2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia.  Left Waynesburg for
          :Columbus, on my way to San Diego on 10/24, to help Ken with
          :partnership problems with Ibash, 1st initiated on 9/23/80. Saw
          :eye doctor; wrote letters to SABIC's Ibrahim Salamah and cousin
          :G�lden's husband Ayhan, Judy (about tax matters over Belinda),
          :and Ken (for reference).  Also prepared papers for storage.
10/24/1980:Fr-America: 2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia/in San Diego to 11/25, to
          :help Ken with partnership problems with Ibash, 1st initiated on
          :9/23/80.  Until 10/29/W: I looked over partnership balances: a
          :mess, and did some of my finances.  10/28/Tu: Because I
          :complained about Pat Barnicoat's banking ways--she is Nanci's
          :boss/friend--Nanci told me to go to hell, when I am there to
          :help Ken avoid being sued by Ibash and rescue our investments.
          :Mailed my 1st official JOB letter: to Shudo (Mitsubishi), TOKYO.
10/27/1980:Mo-America: 2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia/in San Diego to 11/25
          :JUPITER enters LIBRA - final until 11/27/1981.
          :My Solar  4th House (from 0 Cancer) of Domestic Adj: -> USA
          :My Natal 10th       of Direction in Life
          :USA-East  1st       of Expansion, Freedom
10/29/1980:We-America:2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia/San Diego 10/24 to 11/25.
          :Helping Ken with partnership problems with Ibash, 1st initiated
          :on 9/23/80.  SUMMONS dated 10/27/80 arrived today. Ibrahim is
          :being advised by a Rick Connolly, a fast talking investment
          :counselor, and a lawyer.  The partnership accounts Ken kept are
          :in a mess.  Nevertheless, my job situation is also on my mind:
          :wrote my 2nd job letter today: to SRI in Menlo Park (after
          :yesterday's 1st letter to Tokyo).
11/3/1980 :Mo-America:2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia/San Diego 10/24 to 11/25.
          :Helping Ken with partnership problems with Ibash, 1st initiated
          :on 9/23/80, followed by SUMMONS received on 10/29/80.
          :PROJECT-1: I received notice (or a call) today notifying me that
          :the Chemical Bank in NY did not honor the $23,268 bank check I
          :had prepared while in S. Arabia on Oct 6.  (It did not have 2
          :signatures.)  This is a problem in the middle of another major
          :problem.  And there are other financial problems, like Father's
11/4/1980 :Tu-America:2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia/San Diego 10/24 to 11/25.
          :8:55am, I sent a Federal Express letter to Chemical Bank.  The
          :situation improved on 11/6/Th, resolved on 11/20/Th, but after
          :labor pains. . .
          :12 noon meeting with Gordon about my job situation.
          :7pm EST: President CARTER conceded elections to REAGAN.
          :Astrology, my financial mixups.
          :On 11/3: MO:18VIR SU:11SCO ME:12SCO  VE: 4LIB MR:16SAG  JU:1LIB
          :ST:5LIB  UR:25SCO NP:21SAG PL:22LIB  NN:16LEO
          :1. Pluto, in my Natal 10th House, is still Square my Sun at 22
          :Cancer, hinting at endings/beginnings "career-wise."
          :2. Neptune, in my Natal 12th house of "hidden/unusual" problems,
          :is Opposite (i.e., has obstacles) to my Venus at 21 Gemini.
          :3. Venus, in my Natal 10th, is conjunct to Saturn, both square
          :my Mercury at 4 Cancer.
          :4. The Node is on top on my Moon in Leo, both Trine to Mars.
          :This (presumably) is helping with the 3 aspects above.
          :On 11/20 (resolved): MO:26ARI SU:28SCO  ME:8SCO VE:25LIB
          :MR:28SAG  JU:4LIB  ST:7LIB UR:26SCO NP:22SAG PL:23LIB NN:15LEO
          :The only definitely positive aspect here is by Mercury: it is
          :in exact trine to my Jupiter (planet of finances) at 8 Cancer,
          :though transiting Jupiter is square my Mercury at 4 Cancer and
          :Saturn is Square my Jupiter.
          :I interpret the influence by Mercury as solution to one
          :(financial) problem, the latter two as the overall problem still
          :continuing: job, partnership, Father's pension, taxes, etc.
          :Indeed, other financial concerns continued to July 1981.
11/7/1980 :Fr-America:2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia/San Diego 10/24 to 11/25.
          :Helping Ken with partnership problems with Ibash, 1st initiated
          :on 9/23/80, followed by SUMMONS received on 10/29/80.
          :Anne (Mother) called: her dear cousin METIN died in Turkey.
          :11/8 to 11/14: I am busy reconstructing Ken's partnership
          :cash flow for the court date on 11/14.  We settled one part by
          :11/15, another on 11/20; I saved Ken's ass.
          :11/25/Tu: After a very arduous 1 month in San Diego, I returned
          :to Waynesburg to tackle other arduous problems/projects...
          :On 2/9/81: the partnership dissolved, causing a loss to all
          :of us.
11/25/1980:Tu-America:2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia/Post San Diego/Waynesburg.
          :Now I have to decide on several other financial,et al. problems:
          :My Job situation, Father's pension and investment at Equibank
          :and taxes, my taxes, property in Virginia, partnership
          :situation in La Jolla, investments in Germany, and Belinda.
          :11/27/Th: Spent the Thanksgiving at home with Parents, G�lhis,
          :Judy, her parents, Belinda.  Belinda left the next day.
11/28/1980:Fr-America:2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia/Post San Diego/Waynesburg.
          :I had obtained the address for SRI from Ron on 5/6/80 in Riyadh;
          :on 10/29/80, I had written to them from San Diego.  This eve, I
          :prepared a proposal for SRI which I finished at 5am on 12/1/M.
          :(I do not recall the details.) So after 1st job letter to Tokyo,
          :my 1st choice, SRI is my 2nd choice.
          :12/3/We: proposal to Standard Oil of CA in San Francisco.
          :12/5/Fr: proposal to Bank of America (also in SF).
12/8/1980 :Mo-America:2nd Advent/Post S.Arabia-San Diego/Waynesburg/SRI.
          :Called Dr. Kridl, a VP at SRI, to ask if the proposal I mailed
          :on 12/1 arrived.  (I said too many "Sir," which bothered me.)
          :Talked to Ken: now Ibash does not want to pay property tax on
          :partnership property.
          :JOHN LENNON was shot today (or the next day).
          :12/9/Tu: Called SRI again to ask if I should send copies of my
          :diplomas, etc.  (Then I was bothered for selling myself short.)
          :Feeling jittery.
12/10/1980:We-America:Post S.Arabia-San Diego/Waynesburg/SRI/Jobs/Finances.
          :Working on Father's taxes and pension.
          :12/13/Sa: Wall Street Journal Job Ads arrived.
          :12/14/Su: letter to ARCO; started a new set of letters.  Talked
          :to my friend ED PARKER from Saudi days.  He said he will help me
          :with Aramco.
          :12/15/M: letters to my 1st Saudi boss, Jalal, and 2nd, Al-Zamel.
12/16/1980:Tu-America:Post S.Arabia-San Diego/Waynesburg/SRI/Jobs/Equibank.
          :Resolved Father's pension problem, about a $25,825.56 CD
          :at Equibank in Pittsburgh.  They had warned Father that if
          :he withdrew it, the money would all go to taxes. Bull!
          :Sent letters to Bechtel (#6), and EAB (#7) . . . 113 of them
          :until June 1981, also using sources from the library of
          :Waynesburg College.
12/17/1980:We-America:Post S.Arabia-San Diego/Waynesburg/SRI/Jobs/Finances.
          :11am EST call from SRI; interview on 12/22/Mo.
          :Sent letter to Aramco (#8)
          :Cards to Jarbou, Ghulikah, Turki, Qurtas, Shaban, Madani; Gayle.
          :12/18/Th: Cards to Al-Magid, Russell, Shanagher;
          :12/20/Sa: Cards to Samir, Salamah, Madi, Naser, Nojeidi.
12/21/1980:Su-America:Post S.Arabia-San Diego/SRI/Interview in SF to 12/24.
          :Left Pitt at 11am; in Palo Alto at 1:40pm.
          :12/22/Mo: 1st day of SRI interview: good.
          :12/23/Tu: 2nd day of interview, ended at about noon. Left Ken &
          :Gordon as references.
          :Took a car trip around the Bay area: nice.
          :12/24/We: Back in Waynesburg; lots of snow on the ground: nice.
12/25/1980:Th-America:Post S.Arabia-San Diego/Waynesburg/SRI/Jobs/Finances.
          :12/26/F: Mailed expense report to SRI for $1,173.28.
          :12/27/Sa:Mailed proposal #2 to SRI - perhaps because we could
          :not agree on the salary.  Sent job letter (#9) to Getty Oil.
          :Got a letter from WVU, requesting payment on a $1,000 student
          :loan.  I knew of no such loan, but was not sure.  So I paid.
12/27/1980:Sa-Waynesburg/Parents.             Family and Personal thru 1980
          :Parents: 295 Bonar Ave., Waynesburg, PA 15370       412-627-6587
          :Parents, 1400 Grassy Sprain, Sarasota, FL 33580     813-355-6602
          :G�lhis, 685 Mistletoe St. Columbus, OH 43219        614-471-7147
          :Femsi, 2105 Juron Dr. Niagara Falls, NY 14304       716-297-7943
          :Belinda, The Grier School, Tyrone, PA 16686         814-684-9908
          :Ken/Nanci/Rolf,4730 Noyes St., SD, CA 92109         714-270-3910
          :Judy: Rt.10, Woodland Terr.111, Morgantown,WV 26506 304-292-3585
          :Florence E. Sutphin:4710 Winged Foot, Sarasota33580 813-365-1139
          :Quaiser,D.Bank,Verm”gensanlag.sk/o POB 2623 D6000 FaM1   0820936
          :Linda Lopez,VP,Citizens Western,Grand/Ingram,SD 92109 7142750911
          :Paul C.Watson/ Mark Anderson, Home Finders (1979)   703-790-1370
          :Paul C.Watson/ Mark Anderson, Home Finders          703-569-7220
12/28/1980:Su-Waynesburg/Parents.          Friends and Associates thru 1980
          :Ed Parker,2907 Lake Ave., Wilmette,IL 60091         312-251-7405
          :Ibrahim/Maria Poroy,160 Vicente,Berkeley, CA 94705      755-7626
          :Ken's parents:602-783-0587     Judy's parents:      814-944-9824
          :Mahsoon B. Jalal, 1432 Lady Bird Dr., McLean, VA 22101
          :Mary Hennigan, 3706 Michigan, Cincinnati,OH 45209   513-631-6536
          :Nicole/Franz/Kimberly/Courtney Zenz
          :                1859 Mass. Ave., McLean, VA 22101   703-532-8067
          :Rudolph Araktingi                                   801-943-8105
12/29/1980:Mo-Waynesburg/Parents.                          PEOPLE in Turkey
          :Parents, Mercan Yuvasi 167, Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey         1061
          :Call Tuzla to Istanbul: add 911
          :Emine:1167  K”fte:1274  Bakkal:1029  Oto:1307   Fevziye:65 34 30
          :Asuman: Paris Cad. 39-6, K.dere, Ankara                 26 64 75
          :G�lden/Ayhan/Kaan/Can:                       56 72 76/B:45-55-06
          :H�seyinI‡den:Bah‡eli Evler,Tandogan Meydani,BlockB A-1-213 67 07
          :Keriman/Osman/Hande/Dehan Yazici:Bagdat Cad,Santral Durak 266-12
          :                                 Kadik”y, Istanbul      58 41 20
          :Orhan: Adakale Sok. 61-8, Istanbul           21-25-06/B:17-70-03
          :Sabri Celayir,Toprak Sok. 56, Altunizade,Istanbul       33 01 57
          :Tanju/Hanife/Gamze/G”khan G�ven: Pazaryeri Sok. 15-5
          :     Kiztasi, Fatih              Home: 25 06 98  Busn.: 28 48 68
          :šlker Kabalak: 7 M�defaa Cad. #19, K.dere,Ankara        17 71 42
          :Zwart/Kurken/Ani Zadikyan:Kurtulus Cad. Shahin Apt.25-2
          :                                      Ferik”y, Istanbul 40 64 50
12/30/1980:Th-America:Post S.Arabia-San Diego/SRI/Sold my Home in VA.
          :As part of liquidating my assets, sold my 1st home at 122
          :Fenwick Ave, Falls Church, VA, I had purchased on 11/12/1978.
          :It was sold for $115,000 to my tenants.
12/31/1980:We-America:Post S.Arabia-San Diego/SRI/Belinda/to Columbus.
          :Belinda with us at Gigi's place in Columbus, OH. I hurt her
          :feelings trying to teach her geography.  Must have been
          :caused by all sorts of other pressure on me.  Michael also took
          :some artistic photos of her.
          :G�lhis & Mike, Belinda & I went to the Aegean Restaurant.
          :At night, Belinda suggested that the 2 of us play POKER.
1/1/1981  :Th-Columbus OH/G�lhis et al./Anne/Belinda.  Belinda and I drove
          :to Femsi's to Niagara Falls; on 1/4/Su we returned to Waynesburg
          :and took Mother to South Hills.
          :1/5/M: The 97th Congress in session.
          :1/6/Tu: Took Belinda to Morgantown.
1/8/1981  :Th-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. Took Belinda to WVU checkup; she is
          :OK. Mailed job letters 11 and 12.
1/10/1981 :Sa-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. Drove to Bridgeport, WV to see
          :girlfriend Sally Wyatt from 1965 or so: not there.
          :1/12/M: Standard Oil of CA (Job 3) out.  Mailed  applications to
          :NY, Arthur Young, Citicorp, Chase...  1/13/Tu: Sally called;
          :G�lhis/Mike/Cavit in until Friday...
1/14/1981 :We-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. Dental Appointment at WVU.
          :1/15/Th: X-Affair; was critical with Belinda, then on 1/16/F
          :with Mother for eating too excessively and gaining weight.
          :1/17/Sa: mailed Jobs 20-23.
1/19/1981 :Mo-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. SRI called and offered me a salary
          :in mid-20s; I declined.
          :1/20/Tu: At 12:33pm EST, IRAN released US hostages, 38 after
          :444 days.
          :1/21/W: President Reagan placed a hiring freeze on Govt. jobs.
          :1/23/F: Feeling pessimistic about job prospects.
1/26/1981 :Mo-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. Super Bowl 15: Raiders and Eagles.
          :Bechtel turned me down.
          :1/27/Tu: Root canal work « done.
          :1/28/W: Chase turned me down.
          :Reagan proposed decontrol of oil prices.  I am feeling jittery
          :(see Uranus on 2/17); do not know what to do with my
1/29/1981 :Th-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  To DC to finalize the paperwork
          :for the sale of my home (PROJECT-4) in Arlington (see 12/30/80).
          :Stayed with my agent Mark Anderson. The sale was final at 2pm on
          :1/30, after 746 days ownership.
          :Reagan canceled the Wage/Price Board.
          :Standard and Poors out.  Wrote 26 job letters in Jan., nothing
          :in sight.  January was a stable, active month.
2/2/1981  :Mo-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  Mailed job letters 37-42.
          :2/3/Tu: root canal work of 1/27 finished.
          :2/4/W: $23,600.11 check came from the sale of my home in VA.
          :Mailed Job letters 43-45.
          :2/5/Th:Aspen Inst. (#21) out.
          :2/6/F: Fluor (#13) out. Reagan=70.
2/8/1981  :Su-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  Nice talk with Parents about my
          :job situation.  Felt much better.  I do not need to work, but
          :cannot decide what to do with my freedom.
2/9/1981  :Mo-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  After 104 painful days, the (Real
          :Estate) Partnership court case was dropped today, PROJECT-5
          :resolved.  Nice snow outside . . .
          :Citicorp (#19) and Research Cottrell (#25) out.
          :I feel urge to write to my former Saudi colleague MADI (and
          :though I wrote a on 2/10, I did not mail it.)
          :G�lhis came to stay with us: good.
2/10/1981 :Tu-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  Finalized Parents' finances and
          :taxes for 1980, resolving PROJECT-6.
          :2/11/W: Did my 1980 taxes and mailed, resolving PROJECT-7.
          :Watched J. Steinbeck's "East of Eden."
2/12/1981 :Th-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. Mailed $175 for ICA Jobs Newsletter.
          :Initiated the resolution of PROJECT-8, selling my bonds at the
          :Deutsche Bank at face value DM 47,000.
          :2/13/F: Application to Chem Systems; ARCO (#5) and United CA
          :Bank (#34) out.
          :The Diamond St. escrow in San Diego closed, PROJECT-9 resolved.
          :2/14/Sa: A beautiful 55-deg weather outside...
          :2/16/M: Parents left to visit Femsi.
          :.....URANUS in Transition into Sagittarius until 3/21/1981.
          :.........It turns retro on 3/6/81, direct on 8/4/81.
          :URANUS enters SAGITTARIUS permanently on 11/16/81 until 2/15/88
          :SAGITTARIUS is my Solar  6th House (0 Cancer) of Jobs,Projects
          :..................Natal 12th House of Obstacles,Metaphysics
          :......... Location (CA)  3rd/4th of Trips,Teaching/Relocation.
          :Combine Uranus with Sagittarius and expect lots of movement:
          :1) I returned from Saudi Arabia on 10/7/1980, first to
          :Istanbul; Parents and I spent the winter 1980/81 in Waynesburg,
          :PA.  In June 1981, I had a job offer from Stanford and moved to
          :San Francisco.  The job bored me and I left in Sep. to La Jolla,
          :CA.  In Oct 81, I returned to PA to sell our home of 18 years on
          :10/21/81.  Parents and I spent the winter 1981/82 in Columbus,OH
          :near my sister, though I traveled to Toronto, Vancouver (BC),
          :San Francisco, and San Diego. In Feb. 1982, I flew to San Diego
          :to move into my home in La Jolla.  In Sep. 83, I moved to Marina
          :del Ray; on Apr. 1, 1984 back to La Jolla.  I left Calif. on   
          :7/15/85 and moved to NY.  On Oct. 27, 1985, I moved to WVU and
          :met Sharon on 11/11/85.  We moved to Washington, DC on 7/29/86.
          :All these do not include the more than a dozen trips to Europe.
          :The 4th Location House in California also reflects this.
          :2) As for the 6th Solar House of Jobs and Personal Projects, I
          :offered classes at UCLA, UCSD, SDSU, and Mesa & City Colleges
          :and the Navy, after having initiated also my software & research
          :in astrology. The Location (CA) 3rd House also reflects teaching
          :3) Since Sagittarius opposes my 3 planets (Uranus,Saturn,Venus)
          :in Gemini, the Natal (Equal) 12th House of Obstacles/Limitations
          :was to be expected.  I sent 215 job applications (6th House)
          :and except for Stanford nothing came through, which part of me
          :appreciated very much.  Since I did not need to work, I sent
          :applications only because I was used to working and did not
          :know what to do with my freedom at first.       2/15/1988 next!
2/18/1981 :We-Waynesburg/Parents.  Nice outside the last 3/4 days.
          :Mailed Jobs 60-65.
          :2/19/Th: Belinda called; she does not feel well.
          :2/20/F: Belinda=14.  Mailed $459 to TWA for the trip to
          :Frankfurt on 3/8.  TRW (#41) turned me down. Watched "My Foolish
          :Heart" with S. Hayworth, Dana Andrews: beautiful.
          :2/21/Sa: ALCON (#29) turned me down; mailed Jobs 66-68.
2/22/1981 :Su-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. Felt optimistic and sexually potent
          :during this month. Mailed Jobs 69,70.
          :2/23/M: So.Ohio (#38) and People's Energy Corp. (#48) out.  At
          :midnight, I felt the urge to mail SABIC material to CIA.
          :2/25/W: Western (#43), East-West (#67), and Mattel (#27) out.
2/27/1981 :Fr-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  Mailed $10,000 to the Fed.Res.Bank
          :in Pitt. for a 90-day Treasury bill.
          :Washington Analytical Center (#66) out.
          :2/28/Sa: Booz-Allen (#50) out.  Mother/I drove to G�lhis.
3/1/1981  :Su-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. Liquid Assets: $200,660.60.
          :3/2/M: Sun Petr.Products (#58) out; mailed IHRDC (Boston).
          :3/3/Tu: 11am 2nd interview with the East-West Group in Princeton
          :3/4/W: PA is 300 years old.
          :3/5/Th: Chase Interactive (#30), Technomics (#36), and Cripps
          :Sears (#52) out.
3/6/1981  :Fr-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. 1st IMF application out; mailed 2nd.
          :WALTER Kronkite's last night as anchorman.
          :Had an argument with Father, I took Mother's side.
          :Curiously, Cousin Saffet must have anticipated my flight to
          :Germany, for he called today; we talked after many years.
          :3/7/Sa: Mother broke my coffee pot.  Scallop Corp. out; mailed
          :Badler, Pims of SPI, and Cambridge letters.
          :TWA called: my flight to Germany switched to 3/9...
3/9/1981  :Su-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. To FRANKFURT to liquidate my bonds
          :at the Deutsche Bank by 3/15.
          :Stayed with Saffet in K”nigstein; met his wife Annemarie,
          :daughter Jale, and Annemarie's sister, Hiltruth, a Cancer. (She
          :committed suicide in Canada sometime in the 1990s.)
          :Meanwhile, in USA Aramco (#8), Skidmore College (#59), Getty Oil
          :(#9), Sohio (#69) are out.
3/10/1981 :Mo-In FRANKFURT>3/9-15.  Ordered the sale of bonds at a loss of
          :$5,100 from face value.
          :3/13/F: Got a check for $37,000, more to come, PROJECT-8 OK.
          :Annamarie, Jale, and I walked about 3 miles through the woods
          :and had a late lunch at a Gasthause.
3/15/1981 :Su-FRANKFURT>3/9-15.   Had an argument with Saffet; he is being
          :unpleasant.  Left Frankfurt 12:30pm.  It had been 20 years since
          :we saw each other, now no longer friends...
          :Arrived in NY at 2:30pm; in Pitt 7pm (6 hour difference)
          :EIB (#56) out.
3/16/1981 :Mo-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. Called the Princeton Group and the
          :DC Center.
          :3/17/Tu: Met Bill Martin from Sigma Phi Epsilon days (15-16
          :years ago) at the WVU Dental Clinic.
          :3/18/W: to DC: gave resume to Union Carbide.  Interview #3 with
          :#66; Exxon (#70) out.
          :3/19/Th: Dental Appointment from 1-5pm; SPI (#72) out.
3/20/1981 :Fr-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  Spring has started today; there is
          :snow outside.
          :Father's Fiat quit.  A.D. Little (#60), Post Office (#61) out.
          :3/21/Sa: IMF (#35) out.
          :Took Belinda and Mara to South Hills; got lots of vitamins.
          :3/22/Su: Peterson & Co. out; mailed to Sohio, EAB, NY, Tokyo.
          :3/23/Mo: Mobil out; mailed to Champlin, Texaco, P/A, Grace,
          :Chicago out.
3/24/1981 :Tu-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  G�lhis & Michael left after 2 days.
          :Father fixing his Fiat that quit on 3/20.  Nice day outside;
          :went to see Belinda; her tonsils flared.
          :3/25/W: Father's car got scratched while parked in Washington.
          :Mailed letters to Gulf Chem., Hooker Chem., Dow Chem.
3/26/1981 :Th-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. Dental Work: 1 to 5pm.  Dow (#86)
          :out.  Mailed $40,000 to the Fed.
          :3/27/F: Deutsche Bank sent my balance in DM; sent it back to
          :Quaiser, my agent, for $.
          :3/28/Sa: Judy & Belinda came, both acting cold. Decided to take
          :Belinda out of Grier School and resolve PROJECT-3--her schooling
3/29/1981 :Su-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. Initiated PROJECT-13, preparing our
          :home for sale.  At 2:24pm EST, President REAGAN and Jim BRADY
          :were shot by John Hinkley.
3/30/1981 :Mo-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  Princeton Group called (and next
          :day); Bank of America (#4), W.R. Grace in NY (#81) out.
          :3/31/Tu: Watched 53rd Annual Awards: Ordinary People, Robert de
          :Niro, Sissy Spacek.
          :Moon in Pisces: within 30 min. calls from Belinda and Sally,
          :both Pisces...
4/1/1981  :We-Waynesburg/Parents/Home.  Began painting our home:PROJECT-13
          :Finished the entre.
          :4/2/Th: Finished 1/2 of the living room. Apparently Ken started
          :an AFFAIR with Joyce, who works for him.  I do not trust his
          :competence, thinking of selling my La Jolla property.
4/3/1981  :Fr-Waynesburg/Parents/Home.  Finished painting the Living Room;
          :feeling pretty good.
          :Parsons and Brinkerhoff (#48) out.
          :4/4/Sa: Finished the Dining Room.
          :4/5/Su: Finished Parent's Bedroom.
          :Called Ken Glassburner (from Riyadh 1980) in LA; nice talk.
4/6/1981  :Mo-Waynesburg/Parents/Home.  Painted the girls' room done;
          :Parents brought G�lhis home. (6 months since I left RIYADH.)
          :4/7/Tu: Finished painting all bedrooms.
          :Feel sexually potent.
          :4/8/We: Finished the stairway. McDonald Douglas (#83) out.
4/9/1981  :Th-Waynesburg/Parents/Home.  Femsi/Debra/Glen in from Niagara
          :Falls at 10pm; Michael came too.
          :Noticed that Debra is seemingly as moody as Belinda; must be
          :teenager mood swings.
          :4/10/Fr: 2:30pm dental diagnostics.
          :4/11/Sa: Femsi finished wallpapering the kitchen.
4/12/1981 :Su-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  The Space Shuttle up at 6:30am.
          :JOE LOUIS died
          :4/13/M: Learned about Gayle's daughter JESSICA ROSE from Pincus
          :(and on 4/16/Th: sent Gayle $1,000 present and 3-page letter).
4/14/1981 :Tu-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  Space Shuttle touchdown at 12:30pm.
          :Watched OMAR Bradley's funeral on TV; Reagan was fine.
          :4/15/Th: SPI (#72) and Texaco (#62) out.
          :Went to 9-12am AMA meeting at Pitt Hilton and thought that
          :mid-level management in USA is a horrible position to be in.
          :Then had an interview (#4 toto) with a Gerard Badler.
          :Feel like disconnecting from Judy & Belinda, Ken & Nanci, Gayle,
4/17/1981 :Fr-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  Wrote job letters to Allied Chem.,
          :Merrill Lynch, United CA Bank, Asian Dev. Bank.  A beautiful day
          :4/18/Sa: Passover: saw BARBARA, her sisters, and family from
          :across the street for the 1st time in 18 years.  We had been
          :friends, but did not follow-up now.
          :I am doing work in the kitchen.
          :Nanci called from San Diego: she and Ken may be separating--due
          :to Ken's affair with Joyce.  Wrote to Harvard.
4/19/1981 :Su-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home. Wrote to W.D.Scott in Australia
          :Wissenschaft Zentrum in Berlin, Kuwait Petroleum Co.
          :4/20/M: wrote to King and Wilkinson in Houston, TASC in MA,
          :Nera in NY,
          :4/21/Tu: Letter (#99) to Parsons, Chemical Bank (#100). Hooker
          :Chem. (#85) out.  Received a card from Gayle about the $1,000 I
          :sent to her for Jessica.  Mailed to Trinidad & Tobago, Univ.of
          :Capetown.  EAB (#75) out.
          :Feeling paranoid, if the 200+ letters I sent in Feb.1976 about
          :VS&W are blocking my jobs now... Also killed some applications
          :that did not respond.
4/22/1981 :We-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home. Dow Chemical out (#86), as also
          :the Princeton Group--no calls from Thompson.  The Saudis might
          :be rejecting me.  Finished painting kitchen cabinets, and my
          :bedroom downstairs. Had a fight with Mother. 5:15pm idea that
          :Parents should retire near Florence in Sarasota.
          :4/25/Sa: had a fight with Father about where they should settle.
          :Union Carbide (#73) out.
          :I feel crawling out of my skin and tired since 4/19...
4/26/1981 :Su-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home. Started reading John le Carre's
          :"SMILEY'S PEOPLE" to 4/28.  Kitchen almost finished.
          :Friends came from Zelionopolis; then NAIM & Barbara at 9:30pm.
          :Job #53 and Southern CA. Gas Co. out.
4/28/1981 :Tu-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home.  $8,600 from Deutsche Bank
          :cleared.  All inside painting, incl. the closets, is done.
          :4/29/W: Chicago Board of Trade (#42) out. Finished
          :painting the patio roof and organized boxes for the Salvation
          :Army; also preparing for Parent's trip to Turkey.
          :4/30/Th: Called Ken and told him to sell my La Jolla home...
5/1/1981  :Fr-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home.  To WVU for periodontic work.
          :5/2/Sa: Tasc (#96) out; wrote to Bank for International
          :Settlements in Swiss and Arab Petroleum Investment Corp. in S.
          :Arabia (#104).
5/3/1981  :Su-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home.  Finished reading "NINJA."
          :Sexually very potent month.
          :La Jolla property on my mind.  Ken said I would lucky if I could
          :get $200,000 for it.  Thanks.
          :5/4/Mo: Felt better today than anytime in the last 2 weeks.
          :Very nice outside.  Started work on the back door today.
5/5/1981  :Tu-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home.  I am getting tired about
          :all these fruitless job letters and apprehensive about my other
          :affairs, what to do next, etc.
          :5/6/We: Reading Thomas Thompson's "SERPENTINE."
5/7/1981  :Th-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home.  Root canal work #2 at WVU.
          :King Wilkinson (#95) and Fed. Res. Bank of NY (#98) out.
          :5/8/Fr: Requested $5,651.25 for Father from MONY.
          :5/9/Sa: Finished varnishing front/rear doors.
          :G�lhis coming until Th.
5/10/1981 :Su-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home.  Giscard D'Estaing of France
          :lost to Mitterand.
          :4pm: SEMRA called from Calif., a signal but for what?  So, upon
          :impulse, I wrote again to SRI (#2) in Menlo Park: $28,000 OK.
5/11/1981 :Mo-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. 10:30am root canal work at WVU. 2pm:
          :call from United Calif. Bank, but no good.  National Science
          :Foundation (#20) out; mailed #105-107 and again to Merrill Lynch
          :At noon: started my taxes for 1980.
5/13/1981 :We-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  Root canal work #3 at 4pm.
          :W.D.Scott (#92) out.
          :Feeling jittery about IRS and my 1980 taxes.
          :The POPE got shot by a Turk.
5/14/1981 :Th-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  Talked to SRI; they accepted my
          :proposal for $28,000.
          :Then I amended my 1980 taxes for the bonus from S. Arabia,
          :resolving PROJECT-7.
          :Feeling much better, since the last 3 days.
          :5/15/F: Wrote to Fed. Res. Bank of San Francisco, Earnst &
          :Whitney in Cleveland, Hayes & Hill in NY, and 2nd letter to
          :Asian Dev.Bank.
5/16/1981 :Sa-Waynesburg/Parents/Alisa.  Left early in the morn to visit
          :Belinda at the Grier School; took Belinda and ALISA to Sheraton.
          :This was a setup by them. They asked me to get rum.  When I
          :returned, Alisa (14) was in undies and crawled into bed with me.
          :I had spent 5 years in S. Arabia and could be turned on looking
          :at a sheep.
5/17/1981 :Su-Waynesburg/Parents/Alisa.  Alisa acted self-righteously, as
          :if I had forced her into my bed.
          :These 29 hours with them cost me $300.  And I want to cancel the
          :trip with Belinda to Florida: difficult spending 7 days with her
          :when she is so moody...
5/19/1981 :Tu-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs. 11:00am call from SRI: I have a
          :contract; so Semra's call on 5/10 was a signal.
          :5/20/W: MARY called from Cincinnati; how nice, my pen pal from
          :Saudi days...
          :5/21/Th: Bank for International Settlements (#103) out.
5/21/1981 :Th-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs.  I am disconcerted about Father's
          :pension at the Centerville clinic.  They have cheated him.
          :I want to pursue this legally; Parents do not want to.
          :Mrs. Bitonti, the manager there called in response to my request
          :for explanations.
          :Then Ken called.  The stalled situation re: Beryl property may
          :be moving, as other things too.
          :The last 10 days have been tough...
5/22/1981 :Fr-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home.  Did a lot of packing for me,
          :Parents, Belinda, Salvation Army.  Work with the green paint in
          :the kitchen done.  Spingborn Management (#105) out.
          :5/23/Sa: Mailed formal SRI application; also a firm letter to
          :Belinda, taking her out of Grier School and cancelling her
          :camping trip, thus resolving PROJECT-3.
          :5/24/Su: Killed jobs 17,24,31,32,46,49,57,64,71,89.
5/25/1981 :Mo-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home.  Judy came for a visit; had a
          :nice chat. Then we rescued a baby bird and put it in its nest.
          :Wrote 2nd letter to Univ.of Cape Town.
          :5/26/Tu: Father's money from MONY arrived; also talked to the
          :clinic.  I decided not to send the letter (of 5/23) to Belinda;
          :verbal better.
5/27/1981 :We-Waynesburg/Parents/Jobs/Home.  4:30pm last root canal work at
          :WVU.  Received a notice that I must pay $400 for student loan
          :from AIME.
          :Since I visited Belinda at Grier (5/16), have been feeling down.
5/28/1981 :Th-Waynesburg/Jobs/Home.  Parents left for Turkey. 
          :Received letter from MARY HENNIGAN, my pen pal in Riyadh from
          :1980, inviting me over to Cincinnati.
5/29/1981 :Fr-Waynesburg/Jobs/Home.  To Cincinnati; checked into Westin
          :downtown, waited for Mary, whom I never met, in the terrace.
          :She arrived and began looking for me.  We introduced each other
          :at 5:15pm, made all-out love after 465 days, one of the most
          :substantive friends in my life, but physically not my type. (Yet
          :she had the purest white skin the old masters would have loved
          :to paint, also good in bed...)
5/30/1981 :Sa-Waynesburg/Jobs/Home.  In Cincinnati.  Having just arrived
          :from S. Arabia for good, I had too many things on my mind to
          :start a relationship, especially with SRI in Calif. pending.
          :So on 5/30/Sa, at noon, I behaved like a jerk and returned to
          :Waynesburg.  (Lots of rain on the way.)
          :Mary thought we had a date in the eve.  I called her on
          :the phone from Waynesburg at 4:45pm and let her know. That was
          :the end of Mary...
          :My mind is on SRI; finished work at home, having 2nd thoughts
          :about a job, about SRI, etc. May was tough!
6/1/1981  :Mo-Waynesburg/Jobs/Home.  Asked Belinda to stay to Friday with
          :while I packed; she wanted back by Th.  We had a fight. Prepared
          :final delivery to the Salvation Army; 4 boxes and TV to Judy.
          :6/2/Tu: Earnst & Whitney (#110) out.  PROJECT-18, my dental work
          :also done for now.
          :6/5/F: mailed letters to Harvard HIID (#112), Gulf Oil (#113);
          :Morgan Bank (#107) out; killed #77.
6/6/1981  :Sa-Waynesburg/Jobs/Home.  Initiated the sale of our home, thus
          :concluding my part of PROJECT-13.  (Home sold on 10/21/81.)
          :Merrill Lynch (#88) out.
          :6/7/Su: Belinda came with Judy. As expected, her report card was
          :no good.  I bitched at her; then called and made up a bit.
          :Saw "Urban Cowboy" and liked Sissy played by Debra Winger.
          :6/8/Mo: Ensearch (#106) out; killed #100; mailed 2nd Harvard... 
6/8/1981  :Mo-Waynesburg/Jobs/Home.  11:45am call from SRI authorizing my
          :move (tomorrow): PROJECT-11 done,
          :I wrote 113 job letters, had 4 interviews; finally found SRI...
6/9/1981  :Tu-Drive: PA to San Diego/SRI. 245 days since leaving S. Arabia,
          :196 in Waynesburg, I am off again. (See Uranus 2/17/81.)  Spent
          :the night with G�lhis in Columbus.  At 6:30pm, met a SOB at the
          :storage place.  Thundershowers thru the night.  Killed job
          :prospects 74,76,78,79,84,97.
6/10/1981 :We-Drive:PA->San Diego/SRI>6/9.  Left Columbus at 4:15am, taking
          :Spent the night in Abilene, KS.
          :6/11/Th: Left motel at 5:15am, Rt:70W; night in Gallup, NM.
          :6/12/F: Left motel at 6:15am, Rt:40W,66W,77S,60W,89N,10W,85S,8W.
          :Spent the night with Ken's parents in Yuma.
          :6/13/Sa: 3pm, in San Diego.
          :ADDRESS: Mr. & Mrs. Shellhammer, 652 9th Ave., Yuma, AZ 85364
6/13/1981 :Sa-San Diego/Ken's Family/SRI>6/13. A good day; met Ken's
          :sisters, nieces, etc.  Julie is a knockout, Laurie friendly,
          :but by the next day (6/14/Su) things are sour with them.
          :Joined them to the church service, the preacher badmouthing
          :Came to see my property: it needs paint job, inside and out.
6/18/1981 :Th-San Diego/Ken's Family/SRI>6/13.  Deciding on PROJECT-17, to
          :sell my La Jolla property or to develop it.
          :6/19/F: Took out Julie & Laurie to dinner, 1st at the Valencia
          :then the Ming Garden. This is not a sexually potent period and
          :I am acting giddy--no wonder after 196 days in Waynesburg,
          :but...  I may have turned off Ken, Fred, a bit ridiculous with
          :everyone else: not a time of grace and dignity.
6/20/1981 :Sa-San Diego/Ken's Family/SRI>6/13. Ken accused me for "going
          :for the jugular," because I want to resolve our partnership
          :6/21/Su: Father's Day at Dana's Landing.  Things with Ken not +.
          :(He is also Cancer.)  The problems?  The partnership affairs,
          :my La Jolla property, for paying too much for it and the
          :$40,000 balloon payment due in 3 years, my dependence on him...
6/22/1981 :Mo-San Diego/Ken's Family/SRI>6/13.  Nanci, Jo, Julie, I to
          :Ingrids; then the beach: so so; and my car had a dent.
          :The painter began on my house.
6/24/1981 :We-San Diego/Ken's Family/SRI>6/13. Julie's birthday at Casa del
          :Pico restaurant. Gave her several books.  Got along fine with
          :Laurie, so so with Julie.
          :G�lhis called and told me of PARSONS (job). Univ. Cape Town out.
6/25/1981 :Th-San Diego/Ken's Family/SRI>6/13. Beryl escrow closed by
          :6:30pm, thus resolving PROJECT-9 on my 1981 list.
          :Mail + photos (from S. Arabia) arrived from Hares in LA.
          :The dent (from 6/22) on my car fixed.
          :Called Parsons about job.
          :Things with Ken better; went to the Salmon House restaurant in
          :the eve, Nanci too.  
6/26/1981 :Fr-San Diego to San Francisco/SRI/SEMRA.  12:01am left for SF
          :and arrived at Hyatt Rickey in Menlo Park at 1pm.
          :First date with Semra really nice, but not after that . . .
          :6/27/Sa: Drove to SF, and saw the Nob Hill, Telegraph Hill,
          :Russian Hill, etc.
          :6/28/Su: wanted to drive to SF to see the rest of the city, but
          :something happened to Mazda's starter; so I returned. Reading
          :Tom Robbins' "WOODPECKER."
6/29/1981 :Mo-Menlo Park/SRI.  9am: signed contract with SRI at Gross/Net=
          :$1076.93/828.50 per 2 weeks; $28,000/annum.  The job is a joke
          :compared to my position in S. Arabia, and I gave notice to quit
          :in Sep. 81; left SRI on 9/26, SF on 10/1 and came to live in
          :my home in La Jolla.  PROJECT-11 (Jobs) done, then discarded...
          :Ken's sister JO wrote me a very nice 8-page letter. She is
          :infatuated with me and I like her, a Scorpio...
          :Jobs: Bank of America (#3) and Fed. Res. Bank of SF (#109) out.
6/30/1981 :Tu-Menlo Park/SRI/Semra.  Had a date with Semra in the morn. She
          :did not show up. Maybe her call of 5/10 meant SRI only, not her.
          :Relaxed at the hotel.  June was a fine month, overall...
7/1/1981  :We-Menlo Park/SRI->LA/Parsons. To interview with Parsons about
          :a position in Yanbu in Saudi Arabia.
          :7/2/Th: The interview this morn passed well and things almost
          :worked out, but then the job did not come thru; I believe the
          :Saudis declined me, as with the Princeton Group earlier...
          :I had thought I could make more money with Parsons, etc. in
          :Saudi Arabia...
          :Menahem BEGIN won the Israeli elections.
7/2/1981  :Th-Menlo Park/Hyatt Rickey/Semra.  Apparently Semra called last
          :night at 7:11pm while I was away in LA on Parsons deal.
          :I called back but no response.
          :Does not look like a Sirman-Semra deal is in the cards; so
          :discard PROJECT-15 (Semra).
          :7/3/Fr:  Looking for apts. Sent follow-up package to Parsons
          :after yesterday's interview in LA.
          :$3,600 refund from IRS from 1980 taxes.
7/4/1981  :Sa-Menlo Park/Hyatt Rickey/Semra.   Waiting for the apt. to
          :approve my application.
          :Ate at a Vietnamese restaurant (Mai) on Union St. nearby; really
          :like it here.  Semra called at 3:45pm.
          :John McEnroe won Wimbledon over Bjorn BORG.
          :7/5/Su: Harvard job application & Univ.of CA, Berkeley (#89) out
7/6/1981  :Mo-San Francisco/SRI.  Moved in apt #519 at 2000 Broadway
          :SF,CA 94115, Tel: 415-563-5123.
          :My address at work since 6/29: SRI, Rm.243, 333 Ravenswood Ave.
          :Menlo Park, CA 94025.
          :So PROJECT-19 (settling in SF) and PROJECT-11 (jobs) are done...
7/7/1981  :Tu-San Francisco/SRI.  Submitted a memo to Sheeline and my boss
          :Leslie Carmichael about PEP indices, a stupid thing to do...
          :Belinda called about her school trip in 2 weeks.
          :7/8/W: Leslie talked to me about my memo. Submitted my $4,000+
          :expense report;
          :Ashraf (computer guy) at work did show up to help me with the
          :PEPCOST run at 9:30am.
7/9/1981  :Th-San Francisco/SRI.  Found out that SRI has exercise
          :facilities and sponsors Ph.D. in engr. and econ.
          :7/10/Fr: 1st week and 1st pay at work.
          :7/11/Sa: rented a TV but had problems with it.
          :Walked the Union St., got acquainted with neighborhood.
          :Hays & Hill (job #111) out.
7/12/1081 :Su-San Francisco/SRI.  Began reading James Clavell's "NOBLE
          :HOUSE," my 4th book this year.
          :7/13/Mo: Started exercise/aerobics at noon at SRI.
          :7/14/Tu: wrote cards to 5 "Looking for Men" females in
          :the Guardian Bay...
7/15/1981 :We-San Francisco/SRI.  My birthday (14245 days).
          :Gave back the TV I rented on 7/11.
          :G�lhis, then Mother, then Ken Glassburner called for BD, all
          :after 8:30pm.
          :I called Belinda.  Sounds like she needs counseling.
          :7/16/Th: Did PEPCOST hydroquinone runs.
          :Had dinner at Perry's.  (Semra had recommended the place.)
7/17/1981 :F-San Francisco/SRI.  Sent cards to Semra, Ibrahim Salamah,
          :Had a talk with my boss Leslie: SRI expects me to know about
          :PROCESS Engr., refinery design, etc., Chemical, NOT Petroleum
          :Engr.  This is stupid: I am not about to learn also Chem. Engr.
          :on the job...
7/18/1981 :Sa-San Francisco/SRI.  Sent cards to Hares, Janis Harman (whom
          :Belinda and I met in Italy in 1980), Mary Hennigan, Debra
          :(Mazza), ANNE (Mother), and Belinda.
          :7/19/Su:  Drove to Muir Woods, Stinton Beach...  Have cold; the
          :bridge of my nose aching.
          :7/20/Mo: Called Femsi, G�lhis.  Finished reading Noble House
          :(since 7/12): poor after Taipan, Shogun!
7/21/1981 :Tu-San Francisco/SRI.  Discouraged about having to learn Process
          :Engr. too.
          :7/23/Th: Arab Petr. Invest. Corp (Job #104) out.
          :Called Gigi (G�lhis) about my finances, but her paintings were
          :rejected; she was very depressed.
7/24/1981 :Fr-San Francisco/SRI.  had a talk with my boss Leslie: they are
          :willing to wait until I am trained in Process Engr...
          :7/25/Sa: talked to Nanci about my balloon payment due in a year
          :or so; it is a worry...  Rented another TV: nice.
7/26/1981 :Su-San Francisco/SRI/Semra.  Decided to check out the museums,
          :etc., not always go to Perry's and spend money...
          :7/27/M: mind is a bit flighty; cannot concentrate at SRI.
          :Thinking of getting into Jumbo investments.
          :Semra called at 10:15pm about my "funny" cards (of 7/17).
          :7/28/Tu: Mixed emotions about SRI and work life in USA: dream
          :nicer than reality...
          :Talked to Parsons; hoping the job with them will come thru.
7/29/1981 :We-San Francisco/SRI.  Took off from work to prepare "sale
          :analysis" for my La Jolla property.  Mailed job application
          :(#114) to Security Pacific Bank in LA.
          :7/30/Th: Finances very much on my mind these days.
          :7/31/Fr: 26 days at work: bad vibes about SRI, want Parsons...
8/1/1981  :Sa-San Francisco/SRI/Semra. Had a date with Semra (2nd) at 10am.
          :I left at 10:15am for Perry's; apparently she came at 10:20am
          :and left a note on my door.
          :I met a hustler (and queer) by the name of Harry.  He took me
          :around.  I let him treat me in the afternoon then told him to go
          :to hell.  Asian Dev. Bank (#90) out.
8/2/1981  :Su-San Francisco/SRI. I am losing interest for SRI.
          :8/3/Mo: Plan to stay 3 pay-periods with SRI (to 9/6), then quit.
          :Talked to agent Dick Farrar about the sale of my home: sounds
          :good, maybe $245,000 to $250,000.  Say at $240,000, less 3%
          :($8,400) for agent, less $1,000 expenses, less $173,814
          :loan/balloon, I make $56,786 of which $50,000 I could use as
          :down payment for a self-financing triplex...
8/4/1981  :Tu-San Francisco/SRI.  This was a tough day; decided when to
          :leave SF/SRI.  Also reviewed my goals and finances; want to
          :disconnect from Semra, Ken, everyone.  As for jobs, I prefer
          :Security Pacific, Parsons, or FREEDOM.
          :8/5/W: gave 1-month notice to Trinity Mgmt. about my apt. (on
          :9/5/Sa morn.), though I regretted this the next day . . .
8/6/1981  :Th-San Francisco/SRI.  Ken called about CAROL Fuller (my
          :classmate from Ph.D. at WVU from 10 years ago) being in SF.
          :Carol called for a date on 8/9/Su 1pm.
          :8/7/F: Still (since 8/4/Tu) going thru a Sturm & Drang; want
          :FREEDOM from SRI and La Jolla.
8/8/1981  :Sa-San Francisco/SRI/YVONNE.  Did "no job" finances to 4/15/82.
          :Met YVONNE Michaels at Perry's, while doing computer work at
          :the bar.  She is a Libra and very nice to talk to.
8/9/1981  :Su-San Francisco/SRI/CAROL.  Carol FULLER in at 1:30pm. We drove
          :in SF and came to the apt. to make love at 8:30pm.
          :(She died a year or so later.)
8/10/1981 :Mo-San Francisco/SRI/Notice.  Sent authorization to Dick Farrar
          :to sell my home.
          :12-1pm: SRI picnic at Burgess Park.
          :2:30pm: submitted resignation notice to SRI, still giving me
          :time to initiate a proposal to SABIC--on 8/13-17.
          :8/11/Tu: Security Pacific (#114) out . . .
8/13/1981 :Th-San Francisco/SRI\SABIC.  Wrote a proposal to SABIC, but
          :decided to wait until job with Parsons is known.
          :8/14/F: this week did almost no work for SRI, feel bored and
          :exhausted...  Today I
          :activated the SABIC proposal; Leslie reviewed it and said
          :"I don't know if I could have written a better proposal myself."
          :It will be gone by DHL on Monday . . .
8/15/1981 :Sa-San Francisco/SRI/YVONNE.  Canceled my notice of 8/5 to the
          :apt. With YVONNE: 6:30pm to Doros Restaurant, asked a musician
          :there to play on violin Father's Zigeunerweisen;
          :8:30pm to Curran Theater to see "One Mo Time."
          :She stayed with me tonight.
8/16/1981 :Su-San Francisco/SRI/YVONNE.  With Yvonne all day; she seems a
          :perfect fit.
          :8/17/Mo: now I don't feel comfortable for canceling my notice
          :to the apt.
          :Must be Yvonne's influence; I am under contradictory influences.
8/19/1981 :We-San Francisco/SRI. Today's astro prediction said: "people may
          :be against you." They were, or I am also paranoid.
          :1) Sheeline said that I am not doing enough on the project.
          :2) Walter hinted about my flirting with Kathleen.
          :3) Ashraf said "don't get into trouble."
          :8/20/Th: Meanwhile, I am acting independent since I wrote the
          :SABIC proposal.  Leslie said "you are too demonic," whatever
          :that meant . . .
8/21/1981 :Fr-San Francisco/SRI/QUIT.  My hair is falling out, something in
          :the water. Made 1pm appointment with the Dermatology at Stanford
          :Feeling very heavy (and paranoid) about everything since 8/19.
          :Canceled my date with Yvonne, then regretted it...
          :Then at 10am QUIT SRI.
          :8/22/Sa: feel mentally exhausted but also exuberant since I quit
          :8/23/Su: Fine time with YVONNE...
          :8/25/Tu: started to pack for La Jolla.
8/26/1981 :We-San Francisco/SRI.  My last day at SRI.  Ordered 3 large
          :plants for the secretarial office and took my boss Leslie for
          :lunch to the International dining room at SRI.
          :He said "I wish you would reconsider, Sirman; I don't want you
          :to go," music to my ears.  (I had wanted to work at SRI since
          :the mid-1970s.)
          :It turned out that Kathleen, the secretary at the office with
          :whom I had flirted, also giving her a bottle of perfume from
          :the factory in Italy, was Leslie's mistress.
          :I wrote a humorous note for her to the office too and departed.
8/27/1981 :Th-San Francisco/YVONNE.  Yvonne came to spent my last days in
          :SF with me (until 8/30).
          :Based on my infatuation with her, I had switched my notice to
          :the apt. from 9/4 to 9/16.  Since I want to leave by 8/30
          :anyway, this was a $274 mistake.  Oh Well!
          :8/29/Sa: With YVONNE: saw "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"
          :at the Orpheum Theater.
8/31/1981 :Mo-Astrology of Me in San Francisco, with SRI: 6/29/81-8/31/81.
          :1. From 7/3 to 8/1/81, Jupiter in Libra was approaching Conjunct
          :to Saturn in Libra, both in my Natal 10th House of Career and
          :Direction, AND both Square my Mercury in Cancer.  These two
          :explain my frustration, boredom, and procrastination in this
          :period, as described on the above dates.
          :2. AND on about 6/29/81, when I joined SRI, Pluto in Libra and
          :also in my 10th House had turned direct at 21Lib32, now again
          :(3rd time) Square my Sun in Cancer, until 9/28/81.
          :3. I had left S. Arabia exactly when Pluto began its Square to
          :my Sun on Oct. 6, 1980 the first time.  THEN, it had blocked
          :all my job applications thru 1981 when it was retro. NOW, Square
          :again and in its final passage, it was effectively ending my
          :career with traditional job outlets . . .
          :4. Since Pluto represents "endings/beginnings," it was telling
          :me "so much for your career, Sirman; you don't have to work; so
          :utilize your time more wisely, for yourself..."  Can anyone
          :who has studied astrology disagree with this interpretation?
          :Yes, I could have continued, but at what spiritual cost?
9/1/1981  :Tu-San Francisco/San Diego.  Left SF at 5pm, driving south on
          :Rt.1, thru Monterey, etc.
          :Belinda is beginning school in Morgantown, no longer at the
          :Grier School.
          :9/2/W:Arrived in San Diego in the morn and moved in my own home,
          :the 1st time ever.
          :614-616 Bonair St., La Jolla CA 91307.  Had 1st date with JULIE.
9/4/1981  :F-At Home-1/La Jolla, CA\RAPE?. This morn, the neighbor across
          :the street mentioned someone who wanted to rent on short-term
          :basis.  I met the woman, Gay, a 30ish blond, at 10:30am.
          :9/5/Sa: Met Gay and her husband BOB BLUEWATER.  They agreed to
          :$650/mo rent.  (My troubles with them early in 1982 caused me to
          :move permanently to La Jolla; the seeds were planted on 9/4/81.
          :Then I had a date with NANCI, felt like testing her friendship,
          :and acted as if I wanted to RAPE her, without touching her.
9/7/1981  :Mo-At Home-1/La Jolla, CA\TORAH/NANCI. Had my TORAH fortune read
          :by a Yvonne near the cove. She saw "potent" signals.
          :In the eve, accompanied Ken/Nanci to Gordons.  On the way, Nanci
          :began talking about my fake "rape attempt" of 9/5, which she
          :assumed was real, though I had not come close to her, never mind
          :touching her.
          :Although nothing had happened, Nanci was willing to sell me as a
          :friend for ego mileage.  I looked Ken in the eyes and told him
          :what I had intended.  He believed me; so did Nanci, though she
          :spread the word Ken's family...
          :Meanwhile, I behaved flirtatious at Gordons, also with his wife
          :Laurie: labor pains on Labor Day!
9/8/1981  :Tu-At Home-1/La Jolla, CA/SEMRA's HOME.  Found a nice rental
          :place for myself on Prospect St., if my home rents.
          :9/9/W: G�lhis arrived from Turkey; said that our neighbor's
          :(Semra's parents) home burned down.
          :CA celebrates Mission Day today, when CA was accepted to the
          :9/10/Th: Began reading Eiji Yoshikawa's "MUSASHI."
9/12/1981 :Sa-Prospect St./La Jolla.  Rented my home and moved to Apt.10 at
          :1261 Prospect St. (until 10/6).
          :9/13/Su: Rough-water swim at the cove.  Began reading Miyamoto
          :Musashi's "BOOK of 5 RINGS."
          :9/15/Tu: 2:30am, Mother called from Turkey, really nice.
          :9/16/We: lost the orange file containing my resume, et al.,
          :perhaps left at my home.  Tenant Gay found it, brought it over.
9/17/1981 :Th-Prospect St./La Jolla/YVONNE.  Yvonne arrived from SF at
          :3:06pm. Introduced her to Ken at Valencia Hotel, bitching to him
          :about the married life. POOR GUY. SINCE HIS BIRTH DATE IS 2 DAYS
          :6/29 to 8/31.
          :Wissenschaft Zentrum in Berlin (Job 93) out.
9/18/1981 :Fr-Prospect St./La Jolla/YVONNE.  Yvonne/I/my tenants the
          :Bluewaters went to the French Gourmet Shop.
          :9/19/Sa: Yvonne & I drove to Jucumba and stopped at a Mexican
          :cantina. I gave the little girl $5:35 tip; the amazed smile on
          :her face was worth a million.
          :Thought of giving notice to my apt. on 10/20.
          :9/20/Su: Yvonne left for SF at 11am.  Although the
          :communication between us was fluent, I did not feel romantic.
9/21/1981 :Mo-Prospect St./La Jolla.  I am more and more inclined that I do
          :not like to live in USA, not in small towns like Waynesburg, not
          :in conservative places like Calif.
9/23/1981 :We-Prospect St./La Jolla.  Nanci called in the morn.  I told her
          :again what I had intended with the fake rape of 9/5.
          :She was angry that I would fake this to test her friendship,
          :perhaps rightfully, though she failed the test.
9/24/1981 :Th-Prospect St./La Jolla.  Went to the Cove to snorkel.  Feel
          :good the last 2 days.  Jo (Scorpio) called in the eve, but I did
          :not encourage her.  (She is still married and I am so-so dating
          :her daughter.)  Declined a date also the next day.
9/26/1981 :Sa-Prospect St./La Jolla.  Dick Farrar called to ask me if I
          :would be willing to sell my home for precious stones. JESUS.
          :9/27/Su-Read 3 Westerns from the library and started the
          :"COVENANT" by James Michener, my 10th book this year.
9/28/1981 :Mo-Prospect St./La Jolla/PaHOME.  Signal on PROJECT-13: call
          :from the agent in Waynesburg: the hospital is offering $75,000;
          :I want $85,000.
9/29/1981 :Tu-Prospect St./La Jolla/PaHOME Offer>9/28\PARSONS.  S. Arabia
          :thru PARSONS (#99), active hope since 7/2, is out.
          :This ends my career ambitions along traditional path,
          :PROJECT-11 of this year...
9/30/1981 :We-Prospect St./La Jolla/PaHOME>9/28. The offer for $75,000 from
          :9/28 is firm.  I accepted it for net $71,750 for Parents.
          :MO:15LIB15 SU: 5LIB46 ME:1SCO08 VE:18SCO37 MR:16LEO48 JU:17LIB28
          :ST:11LIB57 UR:27SCO20 NP:22SAG16 PL:23LIB33 NN:28CAN10
          :This was not the best offer: Mars & Venus are square, Mars exact
          :on my Moon, Venus square my Mars, but Jupiter sextile to Mars
          :and my Moon/Mars.  So a break of sorts . . .
10/6/1981 :Tu-Prospect St./La Jolla/PaHOME: LJ->PA.  ANVAR SADAT of Egypt
          :was assassinated.
          :10/7/We: Left La Jolla at 10:10pm--119 days after I left
          :Waynesburg for SRI--like exactly a year earlier when I had left
          :S. Arabia, and again to conclude a major phase in my life:
          :to sell our home of 18 years.
          :Took Rt. 15 to Riverside, Death Valley; slept at Kramer's
          :10/8/Th: Thru Death Valley; saw Scott's Castle.  Left CA at
          :12:15pm, heading to Tanopah and Ely, NV (607 miles from LJ).
10/9/1981 :Fr-PaHOME: LJ->PA>10/6\RUDOLF/CENTENNIAL.  I am driving across
          :the country.  Ely to Wedower, NV to Salt Lake City, UT.
          :Saw classmate Rudolf Araktingi (but missed Mihir Sinha) from
          :At 1pm, on Rt.80 to Cheyenne, WY; entered WY at 3:30pm, 1100
          :miles from La Jolla.  Slept at the Elk Mt., just before Rt. 130
          :to Centennial.
10/10/1981:Sa-PaHOME: LJ->PA>10/6.  Entered Nebraska at 8:30am, Omaha late
          :in the eve.  Slept at 2am, just before Peoria, IL.
          :Crossed IL, IN and arrived at G�lhis in Columbus at 6pm.
10/13/1981:Tu-Columbus/G�lhis/PA HOME\JUDY.  Judy and I are arguing if and
          :how much I should help her with the financing of her new home.
          :She called me "horse's ass" on the phone: so much for my help...
          :G�lhis & I are going to Waynesburg to sell our home of 18 years.
10/15/1981:Th-Waynesburg/G�lhis/Home Sale. We came to Waynesburg to prepare
          :for the sale of our home, but after yesterday's friction with
          :JUDY on the phone, we decided to return to Columbus today, to
          :avoid "live" friction.
          :10/16/F: We came back and arranged the boxes.  I almost got
          :caught speeding, but surprisingly the police stopped the guy in
          :front of me.
          :MOSHE DAYAN died today.
10/17/1981:Sa-Waynesburg/G�lhis/Home Sale.  At home since 10/14. Cleaned
          :the garage after making a list of all nuts & bolts there with
          :10/18/Su: The Salvation Army truck emptied our home.
          :10/19/Mo: to WVU dental hygiene, met Aviva and Sherry Sample.
          :10/20/Tu: did final stuff at home.  Have a strong urge also to
          :discard Judy from my life, a sentiment I felt on and off since
          :our divorce.
10/21/1981:We-With G�lhis/Last time in Waynesburg.  G�lhis and I took some
          :photos of our empty home and left at 2:20pm, the last time after
          :almost 18 years there...
10/23/1981:Fr-Columbus/G�lhis/JUDY.  The $40,000 transfer from 3 weeks ago
          :had not arrived at California-Canadian Bank as of 10/21, just
          :like the problem with the $23,000 check from S. Arabia...
          :The CCB finally received my check today.
          :JUDY may have purchased her HOME today, JUST WHEN WE SOLD OURS
          :ON 10/21.  Apparently she did not need financial help from me
          :after all, the opportunist...
          :10/26/M: These last few days I did not feel good, or productive.
          :President REAGAN won the Saudi AWAC deal in the Senate today.
10/31/1981:Sa-Columbus/G�lhis.  Check for $70,996.13 arrived from the sale
          :of our home in Waynesburg; my sisters and I got $20,000 each.
          :Reduced smoking to 4 cigarettes/day, but for how long?
11/1/1981 :Su-Columbus/G�lhis/007.  Mike's parents came visiting.
          :I am reading all of Ian Fleming's 007 books, 13 of them.
          :Feeling lazy but better than last week this time.  And the mood
          :since 9/28 is like that a year ago when I returned from S.
          :Arabia.  My home in La Jolla is still a major concern: I want to
          :sell, but no buyers...
11/6/1981 :Fr-Columbus/Parents.  Moved in with Parents to French Village:
          :6194 Bush Blvd. #119, Columbus, OH 43229 (Tel: 614-436-9658).
          :10/9/M: Not feeling good and have cold . . .
11/10/1981:Tu-Columbus/Parents/CIA.  After hesitating for a year about
          :sending my stuff from SABIC to the CIA, I did today.
          :They responded on 12/11/F, stating "Do not contact us again," on
          :account of that dimwit Chris Smith, the CIA representative in
          :Riyadh from 4/15-5/26/1980.
          :11/12/Th: Space Shuttle II off at 10am.  Transferred the sale of
          :my home in La Jolla to Grubb & Ellis.
11/16/1981:Mo-Columbus/Parents/ALBUMS.  William HOLDEN died (was found
          :dead) in his apt.
          :Started to sort the bags/envelopes of memorabilia into ALBUMs.
          :I finished this on 11/20.
          :11/18/W: Had a fight with Father...
11/21/1981:Sa-Columbus/Parents/YVONNE.  The Pincuses, our neighbors and
          :friends from Waynesburg called: they are stopping by tomorrow.
          :I am tired of staying with Parents; want to live in San
          :Francisco, but it is stupid: it will cost me at least $1,000/mo.
          :11/23/M: received an unstable letter from Yvonne; she made up my
          :mind about SF: no!
11/24/1981:Tu-Columbus/Parents/CYCLES.  Started to organize my astrology
          :papers and began a rudimentary CYCLE ANALYSIS (that culminated
          :in the Transits Module in AsterPro a year later and ultimately
          :in THIS document by 8/31/96).
          :NOTE that on 11/27/F: Jupiter enters Scorpio, the sign of
          :research and investigation.
          :JUPITER enters SCORPIO - final until 12/26/1982.
          :My Solar  5th House (from 0 Cancer) of Luck, Daughter, Creative
          :My Natal 11th       of Hopes & Wishes, Friends
          :USA-East  2nd       of Money
          :Note:I initiated 2 long term projects at around this time in
          :==== Columbus, OH: 1) The Diary and my Albums -finished in 1996
          :...................2) Plotting Astrological Cycles-done in 1996
          :Scorpio = Research, Detail; then Saturn in Scorpio on 11/30/82.
          :I began programming and studying Astrology in this cycle, then
          :under Saturn, then under Pluto in Scorpio until 1996. . .
11/28/1981:Sa-Columbus/Parents.  For the 1st time in 2 weeks or so woke up
          :feeling very positive, but no communications with Father since
          :11/18: we seem to be fighting constantly.
          :11/29/Su: NATALIE Wood died (drowned) in a boating accident.
          :November was a trying month for me.
12/1/1981 :Tu-Columbus/Parents/CYCLES. Since 11/24/Tu (Jup in Sco: 11/27),
          :I am working on ASTRO Cycles.
          :12/2/We: Called DENISE, the black manager at my bank, for a
          :date.  She declined; has a boyfriend...
          :Sent Belinda Kahlil Gibran's "PROPHET."
12/3/1981 :Th-Columbus/Parents/CARDS. mailed post cards to: Rita & Helmut
          :in Germany (from 1961), Janet in Wheeling (from 1964).
          :12/8/Tu card to Jules in Kentucky (from 1975-77).
          :12/10/Th card to Reiner Jaenke in Alamogordo from WVU, 1969-71.
          :No responses . . .
12/5/1981 :Sa-Columbus/Parents/SRI.  Since I have been feeling very "down"
          :these days, especially with Father (who is also a Cancer),
          :perhaps for the entire last month except for some positive days,
          :I decided to apply AGAIN to SRI, but to the Management Section,
          :to have an escape.  I mailed it on 12/7/Mo.  It failed.
          :12/6/Su: Finished reading 13 James Bond books (I had started on
          :10/31).  So read about 2 dozen books this year...
12/9/1981 :We-Columbus/Parents/CARDS.  Updated my Will from 1979.
          :Have been sending cards to friends from the past; thus, I must
          :be in a nostalgic mood.  (See 12/3.)
12/11/1981:Fr-Columbus/Parents/CIA.  Received a negative response from the
          :CIA.  Went out alone to the Long Horse Saloon, the 1st time out
          :since I left La Jolla on 10/6; it was nice.
          :12/13/Su: Started the 1981 taxes to 12/15.
          :12/14/M: was a good day (since 12/11).
          :12/15/Tu: 1981 taxes done.
          :It dawned on me today that since 1979, I felt very negative to
          :all Cancers around me: Adel, Patrice, Ken, and Father...
12/16/1981:We-Columbus/Parents.  Got up feeling much better physically, but
          :explosive to Father (good that Parents were with G�lhis) but
          :curiously very positive to Belinda.  (The MOON is in ARIES.) So
          :I sent her a box of something and $100.
12/17/1981:Th-Columbus/Parents.  Idea came to write 2 BOOKS on:
          :1) Astro-Relationships--finished on 6/28/85, revised 4/30/96.
          :2) American Chemistry--which I began on 4/12/94, finished as
          :"ASSIMILATION" on 1/20/1996.  (See 11/8/77,1/20/96,3/13/96.)
12/23/1981:We-Columbus/Parents/SCHWINN.  Reached some tentative conclusions
          :about how astrological cycles may be affecting people.
          :In my case, in view of the cluster my planets form evenly in 4
          :signs, planets in all signs, but Cancer and Capricorn, affect me
          :+/- simultaneously . . .
          :Sold my SCHWINN bicycle from 1973 at 8:30pm for $125 (or so).
          :So far Dec. has been much better than Nov...
12/25/1981:Fr-Columbus->Canada/MOTHER\SUZUKI.  Terrible start to Christmas:
          :had a fight with Mother.
          :Left for Canada in a murderous mood.  Wanted to see Belinda but
          :then changed my mind.
12/26/1981:Sa-Columbus->Canada/FEMSI\BELINDA.  At 3am, I saw a SUZUKI Jeep,
          :my reliable friend from Saudi days, near Hamilton Canada.
          :Felt very good by 11am, reaching a resolution not to throw
          :temper tantrums.
          :Arrived at Femsi's in Niagara Falls at 1pm feeling nice.
          :12/27/Su: Judy brought Belinda to Howard Johnson in Washington,
          :PA.  I met them there and brought Belinda with me to Columbus.
12/29/1981:Tu-In Columbus.                                 People thru 1981
          :Address:6194 Bush Blvd. Ste.119, Columbus, OH 43229 614-436-9658
          :Address/Tel:WVU Career:304-293-2221
          :Belinda (Grier):      814-684-9951, Nanci (B):    714-230-7667
          :Hares/Maryse Shebab, Westwood Blvd. 207, LA 90034 213-839-4918
          :Hares/Maryse Shebab  P.O.Box 978, Beirut              80 22 21
          :Janis Harman, 565 Baldwin Crt.  Birmingham, MI 48009
          :Julie:270-6747      Meg:454-7915      DickFarrar      274-9700
          :Ken SDS: 714-265-5895,              RER:          714-239-0888
          :Naim D.Alherimi/Barbara Oliveart P.O.B.2348,1779 Kemery Rd.
          :                                 Bath, OH 44210   216-666-8150
          :Pincus: 412-627-9833, Ken: 714-270-3910, Belinda 304-292-3008
          :Semra: 555 W.Middlefield, Oakwood Garden Apts.202
          :       Mountain View, CA 94042                    415-964-0605
          :Tel.in Turkey:  Tanju: 284868    Uncle Sabri: 330157
          :Ayhan:567276    Zwart: 406450    Emine:1167          Taxi:1307
          :Wychulis:             814-944-9824, Judy:         304-292-3585
          :Yvonne: 129 Baker #2, SF, CA 94117                415-552-0427
12/30/1981:We-Columbus/Parents/G�lhis/Belinda.  Played BLACKJACK with
          :12/31/Th: G�lhis/Mike Belinda/I celebrated the New Year's at
          :the KAHIKI, a Polynesian restaurant.
          :In 1981, spent $28,863.24, $1,236.71 more than interest earned
          :plus $6,000 from Parents, but property appreciation excluded.
1/1/1982  :Fr-Columbus/Parents/SRI-SABIC.  Entered 1982 with $216,718
          :liquid assets; 170 lbs.
          :1/2/Sa: Certified letter from SRI in Menlo Park of SABIC's
          :rejection (by Salamah) to my letter from SRI in 1981.
1/4/1982  :Mo-Columbus/Parents/CIA.  The CIA mailed back the package of
          :the X-FILES I had prepared in Riyadh.
          :Astrology: a moody start to 1982.
          :MO: 9ARI47 SU:12CAP17 ME:25CAP44 VE: 8AQU48 MR: 7LIB52 JU:6SCO22
          :ST:21LIB33 UR:2SAG48  NP:25SAG14 PL:26LIB44 NN:23CAN05
          :1. Uranus is forming opposition to my Uranus.
          :2. Saturn is forming a square to my Sun.
          :3. The Node is conjunct my Sun.
          :4. Jupiter has just passed a square my Pluto, forming trine to
          :my Jupiter.
          :5. Mars is forming a square my Jup, a trine to my Saturn.
          :In other words, although these rejections appear to be a setback
          :the planets may have been doing me a favor . . .
1/8/1982  :Fr-Columbus/Parents. Got OH Driver's License from Sears. Anne,
          :G�lhis, and I saw the movie "Reds." All job prospects (SABIC,
          :SRI, CIA) down. Missing mu SUZUKI Jeep, or Riyadh. Weight:171#.
          :Thinking of a LAW Degree, but not sure, and of Belinda.
1/12/1982 :Tu-Columbus/Parents.  Bob/Gay in La Jolla called; cannot pay
          :rent. Feeling without direction. Wrote a humble letter to
          :Ibrahim. The delayed check from Deutsche Bank finally arrived.
          :Called Yvonne; see her in SF?
1/15/1982 :Fr-Travel to 2/9: West Coast:VancouverBC.Seattle.SF\YVONNE.
          :Bored in Columbus; difficult time with Father.
          :12 noon: Columbus, Chicago, VANCOUVER: my 1st plane trip since
          :3/9/1981 to Germany.
          :1/17/Su: to SEATTLE and checked in Edgewater Inn at the pier.
          :1/18/M: to SAN Francisco; checked in hostel OBERRON, a Basque
          :restaurant/hotel, in China Town.
          :1/20/W: Went to Oberron for dinner with Yvonne and her friends.
1/24/1982 :Su-Travel to 2/9: West Coast:SF/YVONNE.  Getting along nicely
          :with Yvonne.  We were in downtown when Super Bowl 16 champs
          :SF-49 (26-21 over Bengals) arrived.
          :It is the beginning of the Year of Dog.  We ate at a Hunan
          :1/26/Tu: Dinner at SEMRAs, the last I saw her (as of 1996+)
          :1/27/W: With Yvonne: went to SF zoo and Japanese Gardens.
1/28/1982 :Th-Travel 1/15-2/9: Columbus to West Coast:SanDiego\Ken.Jo.Julie
          :Today to SAN Diego for the rent problem with Bob/Gay.  Then,
          :while sleeping at the Viewpoint on Rt.8, 45 miles from S.Diego,
          :a guy woke me up in the dark. (He could have murdered me in
          :sleep.)  So checked in Beach haven Inn in Pacific Beach for
          :1/29/Fr: Took Rolf and Julie to Julien for lunch; she is sexy.
          :1/30/Sa: Dinner at Gordons: watched a Duran fight.
2/1/1982  :Mo-Travel 1/15-2/9: Columbus to West Coast:San Diego.Tijuana.
          :Invested $130,000 at CCB with Pat Barnicoat.
          :On the way back on Garnet, someone run hard into the back of my
          :Budget rental car.  I was lucky. . .
          :Saturn in Lib 90 my Sun; UR in Sag 120 my PL; MR in Lib 60 my MO
          :2/2/Tu: 9:30am, collected all back rent from Bob/Gay.
          :Went to Tijuana all day.  On the way back powerful sexual urge
          :for PISCES.
          :Parents visiting with Femsi.
2/4/1982  :Th-Travel 1/15-2/9: Columbus to West Coast:SD->SF->Columbus
          :Today San Diego to SF on Western ($39).
          :2/7/Su: Yvonne and I saw "Chariots of Fire."
          :2/8/M: Returned to Columbus on Delta ($198) after 25 days.
          :PLANS: Law School and Belinda undecided, but
          :I DECIDED TO MOVE IN MY HOME IN LA JOLLA--I did, on 2/28.
          :(The Bob/Gay rent problem from 1/12 may have led to this.)
2/9/1982  :Tu-Back in Columbus/Parents. After my 25-day trip to CA prompted
          :by Bob/Gay Bluewater on 1/15, now that I decided to move to CA,
          :I must figure out how to get them out of the front unit.
          :Meanwhile, I have financial concerns with my balloon payment due
          :As for plans, I am thinking about LAW school and what to do
          :about BELINDA.
2/12/1982 :Fr-Columbus/Parents.  Femsi and the kids came.
          :2/14/Su, Yvonne called to sucker me to marriage, saying she was
          :4 days past due.  (Indeed she had 11 days to go yet.)
2/16/1982 :Tu-Columbus/Parents/PLANS.  Mailed letter to tenants asking them
          :to move out by 3/5 or so.
          :Studying for the LSAT test at Ohio State, but really want to sue
          :the organization for this stupid test.
          :2/20/Sa: Took the LSAT test but did not do well.
          :2/21/Su: I thought of buying a computer, doing something with it
          :2/24/W and 2/26, I talked to Belinda about moving in with me in
          :CA, but she is not convinced . . .
          :AA fr.Columbus, OH to San Diego (10:20am) to get ready to move
          :into my own home on 4/1, when tenants Bob/Gay move out. Moved
          :to Belle Haven Inn in Pacific Beach Rm.7 then 12 for $100/week.
3/2/1982  :Tu-SAN DIEGO: Almost purchased a Honda 250R motorcycle; Ken
          :talked me out of it; lost $50 deposit.  Ken purchased a small
          :home on Diamond St.
3/4/1982  :Th-San Diego/Tenants\Ken's Family.
          :Bob/Gay will not move out.
          :3/5/F: my lawyer advised me to let them stay until 3/31.
          :Ken/Nanci/Robin, and I to Tijuana, to eat at Victor's.
          :3/7/Su: Ken parents in San Diego; went to Vacation Village, then
          :to Jo's.  Flirted with Julie, but offended by Rolf's Donna.
          :3/8/M: lawyer said Bob/Gay will move out 3/31.
3/12/1982 :Fr-San Diego/San Felipe.  Left with Rolf, Donna, Laurie to
          :San FELIPE for catamaran races.
          :3/13/Sa: Rolf hurt his foot; I carried him to doctor's. . .
          :3/14/Su: strong winds terminated the race; we looked for
          :stranded pilots.  Left at 7:30pm; tried to sleep off Rt. 8;
          :arrived in San Diego at 3am, after about 266 miles.
3/16/1982 :Tu-San Diego/PLANS.  Bad vibes from Donna, Julie, Laurie.
          :Plans for an astrology book: 1st reference--did it on 6/28/85.
          :GMAT test application for 3/20 returned for mailing it late.
          :Worked (by hand) on April transits--2/21/82: thought of computer
          :Made a list of furniture for my home.
          :Went to Boat Show.  Talked to Yvonne, Belinda.
          :3/22/M: Took trolley to Tijuana (45min) to seek to purchase some
          :things for my home.
3/25/1982 :Th-San Diego->4/1.  Started long term transit projections until
          :3pm on 3/28/Su.
          :Judith called at 4:15am, crying that "Belinda is turning bad."
          :Call from G�lhis: my $10,000 with the Treasury has some problem,
          :which resolved on 3/29/M.
3/29/1982 :Mo-San Diego/Problems.  Judith went to Juvenile Court on account
          :of Belinda--see 3/25.
          :3/30/Tu: Barbara Lavera is my agent, keeping in touch with my
          :tenants Bob/Gay.
          :3/31/W: Rented a car from Greyhound and got stuck at Jucumba for
          :6 hours until the replacement came.
          :March was unsettling . . .
4/1/1982  :Th-IN MY HOME IN LA JOLLA TO 7/11/85: 614 Bonair St. La Jolla,
          :CA 92037: Tel: 714-456-0501.
          :8:20am left motel; Rolf came over and brought me to my home at
          :8:40am.  Met my British tenants at 616 Bonair: Michael and Jean
          :Hughes and daughter Michele (Cap). Their Tel: 619-454-2574.
          :My tel. is in: Bob Bluewater, tenant, fixed the sprinkler
          :system; paid him $42.25.
          :Put in dead bolt locks, fire extinguisher; purchased shelves,
          :study chair, leisure chair.
          :Planets        Locat.Cusps  House   Placidus Cusps  House
          :SU:22Can31      1: 0Vir55    11       1: 0Vir55      11 
          :MO:16Leo37      2: 0Lib55    12       2:25Vir58      12
          :ME: 4Can12      3: 0Sco55    11       3:25Lib20      11
          :VE:20Gem57      4: 0Sag55    10       4:27Sco52      10
          :MR:19Leo33      5: 0Cap55    12       5: 0Cap56      12
          :JU: 8Can00      6: 0Aqu55    11       6: 2Aqu14      11
          :ST: 8Gem21      7: 0Pis55    10       7: 0Pis55      10
          :UR: 3Gem18      8: 0Ari55    10       8:25Pis58      10    
          :NP:27Vir28      9: 0Tau55     1       9:15Ari20       2  <-
          :PL: 4Leo59     10: 0Gem55    12      10:27Tau52      12
          :NN: 6Vir29     11: 0Can55     1      11: 0Can56       1
          :LA JOLLA, CA   12: 0Leo55            12: 2Leo14    
4/3/1982  :Sa-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\SOFA,ETC.  Did yard, kitchen-related.
          :4/4/Su: worked on the front lawn; planted tomatoes, beans,
          :beats, carrots, etc.
          :4/5/M: Bought from Levitz ($789:70) a Mediterranean sofa, love
          :seat, also a Waffle plant.
          :4/7/W: The $9,000 treasury check from G�lhis is in; was worried.
          :Got a Spider plant.
4/8/1982  :Th-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1/RUSSELL.BENNETT.  Russell from Bennett
          :nursery came to look over things; La Jolla Light started.
          :4/9/F: planted Ruby Glow on the front corner of home: azaleas,
          :etc. came too for the steps
4/10/1982 :Sa-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\Heavy 4/12-15.  Began to read W.
          :Manchester's "GOODBYE DARKNESS."  Got Screen doors from Handyman
          :4/11/Su: painted the back of my home, tenants' steps.
          :4/12/Mo: Parents leaving OH for here this morn, driving my roads
          :Bob Bluewater came for a reference.
4/13/1982 :Tu-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\LAW.SCHOOLS.  Yvonne called 9am.
          :NY Law School turned me down.
          :Grubb & Ellis showing the house.
4/15/1982 :Th-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\Parents>4/15-5/5.
          :Parents arrived at 9:18pm.
          :4/16/Fr: drove around in San Diego.
          :A bit paranoid about former tenant Bluewater.
          :OSU Law School turned me down.
          :Working on the house, taking Parents around.
4/18/1982 :Su-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\Parents>4/15-5/5\JUCUMBA\FashionVALLEY
          :Took Parents to Jucumba.
          :4/20/Tu: Mazda inspected for 43,500m.
          :Took Parents to Fashion Valley.
4/23/1982 :Fr-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\Parents>4/15-5/5\PLANTS.  Planted 2
          :bougainvilleas, strawberries, Bottle Plant.
          :4/24/Sa: Planted 2 Lantanas; got Dieffenbachia, Kalanchoe.
4/25/1982 :Su-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\Parents>4/15-5/5.
          :Talked to Belinda about moving in with me: no good. . .
          :The British took Georgio Isl. of Falkland group fr. Argentina.
          :After 15 years the SINAI returned to Egypt.
4/26/1982 :Mo-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\Parents>4/15-5/5/TIJUANA. Took Parents
          :to Tijuana, Avenida Revolucion, Playa Rio.  (Mother said it
          :looks like Old Turkey.)
          :Had a fight with Father right after talking to Belinda.
          :Paid Parents $1,000 of $2,000 I had borrowed.
4/28/1982 :We-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\Parents>4/15-5/5\BARRELS.
          :Took Parents to Boat Show at Sea World Marina, planted white
          :bougainvillea, tigrinium, lilium.
          :4/29/Th: got 3 half-barrels for the living room. Parents walked
          :to the Cove.
5/1/1982  :Sa-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\Parents>4/15-5/5\CAMPHOR/ROLF
          :Cut down dry branches on the Camphor Tree.
          :Parents, Ken, Nanci, and I to Hamburgesa, then boat trip.
          :5/2/Su: took Parents to Marina Village, Pt.Loma, Shelter Isl.
          :5/3/Mo: took Parents to Rolf at Campland; rode catamaran: nice.
          :5/4/Tu: spent the $701.43 interest to purchase Belinda's bedroom
          :set and a set for Mother.
5/5/1982  :We-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\Parents>4/15-5/5:ALASKA.
          :After 19 days (since 4/15), Parents left at 5:35am Amtrak
          :to Seattle, on their way to Alaska.
          :I set up Belinda's room and worked on half barrels.
5/8/1982  :Sa-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1.  Ken,Nanci,Rolf came to visit, a
          :difficult cycle with them-- I don't like this house Ken bought!
          :Watched Bruce Lee. Finished W.Manchester's "GOODBYE DARKNESS."
          :Parents on ferry boat to Alaska.
          :Feeling paranoid about Belinda and Judy, Ken, etc.
5/13/1982 :Th-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\TEACHING.  9:35am, began sending
          :teaching applications.
          :Parents back in Seattle from Alaska.
          :Discussed Belinda's custody with Judy.
          :Parents started their Around the World Tour until 5/30: Seattle,
          :SF,Tokyo,Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Delhi, A(gh)ra,Istanbul.
          :5/15/Sa: Cancelled GMAT. Feel exhausted.
5/16/1982 :Su-La JollaMOVING.IN>4/1/SAUDI/FLORENCE.  Idea for a book of
          :Saudi petrochemical investments--worked on this after 12/10.
          :Helping Florence to find a publisher for her book.
5/17/1982 :Mo-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1/BELINDA\B.BLUEWATER.  Cops stopped by
          :for my former tenant Bob Bluewater.
          :Writing job letters (#2:USD).
          :Airfare for Belinda jumped from $148 to $446.
          :Parents on Around the World, leaving for Hong Kong.
5/18/1982 :Tu-La JollaMOVING.IN>4/1/BELINDA.  Feeling down.
          :Made reservations for Belinda for 7/5 to 9/3.
          :Went to Wild Animal Park; someone came for Bluewater.
          :5/20/Th: USD turned me down.
5/21/1982 :Fr-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\TRANSITS\BELINDA\CHAPMAN.  Ed ACosta
          :called from Chapman College in response to me on 5/13: pursue!
          :Finalized invitation to Belinda.
          :Did June Transits by hand . . .
5/22/1982 :Sa-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\BARBARA.MOSELEY/ANN.KADY. drove to LA,
          :Santa Monica, Venice. Like SD better; foolishly fast coming back
          :Interacted with Barbara, my neighbor from 624;
          :saw Ann's daughter Kady, who is a piquant 15.
          :Parents in Bangkok.
5/25/1982 :Tu-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1\FINANCIAL.  Bank problems, switching
          :to the Treasury.
          :Footsteps of a man, dog in vegetable garden, garage lock broken.
          :5/26/W: UCSD turned me down, Chapman College still active. 
          :Paranoia about finances last couple days.  Still working on the
          :house, painting, etc.
          :Parents Bangkok to Delhi.
5/27/1982 :Th-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1:MISFIT/CHAPMAN.  Painted the garage
          :doors.  Sleeping on the mattress.
          :5/28/Fr: caulked 616 windows.
          :12:30p Chapman College called, but I feel a misfit here. . .
5/30/1982 :Su-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1:MISFIT/ROMY.  Still feel uneasy and
          :a misfit here.  Romy Schneider died at age 43.
          :Parents in Turkey after Around the World.  
6/1/1982  :Tu-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1:MISFIT/RENT:$550-$610.  Got vertical
          :blinds; preparing for Belinda: balloons, etc.
          :Asked rent increase to $610 for 616, canceled it next morn.
          :My banker Pat quit today; sent money to the Treasury.
          :Ken and I to Tijuana, also to a whorehouse.
          :Applied for CA car registration.
          :Barbara's husband Mason brought an avocado tree.
          :Belinda called 1st, then G�lhis, then Mother (all Pisces).
6/5/1982  :Sa-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1:MISFIT/ROBIN.  Got a lemon tree; did
          :more yard work.
          :Don't want Yvonne here; thinking of asking Robin, my banker at
          :Home S&L, for a date.
6/6/1982  :Su-La Jolla:MOVING.IN>4/1:MISFIT/LUNAR ECLIPSE, 11:38pm-1:24am.
          :the longest of this century.    (See events of 6/9.)
          :6/8/Tu: thinking of applying to Case Western Law School.
          :Watched "Love is a Many Splendored Thing," from Samsun days. . .
6/9/1982  :We-La Jolla:HELL>6/9.  At 8:08 am, a harmless, well-intended
          :small note I placed on the windshield of the (old grayish) car
          :of a woman, friends of the couple across the street, became a
          :LIVING HELL for me in La Jolla--see Lunar Eclipse on 6/6.
          :Rude awakening and 1st signal this is NOT the place where I want
          :stay. I had dreamed about living in my own place in Calif. when
          :I was Saudi Arabia.  Welcome home, Sirman. . .
          :Very difficult to 6/18, the start of the next crisis: Belinda!
          :ASTROLOGY: Although the 3rd,4th,10th,12th House Points are
          :negative in Transits for June 5 to 7, they improve considerably
          :after the 9th.  Thus the above event is not picked up in the
          :Summary Point Table. However, the detail does.
          :6/ 1:JU (Retro): 1Sco30 R(5/11/3) A179   VE 1Tau18 (11/5/9)
          :....In Other words JUP just entered SCO when I moved to La Jolla
          :....where it is Square my LEO planets, initially Pluto.
          :....AND URANUS has just moved to SAGITTARIUS, opposite my
          :planets in GEMINI, initially Natal Uranus.
          :6/ 4:MR         3Lib29 H(4/10/2) A 89 NATAL   ME:04Can12  ->6/ 8
          :....:VE         4Tau47 H(11/5/9) A 90 NATAL   PL:04Leo59
          :....:ME (Retro) 9Gem46 (12/6/10) A  2 NATAL   ST:08Gem21  ->6/ 7
          :6/ 6:ME (Retro) 8Gem45 (12/6/10) A179    MO 7Sag42 (6/12/4)
          :....:SU        14Gem59 (12/6/10)          Full MO-No Eclipse
          :6/ 8:ME (Retro) 7Gem52 (12/6/10) A 89 NATAL   NN:06Vir29  ->6/16
          :6/10:SU        18Gem48 (12/6/10) A  2 NATAL   VE:20Gem57
          :1. Thus, anticipating the romantic illusion of 6/10 (SU 0 VE),
          :I wrote a note that bombed my reputation (10th House) under
          :retrograde MERCURY 0 SATURN & 90 North Node, and accentuated by
          :the Full Moon where MERCURY is also opposite the MOON.  However,
          :these ramifications were NOT predictable . . .
          :2. Although the rest of the month is very positive, like an
          :accident victim who had a leg amputated a month earlier, once
          :the note became an issue, its ramifications dominated the cycle.
          :3. July is also dominated by the mood after 6/9.  Although it
          :is a + month, it has very negative drops of brief cycles.
6/10/1982 :Th-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\DONNA.  Suffering because of that
          :misunderstood note yesterday.  Called Yvonne in SF for support.
          :With Ken, Nanci, Rolf, Donna to the Gaslight. Ignored Donna
          :entirely for her rudeness on an earlier occasion.
6/12/1982 :Sa-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\KING.KHALED.  Socially on ice since 6/9.
          :Took off to Ocotillo Wells and Mexicali at 9:30pm; lost my watch
          :from Hong Kong (1977).
          :6/13/Su: King Khaled died; Fahd is the king.
          :6/14/Mo: Robin from Home S&L turned me down for dinner, lunch OK
6/15/1982 :Tu-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\LIVE.OAK.SPRINGS/FALKLAND.  Feeling like
          :hell: terminated home sale contract with Grubb & Ellis, Willis
          :Allen next: appraised home at $225,000.
          :Britain defeats Argentina in the Falkland case;
          :Israel attacks Lebanon.
          :6/17/Th: Wrote a note to Larsens but did not mail.
          :7pm to Live Oak Springs to 12mn.
6/18/1982 :Fr-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA.RAN>6/18-27/WHITE.WASH.
          :BELINDA ran away from home with a friend, after calling and tell
          :me at 3pm that she wants to come right away. . .
          :Wrote a "WHITE-WASH" letter to Barb Moseley clear myself of the
          :stigma created by that note I wrote on 6/9.
          :The neighbors began to say hi again but not for long and not
          :everyone.  Spending the nights at the Rest Spot on Rt.8. . .
          :ASTROLOGY (Belinda).  Note that Belinda was under 3 severe
          :influences for the entire month of June (the following on
          :June 1).  On 6/18, the Pluto influence had just passed, but the
          :other two were still active, Neptune causing romantic illusions,
          :Uranus causing restlessness and itchy feet.  It is not difficult
          :to imagine that someone headstrong like her ran away from home
          :on 6/18.
          :PL       24Lib25 H(So: 8/Na: 9) A 89 NATAL   JU:25Can45
          :NP Retro 26Sag 6 H(So:10/Na:11) A 90 NATAL   VE:25Pis44 <-
          :UR Retro 2Sag18  H(So:10/Na:10) A 89 NATAL   SU:01Pis 9 <-
          :And on 6/26 when Belinda was found in TN, AsterPro transits
          :shows both influences over; 2 days later she came to me in LJ.
6/22/1982 :Tu-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA.RAN>6/18-27/BARBARA.VALENCIA
          :Composed a 9-page letter for Belinda and mailed it.
          :Took Barbara Moseley to the Valencia Hotel; she & her husband
          :came for dinner, but to talk me into their daughter Elizabeth,
          :who--a Pisces--sounds a bit problematic.
6/24/1982 :Th-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA.RAN>6/18-27\LETTERS/AL.HAIG.
          :Wrote responses to ads by females in La Jolla Light.
          :6/25/Fr: Secretary Al Haig quit today.
          :Israel bombs Lebanon due the PLO.
          :Falkland crisis is over, Britain on top.
6/26/1982 :Sa-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA.RAN>6/18-27\HARES:UNDP/BELINDA
          :Yvonne Williams from SF called.
          :Also a call from a Mid-East member of the UNDP in New York,
          :supposedly thru HARES, the USC student from Lebanon I met (with
          :Ken Glasburner) at SABIC in Saudi Arabia, who wanted to "HELP"
          :me to secure a position with UNDP. (I think Hares really wanted
          :to pay me back for that skirmish we had in Riyadh.)
          :I predicted that Belinda would call today; she did at 5:15pm to
          :Morgantown.  (I was 2 hours off in the timing.)
6/28/1982 :Mo-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA>6/28.  Belinda arrived in LA on
          :Eastern 67 at 10:20p after running away on 6/18; home at 2am.
          :ASTROLOGY: Consider Belinda as a 4th and 7th House gifts.  Note
          :the SU/JU conjunction of fortune; Venus & Saturn are helpful.
          :NN:13Can46 H(S 1/E 7/L11) 
          :PL:24Lib 8 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A 62 Transit NP:25Sag23 H(S 6/E12/L 4)
          :NP:25Sag23 H(S 6/E12/L 4)
          :UR: 1Sag18 H(S 6/E12/L 4) 
          :ST:15Lib35 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A 59 NATAL   MO:16Leo37 H(S02/E08/L12)
          :JU: 0Sco26 H(S 5/E11/L 2) 
          :MR:11Lib41 H(S 4/E10/L 2) ==>  NATAL   SU:22Can31 H(S01/E07/L11)
          :VE: 2Gem57 H(S12/E 6/L10) P  2 NATAL   UR:03Gem18 H(S12/E06/L10)
          :VE: 2Gem57 H(S12/E 6/L10) S120 Transit MO: 3Lib 0 H(S 4/E10/L 2)
          :ME:14Gem 0 H(S12/E 6/L10) 
          :SU: 5Can60 H(S 1/E 7/L11) A  2 NATAL   JU:08Can 0 H(S01/E07/L11)
          :SU: 5Can60 H(S 1/E 7/L11) A 60 NATAL   NN:06Vir29 H(S03/E09/L01)
          :MO: 3Lib 0 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A 89 NATAL   ME:04Can12 H(S01/E07/L11)
          :MO: 3Lib 0 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A120 NATAL   UR:03Gem18 H(S12/E06/L10)
          :MO: 3Lib 0 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A 58 NATAL   PL:04Leo59 H(S02/E08/L12)
          :MO: 3Lib 0 H(S 4/E10/L 2) : Moon's motion is 12.88 Deg/24H
          :Points by House Affairs & Overall Rating: +25/- 4= 21: Opportune
          :01ST:MAGNETISM;SELFPROJECTION:  8/  0=   8 :Favorable
          :02ND:FINANCES/POSSESSIONS    :  7/ -4=   3 :Promising
          :03RD:MIND/TRAFFIC/COMMUNICATN:  0/  0=   0 :Static
          :04TH:HOME/PROPERTY/PRIVACY   :  8/ -4=   4 :Promising
          :05TH:ROMANCE/CHILD/CREATIVITY:  0/  0=   0 :Static   
          :06TH:HEALTH/PROJECTS/SCHEDULE: 12/  0=  12 :Favorable
          :07TH:INTIMATE TIES/PARTNERS  :  8/  0=   8 :Favorable
          :08TH:CHANGES/INTENSITY/SEX   :  0/  0=   0 :Static   
          :09TH:DISTANT AFFAIR/VALUES/Ed:  0/  0=   0 :Static   
          :10TH:CAREER/SUCCESS/PUBLIC   : 18/ -4=  14 :Favorable
          :11TH:SOCIAL LIFE/HOPES&WISHES:  8/  0=   8 :Favorable
          :12TH:CONFINEMENT/OBSTACLES   : 12/  0=  12 :Favorable
6/29/1982 :Tu-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA>6/28\YVONNE.  Shopping for Belinda:
          :bitched at her for moodiness posture, manners; she took it OK.
          :6/30/We: Belinda called Judy about staying in La Jolla.
          :7/1/Th: Took Belinda to the Balboa Park and the Zoo.
          :7/2/Fr: Over with Yvonne: like Gayle, she cannot be trusted.
          :Ken brought tickets for the Padres game.
7/3/1982  :Sa-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA>6/28/PADRES.  Kens/Gordons,
          :nephews/nieces, Belinda/I went to Padre/SF Giants baseball.
          :Belinda got infatuated with Greg, Julie's 6'6" handsome brother.
          :Julie cleverly took Belinda's seat next to him.  Greg found
          :someone else; Belinda kept peeking at him.
          :We came home at 2am; I lectured her.
7/5/1982  :Mo-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA>6/28/JENNIFER\ECLIPSE.  Took
          :Belinda & Jo's daughter Jennifer to Mexicali and Live Oaks
          :Springs for horseback riding.
          :We came to the rest area for the longest total eclipse this
          :century--Belinda sold me out to Jennifer. . .
          :Still feeling bad about neighbors due to the note from 6/9.
7/6/1982  :Tu-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA>6/28/BLACKJACK.  Feeling better
          :after 10 unstable days.  Spent $100 for Belinda.
          :Belinda & I played BLACKJACK tonight.
7/7/1982  :We-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA>6/28/CLOTHES\SALAMAH.  Spent $365
          :for Belinda at Broadway--yesterday $100.
          :Received letter from SALAMAH dated 6/26, in response to my
          :letter about King Khaled's death on 6/13.
7/8/1982  :Th-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA>6/28/CORONADO\ROLF
          :To Hotel Coronado with Belinda; had our 4th fight, this time
          :about her flirting with Rolf.
          :Felt + in the morn/- afternoon/+ in the eve.
7/9/1982  :Fr-La Jolla:HELL>6/9\BELINDA>6/28\GRUNION.  Ken came over to
          :read my text about the sale of my home.
          :Then he invited us for picnic at the Kubotos in the afternoon,
          :fishing Grunion at Pacific Beach in the eve.
          :Ken said "to hell with your neighbors," the Bonair St. Mafia,
          :as I call them. . .
          :I have felt disorganized since 6/9.
          :Took Belinda to Borrego Springs: she drove about 150 miles.
          :played BLACKJACK.
7/11/1982 :Su-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28\PARTY.  Socially
          :improved with neighbors, 1st time since 6/9.
          :Mason, Barbara's husband talked to me after 15 days or so.
          :Sally Alkala's son Tom invited Belinda to a party.
          :Belinda wants to go back to Morgantown. Poor kid, she is under
          :pressure . . .
7/12/1982 :Mo-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28\BLACKJACK.  Did
          :some yard work after two weeks.  Playing blackjack with Belinda.
          :7/13/T: Belinda started her aerobic classes.  I feel indecisive
          :about everything, to sell or not, etc.
          :Tenants' daughter Michele came to talk to me and Belinda. Went
          :to the Cove afterwards.  Belinda flirted with 2 guys.
7/15/1982 :Th-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA:>6/28\14610 days.
          :I am = 40 years. Some improvements externally, but I still feel
          :volatile.  Yelled at Belinda for playing with cigarette pack in
          :the court yard.
          :Drove to Japatul Rd., watched a forest fire, rode horses,
          :had short cake at home, then orthodontist for Belinda.
7/16/1982 :Fr-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28\ALGEBRA.
          :Belinda wants to go back; talked to Judy in Belinda's presence.
          :I am also teaching her and Michele algebra.
7/17/1982 :Sa-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28\K™FTE/FEMSI.
          :Prepared k”fte and pilaf for the tenants; Mike and Michele came
          :over: nice.  I am undecided about selling the house. . .
          :Femsi visiting with G�lhis.
          :Belinda finished divisions in algebra.
7/18/1982 :Su-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28\SALLY:PARTY-2.
          :Tenants left for SF for a week, Michele is at home.
          :Computing a fair sale price of my home, a major concern for as
          :long as I have been here.
          :At 10pm, Belinda went to a party at Sally's, then to the beach
          :to 12mn. I did not like the look on her face when she returned.
7/19/1982 :Mo-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28\PARTY-3/4
          :Saw Poltergeist, then Belinda went to a dance, this #4.
          :She said she was depressed in the eve.
          :I am still undecided about selling the home.
7/20/1982 :Tu-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28.  Went to the
          :French Pastry Shop in Bird Rock.
          :At 4pm, the bitch to whom I wrote the note on 6/9 came to visit
          :her friends across the street.
          :7/21/We: at 11:30a, placed an in the paper for home for sale,
          :then went to the beach.
7/22/1982 :Th-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28/ROPE\SALLY.
          :Drove 85 miles on Rt. S1, then to the beach, then to Ingrid's.
          :Increased my rope jump to 2,000 counts.
          :7/23/Fr: Belinda and I took Sally to lunch--feeling better about
          :the neighbors, but undecided about keeping the house.
          :Received 3 calls about the house but no follow-up.
7/24/1982 :Sa-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28/PARTY-5
          :Belinda went to a beach party 8pm to 11:30p.
          :I walked at the Pacific Beach, went to the pier: a bit lonely.
          :7/25/Su: A nice day; took Belinda to the Sea World; she was very
          :good today.
7/26/1982 :Mo-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28.  Woke up at
          :4:30am to a heavy day: do not need much sleep the last 3-4 days.
          :Feel angry at Ken for buying this property for me.
          :Received 4 calls on the house.
          :7/27/Tu: talked $245,000 for the house with a prospective buyer,
          :but talk.  Belinda here 1 month.
7/29/1982 :Th-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28\DOG?
          :A heavy day.  I was bitchy at Belinda, because yesterday I had
          :promised her a dog, though I do not want more problems.
          :As usual, she said "but you promised..."
          :Called agent Dick Farrar about the sale of my home; he was not
          :Took Belinda to Hamburgesa tonight; she was nice.
          :The last 1 week or so need very little sleep; sexual urge is
          :dormant too.
          :Ken changed his office to another location.  Saw Ken/Nanci in La
          :Jolla and told them that Rolf should not send me an invitation
          :for his wedding, for I do not like Donna.
          :Invited Sally for lunch to the French Pastry Shop, then got
          :Belinda a dwarf rabbit.
7/31/1982 :Sa-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28\GšLHIS
          :Dick Farrar said this is not a good time to sell my home.
          :G�lhis leaving Columbus today for a visit of California.
          :Attended the SD Water Color Society meeting for G�lhis.
          :Still feeling undecided about my home, no energy.
          :8/2/Mo: Saw "Raiders of the Lost Arc" with Belinda.
8/3/1982  :Tu-La Jolla:BETTER>7/11:INDECISION\BELINDA>6/28\HORSES.
          :Took Belinda and Michele to Rt.79 to practice driving, then rode
          :horses.  Michele is opening up to us.  Had her over again the
          :next day. . .
          :G�lhis & Mike reached Phoenix--they left Columbus on 7/31.
          :Michael/G�lhis/Cavit arrived about 2pm, Mike transferred to
          :Calif. by Bell & Howell.
          :G�lhis had severe pains.  We took her to Scripps Memorial
          :Hospital where she was diagnosed for appendicitis. Lucky!
8/6/1982  :Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis:HOSPITAL>8/5-10\STEREO.
          :Spent $811 for a full stereo set--but playing loud music.  
          :Visited G�lhis at the hospital at 4pm.
8/7/1982  :Sa-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis:HOSPITAL>8/5-10.  A good day.
          :Mike, Cavit, Belinda and I went to Pacific Beach.
          :8/8/Su: G�lhis feels somewhat hurt that we are not staying long
          :during visits.
8/9/1982  :Mo-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis:HOSPITAL>8/5-10\MICHELE.
          :Connected my radio to the stereo set, then to the movies.
          :Belinda practiced driving in reverse gear.
          :Mike's sister Michele called; we talked again after 10 years.
          :(We had met at Gigi/Mike's wedding on 11/12/72 the 1st time.)
8/10/1982 :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis<-Hospital:8/5-10\ANN.KADY
          :Prepared house sale ad for 8/12-18.
          :ANNE, neighbor from across from the street and my newspaper
          :woman, moving from the neighborhood today.  I will miss her
          :15-year-old daughter KADY too.  They were the only decent and
          :earthy people on the street.
          :G�lhis came home from the hospital today--there since 8/5.
8/11/1982 :We-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis.  G�lhis just from the hospital,
          :we stayed at home.
          :8/12/Th: Henry FONDA died.
          :All of us went to the Hamburgesa tonight.
8/13/1982 :Th-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis.  Mother called; she is coming
          :(tomorrow) from Istanbul to help G�lhis recuperate. . .
          :Ordered a futon sofa from Levitz for $235.
          :All of us went to Coronado and Mexico.
8/14/1982 :Sa-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis/MOTHER.  Mother delayed in NY.  I am
          :dismayed that I have spent a lot last couple of days: $1,603.
          :8/15/Su: Mother arrived in LA at 12:05pm; by 1pm I began
          :to feel heavy and without energy.
8/16/1982 :Mo-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis/MOTHER\PROPOSAL.  Mike read my
          :proposal to him about the house.
          :2 other people called about the house.
          :8/17/Tu: Mike left for LA.  I pruned the 2nd hibiscus tree.
8/18/1982 :We-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis/MOTHER\TIJUANA.  Picked up cast iron
          :shelves from Rodriguez in Tijuana and set the display items.
          :Went for a picnic at the Vacation Isl., Michele too, and took an
          :hour-long boat ride.
          :Saw Barb Mosley's daughter Elizabeth coming home, a knockout:
          :like Anne, G�lhis, Belinda, she is a Pisces too...
8/19/1982 :Th-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis/MOTHER\POTHOS.  Feel much better since
          :Gigi came, even better since Mother arrived.
          :8/20/Fr: Drove to Borrego Springs with Anne & G�lhis (not
          :Hanged the pothos plant from the ceiling.
8/22/1982 :Su-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis/MOTHER\POTHOS.   Stayed at home and
          :pruned the tomatoes.  Did the wash with G�lhis.
          :Feeling heavy but not depressed. . .
          :About a year ago this time I had written a note to Kathleen at
          :SRI and had also regretted it.
          :8/23/M: Had an urge to buy a HP-41C hand computer, but no.
8/24/1982 :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis/Cavit/Anne.  APPLE II+. Mother's gift:
          :we purchased it for $2,400 at Computer Age at 1pm--see 2/21.
          :This is officially also the birth of AsterPro, my astrology
          :software, which I translated to IBM on 1/8/1988.
          :ASTROLOGY: Note below the significant improvements in all
          :points, especially: 3rd=mental, 6th=projects/detail,
          :8th=concentration/immersion, 9th=philosophy/learning, and
          :12th=hidden phenomena/release from feeing confined from 8/24
          :to 8/25, equivalent to 8/24 1pm, when I got the computer.
          :There is also much less entries in the diary after this date,
          :indicating: 1) total immersion in the computer
          :............2) all else is secondary now...
          :This is all under the 11/27/81 Jupiter in Scorpio umbrella,
          :under which I began astrology research/software, which I
          :continued later under Saturn then Pluto in Scorpio until 1996.
          :NN:10Can45 H(S 1/E 7/L11) 
          :PL:24Lib50 H(S 4/E10/L 2) 
          :Retro!= NP:24Sag19 H(6/12/4) S 90 Transit ME:24Vir28 H(3/9/1)
          :UR: 0Sag40 H(S 6/E12/L 3) A 90 Transit SU: 0Vir31 H(S 3/E 9/L12)
          :ST:18Lib54 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A 59 NATAL   MR:19Leo33 H(S02/E08/L12)
          :JU: 4Sco55 H(S 5/E11/L 3) A 90 NATAL   PL:04Leo59 H(S02/E08/L12)
          :JU: 4Sco55 H(S 5/E11/L 3) A 58 NATAL   NN:06Vir29 H(S03/E09/L01)
          :MR:12Sco17 H(S 5/E11/L 3) A 91 Transit VE:11Leo40 H(S 2/E 8/L12)
          :VE:11Leo40 H(S 2/E 8/L12) ==>  NATAL   MO:16Leo37 H(S02/E08/L12)
          :ME:24Vir28 H(S 3/E 9/L 1)
          :SU: 0Vir31 H(S 3/E 9/L12) 
          :MO: 3Sco 2 H(S 5/E11/L 3) A119 NATAL   ME:04Can12 H(S01/E07/L11)
          :MO: 3Sco 2 H(S 5/E11/L 3) : Moon's motion is 12.59 Deg/24H
          :Points by Affairs & Overall Rating:+ 8/-23= -15: Eventful!  8/24
          :Points by Affairs & Overall Rating: + 7/- 9= -2: Caution!   8/25
          :01ST:MAGNETISM;SELFPROJECTION:  0/ -5=  -5 :Caution!    0    + 5
          :02ND:FINANCES/POSSESSIONS    :  5/ -2=   3 :Promising   3    =
          :03RD:MIND/TRAFFIC/COMMUNICATN:  3/-41= -38 :Chaotic!   -7    +31
          :04TH:HOME/PROPERTY/PRIVACY   :  3/ -5=  -2 :Caution!    3    + 5
          :05TH:ROMANCE/CHILD/CREATIVITY:  3/ -8=  -5 :Caution!   -7    - 2
          :06TH:HEALTH/PROJECTS/SCHEDULE:  0/-15= -15 :Eventful!   0    +15
          :07TH:INTIMATE TIES/PARTNERS  :  0/  0=   0 :Static      0    =
          :08TH:CHANGES/INTENSITY/SEX   :  2/-12= -10 :Eventful!   0    +10
          :09TH:DISTANT AFFAIR/VALUES/Ed:  0/-15= -15 :Eventful!   0    +15
          :10TH:CAREER/SUCCESS/PUBLIC   :  3/  0=   3 :Promising   3    =
          :11TH:SOCIAL LIFE/HOPES&WISHES:  3/ -8=  -5 :Caution!   -7    - 2
          :12TH:CONFINEMENT/OBSTACLES   :  2/-27= -25 :Agitated!   0    +25
8/27/1982 :Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/G�lhis/Cavit/Anne\AppleII>8/24.
          :Belinda went to school orientation at 1:10pm.
          :I gave the finishing touches to my 1st APPLE program:
          :total immersion...
          :8/29/Su: Ingrid BERGMAN died.
          :8/30/Mo: The PLO is moving out of Beirut
9/3/1982  :Fr-La Jolla/Belinda\AppleII>8/24/ROLF.DONNA.  7:25am, Mother,
          :G�lhis and Cavit left for Columbus, OH; I did house work.
          :Rolf/Donna got married today; I did not go; Rolf came yesterday.
9/4/1982  :Sa-LaJolla/Belinda\AppleII>8/24.  Took Belinda to Panikkin cafe
          :By the eve, I had AsterPro is producing monthly cycles for me,
          :but the houses are not yet arranged--which worked fine on 8/7.
          :Good with Belinda last couple of days.
9/6/1982  :Mo-LaJolla/Belinda\AppleII>8/24:1st.Transits.  Belinda (in LJ
          :since 6/28) registered at LJ high school.  School Tel. 454-3081.
          :9/8/We: 1st TRANSIT output by ASTER for 9/7-19.
          :Sleep 5 hr/day, am alert, hyper.      Last day ST Lib 60 N:MO/MR
9/10/1982 :Fr-LaJolla/Belinda\AppleII>8/24.  Upon impulse, I called General
          :Dynamics for a job application.
          :Working full-time on my program ASTER.
          :9/13/M: 1:15pm call from UNDP for a job prospect.
          :Belinda began the 9th grade at La Jolla High School.
9/14/1982 :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/Apple.2>8/24.  Mailed my resume to UNDP.
          :GRACE Kelly and (I believe) John GARDNER died today and GEMAYEL
          :of Lebanon was assassinated.
          :I am having chest problems, tightness which continued to 9/24.
9/15/1982 :We-LaJolla/Belinda\AppleII>8/24.  OK with Belinda, except for
          :occasional arguments. Start of ST Lib 90 N:Su to 9/30.
          :Sober but not depressed, though some worry about spending too
          :much.  Lack of energy and some pains.
          :9/17/Fr:  Started Daily Predictions (text).
9/22/1982 :We-LaJolla/Belinda\AppleII>8/24.  Called UNDP about application;
          :not encouraging.  I believe it was an arranged setup by my
          :Lebanese "friend" Hares with whom I had a skirmish in Riyadh in
          :1980. (Dangerous payback to be stationed in Beirut...) 
9/26/1982 :Su-LaJolla/Belinda\AppleII>8/24:LJ Finance.  Argument with
          :Belinda.  ASTER is finished as much as memory allows.
          :Almost finished with my LJ Finance Program, adding a tax routine
          :Worried about job situation, the balloon loan, and sale of house
          :Otherwise nothing is really disturbing.
          :9/28/Tu: still working on LJ Finances/Real Estate Program.
          :General Dynamics turned down my application from 9/10.
9/30/1982 :Th-LaJolla/Belinda:HUSSY\AppleII>8/24.  Belinda dressed like a
          :hussy this morning; signal of problems to come, though this has
          :been the best month with Belinda.
          :ST Lib 90 my Sun, since 9/14, ended today.
10/2/1982 :Sa-LaJolla/Belinda/\AppleII>8/24:CIRCLES.
          :NN Can (1/7/11)   0 my JUP--to 10/24
          :UR Sag (6/12/4) 180 my URA--to 11/ 9.
          :A good day. Worked with Belinda on the computer.
          :Listened to John Denver, Glenn Campbell, Platters. . .
          :Finished my Circles program.
          :Chancellor SCHMIDT of Germany out; Helmut KOHL in.
          :NN: 8Can41 H(S 1/E 7/L11) A  1 NATAL   JU:08Can 0
          :NN: 8Can41 H(S 1/E 7/L11) S 90 Transit ME: 8Lib58 H(S 4/E10/L 2)
          :NN: 8Can41 H(S 1/E 7/L11) A 90 Transit SU: 8Lib29 H(S 4/E10/L 2)
10/4/1982 :Mo-LaJolla/Belinda/M.ATWELL.   Took a bottle of wine to Marilyn
          :Atwell, the divorcee across the street--she just moved in.
          :Tenants left for SF for interview. I have ominous feelings that
          :they want to move. . .
10/5/1982 :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/MICHELE.  Invited Michele over for dinner and
          :as friend for Belinda; Belinda was bitchy.
          :10/6/W: NN: 8Can28 (S 1/E 7/L11) A 58 NATAL NN:06Vir29 to 11/20.
          :10/7/Th:Stock Market broke all records.
          :Astrology (at 0-Hour GMT on 10/8/82)
          :NN: 8Can22 H(S 1/E 7/L11) A  0 NATAL   JU:08Can 0
          :NN: 8Can22 H(S 1/E 7/L11) A 58 NATAL   NN:06Vir29
          :NN: 8Can22 H(S 1/E 7/L11) A 89 Transit VE: 7Lib25 H(S 4/E10/L 2)
          :PL:26Lib22 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A 59 Transit NP:24Sag33 H(S 6/E12/L 4)
          :NP:24Sag33 H(S 6/E12/L 4) A 61 Transit ST:23Lib51 H(S 4/E10/L 2)
          :UR: 2Sag 3 H(S 6/E12/L 4) A179 NATAL   UR:03Gem18
          :UR: 2Sag 3 H(S 6/E12/L 4) A 59 Transit ME: 3Lib21 H(S 4/E10/L 2)
          :ST:23Lib51 H(S 4/E10/L 2)
          :JU:12Sco59 H(S 5/E11/L 3) 
          :MR:12Sag32 H(S 6/E12/L 4)
          :VE: 7Lib25 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A 89 NATAL   JU:08Can 0
          :VE: 7Lib25 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A119 NATAL   ST:08Gem21
          :ME: 3Lib21 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A120 NATAL   UR:03Gem18
          :SU:14Lib23 H(S 4/E10/L 2) 
          :MO:18Gem26 H(S12/E 6/L10) A 61 NATAL   MR:19Leo33
          :...Moon's angular motion is 14.12 Deg/24H
10/9/1982 :Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/MOSELEY.  Met Mason Moseley.  He and Barbara
          :came over, and Michele.  Picking up socially.
          :Barb Moseley: 619-454-4943.
10/10/1982:Su-LaJolla/Belinda/LARSEN.  Neighborhood got together due to
          :burglary at Larsens.  I did not go and was cold to Larsens for
          :the vigilante work after that note after 6/9.
          :Donna and Ralph came over.
10/11/1982:Mo-LaJolla/Belinda/MARGARET/TRANSIT-2.  Until 10/19 felt drained
          :and was rough on Belinda.  She went out with Margaret 2nd time.
          :Produced the 2nd Transit output: 10/11 to 11/2.
          :SATURN 24 Lib (10/1/2) 60 Transit. Nep 24 Sag (12/3/4) to 10/22
          :URANUS  6 Sag (12/2/4) 90 my Node to 10/24. 
          :NODE    8 Can (7/10/11) 0 my Jupiter to 11/1.
          :(Houses here are: Natal, Local, Solar to 9/25/83.)
10/12/1982:Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/MARGARET\CARMEN.  A good day; played 3 tapes
          :of Carmen.  Idea came about an astrology book and ads.
          :10/13/We: A heavy day; energy down, perhaps for not sleeping
          :good last night.  Finished the Horoscope program.  Reading
          :Heinlein's "THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST."
          :MR:15Sag23 H(S 6/E12/L 4) A119 NATAL MO:16Leo37 and on 10/13.
          :URANUS 2 Sag (12/2/4) 180 my Uranus, to 11/12 => Home, Finances
10/14/1982:Th-LaJolla/Belinda.  Hyper-hyper today; could not sleep decently
          :the last 2 nights.  Also was rough on Belinda.
          :Things better in the eve.  Michele stayed with us tonight.
          :10/15/Fr: day began OK; I worked on Machine Language, etc.
          :But things got heavy again by noon; I felt guilty for having
          :been rough on Belinda, perhaps even to show off--that I am
          :disciplined with her--to the tenants.
          :My former tenant B.Bluewater's truck is across the street again.
          :Bad vibes for 2 hours.
10/16/1982:Sa-LaJolla/Belinda.  Belinda, Michele, and Margaret went out.
          :Running a household is a drain on finances; thinking of a job.
          :10/17/Su: Mixed day.
          :MR:18Sag60 H(S 6/E12/L 4) A119 NATAL   MR:19Leo33
          :MR:18Sag60 H(S 6/E12/L 4) A 60 Transit VE:18Lib40 H(S 4/E10/L 2)
          :VE:18Lib40 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A 59 NATAL   MR:19Leo33
          :ME: 5Lib14 H(S 4/E10/L 2) S 60 NATAL   PL:04Leo59
          :SU:23Lib18 H(S 4/E10/L 2) : New MO @ 0Hr 4Min GMT:No Eclipse        
          :The New Moon is Square my Sun. 
10/18/1982:Mo-LaJolla/Belinda. A heavy day again.  Want to sell my home...
          :10/19/Tu: was reasonably good day, but energy still down.
          :Worked on the chapter headings for my book--the idea on 10/12.
          :After a short nap at 5pm, I got up feeling ominous about the
          :neighborhood. . .
          :Astrology of Heaviness . . .
          :MO:9LIB56 SU:22LIB18  ME:4LIB23 VE:17LIB25 MR:18SAG16 JU:14SCO39
          :ST:24LIB49  UR:2SAG26 NP:24SAG43 PL:26LIB42 NN:7CAN56
          :1. Uranus is opposite my Uranus, since about 10/2 => Restless...
          :2. Jupiter forms a square to my Moon.
          :...JU:15Sco18 H(S 5/E11/L 3) A 89 NATAL MO:16Leo37 to 10/26.
          :3. Mars is about to form an opposition to my Venus.
          :4. Mercury square my Mercury; Sun square my Sun.
          :Note: On AsterPro output, my points dropped from +23 to -15 on
          :19th to +2 on 20th -14 on 21st to +5 on 24th, mixed to 11/9.
          :AsterPro is trying to pick up the cycle, but there is
          :interference.  Since I am closely associated with Belinda and
          :the neighbors at this time, their charts and personalities are
          :intermingling with mine.
10/20/1982:We-LaJolla/Belinda/TIMEX\SIGNS.  Belinda woke up late.  She has
          :been leaving half hour early, coming from school half hour late
          :since she met Margaret on 9/30 or so.
          :Got 2 Timex WATCHes, for Belinda and me.
          :JUPITER 15 Sco (11/2/3) 90 my Moon, to 10/28 => Belinda Problems
          :10/21/Th: The day started a bit better; finished housework by
          :8:15am.  Belinda likes her new watch.
          :Feel apprehensive about the neighborhood.  Want to sell, but
          :real estate market is down . . .
10/22/1982:Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/MARGARET.  A so so day.  Belinda said "I'm
          :going to have my last BAD weekend. . ." 
          :Father called from Columbus.
          :Margaret is spending the night with us.
10/23/1982:Sa-LaJolla/Belinda/HELLOs-IMAGE.  The girls are having a good
          :time, but Belinda spent too much.
          :Met Margaret's mother, a Cancer; met Harrises and talked to them
          :David Singer said hello, I nodded.  The neighbors are opening...
          :Marilyn from across the street came.
          :I may have been rude to Michele . . .
10/24/1982:Su-LaJolla/Belinda/FRISBEE.  Belinda, Michele, and I played
          :Frisbee outside.  Barb Moseley showed me her house . . .
          :SATURN 26 Lib (10/1/2) conj. PLUTO, to 11/27 => Frustration
10/25/1982:Mo-LaJolla/Belinda/CIGARETTE.  Wanted to buy clothes for Belinda
          :but nothing at Broadway.
          :After a month of very nice weather, 2 days of rain.
          :Found a pack of cigarettes in Belinda's purse.  She got a
          :couple of spanks.  Then we had a nice talk.  She promised that
          :she will not smoke in school.  She demands lots of energy. . .
10/26/1982:Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/CHART.  Belinda's transit chart is supposedly
          :improving; thus weaknesses may bloom.
          :She got caught smoking in school and, I learned on 11/2;
          :she also cut school on 10/20 and 10/21, a message said.
10/27/1982:We-LaJolla/Belinda/CLOTHES.  Up at 4am; did chores.
          :Had an argument with Belinda about Judy's negligence, for not
          :sending the box with her clothing.
          :MR:26Sag20 H(S 6/E12/L 4) A 89 NATAL   NP:27Vir28 and on 10/28.
          :Got clothes for Belinda at Broadway ($350), an ET for Margaret.
10/28/1982:Th-LaJolla/Belinda/BAD.VIBES.  Gave Margaret her ET--negative
          :vibes about her.
          :Invited Margaret's mother to dinner, but she does not want to
          :come: I was annoyed--and a bit paranoid about neighbors. . .
          :Finished my LJ (financial) program.
          :ASTROLOGY (Start of Difficult Cycle for Belinda).  Belinda's
          :Transit chart for Oct. shows the start of a difficult cycle on
          :the 12th, also when she met Margaret, until Oct. 26.  Note the
          :aspects below on 10/21 (and 10/22) when she cut school: Pluto
          :was determined, Mars to Uranus impulsive, Neptune deceptive to
          :Natal Venus but romantic to transiting Venus, and Saturn causing
          :frustration with me, school, confinement...
          :PL:26Lib54 H(S 8/E 9/L10) P 16 Transit SU:27Lib16 H(S 8/E 9/L10)
          :NP:24Sag49 H(S10/E11/L12) A 91 NATAL   VE:25Pis44
          :NP:24Sag49 H(S10/E11/L12) A 61 Transit VE:23Lib40 H(S 8/E 9/L10)
          :UR: 2Sag41 H(S10/E10/L11) 
          :ST:25Lib26 H(S 8/E 9/L10) A 90 NATAL   JU:25Can45
          :ST:25Lib26 H(S 8/E 9/L10) A  2 Transit VE:23Lib40 H(S 8/E 9/L10)
          :MR:21Sag55 H(S10/E11/L12) A 89 NATAL   UR:23Vir17 H(S07/E08/L09)
10/29/1982:Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/HOMECOMING\VIBES.  Having bad vibes about
          :Belinda; I think she is pulling a fast one on me, arranging
          :dates during school hours?  Her math dropped from A to B.
          :Homecoming and Belinda's first dance at La Jolla High School.
          :I am having financial concerns, primarily due to the balloon
          :payment I must pay soon.
          :Daydreamed about Gayle, ETC.  Unlike Sep., Oct was so so. . .
10/30/1982:Sa-LaJolla/Belinda\TENANTS?  The day has not started good.  Feel
          :as if my tenants want to move to SF.  I am spending too much,
          :with the balloon payment due soon.
          :Felt better after 11am.  Started ASTRO pgrm. from ASTER.
10/31/1982:Su-LaJolla/Belinda\TAPES/HALLOWEEN.  DST time adj at 2am on 11/1
          :Someone stole my red lawn chair in the morn.
          :Belinda said she wants to meet guys.  I said no; she is not
          :ready yet...  We had a skirmish, but was OK later.
          :Sometime about this time prepared 2 music tapes for Belinda...
11/1/1982 :Mo-LaJolla/Belinda/DISCO\WORRIES.  Day began all right.  Did not
          :do any computer work; instead began taping DISCO music.
          :Talked to Parents about coming here; they are reluctant. I am
          :worried about them, G�lhis, Belinda, myself . . .
          :JU:18Sco 6 H(S 5/E11/L 3) A 89 NATAL MR:19Leo33 to 11/8.
          :MR: 0Cap 2 H(S 7/E 1/L 4) ==>  NATAL SU:22Can31
11/2/1982 :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/CALL.  The period since 6/9 had been BAD.
          :9:15am call from High School: Belinda cut classes on 10/20 and
          :10/21.  Belinda said "all a mistake . . ."
          :Finished my disco tape.
          :Listened to Belinda talking to her friends on the phone last
          :night: she sounded so nice and mischievous. . .  I LIKE HER.
11/3/1982 :We-LaJolla/Belinda/LATIN.  A good day; Belinda OK?
          :Mars moving to 5th House: feel romanic about Gayle, ETC.
          :JUPITER 19 Sco (11/2/3) 90 my Mars, to 11/10 => Belinda Problems
          :11/4/Th: Another call from school: Belinda was chewing gum in
          :math class.  I sent a card to Mrs. McAllister, the Vice
          :Principal.  Mrs. Mendosa called: Belinda not attending her PE
          :class is now cleared.
          :Belinda lost her purse in school, also $65 retainer for teeth.
          :Started to tape selected LATIN music; indecisive about house...
11/5/1982 :Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/RULES.  Stayed up to 4am to write about the
          :natal chart erection process in ASTER.
          :Belinda left 20 min before the time we had agreed: at 7:45am.
          :She may be meeting someone. . .
          :11/6/Sa: had another argument with Belinda for getting up
          :in a bitchy mood.  Set new house rules for her.
11/7/1982 :Su-LaJolla/Belinda/BIOLOGY.  Mood down but I feel stable; a
          :cloudy Sunday . . .
          :The tenants are keeping Michele from Belinda, probably because
          :she is doing no no things behind the scenes.
          :Writing about how to derive the Ascendant from Sidereal time
          :into ASTER--began on 11/5.
          :Good with Belinda until she told me she has a C going in Bio,
          :and a test due tomorrow.  So we studied 9:30 to 11pm.
11/8/1982 :Mo-LaJolla/Belinda/MARIE.  Got up at 6am to prepare Belinda for
          :her Biology exam.
          :While cutting branches off the Camphor tree, Marie, next-door
          :neighbor D.Singer's girlfriend, came out and told me to talk to
          :David first.  Pissed me off.
11/9/1982 :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/D.SINGER\PINCUS.  After the exchange with
          :Marie yesterday, spent the day composing a letter to neighbor
          :David.  Felt better in the eve.
          :Pincuses called.  I had induced them to see La Jolla for their
          :retirement; they are coming in Dec to see the place.
          :URANUS 3 Sag (12/2/4) 120 my Pluto, to 12/11, BUT Sat 0 Pluto,
          :Jup (11/2/3) 90 my Mars, Node (7/9/11) 180 to Mars (1/3/5),
          :Sun (11/2/3) 90 my Moon.
11/10/1982:We-LaJolla/Belinda/BARB.MOSELEY\MAGGIE/USSR.  Finalized letter
          :to David Singer.  Barb Moseley talked me into taking out some
          :of the eccentric stuff.  Then I mailed it.
          :Looked for places for Pincuses to stay.
          :Met the guy who left his car in front of my place for 3 days.
          :Belinda is staying with Margaret tonight: 1st night out.
          :No school tomorrow.
          :President Leonid Brezhnev of USSR died at 8:30am Moscow time; he
          :will be replaced by Yuri Andropov on 11/12.
11/12/1982:Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/START+CYCLE.  Felt heavy most of the day;
          :better in the eve.  Preoccupied with the D.Singer letter of
          :Ken came for a visit: nice & congenial.
          :Belinda went to a football game; came back with Margaret.
          :Yuri Andropov takes over in USSR, after Brezhnev's death 11/10.
          :11/13/Sa: Talked to Nanci after 9 or 10 weeks-- :re: the RAPE
          :NN: 6Can27 H(S 1/E 7/L11) A  2 NATAL  ME:04Can12 to 12/25
11/14/1982:Su-LaJolla/Belinda/D.SINGER.  David Singer came over about my
          :letter of 11/10.  Felt very good; I was good; he was nervous.
          :Drove Belinda and margaret to Ocotillo Springs.
11/15/1982:Mo-LaJolla/Belinda/CHAPMAN. Interest rates are down to 9.625% on
          :my Jumbo.  Called Chapman College about a teaching job. (Cash
          :flow is a major worry.)  Also thinking of General Dynamics, TRW,
          :and Gibraltar S&L.
11/16/1982:Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/CYCLE Up.  Feeling positive, perhaps the 1st
          :time since 6/9.  Went to bed at 10:15pm last night, woke up at
          :3am.  Now I don't even want to sell the house; try jobs. . .
          :Applied to TRW.
          :JU:21Sco25 H(S 5/E11/L 3) A119 NATAL SU:22Can31 to 11/24, but
          :NOT vis-a-vis Belinda. . .
11/17/1982:We-LaJolla/Belinda/PACE/RESUME.  Slept at 12mn; up at 5:30am:
          :productive, also about jobs. Started my resume on APPLE.
          :Football strike is over after 57 days.
          :PACE (Chapman College) returned my call from 11/15.
          :Called Mexican Consul General for an interview.
          :11/18/Th: Some things going on behind the scenes with Belinda.
          :I feel she is up to no good. . .
          :Parents may be coming by 11/27.
11/19/1982:Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/FRIENDS.  Woke up thinking of Semra.
          :Raining since last night, but I feel good.
          :The short version of my Resume, pages 1-7, are done.
          :Belinda brought over 3 friends and Margaret; she is staying over
11/20/1982:Sa-LaJolla/Belinda/FRIENDS.  Woke up after about 5.5 hours of
          :sleep with bad vibes about Belinda: she acts addicted to friends
          :again. . .  Curiously, she is nice when I tell her a firm "NO,"
          :even after fights.  (We did have big fight after I dropped off
          :People across the street are having a garage sale.  Moving?
          :Called Maxine about selling my home; she said March better. . .
11/21/1982:Su-LaJolla/Belinda/RESOLUTION!!!  Woke up not feeling good; cash
          :flow on my mind.  Must borrow from Parents.
          :Allowed Belinda to the beach for 3.5 hours.  They fought because
          :she went to the store and came 40 min. later.
          :11/22/Mo: Reached a resolution with Belinda: strict but not
          :forbidding.  When I am nasty on her, it bothers me more. . .
          :Applied to ARINC; Parents decided to come on 11/30, not 11/27.
11/23/1982:Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/FOREIGN.MUSIC\MELINDA.  Taped European/World
          :music; finished my long resume I began on 11/17.
          :Since yesterday, Belinda's friendship with Melinda has moved up
          :a notch, though I am not certain if she is better than Margaret.
          :11/24/We: Tomorrow, Belinda has Thanksgiving recess to 11/30.
          :Updated LJ program to include Parents, loan to them, taxes, and
          :updating expenses for tax savings.
          :Belinda & Margaret out with some guys tonight.
11/25/1982:Th-LaJolla/Belinda/THANKSGIVING\TENANTS.  Upon impulse, invited
          :my tenants over for a fine evening.  First took Michele with us
          :to Denny's.  Then cooked together, drank champagne, saw my
          :albums, talked, watched "Hill Street Blues."
          :Jean said "you are very nice.
          :Cautioned Belinda against Margaret; she is getting closer with
          :Melinda.  ARINC from 11/22 turned me down.
11/26/1982:Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/PIPE.  Trying to switch to pipe; Belinda
          :suggested that I smoke JACATA, like cigarettes...
          :Fight with Belinda again.  She said she and Melinda were going
          :to the movies; they did not.  She called and told me at 10:30pm.
          :I got pissed off.  Why does she have to lie?  To get her
          :attention, I pulled her hair.
11/27/1982:Sa-LaJolla/Belinda/LAVERA\MELINDA.  Belinda is staying with
          :Melinda tonight--2nd time out.
          :11/28/Su: Read about my former agents Lavera having sold for
          :7.5 million this year.  I may talk to them tomorrow.
          :Preparing for Parents arrival on 11/30.
          :Idea that I should make something of the Saudi stuff as a
          :reporter, etc.
          :NEPTUNE 26 Sag (12/3/4) 90 my Neptune, to 1/28/83 => Failure:
          :on 2/13/83, failed with Belinda, sent her to Morgantown.
          :UR: 4Sag59 H(S 6/E12/L 4) A 89 NATAL NN:06Vir29--note 4th House.
          :.......SATURN in Transition into Scorpio until 5/7/1983.
          :........It turns retro on 2/13/83, direct on 7/1/83.
          :SATURN enters SCORPIO permanently on 8/24/83, to 11/17/85.
          :SCORPIO is my Solar  5th House of Creativity, Children, Romance
          :..............Natal 11th House of Hopes & Wishes, Friends  
          :...........USA West  3rd House of Plans, Teaching, Mental
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :SCORPIO, it is SQUARE to my 3 planets in Leo: Pluto, Moon/Mars,
          :BUT TRINE to my 3 planets in Cancer: Mercury, Jupiter, and Sun.
          :For me, this cycle marked the beginning of my new life in
          :(somewhat) uncharted waters.  This cycle covers my life in
          :La Jolla after Belinda left to when I left Calif.  on 7/15/85,
          :my stay in NY until 10/27/85, to Morgantown, WV and Sharon
          :whom I met on 11/11/85.  2 days later, Saturn left Scorpio...
          :1) Location 3rd House of Teaching.  I started to teach, first
          :with the Navy then with UCLA and several other schools. In fact,
          :the call from the Navy came on 12/29/1982, a month after this
          :Saturn Cycle began.  I offered classes until I left California.
          :2) Solar 5th House of Children.  My daughter Belinda and I did
          :not get along.  She did not come home 3 nights.  I had warned
          :her the 2nd time that the next time she would be back with her
          :mother.  This was not punishment.  If she insisted in getting in
          :trouble, I would have relatively safe in Morgantown than lost in
          :LA.  Belinda left for Morgantown on 2/12/83, the day Saturn
          :turned retro.
          :3) Solar 5th House of Romance and Fun.  As would be expected
          :from an active Scorpio House, this was a most promiscuous cycle
          :in my life.  I dated former students, women real estate agents,
          :almost any attractive woman who crossed my path.
          :4) Solar 5th House of Creative Work.  I had started astrology
          :under Jupiter in Scorpio Cycle on 8/24/82, when Jupiter was   
          :Trine my Mercury.  I continued this impetus under Saturn in
          :Scorpio, and then Pluto in Scorpio until 1996.  The basics of
          :my astrology research was done in this period, including the
          :Point System I developed for Transits and Relationships.  And
          :I finished my 1st book in astrology "Astrology of Relationships"
          :on 6/28/85 in La Jolla.                        11/17/1985 Next!
11/30/1982:Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents. Parents arrived in La Jolla 11:03pm
          :Unlike Oct., this month was stable and purposeful, except for
          :emerging problems with Belinda, the balloon payment due on the
          :house, and general restlessness and the desire to be somewhere
          :else, like NY, perhaps partly due to Uranus in Sag and after
          :12/26, Jupiter also in Sag, the sign of itchy feet.
12/1/1982 :We-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/SAUDIs\RENT+.  De La Madrid takes
          :office in MEXICO.
          :The month began with the idea to write a book or article about
          :Saudi petrochemical investments: activated this on 12/14.
          :Letter to tenants for reimbursing me for plumbing bills and
          :the new disposal, PLUS rent increase.
          :Took Parents around to the various beaches.
12/3/1982 :Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/MELINDA.JENNI/MARGARET\ILL>12/4-20.
          :Belinda stayed over with Melinda tonight.
          :12/4/Sa: Invited Melinda and her sister Jenny for dinner; they
          :turned it down.  So invited Margaret instead.  She stayed over.
          :Belinda had a haircut.  I feel weak from something. . .
          :JU:25Sco35 H(S 5/E11/L 3) A 58 NATAL NP:27Vir28 to 12/15.
12/6/1982 :Su-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/MELINDA.JENNI\FIGHTS
          :My weakness continues.  This time Belinda & I fought over
          :Melinda, for they make Margaret look good.  It seems karma will
          :not let me win this situation.
          :12/7/Mo: Since 12/4, I am ill.
          :Yesterday & today prepared Belinda for her Biology exam: Ch.6+7.
          :PL:28Lib38 H(S 4/E10/L 2) A 89 Transit MR:27Cap28 H(S 7/E 1/L 5)
12/8/1982 :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/BIOLOGY\JEAN/ILL>12/4-20.
          :This was a nice family day.
          :12/9/We: My illness from 12/4 is a little better.
          :JEAN came over to talk to Father; Michele got a new scooter.
          :Good talk with Anne; a nice family day.
          :Began a proposal to NY Times about Saudi investments.  (The
          :idea came to me first on 5/16.)
          :Belinda out with Michele.  Things appear fine for now . . .
          :Had a fight with Belinda about her manipulative and devious
          :ways, and the fact that she cannot be alone--needs friends
          :The secrecy agreement with S. Arabia is a concern about the
          :article I want to write about Saudi investments. . .
          :Got up feeling very groggy; I think Neptune (in 12th) 90 Neptune
          :Finished my Saudi article to be mailed tomorrow.
          :Then I had to spend the whole day dealing with Belinda.
          :When she says she is out with Melinda, I think she is seeing a
          :guy, his name BLAIN.
          :12/14/Tu: mailed proposals to NY Times and Time.
          :11:15pm, Belinda left to visit her mother in Morgantown.
          :12/17/Fr: since 9:15am, tel. rings but no one on line.  Is it
          :for Belinda?
          :Mr. & Mrs. Pincus, our neighbors from Waynesburg, came for visit
          :(They had called me in Nov. that they would.)  It was like
          :old times.
          :Indeed, they settled down in La Jolla on account of my
12/18/1982:Sa-LaJolla/Parents/GšLHIS\OPEC/ILL>12/4-20.  Mike & G�lhis may
          :be moving to Calif after all.
          :12/19/Su: Feeling very bad: still (since 12/4) have cold, feel
          :weak, have upset stomach.
          :Woke up at 2am, drove to 7/11 at 3am to get some things: bunch
          :of bums there, and someone damaged my car.
          :Signs that OPEC is in trouble: the benchmark price of 34/bbl is
12/20/1982:Mo-LaJolla/Parents/ILL>12/4-20\GšLHIS.  No calls from NY;
          :instead, from G�lhis: they are coming to Calif.  But Mike won't
          :share in my property.
12/21/1982:Tu-LaJolla/Parents/J.WEBB\San.FELIPPE.  Sent an application to
          :12/23/Th: Jack Webb died.
          :12/24/Fr: OPEC is suffering from world recession.
          :Took Parents to San Felippe, Mexico; stayed overnight; brought
          :back an ocotillo.
          :Formally met Elizabeth (Pisces) from next door.  Her mother
          :(Barbara) wants us to marry.
          :Planted the ocotillo from Mexico--it is still alive with G�lhis.
          :12/27/Mo: NY Times responded to my application of 12/17.
          :12/28/Tu: called NY Times in response.  Began to work on the
          :article to 1/3/83.
          :JUPITER enters SAGITTARIUS - final until 1/19/1984.
          :My Solar  6th House (from 0 Cancer) of Projects
          :My Natal 12th       of Confinement, Restrictions, Limitations
          :USA-West  4th       of Domestic Affairs
          :Sagit. stands for higher learning/teaching.  This is when I
          :began teaching.  It also represents restlessness, travel, why I
          :felt an urge to sell my home, to move to LA, NY, etc.
          :Call from PACE for a class in Finance with the Navy: 8 weeks for
          :$860.  Fine.
          :This call started my career as an instructor until June 1985.
          :12/31/F: with Parents.
1/1/1983  :Sa-LaJolla/Parents/PACE\INSTRUCTOR/NY.TIMES>12/10.
          :3-4am, finished 1st part of NY Times article on Saudi
          :investments.  Then, cleaned the yard & lawn.
1/2/1983  :Su-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE/NY.TIMES>12/10\C.FULLER.
          :Call from Ken & Nanci: Carol Fuller died.  (I had slept with her
          :in SF 8/9/81.)
          :Belinda back from Morgantown 3:10pm.
          :1/3/Mo: Finished and mailed the 2 parts of the NY article.
1/4/1983  :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/NY.TIMES>12/10.
          :1/4:SATURN 3 Sco (11/1/3) 120 my Mercury, to 3/27.
          :1/5:URANUS 7 Sag (12/2/4) 180 my Saturn,  to 3/14.
1/6/1983  :Th-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/NY.TIMES>12/10\PACE:1st CLASS,NAVY
          :Finished part 3 of the NY Times article.
          :The 1st Chapman College class with the NAVY.
1/7/1983  :Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\NY.TIMES Done.
          :Mailed Part-3 (last) of the NY Times article on Saudi
          :investments today--have been working on this since 12/12.
          :Thinking of Copyrighting my software--did later in 1983.
          :Working on 1982 taxes.
          :Belinda is staying with Margaret since I am also dismayed about
          :Melinda and her sister Jenni.
          :JUPITER 2 Sag (12/2/4) 180 my Uranus, to 1/16.
1/8/1983  :Sa-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\TO-THE-MOVIES.
          :After spending last night with Margaret, Belinda was with her
          :for the day.
          :In the eve, Belinda, Margaret, and Greg (Marilyn's son) wanted
          :to go to the movies.
          :She did not call after the movie;  I drove to La Jolla Village
          :Center to look for them;  they were drunk, singing songs.
          :Brought them back at 12:10am; called Margaret's mother; she
          :came and took Margaret home; I slapped Belinda.
1/9/1983  :Su-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\ESCAPE-1
          :After last night's incident at the movies with Margaret & Greg,
          :at 10am, Belinda was still not out of her room; I went in.
          :Belinda ran away from home at about 2am, removing a screen from
          :a window.
          :Called Margaret, Melinda, police.  Belinda called at noon. She
          :was with Melinda and her parents.  She spilled that I slapped
          :her--and later found out also other invented stuff.
          :She came in the eve.
          :Neptune 90 my Nep, Uranus 180 my Ura, Venus & Mercury 90 Saturn,
          :Jupiter 180 my Ura.
1/10/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\OMINOUS.
          :Woke up at midnight with ominous feelings about Belinda.  Then
          :I remembered that I too was a late bloomer, but . . .
          :Had another fight with her about being late tonight.
          :1/7-10 were difficult. . .
1/11/1983 :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\+CYCLE/WPL
          :Got up feeling better this morn., grateful that Parents are
          :there to lend support to Belinda/Me.
          :1/12/We: Wrote my 1st WPL Program on APPLE Writer.
1/13/1983 :Th-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\BRASS.BED
          :Last one week nice and warm weather; I feel tight.
          :Belinda is off school today.
          :Mike arrived in LA with his furniture and my stuff from storage
          :in Columbus.
1/14/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\BARB.LEE
          :Melinda's mother Barbara stopped over for 3 hours--I think to
          :check me out.
          :Then I took her and the girls to the Spaghetti Factory.  They
          :are nice but the quality of my tenant Michele--who is dull.
1/15/1983 :Sa-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\NANCI/PALOMAR
          :Nanci called from Scripps Hospital; I said I'll come tomorrow.
          :JUPITER 2 Sag (12/2/4) 120 my Pluto, to 1/26.
          :1/16/Su: drove Parents & Belinda to the Palomar.
          :Decided not to call on Nanci.
1/17/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\ORTHOPEDIST
          :Belinda attended Melinda's birthday party.
          :Then, I took her to an orthopedist for back support.
          :SATURN 3 Sco (11/1/3) 90 my Pluto, to 3/10.
1/18/1983 :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\STUDIO.OVER.GARAGE
          :Idea in the morn. about a studio over my garage.  Called David
          :Singer, my neighbor the architect about it.
          :Got a traffic ticket on my way from class today.
          :Mars 1 Pis 180 my Local Asc. at 0 Vir 55.  (Significant?)
1/19/1983 :We-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\FIGHT.W.FATHER
          :A bad day: out of the blue, had a fight with Father.
          :Mars 1 Pis 180 my Local Asc. at 0 Vir 55.  (Significant?)
          :Found out that Belinda is not attending her classes.
          :Completed the design of my studio over the garage--from 1/18--
          :but selling the property may be a better idea.
1/20/1983 :Th-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\BELINDA.ILL
          :Belinda has a cold or something; did not go to school; she
          :slept on the futon in my studio, I on the floor.
          :My energy is also down these days.
          :David Singer called about my studio over the garage: will cost
          :about $50-60/sq.ft: not feasible. . .
1/21/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\BELINDA.ILL>1/20
          :On 1/15, I thought of employing Belinda as my secretary. Indeed,
          :she has been typing my Astro report inputs.
          :My energy is also down these days.
          :Had a 2nd fight with Father--1st on 1/19.
1/22/1983 :Sa-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\PASSPORT/PINCUS.
          :My 2nd passport, the one used since 1/23/78 in Jiddah, expired
          :today.  It had my best photo on it.
          :1/23/Su: the Pincuses stopped by today.
1/24/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/Belinda/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\FIGHT.NEW-START
          :Had another fight with Belinda, almost sent her to Morgantown.
          :Had a long talk with Judith; Mother talked to me, reminding me
          :also of my moods. . .
          :Belinda suggested a new start.
          :Working on LMT--Local Mean Time--in ASTER.
1/25/1983 :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda:NEW>1/24/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29
          :Worked on ST--Sidereal Time--in ASTER.
          :Sometimes I think of moving to Canada, Belinda too. . .
          :1/27/Th: Barb Lee stopped over.  We talked about Belinda.  Then,
          :I took them all to the Ming Garden restaurant.
1/28/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/Belinda:NEW>1/24/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\CLOTHES.PARTY
          :Got lots of new clothes for Belinda; $400.  She is going to her
          :1st college party with Melinda & Jenni.
          :Barbara & I shared a pie and coffee. . .
1/29/1983 :Sa-LaJolla/Belinda:NEW>1/24/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\HEALTH/ASC
          :Health not good for the last 2 weeks or so.
          :Discouraged about the NY Times article I worked on since 12/12,
          :sent on 1/7.
          :ASTER, completed the ASC computations for Lat > 55 degrees.
1/31/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/Belinda:NEW>1/24/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\SHOGUN/CITELLI
          :Shogun on TV for 12 hours to next Friday--had read it on 7/4/76.
          :Robert Citelli told me I should teach another finance class with
          :the NAVY.
2/1/1983  :Tu-LaJolla/Belinda:NEW>1/24/Parents/PACE>1/6\P.CASEY/NY.TIMES
          :Looking for a dog for Belinda.
          :Had a little problem with Barb Lee about Belinda' excessive
          :2/2/We: Peter Casey of Chapman College gave me more addresses
          :for teaching positions: 2/3: wrote to NS, NTC, National Univ.
          :Wrote to John Lee about my NY Times article from 1/7.
2/3/1983  :Th-LaJolla/Belinda:NEW>1/24/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\DOG
          :Got Belinda a very nice mixed-breed DOG from her class mate.
          :2/4/Fr: Paid $40 for the SHIFT-KEY adj. on the APPLE.
2/5/1983  :Sa-LaJolla/Belinda:NEW>1/24/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\ESCAPE-2.
          :Karen Carpenter died at age 32.
          :Belinda left home 8pm; did not return.
          :She has Neptune square her Saturn.
          :JUPITER 7 Sag (12/2/4) 180 my Saturn, to 2/23 => Impasse.
          :2/6/Su: she called at 4pm; came home at 8pm.
2/7/1983  :Mo-LaJolla/Belinda:NEW>1/24/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\FIGHT/FEMSI.
          :Feeling heavy, ominous about Belinda.
          :2/8/Tu: Big fight with Belinda; almost did not go to class.
          :Called Femsi at 3am there and talked to 6am on 2/9.
          :Maxine called about the house.
          :NEPTUNE 28 Sag (12/3/4) 180 my Saturn, to 2/23.
2/9/1983  :We-LaJolla/Belinda:NEW>1/24/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\FEMSI.CALL
          :Femsi called Belinda and talked a log time.
          :JUPITER 7 Sag (12/2/4) 0 Uranus, to 3/7 => Freedom, Expansion.
          :2/10/Th: another small skirmish with Belinda, but now she
          :realizes that I will send her back if she continues this way.
          :ISRAEL: Defense Minister Sharon was fired today.
2/11/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/Belinda:NEW>1/24/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29/ADULT
          :Carnival in Rio starts at 8pm.
          :2/12/Sa: The year of PIG starts.
          :I almost sent Belinda to Morgantown after learning that when
          :Belinda said she was spending the night with Melinda, she was
          :not; she was with a guy. . .  This shot the whole day.
2/13/1983 :Su-LaJolla/Belinda:NEW>1/24/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29/ESCAPE-3.
          :Belinda ran away again, for no reason, except to be with a
          :Asked Judy to send me a telegram today, asking me officially to
          :send Belinda back to her.  I rather have her relatively safe in
          :Morgantown than "lost" in LA . . .
2/14/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29/VALENTINE's DAY MASSACRE.
          :Barb Lee saw Belinda--somewhat doped--in a red convertible,
          :stepped in front of the car, took Belinda out, and brought her
          :home at 12:30pm.
          :I checked Belinda out of La Jolla high school.  Barb and I took
          :her to the airport for the 11pm flight to Pittsburgh.
          :Saturn  (retro) 4 Sco (11/1/3) 120 my Mercury.
          :Jupiter 3 Sag (12/3/4) 0 Uranus, since 2/9 did its thing.
2/15/1983 :Tu-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29/POST-BELINDA>2/14\PETS.
          :By 10am, Belinda's room was sanitary.  I am sad, sad, sad. . .
          :I hope she'll be fine. . .
          :I took her pets, the dog and a dwarf rabbit, to the Humane
          :Society. The dog sensed it on the way and began yelping.  I felt
          :really bad, not knowing if the dog would be adopted again or
          :2/16/We: G�lhis coming next Wed; Femsi perhaps in 2 weeks.
          :Spent some time with Barbara and Mason.
          :Signed up for a 2nd class with PACE.
2/17/1983 :Th-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\POST-BELINDA>2/14\RENT.SIGN
          :Talked to Belinda; she has no regrets, neither do I: a major
          :pleasure became a major hindrance; now I am released.
          :Put up a "For Rent" sign on 2/15; a Saudi student and a young
          :couple stopped by, but found the rent too steep.  Dropped the
          :rent from 825/950 to 700/800.
2/18/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\POST-BELINDA>2/14\RENT.SIGN
          :Have been feeling very down last 10 days.
          :2/19/Sa: home may be rented for $750/mo; will know next Tuesday.
          :(He did not show up on 2/22.)
          :2/20/Su: Belinda 16.
2/22/1983 :Tu-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\POST-BELINDA>2/14\FLIGHTY.
          :Belinda is still a worry, but I also feel flighty, free.
          :Lost interest in ASTER, Book, etc.  Now I feel imprisoned. The
          :house meant something with Belinda; now it is unwanted marriage.
2/23/1983 :We-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\POST-BELINDA>2/14\GšLHIS/PEMEX.
          :Saw Esteban Morales, the Mexican Consul General about a job.
          :Spent time with Barb lee and the girls.
          :2/24/Th: sent an application to Pemex in Mexico.
          :G�lhis arrived from Columbus, Mike from LA.
2/25/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\POST-BELINDA>2/14\GšLHIS>2/24.
          :Mike & G�lhis took Mother to LA; stayed alone at home.
          :Tennessee Williams died at age 71.
          :2/26/Sa: Queen Elizabeth arrived in S.Arabia.
2/27/1983 :Su-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\POST-BELINDA>2/14\GšLHIS>2/14.
          :Offered my home again to G�lhis & Mike, but now G�lhis does
          :not want to.
          :Has been raining the last 3 days.
          :Now the balloon payment on the house is the major concern.
2/28/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\GšLHIS>2/14\RENT.
          :A heavy day.  Belinda started Univ. high school in Morgantown.
          :Announced a rent increase to 616.
3/1/1983  :Tu-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\GšLHIS>2/14\$50,000\FEMSI.
          :Signed for a $50,000 load from Parents for the balloon payment
          :due on 4/14.
          :Femsi & Gary may be divorcing.
3/2/1983  :We-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\GšLHIS>2/14\REHAB/PACE.
          :It has been raining for the last 5 days.
          :3/3/Th: 9am call from REHAB--had applied 2 days ago--for an
          :interview at 10am next Tuesday 3/8.
          :At 10:30am, signed up for 2 classes with PACE.
          :Felt good until the eve; then called Belinda: she sounded doped.
3/4/1983  :Fr-LaJolla/Parents/PACE>1/6-4/29\GšLHIS>2/14\NY.TIMES/PARENTS.
          :Parents and G�lhis are returning to Columbus at 11:35am.
          :They helped immensely, with Belinda, with the balloon payment.
          :Ny Times article of 1/7 was turned down.
          :Waiting for Chapman College security clearance at the naval base
3/5/1983  :Sa-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\BANKERS.
          :Called brokers for an estimate on the house: they said $249,000;
          :rent for the front unit $700-725; the 616 rent of 3/1 is fair.
          :3/6/Su: cleaned the house of Belinda stuff, feeling heavy.
          :Listened to the tapes I made for Belinda, feeling heavier.
          :Still hoping that Mike & G�lhis will move in here.
3/7/1983  :Mo-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\USS.DIXON:MATH/JUDY.BELINDA
          :3:30pm, 1st class on USS Dixon: mathematics.
          :Mother called at 8:25pm; then, at 8:30pm, Barb & Melinda invited
          :me for tea.  Dressed nicely for it.
          :3/8/Tu: 9:45am, REHAB interview: made a mistake mentioning job
          :possibility in Mexico.
          :Judy & Belinda seem to be fighting badly; Belinda going down the
          :tubes in Morgantown. . .
3/9/1983  :We-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\BARB.MELINDA.JENNI/BELINDA?
          :Obtained Dept. of Defense decal for parking at the naval base--
          :I am teaching on USS Dixon & Dubuque.
          :Confused about selling or not selling my home.
          :Barb and the girls came for pizza: also looked at my albums...
          :Barb & I are figuring out a strategy for Belinda returning...
3/10/1983 :Th-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\USS.DIXON/Mrs.REED\ALBUMS.
          :Mrs. Reed of Caldwell Bankers said she may have a sale by Sunday
          :I asked for $239,000, less than estimated.
          :Finished redoing the 1978 Album; started the 1982 Album.
3/11/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\USS.DIXON.DUBUQUE\FATHER/RAPE?  Talked
          :to Father about Belinda on the phone this morn.
          :He said I should cut active interaction with her until she shows
          :signs of change.
          :She is so unstable that we fear she may do weird things, like
          :even accusing me of statutory rape, if I live alone with her.
          :Talked about this to Barb too, then suspected that Belinda may
          :have already told something like that to them.
          :Anyway, the idea on 3/9 about having Belinda return here is OUT.
          :Melinda stopped by--this is the 2nd Capricorn in 2 days.  She
          :may have a crush on me.
          :I am confused about how to proceed with my life.  I initiated
          :everything I could, but only PACE is working.
          :Jumped rope outside for a long time; then had a picnic also
          :outside.  Nice 2 days, but things are dormant.  
          :Kathleen, whom I had met at my barber Al's place on 3/11, did
          :not show up, nor Melinda--both Capricorns.
          :But,Sally's daughter, the high school chick up the street makes
          :noise with her heels to let me know she is coming. . .
          :Mailed letters to Tenneco in London, Price Waterhouse in Sydney
3/15/1983 :Tu-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\USS.DIXON.DUBUQUE\SALE.NOT
          :PACE lost its contract with the Navy.
          :N.NODE 29 Gem (7/9/10) 180 Neptune 29 Sag (12/3/4), to 4/20
          :(This aspect caused much confusion about the sale of home, etc.)
          :3/16/We: 3/21-5/1 looks bad for Belinda.  Wrote a long letter to
          :her.  Watched "GONE WITH THE WIND" last 2 nights.
          :Sent a job letter to Ethiopia.
3/18/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\USS.DIXON.DUBUQUE.  A good day.
          :Signed sale contract on the house.
          :Wrote to PACE and the International Univ.
          :URANUS (retro) 9 Sag (12/3/4) 180 my Saturn, to 5/29 =>Obstacles
          :3/19/Sa: Sally's daughter Marenna is wooing me last 2 weeks.
          :Barb Lee stopped by; her daughter Melinda is showing herself.
          :Michele asked me for an interview as a test; gave her my resume.
3/20/1983 :Su-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\NATAL>3/21-4/1\MICHELE/BELINDA
          :Gave Michele an interview as a text, but she was wooden.
          :Played Oxygen, Latin, Belinda tapes.  Felt nostalgic.
          :Called Belinda: she is dating a Jeff and her former Tony, who
          :once beat her up for sex.
          :3/21/Mo: expanding natal delineation in ASTER.
3/22/1983 :Tu-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\BELINDA/NATAL>3/21\HAIR/CARAVAN\SALLY
          :Woke up dreaming about Gayle.
          :Loosing hair: made appointment at the Scripps Clinic for Friday.
          :Wrote another letter to Belinda.
          :Since 3/21 working on natal delineations.
          :3/23/We: beautified the house for the caravan today.
          :Met Sally's son Chris; her girls are flirting wit me.
3/24/1983 :Th-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\NATAL>3/21-4/1\BELINDA/TONY
          :Has been raining for a few days.
          :Wrote another long letter to Belinda--also on 3/22.
          :Met Sally's older son Tony; pretty smart and informed guy; his
          :sister Marenna in high school is sexy--mixed Latin.
          :Natal text done, now aspects. . .
3/25/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\NATAL>3/21-4/1/MARENNA\HAIR
          :10am, to Scripps Institute for my hair.
          :Made love to Sally's daughter Marenna, only 16 but a sexpot.
3/26/1983 :Sa-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\NATAL>3/21-4/1:POINTS/LARSEN-1
          :Yesterday was a better day; Mr. Larsen, an older neighbor,
          :formerly with the Flying Tigers, stopped by.
          :My natal points are faulty--discarded points for natal, but OK
          :for transits and relationships.
          :The International Univ. turned me down.
3/27/1983 :Su-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\NATAL>3/21-4/1/LARSEN-2
          :Barbara Moseley asked me for a chart for her daughter Elizabeth.
          :Larsen stopped by again: I think he is apologizing for the
          :ugliness of the neighborhood on 6/9/82 and thereafter.
3/28/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\NATAL>3/21-4/1/ONE-MISERABLE-YEAR IN LJ
          :Dull but very productive last 10 days.  Working on Natal Aspects
          :Thinking of hair transplant and also orthodontic work.
          :3/29/Tu: Sent job applications: 2 to London, 1 to Qatar.
          :Applied for the APPLE convention in Anaheim for 4/15-17.
          :3/31/Th: Completed one year in La Jolla: purposeful, miserable.
4/1/1983  :Fr-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\NATAL>3/21-4/1/JEAN.CANCER
          :6:30am: the newspaper in tenants box taken, but no rent check.
          :Michael was taking a photo of the Camphor tree.  ARE THEY
          :MOVING OUT--as I felt since February?
          :4pm, rent check in.  Jean had a Cancer operation; I returned
          :$40 to them, effectively cancelling the rent increase of 3/1.
4/2/1983  :Sa-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\MOON.STOP>4/2-12\LARSEN.
          :Finished the Natal works: delineations, aspects; now Transits.
          :The Moon computations (?) in ASTER Transits stopped the works.
          :4/3/Su: polished the natal for me and Belinda.
          :Larsen came visiting again: nice old chap.
          :4/4/Mo: felt exhausted today, but Finished transits too...
4/5/1983  :Tu-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\MOON.STOP>4/2-12\BARB.SETUP
          :Mailed job letters to Asian Dev. Bank--2nd--and East-West.
          :Barbara stopped by to invite me for dinner, the girls too.  I
          :have a feeling this is a setup--I think she is about to divorce.
4/6/1983  :We-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\MOON.STOP>4/2-12\MARENNA.NOTE\StateFarm
          :The daughter of Sally the divorcee, a high school student,
          :left a color page with a message on it on the front lawn.
          :4/8/Fr: Spent the date to prepare a letter to State Farm
          :complaining about my premiums.
4/10/1983 :Su-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\MOON.STOP>2-12\COUPLE.ACROSS,SALLY:OUT
          :First the couple across, in the duplex, to whose friend I had
          :written the note on 6/9, have split up; the woman moved out.
          :Harrises are not visible, Barbara even less.  (I believe Larsen,
          :one of the elders here, who has been visiting me often, accused
          :the neighborhood of being vigilantes after 6/9).
          :Suddenly Sally and her family moved out too.
4/11/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\MOON.STOP>4/2-12\BARB.DIVORCE/MICHELE.
          :Barb Lee announced she and her husband might be divorcing.
          :(I had suspected this when she invited me for dinner on 4/5.)
          :Fixed the problem in ASTER--since 4/2.
          :4/12/Tu: submitted Michele's astro analysis--not very good--to
          :my tenants.  It was tactless--apologized on 4/13.
4/14/1983 :Th-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\PAID.BALLOON:$47,128.08;THANKS PARENTS.
          :11am, got rid of one of the sorest things in my life: paying
          :off this loan with the $50,000 from Parents on 3/1.  And I
          :will be paying $74/mo less.
          :Mailed job letters to NES, NTC, Japan.
4/15/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\APPLE.CONF>4/15-17.
          :Attended the APPLE Conference in Anaheim.  Bought an 80-cc card,
          :but it did not work with color monitor.  Took it back.
          :4/16/Sa: Got a 16K card for Merlin assembly lang. & book.
          :None worked; took them back on 4/17.
4/17/1983 :Su-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\TOM.KARLA.  The Astrology program I
          :ordered arrived; mine much better.
          :4/18/Mo: Got the computer fixed.
          :Socialized with Larsen and Barb Lee and the girls.
          :The guy up the street, Tom and a girl Karla--a Pisces--visited;
          :looked at my albums--I do not know if he wanted to fix me up
          :with her.
4/20/1983 :We-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\EPHEMERIS.  Working on Sun in ASTER.
          :2/22/Fr: 2:20am, finished the ephemeris for 1890-1999: nice;
          :2:15pm, finished Sun Ephemeris; 6:30pm the Sun is finished.
          :4/23/Sa: started the Moon Ephemeris.
4/24/1983 :Su-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\GANDHI.  Saw the movie Ghandi today.
          :Everything seems frozen:
          :(Uranus 8 Sag (12/3/4) 180 my Saturn has been on for some time.)
          :4/25/Mo: 1 of 2 classes on USS Dixon finished.
          :Barb said that because I asked them to go to see Ghandi
          :yesterday, her husband Rob thought I had something going with
          :her.  (She may have thought of planting an idea in my head.)
4/26/1983 :Tu-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29\MICHELE/BELINDA.  Finished the Moon
          :Ephemeris--working since 4/23.
          :USS Dubuque wants me for a stat class.
          :Michele is acting warmer.
          :4/27/We: missed classes today.
          :Belinda called.  She won $20; I thought she wants $20 and got
          :pissed off at her, turning her off.
4/28/1983 :Th-LaJolla/PACE>1/6-4/29.  Finished my class on USS Dubuque.
          :Reply from East-West in Hawaii--had applied on 4/5.
          :4/29/Fr: Finished with PACE classes.
          :4/30/Sa: JUP 9 Sag (12/3/4) 0 URA => Expansion, to May.
5/1/1983  :Su-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\LARSEN/"I AM DEVASTATED."
          :Larsen came to visit.  I told him I was devastated about
          :Belinda's departure on account of what the neighborhood had
          :done after 6/9.
          :He took it heavily. . .  Barbara stopped by.
5/2/1983  :Mo-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\PARENTS to TURKEY: Thanks. . .
          :I woke up with the idea of preparing an article for 60 Minutes,
          :publicizing my neighborhood.
          :Uranus  (retro) 8 Sag (12/3/4) 180 my Saturn, to 5/29=>Obstacles
          :Jupiter (retro) 9 Sag (12/3/4) 180 my Saturn, to 5/19=>Delays
          :Node           27 Gem (6/9/10)  90 my Neptune,to 5/15=>Illusion
          :5/3/Tu: Parents leaving for Turkey--they saved me with $50,000.
5/4/1983  :We-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\LARSEN:VINDICATED.
          :Got up this morn and thinking that I hurt the feelings of Larsen
          :on 5/2, by telling about how Belinda had to leave on account of
          :the ugliness by the neighborhood after 6/9/82.  I wanted to
          :make up, not dump on him a guilt trip.
          :He acted as if he knew not what I was getting at, BUT since I
          :talked to him on Sunday (5/1), the neighbors are avoiding me,
          :i.e., they feel guilty.
          :The idea from 5/2, of writing an article about American
          :neighbors is no good; instead, I should write it as a comedy.
          :5/7/Sa: Feeling heavy: want to go some place, but no place to
          :go.  Then Yvonne called from LA at 4:30pm.  Decided not to go.
5/8/1983  :Su-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\LAST:YVONNE in LA.  Called Yvonne last
          :night at 11:30pm to see her today.
          :Michael drove me to there.  She was a little hurt and bitter,
          :but I tried to make up.
          :Saw her the last time, for 1/2 hour.
          :Then, Mike and I walked 2 to 3 hours in Venice, the Coast Blvd.
5/9/1983  :Mo-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\KEN/ANN.ROBBINS.  Feeling restless and
          :heavy.  Ken called to invite me for Nanci's birthday tomorrow:
          :I declined.
          :Then my old neighbor Anne Robbins called.  I got the birthdates
          :of her kids: Kady, Ellen, Jimmy.
          :5/10/Tu: worked all day on 3 astro reports on Anne's kids.
          :ADB job (4/5) in Manila turned me down, thanks to Urs Sieber.
5/11/1983 :We-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\BARB.LEE/BELINDA.OUT.UNIV.HS.  Feeling
          :very disorganized and dull, have chest pains--Saturn?
          :Barb Lee called and came over with Jenny.  We went out; then
          :Jenny left, leaving us alone.  I think it was a setup.
          :Response from Japan to my application of 4/5: "overqualified."
          :Belinda was thrown out from Univ. High School today.
5/13/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\JUDY/KEYS\MRS.HARRIS.  Talked to Judy
          :about Belinda for an hour.  She will get my house keys from
          :Belinda.  Then I talked to G�lhis for 3 hours.
          :Then I saw Barbara Moseley and Mrs. Harris.  Apparently they
          :were disturbed about what I told to Larsen on 5/1.
          :Barbara said "you are lying."  It pissed me off.
5/14/1983 :Sa-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\BELINDA.LETTER.  Working on the house
          :and yard; the plumbing fixed; I feel imprisoned. . .
          :Wrote a letter to Belinda: 1) I love you very much, 2) I am
          :where you are heading, 3) I am helpless to help you, 4) I am
          :hurt, 5) I hope things work out for you in the end.
5/16/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\DIANE.SHERWOOD.  3 parties stopped
          :about the house, one seemingly interested--nothing!
          :Barb Lee apparently talked to Diane Sherwood about house sitting
          :She is a nice but confused person.
          :I still do not fit here. . .
5/17/1983 :Tu-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\SIREN/PANIKIN\ELIZABETH.  At 1:04am,
          :fire sirens woke me up, to 2 am.
          :10:30 to 11:45am, went to the Panikin cafe, then to the beach.
          :Elizabeth stopped by outside; talked about her marriage.
5/18/1983 :We-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\BELINDA/PANIKIN\56,250 Miles.
          :Talked to Belinda; she received my letter of 5/14.
          :Went to the Panikin again, then to the beach.
          :Had the car checked for 56,250 miles.
          :Saw 2 gorgeous girls at Penney's; got pissed off.
5/19/1983 :Th-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\ROLF/JEAN/SPICE FACTORY. A cloudy day.
          :Rolf stopped by, I thought somewhat forlorn--marital problems?
          :Took Jean to the Spice Factory, then to Panikin.
          :For a week now, I have been updating the LJ (Financial) pgrm.
5/20/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\PANIKIN/BEACH\MELINDA.  Went to the
          :Panikin again, then to the beach.  Want to socialize, but feel
          :imprisoned and tight.
          :Saw Melinda at the beach. . .
          :Spent the night to write a letter to Ken, that I want out.
          :5/21/Sa: SAT (Ret) 26 Lib (10/1/2) 0 PLU (Ret) =>Obstacles
          :While I was rope jumping, Karla, the girl I 1st met with Tom on
          :4/17, passed by.  She wanted to stop and talk to me; I
          :discouraged it, primarily because I thought the neighbors may be
          :arranging this.
          :Or I am suffering from paranoia, whatever.
          :Met the Gemini across the street.
          :Then Tom came by with the other Pisces, this one a blond.
          :Then Barb Lee's Scorpio friend came by and said she'll stop by
          :later.  This was a good Sunday. . .
5/23/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\HEAVY.  Still feeling heaviness in the
          :chest.  Saw Gemini coming home early this morn.
          :Showed the house to a German lady.
          :Jenni stopped by for 5 min; Michele waved.
          :Watched a Jackie Kennedy movie and thought of Gayle.
5/24/1983 :Tu-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\BARBARA.SEJNOSKI.  While sleeping on
          :the carpet in the studio and looking at the Ephemeris for 1950s,
          :I saw Barbara's Sejnoski's birthday after 11 years: a Gemini.
          :Decided to write a letter to her, which evolved into a story.
          :5/25/We: I called her at home and talked to her: she is divorced
          :and has no kids.  Ah nostalgia...
5/26/1983 :Th-LaJolla/PACE->CTC:5/27\Kathleen VOIGT.  Kathleen came over in
          :the eve.  I let her read my letter to Barbara (5/24).  She liked
          :it.  Worked all night on it.  She left at midnight.
          :My chest feels congested and tight, for some days now.
          :Start of Better Cycle: 5/24-26
          :SATURN  (R) 28 Lib (10/1/2) 60 NEP (R) 28 Sag (12/3/4), to 7/18
          :Cloudy outside for about a week now.  Finalized the letter to
          :Barbara I have been working on since 5/24 and mailed it.
          :Gave a copy to my tenants--though I do not know why, like the
          :"Pascal" letter in 1990 about Sharon.
          :Talked about an hour to Belinda and G�lhis about the letter.
          :Gary's mother died at home, Femsi taken care of everything, just
          :when Femsi, etc. were moving to Annandale, VA.
          :2:30pm, letter from Central Texas College: 2 classes on
          :USS Dubuque.
          :5/28/Sa: Now I am disturbed for sending the letter. . .
5/29/1983 :Su-LaJolla:BETTER>5/27/CTC>5/27\DUEL.AT.PANIKIN
          :Michael came visiting from LA, bringing brownie...
          :Challenged the Karate instructor at Panikin to a match.
5/30/1983 :Mo-LaJolla:BETTER/CTC>5/27\PISCES'.DIVORCE.  G�lhis called, to
          :tell me that Memdush, Semra's sister and our next-door neighbor
          :in Istanbul, is divorced from Ilhan.
          :5/31/Tu: Barbara Sejnoski received my letter from 5/28?
          :Registered for the 2 CTC classes I am teaching.
          :Ran out of gas at Rt.52 exit in the afternoon. . .
6/1/1983  :We-LaJolla:BETTER/CTC>5/27\ASTER1/TIJUANA.  Heavy days.  Working
          :on the Moon in the signs in Aster.
          :JUPITER (retro) 5 Sag (12/2/4) 120 my Pluto, to 6/18 =>Expansive
          :6/2/Th: started Mercury.
          :6/3/Fr: drove to Tijuana to get my jump rope fixed.
          :Judy called: Belinda is doing OK for a week. . .
6/4/1983  :Sa-LaJolla:BETTER>5/27/CTC>5/27\DIANA, etc.  Saw Diana.  She
          :came over to talk.  Marilyn was with a nice blond.
          :6/5/Su: Saw Tom & Karla walking down the street.  Asked them for
          :My classes on USS Dubuque start today.  Citelli & I drove to
          :Ocean Beach.
          :Idea came for a book (on astrology?)
          :NEPTUNE 28 Sag (12/3/4) 90 my Neptune, to 1984 => Illusions...
          :6/7/Tu: Spent 6 hours writing a letter to David Singer about his
          :Applied to SPRINT--and have been a customer since then (1996).
6/8/1983  :We-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\DAVID>6/7-7/1\CLASS/NOTE=1YR.OLD
          :At 2pm, mailed David's letter (of 6/7) about his trees.
          :6/9/Th: still hoping that G�lhis & Mike might partner with me...
          :6/10/F: trimmed the Eugenia tree in front of 616; feeling better
6/11/1983 :Sa-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\GšLHIS/CITELLI\DAVID>6/7-7/1
          :2:30pm, David Singer came about trimming the Camphor tree.
          :3/4pm, invited over to the Citellis for dinner.
          :G�lhis called in the eve: their home in Columbus still not sold;
          :Mike is going there in 4 days; they will be here on the 21st,
          :to settle down in LA.
6/12/1983 :Su-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\DAVID.KIDS>6/7-7/1\MICHELE.
          :David Singer, his 2 sons, and I began trimming the border area.
          :Mailed Nathan and Gidon $20.
          :Asked Michele to play Frisbee with me; she did and brought me
          :a cake later--is it love?
6/13/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\NATALIE.WOOD
          :Told Ruth Reed about the ugliness of the neighborhood; she was
          :embarrassed for me and left.
          :Natalie Wood Week on TV: watched "Splendor in Grass."
          :6/14/Tu: watched "Rebel Without a Cause."  Had seen it in
          :Istanbul in 1950s.
          :6/15/We: watched "Sex and the Single Girl."
6/16/1983 :Th-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\MICHELE.GRAD/BARB.DIVORCE?
          :3pm, attended the commencement ceremony for Michele Hughes, my
          :tenant's daughter.  I wished Belinda had worked out so too...
          :After I slept, Barb woke me up at 7:45pm.  Felt heavy.
          :JUPITER (retro) 3 Sag (12/2/4) 180 my Uranus, to 7/4=>Uprooting
          :6/17/Fr: Barb stopped by to complain about her husband and kids
          :this may be onset of divorce. . .
6/18/1983 :Sa-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\DAVID.KIDS>6/7-7/1\IVY/CITY.DUMP
          :With David Singer and the gang: cleaned up the ivy from the
          :border area.
          :Received a musical father's day card from Belinda.
          :6/19/Su: 8:30am to 5pm, cleaned all the ivy, shrubs, etc from
          :the joint property, carried them to the City Dump.
6/20/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\DAVID.NATHAN.GIDON>6/7-7/1\$20.
          :David came over to talk about his estimate for the fence, etc.
          :Wrote a $20 check to the sons, Gidon & Nathanial Singer of my
          :neighbor, for helping out with the fence we built between our
          :properties--it bounced on 6/22.
6/22/1983 :We-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\DAVID.KIDS>6/7-7/1\CONCRETE
          :Mike left for Columbus for their move to Calif.
          :David and I decided on how to proceed.
          :My check to his kids bounced--when I was moving accounts.
          :6/23/Th: Some came for an estimate for the cracked driveway due
          :to the Camphor tree.  David & I will share it.
6/24/1983 :Fr-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\DAVID.KIDS>6/7-7/1\BOARDS.
          :The boards were delivered today.
          :Application from Brunei.
          :1st Sprint call: talked to G�lhis.  They are going directly to
          :LA, including my brass bed, etc. with Gayle. . .
6/25/1983 :Sa-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\DAVID.KIDS>6/7-7/1\FENCE/$30
          :With David, et al. worked on the fence posts, setting concrete
          :foundations, etc.  Nathan is a jackass.  Since my $20 check to
          :them bounced on 6/22, I wrote a $30 check, wondering if by
          :mistake I made it for $300.
6/26/1983 :Su-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\DAVID>6/7-7/1\My.FENCE/FLORENCE
          :Working with David alone, planted 13 Eugenias, replanted
          :strawberries & white bougainvillea
          :Put up a fence also on the side of my house, to Mason's fence.
          :10:45pm, AMNET telephone letter: Florence is coming to SD at
          :10:30pm on 6/29--curiously a year ago on 6/28/82, it was Belinda
          :who is a Pisces whereas Florence is a Virgo, opposite of Pisces.
          :Start of Fine Cycle: 5/24-26 - 6/26->12/6/83
6/27/1983 :Mo-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\SPRINT>6/7\DAVID>6/7-7/1\DRIVE.WAY
          :The broken concrete piece on my driveway was cut today.
          :Mailed the Brunei application from 6/24, also JPL, and R&D.
          :Opened a checking act. at SD Federal.
          :6/28/Tu: the boys next door still did not cash my check...
6/29/1983 :We-LaJolla:FINE>6/29\CTC>5/27\FLORENCE.in.LJ/GšLHIS.in.LA>6/30
          :Borrowed $700 from Parents.
          :Florence in at 10:35pm.
          :6/30/Th: Did not go to class; took Florence to Delmar & Pt.Loma;
          :had lunch at Anthony's;
          :Mike & G�lhis arrived (from Columbus) in LA.
          :MARS -> Cancer; tomorrow Mercury -> Cancer.
          :7/1/Fr: The concrete was poured on the driveway today.
          :Took Florence to the desert in Julien, etc. for 5 hours.
7/2/1983  :Sa-LaJolla/CTC>5/27\FLORENCE.in.LJ>6/29\GšLHIS>6/30\KARIN>7/2-7
          :Met Barb's friend Karin Heide Kraemer from Berlin, a Gemini--I
          :had started this better cycle with Barb Sejnoski--Gemini--5/24.
          :7/3/Su: spent the 2nd eve with Barb & Karin; made a date with
          :Karin on 7/5; Barb did not look good--divorce.
          :Left Florence with G�lhis who came from LA.
7/4/1983  :Mo-LaJolla:GOOD/CTC>5/27\FLORENCE.in.LJ/GšLHIS>6/30\KARIN>7/2-7
          :Finished the small fence to Mason's fence; spent the day with
          :7/5/Tu: Florence departed today.
          :Michele saw me with Karin last night; today she came in.
          :Had a date with Karin.
7/6/1983  :We-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27\GšLHIS.in.LA>6/30\KARIN>7/2-7
          :This was a heavy day, in part because of negative inputs by
          :Barb and Jenni to Karin about me--Barb wants to marry me.
          :But Karin & I got along anyway.
          :URANUS (retro) 3 Sag (12/2/4) 120 my Pluto, to 9/1 => Uplifting
          :7/7/Th: Karin left.
          :Cleaned ivy from around the garage; no classes next week.
7/8/1983  :Fr-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27\GšLHIS>6/30\1000.OAKS.1ST.TIME
          :Sometime by the end of June, Mike purchased a home at
          :2204 Drayton Ave. 1000 Oaks, CA 91360, Tel: 805-494-0547.
          :After Karin left (7/2-7), I felt in a vacuum.  After clearing
          :the ivy around the garage today, at 7:30pm, I took off to 1000
          :Oaks; came back at 3:30am.
          :7/9/Sa: scraped the ivy roots and 5:30, again I left for G�lhis.
          :Played Turkish music, etc.  Came back at 3am.
7/10/1983 :Su-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27\ZUMA.BEACH/MICHELE\CURTAINS...
          :Last 2 days, I have been driving to G�lhis; drove to Zuma Beach
          :with G�lhis today; came back at 5pm to relax.
          :After seeing me with Karin 7/2-7, and now that I seem to be away
          :at night, Michele may be thinking I am dating someone.  She is
          :not speaking to me, keeping the curtains closed.
7/11/1983 :Mo-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27\MICHELE.LOVE\CITELLI
          :Barb, Jenni, and I went to the Mexican restaurant in Old Town.
          :Took Michele to Crab Catcher; made love at home--she is 18.
          :7/12/Tu: Citelli asked me to join the ship for a trip to Seattle
          :While I was painting the garage, Michele brought me cake; then
          :she did not talk to me.  I canceled our date, though with some
7/13/1983 :We-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27\MICHELE.  After yesterday's
          :misunderstanding, Michele was allowed to go to the movies with
          :me after all.
          :7/14/Th: Finished painting the garage and pruning the hibiscus;
          :done with housework for now.
7/15/1983 :Fr-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27\BARB.LEE/GšLHIS.FAIR\I am 41.
          :Mowed the lawn, etc. during the day; then I made stuffed peppers
          :and tomatoes and took them to Barb for my birthday.
          :7/16/Sa: 5:30pm to G�lhis; met Mike's parents.
          :7/17/Su: Took G�lhis to the Fair; chatted nicely with Mike's
          :parents; left for home at 11:10pm.
7/18/1983 :Mo-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27\BARB.LEE/MICHELE
          :Got caught speeding on Rt.805, coming from my class.  Talked to
          :Barb Lee to 3:30am: she didn't say what Karin said about me.
          :7/19/Tu: took Michele to the Balboa Park; made love again.
          :Got Karin's number from barb.
          :Preparing for the trip with the Navy; slept at 1am.
          :VENUS in Vir has just moved to my Location 9th House of Journeys
7/20/1983 :We-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27:DUBUQUE>7/20-29\SF:MARE.ISL
          :Up at 4am; Barb Lee picked me up at 4:35am; left Denny's 5:25am;
          :At Pier 4 at 6:00am; 6:15am checked in Dubuque.
          :7/21/Th: tot me and Belinda naval shirts on board.
          :7/22/Fr: 1am arrived at Mare Isl.  Sent cards to Belinda,
          :Michele, David Singer, Moseley, and Celayirs in Turkey.
7/23/1983 :Sa-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27:DUBUQUE>7/20-29\SF->SEATTLE.
          :At 3:17pm, we left Mare Isl. base and at 4:45pm, passed under
          :the Golden Gate--remembering that I was part of SF 2 years ago.
7/25/1983 :Mo-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27:DUBUQUE>7/20-29\SF->SEATTLE.
          :Slept nicely 2:45pm to 4:30pm.  Covered Normal Distribution in
          :class--a fine session.
          :7/26/Tu: 5pm, arrived at Puget Sound, Seattle; at 7:30pm,
          :finished my class in marketing.
          :7/27/We: Finished the book "SENSEI."
          :Final in Stat class: covered regression.
          :7/28/Th: CTC does not wish to pay for my return trip to SD.
7/29/1983 :Fr-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27:DUBUQUE>7/20-29\->SAN DIEGO\MELINDA
          :9:30am drove thru Manchester, WA, 11:30am thru Seatac.
          :3pm, Melinda picked me up at the airport.
          :The house is OK, but for gas leak.
          :And CTC announced 2 more classes.
7/30/1983 :Sa-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2\CTC>5/27:DUBUQUE->HOME
          :Watered my plants.  Talked with Karin; had 3 showings on the
          :house; saw David outside and chatted for 15 min.
          :Began programming STAT.
8/2/1983  :Tu-LaJolla:GOOD>7/2-8/3\CTC>5/27-8/3\PROBLEMS:GAS.LEAK/CTC.OFF
          :Smelled leaking gas line between the 2 units;
          :then, talks with Karin then Michele did not go well.
          :8/3/We: 3pm, Tom called: CTC classes from 7/29 are off: lost
          :$1,875/3 weeks--on account of Commander Stark on Dubuque?
          :BUT $135 for fixing the Gas Line sounds good by Brinks Plumbing.
          :Problem: Mars 23 Cancer on my Sun; Mercury 3 Virgo 90 my Uranus.
          :The gas line was fixed today.
          :Cut the Rosemary bush along the path to the back.  Jean got very
          :angry; the curtains are closed again;  Michele was going to the
          :movies with me: she did not. . .
          :Not good since 8/3.
          :Since the CTC teaching fell through on 8/3, I have to seek jobs:
          :wrote 3 job letters; watched "A Street Car Named Desire."
          :8/7/Su: wrote 4 more job letters.
          :Began fixing the house for rent.
          :Brother-in-Law Gary is transferred to Annandale, VA
          :Home on Wakefield Dr.                    Tel: 703-250-2194.
          :8/9/Tu: job letters to AID and Los Angeles; got letter from UCSD
          :Took Barb and the girls to Denny's.  Mailed the UCSD letter I
          :received yesterday.
          :Fixing the house for rent; painted the walls.
          :8/11/Th: got a new fridge for the 616 unit.
          :Placed my "For Rent" ad for the week of 8/12-18.
8/12/1983 :Fr-LaJolla:RENT>8/12.
          :For the 1st time since the 614 unit was rented to 3/31/82,
          :again I rented my home at 6:30pm, furnished for $875/month.
          :Tenants: Bill & Robin Albrant.
8/14/1983 :Su-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\MOTHER.TURKEY/RENT.  Mother called:
          :go to Turkey. . .  Mercury 10 Virgo is in my 9th Location House.
          :8/15/Mo: rent increase for 616: $640/mo.
          :The rental income gives me $167/month after all expenses.
          :8/16/Tu: Last supper at Barb, the girls and Diane Sherwood too.
          :Moving to 1000 Oaks tomorrow.
8/17/1983 :We-LaJolla:RENT>8/12-10/7\1000 Oaks>8/17-27. 12:30pm, left home;
          :3:30pm became resident of 1000 Oaks: moved with G�lhis.
          :8/20/Sa: took G�lhis to La Jolla to buy dining table & chairs
          :for 614.
          :JUPITER 3 Sag (12/2/4) 180 my Uranus, to 8/31.
8/22/1983 :Mo-LaJolla:RENT>8/12-10/7\1000 Oaks>8/17-27\JENNIFER.
          :Completed my letter to Jennifer I have been working on since
          :8/19: idea to publish.
          :8/23/Tu: Jennifer called; mailed 29 Jennifer letters.
          :8/24/We: mailed 28 more copies--do not remember the contents.
          :Leaving for Turkey on the 27th.
          :8/25/Th: did Counter & Form programs using WPL on Apple Writer.
8/27/1983 :Sa-RENT>8/12\1000 Oaks>8/17-27\LA->AMSTERDAM->TURKEY>8/27-9/27
          :6pm to LAX; left LA at 8:15pm for Turkey, via AMSTERDAM: 9 hour
          :time difference--Istanbul 1 hour.
          :Stayed at the Sonesta; went to the red-light district every
          :night to get women off my system. . .
9/1/1983  :Th-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\1000 Oaks>8/17\Amsterdam->Istanbul.
          :12:30pm left; arrived at 2:30 (3-hour flight) in Istanbul.
          :Saw Nazire, Nafi, people at the club, Uncle Sabri, Keriman, ™mer
          :bey & Ayshe hanim, and šlker & her sister Nigar hanim in the eve
9/2/1983  :Fr-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\1000 Oaks>8/17\In Turkey>8/27-9/27\SEMIN.
          :Met with childhood friend Semin; then to Cousin Tanju.
          :USA: Senator Henry Jackson died.
          :N.NODE 20 Gem (6/9/10) conj. my Venus, to 9/16 => Romantic.
          :9/4/Su: met Bilge; date with Semin.
          :Address: Bilge Cantepe,€arsi Mah.,€ukurbah‡e Cad.12/3,Bodrum
          :Kaya Oykut,Bahariye Cad.Akyildiz Pasaji,Delisaray Butik,Altiyol
9/5/1983  :Mo-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:NAFI/IZMIR\HAT€E/CAVIT
          :At midnight (4/5th), Cousin Nafi and I took a bus to IZMIR (on
          :the Aegean Sea) for 2 days: one of the best holidays ever.
          :Nafi & I saw Aunt Hat‡e and her husband, the last time I saw her
          :In the eve to "Riza Babanin Yeri" restaurant on Kordon Boyu.  It
          :was like old Turkey.
          :Also met Cavit Kabalak, my childhood friend from SAMSUN (on the
          :Black Sea).
          :N.NODE 20 Gem (6/9/10) 60 my Mars, to 10/12 => Dynamic & Fun.
9/6/1983  :Tu-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:NAFI/IZMIR\HOME
          :Spent most of the day on the road today: Izmir -> Yeshilk”y ->
          :Shishhane -> Karak”y -> Haydarpasha -> Tuzla.
          :USA: 614 paid only $450 (of $875) rent.
9/7/1983  :We-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:NESRIN,ESIN,IDIL\SIRMA
          :Party at Mother's friend Nesrin's home.  Saw her daughter Esin
          :again after 10 years.
          :Met Sirma and her friends at the Tuzla Club; called them "Little
          :Ladies."  They did not like it--at 16.
9/8/1983  :Th-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:™MER.BEY/šLKER & NIGAR
          :™mer bey & Ayshe hanim took us to the Hasir Restaurant; then to
          :€inar Hotel.
          :In the eve, I visited šlker and her sister Nigar hanim; had a
          :wonderful chat.
9/9/1983  :Fr-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:TENNIS\GšLDEN/ANKARA
          :G�lden and husband Ayhan came for a visit.  I took tennis
          :lessons at the club;
          :G�lden & Ayhan drove me to Haydarpasha train station for 9:40pm
          :"Mavi (Blue) Sleeper Train" to Ankara.
9/10/1983 :Sa-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:ANKARA,šLKE, et al.
          :Visited Cousin Metin's wife G�ler, then Mother's childhood
          :friend Asuman & husband Nurettin bey.
          :Arrived at the Meridien Club at 12 noon to see Semin & her twin
          :Orhon.  Nafi arrived too.
          :At 1pm šlke arrived: I sat at a table nearby to see if she would
          :sense my presence.  She did.
          :At 5pm came to see H�seyin bey & wife Halime, šlke's parents
          :and our close friends from Samsun days: 1949-1958.
          :A slumber party at Semin's place; talked to 5am.  Want Semin...
          :JUPITER 3 Sag (12/2/4) 120 my Pluto, to 9/25 => Purposeful.
9/11/1983 :Su-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:"MAVI" TRAIN->Istanbul
          :Spent the day with Semin, et al.  Asked Semin to USA.
          :At 9:40pm took the train to Istanbul.
          :I liked Ankara so much that I wanted a job in Turkey.
          :9/12-13: In Istanbul, at the club.
          :Venus (retro) Leo 120 Neptune, Mars in Leo conj. my Moon...
9/14/1983 :We-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:ANKARA,JOBS
          :9:40pm Mavi (Sleeper) Train to Ankara to look for jobs.
          :Contacted the Air Force, American Embassy, Holmes & Narver.
          :Visited with Semin & Orhon.
          :In the eve, šlke took me to the American Club; met her sister
          :šlker and her American husband there; flirted with šlke.
9/15/1983 :Th-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27:ANKARA->Istanbul\LUCIENNE
          :After job talks in Ankara yesterday, and eve with šlke, flew to
          :Istanbul this morn.
          :Lucienne invited me to her home tonight--she is married and
          :infatuated with me.
          :9/16/Fr: cannot warm up to the people at the club, which fueled
          :out my eccentricities, like jumping rope there starting tomorrow
9/17/1983 :Sa-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:ROPE.JUMP/AYSHE
          :Jumped rope for about 2 hours at the club: the men did not like
          :it; the women & kids loved it.
          :9/18/Su: dressed in shorts and the blue shirt Jules made for me
          :and came to the club to start the kids on exercising.
          :Met šlker hanim and her 23-year daughter Ayshe, whom I had met
          :and kissed in 1976 when she was 16.
9/19/1983 :Mo-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:SHASA HANIM
          :Mother's cousins Emine & her brother M�nir came, as also our
          :cousin Ilhami.
          :Shasa hanim, the widow of the owner of the club, apparently
          :liked my rope jump and exercising the kids so much that she
          :came for a visit, just for me.
9/20/1983 :Tu-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:BAD.VIBES
          :I am having bad vibes about the people at the club.
          :Uncle Cemil and son Vasif came to visit.
          :A bit better at the club in the eve.
          :9/21/We: cousin Bilgin is visiting.
          :Delayed my return trip to 9/27.
9/24/1983 :Sa-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:HšSEYIN,HALIME,šLKE
          :H�seyin bey, et al. arrived at 4pm, presumable on a personal
          :business in Istanbul, but probably also to marry me to his
          :daughter šlke--which he wanted since we were children.
          :Nazire teyze is also visiting.
          :9/25/Su: Came to visit šlker and Nigar hanim in the afternoon.
          :Cousin Keriman & family came visiting in the eve.
9/26/1983 :Mo-LaJolla:RENT>8/12\In Turkey>8/27-9/27:SEMIHA,TšLIN.ELIF
          :Visited our friends from Samsun days, Semiha hanim and daughter
          :T�lin, who is my friend, and her attractive daughter Elif...
          :In the eve, came to see šlker and Nigar hanim to say goodbye.
          :NEPTUNE 26Sag (12/3/4) 90 my Neptune, to 11/30 => Deception.
          :N.NODE 19Gem (6/9/10)  60 my Mars,    to 10/12 => Woodbury 9/28.
          :SATURN 3 Sco (11/1/3) 120 my Mercury, to 10/11 => Teach    9/28.
          :JUP    3 Sag (12/2/4)   0    Uranus , to 10/2  => Income.
9/27/1983 :Tu-LaJolla:RENT>8/12-10/7\Turkey>8/27-9/27:->Amsterdam->LA.
          :Left Istanbul at 11:30am, 3 hour flight to Amsterdam--less 2 hr
          :time diff--left Amsterdam 1:50pm, 11 hour flight to LA--less 7
          :hours time diff--arrived in LA at 5:30pm, at G�lhis at 8:30pm.
9/28/1983 :We-LaJolla:RENT>8/12-10/7\1000 Oaks>9/28-11/13\Woodbury>9/28.
          :After I arrived from Turkey last night, G�lhis told me that
          :Woodbury Univ. in LA had contacted me.
          :I called at 9:30am: I have a job, to start tomorrow.
          :9/29/Th: drove to Woodbury: 45 miles (50 min).  Arrived there
          :at 12:40pm; began 1st class: PROGRAMMING at 1:40pm: NICE!
          :Along with big cycles on 9/26, Mars in Leo 60 Pluto in Libra, 
          :Venus in Leo 120 Neptune in Sag, Sun in Libra 60 my Pluto, but
          :90 my Mercury.
9/30/1983 :Fr-LJ:RENT>8/12\1000 Oaks>9/28-11/13\Woodbury>9/28\CARDS\JOB
          :Came to La Jolla to handle outstanding stuff with 614 tenants.
          :Got out fast.
          :10/1/Sa: mailed many cards to Turkey.  Was angry at Belinda for
          :not thanking me for the $75 I sent to her.
          :10/2/Su: mailed a job letter to General Dynamics--F-16 pgrm--in
          :Turkey.  Prepared Esin & Idil astro reports.
          :Start of a testy cycle next 27 days--see 10/3/too.
          :SATURN  5 Sco (11/1/3)  90  my Pluto, to 10/18    => Obstacles.
10/3/1983 :Mo-LJ:RENT>8/12\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\REPORTS/$15,000
          :Began my 1st LOGIC class at Woodbury today--programming on 9/29.
          :Mailed astro reports to Mother's friends in Turkey.
          :JUPITER 7 Sag (12/2/4) 180  my Saturn, to 10/13  => Frustration.
          :10/4/Tu: Mailed Lucienne's report, prepared for Semin and Elif.
          :10/5/We: Mailed reports to šlke, Semin, Ughru.
          :10/6/Th: Mailed reports for Cavit, Nafi, Ilhami.
          :Sent Belinda Woodbury jacket.
          :Paid off my $15,000 loan to DC--don't remember why the loan.
10/7/1983 :Fr-LJ:EMPTY>10/7\1000 Oaks>9/28-11/13\Woodbury>9/28\ALBRANT
          :My tenants the Albrants ran out of the 614 unit.  I traced him
          :in LA to his job, raced there to collect the rent at 6pm.
          :Note the 4th (Home, Domestic) House Problems below and help. . .
          :NEPTUNE 26Sag  (12/3/4)  90  my Neptune,to 11/30  => Deception.
          :JUPITER  7 Sag (12/2/4) 180  my Saturn, to 10/13  => Frustration
          :Venus in Virgo (9/11/1) 0 Mars: 10/6-8, 60 my Mercury;
          :Mercury in Libra 120 my Uranus, 90 my Mercury, 60 my Pluto.
10/8/1983 :Sa-LJ:EMPTY>10/7\1000 Oaks>9/28-11/13\Woodbury>9/28\in LJ
          :In the afternoon, Bob Hill, Diane Sherwood, Barb Lee, and I went
          :to the Greek Festival; saw Barb's husband Rob after months...
          :10/9/Su: left La Jolla at 5:30pm for 1000 Oaks.
10/10/1983:Mo-LJ:EMPTY>10/7\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\UCLA,USC,He&She
          :The Logic class is much improved.
          :10/11/Tu: sent letters to 4 departments at UCLA.
          :Started my He&She (Relationships) module:Aster the Professional
          :Astrologer & Astronomer, I call it now.
          :10/12/We: sent letters to 4 departments at USC.
10/13/1983:Th-LJ:EMPTY>10/7\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\ASTER>10/11\in LJ
          :Came to La Jolla.
          :10/14/Fr: did yard work and other stuff. Jean cold to me,
          :Barbara Moseley warm.  Returned to 1000 Oaks.
10/15/1983:Sa-LJ:EMPTY>10/7\1000 Oaks>9/28-11/13\Woodbury>9/28\ASTER>10/11
          :$150 from DC concludes DC business of 10/3--$15,000.
          :Since 10/11, working on He&She; also revised the beginning parts
          :of Natal: LMT, ST, Ascendant.
          :10/16/Su: worked on the cusps all day.
          :Feeling very tight inside since I arrived from Turkey on 9/28.
          :(May have something to do with imposing on G�lhis, problems...)
10/18/1983:Tu-LJ>10/7\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\ASTER>10/11\FRANCESCA
          :I am very infatuated with my Eurasian student Francesca va De
          :Oudeweetling (Dutch), but also Becky Howard (Amer.).
          :UCLA Busn. Dept. turned me down--10/11.
          :10/19/We: UCLA Econ Dept. sent 3 research institute addresses.
10/20/1983:Th-LJ>10/7\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\ASTER>10/11\616-AGENTS.
          :Not a good day in my INTRO (Programming) class.
          :Came to La Jolla and stayed 1 hour.
          :10/21/Fr: offered my 616 tenants a rent decrease to $570--from
          :$640/mo--if they helped me to rent the 614 unit.
          :10/22/Sa: saw movie "Never Say Never Again."  A better day. . .
10/23/1983:Su-LJ>10/7\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\ASTER>10/11\BEIRUT.BOMB
          :A truck bomb killed 242 marines in Beirut.
          :URANUS 7 Sag (12/2/4) 180 my Saturn, to 11/27 => Restless.
          :10/24/Mo: Test #1 in Logic; 10/25/Tu: Test #1 in Intro.
          :10/25/Tu: met my Intro student Saadiyah Sobki (S. Arabia)
          :American invasion of Grenada began.
10/26/1983:We-LJ:RENT2>10/28\1000 Oaks>9/28-11/13\Woodbury>9/28\ASTER>10/11
          :There may be more teaching positions for me at Woodbury.
          :10/27/Th: came to La Jolla, also to escape from 1000 Oaks. . .
          :10/28/Fr: New tenants in 614: signed 3-month lease.  Jean became
          :my property manager: their rent $640->$570.
          :SATURN 6 Sco (11/1/3) 120 my Jupiter, to 11/13 => Purposeful.
10/29/1983:Sa-LJ:RENT2>10/28\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\ASTER>10/11\SADIA
          :Arrived from La Jolla at 5:30am.
          :Saadia came to G�lhis' place at 11am; we drove to Santa Barbara.
          :But I am feeling very tight inside, actually since I arrived
          :from Turkey on 9/27, perhaps for imposing on G�lhis.  Plus:
          :Sun/Mercury in Sco 90 my Pluto, Venus in Vir 90 my Venus, and
          :the Moon in Leo 90 Sun/Mercury => NOT the best for a date. . .
          :10/30-11/3: worked on ASTER.
11/3/1983 :Th-LJ:RENT2>10/28\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\ASTER>10/11\LA?
          :This was a very nice day in class.
          :11/14/Fr: 6am, woke up with the idea of moving to LA.  Drove to
          :all places between my end (Woodbury) of Wilshire Blvd. and
          :Westwood.  Found a place for $1,200; nice, but. . .
          :N.NODE 17 Gem (6/9/10) 60 my Moon, to 12/6 => Romantic.
11/5/1983 :Sa-LJ:RENT>10/28\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\ASTER>10/11-11/6
          :ÛPLUTO Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛ Transition ÛÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛSCOÛ
          :.......PLUTO enters SCORPIO, transition until 5/18/1984.
          :..........It turns retro on 2/4/84; direct on 7/9/84.
          :Scorpio represents the sign of research, detail, seclusion,
          :detective-like work, and much concentration.  Although I had
          :pursued ASTROLOGY diligently since my divorce from Gayle on
          :10/14/73 in Washington, DC, the effort was private and by hand.
          :On 8/24/82, I purchased an Apple II+ and began to program my
          :astrology program.  In Nov. 1983, I actually started to test
          :my ideas of Transits and Relationships, both using a Point
          :System.                                     See 8/27/1984 next!
          :Mike's parents are in; met Mike's sister Michelle--a Sag--after
          :11 years--at Gigi's wedding on 11/22/72.
          :11/6/Su: Finished this version of Aster for now. . .
11/7/1983 :Mo-LJ:RENT>10/28\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\ASTER:v11/6\BECKY
          :A heavy day; feel tight and exhausted.
          :Finished PL-1960 ephemeris.
          :Came to the cafeteria; became infatuated with Becky Howard.
          :11/8/Tu: Aster (Transits) can now be printed; working on House
          :logic--which houses a planet is transiting: a new Aster.
          :N.NODE 17Gem (6/9/10)  60 my Moon,    to 12/6  => Women?.
11/10/1983:Th-LJ:RENT>10/28\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\ASTER:v11/6\BECKY
          :A nice day in Intro class.  Becky asked me some something
          :personal in class to which I responded "what do you have in
          :Met her in cafeteria and said "we are compatible, but. . ."  I
          :do not know why I added "but."  Left her my tel. number.
11/13/1983:Su-LJ:RENT>10/28\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\OAKWOOD.APT.
          :Found a nice place with a fireplace at Oakwood Apt for $955/mo.
          :I want it furnished which will take to 11/22.
          :11/14/Mo: a heavy day. . .
          :11/15/Tu: saw Becky in cafeteria.  She is consumed about the
          :breakup to her boyfriend. . .
11/16/1983:We-LJ:RENT>10/28\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\IBRAHIM.BEY/BECKY
          :News from Turkey: Cousin Necla's husband Ibrahim Bey, a very
          :close relative died.  (They had married when Necla was with us
          :in Samsun in 1953.)
          :Becky is not responding to me, giving me the impetus to update
          :He&She, my Relationships module.
          :JUPITER 15 Sag (12/2/4) 120  my Moon, to 11/23  => My New Apt.
11/18/1983:Fr-LJ:RENT>10/28\1000 Oaks>9/28\Woodbury>9/28\TEL.NO/COBRA
          :Got my new tel. number in LA, at Marina del Rey.
          :11/19/Sa: got a new phone.
          :11/21/Mo: Lost my paycheck;  bad Logic class; replaced my
          :phone with a Cobra cordless.                     Updated He&She.
          :1st night in my apt in Marina del Rey:     Tel: 213-827-1055.
          :4037 Via Marina #H205, Marina del Rey, CA 90291.
          :The 1st offer on the house in La Jolla: $225,000: I did not
          :accept it.  At 3 percent to the agent, the fee is $6,750.
          :(I sold it on 5/26/85 for $235,000 but no fees.)
          :Feeling pretty tight and sober these days--Mars in Libra is
          :square to my Sun sign.
          :Lucienne from Istanbul, whom I had seen at her home on 9/15,
          :called from Desert Springs, CA: she wants me. . .
          :11/24/Th: feel totally consumed by He&She programming
          :11/25/Fr: completed the He&She update.
          :JUPITER 18 Sag (12/2/4)   120 my Mars, to 12/6  =>   My New Apt.
          :My tenants who had signed a lease for 3 months, moved out
          :today.  The empty house served a purpose: on 12/2, Francesca
          :and I came here for a short but potent Roman Holiday. . .
          :Francesca came to my table in cafeteria and said she wants to
          :marry me to become an American citizen. . .
          :On this day, I wrote a note to her saying:
          :"Gemini, Antonios in Torremolinos (they have a summer house
          :there) may have the best Paella that I have tasted in Spain. If
          :you know how to fix it, could you do it for me.  I'll get all
          :the ingredients.  In turn, I'll treat you to my tapes of Rio,
          :Latin, Iglesias.  And we can play with the computer too.  There
          :are a few things on it that may be of interest to you.  Of
          :course, if my computer attempts to take advantage of the
          :situation, I'll be there to chaperon you... say yes."
          :She did and we had a wonderful date in La Jolla Dec 1 to 4.
12/1/1983 :Th-LJ:EMPTY>11/28\Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\He&She,v:11/25\LOVE
          :France came to my apt. today, to stay tonight.
          :12/2/Fr: we drove to La Jolla.  On the way, we joined a few
          :other cars literally racing.  I drove expertly, also passing
          :racing Porsche 928s.  We had a wonderful time.
          :12/3/Sa: went to Panikin, etc. and really enjoyed La Jolla.
          :I mentioned to Barbara Moseley that France and I were married,
          :to discourage her from pursuing me for her daughter.
12/4/1983 :Su-LJ:EMPTY>11/28\Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\He&She,v:11/25\BOMB
          :After spending the weekend--since 12/1--with France in La Jolla,
          :we drove to Venice Beach today, walked, talked, and bought
          :exotic jewelry for France.
          :Then she said: "I love being with you, but I do not like
          :Americans." If I thought I was "more American than anything
          :else," then she did not want me.  She asked me to walk her
          :to her car.  I was dumbfounded.
          :Parents arrived in USA.
12/5/1983 :Mo-LJ:EMPTY>11/28\Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\HEAVY:NOTE-1
          :Out of frustration with the way things turned out with France
          :yesterday, I wrote a note to her: a long & cumbersome note that
          :might have hurt me.  G�lhis persuaded me to discard it.  Thank
          :you. JUPITER 19 Sag (12/2/4) 180 my Venus->12/13=> France Bombed
          :12/6/Tu: today I wrote a 2nd note, a shorter one, to France.
          :(I think I gave it to her in class.)
          :Took Celena(?) to home--do not remember her.
12/7/1983 :We-LJ:EMPTY>11/28\Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\HEAVY>12/4
          :Woodbury is offering me 3 classes and more money for next
          :Last Logic Class.  12/8/Th: Last Intro Class.
          :Francesca is not calling; Sadia said she is back with her
          :former boyfriend. . .
          :Astrology of Dead Romance, 12/6/1983.
          :MO:0CAP49 SU:13SAG17  ME:2CAP07 VE:29LIB14 MR:10LIB13 JU:20SAG02
          :ST:11SCO25  UR:9SAG36 NP:28SAG22  PL:1SCO07 NN:15GEM55
          :Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury are all in Sagittarius.
          :Francesca is Gemini: the problem is with her, not my cycles, BUT
          :1. I have 3 planets in Gemini: they are in opposition to me.
          :2. Look at the aspect by Jupiter to my Venus on 12/5.
          :3. Neptune is on my Natal Ascendant: nebulous forces at work.
          :4. Venus & Pluto are conjunct, but then Venus is approaching
          :Saturn until about 2/18, a very bad cycle for me in my 11th
          :house of circle of friends, 3rd natal house of communications,
          :and 5th Solar house of romance.  
          :5. Mercury is in my opposite sign, now forming opposition to my
          :Mercury, then Jupiter, then Sun then retro/direct over the same
          :until about 2/5/84 when everything was miserable.
12/9/1983 :Fr-LJ:EMPTY>11/28\Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\HEAVY>4th=>TRANSITS
          :The situation with France has induced me to check my Transits,
          :just like the situation with Becky induced me to overhaul
          :my He&She module on 11/16.
          :Belinda is in DC with some people; they came to Femsi too.
          :Linda, my mulatto student who is married to a surgeon, called
          :at 8:30am, to test the waters.  I want her, but I am in no mood.
          :I have been working on Transits last 3 days.
          :With Mike & G�lhis drove to La Jolla.
          :Idea came to write an Appeal letter to the president of Woodbury
          :asking for more money--though I am dressing somewhat Bohemian
          :to school.
          :Also an idea to advertize my astro reports at Oakwood & Marina.
          :In line with my idea yesterday:
          :wrote a letter to the president of Woodbury
          :letter to LA Community Colleges, and a few job letters.
          :Missed "Gemini," as I used to call Francesca, at night and got
          :drunk.  Then Linda called a 2nd time--1st on 12/10. . .
          :Noticed that as with Belinda Francesca;s daily points seemingly
          :show the reverse of the reality, indicating people better off
          :during adverse periods.  This impression until I revised the
          :point system in the last upgrade in 1993 or so.
          :Wrote a letter to my boss Mars to mellow things down a bit
          :since I wrote the letter to the president of Woodbury on 12/12.
          :Also sent a letter to Cousin Tanju, one to SABIC.
          :Finished my LOCATION Module.
12/16/1983:Fr-LJ:EMPTY>\Marina/Woodbury\HEAVY>12/4\APPOINTMENT,BECKY,et al.
          :Appointment with the president of Woodbury at 10am.  He declined
          :my request, like all "good" (callous) American bosses.
          :Parents will be in Calif.--from Femsi--on 12/25.
          :Becky called to test the waters with me.  I am in no mood. . .
          :This may have been her last call.
          :Ahmed called for a party, as also the twin Saudi brothers.
          :Ahmed and the Saudi brothers did not show up as they had said
          :they would yesterday.
          :Made me feel very bleak and sober: of course, France did this...
          :I felt this bad on other occasions:  1) with Gayle in DC after
          :Dec 1973 to the spring of 1974, when we separated, 2) with
          :Semra, et al. on 9/20/76,  3) after 6/9/82, when I wrote that
          :note to that bitch in La Jolla, 4) with Janice in La Jolla after
          :1/20/85, 5) after 11/28/1989 in DC, when Sharon pulled her sting
          :on me, 6) with Yasemin in Tuzla after 8/8/1991. . .
          :Astrology this time: Venus in Sco (11/2/3) conjunct Saturn, then
          :90 my Moon, the Sun in Sag (12/2/4) 90 Neptune, and as of 12/20,
          :the Moon moves from Gemini to Cancer.
          :Worked on transits to 4/11/84; it looks pretty bleak to 3/7/84.
          :Nevertheless, the fact I am so potently into astrology is
          :helping me immensely by taking my mind off the inner misery.
          :Pretty down in the eve: talked to Judy & G�lhis: they helped.
          :12/19/Mo: Revising my He&She points to fit the situation with
          :France, etc.
          :down again in the eve: talked to G�lhis: she helped. . .
          :12/20/Tu: Finalized the He&She points for now.
          :Since I have been going thru hell in the apt, singing "nobody
          :calls Sirman. . ." I decided to drive to G�lhis to talk to her.
          :Then I decided to have Belinda in LA, to take her to Woodbury,
          :to show my foreign students why I felt "more American than
          :anything else."
          :The transit output from 11/6 to 12/22/83 is the last one by the
          :old format; I have revised it.  (Before this it was "Moonie in
          :Cancerus," etc., using the same number of characters, to help
          :with the alignment...)
          :Parents arrived in Calif.--from Femsi--at 8:30pm.
          :I am analyzing Progressions: Neptune (Sag) 0 Natal Asc.
          :Feeling pretty heavy since the date with Francesca 12/1-4.
          :Obtained Copyrights to my AsterPro software under the name
          :name on 10/10/83.
          :Took parents to Woodbury Univ. and returned thru Wilshire and
          :Ocean Blvd... Then I left for La Jolla to prepare the 614 unit
          :for new tenants. . .
          :Met a DEBRA in La Jolla: birth: 9/3/1953 in Minneapolis 3:30pm.
          :JEAN, my British tenant's wife at 616, has liver cancer. . .
          :At 7:30am met PAMELA Johnson at the Mazda dealer: a
          :Scorpio/Scorpio:                            (Tel: 213-478-8174).
          :T:MO 22 Sco 120 N:SU, T:NP Sag 0 N:AS <=========================
          :12/31/Sa: Took parents to G�lhis; by coincidence met Pamela
          :again at 4-Day Tires. Spent the New Year's alone.
1/1/1984  :Su-LJ:EMPTY>11/28\Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\PAMELA
          :Marina del Rey. At Oakwood pool until 3pm; Pamela came 6:30pm
          :and stayed over to 10am next morning.
          :Got new tenants at 614 in La Jolla, but not good tenants!
          :JU Sag 90 my NP, MO 90 NP
1/3/1984  :Tu-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\PAMELA.  8 am at WOODBURY Univ.
          :to prepare for 1/5.
          :My TV in La Jolla is kaput, have to replace it.
          :Saw Khalil: I acted as if nothing happened about the canceled--
          :I am uninvited--party.  Pamela stayed over.
1/4/1984  :We-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\PAMELA/AID
          :6 am call from AID in DC. Interview at 9:15am on 1/23.
          :Stayed at Pamela's last night.
1/5/1984  :T-Marina/Woodbury/BELINDA>1/5-14.  1st Day classes at WOODBURY.
          :BELINDA due to arrive at 11pm, until the 14th.
          :1/6/Fr-Got Belinda leather pants, blouse, jacket, red
          :mini-dress. Pamela stayed with us; gave her a sexy massage . . .
1/7/1984  :Sa-Marina/Woodbury/BELINDA>1/5-14.  Took Belinda to G�lhis, then
          :Venice boardwalk in the eve.
          :Got her 2 hats. She looks nice.
          :In the eve at Pamela. Met her parents. Pamela joined us later
          :at Oakwood . . .
          :1/8/Su: took Belinda to La Jolla until tomorrow.
1/10/1984 :Tu-Marina/Woodbury/BELINDA>1/5-14.  Woke up a bit tight (Pamela
          :with me); had a skirmish with Belinda.
          :She came with me to Woodbury college, attended classes.
          :Saw Francesca with Ahmet - she left.
          :Belinda was super at school.
          :1/11/We: a fight with Belinda spoiled the day . . .
1/13/1984 :Fr-Marina/Woodbury/BELINDA>1/5-14.  Melinda and Jenny did not
          :come to visit Belinda. So I took her to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.
          :Many photos + a new "OLD" photo together--from which she cut me
          :out in Morgantown in 1985...
1/14/1984 :Sa-Marina/Woodbury/BELINDA>1/5-14\Parents.  Belinda departed at
          :1:30am.  THANK you vis-a-vis WOODBURY.
          :1/15/Su: left Pamela at 6:30am to pick parents from G�lhis.
          :1/16/Mo: Start, Saturn 90 my Moon, to 3/4: so much for Love-Life
          :1/17/Mo: saw Francesca 2nd time since 1/5.
          :Writing job applications.
1/18/1984 :We-Marina/Woodbury/Parents.  
          :ÛÛNEPTUNEÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛ Transition ÛÛ Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ÛÛCAPÛ
          :...NEPTUNE enters CAPRICORN, transition until 6/23/1984.
          :.........It turns retro on 4/3/84; direct on 9/9/84.
          :Possible Influence. Although I attribute the programming of my
          :astrology software AsterPro, and my research to Pluto, beginning
          :officially on 8/24/1982, Neptune in Capricorn may have been also
          :involved.  Capricorn is the sign of ambition, grand design, and
          :single-minded pursuit of an objective.  Neptunian inspiration
          :and imagination may have channeled the effort.  It may have been
          :the underlying drive that aided Pluto in Scorpio doing the real
          :and substantive detail work, Neptune providing the dream, Pluto
          :striving to achieve that dream tangibly.       11/21/1984 next!
          :Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28.  12:15pm Francesca came out to the
          :patio at Woodbury.  Intro class a bit tight.
          :I have a cold . . . ST Sco 90 my MO, 1/16 to 3/15.
1/19/1984 :Th-Marina/Woodbury/Parents.
          :JUPITER enters CAPRICORN - final until 2/6/1985.
          :My Solar  7th House (from 0 Cancer) of Alliances, Intimacy
          :My Natal  1st       of Expansion, Freedom, Self-Projection
          :USA-West  5th       of Daughter, Creativity
1/21/1984 :Sa-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat90Moon/PAMELA/To.DC.for AID
          :11am note from SD Federal: $750 rent from 614 tenants bounced.
          :1-5:30pm at Pamela. She took me to the airport for the AID
          :interview in DC: paid $600.
          :1/22/Su: Femsi's: saw Super Bowl 18: Raiders 38 and Redskins 9.
1/23/1984 :Mo-Marina/In DC (at FEMSI) for AID interview/Sat90Moon
          :AID interview did not go well and I did not volunteer 4 years
          :in MALI.
          :Did not feel warm at Femsi's.  Left DC at 12:40pm on
          :Air Republic, arrived in LA 4:40pm. ST Sco 90 my MO <===========
1/24/1984 :Tu-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\PAMELA.Debra.France/Dr.Grace\JERK
          :Message from DEBRA (Virgo) whom I had met on 12/27.
          :9:55am FRANCESCA broke the ice after 50 days, by calling me a
          :"JERK" in the corridor next to the book store, supposedly
          :because I ignored her since 12/4.  "Ah, my aching back . . ."
          :Submitted my proposal to Dr. GRACE, the president.
1/25/1984 :We-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat90Moon:PAMELA.France/Dr.Grace
          :Gave the sale of La Jolla House to Diane Sherwood: for 4 mo.
          :1/26/Th: Francesca saw me then ignored; same here. Debra called
          :from La Jolla.  Feeling disconnected from Pam, women . . .
          :1/28/Sa: Broke off with Pam.
          :Unhappiness brewing over Woodbury pay. . .
1/30/1984 :Mo-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Applications
          :Mailed applications to Pepperdine, Northrop, La Colleges,
          :USC, Price Waterhouse.
          :Parents do not want me to use my savings, though they are
          :substantial.  They are helping if the interest is not enough
          :for the cash flow. . .
          :1/31/Tu: Francesca is avoiding me, but Aida, Ahmed and SADIA
          :are opening up.
          :Debra from La Jolla called for this weekend . . .
2/1/1984  :We-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/UCLA.
          :Received UCLA Ext. application from Charlene: 213-206-1638
          :Submitted letter to Woodbury requesting $27.23 - based on LA
          :Community College hourly rates.
          :ST Sco 90 my MO, JU Cap 180 my ME; 5th HO active <==========
2/3/1984  :Fr-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Not.Romantic
          :Canceled weekend date with Debra.
          :BARB (Lee) called from her new apt in La Jolla: (619)-454-6378.
          :No news from Belinda.
          :2/4/Sa: Letter from Pam, concerned about Belinda and me.
          :Took parents to Studio City; argument with father on the way.
2/6/1984  :Mo-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Not.Romantic.
          :Got 2 CASIO watches, for Belinda and me.
          :Feel down but better.
          :2/7/Tu: saw Francesca; vibes from her too.  Talked to MARIBEL,
          :CANDEH, SHAHNAZ, and ADRIANA, students at Intro class.
2/8/1984  :We-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Not.Romantic.
          :Winter Olympics in SARAJEVO.
          :Saw Dr. Peter Goldman about hair.
          :2/9/Th: Russian Chairman ANDROPOV died.
          :Good with females at school, but feeling Saturn. . .
2/10/1984 :Fr-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Not.Romantic\UCLA-2
          :1:30pm UCLA Ext. offer for Intro to Computers class.
          :Took Parents to G�lhis in the eve. G�lhis not happy in her
          :new environment, unfriendly neighbors.
          :2/11/Sa: Call fr. Belinda.
          :NAFI wants me to sell textiles from Turkey.
2/13/1984 :Mo-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Not.Romantic\USSR
          :CHERNIENCO became the new Russian leader after ANDROPOV died.
          :A woman hit my Mazda from behind near Woodbury:MR (3rd) 90 my MO
2/14/1984 :Tu-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Not.Romantic
          :Mailed application to UCLA Ext.
          :Sadia and Aida Keskerian (Armenian-American) are very friendly.
          :2/15/We: In La Jolla.  Finished preparing for 1981 TAX Audit:
          :JUP 180 my MER.
2/17/1984 :Fr-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Not.Romantic:AIDA.PAM
          :12 noon: met AIDA at Cafeteria for a date of sorts.  She told
          :me that FRANCESCA is sleeping with her Econ teacher Tajiki now.
          :Slept with Pam, could not wait to get out next morn.
          :2/19/Su: Last night of Winter Olympics in Sarajevo.
2/20/1984 :Mo-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Not.Romantic\Northrop
          :Took my parents to RODEO Drive.  Feel tight: MR 90 my MR.
          :BELINDA is 17 today.
          :2/21/Tu: Francesca and Aida came in front of class.
          :3pm call from Northrop Univ. for interview.
          :2/22/We: Northrop interview, but I did not like the place.
2/23/1984 :Th-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Not.Romantic/CASIO
          :Saw Francesca, but ignored her.  Talked to AIDA, flirted with
          :Candeh & Shahnaz.  Call from UCLA for another subject in summer.
          :2/24/Fr: Purchased CASIO FX-98 calculator-still using it in 1997
          :before going to AIDA's family restaurant; tipped her $20.
2/27/1984 :Mo-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Not.Romantic\Transits
          :Met G�lhis' friend LINDA.
          :9pm call from NAFI about textiles.
          :Working on AsterPro Transits.
          :Saturn: feeling heavy and undecided...
          :Telephone RANG but no one - also on 3/15; I think France. . .
3/1/1984  :Tu-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Moon/Not.Romantic\AIDA
          :After class almost sat beside Francesca who was talking to
          :Candeh and Shahnaz.
          :Working heavily on AsterPro Transits.
          :3/2/Fr: Took parents to G�lhis; then date with AIDA at SCORPIOs.
          :3/4/Su: Last day (since 1/16/84) of ST 90 my MO, my Mars next!
3/7/1984  :We-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\Sat.90.Mo+Mr\Not.Romantic
          :Gave notice to OAKWOOD Apts to be out by April 7.
          :Except for NEW LOCATION, AsterPro Transits finalized. . .
          :3/8/Th: saw FRANCESCA and waved.
          :Having rent problems with 614 tenants in La Jolla.
          :Contacted WINDEMERE Apts. nearby for me.
          :Feeling confined and unhappy: Saturn is 90 to my MO/MR conj.
          :Still sending job applications, and working on AsterPro. . .
3/15/1984 :Th-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28.  Aida told me Francesca said
          :Hello: 1st day since 12/4 that I felt ST 90 my MO over.
          :Telephone RANG but no one - also 2/28.  I think France. . .
3/17/1984 :Sa-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28.  BELINDA received her GED.
          :Met ALIXANDRIA Williams in La Jolla.
          :3/18/Su: Took Alix to Borrego Springs, Julien... Then we spent
          :the night together.
3/20/1984 :Tu-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\UCLA>3/20/84\Mahendri.
          :Start of UCLA Experience.  Orientation tonight.  Met MAHENDRI
          :from India.
          :Still writing job letters, but I do not know I want one.
          :3/21/We: Met Chuck Coleman & Charlene at UCLA.
          :Night date with Mahendri at her place on Tico. . .
3/22/1984 :Th-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\UCLA>3/20/84\ALIX
          :Took parents to G�lhis (Rt.1 and Kanan Rd), to prepare the Apt.
          :for Alix tomorrow
          :I feel POISONed from too many antibiotics: OR ST 90 my Mars...
3/23/1984 :Fr-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\UCLA>3/20/84\ALIX.in.LA
          :Picked ALIX at Mac Donalds in El Toro - nice Jazz on
          :the way, but we did not get along: ST 90 my MO/MR, SU 90 my ME.
          :3/24/Sa: BELINDA called 9 am and gave me an excuse to get rid of
          :ALIX; took her to LA AMTRAK.
          :Working on AsterPro Transits PLxx files.
3/26/1984 :Mo-Marina>11/22\Woodbury>9/28\UCLA>3/20/84\Alix.in.LA
          :1st-day of SPRING semester at WOODBURY: Fortran class ok.
          :Saw Francesca, talked to AIDA.
          :3/27/Tu:  WOODBURY pulled a rabbit out of hat: $20.50 per hour.
          :SUN 6 Ari (8th) 90 my JU; Began 1st day at UCLA.
3/28/1984 :We-Marina>11/22\UCLA>3/20/84\Barbara.S
          :QUIT WOODBURY at 10:30 am, feeling miserable:Start NODE 0 my ST.
          :3/29/Th: Call from WINDEMERE Apts, but LA is no longer feasible.
          :3/30/Fr: 4pm call: Barbara SEJNOSKI--always calls unexpectedly.
          :Her address: 129 Mt. Hored Rd. Warren, NJ 07060 201-469-0987.
3/31/1984 :Sa-Marina>11/22\UCLA>3/20/84\Moving.  Took Parents to G�lhis.
          :Address Change to 1000 Oaks. Taking stuff at the Apt. to G�lhis.
          :Saw movie The LIFE GUARD.
          :4/1/Su: recorded 84 POP Music to 4:30am;  packing LJ stuff.
          :4/2/Mo: in La Jolla.  Dentist 8am: removed #15 MOLAR.
4/4/1984  :We-Marina>11/22/83-4/5/84\UCLA>3/20/84\Moving->1000 Oaks.
          :Moving out of MARINA.  PAM called last time.
          :Mailed my SAUDI Article to LA Times.
          :Last night at MARINA on 4/5; 1st night @ G�lhis on 4/6.
4/7/1984  :Sa-1000.Oaks+Parents>4/6\UCLA>3/20/84.  Woodbury and Marina
          :still on my mind; feeling out of place in 1000 Oaks...
          :Senator Frank Church died.
4/12/1984 :Th-1000.Oaks+Parents>4/6\UCLA>3/20/84.  Michael's company Bell &
          :Howell is bankrupt.  Unhappiness at home, especially Mike. . .
          :I feel uncomfortable staying there until 4/30, when my tenants
          :will move out in La Jolla.
          :Total immersion in AsterPro Relationships. . .
4/16/1984 :Mo-1000.Oaks+Parents>4/6\UCLA>3/20\Barbra.S
          :Parents leaving for VA and Femsi after 113 days in Calif.
          :My job applications are being turned down.
          :Barbra Sejnoski wrote her 1st letter to me in years--since 1972?
          :Looks like she wants to fuel our past romance.  (1st call on
          :3/30.)  She also wrote in June and in August 84, the latter two
          :from Europe.
4/20/1984 :Fr-1000.Oaks+Parents>4/6\UCLA>3/20\Barbra.S+KARIN=Gemini!
          :Another letter from Barbra SEJNOSKI--call on 3/30, letter 4/16.
          :Responded by 4/21.
          :4/21/Sa: KARIN called (also on 4/22): wants me to meet her.
          :(Curiously, like Barbra she is a GEMINI too, as also FRANCE...)
          :I did not follow up; I am into AsterPro, repairs in La Jolla.
4/23/1984 :Mo-1000.Oaks+Parents>4/6\UCLA>3/20\1st.AsterPro
          :Prepared 1st COMMERCIAL AsterPro on 2 disks for 614 in La Jolla.
          :4/26/Th: calls from ALIX and Marilyn Atwell.
          :4/27/Fr: taped 1950s (music), my "Oldies" tape of Mike's parents
4/30/1984 :Mo-10am-1pm, MOVE from 1000 Oaks to La Jolla: 2nd Advent.
          :Settled down by 4:15pm.
          :5/1/Tu: 1st time from La Jolla to UCLA class.  Then brought my
          :plants from G�lhis.  (This continued for several weeks...)
5/2/1984  :We-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84/Schools\Jo
          :Applying to 4 Schools around San Diego (SD), working on my 2
          :units, bringing back stuff from 1000 Oaks. . .
          :Met with JO; 1st contact--like Pamela, she is also a Scorpio.
5/9/1984  :We-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84/Schools\Jo
          :Jo came over again--1st on 5/2--the 1st time in 2 years. . .
          :Took her to the PROPHET the next day. 
          :5/11/Fr: the last SD School applications out. Improving LJ units
5/14/1984 :Mo-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84/Barb.Lee\Canon
          :Michael's 1st day with CANON.
          :Since moving to La Jolla, my mood is much better; LA & 1000 Oaks
          :were hard.
          :5/16/We: Barbra Lee is decisive.  She told me to paint the
          :house all white; working on the rooms. . .
          :PL -> R to LIBRA (in LJ: 4th House) until 8/24/1984.
5/24/1984 :Th-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84/Ken.Karin
          :Ken stopped by to sign the SDSU reference papers.
          :Finished painting Belinda's room.
          :5/26/Sa: Mother (Anne) called in the morn.
          :Took Karin & her daughter MAYA to the desert.
          :Working on the house and school applications. . .
5/31/1984 :Th-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84\TV
          :Appointment at City College.
          :6/2/Sa: got a new TV ($279) - used it until 10/93 - and ordered
          :mini blinds.
          :6/4/Mo: MESA College class offer.
6/5/1984  :Tu-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84/CA.INSTRUCTOR
          :Applied for California Instructor Credential (for life) in:
          :1)Computer & Related Technologies, 2) Business & Industrial
          :Mgmt. 3) Banking & Finance, 4) Economics, and 5) Mathematics.
          :I received it on 11/21.
          :Got 2 SPEEDING tickets and * standing OVATION in UCLA class.
          :MR (5/11/3) 90 my MO, ME Gem (12/6/10) 0 my ST
6/8/1984  :Fr-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84\LJ.ASTRO/SDSU
          :Formed LJ ASTRO SERVICES Company.  Applied to SDSU.
          :6/10/Su: GREG, JO's son, got married today.
          :Painting the Dining Room.
          :616-unit antenna collapsed - got it fixed for $144.
6/12/1984 :Tu-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84\Pincus
          :Met our neighbors from PA, PINCUS, in front of MEANLEY at 11 am.
          :Continuing my home renovation.
          :6/16/Sa: LJ RENOVATION over; cleaned the carpet, organizing. . .
6/18/1984 :Mo-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84\City+Mesa.College
          :1st day at CITY and MESA colleges.
          :6/21/Th: 1st time noticed THERESA BROWN at my Mesa class.
          :6/22/Fr: UCSD, SDSU interviews.
          :6/23/Sa: went to Broadway to purchase lamps, posters, and mirror
6/26/1984 :Tu-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84\Mesa+City/Jean
          :616 tenant Michael butchered my plants in the back.
          :Wrote him a firm letter - but JEAN is DYING of Cancer.
          :Purchased from Barb.Lee two 72x30" mirrors for $40.
6/28/1984 :Th-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84\Mesa+City/Rolf.Donna
          :Rolf and Donna came over.  Donna talked non-stop.  I liked it,
          :but is it a sign that they are unhappy? (They got divorced a few
          :years later. . .)
          :6/29/Fr: Barb and I left for Leucadia to get plants.  Erected
          :mirror at the end of the corridor at home.  Refurbishing. . .
7/6/1984  :Fr-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84\Mesa+City/Pub.Table
          :CITY College called for a Econ class.
          :7/7/Sa: G�lhis in La Jolla at 2:30pm.  We purchased a white cast
          :iron PUB Table.
          :WIMBLEDON: McEnroe and Navratilova.
7/8/1984  :Su-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA>3/20/84\Mesa+City/1st.PayChart
          :10:30pm, 1st AsterPro chart for pay to Barb Lee's friend Nancy.
          :7/11/We: La Jolla: House RENOVATION since 4/30 completed; got
          :posters from Westwood, diploma frames from Aaron Bros...
7/13/1984 :Fr-LaJolla#2>4/30/84-7/13/85\UCLA+Mesa+City/Corinne.Janice
          :Met CORINNE (Lib) from France. JANICE Lynn (Sco) called today.
7/15/1984 :Su-LaJolla#2>4/30/84\UCLA+Mesa+City/Corinne.Janice.Theresa\Iam42
          :Barb's friend Nancy (from 7/8) ordered 2nd AsterPro chart;
          :Allis too.  These are orders 2 and 3.
          :7/16/Mo: my student Theresa BROWN (who belly-dances under the
          :name ZARIFA) visited.
          :Got caught SPEEDING again.  Attending SEARS Driving School. . .
7/18/1984 :We-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City/Theresa\ThePARTY
          :Mesa College class party initiated.
          :7/20/Fr: took THERESA (from 7/16) out to the desert, but I am
          :reluctant: she is married to a Saudi and a bit matronly . . .
7/21/1984 :Sa-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City/Theresa.Janice\ThePARTY
          :My student JANICE entered my life--1st called on 7/13.
          :7/22/Su:  1st time with JANICE: 2-7pm; then came Theresa 10-11pm
          :Working on party logistics for Mesa students.
7/26/1984 :Th-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City/Theresa.Janice\ThePARTY
          :Made love to JANICE at her apt
          :Venus 14 Leo (in Houses 2/8(Sex)/12) 0 my Moon;
          :Sun 3 Leo (2/8/12) 60 my Uranus.
          :7/27/Fr: Janice stayed over with me.
7/28/1984 :Sa-La Jolla/MESA College DP-150 class PARTY\7/29:JEAN DIED.
          :My student Theresa/Zarifa belly-danced, gyrating her hips a few
          :inches from my face, while Janice sat there smoldering. . .
          :The next morn, I found out that JEAN DIED of Cancer in the
          :morn, after we had our party.
          :SU, MO, ME, VE all in (2/8/12) where 8=Death and | 8th a new <==
          :NP at 29 Sag 0 AS moving from 6/12/4 to 7/1/5... | 4th phase <==
7/29/1984 :Su-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City/Janice>7/21
          :After last night's Mesa party at my place, stayed over with
          :Janice at her place.
          :This is becoming a Magnificent Obsession...
          :7/30/Mo: 1st signs that Janice is bothered by our 4 inch height
8/7/1984  :Tu-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City/Janice>7/21
          :Offer by Mesa College to teach Business Math.
          :VE 29 Leo (2/8/12) 120 NP (6/12/4), where: 2 + 6 => money + job.
          :Start: NP Sag 90 my NP until 9/10/84
          :8/9/Th: Last day of classes at Mesa and City College.
8/10/1984 :Fr-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City/Janice>7/21\Gentleman...
          :Janice and I purchased for me many clothing from Gentleman's
          :Quarters in La Jolla; then we attended a party at her teacher
          :Pauli.  I met her high school friends.
8/11/1984 :Sa-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City/Janice>7/21\LA.Olympics
          :Janice, I, G�lhis, Michael to LA Rose Bowl in Pasadena to attend
          :the OLYMPIC Soccer game between France and Brazil.
8/14/1984 :Tu-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City/Janice>7/21\LA.RTS
          :UCLA Summer session started - until 9/20/84.
          :8/16/Th: meeting with LA Rapid Transit System people about my
          :seminar in operations research in Jan. 7, 1985.
8/21/1984 :Tu-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City/Janice>7/21-8/21:OFF/ON
          :Janice OVER - 1st of many times - but again ON the next day.
          :I am thinking of asking her to move in with me, BUT. . .
8/24/1984 :Fr-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City/Janice:OFF/ON/Helping.Out
          :Prepared for Janice a letter to her mother, asking her to
          :help with Janice's debts: $5,800 + $7,000 school loans.
          :Also prepared 17 Apt. Mngr. letters for Janice.
          :Next day: Did her resume and 12 letters for consulting.
          :........PLUTO enters SCORPIO, permanent until 11/10/1995.
          :Scorpio is my Solar  5th House of Creativity,Romance,Kids
          :..............Natal 11th Equal House of Hopes/Wishes, Circle
          :......Location (DC)  1st/2nd House of Expansion/Finances
          :For me, this Pluto cycle coincides EXACTLY with my research in
          :astrology.  I finished my 16meg software AsterPro in 1993 and 
          :continued with some other outstanding stuff until as late as
          :1996.  However, my work was effectively finished (except for 
          :this and a study for the FBI, planned for 1997).  In fact, on
          :4/12/94, I began digitizing our family photos and writing a
          :book about us: "Assimilation, an American Experience," in
          :preparation for Pluto entering Sagittarius, the sign of Travel,
          :Publications, etc. on 11/10/95.  The book also discusses kismet,
          :superstition, religion, and karma.  I finished it on 1/20/96,
          :shortened it on 4/12/96, 2 years after I started.  It is being
          :reviewed by publishers.                    See 11/10/1995 next!
          :Prepared UCSD and LA RTS syllabi.
8/28/1984 :Tu-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City+SDSU+UCSD/Janice:VOLATILE
          :Things are very volatile with Janice - almost exactly as
          :with Sharon in DC two years later.
          :8/30/Th: Janice and I to UCLA, then to G�lhis. Was nice. She
          :sang "I could have danced all night" all the way back. . .
8/31/1984 :Fr-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City+SDSU+UCSD/Janice:VOLATILE
          :Janice's friend Bob and his Japanese wife for dinner, but
          :we fought because BARB Lee called about her divorce tonight.
9/3/1984  :Mo-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City+SDSU+UCSD/Janice:OFF
          :Janice and I left for SD Wild Animal Park,fought over nothing
          :and returned from park entrance.
          :This was the 43rd day since our first date.  Because of it,
          :impetus came to upgrade AsterPro "HE & SHE" (Relationships).
9/6/1984  :Th-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City+SDSU+UCSD/Janice:OFF>9/3
          :Broken up with Janice since 9/3.
          :BELINDA called today and said she is not moving to La Jolla.
          :This may be the 1st signal--since 4/30/84--that I move on...
          :NP (6/12/4) 90 my NP.
9/9/1984  :Su-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City+SDSU+UCSD/Janice:OFF/ON
          :Janice called - 1st since 9/3 - in tears and told me that
          :MUFFLES, her dog, had been killed by coyotes in Oceanside, her
          :parent's home.
          :Went to the beach with her. Excellent sex...
          :It lasted until 9/14. I am having potent mixed emotions. . .
9/14/1984 :Fr-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City+SDSU+UCSD/Janice:ON/OFF
          :Broke up with Janice: ME (3/9/1/) 90    UR (6/12/4)
          :                      JU (7/1/5) 180 my ME
          :Began a major work/revision in "He & She" Compatibility.
          :As usual, my relationship with her--and others--helps me to
          :update the Point System--rating--in the software.
9/20/1984 :Th-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City+SDSU+UCSD/Janice:ON/OFF
          :A surprise visit by Janice brought us together again--since 9/14
          :9/22/Sa: UCLA Summer session over.
          :9/23/Su: Janice stayed with me - together since 9/20 . . .
          :9/24/Mo: UCLA Fall quarter started today.
9/25/1984 :Tu-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City+SDSU+UCSD/Janice:ON/OFF
          :Janice called in the evening, but we did not get along.
          :Hard at work on He & SHE Compatibility runs - since 9/3.
          :9/27/Th: Idea for ASTRO-RELATIONSHIPS Book--finished on 6/28/85.
9/30/1984 :Su-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City+SDSU+UCSD/Janice:ON/OFF
          :I called Janice in the morn.  We are getting together BUT also
          :breaking up more frequently . . .
          :10/2/Tu: Janice and I fought and made up again, but the end must
          :be near. . .
          :10/3/We: in an impulsive mood asked JANICE to move in with me...
10/5/1984 :Fr-LaJolla#2>4/30\UCLA+Mesa+City+SDSU+UCSD/Janice:ON/OFF
          :9:30am, KARIN called to ask if the 616 unit was
          :available for rent.
          :JANICE, who had been living with me since 10/3, stormed out of
          :the house--to 11/27: (THANK GOD!) MR (7/12/4) 0 AS.
          :Cont. (since 9/3) total immersion into HE/SHE Compatibility.
          :NOTE:1st day ST 15 Sco (5/11/3) 90 my Mo--to 10/24.
          :==== just like with Francesca in Dec 1983--and a breakup. . .
          :Since break with Janice on 10/5 (ST 90 my MO) missing her.
          :Today, I had a major inspiration with HE/SHE points, and the
          :idea about ASTRO-RELATIONSHIPS Book - 1st on 9/27 - reinforced.
          :Wrote a letter to Barbra SEJNOSKI.  Belinda called...
          :ST 17 Sco (5/11/3) 90 my MO over--since 10/5.
          :10/25/Th: Got caught speeding again. Feeling badly, energy down:
          :SU  2 Sco (5/11/3)  0    PL, MO (5/11/3) 90 my PL
          :Reinvested $128,000 at Home Federal for 90 days.
          :10/30/Tu: Prepared a package for Janice for her BD: tapes of
          :Oxygen, Four Seasons--I have not seen her since 10/5.
          :INDIRA GANDHI was assassinated in India today.
          :11/1/Th: Parents arrived in USA, call from Mother.
11/2/1984 :Fr-LaJolla#2\UCLA+Mesa+City+SDSU+UCSD/Janice:OFF.Corinne:ON
          :Taped Hot Soul, Santana, Rare Earth.
          :Working on HE/SHE Compatibility.
          :CORINNE stopped by.
          :11/6/Tu: 4:45 pm, CORINNE called and said she wants to come to
          :me tonight--MO, and her Moon, are in Ari. . .
          :This is a miserable but vis-a-vis HE/SHE a productive period.
          :1st day ST 18 Sco (5/11/3) 90 my MR--to 11/18.
          :Spent ten days writing notes to Janice, but did not mail...
          :11/14/We: Janice on my mind--it is her birthday today. . .
          :ELIZABETH (Sco/not the Pisces), my student from City College,
          :came at 9:30pm.  Good sex. . .
          :Last SDSU class.
          :11/16/Fr: Elizabeth (4 Sco, Age 26) came. Nice sexually, but 
          :Janice on my mind since 10/5.
          :Last Day ST 20 Sco (5/11/3) 90 my MR.  This has been a miserable
          :cycle since 10/6--when Saturn 90 my MO started.
          :Apparently--I found out later--it was also for Janice.
          :Prepared a letter for her.  Ken and Nancy came over to review it
          :They said "Send it."  So I did, on 11/21.
          :11/19/Mo: Got caught SPEEDING the 3rd time this mo...
          :......NEPTUNE enters CAPRICORN, permanent to 1/29/1998.
          :Capricorn is my Solar 7th House of Marriage, Alliances
          :................Natal 1st Equal House of Expansion, Freedom
          :........Location (DC) 4th House Domestic Matters
          :See the note on Neptune on 1/18/1984.
          :As for Natal 1st House of Freedom, I have longed for finishing
          :all my personal projects to be free to enjoy careless/timeless
          :freedom.  I will after this Neptune cycle...    1/29/1998 next!
          :California approved my INSTRUCTOR Certification application of
          :6/8/84, in all 5 fields and for life.
          :Sent Janice the letter I have been composing since 11/1.
          :Have finished HE/SHE Inter-House Points. . .
          :THANKSGIVING. Spent it at Kens.  Watched "The VERDICT" with
          :Paul Newman: it gave me some resolution vis-a-vis Janice.
          :11/24/Next door neighbor DAVID (Aqu) got married to MARIE (Pis).
          :11/25/Su: Tel. ringing but no voice: JANICE, like with FRANCE
          :a year ago. . .
          :Met parents at G�lhis at 10pm, back in La Jolla at 1:30am.
          :11/27/Tu: JANICE called in the eve, 1st since 10/5.
          :We met at the gas station at La Costa Exit and talked to
          :It has been 52 days since our break on 10/5. I am rejuvenated.
          :Start: ST 21 Sco (5/11/3) 120 my SUN.
          :Elizabeth (Sco) and I separated permanently--grateful to her...
          :11/29/Th: CORINNE called, then VICKY Schneiderman.
          :Love life up since 11/27 AND ST 120 my SUN--when Janice called.
          :11/30/Fr: Janice moved in and we had a vehement argument over
          :Then we went to CARMEN in La Jolla, then to LA BEDOUIN rest.
12/2/1984 :Su-LaJolla\UCLA+Mesa+City+UCSD/Janice.Corinne
          :Start: PL 3 Sco (5/11/3) 90 my PL
          :This marks the end of Janice period--on 1/20/85; what
          :Saturn 90 my MO & MR could not achieve, Pluto did.
12/7/1984 :Fr-LaJolla\UCLA+Mesa+City+UCSD/Janice:VOLATILE
          :Janice living with me since 11/30.
          :We had argument today because I left to purchase plants while
          :she was studying for her Final Exam in Psychology with Sarah.
12/8/1984 :Sa-LaJolla\UCLA+Mesa+City+UCSD/Janice:VOLATILE
          :Janice stormed out again because she dug out my porn photos
          :and saw Barbara's--which of 3?--name some place.
          :12/10/Mo: Last UCLA class; introduced Janice to parents.
          :Janice's sister MARION received some sort of letter and I
          :was blamed...
          :Watched a newer version of CAMILLE with Janice.
          :Janice left at 9:30am.  I received several calls:
          :1) Janice's Grand Mom--talked to Janice too.
          :2) Janice's MOM - she invited me and Parents for New Years.
          :3) Janice's friend Sarah. . .
          :Missing Janice.  Left her a message and asked her to call me
          :back, but she did not.
          :Meanwhile, KATHLEEN (also Sco) asked me for a date 2nd time.
          :Finished City College class.
          :Parents coming to La Jolla.
          :Sent Janice's mother a card.
          :Finished Mesa College Busn. Math class.
          :Attended a party at Barb Lee, talked to her friend Anne and then
          :made love to both Barb and her to 2 am.
          :Missing Janice (since 12/12).
          :Spent eve with Ken, Rolf, Donna. (Nice.)
          :Then to Barb (Nice too.)
          :Submitted grades to SD Community Colleges.
          :Worked long hours on AsterPro.
          :12/24/Mo: talked with Mother Panama Canal trip.
          :My Drivers LICENSE is suspended, subject to petition.
          :Mother made fantastic turkey.
          :Watched Christmas at Kennedy Center.
          :Talked to Belinda.
          :Telephone rang at 7pm: Janice?
          :Purchased a book on Astro BASIC programs...
          :Barb introduced me her friend Anita (Cancer), but she (too)
          :is disturbed...
          :MR 3 Pis (9/3/7) 90 my UR, PL (5/11/3) 90 my PL - since 12/2.
12/31/1984:Mo-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD/Janice.  Called Janice at 9:30am.
          :She has a new address and Tel #: at 2020 Diamond St.  We met.
          :She brought a present for me: 2 of her photos, looking drained.
          :We walked to La Jolla beach... and finished the year together
          :to 9:30am on 1/1 - but it felt like the start of the end.
1/1/1985  :Tu-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD/Janice.  This note at 7:30pm:
          :Janice and her friend Stacy supposedly went to her Mother's
          :party, to be back at 6 pm.  She was not: I felt vibes at 6pm...
          :The poor girl has vaginitis - like Gayle at the end.  So things
          :just faded away between us from this day on, because I was 3
          :inches shorter. . .
          :Watched EDUCATING RITA at Kens and was impressed with potent
          :separation between Michael Caine and the young woman . . .
1/5/1985  :Sa-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD/Janice:Endings.  Argument with
          :Father again, while watching the movie CARAVAN.
          :Spent the day with Janice.  Feeling very attached, BUT. . .
1/6/1985  :Su-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD/Janice:Pier.One.  Purchased for
          :Janice's new Apt. "straw" furniture from Pier One and 3 large
          :plants.  I paid for them. her apt. looks nice.
          :Went to Old Town in the eve.  Then came back and arranged her
          :books.  I left at 1:30am instead of staying there...
          :Janice later gave me her (pale yellow) clothes dryer in return--
          :all she has.
          :1/7/Mo: 1st SDSU class; next day 1st RTC class--from 8/14/84.
1/11/1985 :Fr-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Janice.LindaLee.  Janice
          :said she is going to a play with her friend Linda Lee.
          :At 0:30am she is still not back.
          :Likely that she began cheating this day, or already on 1/2.
1/13/1985 :Su-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Janice:Stud-Service.
          :Janice and I went to bed at her apt. at 12:15am.
          :At 1am, because I did not wish to "perform," she started a
          :scatter-brained argument.
          :At 3:30am she went to her LR to sleep; I left.
          :The bitch wants stud service. . .
1/14/1985 :Mo-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Janice:UCSD\License
          :Janice appeared unexpectedly at my UCSD class, but I feel
          :1/17/Th: Drivers License probation for one year, but at 8:15am,
          :I rescued it with the help of a City Attorney.
1/18/1985 :Fr-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Janice:bitching\Gigi.Here
          :Janice called in the evening and bitched for an hour over
          :nothing, destroying my good intentions.
          :She may be seeking justification for something she has in mind!
          :G�lhis came to visit.
          :1/19/Sa: Worked on HE/SHE (Compatibility) Inter-House Points.
          :Left a message for Janice.
1/20/1985 :Su-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Janice:END.
          :I arrived at Janice's apt. at 12:30pm, with some "pide" (baked
          :dish) Father had prepared at home.
          :She was going to dinner with Linda Lee.
          :I was pumping her against the wall, both of us on our knees.
          :She was using cream - supposedly for vaginitis.
          :Suddenly I sensed it and asked her "Jan, are you double-timing
          :me?"  She said "don't ever say that..."
          :We continued and I left at 4:30pm, the last time I saw her.
1/21/1985 :Mo-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Janice:END.
          :Late at night (1/20), suddenly I felt vibes and knew she had
          :pulled a sting on me--same as on 11/29/89 with Sharon in DC.
          :She did not come home that night. I went to her apt at
          :12:10am the next morn.  I prepared a letter for her and took
          :to her the record album I had borrowed.
          :PL  5 Sco (5/11/3) 90 my PL
          :VE 17 Pis (9/3/7)  90 UR 16 Sag (6/12/4)--120 my Moon.
          :MR 20 Pis (9/3/7)  90 my VE
          :The UR 120 my Moon part told me this was a gift for me,
          :regardless how difficult I would feel at first about her loss!
          :This marks the beginning of a miserable PL 90 my PL cycle, BUT 
          :ALSO a very productive AsterPro cycle: Compatibility & Transits.
1/22/1985 :Tu-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Janice:Barb.Lee
          :While I was in my study, talking to Barb Lee, tel. rang but
          :no voice.  It was Janice, perhaps thanking me for the nice
          :letter I mailed to her after her sting on 1/20.
          :1/24/Th: Got up at 5 am and wrote a 3-page letter to Janice -
          :and read it to Mother - and mailed it.
          :Missing her: MR Pis 120 my SU.
1/28/1985 :Mo-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Barb.Corinne\Balloon.Loan
          :Paid $13.000 to Parents for helping out with the balloon
          :payment on the house.
          :This is a MR and T:VE 180 my NP cycle, feeling very unstable.
          :1/30/We: CORINNE called at 3:30 pm and hinted that she would
          :like us to be married.  What timing?
          :Poor thing. She must be strained too. . .
2/6/1985  :We-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Janice:Barb.Corinne
          :JUPITER enters AQUARIUS - final until 2/20/1986.
          :My Solar  8th House (from 0 Cancer) of Finances, Beginnings
          :My Natal  2nd       of Money
          :USA-West  6th       of Projects, Detail
          :This is also the beginning of T:NP Cap (7/1/5) 180 N:ME while
          :T:PL (5/11/2) 90 N:PL. Total immersion in AsterPro He/She...
          :Feeling bad until about March 20...
2/14/1985 :Th-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Jan:Corinne,SHAHNAZ
          :Valentine's Day.  At 3pm at Mcdonald in Westwood, I met my
          :student Shahnaz Ghazali (from Iran) from Woodbury, Francesca's
          :best friend.
          :Gave her my Tel# and said I will write a card next day. . .
2/18/1985 :Mo-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Jan:AsterPro
          :Completed HE/SHE today, and tested Janice and me.
          :A beautiful program--dedicated to France and Janice primarily.
          :Strong vibes from Janice: 2/19: tel rang at 9:58am;
          :------------------------> 2/20: tel rang at 4:42pm.
          :SU 0 Pis 0 ME; MO Aqu 120 my VE; VE Ari 0 MR => Potent!
          :Janice is preparing for an audition for Yale in San Francisco
          :and probably wants me to accompany her on 2/21. . .
2/21/1985 :Th-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Jan:YALE.Audition
          :Parents leaving for G�lhis.
          :Janice had an audition for Yale in SF.
          :I had OMINOUS VIBES, like she did not pass: SUN Pis 90 my UR,
          :SU Pis (9/3/7) 60 NP (7/1/5) while NP 180 my ME. . .
2/22/1985 :Fr-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Jan:Elizabeth.Corinne
          :1st date with ELIZABETH Moseley, but she was late - which gave
          :me the signal to lay off.
          :2/23/Sa: CORINNE stopped by in the morn after date with
          :Elizabeth. . .
2/24/1985 :Su-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Jan:Elizabeth.Corinne
          :Strong vibes from Janice, as if conveying regret - not about
          :the separation, but the way she did. . .  ME 8 Pis 120 my JU
2/26/1985 :Tu-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Jan:Corinne.LINA
          :Corinne came over: had a nice day.
          :Stupid idea about playing a trick on Janice with her friend LINA
          :in New York. . .  Moon in Gemini, and
          :NP 3 Cap (7/1/5) 180 my ME, MR 17 Ari (10/4/8) 120 UR (6/12/4),
          :JU 4 Aqu (8/2/6) 180 my PL, SU 7 Pis (9/3/7)   120 my JU.
          :2/27:Very strong vibes from Janice in the evening. . .
3/2/1985  :Sa-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Jan:FILE-1 Works
          :Feeling tight but very concentrated--Pluto is still 90 my PL.
          :Began Preparing a new FILE-1 from Apple "Phone List" program.
          :Done at 11pm 3/3.
3/3/1985  :Su-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Jan:License/Camphor
          :Strong vibes from Janice.  9pm from Sara, her friend, or it
          :sounded like her. . .
          :3/4/Mo: made plans to "unsuspend" my Driver's License.
          :Pissed off at David next door for all those leaves from the
          :Camphor tree.
3/5/1985  :Tu-LaJolla.Parents\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Jan:Elizabeth/NY
          :Elizabeth next door invited us (my parents too) to dinner.
          :I am not interested at this time, but we did go. . .
          :3/6/We: Parents left for Femsi.
          :Idea to move to New York-I did, after 7/13. . .
3/8/1985  :Fr-LaJolla\UCLA+UCSD+SDSU+RTC/Post-Jan:Elizabeth.Corinne.Pam
          :Finished programming File-2.
          :Corinne stopped by 2 to 5 pm.
          :PAM Johnson called for me at G�lhis at 6:30pm.  Did not talk.
          :3/11/Mo: Last UCSD class--and SDSU?
          :Idea to attempt to publish my "Relationships" book. . .
3/14/1985 :Th-LaJolla\UCLA+RTC/Post-Jan:Elizabeth.Corinne.Pam.Hilla
          :Parents leaving (Femsi) for Turkey today.
          :Not feeling well.  Last UCLA class (yesterday).
          :HILLA Israeli interested in me, but I want to spend the night
          :with Pam in La.  Meanwhile, Janice in my system and I am
          :getting strong mixed vibes, as if she wants to reconnect. . .
3/16/1985 :Sa-LaJolla\UCLA+RTC/Post-Jan:Elizabeth.Corinne.Pam.Hilla
          :A note from Hilla (UCLA class); set date for 3/29.
          :Also date set with Pam on 3/21.  And vibes from Janice 3/14-19.
3/18/1985 :Mo-LaJolla\UCLA+RTC/Post-Jan:Corinne.Pam.Kathleen.Hilla
          :Signed rental agreement with Kathleen for 2 months.
          :Card from SEMIN in Turkey--always a wife prospect. . .
          :Strong vibes from Janice: SU 27 Pis (9/3/7) 180 my NP.
3/21/1985 :Th-LaJolla\UCLA+RTC/Post-Jan:Pam.Hilla.Barb.Jennifer
          :Met PAM after 15 months.  She is Sco too but "Eagle", not
          :"Serpent" like Janice. . .
          :3/22/Fr: Barb Lee and Jennifer visited at noon.
          :Working on AsterPro Ephemeris. . .
          :3/24/Su: Tel. RANG yesterday morn and 3pm today: Janice, I know!
3/25/1985 :Mo-LaJolla\UCLA+RTC/Post-Jan:Barb.Jennifer\Transits:OFF
          :Cops stopped me for making a U-Turn in La Jolla, but I got out
          :of a ticket.
          :I noticed that POSITIVE TRANSIT days usually turn out NEGATIVE,
          :and vice-versa.  I think my Point System values HITS to Natal
          :planets more than the ones between Transiting Planets: Observe!
3/26/1985 :Tu-LaJolla\UCLA+RTC/Post-Jan:Barb.Jennifer\Dr.Sugimori
          :Accumulated 100,000 miles on MAZDA on my way back from LA,
          :the last RTC class.
          :Also started Dental work by Dr. Sugimori in Anaheim. This
          :continued to June 85.
          :3/27/We: Rescued my Driver's License a 2nd time;
          :Since 3/6, the desire to move to NY is strong; modified resume.
          :PL (5/11/3) 90 my PL still on.
3/28/1985 :Th-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori\Barb.Kathleen.Janice->SUZETTE.Hilla
          :Janice's bad days over after weeks. . .
          :Hilla called; she wants me!
          :My last UCLA class started today until 6/13/1985.
          :Met my student/date Suzette in this class. (She and her friend
          :came in late, sat to the left side--of my view--of the last row.
3/31/1985 :Su-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori\Jan:Barb.Kathy.Jenni.Pam.SUZETTE?
          :Nanci Shellhammer called.  Ken sold the apartment.
          :Pam called and invited me for Easter Sunday.
          :Barb Lee called.
4/1/1985  :Mo-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori\Jan:Barb.Kathy.Jenni.Pam.SUZETTE?
          :Strange vibes from Janice--where is she?
          :Called Pam and declined her invitation (of yesterday) for Easter
          :Diane called, then G�lhis: both Pisces.
          :I am still under the unsettling PL 90 my PL.
          :Placed an ad for the sale of my home.
4/2/1985  :Tu-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori\Jan:Barb.Kathy.Jenni.SUZETTE?
          :Since 3/30, vibes from Jan convey that she is no longer here or
          :something.  (I found out later that she moved to Pitt, that
          :she was making arrangements at about this time. . .)
4/3/1985  :We-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori\Suzette?/Driver's License
          :Traffic Problems: Received an "Order of Probation & Suspension"
          :Letter dated today.
          :Attended Traffic School for a week until 4/29, but speeding
          :tickets continued.  By July 85, I could not legally drive in CA.
4/4/1985  :Th-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori\Jan:Barb.Kathy.Corinne.SUZETTE?
          :House ad in La Jolla Light appeared.
          :Several UCLA students already attracted to me.
          :Meanwhile, strong vibes from Janice continue.  Corinne called.
4/5/1985  :Fr-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori\Jan:Kathy.Corinne.Karin.SUZETTE?
          :Strong vibes from Janice.  Karin called.
          :Working on Asc. Tables in App.A in my book. . .
          :4/6/Sa: felt good on my way to SUGIMORI in Anaheim for perio.
4/7/1985  :Su-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori\Jan>SUZETTE?.ANTOINETTE.Barb.Corinne
          :Easter Sunday: at 3am drove by Janice's place.  Her car is
          :still there.
          :Party at Barbara Lee. Met ANTOINETTE Maria, a Capricorn.
          :We got so attracted that sitting in front of fire place on the
          :carpet, Barb next to us, we began making love.
          :Then we left for my place.  She had a screaming orgasm on the
          :living room floor - the two guys next door talking to friends
          :outside heard it.
          :Then, while I was in the bathroom, she ran away naked: strange!
          :Corinne called later, then Belinda. . .
4/8/1985  :Mo-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori\Jan>SUZETTE?.Barb.Corinne.Elizabeth
          :Elizabeth stopped by to talk about her report, but really
          :other intentions. . .
4/10/1985 :We-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori\Jan>SUZETTE?/Hang.Gliding\Elizabeth
          :Vibes from Janice continue.
          :While correcting the text of my book, Rolf came to take me for
          :Hang GLIDING on Black Mountain.
          :We did and I scraped most of body landing.
          :Elizabeth was there upon return, waiting.  She says she is in
          :love with Bruno, but. . .
4/12/1985 :Fr-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\Jan>SUZETTE?/My.BOOK
          :Strong vibes from Janice.
          :Stayed at G�lhis for dental perio work tomorrow.
          :Getting impatient about (finishing) my book...
4/13/1985 :Sa-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\BOOK/Jan->SUZETTE>3/28
          :Identified all parts of my BOOK and finalized the Index.
          :This is the official start date.
          :4/14/Su: Mother then Belinda called, one after the other.
          :Moon in Aqu: both have the ASC in Aqu.
          :Chapters 2-5 and Appdx: A & B finished today.
4/15/1985 :Mo-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\BOOK/Jan->SUZETTE>3/28
          :Feeling very good: Pluto is Retro at 3 Sco, thus the 90 to my PL
          :is milder - BUT I will feel it later in NY!
          :Antoinette then Rolf called.
          :SUZETTE, my student since 3/28, made her 1st move at me today.
          :Suzette Wachtel, 1630 Greenfield #203, LA 90025 213-477-2143.
4/16/1985 :Tu-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\BOOK/Jan->SUZETTE>4/15.Barb
          :Barb Lee invited me over for sailing this weekend, but Karin may
          :be coming over. . .
          :My book is coming along fine since 4/13.
4/17/1985 :We-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\BOOK/Barb.Corinne.Kathy.Antoin.
          :Nice start: Barb came over, then Corinne, then Kathy. . .
          :Talked to Kathy about the house sale.
          :Antoinette called, but we could not decide if she should come or
          :not.  She called again at 8:30 pm and said she would not/did!
          :(Late at night Karin called: she wants to come tomorrow. . .)
          :LAST DAY of PL 90 my PL but it will be back in NY later in 1985.
4/19/1985 :Fr-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\BOOK/Jan->SUZETTE>4/15.Barb
          :1pm argument with Barb.  She called me cheap, because I do not
          :want to go sailing this weekend--and Karin coming.  This girl
          :cannot imagine I can be exhausted.
4/20/1985 :Sa-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\BOOK/Kathy.Michelle.Corinne
          :Did not go to sailing with Barb and the gang.
          :Kathy came over and wanted to move in with me. I said no.
          :Michelle was here to tape something.
          :Corinne came over too.
          :Asked Ken to proof-read something in my book.  He said he cannot
          :concentrate too long on these things any more.
          :I am not feeling well physically and otherwise.  Would really
          :like to finish my book; it is taxing.  And I am smoking too much
4/26/1985 :Fr-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\BOOK/Speeding\CONTACT.LENSES
          :Got caught speeding again.
          :4/28/Su: feeling really lonely, or frustrated:  it is time to
          :move out of CA. . .
          :4/29/Mo: strong vibes re: Janice.
          :Last DRIVER School class; rescued my license.
          :Feeling tight inside.  Ordered my CONTACT LENSES.
5/1/1985  :We-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\BOOK/Jan->SUZETTE>4/15\Corinne.
          :Corinne came over.  We wasted a whole afternoon massaging each
          :other, but still I finished the last 6 Sun-Sign text.
          :Smoking a lot these days.
5/2/1985  :Th-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\BOOK/Jan->SUZETTE:ChartHouse
          :Finished Ch. 8 of my Book.
          :Thought of Janice, then Suzette.  She is gradually replacing
          :Suzette, her friend, and I went out after class to Charthouse.
          :A male student who had dropped the class saw us necking in the
          :restaurant.  Did not look good. . .
5/8/1985  :We-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\BOOK/SUZETTE>5/2
          :Janice is about to experience a bad long cycle. Strong vibes
          :from her 12-3pm, but these may be the LAST vibes - in retrospect
          :5/9/Th: Carole, the student from Australia is no longer
          :attending the class.  She was sending signals.  I think she got
          :the signal that I am more interested in Suzette: she is in.
          :We walked and made love on the sidewalk against a tel. pole;
          :later in her mother's Mercedes 300 in the parking lot.
5/11/1985 :Sa-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\BOOK/Suzette>5/2.Corinne
          :Corinne came over. Nice.
          :In the afternoon prepared a note for Janice - and forwarded
          :with a nice touch.
          :Ran Compatibility with Suzette for 7/29/52 11 pm LA.  It is not
          :as good as the earlier date she gave me: 1958.
5/13/1985 :Mo-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\Publish?/Suzette>5/2
          :The 1st draft of my Book finished.  Decided to
          :mail the manuscript on 5/16/Th--I did on 5/28, I believe.
          :5/15/We: Called PUBLISHERS in New York.
          :5/20/Mo: Letter to RANDOM House out.
          :Vibes from Janice continue. . .
5/22/1985 :We-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\Publish?/Suzette>5/2\AsterPro
          :Trying to publish my book.
          :Incorporated NORMAL DISTRIBUTION in HE/SHE Points.
          :5/23/Th: Suzette and I necked on a Westwood street after class.
5/26/1985 :Su-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\Publish?/Suzette>5/2\KARMA.
          :Strong vibes from Janice.
          :Appendix-C of Book-1 finished.
          :A man came to see the house; he seems serious about buying,
          :though I have 2nd thoughts about selling--see 6/1.
          :Karma may be selling my home
          :Astrology of Karma, 5/27/85 
          :MO:28LEO49 SU:5GEM40 ME:22TAU18 VE:21ARI09 MR:20GEM59 JU:16AQU51
          :ST:24SCO00 UR:16SAG26 NP:2CAP57 PL:2SCO29 NN:17TAU25
          :1. Uranus (the planet of the sudden and unexpected) in my 4th
          :House (of Home and Domestic Affairs) in California is in exact
          :trine to my Moon and sextile to Jupiter in 6th which is in
          :opposition to my Moon.  I attribute the sale to this & Mars.
          :(Note Jupiter in 6th House of projects relates more to my book
          :which I finished on 5/28.)
          :2. Saturn (retro) in my Calif. 3rd House is coming back to form
          :a trine to my Sun.  (This has to do with my book, not the sale.)
          :3. The Node is in my 9th Calif. House and squaring my Moon for
          :40 days or so.  This may explain the delay with the closing of
          :the escrow until 7/11.
          :4. Mars in 10th House (Direction of Life) is exactly on my Venus
          :It is in Sextile to Venus in 8th (Joint Finances and Enforced
          :Changes = Karma/Luck), which is sextile to my Venus--but also
          :about to form a square to my Sun.
          :5. Mercury in 9th House of Long Journeys (NY) is sextile my Sun.
          :6. Like Mars, the Sun is also in 10th House between my Ur/Sat.
5/28/1985 :Tu-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\Suzette>5/2\BOOK:Publish?
          :Finalized--since 4/13--my book on Relationships and mailed to a
          :publisher in NY.
          :Together with getting tired of Calif., problems with my Driver's
          :License, the possibility of publishing my book are the reasons
          :why I want to move to NY. . .
          :5/31/Fr: Belinda received her GED.
6/1/1985  :Sa-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\Suzette>5/2\BOOK:Publish?
          :Received $235,000 offer on the house; no selling costs. YES!
          :6/7/Fr: Suzette in La Jolla for a Roman Holiday, my last in LJ.
6/12/1985 :We-LaJolla\UCLA/Dr.Sugimori>3/26\Suzette?\Publish?/SOLD>6/1.
          :UCLA OVER, though I had signed up for another class. I canceled
          :it today.  I want to leave for NY as soon as the house closes.
          :6/23/Su: Mixed about Suzette.  Affair over?
          :Working on Transits to 7/11. . .
7/1/1985  :Mo-LaJolla\Dr.Sugimori>3/26\Suzette?\Publish?/SOLD>6/1:ESCROW?
          :Updating Transits, while waiting for the escrow on the property
          :to close.
          :Had LEOs put in new car stereo, but had problems with the two
          :Mexicans who installed it.
7/8/1985  :Mo-LaJolla\Suzette?\Publish?/SOLD>6/1:ESCROW?
          :Called Suzette after 2 weeks, but romance is over. . .
          :7/10/We: Leaving La Jolla, the last FULL day in my La Jolla home
          :Suzette called.
          :I am crawling out of my skin--Mars in Cancer is on my Sun.
          :Still working on transits, very impatient to leave for NY.
7/11/1985 :Th-La Jolla -> 1000 Oaks/House Sold.  11:53am call from Norma:
          :the escrow on the house has closed.
          :6:09pm produced the last Transits I had developed since 6/23.
          :Said goodbye to my tenant Michael only.
          :Left LJ for good at 6:50pm.
          :Had car problems on the way and the next day.
7/12/1985 :Fr-1000 Oaks.  Drove to La Jolla to collect my escrow: $103,843.
          :Car heated up, spent 2 hours at Hine Mazda.
          :Left LJ at 4pm, the last time as a resident: MARS 21Can 0 my Sun
7/13/1985 :Sa-1000 Oaks.  Staying a couple of days with my sister before
          :NY.  Mailed cards to Janice and Suzette.
          :SIRMAN        Page 14: 7/13/1985 SAT
          :NN:14TAU56 H(S11/P 4/L 9) S 90 TRANSIT JU:14AQU47 H(S 8/P 2/L 6)
          :PL: 1SCO56 H(S 5/P10/L 3) S 61 TRANSIT NP: 1CAP44 H(S 7/P 1/L 5)
          :NP: 1CAP44 H(S 7/P 1/L 5) 
          :UR:14SAG38 H(S 6/P12/L 4) A 60 TRANSIT JU:14AQU47 H(S 8/P 2/L 6)
          :ST:21SCO36 H(S 5/P11/L 3) A121 TRANSIT SU:20CAN33 H(S 1/P 7/L11)
          :JU:14AQU47 H(S 8/P 2/L 6) 
          :MR:22CAN 6 H(S 1/P 7/L11) A  1 NATAL   SU:22CAN31 H(S01/P07/L11)
          :VE: 7GEM13 H(S12/P 5/L10) A  1 NATAL   ST:08GEM21 H(S12/P05/L10)
          :ME:17LEO 4 H(S 2/P 8/L12) 
          :SU:20CAN33 H(S 1/P 7/L11) 
          :MO:22TAU50 H(S11/P 5/L 9) S 60 NATAL   SU:22CAN31 H(S01/P07/L11)
          : 2ND:FINANCES/POSSESSIONS    :  1/ -4=  -3 :NEGATIVE 
          : 3RD:MIND/TRAFFIC/COMMUNICATN:  3/  0=   3 :POSITIVE 
          : 4TH:HOME/PROPERTY/PRIVACY   :  1/ -4=  -3 :NEGATIVE 
          : 5TH:ROMANCE/CHILD/CREATIVITY:  4/ -8=  -4 :NEGATIVE 
          : 6TH:HEALTH/PROJECTS/SCHEDULE:  2/ -4=  -2 :NEGATIVE 
          : 7TH:INTIMATE TIES/PARTNERS  :  3/ -8=  -5 :NEGATIVE 
          : 8TH:CHANGES/INTENSITY/SEX   :  1/ -4=  -3 :NEGATIVE 
          : 9TH:DISTANT AFFAIR/VALUES/Ed:  0/ -4=  -4 :NEGATIVE 
          :10TH:CAREER/SUCCESS/PUBLIC   :  1/ -8=  -7 :OBSTACLES
          :11TH:SOCIAL LIFE/HOPES&WISHES:  4/-12=  -8 :OBSTACLES
          :12TH:CONFINEMENT/OBSTACLES   :  1/ -8=  -7 :OBSTACLES
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S
          :H 1! -2 -2 -2 -3 -3 -2 -2 -3 -3 -1 -1 -5 -5 15  3 -7 -7 -7  8  8
          :H 2! -1  2  5 -3  0 -3 -3 -3 -3 -6 -6 -3 -3 -3 -3 -6 -4 -5  3  0
          :H 3! -2  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  3  3  3  3  3  1  1 -5 -5  1  1
          :H 4! -6 -2 -2 -3 -3 -2 -2 -3 -3 -2 -2 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3  1  1  0
          :H 5! -1  2 10 10  2  2  4  4  4  9  5  0 -4 -4  4  2 -4 -4  2  2
          :H 6! -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -1 -1 -2 -2 -2 -2  0  0  4  8  2
          :H 7!  0  3  6 -3  0 -2 -2 -3 -3 -1 -1 -5 -5 15  3 -7 -7 -7  8  8
          :H 8! -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -6 -6 -3 -3 -3 -3 -6 -4 -5  3  0
          :H 9! -7 -3  5  4 -4 -3 -1 -4 -4 -6 -6 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4  0  0  0
          :H10! -2  1  1  1  1  1  1  3  3  6  2 -3 -7 -7  3  3  3  3  5  3
          :H11!-10 -6  2  0 -8 -6 -6 -8 -8 -6 -6 -8 -8 12 -2-12-18-14  7  7
          :H12!  3  6  9  1  4  1  3  3  3  8  4 -3 -7 -7  3  0  2 -3  5  2
          :TOT! -7  0 11  2 -3 -5 -3 -4 -4  0 -4-12-16  4  6 -7 -5 -6 13 10
          :SCORE:  -3/  4=  1. SUMMARY OF THESE  31 DAYS: POSITIVE 
7/14/1985 :Su-1000 Oaks/LA/SUZETTE.  Date with Suzette: went to the
          :Charthouse again, where we had started, also Tony Roma.
          :Stayed with her that night, but the romance is gone - or I feel
          :too excited about my trip to NY the next day.
          :I left her at 5:30am.  Just as I was closing the door, she
          :somnambulated to me and kissed me goodbye.
          :Then she called me at 10:30am in 1000 Oaks to say goodbye again.
          :(See--above chart--the points jump from -16 on 7/13 to +4 on
          :7/14; and from +6 on 7/15 to -7 on 7/16.)
7/15/1985 :Mo-BD:43. On my way to New York. Left 1000 Oaks at 3:23pm, Calif
          :at 8pm, Las Vegas 9:30pm.
          :7/16/Tu: visited ZION National Park thru Rt.9, Bryce Canyon thru
          :Rt.89.  Called G�lhis.  She said MARILYN Stratford from last
          :UCLA class called to thank me.
          :7/17/We: arrived in Denver at 4:30am, 11pm passed St Louis.
          :10am CST got a ticket in KS, another in Missouri, while racing a
          :fast woman. (Her name DENISE McFALL.)
          :7/18/Th: arrived in Morgantown at 6pm.
          :Sent many cards to Suzette from every stop along the way.
          :7/19/Fr: visited WVU Student Union to contemplate the past, then
          :to DC, to Femsi in Annandale. Talked to 3am; left the car there.
7/20/1985 :Sa-DC->NY:Chelsea.  2pm Eastern Shuttle to NY.  3pm, checked in
          :at CHELSEA on 23rd St. - Jane Fonda stayed there when she
          :started her career.
          :Walked from 23rd to 59th St; 7th & 8th Avenues and Broadway.
7/21/1985 :Su-NY>7/20:Milford.Plaza.  Decided Chelsea is no good; moved to
          :Milford Plaza on 45th St.
          :Called G�lhis and Suzette.  Went to the Village, Soho, Canal St.
          :and Broadway.  Then walked to 86th St and Columbus Ave. on the
          :West Side.
7/22/1985 :Mo-NY>7/20:Edison.  Decided to move to the Edison on 47th St.,
          :Times Square.  Started to look for apartments.  Until the 28th:
          :had a date with a HELENE; later with an EMANUELL Khann while
          :inspecting apts.  Also owner Iliana at E 56th St ($1250/mo).
          :Saw Apt. 27F at the Galleria ($1700/mo), and a beauty in TRUMP
          :Towers 34th Fl. ($1200/mo).
          :Meanwhile, I am still receiving vibes from Janice. . .
7/28/1985 :Su-NY>7/20:Park.Ave.  Rented Apt 12R at 10 Park Ave, NY 10016
          :for $1200/mo:  Tel: 212-689-5713. . .
10/5/1985 :Sa-Suzette in NY, staying at the Hilton on the 7th Ave.  This
          :was a memorable visit, romance, Roman Holiday: our last. . .
10/9/1985 :We-NY>7/20.  Visit to Astrolabe in Orleans, MA.  Enjoyed the
          :trip, met Rob Hand and his partners.
10/27/1985:Su-NY to MORGANTOWN.  Left NY--there since 7/20--at 11 pm, after
          :dinner with Marsy (Leo), on my way to Morgantown, WV.
11/11/1985:Mo-Morgantown>10/28/Sharon#1>11/11/85.  Sharon Faye Schwinabart
          :(Leo:24, 8/16/61), a graduate student in Languages and part-time
          :receptionist at the Colliseum Motel--and my woman until 8/17/92.
          :SHARON: Start of the 1st Phase of the Relationship: the
          :HONEYMOON PHASE: 11/11/85 - 7/4/86.
          :NOTE: Since I met Sharon 1st time in the eve, the chart for
          :11/12/85 is appropriate.
          :SIRMAN        Page 13: 11/12/1985 TUE
          :NN: 8TAU28 H(S11/P 4/L 8) A 60 NATAL   JU:08CAN 0 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :Adaptability; the urge to belong and to unite, sociability, good
          :fellowship, and obliging manners.  This Sub-Cycle may emphasize:
          :advantageous associations, tactful and accommodating manners.  
          :PL: 5SCO18 H(S 5/P10/L 2) S 89 NATAL   PL:04LEO59 H(S02/P07/L11)
          :Beware of MAJOR, perhaps drastic, transformation in an aspect of
          :your life.  Some (re: House-) affairs may come to an end, a
          :breakdown of the 'Old' followed by the 'New'. It may be a
          :difficult and forceful transition.
          :PL: 5SCO18 H(S 5/P10/L 2) A 60 NATAL   NN:06VIR29 H(S03/P08/L12)
          :A MAJOR transformation, perhaps a new beginning (re: see Houses)
          :is in the works for you.  This Sub-Cycle may emphasize: the urge
          :to INTERACT WITH THE MASSES (yes, astrology), associations which
          :may be significant to one's future; A KARMIC LINK.
          :NP: 1CAP47 H(S 7/P 1/L 3) A 60 TRANSIT VE: 1SCO43 H(S 5/P10/L 1)
          :Sensitivity and love, receptivity for beauty, art, and music, a
          :dreamy nature, good taste, high ideals, longing for love and
          :romance, an unstable existence and changing occupations.
          :UR:16SAG31 H(S 6/P12/L 3) A120 NATAL   MO:16LEO37 H(S02/P08/L11)
          :Uranian influences, suddenness, revolution, and change, are said
          :to be the most important. It is a time for unusual people or
          :unusual opportunities entering one's life. The effect is sudden,
          :flashy, and stimulating.  This Subcycle may emphasize: ambition,
          :increased attentiveness and emotional excitability, successes,
          :changes in one's circumstances, pursuit of convictions,
          :clairvoyance, travel, stimulating experiences. Likelihood of an
          :TRANSIT ST:29SCO24 H(S 5/P11/L 2) 
          :JU: 9AQU37 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) S120 TRANSIT MR: 9LIB37 H(S 4/P 9/L 1)
          :Successful creative activity or enterprise, a fortunate decision
          :or business deal, positive agreements or contracts, the urge to
          :live an active life, pride and honor, getting engaged.
          :MR: 9LIB37 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) ==>  NATAL   SU:22CAN31 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :Effective while aspecting by sign (and approaching) the Natal
          :planet.  Mars may activate affairs, BUT perhaps in problematic
          :ways. You may feel in solitary mood, be intense and tight inside
          :VE: 2SCO58 H(S 5/P10/L 2) A119 NATAL   ME:04CAN12 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :Positive aspects by Venus emphasize love and an artistic
          :disposition. They bring about physical attraction, a sense of
          :harmony, feeling, beauty, and a positive outlook on life.  This
          :Subcycle may emphasize: romantic mood, appreciation for beauty,
          :A LOVE UNION, ENCOUNTER, or message, artistic inspiration,
          :cheerfulness, a sense for form and design...
          :TRANSIT ME:12SAG 9 H(S 6/P12/L 3) 
          :SU:19SCO33 H(S 5/P11/L 2) A 90 NATAL   MR:19LEO33 H(S02/P08/L11)
          :Hastiness, obstinacy, stubbornness, restlessness, quarrelsome or
          :hot-blooded manners, violence, desire to be in the limelight,
          :failures caused by heavy demands upon self and others, upsets
          :(re, cardiac), strained relations.
          :SU:19SCO33 H(S 5/P11/L 2): NEW MO @ 14Hr 20Min GMT:SOLAR ECLIPSE
          :   In USA this will occur @ 9Hr 20Min EST/CDT on the SAME day!
          :MO:11SCO 3 H(S 5/P10/L 2) : Moon's angular motion: 15.23 Deg/24H
          : 2ND:FINANCES/POSSESSIONS    : 16/-16=   0 :VARYING  
          : 3RD:MIND/TRAFFIC/COMMUNICATN: 10/  0=  10 :+CHALLENG
          : 4TH:HOME/PROPERTY/PRIVACY   :  5/ -3=   2 :POSITIVE 
          : 5TH:ROMANCE/CHILD/CREATIVITY: 16/-16=   0 :VARYING  
          : 6TH:HEALTH/PROJECTS/SCHEDULE: 10/  0=  10 :+CHALLENG
          : 7TH:INTIMATE TIES/PARTNERS  :  0/  0=   0 :DORMANT  
          : 8TH:CHANGES/INTENSITY/SEX   :  5/  0=   5 :POSITIVE 
          : 9TH:DISTANT AFFAIR/VALUES/Ed:  3/ -3=   0 :VARYING  
          :10TH:CAREER/SUCCESS/PUBLIC   : 13/ -6=   7 :+CHALLENG
          :11TH:SOCIAL LIFE/HOPES&WISHES:  2/-10=  -8 :OBSTACLES
          :12TH:CONFINEMENT/OBSTACLES   : 10/  0=  10 :+CHALLENG
          :SHARON        Page 13: 11/12/1985 TUE
          :NN: 8TAU28 H(S10/P11/L10) S178 NATAL   NP:08SCO44 H(S04/P05/L04)
          :TRANSIT PL: 5SCO18 H(S 4/P 5/L 4) 
          :TRANSIT NP: 1CAP49 H(S 6/P 6/L 6) 
          :UR:16SAG31 H(S 5/P 6/L 6) S 60 NATAL   MO:16LIB23 H(S03/P04/L04)
          :ST:29SCO24 H(S 4/P 5/L 5) A 60 NATAL   MR:29VIR33 H(S02/P04/L03)
          :ST:29SCO24 H(S 4/P 5/L 5) A 60 NATAL   JU:29CAP34 H(S06/P07/L07)
          :JU: 9AQU37 H(S 7/P 8/L 7) S120 TRANSIT MR: 9LIB37 H(S 3/P 4/L 3)
          :MR: 9LIB37 H(S 3/P 4/L 3) ==>  NATAL   MO:16LIB23 H(S03/P04/L04)
          :TRANSIT VE: 2SCO58 H(S 4/P 5/L 4) 
          :TRANSIT ME:12SAG 9 H(S 5/P 6/L 5) 
          :SU:19SCO33 H(S 4/P 5/L 5) : NEW MO @ 14Hr 20Min GMT:SOLAR ECLIPSE
          :   In USA this will occur @ 9Hr 20Min EST/CDT on the SAME day!
          :MO:11SCO 3 H(S 4/P 5/L 4) : Moon's angular motion: 15.23 Deg/24H
          : 1ST:MAGNETISM;SELFPROJECTION:  0/  0=   0 :DORMANT  
          : 2ND:FINANCES/POSSESSIONS    :  0/  0=   0 :DORMANT  
          : 3RD:MIND/TRAFFIC/COMMUNICATN:  6/ -8=  -2 :NEGATIVE 
          : 4TH:HOME/PROPERTY/PRIVACY   :  9/ -4=   5 :POSITIVE 
          : 7TH:INTIMATE TIES/PARTNERS  :  6/  0=   6 :+CHALLENGING
          : 8TH:CHANGES/INTENSITY/SEX   :  3/  0=   3 :POSITIVE 
          : 9TH:DISTANT AFFAIR/VALUES/Ed:  0/  0=   0 :DORMANT  
          :10TH:CAREER/SUCCESS/PUBLIC   :  0/ -4=  -4 :NEGATIVE 
          :11TH:SOCIAL LIFE/HOPES&WISHES:  0/ -2=  -2 :NEGATIVE 
          :12TH:CONFINEMENT/OBSTACLES   :  0/  0=   0 :DORMANT
          :DAY!  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          :   !  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W
          :H 1!  3  8 -5  7  7 -3 -3  0  0  7  4  0 -3 -3 -3  0 -3 -3 -3  1
          :H 2! -9 -2  1  1 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5  0-10  0  1 14 10  8 -3 -3  7  7
          :H 3! 10 10 13 21 17  6 10  8 12 12 12 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10  5
          :H 4!  0  8 -5  7  7 -3 -3  2  2  5  2  2 -1 -1 -1  1 -1 -1 -1  3
          :H 5! -9 -2  1  1 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5  2 -8  0  1 14 10  8 -3 -3  7  7
          :H 6! 10 10 13 21 17  6 10  8 12 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10  8
          :H 7!  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  2  2  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
          :H 8! -2  4  4  4 -2 -2 -2  4  4  5  5  5  2  2  2  1 -1 -1  2  2
          :H 9!  3  8 -5  7  7 -3 -3  0  0  3  0  0 -3 -3 -3  0 -3 -3 -3  1
          :H10!-10 -6 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -7 -7 -1-11  7  1 10  6  8  0  0  3  3
          :H11! -3  0  3 11  7 -4  0  0  4  2  2 -8  2  6  6  1  2  2  6  6
          :H12! 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10  8
          :TOT!  7 18  8 28 18  0  4  3  7 14  1  9 10 18 19 20  9  9 16 17
          :SATURN enters SAGITTARIUS permanently on 11/17/85, to 2/13/1988.
          :SAGITTARIUS is my Solar  6th House of Projects, Detail, Jobs
          :..................Natal 12th House of Karma, Astrology...  
          :...............USA (DC)  3rd House of Plans, Mental, Programming
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :SAGITTARIUS, it is OPPOSITE to my 3 planets in Gemini: Uranus,
          :Saturn, Venus, BUT TRINE to my 3 planets in Leo: Pluto,
          :Moon/Mars Conjunction.
          :For me, this cycle marks only 2 total obsessions, 1 concern on
          :the side: 1) My astrology research, software, business,
          :2) Sharon, and 3) Belinda's education.
          :1) Solar 6th Ho. of Projects/Natal 12th of Metaphysics/Location
          :3rd Ho. of Programming. In California, I had already programmed
          :my software for research, my own use.  I had called it ASTER
          :then.  In New York, I expanded on it and in Morgantown more.
          :After Sharon & I moved to Washington, DC that my research was
          :already done and it could produce decent reports on APPLE; it
          :was still but still at about 1.5 megabytes, huge for that time,
          :certainly for APPLE computers.  Now I began to program AsterPro
          :in earnest for APPLE computers, but professionally.
          :I began the IBM version in Jan. 1988, at the end of this Saturn
          :cycle; it belongs to the next cycle.  By 1993, AsterPro was 16
          :megs, the largest astrology software in the world...
          :2) Location 3rd House of Interaction.  I began to advertise my
          :software and gradually became acquainted with most astrologers
          :and clients, also doing chart business.
          :3) Location 3rd House of Teaching.  On 12/24/86 the George
          :Washington Univ. approved me as an instructor of computer
          :classes; then, on 3/17/87, the Learning Annex accepted my
          :application for a class in astrology.  I taught throughout 1987,
          :but my business at home was consuming all my time; so I quit
          :my classes.
          :4) Natal 12th House of the Past.  My daughter Belinda and I had
          :failed in California.  I tried to induce her to go to college
          :every way I could think of.  Of course, I offered to pay the
          :tuition, books, and allowance.  I even promised her a car.  I
          :failed again . . .
          :5) Sharon.  Sharon is apparently not part of the Saturn cycle,
          :for she does NOT conveniently fit in the above-referenced house
          :affairs.  (Something like the 7th House would have been more
          :suitable for her.)  However, she may have been part of the 6th
          :House of Responsibilities, for I moved to Washington to enable
          :her to secure a job with the Government and took care of her,
          :sometimes as if she were an offspring. (Sharon had a very strong
          :child in her.) Although our relationship continued to 8/17/1992,
          :this Saturn cycle may be the only period of innocence, when we
          :were special . . .                              2/13/1988 Next!
11/18/1985:Mo-Morgantown>10/28\Sharon>11/11.  In Calif: took George, who
          :purchased my home, to Small Claims Court.
          :Called Suzette.  She said she could not come, that her father
          :died on that day. . .  Over!
12/19/1985:Th-Morgantown>10/28\Sharon>11/11/NY:2nd Time.  While staying
          :in New York a 2nd time, 165 W. 66th St. Apt 7T, my landlord
          :is Ravinette.
          :Read Taylor Caldwell's "CAPTAINS AND THE KINGS" while there.
2/20/1986 :Fr-Morgantown>10/28\Sharon>11/11/NY:2nd Time.
          :JUPITER enters PISCES - final until 3/2/1987.
          :My Solar  9th House (from 0 Cancer) of Foreign, Learning, Values
          :My Natal  3rd       of Mental Activity, Communications
          :USA-East  6th       of Projects, Detail
7/4/1986  :Fr-Morgantown/Sharon #1a>7/4/86\Istanbul.
          :Sharon drove me to the airport in Pittsburgh, on my way to NY,
          :to Istanbul . . .
          :While I was waiting for my departure, I called her perhaps 4
          :times from the airport for long chats.  The Honeymoon Phase that
          :started on 11/11/85 is over; I have mixed feelings.
          :This starts the "Indecisive" Transition to 2nd Phase in DC,   
          :This "Enough Warning Signals" Phase lasted to about Christmas 86
          :when Sharon was in Morgantown, finishing a class and undecided.
          :After I returned from Istanbul, I moved to Washington to enable
          :Sharon to get a good job with the Fed. Govt.
9/11/1986 :Th-Took Greyhound bus to Cumberland, MD and SHARON. Nice.
12/24/1986:We-Washington/Astrology/Sharon #1b>12/24/86.
          :My application for teaching at GWU approved today.
          :Sometime about this time Sharon decided to leave Morgantown and
          :move in with me, over her Mother's--a Fundamentalist Christian--
          :This was a very turbulent cycle.  Until she got her 1st job,
          :churned by her mother and preacher at home, she instigated
          :fights, then asked me to take her home; then, called and asked
          :me to come for her.  I did.
          :SHARON: Start of a "Turbulent" Transition to 2nd Phase in DC,
          :to about Feb 87.
2/1/1987  :Su-Washington/Astrology/Sharon #2>2/1/87.
          :By about this time Sharon found her 1st job and moved out of my
          :apt.  She rented her own apt. in the same building.
          :SHARON: Start of the 2nd Phase, 2nd HONEYMOON & CHRISTIAN Phase
          :that lasted thru 1987, Baltimore in 1988, to 11/29/1989 in DC. 
3/2/1987  :Mo-Washington/Astrology/Sharon #2>2/1/87.
          :JUPITER enters ARIES - final until 3/8/1988.
          :My Solar 10th House (from 0 Cancer) of Direction, Achievement
          :My Natal  4th       of Domestic Adj.
          :USA-East  7th       of Intimate Relations
3/17/1987 :Tu-DC/Sharon. The Learning Annex approved my Astrology class.
4/17/1987 :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\Court.  Left for NY about my case at Small
          :Claims Court for the deposit I paid to Ravinettes for my 2nd
          :stay in NY.  I lost the case.
7/1/1987  :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\Niagara. Sharon & I left for Niagara Falls
          :A so so trip, in contrast to the one in Feb. 1971 with Gayle.
7/30/1987 :Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\CA:Storage.  Left for California and to
          :donate my La Jolla stuff in storage.
11/15/1987:Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\TANGO.  Sharon & I went to Tango
          :Argentina at the Kennedy Center.
1/8/1988  :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\AsterPro:IBM.  At 12 noon in Washington,
          :DC, parents visiting, I began the IBM version of Aster-Pro on
          :Pc-Transporter card connected to APPLE-IIe.
2/13/1988 :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\AsterPro:IBM>1/8/88.
          :......SATURN in Transition into Capricorn until 6/10/1988.
          :........It turns retro on 4/11/88, direct on 8/30/88.
          :SATURN enters CAPRICORN permanently on 11/12/88, to 2/6/1991.
          :CAPRICORN is my Solar 7th House of Marriage, Close Alliances
          :................Natal 1st House of Expansion  
          :.............USA (DC) 4th House of Domestic Adj.
          :SATURN is said to be a planet that RESTRUCTURES one's life.  In
          :CAPRICORN, it is OPPOSITE to my 3 planets in Cancer: Mercury,
          :Jupiter, Sun.  I became aware of something during this cycle:
          :since all my planets are in Gemini (3), Cancer (3), Leo (3), and
          :Virgo (2), Saturn and other planets are much more consequential
          :and positive for me generally in my hemisphere, Aries to Libra
          :inclusive.  Things happen in the opposite hemisphere too, but
          :they are seemingly more peripheral then.
          :For me, during this Saturn Cycle, I had to put up with a Pluto
          :Cycle of more significance.  Pluto in Scorpio was Square to my
          :Moon/Mars Conjunction in Leo.  The Square to the Moon put an
          :end to what romance I had left with Sharon; the Square to Mars
          :converted me to a rebel in astrology. For about 2 years, I paid
          :1-page ads in American Astrology magazine and elsewhere, NOT
          :publicizing my software, but criticizing astrology scams,
          :dubious business practices and theories, etc.  In other words,
          :I had to destroy Popular Astrology, to save Astrology.
          :So the Saturn Cycle must be viewed from this perspective.  My
          :obsessions from the previous Saturn Cycle continued:
          :1) My astrology research, software, business,
          :2) Sharon, and 3) Belinda's education.
          :1) Solar 7th House of Marriage, Intimate/Close Relations.    
          :Belinda.  My relationship to my daughter ended on 1/3/1989,
          :after an attempt on her part (now 22) to cheat me, perhaps all
          :along to pay me back for divorcing her mother and "deserting"
          :them in 1971.  I had not deserted her, but this is what she grew
          :up believing, guided since childhood by her mother.
          :Sharon and I celebrated our 3rd/last anniversary in Morgantown
          :on 11/11/80, the day Saturn entered Capricorn permanently.  
          :Although our relationship continued to 8/17/1992, it was not
          :worth celebrating after that.  Indeed, while Pluto was Square to
          :my Moon from Scorpio, Saturn was Opposite my Sun from Capricorn 
          :after 2/23/90 for most of this cycle.
          :Astrology.  Some of my most intimate relationships during this
          :cycle, some positive others adverse, came through my business
          :and astrology contacts.
          :2) Natal 1st House of Expansion. I continued to improve and
          :expand my software diligently, to leave behind something bigger
          :3) Local 4th House of Domestic Adj..  This part is less clear.
          :My deteriorating relationship with Sharon, Belinda obviously had
          :"domestic" consequences.  And I began to feel confined.  My
          :business was becoming like an unwanted marriage, not because of
          :astrology but because of the business.  I felt as if I were on
          :home arrest, my freedom curtailed.               2/6/1991 Next!
2/15/1988 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\AsterPro:IBM>1/8/88.
          :....URANUS in Transition into Capricorn until 5/27/1988.
          :.........It turns retro on 4/5/88, direct on 9/6/88.
          :URANUS enters CAPRICORN permanently on 12/2/88 until 4/1/95
          :CAPRICORN is my Solar 7th House (0 Cancer) of IntimateRelations
          :................Natal 1st House of Expansion,Freedom,Bohemian
          :........Location (DC) 3rd/4th of Communication/Domestic Upheaval
          :Since Capricorn opposes my 3 planets in Cancer (Merc.,Jup.,Sun),
          :obviously there would be uprooting influences, especially in the
          :7th Solar House of Intimate Relations, 1st House of Expansion,
          :and 3rd/4th House (Location) Communications/Domestic conditions.
          :1) The 7th House influence was the most pronounced.  First, my
          :relationship to my daughter Belinda ended on 1/3/1989.  Then my
          :7-year affair with Sharon, very cozy at the start, became the
          :most turbulent relationship I've had.  (Actually a major part of
          :my last Book, "ASSIMILATION, AN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE," which I
          :finished in Miami Beach on 4/10/1996 is about this affair.)  As
          :for the 1st Natal House, the breakup of this "Magnificent
          :Obsession" relationship could not be anything but regaining of
          :my freedom, certainly a 1st (Natal) House process, after Sharon
          :and I celebrated her 31st birthday on 8/16/1992.  I left for
          :Istanbul; Sharon was assigned to a foreign country for 2 years.
          :The experience with her certainly qualified also as a domestic
          :upheaval, a 4th House event, as indicated by the Location House.
          :2) As for relating Uranus to 3rd Location Houses, from 9/5/1992
          :to the end of 1992, I finished my 358-page astrology book "Your
          :Guide to the World of Astrology," also pointing out astrology
          :scams.  Then I updated my software AsterPro a final time and
          :sent copies to my users.  After uploading my book and software
          :to CompuServe, et al., I also divorced myself from astrology
          :business, another freedom.  Then on 4/12/1994, I began
          :digitizing our family albums.  2750 scans later, I finished
          :this project on 1/13/1995, producing a 2-hour VCR video of 1191
          :of them at 5-second intervals.  Meanwhile, I also interviewed
          :Mother about our history and past, to produce a book.  I 
          :scheduled this book in anticipation of Uranus in Aquarius and
          :Pluto in Sagittarius after 1995.                 4/1/1995 next!
3/8/1988  :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\AsterPro:IBM>1/8/88.
          :JUPITER enters TAURUS.
          :My Solar 11th House (from 0 Cancer) of Hopes & Wishes, Friends
          :My Natal  5th       of Creativity, Daughter
          :USA-East  8th       of Sex, Enforced Changes, Research
7/22/1988 :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\AsterPro:IBM>1/8/88.
          :JUPITER enters GEMINI.
          :My Solar 12th House (from 0 Cancer) of Limitations, Karma
          :My Natal  6th       of Work, Projects, Detail
          :USA-East  9th       of Distant Lands, Values, Travel
9/7/1988  :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\AsterPro:IBM>1/8/88\Newport.News.  Last
          :Letter from Belinda from Newport News, VA.
          :JUPITER enters TAURUS - final.
          :My Solar 11th House (from 0 Cancer) of Hopes & Wishes, Friends
          :My Natal  5th       of Creativity, Daughter
          :USA-East  8th       of Sex, Enforced Changes, Research
1/2/1989  :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\AsterPro:IBM>1/8/88.  WVU lost national
          :football championship to Notre Dame.
1/3/1989  :Tu-DC/Aster-Pro/Sharon/BELINDA:END.
          :101st Congress starts.
          :Belinda - and grand parents - on the phone. She accused me!
          :It is over with her!  Femsi told Anne.
          :MOON 13SCO32 H(S 5/P10/L 2) -- conjunct to Pluto.
          :VENUS 20SAG18 H(S 6/P12/L 3) A179 NATAL VENUS 20GEM57
          :MARS @ 21 ARI 14 (10/3/7) A 91 NATAL SUN
          :JU:26TAU33 H(S11/P 5/L 8) A174 TRANSIT MO:26SCO 9 H(S 5/P11/L 2)
          :Actually this occasion marks the beginning of
          :Pluto 90 Natal Moon in 5th House of Children . . .
          :NOTE: 1) Pluto was at 14 Sco 37 (5/10/2) when BELINDA event
          :====  happened. The Square to N:MOON forms on 1/25. However:
          :Things were precarious since 11/13/88 when Saturn entered
          :Cap (7/1/4), and on 12/3/88 when Uranus entered Cap (7/1/4)
          :2) Then on 1/3/89: MARS 21 Ari 14 (10/3/7) was 90 N:Su: 1st day!
          :3) On 1/10/89 Saturn Cap 180 N:Ju formed. So lots of aspects!
          :4) These are bound to underline differences with SHARON too.
1/5/1989  :Th-DC/Aster-Pro:IBM>1/8/88/Sharon/APPLE Upgrades\HIROHITO.
          :Prepared the last 14 APPLE-II AsterPro Upgrades.
          :1/6/Fr: Emperor Hirohito of Japan died after 62 years rule.
1/8/1989  :Su-DC/Aster-Pro/Sharon/DB-III.  Finalized transfer of AsterPro
          :sales to Dbase III.
          :1/9/Mo: Parents came for a visit and short stay until the 11th.
          :Mailed 1988 taxes.
          :1/11/We: Heffren is having AsterPro problems on Tandy 3000.
1/12/1989 :Th-DC/Aster-Pro/Sharon/FAMILY TREE.
          :Started CELAYIRS Family Tree on Lotus 1 2 3.
          :1/14/Sa: Added final USA time zones in GAYLE.
          :Mailed Celayirs Family Tree to Turkey for corrections.
          :1/15/Su: woke up depressed at 5:30 am.
          :1/17/Tu: Order #2100 by KELLER. 
          :1/18/We: stayed with Femsi.
1/20/1989 :Fr-DC/Aster-Pro/Sharon/President BUSH.
          :President BUSH era starts.
1/21/1989 :Sa-DC/Aster-Pro/SHARON:BreakUP->3/10\SEMRA Message=>BreakUP
          :3:30pm, had a terrible fight with Sharon over a message
          :left by Semra on my answering device:
          :URANUS in Cap 179 Natal MERCURY Starts!
          :1/22/Su: 10:20am, Sharon left very negative.
          :Full moon: Sun @ 1 Aqu (8/1/4)  Moon 1 Leo (1/8/10)4) 
          :---------: trine my Uranus  Conjunct my Pluto
1/23/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/BREAKup>1/21/PL90MO>1/25-2/16\K.IRVING>1/23-2/16
          :Letter from Ken Irving: he wants to review AsterPro in American
          :Astrology.  Started to polish AsterPro.
          :PL:15SCO 3 H(S 5/P10/L 2) A 89 NATAL   MO:16LEO37 to 2/16.
          :1/27/Fr: Adj. the wording of Compatibility Reports.
          :1/28/Sa: Mixed print options done.
          :1/29/Su: Asterpro IBM is now all in COLOR. Other changes.
1/25/1989 :We-DC/Aster-Pro/BREAKup>1/21\PL90MO>1/25-2/16\IRVING>1/23\JANET
          :Order #2101 in.
          :Negative calls from Sharon, since our fight on 1/21.
          :SATURN @ 8 Cap 21 (7/1/4)179 180 my Natal JU over.
          :1/27/Fr: received a strange call from JANET.
2/1/1989  :We-DC/AsterPro/BREAKup/PL90MO>1/25\K.IRVING>1/23-2/16\SUMMARY
          :Preparing AsterPro for Review by KEN IRVING of Amer. Astrology;
          :installed 3 additional House Systems and introduced 3 Transit
          :Print options today. JUDITH, FLORENCE, NATAL
          :SHARON keeps calling since breakup on 1/21.
2/3/1989  :Fr-DC/AsterPro/BREAKup/PL90MO>1/25\K.IRVING>1/23\GAYLE,JUDITH
          :Received $80 from Calif tax.
          :GAYLE called 9 pm.
          :JUDITH module created.
          :2/5/Su: introduced into FLORENCE module text reading capability.
2/6/1989  :Mo-DC/AsterPro/BREAKup/PL90MO>1/25\K.IRVING>1/23\MID-PT,ARAB
          :Incorporated Mid-Points into Natal. 2 Orders in.
          :2/8/We: introduced Arabian Parts in Natal.
2/9/1989  :Th-DC/AsterPro/BREAKup/PL90MO>1/25-2/16\K.IRVING>1/23\MICROLINE
          :Introduced Microline printer into SIRMAN Module--1pm call from
          :Keller alerted me to Ken Irving setup too. Thanks!
2/10/1989 :Fr-DC/Aster-Pro/BreakUP>1/21\PL90MO>1/25\K.IRVING>1/23\TESTS
          :Started AsterPro tests re: Mid-Points, Arabian Parts, etc.
          :2/11/Sa: Began using SHOW.COM as part of AsterPro.
          :SEMRA called.
2/12/1989 :Su-DC/AsterPro/BreakUP/PL90MO>1/25-2/16\IRVING>1/23-2/16\MANUAL
          :Planned my trip to Calif; Upgraded the Manual.
          :2/13/Mo: revised SIRMAN Module for software donations.
          :Eastern ad to Calif is $120 cheaper than what I paid yesterday.
2/14/1989 :Tu-DC/AsterPro/BreakUP/PL90MO>1/25\K.IRVING>1/23\AFGHANISTAN
          :USSR is out of Afghanistan after 7 years.
          :Continuing AsterPro Screen tests.
2/16/1989 :Th-DC/AsterPro/BREAKup/PL90MO>1/25-2/16\K.IRVING SET OUT/COLOR
          :AsterPro for Kenneth Irving REVIEW and 2 sales OUT:
          :1st Set in COLOR.
2/17/1989 :Fr-DC/AsterPro/BreakUP >1/21-3/10\ASTROTXT
          :Started my ARTICLE about astrology scams (ASTROTXT).
          :=> PLUTO 90 Natal MOON over finally, since 1/25, 90 Mars next.
2/18/1989 :Sa-DC/AsterPro/BreakUP >1/21-3/10\ASTROTXT,ADs
          :Resolved problems in APPLE SUZETTE module all day.
          :2/21/Tu: placed 1/2-Page ad in American Astrology.
          :2/22/We: Belinda is 22 today.
          :2/24/Fr: placed a new 1-Page ad in NCGR Journal.
2/26/1989 :Su-DC/AsterPro/BreakUP >1/21-3/10\NCGR HOUSES
          :The new NCGR Journal has House Systems. Decided to use.
          :2/27/Mo: continued the text in ASTROTXT.  Called NCGR's
          :Dr. Lehman in San Francisco.
          :Finished selecting the house I can use in BARBRA Module--which
          :became GUZIN later.
2/28/1989 :Tu-DC/AsterPro/BreakUP >1/21-3/10\UPGRADES
          :Finished all outstanding Upgrades before departure to Calif.
          :Latter part of Feb + 2nd house were as predicted!
          :4pm call from Linda Fyte: ERROR in SHARON Module and MST time.
          :Must replace all IBM Upgrades. APPLE is OK . . .
3/1/1989  :We-DC/AsterPro/BreakUP >1/21-3/10\SUMMARY,MATRIX Circles
          :3/2-9: California trip & Software from Ken
          :The AFA article.  Revisions to PAMELA.
          :MATRIX: 50 circles arrived.
          :Linda FYTE called.  Error in SHARON Module: MST time.
3/2/1989  :Th-DC/AsterPro/BreakUP >1/21-3/10\CALIF >3/2-9
          :Left for California to 3/9; Ken gave me lots of software--most
          :of which I could not use.
3/3/1989  :Fr-DC/AsterPro/BreakUP >1/21-3/10\CALIF >3/2-9\MAZDA->BELINDA
          :Officially transferred the Mazda to Belinda.
          :3/6/Mo: drove to San Diego and passed thru Marina del Rey after
          :5 years.  It was dead, as any place one is not part of.
3/10/1989 :Fr-DC/AsterPro/SHARON BreakUP >1/21-3/10 ENDS
          :The day after I returned from California, Sharon came in 7pm.
3/11/1989 :Sa-DC/AsterPro/SHARON BreakUP >1/21-3/10:ENDS
          :JUPITER enters GEMINI - final.
          :My Solar 12th House (from 0 Cancer) of Limitations, Karma
          :My Natal  6th       of Work, Projects, Detail
          :USA-East  9th       of Distant Lands, Values, Travel
          :Sharon and I took a nice long walk to the mall together
3/12/1989 :Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\Software/NOVA
          :Tested the software I got from Ken while in Calif. 3/2-9.
          :3/13/Mo: made tests vis-a-vis NOVA software.
          :Worked on ASTROTXT.
          :3/16/Th: took APPLE-II+ to Bethesda Computers to be fixed.
3/20/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\ARRID
          :Sharon woke me up 7:45am.
          :8:45am, Arrid called for his set; call from Florida too.
          :Mercury must be active.  (Indeed it was; see next line.)
          :PL:14SCO55 H(SO: 5/NA:10) S120 TRANSIT ME:15PIS10 H(SO: 9/NA: 2)
          :MOON 3VIR 9 H(SO: 3/NA: 8) A 59 NATAL   ME:04CAN12
          :3/22/We: got new cartridge; Arrid came for his AsterPro set.
3/25/1989 :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\SOFTBALL
          :Went with Sharon to Church Softball in VA.
          :3/26, Sharon & I came to Lincoln Memorial for Easter Church
          :Service. Nice.
          :Parents arrived from Calif.
          :NODE 3PIS27 H(SO: 9/NA: 2) A 90 NATAL   UR:03GEM18  Start
          :NN: 3PIS27 H(SO: 9/NA: 2) A 89 TRANSIT JU: 2GEM 2 H(SO:12/NA: 5)
3/27/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\HOUSE SYSTEM
          :Started programming House Systems from NCGR Journal of 2/26/89
3/29/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\CHERRY FESTIVAL,Parents
          :1st day of cherry trees bloom; Parents visiting until 3/31.
          :Mother and I took photos, father watched from window.
          :3/31/Fr: the Eiffel Tower is 100 yrs old today.
4/1/1989  :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\SUMMARY
          :Felt tight inside whole month . . . Have a new 1-pg negative ad.
          :To VIVALDI Concert at the Kennedy Center with Sharon and her
          :friends and co-workers.  Got a Turkish shirt for Sharon.
4/6/1989  :Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MOUSE Menu
          :Revised my MOUSE Menu.
          :Night at FEMSI: fixed kuzu kebap; Sharon called there: nice!
          :Femsi having marital problems.
4/7/1989  :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\ASTRO1
          :Working on ASTRO1.  Received a pestering letter from T. Usavage.
          :Order #2119 in.  ME (10/3/7) 120 my MARS (2/8/11)?
          :4/8/Sa: 8pm, ASTRO1 finalized.
          :4/10/Mo: ASTRO1 mailed to AFA, American Astrology. Feeling Good.
          :REDUCED AsterPro Price = Apple: $75; IBM: $125.
          :4/11/Tu: more copies of ASTRO1 mailed.
4/12/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\PARENTS in.
          :Parents visiting for one day; took Mother to VISTA Hotel.
          :Got for her new Bandolino shoes.
          :SUGAR Ray Robinson died!
          :4/14/Fr: Feeling tight & ominous about neg. ads; article too.
          :MR 20 Gem 37 (12/6/9) 0 N:VE.
4/17/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\Parents->TURKEY
          :New 3/4-pg ad to American Astrology & NCGR.
          :Revised ASTRO1 for Progressions.
          :4/18/Tu: New Orleans conference ad out;
          :PC Magazine review set out.
          :Parents left for Turkey 6:30 am.
4/19/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\FUTURE?
          :Created ELIZABETH from BARBRA.
          :The future with Sharon does NOT look bright . . .
          :4/20/Th: Order #2121 in.
4/21/1989 :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon
          :3:50pm, purchased PAN AM $556 RT to Turkey 6/30-7/18.
          :4/22/Sa: 9:30am, fight with Sharon about Progression article.
          :Gayle helped instead. JU 7 Gem 37 (12/5/9)0 my Saturn.
4/23/1989 :Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon
          :Toshiba HB-1200 died on me; fixed next day at 6:40pm: thanks!
          :4/24/Mo: Order #2122 in.
          :4/25/Tu: Japanese PM resigned.
          :Mailed 9 more ASTRO1 text out.
4/26/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon.
          :Added $5,000 to jumbo.
          :Lucille Ball died at age 77.
          :4/27/Th: 3am, idea about ASTRO2 about Statistical Astrology by
          :Michael & Francoise GAUQUELIN. Worked on it all day.
4/28/1989 :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon.
          :New 9-disk AsterPro 360k set final.
          :Left for BALTIMORE to see Sharon.
          :Saw Carmen on TV. Had seen it with Janice in La Jolla in 1984.
          :MARS -> 0CAN30 H(S 1/P 7/L 9)
5/1/1989  :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\SUMMARY/MARS in CANCER>4/30\S.LEONE
          :Making a name as Astrologer with ASTRO1 (last month);
          :ASTRO2 this month. NEW Upgrade & INFO Kit.
          :Director SERGIO LEONE died.
          :Called BELINDA 1st time since 1/3/89.
          :Order #2123 by Hansen in.
5/2/1989  :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30
          :Replaced Toshiba mother board.
          :5:30pm, call from Zurick: error in retro planets.  Corrected it
          :next day.
          :5/3/We: programmed Porphyry & Morinus houses in BARBRA.
          :5/4/Th: Order #2124 by Gillespie in.
5/6/1989  :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30\PEABODY
          :Sharon & I attended guitar concert by Julian Gray and Ronald
          :Pearl at PEABODY in Baltimore.
5/7/1989  :Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30\GAUQUELIN
          :Sharon helped me to finish my critical evaluation of the
          :statistical study by GAUQUELINS.  Mailed 22 copies.
          :5/8/Mo: Orders #2125 & #2126 in.
          :5/9/Tu: beautified PROFIL.1 Output.
5/11/1989 :Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30\BERCUHI/K.IRVING
          :Received a proposal from KEN IRVING, the editor of American
          :Astrology, to review my software.  I refused because I started
          :to write critical articles about Popular Astrology.  I believe
          :the "Review" is a way of discrediting me so that SCAMs can
          :Mother's friend BERCUHI wrote me a card, asking me to help with
          :ZWART's funds at Chemical Bank, NY.
5/12/1989 :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30\TV/CHINA
          :Gayle separated from Doug and left her home in Pittsburgh.
          :Programmed MARY.
          :5/14/Su: Watched the last part of War & Remembrance on TV.
          :5/15/Mo: Gorbachev left for China.  Upheaval in China.
5/16/1989 :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30\CHINA
          :Prepared new Ads & Letterhead.  Mailed new 1/4-pg ad to AA, AFA,
          :NCGR, and PC Mag.
          :4:10pm, found ERROR in SIRMAN.EXE
          :5/17/We: INFO kit idea from last night done 9pm.
          :Chinese student revolution.
5/18/1989 :Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30
          :8pm, found STOP in SUZETTE.EXE
          :5/19/Fr: received response from Gauquelin about my critical
          :evaluation of their work of 4/26-5/7.  Sent to them my
          :Progression article.
5/20/1989 :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30\GEORGETOWN
          :SHARON & I attended a guitar concert at Georgetown Univ.
          :5/21/Su: Sharon & I looked for apartments for sale.
5/22/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30\JIM WRIGHT
          :Prepared new research info pages.
          :Speaker Jim Wright hearings began.
5/23/1989 :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30\SHARON's FATHER
          :Prepared new NCGR astrology software ads; mailed free AsterPro
          :sets to researchers.
          :Sharon's FATHER (Capricorn) lost his job today.
5/24/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30
          :Started replacing all User sets for errors in SIRMAN, SUZETTE.
          :5/25/Th: cleaned the hi-fi.  Have been cleaning the apt. and
          :losing weight for a week.
          :5/27/Sa: Upgraded all IBM User sets.
5/28/1989 :Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30\FAMILY TREE
          :Finalized all CELAYIRS Family Trees for trip to Turkey.
          :Started a new data base of WHO-IS-WHO in astrology.
          :5/29/Mo: mailed 40+ ASTRO1/2 articles to APPLE users.
          :5/31/We: Order #2131 in.
6/1/1989  :Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30/SUMMARY
          :MR 20 Can => feeling tight.
          :Separation fr.SHARON; letter to Jeanne.
          :Conference papers => recognition in astrology.
          :Schultz problem on APPLE.
          :Tested new AsterPro 360K Disk-Set arrangement.
6/3/1989  :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon\MARS in CANCER>4/30\GLYPHS
          :AsterPro 1.44Mb Disk-Set tests; glyphs for aspects finalized.
          :The Ayatollah in Iran died, martial law in China.
          :6/5/Mo: 4:50pm, air conditioning fixed.
          :11pm, 1.44 Set fully tested.  AsterPro=2,527,851 bytes.
          :6/7/We: 1:50pm, all AsterPro tests done.
          :6/8/Th: 2:25pm, revised INFO Kit revised.
6/9/1989  :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon: FIGHT=>CHEATING?\MARS in CANCER>4/30
          :2 orders in: Moon in Solar 2nd/Natal 8th houses.
          :Sharon in at 9pm; met her friend Karen Willis and Pascal, her
          :husband from the Ivory Coast.
          :Had a fight with Sharon walking back.  Sharon left 9:56pm,
          :probably to another date.
          :Mars in Cancer is also transits over Sharon's Venus . . .
          :NN:29AQU19 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) A 90 TRANSIT ME:28TAU58 H(S11/P 5/L 8)
          :UR: 3CAP56 H(S 7/P 1/L 3) S179 NATAL   ME:04CAN12
          :MOON 4VIR50 H(S 3/P 8/L12)
6/10/1989 :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon: BAD=>CHEATING?\MARS in CANCER>4/30
          :Overhauled module MARY in AsterPro.
          :Prepared Erol's set, my friend in Istanbul.
          :11:48pm, finalized my letter to the conference.
6/11/1989 :Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD => CHEATING?/MARS in CANCER>4/30
          :1pm upgraded the Manual.
          :5-7pm last walk with Sharon to the White House; so so.
          :6/13/Tu: Sharon called last night from Baltimore, asking if I am
          :coming tomorrow.  I said no.  June was a bad month with us.
6/14/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD=>CHEATING?/MARS in CANCER>4/30\DEBRA
          :At 3am I had a wet dream re: Debra.
          :APPLE order => no 2nd house.  6pm: Conference start.
          :Astrology of Dreams:
          :Dream about Debra, who is Capricorn: 3am EST/10am GMT.
          :MO:27LIB27 SU:23GEM20  ME:1GEM15 VE:12CAN50 MR:28CAN38
          :JU:19GEM40 ST:11CAP55R  UR:3CAP46R NP:11CAP30R PL:12SCO46R
          :NN:29AQU05. This dream is not clearly explained.
          :1. The Moon has just passed a TRINE to the Sun, is EXACT 30 deg
          :to my Natal Neptune in Virgo, about to form a Square to Mars,
          :and about to form a Trine to the Node.  A dream may materialize
          :somewhere in this.
          :2. Look at the Trine between Venus and Pluto.  This latter can
          :imply potent sexuality, which may manifest as a wet dream.
          :3. Saturn is Conjunct Neptune in Capricorn, and the fact that
          :many planets are in Capricorn, may imply a Capricorn target.
          :4. If these patterns always imply a wet dream, I cannot tell.
          :PL:12SCO46 H(S 5/P10/L 2) A120 TRANSIT VE:11CAN21 H(S 1/P 7/L10)
          :Also see: 11/3/77,6/14/89,10/23/89,3/3/93,4/7/95,3/16/96.
6/16/1989 :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD=>CHEATING?/MARS in CANCER>4/30-6/16
          :9am, 60 conference files out.
          :Called sharon 6:30pm, she is not coming; I called again at
          :9:30pm: she is not at home. I assume she is out on a date with
          :Richard RILEY . . .
          :Mars -> Leo; in Cancer since 4/30; will be conj. my Pluto...
          :Since 6/9 (to 3/5/90), this is the start of very BAD times with
6/17/1989 :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD=>CHEATING?>6/9
          :Corrected ANNEM.BAS on APPLE all day.
          :6/18/Su: Sydney Omarr prediction hit it on the head for
          :Sharon & me: "separate fact/fantasy... Realistic, especially in
          :connection with one who recently took so much but gave nothing
          :in return": perfect.  Fathers day call.
6/19/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD=>CHEATING?>6/9\JEANNE/MOON-TEXT\NSA
          :Prepared a card asking JEANNE for date in July, after I return
          :from Turkey--mailed it on 6/26.
          :Also prepared Macransky response.
          :Started the MOON in the signs TEXT.
          :Called NSA for job: no prospect because Parents are Turkish.
6/23/1989 :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD=>CHEATING?>6/9\MOON-TEXT
          :Feeling heavy/ok/heavy.
          :MARS 4LEO36 H(S 2/P 7/L10) P  3 NATAL   PL:04LEO59
          :Finalized MOON in the signs text. 
          :Since 6/9, things are bad with Sharon.
6/26/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD=>CHEATING?>6/9\JEANNE/EBERTIN
          :Had dental & eye exam.  2 orders in.
          :Ebertin Mars finished.
          :9:40am, had an inspiration for final letter to Sharon. Mailed it
          :and the card (of 6/19) JEANNE at 12 noon.
6/27/1989 :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD=>CHEATING?>6/9\EBERTIN
          :Ebertin Jupiter final.
          :5:11pm call from Sharon about the letter I mailed her yesterday.
          :She denied she had a date.  Although she is lying, the call made
          :me feel good: 1st since 6/16.
6/28/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD=>CHEATING?>6/9\165 lbs
          :Finished all external outstanding work. 2 Orders in.
          :6/29/Th: With Femsi. Finalizing all outstanding, also EBERTIN
          :6/30/Fr: Got a new case for my Toshiba.  I weigh 165 lb.
          :Cleaned house spotless before departing for Turkey on 7/1.
7/1/1989  :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ISTANBUL >7/1-18\GROMYKO
          :Left for Turkey from BWI/NY, touchdown in Istanbul 4pm.  Visited
          :G�lden at the hospital; then stopped at Saniye yenge.
          :7/2/Su: 1st day rope jump.  M�nir & Nafi came.
          :Vibes from Sharon . . .  GROMYKO died.
7/4/1989  :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ISTANBUL >7/1-18
          :With Parents: drove to Pashabah‡e and Nazire teyze; ate at the
          :™m�r restaurant on our way.
          :Fertilized plants in the eve.
          :7/5/We: in the eve: with Parents, drove to Orhan; met his
          :daughters Zerrin & Sibel: fine girls.
          :7/6/Th: with Parents, drove to B�y�k Ada (Grand Isl.)
7/7/1989  :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ISTANBUL >7/1-18\HALUK Bey
          :Mother's friend Nuriye came in the morn. Then we left for lunch
          :in Tarabya.  Then to Semiha yenge: met Korkut & Mehmet.
          :Semra's father Haluk bey is ill, coughing blood.
7/8/1989  :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ISTANBUL >7/1-18\DOCTORS' PARTY
          :Painted living room walls yellow.
          :3:30pm, to the party of father's 1940 grad. class in K�‡�kyali.
7/9/1989  :Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ISTANBUL >7/1-18\$100
          :Stayed home.  Fixed 4 holes in the inflatable boat.
          :Worked in the garden.
          :Ismail & S�heyla & Nazire came.  Father lost $100.
          :šlker hanim came for a visit.
7/10/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ISTANBUL >7/1-18\HILTON\MELEK
          :Went to Hilton, then visited Mother's friend Zwart.
          :5pm to Nizami in Beshiktash; met his daughter Melek--have high
          :relationship points with her.  She modeled some of her clothes.
7/11/1989 :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ISTANBUL >7/1-18
          :Pruned grass from the edges of garden; dug a ditch for the water
          :7/12/We: Today it is Kurban Bayram arifesi--eve of Sacrifice 
          :Feast: Keriman, Osman, and Hande visited.
7/13/1989 :Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ISTANBUL >7/1-18\WATER TANK
          :Cousins Vasif, then Nafi came.
          :7/14/Fr: The French Rev. 200 years old.
          :Tanju, €etin, and Cihan visiting.  We helped Father to move
          :the water tank.  1st time in the pool, played with Tanju's kids.
7/15/1989 :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ISTANBUL >7/1-18\I AM 47
          :I am 47 years old.  Digging a ditch for the water pipe--since
          :7/11.  Met Nilg�n (Gemini).  Put caulk under the tub.
          :Met Serpil.
7/16/1989 :Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ISTANBUL >7/1-18\EROL
          :Spent time with Erol and his family.
          :7/17/Mo: Zeki, Kerami, Sezen, Korkut, Dr. Haydar visiting.
          :Had a nice chat with Serpil & Ayshe at club.
7/18/1989 :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ISTANBUL >7/1-18: in USA
          :Istanbul to USA, after a nice visit.
          :Sharon called 10pm: 1st since June 16.
          :7/21/Fr: Sharon keeps calling . . .
7/23/1989 :Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9: LETTER #2
          :Changed the module names.
          :12:30am, vibes that Sharon in bed with someone . . .
          :7/24/M: Mailed Sharon letter #2. She swore on the Bible that she
          :was not with someone.   I believe my vibes.
          :7/25/Tu: problem with Sharon due to my letter.
7/26/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\SPELL CHECK
          :Put all natal text thru spell check;
          :7/27/Th: 11:41pm text final.
7/29/1989 :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\TESTS/ASTERPRO=10 360K Disks
          :AsterPro is now on 10*360k disks.
          :Ran report tests and found error in Mid.Pt. computations.
          :7/30/Su: All reports tests final.
7/31/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ASTERPRO v:3.1
          :JUPITER enters CANCER - final until 8/18/1990.
          :My Solar  1st House (from 0 Cancer) of Expansion
          :My Natal  7th       of Marriage, Partnerships
          :USA-East 10th       of Career, Fame, Achievement
          :AsterPro = 3,105,345 Mb; 2,901,966 on Hard Disk.
          :Memory = 237,728K is OK to run the software.
          :Mailed all replacement sets.
8/1/1989  :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\
          :SUMMARY:G�lhis' operation & Anne in Calif.
          :======= Finalized AsterPro v3.1.  Hard at programming, etc.
          :Received new Calif checks.
          :Incorporated a new printer in SIRMAN.
          :Worked on problems on APPLE all day.
          :Mailed 4 charts to Turkey.
          :New Moon at 8 Leo 14 (12/6/9) 60 my ST; 90 Sharon's Neptune. Sco
8/2/1989  :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9\ORBS/PATTERNS
          :12:45am (8/3) finalized User-Defined Orbs.
          :8/3/Th: received 4th overpayment for AsterPro.
          :Completed programming Cross, T-Square, and Grand Trine.
8/5/1989  :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>6/9-8/5\ORBS/PATTERNS
          :OK with Sharon again: note Mars -> Virgo.
          :8/6/Su: I feel drained: dividing time between Sharon and (hard
          :at) programming.
          :8/7/Mo: Made PAN AM reservation to Calif: G�lhis is ill.
8/8/1989  :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD >6/9\GšLHIS ILL
          :G�lhis is taken to the hospital.
          :AA 1/2-pg v3.1 ad out.
          :8/9/We: G�lhis complication at the hospital all day; her
          :transits indicate more.
          :Sharon called, but no good.
8/10/1989 :Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD >6/9\ARABIAN TEXT (See Saudi on 8/13)
          :Began text for Arabian Parts. 
          :Mailed my SCAM letter to the ECONOMIST; mailed NCGR 1/2 pg ad.
8/13/1989 :Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD >6/9-8/13\SAUDI EXHIBITION
          :AsterPro = 3,117,056 bytes.
          :Went to the Saudi exhibition with Sharon; made love 1st time
          :since June 11--Mars moved to Virgo on 8/5.
8/14/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD >6/9-8/13\PC USERS
          :Became member of Capitol PC Users.
          :Prepared a new Info Kit including President Bush's natal chart.
8/15/1989 :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD >6/9-8/13\MOTHER in USA
          :Mother arrived in Calif fr.Turkey to attend to G�lhis while
          :she is recovering from illness on 8/8.
          :At 11:48am mailed 2 job letters: NIH and DO Interior.
8/16/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD >6/9-8/13\LUNAR ECLIPSE
          :Adjusted the hard disk.
          :SHARON dropped by unexpectedly--she is 28 today.  Nice sex, but
          :1st real signal that she too is disconnecting or found someone.
          :Went to the ZORBA restaurant and watched the Lunar Eclipse from
          :there, feeling disconnected from her.
          :Attended to problems in FLORENCE--and others until 8/31.
          :Full Moon = Lunar Eclipse => SU:24Leo4(2/8/11) MO:24Aqu04(8/2/5)
          :This is a killer for Sharon/Me: Sharon: 0 N:SU/ME,180 N:SU/ME.
          :NODE   at 25AQU46 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) => opposite the Eclipse
          :SATURN at  7CAP51 H(S 7/P 1/L 4) S180 NATAL   JU:08CAN 0
          :MARS   at  7VIR51 H(S 3/P 8/L12) A 90 NATAL   ST:08GEM21
          :VENUS  at 27VIR31 H(S 3/P 9/L12) S  0 NATAL   NP:27VIR28, a lie
          :MOON   at  8AQU 9 H(S 8/P 1/L 5) => opposite my Saturn
8/17/1989 :Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\D BASE
          :Attended to Dbase/Lotus-123 discrepancy all day.
          :8/18/Fr: more problems in FLORENCE (since 8/16).
          :8/20/Su: After problems in FLORENCE, now in BARBRA-3.
          :Mailed Upgrades and letters.
8/23/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\CALIF:8/23-28/WRITE TO HARD DISK
          :8am left for Calif: very nice to 27th; Femsi in on the 26th.
          :Found more problems in Aster.BAT copy batch.
          :Completed the programming of writing Natal reports to hard disk.
8/28/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\WORLD BANK
          :10am back fr. Calif and in DC apt.
          :There are all sorts of AsterPro problem messages - which began
          :on 8/16, Lunar Eclipse.
          :8/30/We: totally into error correction.
          :At 3pm made sale to a Malaysian from the World Bank.
          :8/31/Th: Started sending v:3.2 replacement to all users.
9/1/1989  :SUMMARY: American Astrology Review of AsterPro started the ball
          :=======  rolling on 9/2.
9/2/1989  :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\AA REVIEW: OCT 89
          :Received the OCT 89 issue of American Astrology including the
          :review of AsterPro by Kenneth Irving: UNFAIR!
          :Want to do away with AFA, NCGR, Matrix who are trying to
          :undermine me because of my critical ads about Popular Astrology
          :and them.
          :9/3/Su: still mailing v.3.1 Upgrades.
9/5/1989  :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\MY RESPONSE TO AA
          :9am, sent my response to Kenneth Irving's review of AsterPro.
          :9/6/We: Computer show at the Convention Center.
          :JU Can (1/7/10) conjunct my JU to 9/19.
9/11/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\CARTOGRAPHY
          :Mailed Cartography ad to American Astrology.
          :9/13/We: Mayor Koch lost NY primary.
          :9/14/Th: Finalized the new Info Kit of AsterPro v:3.2.
9/15/1989 :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\ARC/SHARON=NICE
          :Started to ARC AsterPro to save space on disks.
          :---> Full Moon=> SU:22vir08(3/9/12) MO:22pis08(9/2/6) <---
          :                 60 N:Su 90 N:VE     120 N:Su 90 N:VE
          :                      and 0 N:NP
          :    Sharon: 120 n:st 120 n:ju  <-re: my Neptune: Our Attachment!
          :9/16/Sa:Sharon called @ 7:30pm, came @ 9pm: very sexy, very nice
          :Order #2169 in.
9/18/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\MACROS
          :Finalized the 720k ARC Set.
          :9/21/Th: Order #2170 in.
          :9/22/Fr: Irvin Berlin died age 101.
          :Started AsterPro Macros.
9/25/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\BARB LEE/RITA HEISEL
          :Barb Lee is in DC; she called; we talked but I did not go.
          :Mailed a card to RITA HEISEL in Trier.  (No response.)
9/27/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89
          :AsterPro 360K Set = 11 disks.
          :Evening, I was paranoia about Sharon.
9/28/1989 :Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\MARCOS
          :Ferdinand Marcos died.
          :Incorporating Okidata 193 Printer to the Apple set.
          :New Info Kit; working on Macros: 9/18-10/8
          :9/30/Sa: 2 Orders today.
10/1/1989 :Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\SUMMARY
          :One of best monthly sales-Venus in 2nd House (Location) of Money
          :VENUS 21SCO19 H(S 5/P11/L 2) A119 NATAL   SU:22CAN31
          :Finalized a new and slick AsterPro Info Kit.
          :Had a cold whole month.
          :ST: 7CAP37 H(S 7/P 1/L 4) A 90 TRANSIT MR: 7LIB24 H(S 4/P 9/L 1)
          :ST: 7CAP37 H(S 7/P 1/L 4) A 90 TRANSIT SU: 7LIB48 H(S 4/P 9/L 1)
          :MR: 7LIB24 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) A 89 NATAL   JU:08CAN 0 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :". . . as well as weakness or lack of energy. (Body temperature,
          :the muscles, sex functions.)
          :Bad investments: spent ($50), Diagsoft ($114), Carousel ($90);
          :returned them all.
10/2/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\INFO KIT
          :5 Orders today--note that the 2nd house of Money is active.
          :NN:23AQU17 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) A 91 TRANSIT VE:22SCO28 H(S 5/P11/L 2)
          :PL:13SCO45 H(S 5/P10/L 2) P 20 TRANSIT MO:13SCO24 H(S 5/P10/L 2)
          :VE:22SCO28 H(S 5/P11/L 2) A120 NATAL   SU:22CAN31 H(S01/P07/L10)
          :At 2am, prepared a slick Info Kit.
10/3/1989 :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\VIBES:JEANNE,BELINDA
          :4:30pm strong vibes from Sharon's boss JEANNE--to whom I had
          :sent a card on 6/26; then vibes from BELINDA--both of whom have
          :16 Aquarius rising.  The 5th House is both romance & children!
          :NN:23AQU17 H(S 8/P 2/L 5) A 91 TRANSIT VE:22SCO28 H(S 5/P11/L 2)
          :VE:23SCO36 H(S 5/P11/L 2) => a square to the Node above.
          :MO:13SCO24 H(S 5/P10/L 2) => conj. Venus, forming square to Node
10/5/1989 :Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\FEMSI's/BETTE DAVIS
          :Stayed with Femsi 5pm to 10am next morn: nice.
          :BETTE Davis died.
          :The stock market down 190 pts--possibilities below
          :NN:22AQU38 H(S 8/P 2/L 5)
          :ST: 8CAP10 H(S 7/P 1/L 4) S 90 TRANSIT MO: 8ARI24 H(S10/P 3/L 7)
          :SU:20LIB37 H(S 4/P 9/L 1) : FULL MO: 8ARI24 H(S10/P 3/L 7), 14th
          :Finalized ZWART money problem--Mother's friend Bercuhi had
          :asked me for help on 5/11.
          :VENUS 5SAG57 H(S 6/P11/L 3) A 89 NATAL NN:06VIR29 H(S03/P08/L12)
          :Mailed a card to Barb Sejnoski, my student/love from 1972.
          :10/14/Sa: Stayed with Femsi.
          :Full moon = su:20lib37 (4/9/1)  mo:20ari37 (10/4/7)  <---
          :            120 n:ve 60 n:mr    60 n:ve 120 n:mr
          :            Sharon: nothing => the positive for me is wasted!
          :Passed 1988 sales vol today by $478; Order #2189 in.
10/17/1989:Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\CELAYIRS DIR./EARTHQUAKE
          :5:04pm, Santa Cruz earthquake 5:04pm--possibilities below.
          :NP: 9CAP48 H(S 7/P 1/L 4) A  1 TRANSIT ST: 8CAP23 H(S 7/P 1/L 4)
          :NP: 9CAP48 H(S 7/P 1/L 4) A 91 TRANSIT ME: 9LIB11 H(S 4/P 9/L 1)
          :JU:10CAN40 H(S 1/P 7/L10) A 89 TRANSIT ME: 9LIB11 H(S 4/P 9/L 1)
          :TRANSIT MO: 9GEM 3 H(S12/P 5/L 9)
          :Started changing directories to ASTER.PRO\CELAYIRS.
          :ERRORS/Problems: APPLE-to-IBM connection lost.
          :Darlene Shields has a problem; received letters fr.2 "Marlene"s.
          :10/19/Th: Problem with Zuckerman (and Darlene) APPLE Sets.
          :Then DiDonna and Pringle problems too.
          :See the aspects on 10/17; and MO:23GEM28 H(S12/P 6/L 9)
10/20/1989:Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\TOM SHANKS
          :3:30pm problem with Lawless IBM Arc Set--started on 10/18.
          :5:15pm talked to Tom Shanks at NCGR; met him in SD on 10/26.
          :9:90pm Arlene Nimark called about my NCGR ads: bad vibes => bad
          :coverage in journal?
          :10/22/Su: AsterPro has reached 3,223,552 bytes as loaded . . .
          :12:20 noon ordered Worldport fax.
          :DREAM: 6:15am woke up with a bad dream--Moon at 16 Leo conjunct
          :my Moon--involving Belinda, Judy and David. My APPLE II+
          :computer there was all disassembled. David was fitting the
          :soles of my boots. Belinda was in background.
          :There was a weird party too.
10/25/1989:We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\UAC CONFERENCE=>TO CALIF:10/25-31.
          :Left for California to escape the United Astrology Conference in
          :DC from 10/27 to 10/29.  They tried to invite me every possible
          :way, also offering to pay my fee: I did NOT attend.
          :Had a nice stay in SD.
          :10/26/Th: Went to ACS in San Diego and met Tom Shanks 3-4:30pm.
          :10/28/Sa: Took Amtrack to G�lhis; in DC, Sharon is cheating. . .
          :10/29/Su: New Moon = 5sco33 (5/10/2) => 90 my Pluto,60 my Node.
          :10/31/Tu: 9:40am arrived in DC; conference over.
11/1/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon>8/16/89\WORLDPORT
          :The WORLDPORT Modem I ordered on 10/23 is in, nice...
          :Sharon's open cheating on 11/28 is a favor: get rid of her?
11/5/1989 :Su-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>11/5/89\PL90MO>11/6-12/26
          :Vladimir HOROWITZ died age 85.
          :SHARON is instigating nasty scenes; CANCEL 4th Anniversary on
          :11/10.  Either bad times (her Mars) or she is double-timing me
          :and this is a way of justifying it.  I felt this started on
          :6/9/89--though perhaps as early as 1/25/89 when Pluto was 90 my
          :moon to 2/16, when I also ejected Belinda--again in Sep or Oct
          :Pluto was trine her Venus => a promiscuous period!
          :PL:15SCO 4 H(S 5/P10/L 2) A 89 NATAL   MO:16LEO37, for me as of
          :11/6; the 1st time on 1/25/89.
          :11/6/Mo: Anniversary with Sharon canceled.
          :Orders #2201,#2202in; mailed AD + article to ASPECTS Magazine...
11/9/1989 :Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>11/05\PL90MO>11/6-12/30\WARSAW/BERLIN
          :The WARSAW Pact is coming apart, so is the BERLIN Wall...
11/10/1989:Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>11/05/89\GšLHIS in DC/SIDER\SHARON 4th
          :SHARON: 4 yrs and rapidly declining . . . especially >6/9/89.
          :G�lhis & family in DC.
          :SIDER Hard Disk broke; 
11/11/1989:Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>11/05/89\PL90MO>11/5-12/30\THE SUNSET
          :Veterans Day.  With G�lhis, Mike, Cavit, visited the Vietnam
          :Memorial, the Mall, Capitol; watched a beautiful sunset from the
          :Capitol bldg.  I was feeling down about Sharon; much better...
11/13/1989:Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>11/05/89\PL90MO>11/6-12/30\APPLE II+
          :5pm, fixed the shift key on II+ at Sharon.  (This is about when
          :I gave the APPLE to Sharon, for her sister Susan's kids...)
          :She acted as if she had something up her sleeve - i.e., having
          :an affair with the Puerto Rican at work from about 6/9/89, with
          :whom she eloped openly on 11/28/89.
          :9:30pm call fr. Kathy: error in Compatibility.
          :Full MOON => SU:20SCO35 (5/11/2) MO:20TAU35 (11/5/8) <---
          :             120 N:SU           60 N:SU
          :              90 N:MR           90 N:MR  <-- LOVE ON ICE!
          :             BUT CLOSE TO 90 HER SU ...  <-- BRING OUT THE BAD
          :11/15/We: Lech Valessa visiting in DC; Apple fixed by midnight.
          :Karen Willet's PASCAL came for a visit; I was feeling down.
          :Started a letter to Ted KOPPEL, complaining about OPPORTUNITY in
          :America--which is detailed in my Book "ASSIMILATION" of 1/20/96.
          :11/19: Walked with SHARON, felt empty.
          :KOPPEL letter done; mailed 6 copies on 11/21.
          :12:45pm, 6 KOPPEL letters out.
          :BELINDA mailed DOS 3.3 Compiler.
11/22/1989:We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>11/05\PL90MO>11/6-12/30\1st SNOW
          :1st snow today; Apple Disk 1/1 upgraded.
          :6 pm SHARON left for Thanksgiving, supposedly to Keyser...
          :THANKSGIVING: Spent all day on VULCAN Hard Disk.
          :It is NOT working. Having all sorts of mechanical problems
          :this month: probably Pluto 90 Moon adds to it.
          :Started CARTOGRAPHY again.
          :Bad vibes from SHARON...
          :Order #2215 in.
          :Called SHARON in the eve, but not warm...
11/28/1989:Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BAD>11/05\PL90MO>11/6-12/30\THE CALL
          :Called FLORENCE for new years.
          :Locked myself out of apt => SYDNEY OMARR "...Involves lock or
          :missing key..."
          :About 6pm SHARON called to ask me for Bible class (while she is
          :double-timing me) and while (I feel) she has weekend plans with
          :her new love... All the CHRISTIAN Ethics she preached 4 yrs...
          :PL:16SCO59 H(S 5/P10/L 2) S 91 NATAL   MO:16LEO37 -> Exact
          :MR: 6SAG50 H(S 6/P11/L 3) S 90 NATAL   NN:06VIR29
          :SU: 6CAP13 H(S 7/P 1/L 4) : NEW MOON   => 180 my Merc. & Jup.
          :UR: 5CAP31 H(S 6/P 6/L 6) A180 TRANSIT JU: 5CAN45 H(S12/P12/L12)
          :ST:15CAP 7 H(S 6/P 7/L 7) A 89 NATAL   MO:16LIB23
          :JU: 5CAN45 H(S12/P12/L12) S180 TRANSIT SU: 6CAP13 H(S 6/P 6/L 6)
          :MR: 6SAG50 H(S 5/P 5/L 5) A 89 NATAL   PL:07VIR21 => Explosive.
          :10pm, an useless argument with SHARON.
          :She instigated it, as usual, to prepare emotionally to make a
          :switch to new lover.  As per her call yesterday, I called her to
          :tell her that I would go to the Bible class with her next
          :Wednesday.  She said "you had your chance..."
          :So did you, dear TUSHI...  I feel miserable, BUT...
          :SHARON: Start of the Phase of OPEN AFFAIRS, ABORTION, UGLINESS.
          :that lasted to 9/2/1992 in DC.
11/30/1989:Th-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BREAKup>11/29\PL90MO>11/6-12/30\JANET HELP
          :After the breakup with Sharon last night, 8:30am, JANET called.
          :It became a nice date, but I CANNOT recapture the past...
          :Mercury (6/12/3) Trine Natal Mars:
          :12th House = the Past; 3rd House = Communication, Call
          :So a call by one from my past...
          :GORBACHEV at the VATICAN: 1ST Russian leader to do so.
          :BUSH left for the MALTA Summit.
12/1/1989 :Fr-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BREAKup>11/29\PL90MO>11/6-12/30\SUMMARY
          :A BAD month: Sharon deserted with a new lover: My Letters...
          :12/4: FATHER's STROKE.
          :Finalized Cartography.
          :12/1/Fr: Bush at MALTA summit.
          :Softlogic refund for Worldport of 11/1 in.
          :Feeling + and stable.
12/2/1989 :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BREAKup>11/29\PL90MO>11/6-12/30\VIBES
          :11:30am, vibes from Sharon (she slept with someone), but
          :I feel stable.
          :12/3/Su: Finalizing Natal Cartography.
12/4/1989 :Mo-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BREAKup>11/29\PL90MO>11/6-12/30\STROKE
          :Received letter from Astro Numeric Services.  Astro-carto-
          :graphy is a reserved name.  I have to change it.
          :9:50pm call from Mother: Father had stroke:
          :1. taking Pan AM tomorrow.
          :2. Made calls about Cartography.
          :3. Mailed last (#3) Sharon letter + a gift (stuff for the
          :APPLE II+ I gave to her on about 11/13.)
12/5/1989 :Tu-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BREAKup>11/29\PL90MO>11/6-12/30\GIFT
          :All packed for Turkey; FEMSI + I drove to Sharon's place at 4pm
          :and left gift package fr. yesterday.
          :7pm, left for Istanbul: Sydney OMARR (for Capricorn): "Emphasis
          :on distance, possible journey, ie, Moon -> Pisces, my Solar 9th.
12/6/1989 :We-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BREAKup>11/29\PL90MO>11/6-12/30\ISTANBUL
          :In Turkey 12/6-14.  4pm touchdown in Istanbul: Orhan, Tanju,
          :G�lden waiting for me.  Drove to Etval hospital in Shishli.
          :12/7/Th: Father OK; had a wonderful day at G�lden's...
12/9/1989 :Sa-DC/AsterPro/Sharon:BREAKup>11/29\PL90MO>11/6-12/30\ISTANBUL
          :In Istanbul/with G�lden 12/6-10, re: Father's stroke on 12/4.
          :1) Femsi called about GARY spending the night with SYLVIA.
          :2) With G�lden, et al: went t