Historical Albums                   PDFs
1.Anne (Mother)                            PDF-1a
1918 to 1941
2.Baba (Father)                             PDF-1b
1913 to 1998
3.Romance, Our Beginnings     PDF-2
1934 to 1949
4.Samsun Years to Germany     PDF-2
1949 to 1960
5.In USA, to Retirement               PDF3
1958 to 1981
6.In Tuzla, Istanbul                       PDF4a
1970 to 1992
7.Travels in Turkey                       PDF4b
1965 to 1992
8.Retirement Years in USA         PDF5
1981 to 1992
9.Father on Dialysis...                  PDF5
1992 to 1998
0.Anne after Baba                         PDF6a
1998 to Now                                   
a.Celayir Clans

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